Black Star Furies “Vamp In Paradise”

Italian hard rockers BLACK STAR FURIES are back with 14 songs. While the horror metal vibe can definitely be heard in the vocals, the guitars also have a strong VAN HALEN vibe (especially on the guitar solo extravaganza “1977”!.) You’ll find some dark heavy rock tunes and songs that stand somewhere between 80s hard rock and modern rock (almost nu-metal at times) (“Piece Of Your Action”, “Liz.”)
“Shirley”‘s guitar riff reminds me of DOKKEN, which is quite a good idea, since we all remember the band’s contribution in horror movies with “Dream Warriors”, “Doze” is more convincing than “Religion” when it comes to power ballads, and when the band goes boogie on “Last Kiss”, you can hear that these guys have rock’n’roll roots. “L.A. 81” is a pure fun nostalgia song, a celebration of what the Sunset Strip used to be, and the cover of FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD‘s classic “Relax” is pure pleasure.
“Vamp In Paradise” is a fun album, it might be a bit too long for the genre, but it should be in the playlist of legions of hard horror metal freaks soon./Laurent C.
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The Black Zombie Procession “Vol. III The Joys of Being Black at Heart”

BZPartworkMy friend Nasty Samy always has something cooking, a tour, a band, a fanzine, a book, etc. His band The BLACK ZOMBIE PROCESSION already has released two albums and one split EP, but since having different band members on each release is part of the concept, so you’ll notice quite a few difeferences on each release.
On this new album, Elie (HELLBATS) joined forces on vocals to celebrate the power of gore and the spirit of thrash core. More metal, less punk rock, but played with a raw enegy sometimes reminding hardcore bands like STRIFE (“Zoonotic Infection”, “Botch”), this album is also a tribute to horror movie culture.
The mood is sometimes close to SLAYER‘s “South Of Heaven” (“Under The Red Sea”) or even KING DIAMOND (“Mother Tenebrae” and its NIN kind of piano outro), and at times, songs can get in other territories too, “Not On The Same Team” for instance has a more punk rockin’ vibe with a dark electro part in it.
The CD version (there’s also a vinyl one available) of this album comes out in a DVD box, and while ED Repka (DEATH, MEGADETH, TOXIC HOLOCAUST, NUCLEAR ASSAULT, etc.) was chosen for the cover art of the band’s second album, this time you’ll get a killer cover by Justin Osbourne (MUNICIPAL WASTE, DEMENTED ARE GO…) You’ll also get some special feature videos, check out the link at the end of the booklet.
Check this album out if you’re not afraid of a little metal thrashin’ mad action wrapped in blood, and if you can read French, try and get Nasty Samy’s horror split ‘zine Every Day Is Like Sunday with Delivrance, the perfect companion to this album!/Laurent C.