James Stevenson “The Shape Of Things To Come”

.theshapeofthings…Whatever you may think of James Stevenson’s gorgeous wife, you have to admit he is one of the coolest guitar players in the world and plays in almost everyone of the best enduring bands. You know how drummer Danny Fury played in Lords Of The New Church, Rogue Male, Anita Chellemah, Dogs D’Amour, Sham 69, Vain, and TANGO PIRATES??? Similarly, James Stevenson’s played in Chelsea, Generation X, Gene Loves Jezebel, The Alarm, Glen Matlock & The Philistines, and the International Swingers.
He’s made a name for himself as a writer with a book and many contributions to professional guitar magazines under his belt. This E.P. is a promotional teaser designed to energize the worldwide fanbase already eagerly anticipating his forthcoming full-length, entitled, “EVERYTHING’S GETTING CLOSER TO BEING OVER”. It’s slick, world-class rocknroll reminiscent of Duran Duran, Power Station, Psychedelic Furs, or even Mick Jagger’s better solo albums.
I wish I knew someone in my hometown who still played guitar like this, I’d start a band of my own with them. It’s dark, swanky, and ripples with the esteemed talents of Stevenson and friends, an all star cast of pros including various former members of Spandau Ballet and the Sex Pistols. The guitars are awesome, in league with Mick Ronson, Billy Duffy, K Bombay, Derwood Andrews. Reminds me of living in NYC in the big 80’s, walking down 8th Street in the dawn’s early light. Beautiful vocals, he’s backed by the Sex Pistellettes-Maggi Ronson, Elizabeth Westwood, and Tracie Hunter. He’s effin great at what he does, if you like flawless, epic glam rock ala Generation X and Mott The Hoople, you’re sure to love “Suzi’s Problem” with it’s hypnotic and decadent guitar playing reminiscent of all your faves from the Cult to Billy Idol. This lot are members of the last class of real rocknroll dynamos who are still able to make a living performing and generating beautiful music for the masses. I duff my hat to all of ’em. Fantastic. I think he’s currently on tour with International Swingers. Catch ’em live when they play your town!/Anguish Young.