Man, I know Rotten hated that biopic about Jonesey and friends based on Steve Jones book, but I saw it, loved it, especially the actresses who played Jordan, Chrissie and Vivienne. I loved that the script tried to right the phony baloney Malcolm myth cause Malcolm shamelessly and unremorsefully stole many of his best ideas and provocateur slogans from Viv and relelntlessly diminished her contributions to the invention of 1977 English punk rock, same way he done with Lydon. I loved her even more when as the grande old dame, she still put herself in a fucking birdcage with a bullhorn outside of Belmarsh prison demanding the release of Julian Assange. Nobody in the USA, certainly few self proclaimed punks have done ANYTHING on Assange’s behalf, I mean I think Chrissie Hynde wrote a letter and Pamela Anderson made a big stink but almost none of the so called brand name punks-they all just wanna sign books, and give talks at the fucking museum, or play big payday festivals for people who don’t really even like music. Just think about all the money and power people like Green Day and Coutney Love and all those Offspring bands have to throw around, they could be influencing MILLIONS of fans to write letters or stage protests on behalf of FREE SPEECH, FREEDOM OF THE PRESS, HUMAN RIGHTS and FREEDOM FOR ASSANGE! VIV stayed punk all her life-I only have a handful of friends like that, and most of them died young. VIV stayed punk for 81 years. I love Vivienne Westwood, her, clothes, her art, her vision, her integrity. RISE IN POWER! VIVIENNE WESTWOOD! PRESENTE!

Vivienne Westwood: Pioneering fashion designer dies aged 81 – BBC News

“When it’s by a gov the US doesn’t like, corp media reports any military operation as targeting civilians. If it’s a military operation by the US, it’s always reported as targeting militants. This is how you know your information is “fair and balanced.” (-Netfa Freeman)

Elon Musk is not here to save you. They want everything and it’s too late to try to vote them away now.People seeking truth look at the history of what’s happening, seeks as much info as they can from multiple sources

Americans are simply brainwashed to believe Putin is Dr. Evil, believe everything they see on the news is true, and anybody disputing it works for the Russians. Our politicians stole $100 billion right in front of our faces. If you don’t know what American propaganda looks and sounds like, think back to how many news figures compared Zelensky to Churchill in a day.

You think they all came up with that by themselves or it was some kind of coincidence? Everything Americans know about this war comes from the same people that told us Iraq had WMD’s and that they were winning in Afghanistan for 20 years.” (-Black In The Empire)

The Longest War in U.S. History Has Left a Failed State in Afghanistan | CovertAction Magazine

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WEF To Accelerate Push For “Metaverse” Surveillance Network At Davos 2023 – Activist Post

“”It’s very simple – people have a right to know and a right to question and challenge power, that’s true democracy” (-Julian Assange) #FreeAssangeNOW

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#VoicesWithVision end of year @WPFWDC show with @danielmkovalik , discussing the latest in the case of #AlexSaab + war in #Ukraine.

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In my mischievous, onery, under age drinking teens and early twenties, I was really affected by the Replacements, they were my age group’s Nirvana and even had used the phrase “Nevermind” before Cobain’s bunch, Cobain seemed to dress like Bob Stinson a lot, too. A famous funk guitarist who’d been managed by Bootsy Collins introduced me to this music business guy who’d put a crappy nowhere bar on the map, before abandoning his booking post to become a radio personality. We were close buddies, drinking amigoes, and whenever I was in town visiting my kid, we’d always get up to some crazy shaenanigans together like pool hopping, bowling, late night White Castle bingeing, geeting kooky stoned in his spinning trailer while listening to real bad seventies shit like Uriah Heap or eighties hair metal screechers. He was a big partier, I was a big partier. He had guided some of his high school and college friends to big careers in the music business during that loathsome Alternative era and I kinda figured on his being amenable to doing the same for my little black leather clad, heavy drinking pop band. He had his own group that were in the Dramarama vein and were very well financed by their grownup dayjobs, they made a record that was fantatic, catchy, upbeat popnroll and filled with anthemic songs I still love, but only got signed by a tiny richkid label that put out their single that went nowhere. My dude got busier with the radio career, kept graduating to bigger stations, while the groups he’d made famous with his industry contacts and advisory role, they took off, made the bigtime, we were shocked by that, cause we always thought they were a hideously boring band that people only came to see because one of the dudes was rich and the other guys had all the good drugs. Everybody was doing their preppie kid impersonations of Cobain and Chili Peppers and I hated that shit. They made believe one fat guy with deep pockets was a poet cause he had money, confidence, and hotshot drug dealer swag, but nothing he ever wrote spoke to me in any way. A real marginal punk by numbers scene were performing your typical Ramones ripoff songs about nothing much-nerd problems, girls at the donut shop. Mom took away their best porno mag. I wanted to make rocknroll that SAID SOMETHING, that was invested with real feelings. Me and my bratty bassplayer had been writing some Cheap Trick influenced songs but since I aint no Robin Zander vocally, they came out sounding more like the Ramones, which, ya know, still aint a bad thing. That radio DJ’s girlfriend and her brother was both big fans of our songwriting and punk rock hijinks and always came to our shows in suburban bars, VFW halls, and college pub basements. One of my guitar players started drifting away from us and doing some harder drugs. He’d showup late for gigs dressed great in black blouses and leather strides and girls all loved him, but he’d frequently be way too fuckedup to properly play. He had been an L.A. Guns kid when I met him but I introduced him to like the Hollywood Brats and the Comatones and he felt it. He had the calling. I was taking him to hillbilyy second hand stores and buying him old pimp shoues and detective jackets, he looked like Jagger in “Performace” and together, we were cutting a profile like Thee Hypnotics. The drummer was like, a Poison guy who dreamed of joining a band like Tuff or Pretty Boy Floyd, and saw us as a temporary stepping stone measure. he loved to showoff by twirling his sticks like Tommy Lee. The bratty kid bassplayer had been a founding member of the town’s trendy hipster, post Green Day cartoon punk band who opened up for all the national traveling bands and also played with his stoner drugdealer buddy doing grunge covers at open mic nights in deep suburbia. Our main guitar player, the guy I was actually partnered with, was in jail for old warrants and when he was finally released, we played exactly one show before he kinda vanished back to his hometown up North, where he was a bigfish bartender in love with a popular celebutaunte and against my advice and better judgment, he married her, so I only saw him when he was feuding with her and also had gas money to make the four hour drive South, but we kept writing songs and they got better. Even Paul K (RIP) said so and he was like, my songwriting idol, along with Easdale and Westerberg. His girlfriend Leigh (RIP) used to torment Paul K by insisting that Westerberg was a better songwriter than he was. My own girlfriend told me the other night I do not have any songs as good as Tom Petty’s “Refugee”, but like, I understand that already, thoroughly it is recognized and understood, that’s why I’m an underpaid dishwasher. Luck has a lot to do with it too, though. I could have easily been promoted or discovered or done radio, or made real cool records, we were like right there on the cusp of it. Jon Spencer was the big name in the college music realm and he had just produced my best drinking buddies from Boston’s band. We just needed the nod from some nine to fiver with credit in the straight world, to kinda vouch for the quality of the songs, so they could be heard by The Man, we were no less longshot viable than the Replacements. We had country songs, we had artier Lions & Ghosts like glam, me and my main hombre Nasty Bastard had even written a couple masterpiece songs with a goth guy named Tony Meter back in Boston. Both me and my older songwriting friend and guru, Paul K both knew some people who could have helped us succeed but chose to get behind some other people instead, for reasons that have always plagued me as completely mysterious. I have no idea why. I think maybe we were perceived as too dangerous to get involved with wheras those other guys were more like, malleable, fully poseable, trend followers, stardom chasers, popularity seekers, drug hookup havers. I dunno. I’ll never know why. We kinda went against the trends. We defied the piss pond pecking order. We also kinda looked like a punk Village People some nights with half the band appearing onstage looking like Judas Priest and half the band looking like the UK’s Babysitters. I really think ya gotta have a showbiz uncle or a CEO father or an inheritance of some kind. Kids I see making it have parents in publishing or girlfriends who were already like semi famous forty years ago, who can call in favors and get them free clothing and shit. We had a drummer with a nice drumkit and a personal roadie of his own, but aside from that, the rest of us were always in trouble, getting kicked out of the house, getting in fights at the bars, getting arrested for vagrancy. The druggy guitarist would pass out in the middle of the street, and we’d have to carry his limp body inside. He was a beautiful bloke and a ton of laughs to be around but just not long for this world. I discovered a cd at a trendy hipster record store/coffee house by a band called Beat Angels. Man that name really said it to me. That was such a beautiful name for a band. I immersed myself in that cd for quite awhile, it was part power pop and part glam with personal lyrics like the Replacements or Gin Blossoms. They were like a winningly produced, more commercial, glistening version of what we were doing, it gave me like an idea of where we could go, ya know, became like a star in the distance I wanted my accomplices to aspire to reach. Problem was all these guys had their own little entrouge in their own little hood, everybody thought they were already rockstars, and the fact that we were rejected or not understood by the grunge fans, local college sports pigs, and overweight bearded studio owners who bought their way into ruling the scene, that just kinda confirmed it. We were universally perceived as the Bad Boys Of Rocknroll In The Shithole Midwest-even the punk by numbers kid bands feared and loathed us, or slavishly copied my moves and covered our songs like right from the start. One local frontman the bassist used to play for used to call me at home and ask me if he could borrow my feather boa. I was like, “get your own feather boa”.

 One of the dudes from the DJ’s Dramarama soundalike band started coming to see me at my crummy newsstand job and asking if I needed a guitarist, cause he found out his older bandmates had been getting these huge gurantees with their industry pull opening for hairband hasbben big names at the heavy metal hole, and only paying him a little pittance, like he was getting way less than the other guys in the band, which shoulda told me something about whatever false hope I stupidly harbored back then of my friend with all the music business clout ever managing, or producing, or helping us get discovered.  My main focus was on songwriting at that moment and we had a nice little archive of songs piling up-enough for a few good albums, honestly-the sophomore slump was not gonna be a problem for us. We started looking around for affordable studios and the bassist had a hookup at some old country music drummer’s studio. The bassist was bratty as hell but ya know, probably no more so than Tommy Stinson. He liked a lot of corny bands but I could play him something like the Records, or the Boys, and he would get it. We started going there to that crappy studio even though the owner obviously did too many drugs, whenever I came up with $100 which was harder than you’d imagine between paying rent and forking over money to my kid’s moms, I was hardup for cash, the studio started seeming real important, we had to make it count cause it was clear we weren’t getting any local support from the music scene. I did not get along with the posers and honchos, the fratheads and druglords who ran it all. Everytime we got like another four songs down, I’d send ’em out to fanzines, little labels, and to some slick talkin’ music biz guy on the East Coast, who was play acting like he had some interest in helping us get outta Flyover State Purgatory. All the fanzines loved us and compared our music to our heroe’s bands, like the Replacements-the Big City people all heard it right away, but in the Locals Only scene where we refused to suckup to the honcho hipsters, we were persona non gratis and my influential but increasingly more remote DJ buddy had moved to a far away state for a bigger job, so it was all a deadend for us. Even kid punk bands who were doing covers of our songs were getting little record deals and shit. That dude on the East Coast who we thought was gonna manage us, he started performing covers of our songs, too. The bassplayer’s open mic drugdealer grunge duo, also. My main guiatist with his hometwon celebrity bartender band, they were doing summa our songs with him singing. My original guitarist who hated my longtime road bussy main collaborator even recorded a rendition of one of our three chords and a grudge punk assaults. We had a bad reputation for being heavy drinkers and hellraising barflies, but that never stopped the Replacements, the DJ guy was even friends with their legenedary manager, Peter Jesperson, and the photographer who took the dogs in the rain photo that adorned one of their album sleeves, so we kept hoping he’d intervene on our behalf even if it was just introducing us to somebody who could help and steadily continued recording at that shitty studio, and we churned out some songs at last that had some actual minor hit potential, if only we could get them heard by a real label mogul, and especially if we could ever get some help rerecording them at a hafway decent studio. We weren’t grung but had Xana seen us with that lineup, she woulda vibed us. We were just in the wrong town, they weren’t our kinda people and it was mutual, the chicks were like PMRC snitch squad squares who worked for the IRS, only understood the smell of money, and the private school chumps were only interested in bedding my ex girlfriends, we shoulda got the fuck outta Dodge, and eventually a couple of ’em did. Some scenesters who worked with me at the newsstand, one of whom was in a local famous garage band, I’m pretty sure they were both embezzling from the place and financing their groups with our bosses money, hiring classical string sections from the university and shit, until he decided to just close the place and I was out of a job again and had to keep taking worse and worse jobs doing shit like scraping the gum off the outdoor patio at a piss stinky bar across from the junkyard on the edge of town and working the door on these horrible “Fight Club” fight nights where all the town’s dumbest wannabe Kid Rocks would show up and amateur box each other bloody for prize money, it was horrible, not my scene at all, and I just so desperately wanted to get a little 45 on an indie label, and a van, make up some black skull shirts with our logo on ’em, and start touring the little college bars that were still around back then that Nirvana, Soul Asylum, Goo Goo Dolls, and my beloved Replacemenst had all played at. I was having girlfriend problems cause I was not bringing in much money and in the Midwest, you were expected to be a Big Breadwinner, if you were a dude, always had somebody’s sister and mom on the phone asking about my income. Shitty, sucky, that’s what my income was. hard labor and shit pay. I never gave a shit about money, it only became important to me when my relationship with my kids and access to them became jeopardized. I took it real personal like when so called friends uncaringly or maybe spitefully dropped the ball, or left me in the ditch when they knew I had so much riding on getting to that next level. I always felt like everything would have gone better for all my loved ones had I been allowed to finish either one of my abandoned major album projects. Look how good it went for everybody else who stayed together long enough to just achieve that much. Still kills me.

Started working for some AA painter company, $8/hr., all day gruntwork, got home too dirty and exhausted to do anything but bathe, eat, and sleep. Gave all the money to the girlfriend who always looked at it dismissively like it was Just Nothing, somehow did not count at all. A friend of mine flew me out to L.A. to audition for a glam rock super group, but he already had the songs written, was just looking for somebody to sing ’em in a voice that was more like Zander or Waites than ya know, Ramone or Westerberg. After that, my girlfriend got pregnant so the pressure to make money became a big deal, and my older kid’s ma dropped him off at my house also, cause she got a good job outta state, so now ya know, it was all about money making. I was writing a column for a national punk mag and some little labels became interested in my demos, that was momentarily encouraging. I started working with this cat who ran his own underground label and he was helping me put a new band together of people who were hopefully going to be more professional, reliable, and less all day shitfaced drunk. I’d make compilation tapes for my newer bandmates of old Replacements and glam and power pop songs and they’d make some just like that in response, we started sending stuff back n forth and I’d take the bus up there and write songs on the weekends. We found a fun loving English rockstar bassplayer who always made me laugh and was perfectly suited to be in my band. I was really excited for about two years, it really seemed like we were goin’ places. I am the world’s most devoted fan of Billy Idol’s early band Generation X and I’d found a guitarist who had a tone not unlike Bob “Derwood Andrews” that complimented summa my more Mott The Hoople/Gen X influenced, romantic teenage pop opera tracks, a competant drummer, a laugh riot punk as fuck bassplayer, and about twenty promising new songs demoed. We had famous people asking us to be their warmup act. We had famous people offering to travel on their own dime to produce us. We had famous singers who I loved wanting to participate in our recordings. We were invited to play a big festival in the UK sponsored by Marshall amplifiers on a bill with ridiculously famous bands. We had a supportive guy with a record label  forking over money out of his own pocket to fund sessions. I spent about two grand myself on the venture. We entered a studio. Some of the songs were just too boppy-poppy for my taste, bands like the Biters and Prima Donna and Exploding Hearts were the up and coming Next Big Things and certain factions of our group wanted to go in that kindof cute, professional punk direction. I liked the weirder, more offbeat songs we’d written the best, the unconventional stuff that sounded nothing like the Ramones. I had some tunes that were unique, original, distinctly our own, and even a ska song that was really sayin’ something in the same spirit as the Mescaleroes-Rancid woulda had a big hit with that tune but they had a loyal alliance, a real stick togetherness-after Cobain everybody was just like out for themselves, real mercenary, just trying to get as famous as possible overnight. The engineer was a big fan of the guitarists’s main band and they spent a lotta time talking about local folklore. Then the guitarist got offers to play with more famous people in faraway and exotic locales and we never finished the record, people kept circulating tapes of the basic bedtracks with just my scratch/guide vocals as if they were finished vocals, that did longterm damage to my reputation as a singer. People continued covering my songs, but that band brokeup right on the verge of having something good. It hurt bad cause back then I had really and truly been laboring under the illusions that we were all a gung ho Gabba Gabba Hey gang of genuine friends. Then, of course, the girlfriend split, and took my kids across the country. Took me a long time before I really wanted to make music again after that. We made one last mad dash me and the road dog rhythm guitarist AC/DC guy, we kept writing sadder songs about my divorce, our bouts of homelessness, his stint in the psych ward, my thirty days in detox, our dead friends and the former bandmate who o.d.’d, we wrote some real good tunes together and I kept sending ’em around to our music journalist associates still trying to get discovered, or get placed on compilations, but all that happened was other people performed those songs and sometimes did not really emphasize who the real writers were. Then one of those dudes appropriated one of our many abandoned bandnames and started a publishing company and has seemingly copywritten our stuff. Reading this book I got for my birthday, “TROUBLE BOYS”, The True Story Of The Replacements by Bob Mehr brought back all those old memories of riding in rundown vans leaking oil to faroff cities hoping to connect to old friends who owned recording studios, or to play these really sad dives where sometimes the promotor did not even have a P.A. set up for us, or death rock girl parties in ranch style houses in old seventies Brady Bunch neighborhoods and the neighbors would call the police, we’d have skinheads wanting to beat us to death because they all hated my silver pants and blue eyeshadow, all the no hope janitor and telemarketing jobs we’d take hoping to save money for recording studio costs, shows where all the gentrification hipsters would stand up front with their arms crossed cause they desired one of our old girlfriends, or the other one, and they were Letting Us Know that we weren’t part of their hometeam scene, or welcome there with our rascally ways and shiny clothing-yeah we already knew that-thanks! I loved Bob Stinson best, we kinda lived just like him for years, we were stickin’ to our guns and our own way of life even as we got older and the ex cohorts all pukedout. I kinda lost my love for the Replacements when Bob was replaced and when all the ballads just got sappier and sappier and overproduced and formulaic, but obviously, Westerberg was one of my young life’s primary heroes and role models and I used to front a long procession of failed Replacements derivative rock groups. Now I’m old, still poor, nothing to show, less trustful of other human beings, bitter, weary, jaded as fuck, still wanna do it all again. Know a good guitar player with a working van? Who’s heard of Peter Laughner, Derwood Andrews, Tex & The Horseheads and Beasts Of Bourbon?

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Ever since Pig-Media and the Bush junta scared the shit out of Murkkkans with their absud blue gloved Granny Gropers and Orange Alerts and anthrax fear mongering, insisting we should all go buy duct tape from Tom Ridge’s Home Depot for freedom, and telling folks there were Muslims with boxcutters who blew up three buildings with two planes using that peculiar Muslim voodoo, and coincidentally, also the accounting room at the Pantagon where Rumsfeld lackeys were all supposedly hard at work looking for missing billions he gave a mostly forgotten speech about the day before, somehow that room was supposedly hit by another plane ya know, just one without a wingspan or bodies or luggage or video evidence in the most guarded and tech surveillance secured building in the world, but they gave Murkkkans some felgood patriotic propaganda hero stories that were later debunked involving Pat Tillman, Jessica Lynch, and “Let’s Roll”, declared Rudy Giuliania, the guy who killed off the nightlife and affordable housing and art in soul in Lower Manhattan, they declared him “Murkkka’s Mayor” for all those memorable photo ops with cops he did in a hard hat on the piles of smoking rubble before sending all the evidence to China. “We are played for suckers all the time/[phony rocknroll, it’s a crime” is the Iggy lyric that still echoes in my mind whenever the two fake parties point their finger, blaming the “other party” for fixing elections or promoting fake news. I think all the elections are fake, all the pig-media news on Big 5 monopolies is fake-Vanguard owns both Tucker Carlson and Rachel Maddow, so what does that tell you? What’s the takeaway message from either of them? More cops, more war, more censorship. Same weapons of war manufacturers, billionaire oligarchs who meet in secret, and pharmaceutical companies donate to both political parties, write legislature, and sponsor all the so called news on the mainstream legacy media propaganda platforms, but people still trust David Letterman and all those other late night comedy hosts who help sell wars and austerity and fascism to the boomer middle class demigraphic that still watches television all night. I never liked much tv aside from 120 Minutes, IRS Cutting Edge Happy Hour, Rotten TV, the Surreal Life, Gilligan’s Island, that’s about it. The gentrifiers closed down all the genuine divebars where the real poets and bohemians fraternized, installed all those broken window theory/stop and frisk cops in neighborhoods the rich honkies wanted to take over. Trendy trustafaraians became the new bookers and nightclub honchos, only booked their friend’s rich post grunge mediocrity fake alternative bands, carefully doled out the jobs to compliant asskissers or seemingly negotiable females. So nobody cool wanted to go out on the town anymore, and they jackedup all the prices. Rents exploded and minimum wages stayed the same, chickenhawk gotmines with military relatives always recited the standard old, “shoulda joined the military if you wanted to go to college”, bullshit all day, AND complained about the traumatized homeless vets who are panhandling near Whole Foods, “get a job”, right? I couldn’t stand people much after all that-my age group were just such fuckedup suckers and willing collaborators of the police state ruling class. They all started watching tv and imitating it. telling me how cool Dave Grohl was. Or like Willow Smith or some techno guy. That kinda shit. I knew I was fuck outta luck 25 years ago. I kept trying to form bands the same way I always did in the past-by lookin’ for people who’d heard of Iggy Pop, or who even knew about Aerosmith and Alice Cooper, but again, they became harder and harder to find-the younger people seemed to only be into like D.J.’s and hipster kereoke shit-coverbands. My age group crapped out or went pro, only wanting to make music for money with famous headliner people. Even in the big cities, the kid bands all just seem to wanna play covers. So I moved to the desert and changed my name to Free, but unforseseen Covid clampdowns hit my deadend town hard, killed off almost every little business, and there’s like 25 people here who haord all the properties, all the storefronts on Main Street are made to look like galleries but they are never really opened, it’s just rich people showing off their old stuff. There’s maybe five stores that even keep regular hours now. Four days a week, maybe. There’s no young people here, either-the ones who are here hate it and all wannabe gangstas or meth dealers like Eminem and Breaking Bad, maybe 1000 school aged kids in the whole county, something like that. So it’s just predominantly a lot of bitter spinster, pitbull owning, shotgun rancher, elderly old people who like those overpriced bitter craft beers, which I do not. I used to do a lot of photography down by the river but we were pushed out of our old neighborhood by some creepy developers who were building multiple pop up mini mansions for part time outta state boomers and where we live now is all like crazy meth people with weaponized animals. So ya know ya don’t feel like walkin’ around much when every house has three growly big dogs baring their teeth from behind some flimsy chickenwire fences or not even leashed or fenced up at all. I don’t drive and the wife’s vehicle is ancient so we try to minimize it’s use hoping it lasts as long as possible cause we need a car for doctor’s visits, my kids classes, groceries, etc., there are no grocery stores on this side of the territory-just overpriced gas station food. That’s what the poors all have to live on out here but a new Dollar Store is being built so everybody’s real excited about that. It really is a food desert here. I have not had any indian food or even Chipotle in years. There’s only maybe three people who do music here but I got tired of writing songs for rich people to ripoff a long time ago, so when it’s obvious somebody is just really into promoting their own vanity brand, merchandising, assimilating every idea into their money making operations, I kinda tend to politely decline their offers to collaborate, just got burnt too many times. Copyright stealing hipsters still suck. So yeah I got the blues, the covid, high anxieties over my kid’s welafre, safety, and wellbeing, it’s hard to fing anything to really feel that good about nowadays, even the Hallelujuh holy good stuff that remains just causes even more anxiety cause it’s all under threat, at the bottom of this unjust and unkind, bullshit competition and winner takes all narcissism culture we live in. There’s a motherfucker on that barstool right there who coulda helped you up outta the ghetto years ago, right, but he didn’t want to, cause it might jeopardize his own celebrity excess-surplus. You know what I’m sayin’? If the Cavalry was a comin’ they would’ve arrived by now, or for me, about twenty years ago, that’s when I knew. You’re on your own, Jack. Ain’t how it had to be, but that’s how it is, that’s the way the majority went. The tribe has spoken. I gotta go clean up my workspace.

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“The necessity for westerners especially in the US to seek a wealthy hero to save them is ingrained in our psyche from the moment we’re born into the commercials, tv shows, books & movies we watch. It’s part of the belief of US exceptionalism & the ingrained colonial mindset.” (-Fiorella Isabel)

“Imagine being so rich and sinister that you could give millions to Warren’s or Buttigieig’s fake presidential campaigns just to spoil the chances of the milquetoast New Deal liberal, Bernie Sanders…” (-Aaron Good)

“Next year, journalist Julian Assange begins his 5th year inside Belmarsh supermax prison for revealing US war crimes in Iraq.

Not 1 of the war criminals who destroyed Iraq based on a lie has spent so much as a second in court. Future generations won’t believe we let it happen.” (-Matt Kennard)

” I’ve heard many people who regard themselves as “smart” say the dumbest things when talking Covid & vaccines.

Things like “I have faith in the science”. No, you have faith in religion, you question science. That’s how science works. Lies fear questions, truth does not.” (-Jimmy Dore)

“Once our propaganda machine got our citizens to believe this war was totally unprovoked by having every form of tv, print and social media drill it into our heads, they knew they could get us to believe anything they said. We’re closing in on 2023

NATO has failed to turn the ruble to rubble, send Russia to the Dark Ages, get them out of Ukraine, take Crimea, destroy Russia’s military, isolate them, or turn the people against Putin and remove him, in spite of spending $100 billion of our money. Trying to figure out how the US decades long diplomatic strategy of “Give us control of your resources and do what we say or we’ll starve your people, coup you or bomb the crap out of your country” isn’t turning out so well now.” (-Black In The Empire)

“Ukraine is essentially NATO-occupied territory at this point. Its entire government and economy has been sold to military contractors and Wall Street. “Freedom” to the Collective West is Ukraine’s subjugation.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“Every few years the right produces a billionaire with extensive ties to the US deep state who poses as a populist hero who is fighting the deep state. Before it was Trump. Now it’s Musk. Later on it’ll be someone else. But it’s just a show to make it look like someone’s fighting. Both Trump and Musk get the opposite mainstream faction barking and snarling at them in exactly the same way Hillary Clinton drove Republicans insane. And in reality Musk, Trump and Clinton all serve the establishment that’s defended by both the Democrat and Republican parties. Keeping everyone barking at shiny figureheads who represent one mainstream faction keeps people glued to mainstream factions which are framed as for or against those shiny figureheads. This keeps everyone subscribed to mainstream worldviews. It’s all kayfabe combat staged to make it look like someone’s fighting on behalf of the disaffected Americans who are growing angry with their rulers’ complete indifference to them. Give them a hero to clap along with and they won’t take up the fight for themselves. They don’t just control the opposition, they control the opposition to the controlled opposition. That’s what the AOC/Bernie/TYT progressives are, and it’s what the MAGA/Tucker Carlson/Musk faction is as well. They pretend they’re fighting the establishment while protecting it.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

Comrade Misty is Putin’s Buddy 🍀 on Twitter: “Come on, y’all. They aren’t even hiding it.” / Twitter

14 Signs of Totalitarianism – Activist Post

Biden Protects CIA By Withholding 5,000 Critical Documents on JFK Assassination | CovertAction Magazine

Merry Christmas! + Capitalism is Un-Christian – Dandelion Salad (

xana land – YouTube

Rev. Chris Hedges and Rev. David Bullock: Christmas, Charity, Anti-Empire and the Revolutionary Jesus – Dandelion Salad (

Yelawolf and Shooter Jennings’ ‘Sometimes Y’ Is a Rock Album to Hear – Rolling Stone


Man I guess you could say I have a little bit of a Divinyls obsession. I first got into them around the same time I was discovering INXS, BILLY IDOL, DREAM ACADEMY and THE CULT, ya know and their influences always stayed with me-sexy, soulful, garagey, new wave. They just had it in spades and of course I thought it was a sad joke when rumors ’round the campfire had it that Mark wanted to tour as the Divinyls without Chrissie Amphlett (RIP) She was one of Australia’s greatest vocalists, and one of rocknroll’s greatest vocalists, man I miss her! All the good ones are gone and these daffy people I know still watch Merikkkan Idol or Thee Voice or Adam lambert and carry on it like it’s all the same, it’s not all the same, let me tell ya. 

“I get stormy when things bore me

I get steamed up when you ignore me
I don’t need some blank sky staring back at me
I need a bad guy, I want some electricity

I need fire” (-Divinyls)

Sex Will Keep Us Together- Divinyls – YouTube

Divinyls – Underworld – YouTube

Divinyls Live 1993 – Open Windows – YouTube

Divinyls ~ I’m Jealous (Full Screen) – YouTube

Divinyls – Love School – YouTube

“Poor countries are not ‘under-developed’, they are over-exploited.” (-Michael Parenti)

Gantz Says Israeli Pilots Might Attack Iran in ‘Two or Three Years’ – News From

Netanyahu’s Incoming Israeli Government Makes West Bank Settlement Expansion a Top Priority – News From

Protesters Demand Israel Release Bodies of Palestinians (

Defend Assange Campaign on Twitter: “The wife of Julian Assange writing earlier this month: ‘A system that allows a person’s extradition to the country that plotted his murder loses all its legitimacy’ #FreeAssangeNOW @ConHome @Stella_Assange” / Twitter

World BEYOND War on Twitter: “📢 Tell your House and Senate reps to vote NO on more money to escalate a war that threatens further climate chaos, skyrocketing inflation, world hunger and, most disturbingly, nuclear annihilation!” / Twitter

2022 Was The Year of Botched Executions & Botched Proxy Wars (

Christine Grady – WikipediaAlmost no one seems to realize that the head of bioethics at NIH – the person who is supposed to make sure that Fauci behaves ethically – is his wife

Alec Karakatsanis on Twitter: “THREAD. In the last few weeks, something strange has been happening. Multiple different reporters at the New York Times have used some of the same police sources to publish articles about a “shortage” of cops in the U.S. It’s weird, but something more coordinated is going on.″ / Twitter

WikiLeaks on Twitter: “NEW: Julian Assange’s wife @Stella_Assange speaks to Guest Editor Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe on @BBCr4today about the toll on their two young children: “I believe that Julian will be free – its inconceivable that this will go on – there are lots of people fighting for him”” / Twitter

American Exception on Twitter: “New AE! We look at JFK’s conflicting Latin America policies–the Alliance for Progress vs. post-Bay of Pigs Cuba. w/@BenjaminNorton and @sea_mcg” / Twitter

Matt Ó Branáin on Twitter: “#Stand4Truth in Zurich 🇨🇭 #FreeAssangeNOW 🕊” / Twitter

Reagan dirty war veteran Oliver North on the Ukraine proxy war: “This is very much like what Ronald Reagan did back in the 80s.” I hope


, who opposed what Reagan did back in the 80s, hears this perspective on what he’s currently 100% supporting. ” (-Aaron Mate)

“The reason why some people end up believing insane things like flat earth is because the government, media, and other privileged elites lie to the working class about nearly everything.

If someone is trying to deceive you all day every day, you start questioning their every word” (-Primo Radical)


I’ll tell ya that band The People deserve right now is the underrated cult faves, Slow Motorcade! They had a snarly Godfathers like working class political stance with a romantic heart of gold seventies power pop melodic sensibility, Ronsonesque guitars, they should have been huge stars way back when Manic Street Preachers were on the magazine covers, they could’ve toured the world together. Truth is I suspect the whole music industry is nothing but evil motherfuckers which is why all those sucky second rate bands and fake say nothing rappers are thrust upon us against our will all day long while triumphantly stellar songwriters like Anthony Castillo and his glam dandified Slow Motorcade superheroes went unheralded. If you don’t already know, Slow Motorcade featured members of the Andersons, Black Cherry, the Bangles, Spiders N Snakes, purple haired Zeroes, Big Elf, the Hutchinsons, etc., etc. All the NWO fascist bullshit being incremetally rolled out all around us was what Anthony’s crew were singing about twenty five years ago. They even covered the Beatles “Revolution” live. They were such an amazing band, I beseech you to turn up the jams and go listen to some SLOW MOTORCADE today!

Martial Law – YouTube

Deep Politics and Rock ‘n’ Roll | Slow Motorcade (

Life In A Moment – YouTube

Juggernaut (At What Cost?) – YouTube

Sixteen Forever – YouTube

Slow Motorcade | Spotify

Dark Angel (Super Hero Girl) – YouTube

Union Of One – YouTube


MartyParty on Twitter: “Breaking: SEC counsel Berkowitz (CFTC) resigns after being found to have accepted bribes from @SBF_FTX” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “Ukraine’s state-backed Azov Battalion uses the ceremonial burning of a Viking longboat as occasion to feature its new logo alongside the old, Nazi-inspired Wolfsangel. Did any US aid, public or private, help pay for this paganistic ritual?” / Twitter

Geoengineering: Startup Company Says It’s Already Begun Releasing Particles Into Atmosphere – Activist Post

House GOP Using Omnibus Fight as ‘Trial Run’ for Ploy to Cut Social Security and Medicare, Critics Warn (

ICBM: Incubating Catastrophe Beyond Measure, by David Swanson – Dandelion Salad (

The U.S. Military is Poisoning Okinawa | CovertAction Magazine

A further example if the intellectual & moral bankruptcy of modern liberalism is the anger directed at Musk for revealing what I have argued since the Russiagate BS that Big-Tech, the media & neoliberals who control the state were in open collaboration & main drivers of fascism.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

Dr Deepa Govindarajan Driver on Twitter: “Judges & legal experts in the UK, Sweden, Australia and US : Its time to speak up like this former Judge Advocate General has! The systematic breaches of international & domestic law, the spying on legally privileged conversations & the attempted murder of #Assange alone merit it” / Twitter

Black in the Empire on Twitter: “Sorry, we’ve been told these kids don’t exist or don’t, matter, you know kind of like the kids in Yemen and Palestine” / Twitter

Michael Parenti: Does Capitalism Work? – Dandelion Salad (

There is NO EXCUSE that 1 million Americans are homeless, that 140 million Americans are poor or low-income, that 89 million Americans are underinsured or uninsured, and that 68% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck while our government is sending $100 billion to Ukraine.” (-Ryan Knight)

“The personal savior obsession among Americans is deeply ingrained and deeply problematic. Nothing will get better in the US unless people take responsibility for their own lives/communities and stop looking to celebrity-esque figures to save them from the world’s problems.” (-Whitney Webb)

“Dear all you “but he is a good oligarch” pundits… look what you are celebrating, the total monopoly of alternative media platforms by someone who is NOT your friend. Please let 2023 be the year we cut umbilical cord attaching us to “saviour” fetishism.” (-Vanessa Beeley)

“Literally the world’s richest man is now using one of the world’s largest social media platforms (which he “owns”) for a controlled release of info & y’all feel compelled to pretend it’s both new data & journalism

I’ve never wanted to choke so many in an unfun way before” (-Slow News Day on twitter)

Ukrainian propagandists are lying and inventing child casualties that don’t exist again.” (-Wyatt Reed, a journalist on Langley/Ukraine’s official hitlist)

‘Alt-Saviour’ Elon Musk Hints At Buying Substack

Fiorella Isabel Interview – Political Propaganda & The Lies We’re Told About “The Enemy” (

Power Panel; Is US Foreign Policy the Root of All Our Problems? (

Black in the Empire on Twitter: “Reminder Our Politicians take a few billion of our taxpayer money and give it to this Gov’t every year and that’s both Parties” / Twitter

Greenwald calls out TikTok for censoring on behalf of US government, not just China | Fox News


Everybody in the glam culture knows Angels In Vain was Scarlet Rowe, Kelly Nickles, and Steve Von Saint’s old NYC eighties glam band, and these current day Aerosmith coverband metalheads from the Sunset Strip just changed one letter and act like they thought of it which totally bugs me, cause I hate when people ripoff old band names instead of making up their own, like the latest richgirl torchy ingenue being promoted as artist of the year over at “Spin” magazine, and just imagine who you gotta know to make that happen overnight, they call her Wiseblood clearly ripped offa Thirwell’s eighties underground proto industrial operation, but changed the way they spelled it, added a buncha “Y’s” or somthin’, okay yeah-Weyes Blood, but having said that, I do kinda like this band who remind me a lot of vintage L.A. Guns and Bang Tango. Just can’t get used to the name-ya know? It’s a legendary eighties band, and these guys just felt like they should balls out take it, now I dunno much about the ltter of the law, but I aint gonna call my band Von Haylun and expect their fans to be cool with it. They should makeup their own name and then I could get behind em cause the music’s not bad! Very eighties hairband, better than Danger Kitty/Steel Panther, I’ll tell ya that.

ANGELS IN VEIN “1973” – YouTube

ANGELS IN VEIN Trip Of A Lifetime (RADIO EDIT) – YouTube

HOME | angelsinvein

Angels In Vain – Suicide Morning – YouTube

Unholy on Twitter: “If you can, please help us save our people from this horrible winter. Donate here or just share, anything counts. We will report every donation unless you want to stay Anonymous. Thank you! ❤️” / Twitter

gaijingirl2004 Bronx Leftist/Green. 🦺 🇵🇸✡️ on Twitter: “Holy open corruption, Batman. SHARE THIS. “The company’s managing director Eric Van Nostrand was hired straight into a senior advisory position in the Biden administration’s Treasury Department just this past August, explicitly to shape US economic policy on Russia and Ukraine.”” / Twitter

BlackRock Logo To Be Added To Ukrainian Flag (


Netanyahu appealed to Trump’s love of golf and used NYC maps to turn the president against Palestinians, new memoir says (

“Americans need to learn the difference between supporting a country and supporting our weapons manufacturers.” (-Black In The Empire)

“Russiagate conspiracy theory is dying & none too soon. Russiagate was the 1st step to manufacture consent for war w Russia, peddled by the same MIC tools now drumming up #UkraineCrisis. Screw warmongers pushing us to the brink. Pass the mic to the folks who got #Russiagate right! As one of Russiagate’s targets, I was hauled in for a 3-year Senate Intel Cmte investigation based on the “Russian asset” smear. The Senate report found zero evidence for that BS. And of course there’s been zero correction from corporate media. Just another political hit job.” (-Dr. Jill Stein)

“The Haitian people do not want another occupation. Please tweet this hashtag.”   #stopUNinvasionofHaiti (-Margaret Kimberly)

“The people stand up to totalitarianism but instead of solidarity they get “humanitarian intervention” by the U.S. & European bourgeoisie & supported by the confused & corrupt Northern liberal/left.” (-Ajamu Baraka)


“You can listen to tv or live in reality”. (-Black In The Empire)

“About time someone  confronted these pro-war frauds. This should be happening everyday to everyone who votes for more war. I bet she claims she’s a victim of “word violence “ now.” (-Jimmy Dore)

“AOC, 12/2020, on Antifa activists menacing politicians in public: Activists *should* be impolite. “The whole point of protesting is to make ppl uncomfortable.” AOC, last night, to protesters confronting her for funding Biden’s proxy war: I won’t answer you! “You’re being ruude!” (-Glenn Greenwald)

“How long do you think the United States would allow Russia or China to surround our country with missiles and then put them directly on our borders?” (-Black In The Empire)

“Many countries around the world simply want the US and the rest of the West to leave them alone.” (-Black In The Empire)

“I’m no supporter of Alex Jones, but how much will The NY Times be ordered to pay for saying there were WMD in Iraq, resulting in the deaths of a million people?” (-Lee Camp)

“The real reason AOC progressives support twitter censorship is because they know it will be used to go after people who criticizes their queen.” (-Revolutionary Blackout Network)

“The establishment is pivoting. They know that millions of Americans no longer support the duopoly & never will again. They know we’re getting louder. Don’t be fooled; just as “progressives” proved to be state actors, so will establishment “independents”, like Yang and Gabbard. The only way to fundamentally change our system is through grassroots organization and direct action. This will never happen within the current system. Ever.” (-Just A Thought on Twitter)

“Democrats & Big Tech teaming up to silence dissent. Evil AF.: (-Throne Of Blood on Twitter)

“This is fire. I’ve been waiting for someone to call AOC out on blatant hypocrisy. No, I don’t want to date her.” (-Heidi Briones)

“First time I’ve seen any high profile “progressive” figure challenged on the rabidly pro-war policies they’ve backed without reservation over the past eight months.” (-Michael Tracey)

Glenn Greenwald: Who Is Benefiting From The Money Being Sent To Ukraine? Everyone Except The American People | Video | RealClearPolitics

Washington Expands the War State – by Glenn Greenwald (

“It is funny that ppl in North America have more to say about protests in Iran (a country where both Canada and the U.S. have already cut off relations) than they have to say about Haiti (where our government is literally supporting the puppet state to crack down on protesters) (-Nazanin On A pittance at twitter)

“First Jamaal Bowman and now AOC Arming nazis will always be the legacy of the fraud squad now.” (-Revolutionary Blackout Network) 

Ben Norton on Twitter: “Two weeks before Brazil’s election, far-right candidate Bolsonaro is paying for ads insisting he “is NOT a pedophile” 😂 He said he was attracted to a 14-year-old girl, they had “chemistry,” and he entered a brothel of teenage prostitutes 🤮 He gave Lula a free October surprise” / Twitter

What’s so funny bout Peace, Love & Rudy Havenstein on Twitter: “We need more people like this. Our sociopaths never apologize. @GWBLibrary #Bush” / Twitter

“It’s about time the intersectional wing of the War Party got called out for its deceitful politics. Now where is the rest of the US antiwar movement to increase the pressure?” (-Max Blumenthal)


I was shocked when I got a job at a rehearsal space in South Boston because like 100 guys all looked just like Pretty Boy Floyd, and where I came from there was only one of us-me, okay, and like my mohawked punk rock, older guitar player who was more grebo than glam back then. Then when we moved out to Hollywood, holy shit, my first night in town, Dizzy Damage was waiting outside on the curb for me, offered me his crackpipe-such hospitality these guys had-then he took me inside my old girlfriend’s apartment and there were like, entire LEGIONS of black haired guys who were all all trying to look like Motley Crue and Pretty Boy Floyd. Every square foot of that one bedroomw as occupied by an otherwise semi homeless glam metal dude. I didn’t hit it off with very many of ’em, aside from Dizzy Damage (RIP) and his caregiver, Ketra. 

When I was young and skinny I played punk rock with my scrappy skateboarder friends in people’s basements and white trash yeehaw biker rallies in the woods, I kinda resented all these fluff metal posers who kinda all sounded the same, they all just wanted to be KISS or Poison, but somehow they got these big budgets and fancy wardrobes and shit, got to make videos, be on MTV, all writing the same poncey power ballads about being free wild angels, I never knew how they pulled it all off. I still don’t know how they got away with it, but now I’m old and it’s winter and I’m bored and melancholy and end up spending too much of my time alone, I’m watching dumb rock videos on youtube and these guys sorta make me smile. I guess we kinda did our own sleazier, scroungier version of something like that, it just never got far outta the garage. I knew alot of bands who were trying to be like these guys in the late eighties. “Tonight Belongs To The Young” is a pretty great title. I’m probably just mad I didn’t think of it first. I only ever got about maybe twenty songs halfassed recorded poorly and Steve Sex Summers and his bunch who ripped their name off some other band got a bigname producer, cover of Kerrang!, major deal with MCA, a Lip Service endorsement, got to be on multiple movie soundtracks, played on Headbanger’s Ball. My girlfriend Dawn liked whichever guy looked like Nikki Sixx in their band. I talked to one of them on the phone in L.A., my girlfriend Steffani tried to help me find a guitar player and he was available but we did not speak the same language really as I came from more of a Deadboys and Lords Of The New Church background. I was all about glam anthems but mine were political, and they were just about money, strippers, fame and cocaine, I liked all that stuff too but I was more like a misfit than a lifeguard. Vinnie Chas died, and so did their latter day drummer Ben Graves from Murder Dolls. I always believed Murder Dolls ripped off their name from my sleazy basement punk band Murder Stars. They had the same look we did but they were more like Marilyn Manson whereas ours was more like trailer trash Generation X. Pretty Boy Floyd still play big metalhead festivals and shit. I can’t even get my former guitar players to remember how to play our old songs or help pay for new recordings. I even had a formerbandmate keep telling me how “there’s no fortune to be made” playing our style of music, but obviously, I was never in it to make a fortune. I was just kinda born punk rock, it was not really my fault. That’s why I have a soft spot for summa these old glam hag diehards in my old age, I like that they never changed and never gave up, just kept doing their thing.

Pretty Boy Floyd – Wild Angels – YouTube
48 Hours – YouTube


“Tulsi Gabbard declared, “When it comes to the war against terrorists, I’m a hawk” Keep in mind that, while this right-wing sheepdog cynically tries to lure anti-war people into the GOP, Gabbard is a member of a US Army psyops / psychological warfare unit.” (-Ben Norton)

 𝙂𝙐𝙈𝘽𝙔 on Twitter: “Tulsi Gabbard is currently assigned to the 351st Civil Affairs Command (351 CACOM), an Army Reserve psyop unit. This same unit was once headed by psyop guru Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely, a major Qanon proponent and co-author of “From PSYOP to MindWar” with Michael Aquino.” / Twitter

𝙂𝙐𝙈𝘽𝙔 on Twitter: “Tulsi Gabbard is currently assigned to the 351st Civil Affairs Command (351 CACOM), an Army Reserve psyop unit. This same unit was once headed by psyop guru Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely, a major Qanon proponent and co-author of “From PSYOP to MindWar” with Michael Aquino.”Tulsi Gabbard is currently assigned to the 351st Civil Affairs Command (351 CACOM), an Army Reserve psyop unit. This same unit was once headed by psyop guru Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely, a major Qanon proponent and co-author of “From PSYOP to MindWar” with Michael


“Threats to Assange’s health are the cumulative result of extraordinarily cruel, unusual, degrading & inhuman conditions imposed on him. This includes 10 years in arbitrary detention w/periods of solitary confinement despite never having been convicted of a crime.” (-Dr. Jill Stein)

Matt Taibbi has 10,000 more journalistic accomplishments than Poppy Harlow ‘could ever dream of’: Glenn Greenwald (

The FBI’s Exposed Propaganda Partnership with Big Tech (

“I’m a mean motherfucker now but I once was cool…!” (-Jesus & Mary Chain)

NIKKI SUDDEN – the angels are calling – YouTube

“It takes a lot less money to end homelessness in America than you’ve given to Ukraine, but the military industrial complex has both the Republicans and Democrats doing it anyway.” (-Black In The Empire)

The Roth Show Returns With ‘Season 2 – Episode 1’ (

Itsuroh Shimoda – Everybody Anyone (1974) – YouTube

Hello my brothers and sisters and friends of the revolution, I’m happy to see the antiwar movement calledout fake progressive AOC cause she is such a transparent sheepdog establishment tool, just like Bernie and Obama. damn shame really we can’t get no real leftist power to the people, human rights, antiimperialist candidates into office, but the deep state owns the media, the debates, the bean counting software, the puppet politicians, the whole shebang. It’s hopeless. they’re all fake. Tulsi Gabbard is a fucking psy op spy. I used to like her, too, when she took that trip to Syria with Dennis Kucinich, I thought they were investigating the white helmets/Genie Energy lies for plundering oil, as exposed by the good whistleblower journalists at the Gray Zone. They are all fucking fakes and carefully vetted and tightly scripted Manchurian Candidate establishmentbots! Even my ex friends and former girlfriends have almost all become goose stepping, pro war, spy loving, Hipster McCarthyites, obediently calling anyone to the left of Hillary Fucking Clinton “commies” and “socialists”, it’s such a sad and pathetic joke, but how ya gonna change any hearts and minds when social media’s controlled, people seldom congregate in public spaces nowadays, and five billionaires own the whole fucking Big 5 propaganda media? DIG THIS: “The Facebook “whistleblower” has joined the new “Council for Responsible Social Media,” alongside “former defense secretaries Chuck Hagel and Leon Panetta, former Congress members Claire McCaskill and Dick Gephardt, and former National Security Agency director Michael Rogers.” (-Aaron Mate’)

“Everyone make sure to ask Mr. Bowman about his “I’ll continue to finance Nazis in Ukraine” policy!” (-Daniel Burke)

Black in the Empire on Twitter: “Exactly what I mean when I say they could at least give us good or new propaganda, but they know they can just run the same old shit on a loop because they know we’ll for it everytime” / Twitter

Twitter Is Said to Have Struggled Over Revealing US Influence Campaign – The New York Times (

Sharmine Narwani on Twitter: “The Jewish State drops its mask. Israel is a racist state, no more arguments pls.” / Twitter

El partido revolucionario puertorriqueño on Twitter: “American democracy is hypocrisy and people need to stop advocating American exceptionalism which is pure imperialism and colonialism and very ignorant small minded thinking like the US is the center of the world like that’s dumb asf tbh” / Twitter

“The imperial capitalist juggernaut devotes vast resources to stupefying everyone…a gaslit civilization.” (-Aaron Good)

Eric Weinstein on Twitter: “The amount of insanity that has become normalized in 5-6 years can no longer be comprehended. We don’t realize how far the riptide of stupid has pulled us away from being able to discuss anything adult at all. It’s just infinite daily abject stupidity:” / Twitter

“It was almost impossible for most people—no matter how smart, educated or even expert—to resist the tsunami of “vaccine” propaganda and coercion That is the core of the story. What was that tsunami about? Was it just about money? How much did insiders already know about hazards?” (-Brett Weinstein)

Martin Kulldorff on Twitter: “From the #TwitterFiles: I was not only blacklisted and temporarily suspended by Twitter. When I gave accurate #CovidVaccines information, some Twitter dude labelled it misleading and suppressed it by prevented comments and likes.” / Twitter

“The US was almost certainly involved in the assassination of Haitian president Jovenel Moïse. Today, US politicians show zero interest in solving it. But now they’re calling for “humanitarian intervention” in Haiti to stop “gangs.” Says everything about who the real gangsters are” (-Dan Cohen)

“Jamaal Bowman is so “woke” that he sends weapons to nazis. So woke that he funds the Iron Dome” (-Revolutionary Blackout Network)

George Galloway on Twitter: “FULL INTERVIEW: It’s lunacy of the highest order that #Nato goes ahead with a nuclear exercise in the current crisis says former US marine #ScottRitter” / Twitter

Ben Norton on Twitter: “The US government has long supported this fascist, Nazi-saluting Bolivian gang Washington funded these anti-Indigenous racists to destabilize Bolivia’s socialist government and break up the country with Santa Cruz separatism @KennardMatt documented this:” / Twitter

Ben Norton on Twitter: “Luis Fernando Camacho has long been a leader of this violent Bolivian fascist paramilitary group, whose members often Nazi salute:” / Twitter

“Stop the extradition of Assange. I am as indictable as he is on the exact same charges. I will plead “not guilty” on grounds of your blatantly unconstitutional use of the Espionage Act. Let’s take this to the Supreme Court.” (Daniel Ellsberg)

BBC HARDtalk on Twitter: “EXCLUSIVE: “Let me tell you a secret… I had possession of the all the Chelsea Manning information before it came out in the press” – Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg says he was given leaked US diplomatic cables “as a backup” by WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange” / Twitter

AOC Called a COWARD in PUBLIC for her Pro-War Pro-NATO Pro-Apartheid Israel Votes – YouTube

“If you side with criminal totalitarians’ pseudoscience, you’re an idiot & a whore whose entire life’s work is to generate catchy profound-sounding fluff to make totalitarianism appealing to cattle. How to become an intellectual: 1-Write a book of random noises on history, psychology, money, religion, Roman emperors, biology, or whatever, with no actionable information 2-Watch CNN 3-Explain how your book leads you to the same conclusion as CNN on The Current Thing.” (-Saifedean Ammous)


Brown Recluse spiders nested in some pillows that were in the garage. So much garbage, so much cleaning, lots and lots and lots of hard labor and fretting over normal wear n tear damages that have occured over past five years including a broken window and a fuckedup roof, water damaged walls and mold, ya know how it is with 54 year old trailers. We’re gonn fix what we can, pull all the cosmetic stuff up. It aint like we’re expecting to get our security deposit back, mainly we just endeavor to leave things approxamtely as good as we found ’em when it’s in our ability to clean or fix or repair shit but it’s still gonna be less than stellar, the walls are waped and the whole place needs updated really-the swamp cooler, the bathtub, they’re gonna need a new furnace if they’re gonna find new tenants-we made it work with a space heater for two winters and just put heavy blankets on all the doors, as we’re paupers, peasants, and it’s been Covid clampdowns and mandates and all kindsa immobilizing shit happening all around us, similarly fucked up vehicle and preposterously jacked up rent anywhere we might dream of goin-Downtown Manhattan’s gone, Hollywood is dead, Joshua Tree is too gentrified and expensive. It’s a bummer. All these dumps around here still charge $900 for shithole leaky catpiss apartments cause greedhead landlords who inherited all their surplus fucking property are all loveless clutching hoarders who never wanna pay to paint a wall, recarpet, retile, replaster, fix the leaks, put in proper heating, even the nicest ones you are likely to ever meet just want money for nothing forever just cause. They call it “passive income streams”. can you imagine? Scumbags, pretty much all of ’em. I got friends on the streets, friends in cars and homeless shelters. Our friends who got rich only love money and prestige now. “Money Changes Everything”. This next song is goin’ out to my dear and good brother and longtime songwriting accomplice who’s still guttin’ it out in the trenches against all odds and against the motherfuckin’ wind. God Bless Ole Nasty Bandido.

Caitlin Johnstone: ‘US Interests’ in ‘Unprovoked War’ (

US courts must stop shielding government surveillance programs from accountability | Patrick Toomey and Alex Abdo | The Guardian

Jose Vega – Vote Diane Sare! (@JosBtrigga) / Twitter


‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ Cast: Where Are They Now? (

“The goal is to have an endless war, not a successful war” (- Julian Assange)

“today social media is almost entirely about getting engagement thru cheap manipulation – manufactured consent updated for the post-mass mediated age. people take the bait because they’ve been trained over the last several years to get rewarded by their own engagement thru numbers and cute symbols and animations.” (-Chelsea E. Manning)

“It’s alarming to see the term “liberal” has become a pejorative in multiple languages. “Conservative,” too, has become a meaningless epithet. People now hiss at philosophies they can’t even describe, collapsing flexible systems of belief into rigid markers of identity.” (-Edward Snowden)

Opinion | Chelsea Manning: ‘I’m Still Bound to Secrecy’ – The New York Times (

“Former defense secretary & CIA director Leon Panetta cites intelligence analysts who believe the probability of nuclear weapons use in Ukraine has risen from 1-5% at the start of the war to 20-25% today.” (-David Sacks)

PATRICK LAWRENCE: A War of Rhetoric & Reality (

Israel Put Over 600 Palestinian Children in House Arrest in 2022 (


The band that really made the most gorgeous and immortal song of my teenage years are still around and of course I still love ’em like crazy and you probably do, too. Who cares if they’re one hit wonders, they are wonders among one hit wonders. 

“The US doesn’t have a “left,” but it has plenty of cruise missile liberals thirsty for war with Russia, China, and any other country the State Department tells them to hate.”

(-Danny Haiphong)

“When the founder of a leading US mercenary firm gets loaded on camera and confesses that the Ukrainian forces he worked with carried out heinous atrocities, a PBS correspondent is summoned to make excuses for him, rather than inform the public about the shocking disclosures.” (-Max Blumenthal)

“North goes on to invoke US arming of Central American death squads & Afghan mujahideen (later known as Al Qaeda):

“Those people were willing, as the Ukrainian people are, to use their blood and our bullets.” Perfect description of this proxy war.” (-Aaron Mate)

WBAI New York at 99.5 FM, streaming at on Twitter: “The @TheGrayzoneNews Radio Show hosted @MaxBlumenthal debuts tonight at 6pm @WBAI Tune in 99.5 FM in NY streaming” / Twitter

“The US Military rained white phosphorus and depleted uranium on Fallujah less than 20 years ago. Now the Navy is naming a ship after the operation, and a video game that recreates the massacre is being released. Civilisation?

Almost 100 days since the Nord Stream pipelines were sabotaged and still no leads. Funny that.” (-Lowkey)

“Much of the Pentagon’s covert social media ops focused on promoting the war in Yemen. Which American actually voted for this war? Who does it benefit other than Saudi Arabia & it’s local Al Qaeda allies? The war has killed thousands of children & civilians, displaced millions.” (-Lee Fang)

Cancelling Comedians While the World Burns – System Update with Glenn Greenwald – YouTube

Reflecting New U.S. Control of TikTok’s Censorship, Our Report Criticizing Zelensky Was Deleted (

“Has any imperial oligarchy ever been forced to answer for its worst crimes while its empire reigned? I don’t know of any. This is another reason why first and foremost we should work for the end of the US Empire (not the US nation-state): it’s the source of criminal sovereignty….Watergate was an Establishment coup. It got messy and led to the Church and Pike committee investigations because Nixon fought back with leaks (etc) to counter the forces that were out to get him. He lost. CIA was inconvenienced until the deep state’s man (Reagan) was installed.”

(-Aaron Good; author of “American Exceptionalism” which you should read.)

Jimmy Dore on Twitter: “The JIMMY DORE SHOW Is Live! NOW! Ted Lieu Caught Spreading Vaxx Misinfo! NATO Mercenary ADMITS Ukraine War A Lie! W/ Max Blumenthal Featuring Stef Zamorano @MiserableLib   Now streaming on Rumble, YouTube & Rokfin!” / Twitter

Dr. Jill Stein🌻 on Twitter: “Empire & mainstream media work damn hard to ensure this material is not viewed or shared. Comply at your peril. #FreeAssange #FreeThePress” / Twitter

American Exception on Twitter: “Now unlocked! –> Our Allen Dulles episode with David Talbot talking to Brace (@TrueAnonPod) and me. Going to post other notable public episodes in this thread…” / Twitter

In Response to the Twitter Files, Establishment Media Rushes to Defend the FBI (

Alex Rubinstein on Twitter: “Zelensky has appointed a sexologist hypnotherapist as Ukraine’s new ambassador to Bulgaria. Last year she was busy pushing the libidinal benefits of dietary supplements in videos promoting a multi-level marketing scheme. My latest for @TheGrayzoneNews” / Twitter

Tricia Rajabipour on Twitter: “@elonmusk @pmarca All these #TwitterFiles are not telling us anything we didn’t already know thanks to Multi Award Winning Journalist, Julian #Assange. Take #Google for example: #FreeAssangeNOW” / Twitter

Lee Fang on Twitter: “I have a new feature on the history of neonicotinoids, a widely used insecticide that is pushing butterflies, dragonflies, bumblebees and other forms of insect life to the brink of extinction” / Twitter

“The Biden administration

-breaks up railroad strike -expands the military industrial complex -Expands DHS and ICE -siphoned Covid relief money to the police -funds nazis and genocidal Zionists Imagine being a “leftist” and voting for this without being embarrassed.” (-Revolutionary Blackout Network)

“The corporate media is lying to you. It has lied in the past, it is lying today, and it will lie tomorrow. Acknowledging this demonstrable fact doesn’t make you’re crazy or a contrarian; it just means you have objective standards and a memory that goes back more than 5 minutes.” (-Primo Radical)

“Not wanting WW3 makes us agents of the Kremlin I’ve learned.” (-Jake Shields)

If you support NATO, then you aren’t a leftist.

If you support the CIA or any intelligence agency, then you aren’t a leftist. You’re just imperialist.” (Danny Haiphong)

Folks, in the name of peace, we can’t continue to pretend that something called the Ukrainian nation/state with independence & sovereignty actually exists. Ukraine lost its independence in Feb 2014. The U.S. then reduced the nation to cannon-fodder for U.S. strategic interests.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

The US Gov’t wants to destroy Russia and China because they are a threat to their hegemony and our citizens hate them because our Gov’t told us to. Russia and Ukraine had a Peace agreement, cosigned by France and Germany Russia spent 8 years trying to get Ukraine to honor it Former leaders of Germany and Ukraine now admit they were never going to honor it, and instead prepared for war Conclusion : You can’t trust Russia.

Dear Americans, Yemen war deaths are in the area of 500,000 and this genocide is being committed by our ally and our Gov’t supplied the weapons. I know most don’t know because our news won’t cover it and many don’t care, but let’s stop pretending our Gov’t are the “Good Guys”

Don’t worry in another couple of years the corporations that run the country will give us a new chance to pick between the 2 politicians they own.

Our Gov’t doesn’t care about Ukraine, their job is to make you care.

I don’t know if Ukraine was a democracy before 2014 when the US helped coup their Gov’t, but any talk about it being a democracy now is propaganda.

American Gov’t We should monitor transactions of citizens over $600 also

It’s none of citizens business where their $100 billion went.” (-Black In The Empire)

Lee Fang on Twitter: “Ack, correct link here” / Twitter

Alan MacLeod on Twitter: “”Babies aren’t that profitable”” / Twitter

Revolutionary Blackout Network on Twitter: “RIP Wadiya Jamal, wife of Mumia Abu Jamal. The struggle and the love!” / Twitter

American Exception on Twitter: “Did torture disclosures lead to anything? Did the post-Watergate congressional investigations lead to anything? Did the HSCA finding that JFK died from a “probable conspiracy” lead to anything? By now, it should be clear that we live in a top-down regime. Twitter Files show this.” / Twitter

David Zweig on Twitter: “1. THREAD: THE TWITTER FILES: HOW TWITTER RIGGED THE COVID DEBATE – By censoring info that was true but inconvenient to U.S. govt. policy – By discrediting doctors and other experts who disagreed – By suppressing ordinary users, including some sharing the CDC’s *own data*” / Twitter

Jaybefaunt🏳️‍🌈 on Twitter: “Not even Orthodox Jewish people are safe in Israel. This is despicable.” / Twitter

Alan MacLeod on Twitter: “Join my Telegram channel so I can bombard you with anti-capitalist propaganda in written form:” / Twitter

Alan MacLeod on Twitter: “An equally wild fact is that the US harvests the blood of millions of poor people & sells it around the world. Most countries have laws against selling blood. But in the US, it is big business: a bigger export than soy or corn. My @mintpressnews report:” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “After months in Ukraine training soldiers, Ret Col Andrew Milburn of @TheMozartGroup mercenary firm gets sauced on camera & spills the beans: Ukraine is a “corrupt, fucked-up society” run by “fucked-up people” Ukrainian soldiers “kill dudes who surrendered,” commit “atrocities”” / Twitter

max blumenthal – Twitter Search / Twitter

Decerto on Twitter: “@MaxBlumenthal @TheMozartGroup “…the CIA has been running an intensive training program for Ukrainian paramilitaries in an unknown base in the southern United States since 2015. As per a former senior intelligence officer…”″ / Twitter

Steven Donziger on Twitter: “BREAKING: In a landmark victory, Shell agreed to pay $16m to four Nigerian farmers in a case where courts also held the fossil fuel industry legally responsible for the abuses of its foreign subsidiaries. Bad for the oil industry. Great for the planet.” / Twitter

Lee Fang | Substack


Man it’s cold outside and propane costs money, my electric blanket don’t really work too well because it’s old. I’ve had the covid plague, hopefully I am getting past it now, but still don’t wanna risk taking it around others so I’m laying low. We been under a lotta stress here, family stuff, health problems, raising teenagers in the TikTok covid “Breaking Bad” interenet influencers and unboxers consumerist hype beast world is hard stuff, made harder by disabilities and conditions. So yeah the latest fiasco is me slamming a door in a high anxiety moment and the decorative sorta Holly Hobby frame falling out, that seems like it’s gonna cost me a pretty penny to adequately repair, fuckshit, so yeah I’m always under fire for something. This one’s my fault, I gotta fix it. It’s something else I gotta worry about now. I got the Andy McCoy book for Christmas since the Razzle one was so expensive, it’s good, I’m reading it out in the cold garage. Still dreaming about rocknroll and putting the band back together. 

Mick Jagger – Kow Tow – YouTube

“Mad at the world for all the good reasons, throw away the pain and drink the wine…” (-INXS)

“Bernie and AOC both voted for the last $40b package to fuel the US proxy war in Ukraine, so it would be rather bizarre for them to say something like this, since it’s the exact opposite of that vote. And getting them to say anything about Assange is like pulling teeth.” (-Glenn Greenwald)

“NATO’s entire purpose is subjugating Russia.

That always has been and always will be the mission. They now want another 1991 where Russia is further broken up, colonized, and stripped of resources. How does a country make peace with an alliance that exists only to destroy it?” (-Primo Radical)

“CNN wants you to be worried about black outs in Ukraine but says nothing about the thousands of Americans still out of power today.” (-Edward Marrs)

“Israel’s parliament today approved an amendment to give the extremist Kahanist party unprecedented power over the military occupation of the W. Bank. Expect a massive increase in settler & soldier violence & theft.” (-Ariel Gold)

“Nobel Prize winner Kissinger bombed Cambodia into the stone age. Nobel Peace Prize winner Obama pledged to help rid the world of nuclear weapons while secretly ordering one of the biggest nuclear bomb programs. And so it goes on, courtesy of the NED/CIA.” (-John Pilger)

After Zelensky’s Washington trip, Ukraine launches another attack inside Russia – World Socialist Web Site (

“Question for people who complain about other people getting food stamps. What’s wrong with you?” (-Jory Micah)

“10 sailors committed suicide on the USS George Washington and INCREDIBLY, the Navy ABSOLVED itself of a toxic environment!” (-Ann Wright)

“Don’t join the military.” (-Pepsi Sheen)

“Imagine the gall of nations who have colonized the world getting together to form a so-called “defensive alliance” that continues colonizing the world under the pretense of “fighting authoritarianism.”

Imagine how privileged and “educated” one has to be to actually believe that.” (-Primo Radical)

Ariel Gold אריאל ✡️☮️🕊 on Twitter: “Solidarity” / Twitter

“If they can provide “free” vaccines, they can provide free insulin, free inhalers, free eye glasses, free therapy… There’s no cap on funds. Just look at the military budget. Biden’s brag tweeting about insulin being capped at $35/month for seniors.

That’s $420 a year, when the average social security check is around $1,542 and the average rent about $1800(CA). And what about ppl that aren’t seniors? Why are we negotiating life-saving meds?” (-Thia Ballerina)
“cause the politicians all sold us out and stuff their shitlib celebrity pockets with shit tons of dirty money from big pharma. Your feminist icon Hillary Clinton promised her one percent collaborators point blank that there will never be free healthcare in this country-what did you think Pelosi meant when she said she is not a socialist, that she is a capitalist?” (-Ban Tasers)

I lost a close friend because Biden helped lie us into the Iraq War, many close to me because Biden helped push the racist 100 to 1 crack laws with his segregationist friends and wrote the crime bill and my stepfather who lost his job because of NAFTA

I didn’t vote for him. Look back at the previous wars our Gov’t got us involved in and you’ll notice that they lied to us every time and everybody that was found to have told the truth was demonized What makes you think this time is different and who is making billions off of them again? Imagine the truths we would know now if our Gov’t hadn’t kidnapped, tortured and jailed Assange for exposing our war crimes. Stop worrying about the propaganda control Gov’t’s like North Korea, China and Russia have over their people and start thinking about how much control the ruling class in America have over us now that they own our media and Gov’t. I live in America so my concern is the power of our Oligarchs. Dear Americans,

Yemen war deaths are in the area of 500,000 and this genocide is being committed by our ally and our Gov’t supplied the weapons. I know most don’t know because our news won’t cover it and many don’t care, but let’s stop pretending our Gov’t are the “Good Guys”. It would be nice if our television told us to give a damn about Yemen. How many more billions will Americans allow our Gov’t to steal from us to get more of Ukraine destroyed and more Ukrainians killed in their NATO proxy war against Russia? The only real battle between the Dems and the GOP is over who can get make the most money. I hate to break it to the Haters, but I am not a Russian agent, I’m just a middle aged Black guy raising a family in Baltimore trying to get my fellow citizens to stop letting the ruling class play us for suckers.” (-Black In The Empire)

Sonja Ponath on Twitter: “A socialist cannot be a strike breaker. This needs to be the end of any pretense by DSA that the “Squad” is socialist, and should result in their expulsion from the organization. Rail Workers Betrayed By Biden & The “Squad”” / Twitter

Revolutionary Blackout Network on Twitter: “The Rotating Hero w/AOC | AOC is NOT a serious Advocate for Workers Premieres at 11AM ET” / Twitter

Emily on Twitter: “The attempts to obfuscate this only help the bosses and their politicians.” / Twitter

Revolutionary Blackout Network on Twitter: “The RACIST Origins of Child Protective Services | Abolish Child Protective Services | Separating Black and Brown Kids from their families is the point of Child Protective Services | Alan Dettlaff Joins” / Twitter

Kshama Sawant Joins RBN | Wyatt Reed Joins RBN | Tara Reade Goes on Tucker Carlson – YouTube

Sonja Ponath on Twitter: “It’s crucial that workers everywhere learn the lessons of this betrayal…, Workers deserve a political voice of our own. 115,000 Railroad Workers Lost Their Right To Strike: What Happened? via @Socialist Alternative” / Twitter

Worst part about this is media skepticism is now treated like flat earth theory or evolution denial in liberal circles. If you even suggest the media isn’t always honest about everything, you’re no better than Alex Jones. How did it come to this?” (-Supernautiloid)

Primo Radical on Twitter: “@ByamTracy @AnthonyTurk0 @RageAgainstWar_ @jimmy_dore @medeabenjamin @scotthortonshow @GarlandNixon It’s amazing how strong liberal amnesia is.” / Twitter

Richard ☭ 🇧🇷 on Twitter: “@tiffanyisded @PrimoRadical @_bilaire Oh yeah they enforced the hell out of international law in Lybia and Yugoslavia, really lawful behaviour there, absolutely not naked imperialism.” / Twitter

Google, Facebook Are Hijacking Your Personal Data and Using It Against You • Children’s Health Defense (

Robert F. Kennedy Jr on Twitter: “Exposure to PFAS, which are used in fracking and other types of oil and gas wells, is linked to kidney and testicular cancer, liver and thyroid problems, reproductive problems and increased risk of birth defects.” / Twitter

Martin Kulldorff on Twitter: “From the #TwitterFiles: I was not only blacklisted and temporarily suspended by Twitter. When I gave accurate #CovidVaccines information, some Twitter dude labelled it misleading and suppressed it by prevented comments and likes.” / Twitter

Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH™ on Twitter: “What do I say to doctors who vehemently disagree with me? Let’s sit down together and discuss the data! >1200 papers on injuries, disabilities, and death. We can go over them one by one. Only way to break their disbelief on a biological product safety debacle. @AdrianNormanDC” / Twitter

johndissed on Twitter: “Oh my God, what a coincidence!” / Twitter

Alex Berenson on Twitter: “Looks like there might be a teeny tiny lil itty-bitty problem with multiple mRNA shots. Nothing to worry about, just a near-total rewiring of the standard human antibody response. I’m sure it’ll be fine. Full story coming.” / Twitter

Propaganda Isn’t Something That Only Happens To Others: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix – Caitlin Johnstone

“Conspiracy theories involving the United States government are only “theories” insofar as exact details and circumstances of the conspiracy may or may not be in question. That said, the US government is absolutely conspiring against you — and has been for your entire life.” (-Primo Radical)

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “As I’ve said, it’s really worth following 2 very smart actual-leftist EU Parliament members – @wallacemick and @ClareDalyMEP. You’ll see why calling AOC and Bernie “leftists” rather than what they are – establishment lackeys – is a joke. Imagine either saying of them saying this:” / Twitter

James #freeassangeNOW #dropthecharges on Twitter: “Today in front of the EU Parliament (Strasbourg) supporters for #JulianAssange joined MEPs @ClareDalyMEP & @wallacemick in solidarity on the day of the #SakharovPrize. #DropTheCharges. For our freedom, Julian must be free. @DEAcampaign” / Twitter

“The Democrats used to have a faction that questioned war but no more. They gave Zelenskyy 18 standing ovations. They don’t question sending more and more weapons. They won’t even call for a ceasefire. Sad. #peaceinUkraine” (-Medea Benjamin)

Why I’m Glad Joe Biden Beat Donald Trump – Caitlin Johnstone

Peter Dale Black Metal on Twitter: “@MaxBlumenthal Nazis in Ukraine 👇” / Twitter

“There is NO EXCUSE that 1 million Americans are homeless, that 140 million Americans are poor or low-income, that 89 million Americans are underinsured or uninsured, and that 68% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck while our government is sending $100 billion to Ukraine.” (-Ryan Knight)

“Ukraine is celebrating killing 100,000 Russians. The U.S. is celebrating giving Ukraine the weapons. Whatever the real number, you have to add Ukrainians to it, pluse all those impacted around the globe.” (-David Swanson)

“Also managed to catch a seemingly lost Sen. Joe Manchin, who told me he is “all in” to send Ukraine all the billions it asks for from the US

Manchin then deployed a cellphone to ignore all my follow up questions before he passed through the fence blocking off the Capitol” (-Max Blumenthal)

“Some of the best and most independent-minded US leftists are


. I recommend following them. We’ve had them on our show & will keep doing so. If you’re on the right, you won’t agree with everything – you’re rightists and they’re not – but you’ll see the difference.” (-Glenn Greenwald)
“We wouldn’t want any antiwar protestors getting behind that fence, because they might traumatize AOC in the sacred halls of democracy, right, shitlibs? Luckily, the squad helped fund giving way more big money to all the various police state agencies that keep the rabble away from the Met gala and sacred halls warpig lobbyists and red carpet celebs.” (-Geordie Pleathur)

Report: The CIA Is Directing Sabotage Attacks Inside Russia – News From

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “Brazil’s new president, @LulaOficial, has always vigorously defended Assange and demanded the dropping of his prosecution for years. He has also condemned the US/NATO role in Ukraine. There’s a difference between US “leftism” and the international strain:” / Twitter

‘Omnibus Shows Congress’s Priorities: Authoritarianism and War – Original

HOME/ABOUT | deadlyromantics

I miss this guy. We were pen pals for a long time. 

Use Once And Destroy (

Medea Benjamin on Twitter: “Ceasefire now! Peace on Earth! #peaceinukraine” / Twitter

World BEYOND War on Twitter: “📢 Register now to receive updates from World BEYOND War about important #antiwar events, petitions, news, and action alerts from our global grassroots network! #newsletter #activism #nowar” / Twitter

David Swanson on Twitter: “Youtube tries hard to warn you off, but just keep clicking that you want to watch it.” / Twitter

David Swanson on Twitter: “Talk World Radio: Niamh Ni Bhriain on Weapons Business Booming” / Twitter


Yeah so over the holidays I resumed my semi-abandoned tradition of sending letters home to the people I came up with and ya know the comical part is just like in the old Circus Of Power song, nobody wrote me back! That’s rough. I get it, though. I used to make ’em all mix tapes but the local thrift store sells their donated second hand dual cassette boomboxes on Ebay now for top dollar. They’re probably all shocked and awed at how I refuse to assimilate, become a gentrified warpig, talk in Commercial, and get in line. I still aint into Foo Fighters or Wolfgang. STILL FREE SPEECH & ANTI CENSORSHIP. STILL ANTIWAR and ANTI POLICE STATE. STILL HATE FRAUDS and sheepdogs who lied and betrayed the working class, and I still got love for the streets. Like the old song goes, “you are someone else, I am still right here”. Matt Taibbi has, like Edward Snowden before him, exposed how the deep state has taken control of all the social media platforms, so anyone who strays from preferred Big Pharma and Weapon Maker and Davos billionaire/one world government narratives on Ukraine, or the ever mutating Covid virus, will be silenced, shouted down, demonetized and deplatformed. Consumers of mainstream misinformation are being programmed to hate and fear all dissident whistleblowers and indie media journalists, and anti war activists. This aint nothin’ new to me, I been getting cancelled all my life by the goose stepping cows of conformity, censored in punk mags for not shining Obama’s shoes, censored in punk mags for telling the truth about cops shooting teenagers in the back. 

Sheesh, is there anything worse than wanna be popular social climbing posh people, the blamers and complainers, standing around reciting tv scripts about how “Nobody wants to work!” and “It’s so HARD to get GOOD HELP these days!” You got all these smalltime kissasses believing if they parrot whatever the Kardashians or Elon Musk or Miley Cyrus or Ladies On the View have to say, that’ll somehow make them second hand rich and famous, too. They went to school and were taught it was their job to call the cops on smokers and panhandlers and censor those ikky, unsightly poor people, shivering outdoors in the brutal elements. Middleclass people feel like it’s their calling to punish the poor, that’s how they get their Highfalootin’ title in the tower. What nerds, what saps. The Rachel Maddow watching, khaki wearing script memorizers are some willingly blind batshit motherfuckers. I call ’em the Thank Obamas, they want more homeland security to remove all us lower class people from their cozy hipster gentrification zones for science and diversity. Diverse only means RICH gay people, or RICH black people, you dig-property owners and wealth hoarders in varying hues and genders simaultaneously reciting the same uptight polite white shite. Merchandise branders.Poor people got no credibility with the married ups or copycat clones. All you can do in this lifetime is your part, you keep your side of the street clean as you can, and let the dead bury the dead, stomp the dust off your winklepickers. Move on. My former associate, an Amerikcan Indian Movement activist told me, “your children come through you, not to you.” Whoo, theses are harsh times and while there are privileges of membership, there are penalties for ebing an outsider. where I live, the DMV closed down during Covid and now you gotta make an appointment, so I get rejected all the time for having an outta date i.d., that’s the kinda shit poor people get to fuck with all day. Fuck you, that’s about all we here from the insiders. I called one old chum primarily to inquire about his ma’s health problems, he was like, “I’m too busy for little people like you”. Whoa, ya know? So that’s how it is now. That New Normal and Great Reset I keep hearin’ about. Rich get richer, poor folks need to fuck off and die suddenly. 

Mondays in the deadend desert ghost town are always insufferably boring cause what few stores survived the Lockstep clampdowns stay closed on Mondays here, it’s like Double Sunday but without the marischino cherry. Nowhere to go, on Covid quarantine, can’t drink around crazy teenager, hate Netflix, I got an old phonebook but all my contacts are dead. SO fucking depressing.

US Finds Another $44 Billion for Ukraine (

Rysh ❄️ on Twitter: “@MaxBlumenthal So glad to hear them say there are no Nazi’s in Ukraine.” / Twitter

Ben Norton on Twitter: “Protesters in Peru are spending Christmas honoring the dozens of victims who were killed by the US-backed coup regime. This video shows protesters in the capital Lima condemning coup leader Dina Boluarte as “corrupt and murderous”” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “The scene two blocks from the US Capitol, as Zelensky appealed for more than $45 billion in additional military aid to continue a proxy war through 2023” / Twitter

“$300 billion of Russian central bank foreign reserves were frozen by US/EU

West also froze/stole reserves of Venezuela, Iran, Afghanistan, list is growing You can bet even longtime US allies (say, Saudi Arabia, India, Egypt, etc.) are looking into diversifying their FX holdings.” (-Ben Norton)

Democrats have always been the war party. One of the greatest fictions of the late 20th century was that liberals were somehow anti-war. But from Truman to Bill Clinton some of the worst crimes against humanity & war crimes were committed by democrats.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

The Pentagon claims it assists partners in Africa with a “3D approach” — that is “Diplomacy, Development & Defense.” Allow me to clarify: Diplomacy = Threats Development = Bribes Defense = Blowing things up” (-Lee Camp)

“The moral coward Anne Sacoolas, almost certainly a CIA spook, killed a British teenager but refused to face a court – as advised by her hypocritical govt, which demands Julian #Assange‘s extradition. A snapshot of America’s criminal place in the world.” (-John Pilger)

Bob Marley’s Grandson Jo Mersa Marley Dies At 31 (

Only about a third of the FY2023 spending bill is for programs unrelated to military and law enforcement (

NATO Leader Warns Ukraine War Could Escalate Into WW3 – YouTube

Mick Wallace (@wallacemick) / Twitter

Clare Daly (@ClareDalyMEP) / Twitter

MintPress News on Twitter: “Professor Richard Wolff shows how the U.S.’s attempts to use subsidies to beat China in the microchip market are contributing to the deindustrialization of Europe. China is currently suing the U.S. over this economic war in the World Trade Organization.” / Twitter

Alan MacLeod on Twitter: “Talking of SpaceX, read my investigation into how E.M. is less a renegade outsider, and more of a massive Pentagon contractor.” / Twitter

LastAmericanVagabond (@TLAVagabond) / Twitter

News from Underground by Mark Crispin Miller | Substack

Jamie Jenkins on Twitter: “🚨🚨 WHO Director General – ‘So if its going to be used its better to focus on those groups who have risk of severe disease rather than as we see some countries are using to give boosters to kill children’ ➡️ If he intentionally meant to say that is quite some statement 🤔” / Twitter

“Another example of the profound differences between Euro-“Americans” & Europeans & the rest of us is this BS about Churchill. Churchill was a racist colonialist war criminal. So in a sense the comparison with the actor-president Zlensky & his advocacy of Western values is correct.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

Good Night & Good Luck, all my brothers and sisters and friends of the revolution. Stay Wild! Stay Free!

Gutter Gospel: Hyps, Hakwind, Divinyls, Dark Carnies, INXS, Roger Waters, Russian “Propaganda” Just Means Disobedient, New Wave, Rebellion! (-by General Labor)

Oh, the alcoholic afternoons
When we sat in your rooms
They meant more to me than any
Than any living thing on earth
It had more worth
Than any
Living thing on earth, on earth, on earth

Vivid and in your prime
You will leave me behind
You will leave me behind 

 (-The Smiths)


One of my lifetime’s dearest friends died a couple Christmases ago, our dearly beloved old brother D.A., his stagename was Billy Ray Bogart, and his band was called The Hot Rod Gang, man, I still wrote him postcards like I had since I was a kid. He worked at this old hippie record store in the middle of nowhere-I met him when I was I dunno, 12 or 13 and he taught me all about all those sixties “Nuggets” style garage bands, the blues, so much. From Iggy and The Doors to John Lee Hooker and Love and Blue Cheer. When his parents died, he moved in with me to my purple apartment, I was about eighteen. You could still get good acid back then usually from his guitar teacher friend, ya know, and we would drink beer and whiskey and trip on acid and it was so much fun. You ever see one of those comicbooks, “The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers”? That’s what that dude was like, just a lovely, lovely sweet, shy, smart, hippie, space traveler. My time on earth has become a lot lonelier since he split. We used to watch old wretling videos he collected on VHS and get high and listen it Hawkwind, baby. Good times. I wish I could go back and see that little apartment we shared but it burntdown. All the places I used to live are vanishing. They even painted over the Gringo mural on St. Mark’s Place. What the fuck is wrong with people? Nothing’s sacred to the dollar worshippers. These greedhead scumbags call themselves developers but they are more like destroyers. History erasers.

Not that much I’m all that interested in owning, I’m not really all that much of a materialist or collector, but I do still really, really, really wanna copy of that THEE HYPNOTICS boxset and I’d also love to see that movie about them. 

Paradise Lost was what we all called my old yellow farmhouse on the edge of town that was pretty much ground zero for the punk rock in my era in that state. Lotta people are still trying to repeat what we had conjured there. It was a magical time and we were foolish and naieve for maybe kinda thinking it would never end.

 Ain’t it weird how that’s what we all called my old bandhouse-they tore it down after it sat empty for years and years cause the landlords wanted like some farout high rent and the place was completely deteriorated like thirty years ago. First they turned it into a nail salon, a tanning bed place, a cell phone store, and then it became home to a group called, “Teens For Christ”, which always makes me smile. Lotta the people who used to hangout there are dead, now. Some of the others are like these straight capitalist businessmen. It blows my freakin’ mind. I’m still the outsider lunatic fringe! Silver machine, baby! Headlines say Olivia Newton John is dead-I had that poster of her from Grease on my bedroom wall as a kid. In the third grade for Halloween I had a little girlfriend who was Sandy and I was Elvis.

Leslie Wexner’s Young Global Leaders (

Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters Brands Joe Biden a War Criminal: ‘He’s Fueling the Fire in the Ukraine’ (

Black people need some peace. White people need some peace. And we are going to have to fight. We’re going to have to struggle. We’re going to have to struggle relentlessly to bring about some peace, because the people that we’re asking for peace, they are a bunch of megalomaniac warmongers, and they don’t even understand what peace means. Fred Hampton

Assange Defense at the Roger Waters 2022 tour – Assange Defense

When Will Foreign Leaders Start Asking To Speak To America’s REAL Government?

During the furor over Nancy Pelosi’s incendiary Taiwan visit last week, I was watching an appearance by Antiwar’s Dave DeCamp on the show Rising which brought up the under-discussed point that US officials going to Taipei is actually a continuation of a trend that had already been happening under the Trump administration.

DeCamp pointed out that China began regularly flying planes into Taiwan’s Air Defense Identification Zone after Trump administration officials made similar visits to Pelosi’s.

“That started happening regularly after August 2020 when President Trump sent Alex Azar to Taiwan,” DeCamp said. “He was his health secretary. He was the highest-level cabinet official to visit Taiwan since 1979. The following month, in September 2020, they sent Keith Krach. He was the undersecretary for economics in the State Department, and he was the highest-level State Department official to visit Taiwan since 1979. So these are unprecedented steps, and since then we’ve seen more Chinese military activity in the region.”

Later in the interview Rising’s Briahna Joy Gray asked DeCamp if these escalations against China from the Trump administration into the Biden administration were a “kind of blob foreign policy decision that is not partisan.” DeCamp explained how in 2018 the US military began officially transitioning from emphasis on “counter-terrorism” in the Middle East toward “great power competition” with China and Russia, with the ultimate target being China.

“If you look at all the really hawkish think tanks in Washington that are funded by the arms industry, it’s all about this so-called great power competition,” DeCamp said. “Russia right now seems to be the more imminent issue I guess, but China seems to be in the long run. And we’ve seen this from just about every government agency — the Pentagon, the FBI, the State Department, the CIA — say that China is the long-term so-called threat. And we’ve seen Biden say this, and this is kind of the name of the game in Washington right now.”

In the lead-up to Pelosi’s visit, Moon of Alabama spotlighted this strange phenomenon where US foreign policy moves along the same trajectory regardless of political party or election results with a collection of recent articles that have all raised this subject independently. This one from Naked Capitalism stands out the most right now:

National leaders never have complete freedom to act; even autocrats have constituencies or power blocs they have to appease. In the US, it has become clear that the President has limited degrees of freedom on foreign policy matters; the military/intel interests call the shots. Mind you, there are factions so a President can push the needle to a degree; that’s why, for instance, Obama was able to check Clinton’s plans to escalate in Syria. But the flip side is that Presidents who want to improve relations with pet enemies get nowhere. In the Oliver Stone interviews, Putin recounts how he had productive discussions with Bush and they agreed on concrete de-escalation measures. Follow ups were unanswered. Eventually Putin got a written bafflespeak climbdown. That and other examples led Putin to conclude that US presidents are hostage to bureaucratic and commercial interests.

Biden is a visibly very weak president. And it appears that that has enabled the neocons to have an even bigger say over foreign policy than usual.

One assumes Xi has to understand that. Yet the Chinese readout has Xi starting from lofty first principles to contend that the US and China, as leading world powers, have a duty to promote peace, global development, and prosperity. From that, Xi reasons that seeing China as a strategic rival is “misperceiving” US-China relations and misleading the world community.

Who is Xi talking to when he goes on like that? It certainly is not to Biden.

New on MoA:
What Presidents Say Does Not Matter. It Is The Execution Of Policies That Counts.

— Moon of Alabama (@MoonofA) July 30, 2022

An example of the aforementioned comments by Putin was when Oliver Stone asked him, “You’ve gone through four U.S. presidents: Clinton, Bush, Obama and now Trump. What changes?”

“Almost nothing. Your bureaucracy is very strong and it is that bureaucracy that rules the world,” Putin replied.

It’s that “bureaucracy” that is responsible for the fact that the US-centralized empire continues to move in the same way along the same trajectory regardless of political parties and election results.

Nobody elects that bureaucracy. You can’t even see most of it behind the veils of government and corporate secrecy. You can study it your whole life and at best you’ll come away with a list of opaque government agencies, longtime military and intelligence operatives, plutocrats, corporations, banks, war profiteers, think tanks, lobbying firms and NGOs with ties to different nations and governments around the world, but exactly who is responsible for what specific decisions behind each specific move of the empire will remain shrouded in mystery to you. It’s just a jumble of names and words with no useful application.

Westerners are fond of crowing about the freedom they have to criticize their president or prime minister in whatever way they want, saying that if you tried to criticize the leadership of one of the foreign regimes we are all trained to hate you would be thrown in jail for it.

And depending on the nation that may be true, but is it really “freedom” to be able to criticize an elected official who is nothing more than a figurehead? Sure, you can criticize the president all you want. You can stick googly eyes on a sock and criticize that all you want, too; it will make the same amount of difference. At least people who live under more overtly authoritarian governments know who rules over them and who’s calling the shots. In that sense, they have more freedom than us.

As an Australian I know live in a member state of the US-centralized empire which is functionally just a US military base with kangaroos, but I can’t see who’s making the actual decisions about how the empire will act, how capitalism will move, and whether my children will be conscripted into the military to fight some idiotic war with China provoked over Taiwan or the Solomon Islands. If I were Chinese I would know exactly who is ultimately responsible for making the important decisions about economics and foreign policy in my country, but as an Australian I don’t get to know those things.

The truth is westerners live in a giant empire loosely centralized around the United States whose operations they have literally no influence over, whose operators they’re not even get to know, and whose mechanisms are entirely hidden. If you call that freedom, I call you a fool.

We can see that the empire moves the same way on important matters regardless of who we elect by simple naked-eye observation of the empire’s behaviors from year to year. We can also see it in the fact that the official leader of the most powerful government on earth is obviously suffering from some kind of dementia and is clearly not the one calling the shots.

All this makes me wonder: at what point will foreign leaders begin demanding to speak to those who are calling the shots? At what point do Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping begin saying, “No, we’re not doing another fake phone call with America’s fake government. Put me in touch with the actual people who are responsible for the issues I am concerned about. Who is making the actual decisions on these specific matters? Let me talk to them. I demand to speak to your real government.” (-Cait Johnstone)

Gates Calls Social Credit Scores An “Asset” — Are They Coming To The US? – Activist Post

“I fought for liberty and was deprived of all liberty. I fought for freedom of speech and was deprived of all speech. I fought for the truth and became the subject of a thousand lies.” (- Julian Assange)

“Julian Assange shouldn’t be the subject of a grand jury hearing, he should be given a medal. He’s contributing to democracy.”

(-Noam Chomsky)

“It is impossible to correct abuses unless we know they are going on.” (-Julian Assange)

“The thing that struck me when I saw Kamala Harris’s tweet and her statement expressing this outrage about Brittney Griner, first of all, let me say, I don’t think anybody anywhere in the world should be imprisoned for marijuana possession. Period. Full stop. When you look at Kamala Harris’ statement on Twitter, she is expressing this outrage about Brittney Griner. My question for her and the Biden administration is, where is your outrage for your fellow Americans who are sitting in prison today here in the United States of America because of minor marijuana violations? How come you are not fighting as hard for them to be returned home and reunited with their families as you are for Brittney Griner?” And to me, the message to the American people through their actions is loud and clear. It is that if you are rich and powerful or famous, then you will get special treatment from this administration. If you are not, we don’t care about you, and we’re going to let you sit there and rot in jail.” (-Tulsi Gabbard)

“After George W, Obama, Trump and now Zelensky can play president, I guess AOC could also. But the Sanders campaigns demonstrated that liberal/radical democrats don’t have the stomach to fight for power inside that party so she will never get close to the presidency.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“DEMOCRATS ARE LYING TO THE PUBLIC: 1) The economy’s NOT booming. GDP has declined for 2 quarters—which means it’s in a recession. 2) Biden’s “climate” bill expands fossil fuels & drilling on public lands. 3) More people have been locked up for marijuana under Biden than Trump.” (-Ryan Knight)

Chris Hedges explains: Liberals don’t address institutional racism. All those interlocking systems to keep them poor, poor.

Sabby Sabs interviews whistle blower journalist KIM IVERSON:

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “This is the first time I’ve seen a CNN guest take one of the network’s jingoistic halfwits to the woodshed on Ukraine and Taiwan so comprehensively in such a short amount of time. And it was @rogerwaters.” / Twitter

I am the people, I’m not the pig. You got to make a distinction. And the people are going to have to attack the pigs. The people are going to have to stand up against the pigs. That’s what the Panthers is doing, that’s what the Panthers are doing all over the world. Fred Hampton


I can’t believe Chrissy is no longer here, besides Vanity, she was my fave woman of the 80’s. I first discovered the Divinyls at SOUNDS record store on saint Mark’s Place as a runaway teenager way back in 84 or 85. She was the ultimate bombshell and all her troubled songs about being a misfit and a rebel spoke directly to my young heart. Ever since discovering them, ya know, her guitarist Mark  has been the template for what I was always searching for in a sideman. I thought he had great style, sound, really inimitable, unique riffs, perfect hair, all the fab moves. Nobody has great bands like this anymore cause pig-media banned real rocknroll and replaced it with toxic-pop garbage. And the propertarians shamelessly jackedup rents so high muttering about “market value” and calling the kkkops everytime they spot a suspected poorer person in their zipcode-all without ever raising wages for workers so nobody can afford an apartment, let alone a rehearsal studio. In my town a couple of get rich developers moved in with big talk about how they’re gonna rebrand the place as a Brooklyn like hipster haven for “California tech-money” and five boomer rich people love that kinda talk and told city hall some changes needed to be made to the desert southwest unconforming cowboy tradition of whacky cactus and rock gardens and cow skulls and horseshoes nailed to every wall, and now code enforcers are flying drones over people’s fences and confiscating poor people’s old R.V.’s and rundown cars-EVEN FROM PRIVATE PROPERTY. partisan media stupid middle people are such short sighted asskissers that everytime the establishment rolls out another bullshit law killing our freedoms and civil liberties, while attacking the poor, they always jump up and down and applaud. “Thanks for getting rid of the eyesores!”, they all shriek, never comprehending that whenever you allow The Man to fuck over “the lesser thans” and “the others”, their NEXT TARGET will be YOU. Like all those shitlib assholes were so happy when Alex Jones and RFK got censored, now it is THE ENTIRE LEFT being purged from all platforms. And HELL NO, “Kamala!” and Pelosi ARE NOT THE LEFT! This culture war bullshit cover story works like a charm though. All the Breitbart rightwingers keep saying Biden is a radical leftist and a Marxist socialist while he keeps arresting people for reefer, mass incarcerating black people for reefer, starting wars, and taking away more rights. All the shitlibs only care about banning guns, abortion, and protecting their own privileged lifestyles to even wanna KNOW what the soldout Democrats are really doing while blaming everything on Trump, or “RUSSIA!” Nothing on tv is real anymore, it’s all corporate police state/forever war propaganda designed to benefit the super rich.

Man do I ever miss Stiv and Joe, ya know they even got Rollins helping promote wars and shit. Pretenders n Duran wavin’ flags for proxy war in Ukraine. The Divinyls are perfect to me. They wrote REAL SONGS, they had REAL HEART, they got REAL style, they played REAL ROCKNROLL. No one can ever replave Achrissy Amphlett or Stiv Bators-certainly not some muppet model paycheck cashers. My fave groups as a gutter urchin in Manhattan were the Lords, Inxs, Fleshtones, Billy Idol, and the Divinyls. That aint changed. These other motherfuckers who been reconditioned into thinking that rocknroll has somethin’ to do with Owning The Most Stuff, asskissing conformity, slavishly puking and repuking the past, or sucking up to rich people, I can’t help them. As a wise kid named Useless Bastard once said, “Fuck Those People”. Anybody else notice how deep state and secret society controlled Hollywood keeps making these movies vilifying, or at best, lampooning people like Fred Hampton, Abbie Hoffman, Che and Fidel? Why do you suppose that is? Cause Nixon and Hoover were the GOOD GUYS? Dick Cheney? Get outta here! The evil billionaires and secret societies are running shit, jacking up the costs of living, waging their imperialist wars while the people on tv are just a puppet show.

Adolescence is hard for everybody-even my friends who were rich or large or good lookin’ TOTALLY struggled and not just cause their friend wore a lot of makeup and sequins. I had a very dear, dear, benevolent friend who died like four years ago, her name was Jan S. Last person in the world you’d think I’d get along with, or have a lifelong, intimate camaraderie with. She was a country club, show off, fur coat, diamond ring mom to my dangerous gangster friend. She was into status and titles and property and conspicuous consumption, but her deep and abiding, unconditional love for her crazy son humanized her and her love for her crazy son humanized me, in her eyes. These brainwashed, spoilt shit fuckin P.C. wokey-wokeest-pro-nounest-I’m Every woman Lil Oprahs can talk about safe spaces all day long, but man, I’ll tell ya, I was hated and hunted as a kid, and this one, bourgeoise country club foxy lady TOLLERATED me and a couple of mine and her kid’s other friends, even though we were all fuckedup and sad and weird, and she fed us freely and let us stay upstairs in his room, making mix tapes, and calling girls on the phone, and mixing heavy metal with rap and new wave on cassettes way before Ton fuckin Loc or Kid Rock or whoever. I miss her, she was a good lady, had some soul, raised my brotha’s black daughter as her own. And that was not an easy thing to accept in uptight racist White Suburbia. I guess I’m thinkin’ about all this today, because she provided one of my lifetime’s only real tollerant havens, and cause summa my extended family members and my very own mightily cherished kids are struggling to fit into this society and even at 52, I am, too. The people at the top want us all to think it’s our fault, or blame each other, but, no, my brothers and sisters and friends of the revolution, I am here to tell you again today, it is the sociopathic abusers at the top and their lyin’ ass gaslighting pimped out no soul fuckin media that’s doing it to all of us. Listen to your own conscience, your own gut instinct—trust that, not the amount of “likes” you get or anything to do with fucking Bullshit Pig-Media.


This is gonna be a little bit backdated by the time it “goes to press” because I’ve got about 4 prior columns in line to post, but a lotta shit is goin’ on in the crazy world and there is so much censorship on all platforms in the USA, USA, nobody even knows anything about what’s happening unless they really dig for it online. Lotta people even think their kindly deep state protectors and big-pharma investors and surveillance-tech billionaires are just buying up all the media and silencing all dissident voices for their own good, for the health and protection of the general public, and the public good, and the Gates Reset. These same liars might have lied about everything else for all these years, but NOW, THIS TIME, they’re telling us the truth, according to gullible wisful thinking blue no matter whos, the secretive billionaires are supposedly trustworthy because they are Democrats and philanthropists and woke scientific and because they love us! These same apologists try to make sense of like Taylor Swift and Kanye West and Harry Styles and Dave Grohl and shit. Man, I’ll never know how so many people can even stand all the say-nothing copycat clones and tribute bands or mediocrity imitations who just constantly regurgitate and rehash the past. I remember when the Fox tv people kept saying, “Shut Up & Sing” to the Dixie Chicks, now rebranded as The Chicks after she spoke out against Bush/Cheney and their lies for wars and dismantling of the Fourth Amendment. I even experienced first hand entire barrooms of motherfuckers who kept telling me to not be political, while applauding the local Elvis imitators who just basically did covers and copied some famous legends whole act again and again like fucking Saturday night karaoke, that was just never my thing at all. At all, at all, they all suck, mean nothing, waste everybody’s time throwing their mother’s money around, trying to buy fame and females. Not my thing at all. Growing up in the shithole Midwest I had to hear Pink Floyd‘s “Money” all day on classic rock FM until I came to hate it, but Pink Floyd‘s “The Wall”, along with The Doors debut, “Strange Days”, “Waiting For The Sun”, “Soft Parade”, “Morrison Hotel”, and “L.A. Woman”, oh yeah and “Absolutely Live” and “Alive, She Cried”, and of course, THE STOOGES debut, “Fun House” and “Raw Power” really shaped who I was to become way, way before I ever heard of The Clash or Wanderers or The Alarm or Lords Of The New Church. I think Roger Waters is one of the only dinosaur rockers who still stand for anything besides tacky millionaires doing more money gouging, big stadium, victory lap, ripoff concerts ala Guns N Roses, Springsteen, and The Stones. I salute ROGER WATERS for his courage and bravery and artistry and songwriting. I frequently think about Stiv and Strummer and Bill Hicks and Hunter and Baldwin and Malcolm and all those people who came before us, and how horrified they’d be, if they were here today, and could see how their former fans and collaborators are such eager beaver, official narrative, make a bucks and willing puppets for corporate rulers, warpigs, and known liars. Radicals and whistle blowers, truth tellers and poets and comedians get blacklisted, cancelled, banned, incarcerated, deplatformed/demonetized or straight up just outright assassinated ala Seth Rich and Michael Hastings, Berta Caceres and Dr. David Kelly and Paul Wellstone and Gary Webb, and probably JFK Jr., and Sandra Bland, while pig-media hypes and celebrates all the no talent say-nothings and fake muzak puppets and trust funded playtime costume bands. Big love to Roger Waters, each one teach one, let every performance and tv appearance, every rock column, every song that ever squeaks in despite the ruling class efforts to shut it down, be a truth telling FREEDOM SCHOOL! All the time, everyday, keep broadcasting. We aint no match for the Big machine, but we can all do a little something-say your thing, pant your garden, share your seeds. The billionaires who are buying up all the farmlands aint your friendly friends. As Texas Terri used to say, “never shut up!”  FREE ASSANGE!

Monday Online Event: Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters in Support of WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange – Blog

Assange family barred from taking book about WikiLeaks founder into Australia’s parliament | Julian Assange | The Guardian

CIA reportedly plotted to kidnap and assassinate Julian Assange (

I believe I’m going to die doing the things I was born to do. I believe I’m going to die high off the people. I believe I’m going to die a revolutionary in the international revolutionary proletarian struggle. Fred Hampton

Roger Waters Explains Opening Warning Statement at Concerts (


Sunday in the desert. Bored stiff. Dread Wal Mart. Inflation is killin’ us.

Met these folks at a bar in Detroit called Lilli’s, they were exactly as you might have imagined-standoffish, dead cool, very haughty and eccentric, as one pal said, “like Warhol celebrities”, Hiawatha was way more approachable and down to earth. I was good friends with a couple of their collaborators-Mark Gilder, my shortlived Detroit based glam gang’s bassplayer and wildboy all night fun hog extraordinaire who also briefly played bass in their band and Bootsy X, the fabulous Mutants drummer who sadly passed a few years ago. Bootsy was originally in line to play drums for me, he was real gung ho about it actually and I’m still a bit salty it didn’t go down like that, he was also a real extroverted speedy personality king and loud laughs raconteur. He shared my love of Zodiac Mindwarp and Betty Davis, he had known everybody in rocknroll from Lester Bangs to Dark Carnival, obviously, he was a blast to be around, so many amazing stories-what a wild life he had. I miss ‘im, we had so much fun together. 



I never liked anything about Donald J. Trump, but when the establishment and deep state pig-media start trotting out demonic forces like Dick Cheney and Lyn Cheney and pretending that they are some kind of virtuous defenders of the Constitution or election integrity or truth or civil liberties or some shit, ya gotta wonder what’s up. They are known election fixers who eviscerated the Bill Of Rights and Genevea Conventions, brought in torture and kidnapping, burn pits, and lied this country into a dozen wars based on fabrications and false flags continued under Obama/Biden. They are not some heroic figures for not liking Trump. They are some evil motherfuckers. I thought you knew.

Opinion | The Other Victims of US Burns Pits Were the Iraqi and Afghan People | Amy Goodman (

Moderna Revenue Shows Pandemic Has Been ‘Lucrative Smash-and-Grab’ for Big Pharma (

“BILLS ARE NAMED TO DECEIVE YOU: The “Climate Bill” expands fossil fuels & is a giveaway to Big Oil companies. The “Cares Act” had little care for the people & lots of care for billionaires. The “Affordable Care Act” is unaffordable & was a giveaway to Big Insurance companies.” (-Ryan Knight)

“$60B for Ukraine. $90M for PeIosi to fly to Taiwan. $44M for Dems to fund Rep primaries. There’s plenty of money, it’s just not for you.” (Thia Ballerina)

“The War on Drugs (a war on our own people) was created to destroy Black communities & activist communities. Former Nixon aide John Ehrlichman admitted it in the 1990s.” (-Lee Camp)

We might not be back. I might be in jail. I might be anywhere. But when I leave, you’ll remember I said, with the last words on my lips, that I am a revolutionary. And you’re going to have to keep on saying that. You’re going to have to say that I am a proletariat; I am the people. Fred Hampton

 Opinion | Polling Makes Clear: Americans Don’t Want War With Iran | Connor Echols (


Loved this one girl you probably never met, but if you did, you never could forget. It was way back in the eighties. Her sister made her cassette tapes from college, turned us on to all kinds of obscure music that was otherwise unavailable to us, from R.E.M. to the Dream Syndicate. Ya know, “I always thought we’d still be friends, someday”, like the O.M.D. song goes, but it don’t always work out just like our teenage dreams. Back then, she was the only one I knew who shared my love for the new music, the new wave and post punk, our first conversation was about The Psychedelic Furs. We would spend our time listening to music like The Smiths and Depeche Mode and U2 and Tears For Fears and Fra Lippo Lippi and talking about the lyrics, we were both really into Michael Hutchence and thought he was not just a brilliant frontman but also a wonderful poet. I don’t know why all the good music seems to come from Australia-Rowland, The Beasts. I used to think I’d visit Australia someday, but that was back when I imagined I’d have money from recording and performing all these wild rocknroll songs we wrote. Stupidly, nobody bothered to record us. Some nights, I just listen to old INXS and Duran Duran for hours, remembering all the fun we had, our little circle of friends, my bassplayer back then was the small town’s celebrity heart throb new wave DJ at the downtown preppie bar and he was famous for looking like Michael Hutchence, he’s dead, too, now, I’m having a rough time with all the loss, the grief is kindof here to stay now, I suppose. God bless us everyone. I love Michael Hutchence. And all those people I told you about.


We say primarily that the priority of this struggle is class. That Marx and Lenin and Che Guevara and Mao Tse-Tung, and anybody else who ever said or knew or practiced anything about revolution, always said that a revolution is a class struggle. Fred Hampton


Major Mask Maker 3M Found To Have Harmed 200,000 Troops (

Georgia fourth-generation farmer rips Bill Gates as largest farmland owner in US: ‘Hell yeah I have concerns’ | Fox Business

From Bill Gates To the Great Refusal – Farmers On The Frontline  | Countercurrents

Bill Gates Approved to Buy Acres of Farmland in North Dakota After Deal Was Put On Pause (

Bill Gates Purchasing Vast Amounts of Farmland –Senate Demands to Know Why –

House Agriculture Committee member wants Bill Gates to testify over massive farm purchases | Fox News

The CIA, MI6, Geheime Dienst, and KGB are the biggest drugs dealers on the planet! That’s how they fund their black ops. We thank them very much for the counter culture and congratulate drugs for winning the war on drugs! Keep the faith and keep fighting!” (-Elizabeth McDowell-Forsyth)

People have to be armed to have power, you see. Fred Hampton


Sad we lost Glen Ford last year, he was one of the most important voices of our time and I think you should read his book, “The Black Agenda”.


You can always tell how important narrative control is by watching the way people react when their control of the narrative is jeopardized.

Empire apologists are raging at Amnesty International for pausing its aggressive facilitation of western imperialism to issue one brief criticism of the way Ukrainian forces have been endangering civilian lives with their warfare tactics against the Russian military.

Amnesty is far from the first to highlight this extensively documented issue; that Ukrainian forces have been deliberately positioning themselves in civilian populations without taking proper measures to protect noncombatants is a concern that has been voiced repeatedly since the war began and reported on by both mainstream western news outlets and the United Nations.

Nevertheless, Amnesty’s claim that “Ukrainian forces have put civilians in harm’s way by establishing bases and operating weapons systems in populated residential areas, including in schools and hospitals” has drawn fire from Ukrainian officials, from mass media pundits, from the brainwashed rank-and-file on social media, and from President Zelensky himself.

Incredible seeing Amnesty attacked for documenting what every minimally independent observer has from the start. See e.g. Washington Post, March 28 on “Ukraine’s strategy of placing heavy military equipment and other fortifications in civilian zones.”

— Aaron Maté (@aaronjmate) August 6, 2022

A common criticism circulating among the outrage is that Amnesty is facilitating Russian propaganda, has been influenced by Russian propaganda, or has itself become an instrument of Russian propaganda.

The head of Amnesty International’s Ukrainian branch resigned as a result of the report, saying that “the organization created material that sounded like support for Russian narratives” and that in an effort to protect civilians, “this study became a tool of Russian propaganda.”

“It is a shame that the organization like Amnesty is participating in this disinformation and propaganda campaign,” tweeted Zelensky advisor Mykhailo Podolyak.

“Amnesty International can go to hell for this garbage,” tweeted Human Rights Foundation Chairman Garry Kasparov. “Or go to Ukraine, which Putin’s war is trying to turn into hell. As with their actions on Navalny, it reeks of Russian influence turning Kremlin propaganda into Amnesty statements.”

The Daily Mail called the Amnesty report “a coup for Vladimir Putin’s propaganda machine.”

“The organization gives a huge assist to Russian propaganda,” tweeted Oleksiy Sorokin, chief operating officer of the NATO propaganda outlet Kyiv Independent.

“Shameful victim-blaming. Russia invaded Ukraine and is committing unspeakable war crimes there. Please do not amplify Russian lies,” tweeted Paul Massaro of the US government’s Helsinki Commission.

Pathetic. Amnesty International can go to hell for this garbage. Or go to Ukraine, which Putin’s war is trying to turn into hell. As with their actions on Navalny, it reeks of Russian influence turning Kremlin propaganda into Amnesty statements.

— Garry Kasparov (@Kasparov63) August 4, 2022

The underlying premise behind these complaints, of course, is that it is Amnesty International’s job to help Ukraine win a propaganda campaign against Russia. Which is odd, because Amnesty’s reporting on the war has actually been overwhelmingly biased in favor of Ukraine this entire time.

“Anger directed at Amnesty is surprising given that it is the first critical piece the group has written on Ukraine since the war began,” reports Unherd. “Over the last six months, Amnesty has published 40 articles on Ukraine, nearly all of which condemn Russia’s invasion, with only one exception — its latest — that could be conceivably described as critical of Ukraine.”

Even the Amnesty report currently sparking all the outrage contains repeated condemnations of Russia’s actions in Ukraine, citing “indiscriminate attacks by Russian forces” and “war crimes” Amnesty has found Russia guilty of committing, as well as decrying the use of “inherently indiscriminate weapons, including internationally banned cluster munitions.”

But even ninety-nine percent loyalty to the official line is not enough for imperial spinmeisters and the empire’s useful idiots. Anything short of 100 percent compliance counts as Russian propaganda.

Zelensky now implies that Amnesty International has now fallen under the spell of Kremlin propaganda for pointing out the obvious that Western press would not report & that is Ukrainian forces have been using civilians as shields.

— Ajamu Baraka (@ajamubaraka) August 5, 2022

But that’s precisely the notion that has been drummed into western consciousness with ever-increasing fervor since 2016: that any dissent about US foreign policy is Russian propaganda. Don’t support western interventionism in Syria? You’re spouting Russian propaganda. Worried about nuclear war? Russian propaganda. Don’t think the fight for US unipolar domination is worth all this dangerous brinkmanship? Russian propaganda. Don’t like the idea of an expensive proxy war with no exit strategy whose economic fallout is making life harder and harder for more and more people all around the world? Russian propaganda.

I myself am accused of being a peddler of Russian propaganda many times per day, and have been for years. This despite my hardly ever consuming Russian media, never receiving a penny from Russia, and never having worked for the Russian government or any other government at any time. Russian media have at times chosen of their own initiative to amplify my work since I have a standing invitation for anyone to do so, but I’m literally just an Australian woman writing her opinions online with her American husband. I only qualify as “Russian propaganda” because I disagree with US foreign policy.

Ask anyone who says a criticism of the western empire’s Ukraine policy is “Russian propaganda” to name a critic of western Ukraine policy who they don’t consider a Russian propagandist. They won’t be able to. For them, disagreeing with one’s government about Ukraine is itself Russian propaganda.

For empire apologists the measure of what constitutes “Russian propaganda” about Ukraine has nothing to do with whether or not what’s being said is true or valid; it’s literally just a question of obedience to one’s government about the decisions it’s been making with regard to that nation.

So the @amnesty basically accused Ukraine of endangering civilians by continuing to resist Russian advances.

The organization gives a huge assist to Russian propaganda.

— Oleksiy Sorokin (@mrsorokaa) August 4, 2022

If the measure of whether something qualifies as propaganda is defined entirely by whether it agrees with one’s government, then that measure is itself propaganda.

That’s exactly what’s happening with criticism of the west’s interventionism in Ukraine. Something doesn’t have to come from Russia to be considered Russian propaganda, and its source doesn’t need to have any connection to the Russian government. It doesn’t even have to be false. All it needs to be is disobedient.

We saw this illustrated this past June when The Guardian published a NATO-backed claim that journalist Aaron Maté was “the most prolific spreader of disinformation” among a “Russia-backed network of Syria conspiracy theorists,” despite being incapable of citing a single false thing in Maté’s Syria reporting, and despite The Guardian having to hastily edit out their “Russia-backed” claim.

We also saw this illustrated this past June in a University of Calgary briefing paper on “disinformation” about the war in Ukraine which warns about “five primary narratives” being circulated online:

1. Implying NATO expansionism legitimizes the Russian invasion

2. Portraying NATO as an aggressive alliance using Ukraine as a proxy against Russia

3. Promoting a general mistrust in institutions and elites

4. Suggesting that Ukraine is a fascist state or has extensive fascist influences

5. Promoting a specific mistrust of Canada’s Liberal government, and especially of Prime Minister Trudeau

There are arguments of varying strengths to be made for every one of those points, but more importantly it is self-evident that all of them are matters of opinion and none of them meet any sane definition of “disinformation”. They also can’t in and of themselves rightly be called either “Russian” or “propaganda”.

“We are moving into a situation where dissent from officially sanctioned opinion can be pathologized & criminalised. Pressures for increasing censorship of dissenting opinion are becoming normalised.” Academics should be resisting this, not assisting it.

— Tim Hayward (@Tim_Hayward_) July 31, 2022

Russian propaganda certainly exists, and the Russian government certainly has a vested interest in influencing western thought in its strategic favor to whatever extent it is capable. But its capability is very, very limited, especially compared to the exponentially greater influence that western institutions have over our minds.

Russia has a few trolls and some media outlets that were barely viewed by westerners even before they were banned; the US-centralized empire has the billionaire media, Silicon Valley, Hollywood, and the education system. Comparing the two is like comparing a candle to the sun, and the sun ain’t Russia. But that’s the one whose influence over our minds we’re meant to worry about.

In reality we are swimming in propaganda that is favorable to the US empire our entire lives; it’s so ubiquitous that people don’t even notice it. Claiming your support for US foreign policy on an issue has nothing to do with being propagandized is like someone who was raised in the Westboro Baptist Church claiming it was pure coincidence that he happens to agree with the church on the sinfulness of homosexuality. It pervades our minds and shapes our society, but they want us all freaking out about the virtually nonexistent problem of “Russian propaganda”.

This is a thought-killing dynamic, and it is a major problem. It is not good that propaganda is shoved into our minds manufacturing consent for dangerous escalations between the world’s two greatest nuclear powers while anyone who opposes any part of it is dismissed as a Russian propagandist or a useful idiot of the Kremlin.

Ten Times Empire Managers Showed Us That They Want To Control Our Thoughts

The single most under-appreciated aspect of our society is the fact that immensely powerful people are continuously working to manipulate the thoughts we think about our world.

— Caitlin Johnstone (@caitoz) May 29, 2022

We should be using our minds more at this critical juncture, but these dynamics put in place by imperial narrative managers have instead got us using them a lot less.

Old joke:

A Russian and an American get on a plane in Moscow and get to talking. The Russian says he works for the Kremlin and he’s on his way to go learn American propaganda techniques.

“What American propaganda techniques?” asks the American.

“Exactly,” the Russian replies.

The Times has published an article titled “Lady Gaga embodies everything China fears,” subtitled “The singer’s uncompromising individuality makes her a serious threat to the mass imposition of cultural conformity through censorship,” and its contents are exactly as horrifyingly idiotic as you would imagine.

Here are the first three paragraphs of the article by Ben Macintyre, because if I had to read them then so do you:

A woman looking like an extra-terrestrial praying mantis upholstered in red leather strode on to the stage at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, jets of flame shot 100ft into the air, 50,000 outrageously costumed fans screamed, and I understood why China is so terrified of Lady Gaga.

For there is nothing so wildly individualistic, so defiant of convention, so unwilling to be regimented and controlled as Lady Gaga in full voice, an erotic, exotic ubercelebrity who also contrives to be the girl next door, Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta from New York City.

Lady Gaga’s Chromatica Ball last week was the first UK performance in seven years by this raw meat-wearing, bisexual feminist who sings of liberty, drugs, addiction, mental health and the absolute right to self-expression because she, and everyone else, is Born This Way. Simultaneously channelling Freddie Mercury and Princess Diana, she is both an extreme fashion freak and defiantly ordinary, which is why she is one of the most powerful pop stars in history and, from the point of view of Beijing’s Communist leadership, a serious threat.

Lady Gaga embodies everything China fears.

“Do What U Want, she sings, and Beijing trembles.”

— Tom Harwood (@tomhfh) August 6, 2022

Macintyre goes on to explain that Lady Gaga was banned from China in 2016 for meeting with the Dalai Lama (who just between us is known to have collected a massive paycheck from the CIA for decades), which makes her a serious threat whose bold defiance and bisexual feminist individualism give Xi Jinping screaming night terrors.

“Lady Gaga poses a threat less for her political views, her visit to the Dalai Lama, and her support for LGBTQ rights than through her determination to be, and encourage others to be, entirely different,” Macintyre concludes. “Do What U Want, she sings, and Beijing trembles.”

I seriously cannot believe this article was published. Like, anywhere. I would have been surprised to see it picked up by even the most obscure clickbait blog in the seediest backwaters of the internet, much less by a prominent 237 year-old British newspaper.

But from where I sit right now, the funniest thing about it is the way the article portrays the western world as this bastion of free thought and individuality. Just that one fact alone eclipses the absurdity of the fact that the article’s author thinks the perfect symbol of this freedom is Lady Gaga strutting around in a meat dress.

I mean, just the fact that we are ingesting anti-China propaganda to facilitate the long-term strategic agendas of the US-centralized empire while reading in the Murdoch press about how free and unique we are compared to the Chinese shows you how bizarre this claim is.

In an authoritarian regime, you do what the powerful want you to do. In a Free Democracy™, you do what you like, and it’s only by pure coincidence that what you like just so happens to always align perfectly with what the powerful want you to do.

The more you understand about the brainwashing effects of domestic propaganda in the west, the more adorable it is when you see westerners talking about themselves as free-thinking individualists living in a free society in contrast with the citizens of nations like China. A civilization whose inhabitants are continuously indoctrinated with power-serving belief systems from childhood until their dying breath is not individualist, is not free, and is not thinking. Its inhabitants only think this is so, and they think this is so because they’ve been programmed to.

Freedom of thought and freedom of speech only exist on the fringes of western society, in such small numbers that they make no difference. The mainstream population whose numbers could be used to effect revolutionary change are herded into political factions which are designed to prop up status quo power at every turn and corresponding media echo chambers which keep them from providing any meaningful resistance to the machine.

As a whole we are marching in perfect accordance with the will of our masters: voting how they like, thinking how they like, speaking how they like, working how they like, shopping how they like, and living how they like. It is only the power-serving narratives put in our minds by our education systems and our media which tell us we are free. And it is only those power-serving narratives which have trained us to look down our noses at people in nations like China. (-Caitlin Johnstone)