Dirtbag Republic “Tear Down Your Idols”

Canadian hard rock’n’rollers DIRTBAG REPUBLIC are back with 11 new songs filled with heavy rock guitar riffs and sleazy hooks. Opener “Main Objective” brings us right in the matter saying that “rock’n’roll will never die” in a way that could have been done by the coolest Scandinavian bands from the 00s. “Skinny” has a very welcome glam punk vibe that makes it really catchy and “Wannabees” reminds me of MICHAEL MONROE‘s solo albums. “Days Are Gone” they say but the spirit can still be found in this record since you’ll even get some QUIREBOYS piano in “Don’t Answer To No One” and a dash of TRASHCAN DARLINGS in “Tear Down Your Idols”. Things slow down a bit with “Sorry” and “Did All I Cold” but don’t worry, there’s no cheesy ballad on this record! “Superficial” will probably stay in your mind for a while, “When I Was Young” will be every HANOÏ ROCKS‘ fan’s new favourite and “Turn Back Fast” is the perfect song to end this album that shows that bands can still play sleaze rock in 2021 and do it very well! /Laurent C.

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Bitch Queens “Custom Dystopia”

BITCH QUEENS took some time to record 12 new songs in their home studio during the pandemic and that’s the best thing they could do… “Burn It Down” opens in a quite usual TURBONEGRO way for them but “Con Man Contraband” offers us an interesting mix of heavy rock and metal core before “The Apocalypse” goes further into their modern hard rock search. You’ll even get slight pop touches in “Don’t Be That Dude”, some pop punk with “The Worst Thing” and even a bit of anarcho-punk with “Custom Dystopia”! Although they’ve been playing around with different music styles this time, songs like “Brainwash Radio”, “A Good Day To Forget”, “Ignorance Is Bliss”, “This Is How We Roll In 2020” and a straight forward chorus like in “FU Emily” all show us that BITCH QUEENS still know how to write and play good old punk’n’roll songs but who can resist a little disco rock touch (“Sugar Balls”)? “Custom Dystopia” is definitely BITCH QUEENS‘ most adventurous album, the Basel Böys managed to show us that they can still evolve in a dead end world and keep their Turbojungen roots at the same time. Bravo! /Laurent C.


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Criminal Kids “Live At Liar”s Club” EP

“Even CRIMINAL KIDS are capable of doing something nice sometimes”….
That’s very right since these 4 live songs were recorded in Chicago to raise money for the band’s home base Liars’ Club. CRIMINAL KIDS play hot and sweaty in your face punk rock’n’roll sometimes reminding of NASHVILLE PUSSY. Songs like “Little Bitch” or “Outcast” will make you wish you could be headbanging at one of these guys’ gigs. You won’t really get any big choruses or hooks but lots of energy and sleazy guitar riffs. This is fast and hard! You’ll hardly get enough time to be able to breathe and a band like JUNKYARD will come to your mind while listening to “Vanity.” The full version of this rawk’n’roll live performance can also be watched on YouTube. /Laurent C.

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Blue Jinns “Baby’s On Drugs” Single

BLUE JINNS from Leeds, England was formed in 2017 by members of various DIY punk hardcore bands (JOHN HOLMES, AND NONE OF THEM WERE ROBOTS, HHH, GOATSPEED, AMPLIFIGHTERS and JADED EYES.) They quickly recorded their first album “Sonic Viagra” before releasing the single “Drinking From The Skull Of Your Favourite Enemy.” “Baby’s On Drugs” is the second single from the upcoming album “Hell Razors” and it’s available on CD and streaming format. This new single offers us some fine and sleazy hard rock’n’roll reminding a bit of The ALMIGHTY or WOLFSBANE. The other track “Krankenstein” is a cool punk rock’n’roll song with a verse that could have been on a SIMON CHAINSAW album and a ’77 punk chorus. We’ll definitely keep an eye on the new album release! /Laurent C.

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The Erotics “Ride It To Death” EP

Following their 2020 release “Let’s Kill Rock’n’Roll”, this brand new EROTICS EP has been produced by Don Fury again. “When The Wolves Are Howlin'” opens this new release with some killer glam metal guitar riffs and a chorus that could have been on a WASP album. “Scream Like A Demon” offers us some good heavy rock with a bit of biker rock thrown in it while “Ride It To Death” has a bit of early MOTÖRHEAD in it. You’ll dig “Bless Your Heart” if you like 70s KISS and the last song “Can I Sit Next To You Girl” is an old-school rock’n’roll song with a verse à la ROSE TATTOO. The EROTICS are alive and well and haven’t managed to kill rock’n’roll yet! /Laurent C.


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Razorbats “Mainline Rock’n’Roll”

Three years after their album “II”, Norway’s party rockers RAZORBATS offer us 10 brand new songs. Although the opening song is named “Rock’n’Roll Kills”, the band sounds alive and well delivering some fine poppy rock’n’roll with a DARKNESS kind of guitar riff. The vocals and arrangements bring the 00s pop punk scene to mind when you listen to “Working For The Weekend” but “Rebel Soul” and “Big Time” have American power pop roots and “Little Ms. Crazy” sounds like a good old classic rock ballad, not in a cheesy MTV way but more in a D.A.D. vein… On the other hand, if you like your ballads cheesier, then you’ll have to listen to “Venice.” The 80s hard rock influences can also be heard in “The City”, “Nightcrawlers” or in “White Trash Radio” and we get to think of MARVELOUS 3 while listening to “Cocaine Karma.” They say that this new album is a tribute to the rocker lifestyle and we believe them! Just fun rock songs that will sound perfect with the first Spring sunbeams. /Laurent C.

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Rich Kid Expre$$ “Psychodelic”

Following the debut EP “Bubblegum Radio” released earlier this year, this new album by Rob Richardson offers us 10 well played and well produced hard rocking songs. Although these songs are definitelty rooted in the 80s and early 90s hair metal era, you’ll also hear some 70s hard rock influences in “Cross The Line”, “R.K.R.” or in “Kaleidoscope Caravan”. “Do It Your Way” has a bit of CINDERELLA and EXTREME into it while “Lovesick Blues” riffs like a SKID ROW song and “Psychodelic” brings ELECTRIC BOYS to mind. Songs like “Sleep When I’m Dead” and “Pink Eye” would probably have been labelled as “big rock” in the early 90s but “Clock Strikes Four” is going in a heavier direction. Definitely worth checking if you’re into American hard rock! /Laurent C.

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The Erotics “Let’s Kill Rock’n’Roll”

The world might be crashing down, but it won’t stop The EROTICS to play and release music. Here they are again with 14 songs recorded live in the studio by Don Fury in early 2020 in front of a contingent of dedicated fans. “Nothing To Sing About” opens the record on on an instrumental heavy metal note, making the place ready for “Let’s Kill Rock’n’Roll”, s song with a bit of WASP thrown into it. “Lie My Way To Hell” and “Monday Morning Meltdown” both are catchy 80s hard rock influenced songs while “You’re History” sounds more 70s rock before “Scare Myself To Death” and “All Ripped Up” speed things up a bit. The EROTICS can also write ballads, but they’re never cheesy as you can hear in “Wrong Kind of Love Song” and “When You Fly Away”! The rock’n’roll side of the band shows more in “Sweet Cyanide Kisses” and in “Snake In The Grass” The record ends on a punk’n’roll meets new wave of British heavy metal note with “Fighting Like Cats and Dogs” that shows everyone that The EROTICS are not ready to give up… And who knows? In this 2020 world of social distancing, I wouldn’t be surprised to see more “private live” records being released in the next months… /Laurent C.


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