“The billionaire class are making out like bandits because many of them are bandits.” (-Bernie Sanders)

“Who he railed against for years, then backed down when it mattered because they control him too.” (-John Dissed)

“There’s nothing more American than watching our country surround Russia and China with missiles and military bases and believing that they are the ones being aggressive towards us.” (-Black In The Empire)

“The US is a lying regime. Ditto the UK, France, Germany & Ukraine.

Remember how the Minsk Agreement went? If you were Russia, would you trust us?” (-All That We Love Is Being Killed on the Twitters)

“Because neither capitalist party is interested public accountability, a takeover of the House will result in silly side-shows of investigations instead of a probe into the actions of Biden administration that led to preventable war in Ukraine.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“Meanwhile, the West continues to block real and necessary negotiations to end this awful war in Ukraine.” (-Vijay Prashad)

“There is a fundamental misunderstanding in this country about who the Democratic party really is. The party does not exist to serve the people. It exists to stop any real movement to the left and is the GOP’s greatest ally in preserving the capitalist oligarchy.” (-Ryan Knight)  @RevBlackNetwork” / Twitter


Quite obviously, the LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH meant everything to me as a kid and I got into the Damned way after I was a disciple of the Lords. One of my very favorite lp’s of all time is the Brian James solo record-I always thought it was interesting he recorded stuff with Stewart Copeland. That Mad For The Racket record was not bad. I will say, for me, though, there was something just real special about Brian’s solo lp, a lotta times, overconfident guitarists look at their frontman and think, “wll god I can do better than that”, but truly, being a real dynamic rocknroll frontman is a bit of a lost art really. I mean there are very few Jack the Lad dandies still trottin’ the boards with even the faintest silvery sliver of what cats like Peter Wolf and Rod Stewart and Michael des Barres and even Shane from Electric Angels had. I mean I guess Mike and Spike are still around, Jim Jones and Tex Perkins, but even Brian Smith seems more concentrated on his books and screenplays nowadays. Brian James made a rare record of all good songs and he had some amazing lyrics, was a better than passable vocalist and one of the most compelling and original guitar virtuosos I ever heard. I guess the original damned are reforming and one of my old brothers from the punk years and his wife are flying over to the UK to see them. My old pal Chaz is going to see Suede and Manic Street Preachers live tonight! I’ll try to get him to do a mini review for yas! If you aint bought that totally groovy Hiroshi the Golden Arm and World famous Mister Ratboy THE GOLDEN RAT “WE GOT A RIGHT” cd on VICIOUS KITTEN records, you are really missing out. They are all my old comrades in the war against the jive and I strongly urge you to get that silver shiny disc as soon as you can, you’ll thank me later. Rat’s who reminded me of how much I love that old Brian James record, it was just so uniquely smoldering, thoughtful, distinctively original sounding and full of soul. “I’d eat fried rice for the rest of my life for you!” My kinda sultry, simmering, white hot glammy punknroll. THE LONELINESS MAXIMUM TORCH & TWANG deadend desert ghost town elderly goth band now forming. I tried to get Derwood but he just said he does not like to jam. I tried to get Neal X but he was busy with Marc Almond. Heroic guitar players apply within.

polka dot shot brian james – YouTube

Brian James – S/T 1990 full album – YouTube

Another time another crime – YouTube


Some of this relentless and frequently irrational fear I experience each morning is doubtlessly the residual effects of a lifetime of traumatizing events, peer death and adolescent abuse I endured, right, but like some of it is probably media induced. Yes, my coincidence theorists, I really do think the big Wurlitzer CIA propaganda social platforms and legacy/mockingbird media intentionally keep us all in a perpetual state of fear so we are more easily manipulated by the ruling class Wall Street fatcats and Davos techlords. Lately, the DNC have become so farout that the fucking Republikkans are seeming more reasonable-that’s some batshit psy-ops kookiness if I ever saw it. Tulsi Gabbard plays an antiwar activist on tv sometimes, but let’s face it-she works for the army’s psy-ops division-everything on tv is basically some crazy shit to confuse and frighten you so you’re ever more malleable and think you need the government to protect you from some external baddies comin’ to gitcher “good jobs” and “benefits” and freedom fries. Society went bonkers when the media was able to manufacture consent for “preemptive invasions” and “humanitarian interventions” always based on some ballsout WMD’s bullshit fucking lies, minimum wage piss tests, color chart terror warnings, Bush saying buy duct tape, “enhanced interrogation”, kidnapping and torture gulags, the deep state spying on all your business and blue gloved gropers fondling your family at the airport. Now, the DHS is being redeployed to spy on anyone who is not complying with their preferred narratives about Covid and the Ukraine and election rigging. These are perilous times we are living in.

“BREAKING: Pentagon finally discloses plan to clean up drinking water poisoned by jet fuel at Red Hill tanks in Hawaii – but says it will take 5 years. Almost 100,000 families being forced to ingest gasoline. This is a major emergency. Biden must act now.” (-Steven Donzinger)

“Cargill is the largest private company in America. 14 members of the Cargill family are billionaires. Cargill is one of the most responsible for global air pollution, water pollution, deforestation, & animal abuse. ” (-Lee Camp)

“With Democrats poised to lose another election, you know what that means: time to reactivate the Russiagate bots and trolls, aka establishment media stenographers.” (-Aaron Mate’)

“The Kiev regime that has placed 100s of journalists on a hit list and banned all opposition media at home has brought its war on the free exchange of ideas and critical media to the heart of Western Europe.

Zelensky’s wife personally led the campaign to ban us from the Web Summit. A second source…emphasized the Ukrainian First Lady’s influence over the event, explaining Zelenska “would have been able to get quite a number of people to pull out, big companies or whatever, I would say that was a strong possibility.” (-Max Blumenthal Gray Zone)

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “Sources told us Ukrainian First Lady Olena Zelenska threatened to push for a withdrawal of major commercial interests if Web Summit did not disinvite us. Here’s that military-tech-industrial hustle playing out without any criticism from inside the Web Summit tent.” / Twitter

“”We live in a world where our rulers will openly imprison a journalist for telling the truth and then self-righteously bloviate about the need to stop authoritarian regimes from persecuting journalists.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

No Such Thing As An Objective Journalist: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix (

Pro-war hawks have progressives on their Squad (

Government Files About “Remote Mind Control” | The Vigilant Citizen

“You don’t have to comply and vote for more corruption. In fact, the best way to vote in a duopoly that’s controlled by two corrupt parties who serve Wall Street and the War Machine is to open your ballot and vote for any candidate who does not have a D or an R next to their name.” (-Ryan Knight)


“Talking To Girls About Duran Duran” was the name of a book by Rob Sheffield-God knows I’ve done my own share of talking to girls about Duran Duran and weirdly, I’m usually way, way more in to Duran than any of the girls I know. Rob Sheffield’s the main rawk critic that grossass corporate garbage propaganda digest Rolling Stone has paid handsomely to attempt to rock critic legitimize so much vapid suckpop toxic aspartame laced mousepad fake as fuck hip-pop garbage these past twenty five years, I share his love for Duran Duran, just not his love for the awful empty, say nothing, choreographed line dancing, artless product boybands he compared to Duran in the nineties and ever since. All the Dizneyfied Aaron Carter-Backstreet-NSynch shite that clogged up the airwaves since grunge. I hate Simon’s beard, I guess it just reminds me that we are old as fuck. The good and dear brother from my own long gone new wave hours, who used to sing “Too Late Marlene” and “Last Chance On The Stairway” and “Like An Angel”, and “Lonely In Your Nightmare”, in my purple room and on all those long distance road trips to see Iggy Pop or Duran Duran with me, has passed away, and it has been said that ANDY TAYLOR was unable to attend some rock hall show because of his battle with cancer. Man. What a fuckin bummer to say the least. I got about five friends also in cancer battles as I type this. My 15 year old son prays for them everynight. I love Duran and always have since I first heard “Planet Earth” when I was ya know, maybe 13 or 14. I think I may have first heard it on my basement headphones when I was maybe 13-ish-you could check records out of the public library back then and how that first D2 lp ended up at my tank plant pseudo hometown’s library is a mystery to me, but I was all in. Duran, Adam Ant, the Furs, and Siouxsie & The Banshees-right? Then, the Cure. And the Smiths. I’m not into the shit they do with that Mark Ronson guy, trying to keep in vogue with the red carpet models scene and imitating Justin Timberlake imitating Michael Jackson and Missy Elliot. I like the early space age back to the future past old synth based Duran with the pretty, descriptive, poetic lyrics and loud in your face Andy Taylor recycling of that Bolan lick, but was super surprised by how easy John Taylor is to get along with, so down to earth sincere, kind, generous-we only brushed with the guy really, but he started remembering us because we kept showing up in the frontrow and looked different than most of their other fans, Bobby got some backstage-ish laminates from his National Record Mart contacts and drove us endless hours to see ’em all the time when I was 17 and 18, Andy was outta the band back then. I like Andy Taylor. Maybe cause much of what is said about him by his former bandmates has been said about me, too. I loved watching the covid clampdown John Taylor skype interview of Billy Idol! John and Nick used to go see Generation X as teenagers, it’s where they got the idea to get the leather pants. That made me smile. I nicked the leather pants idea from Jim Morrison and Adam Ant. It absolutely infuriated those smalltown juvenile corrections nad Trans Am driving dickhead motherfuckers. I paid a high price for it, all the Ohioans always went apeshit and punched me in the eye, but my friends and I had a mad time, playing show in people’s basements and at redneck hellion motorcycle club bonfires in the woods and on stages at various D.I.Y. performance spaces all over the midwest and Boston, mostly. I’d do it all again in a heartbreak beat. So yeah, I’m up early as usual with the pulse to rock, having some coffee, writing lyrics in the purple notebook, fixed my garage up a little bit as an artspace/safehaven/bohemian retreat. I got more work today doing mostly outdoor labor for a number of real estate owners.I’m tired and weary from all the usual war machine draconian lies and propaganda. I’m gonna listen to Duran Duran. “You built your refuge turned you capture all the same” is an experience I’ve known too well. If you have some old Duran Duran teen magazines taking up too much space in your mom’s attic, we here at the Desert Church Of Holy Smokes & Desert Stardust Hallelujah are accepting donations. Prayers for Andy! LONG LIVE Duran Duran!

Andy Taylor – “Take It Easy” (Atlantic) 1987 – YouTube

Andy Taylor Has Prostate Cancer, Duran Duran Reveals – Rolling Stone


Duran Duran – My Own Way – video Dailymotion

The Real Reason Andy Taylor Left Duran Duran In The ’80s (

“The operation to control influential politicians, celebrities, and corporate executives did not die with Jeffrey Epstein.” (-Primo Radical)

“Corporate media is, by this point, literally a threat to the survival of humanity.” (-Alan MacLeod)

“You know you’re living in an infantilized bootlicking paternalistic society when the prospect of not having a team of authority figures curating your information feed for you is seen as “dangerous”. Who understands that narrative control is power? Empire managers. Plutocrats. Propagandists. Smearmeisters. Manipulators. Abusers. Cult leaders. Bullies.

Who does not understand that narrative control is power? Pretty much everyone else.

This is the source of most problems.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

“It was on this date Nov. 4, 2008, that Barack Obama was elected President of the US, & shortly thereafter Black folks learned (& are still learning) that representation politics was trash. The leader of the empire is interested in securing the empire not in stopping oppression.” (-Kamau Franklin)

“- Abortion

– Gun control – Marriage equality – Trans rights – Drug decriminalization – Student loan forgiveness – Education – Inflation – Democracy – Cutting greenhouse gas emissions None of these will be relevant issues if we get into a nuclear war with Russia.” (-Primo Radical)

“When you completely betray every progressive value as you support the war machine to the brink of nuclear annihilation, you pretend the protectors are the problem instead of the evil machine that already swallowed you whole.” (-Jimmy Dore)

“You may not know it but lots of Ukrainians – particularly those in the midst of the war – are keen on beginning peace talks with Russia. It’s western governments, and their bot swarms, who are egging on Kyiv to spill more Ukrainian blood.” (-Jonathan Cook) 

“”Like you freed Iraq, Libya, Syria, “and Vietnam?”

Biden says ‘we’re gonna free Iran’ as protests there sweep on ” (-Garland Nixon) 

Margaret Kimberley on Twitter: “I said he would be no worse than Trump on foreign policy. Was I ever wrong.” / Twitter 

“Biden voted against the 1991 Gulf War, then quickly said he was mistaken. He transformed into a top Iraq war hawk. During nearly 50 years in public office, Biden has seldom seen a U.S. war he didn’t support or help facilitate. ” (-Jeremy Scahill)

“The scam is to scare corporations by knowing they’ll be accused of anti-Semitism unless they bow to ADL’s dictates about what ideas and people they can and can’t associate with, just as HRC

exploits reckless homophobia accusations to coerce obedience. It’s pro-DNC censorship. This is a group that pretends to speak for Jews. In reality, it’s just another banal, standard Dem Party/liberal activist group whose core function is to exploit these causes to agitate for censorship of anyone who questions liberal establishment orthodoxy. It’s the Jewish HRC.” (-Glenn Greenwald)

“The craziest thing about this Elon Musk drama is that the United States is arming and training a Saudi military attack on Yemen that has killed 400,000 people.” (-Alan MacLeod)

“Ask yourself why Kanye West and Kyrie Irving dominate headlines while the U.S. remains the top country in number of prisoners and people going bankrupt due to medical debt.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“CIA and FBI agents openly work as “news analysts” on MSNBC and other networks— not guests, analysts!— and then the West want to accuse others of “state media” and “propaganda”? What level of irony is this? These people have zero shame.” (-Richard Medhurst) 

“What is amazing & dangerous is that public has been condition to accept merger of the state (intelligence services & propaganda operations) & corporate sector (big tech, news outlets etc) as normal.And then they wonder why we say U.S. population is most propagandized on planet!” (-Ajamu Baraka)

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “These are the kinds of actions that undermines the public’s belief in a free and independent press in the U.S. The story clearly met the editors standards when it was broadcasted.” / Twitter 


One of the bands my late nineties era Detroit posse got me into were Forgotten Rebels, from Hamilton, Ontario. It’s amazing to me how little Canadian punk rock made it that far south beyond Michigan, ya know, I was 27 before I found out about a lot of Canada’s punk rock scene. Of course, mi olde amigo Chris Barry got me in to the Viletones and Teenage Head when I was about twenty one or twenty two, but I think it was Motown scenester-photographer-rocknroll philosopher-collector and fellow friend of the late great Paul K.’s, BRIAN T., who first started telling me about the Forgotten Rebels. Mickey DeSadist and about like 100 revolving door musicians carried the flag for fun and crazy sleaze punk hijinks, kinda imagine a Canadian purple haired Zeroes or Babysitters and that’ll get you in the hood. They kinda remind me of all my polka dot and pink scarf clad friends bands back in the eighties who played all the basement shows and backyard barbq’s and the death rock juicebar on Sunday nights in Ft. Wayne. Fastest way to my heart is frequently alcohol, donuts, pizza, or Monkees covers. If you’re from Canada, you might know my old Naked Flames bassplayer Mark “TBag” Gilder from Bunchoffuckinggoofs or his various stints with bands like Motor City Demolition, Gypsy Strings, Ronald Koal, Dark Carnival, Bootsy X & The Lovemasters, or the Kevin K Band, he’s having some health setbacks right now, and if you are the kinda person to pray, please send some prayers up on his behalf, as he’s a really jovial, merry making, legendary daredevil, butter sculpting rockstar who I never got to really spend enough time with-we had big plans and invitations to perform and travel abroad, but they all kinda disintegrated from under our feet, we never got to really complete our mission, which was immensely disappointing to both of us, because we really enjoyed each other’s company, all our times together were filled with outrageous shenanigans and allnight loud laughs we have the same kinda gregarious personality that made for a good combination behind the mic stand at the front of the stage, he’s a real wild one, already survived a million close calls and broken bones, he’s like the Evil Knievel of Canadian bassplayers. I always liked the guy. I think he wanted me to somehow fund more recordings, but I’m the brokest person he ever met, so naturally that never happened. We recorded like 11 songs but ran outta money and the other guys split for foreign lands with their other bands and that was that, but I always think about what coulda shoulda blah blah blah mightabeen. We Out Crowd outlaws and gutter gospel guttersnipes all wish him well! I still gotta get that booka bout Bunchoffuckinggofs but like I said: broke as a joke. So broke, I had to give up smokes. No hope broke. And I gotta go work outside in the cold today for almost no money. Dread it! Ugh!!

Forgotten Rebels – Look out here comes tomorrow – YouTube

Forgotten Rebels – I Think Of Her (Live) – YouTube

Forgotten Rebels – This Ain’t Hollywood (Full Album) – YouTube

Forgotten Rebels Tomorrow Belongs To Us (Full Album) – YouTube

Forgotten Rebels: Gigs 

Bunchofuckingoofs-Get a Bike Asshole – YouTube

Dirty, Drunk and Punk: the untold history of Toronto’s BUNCHOFFUCKINGGOOFS | Boing Boing

Bunchofuckingoofs – Wikipedia

Dirty, Drunk, and Punk: The Crazy Twisted Story of the Bunchofuckingoofs: Morton, Jennifer, Ferguson, Kisha: 9781897415283: Books

Noam Chomsky on RussiaGate – YouTube

“Back in 2014 the year of the Maidan Coup, Zelensky admitted the people of Crimea & East Ukraine very much preferred speaking Russian & that they should be left alone. This is also before he came into power.” (-Fiorella Isabel)

“My friend Miko Peled has been catching hell for years for being consistently principled. It is absurd for anyone to suggest that criticisms of the white settler project in South Africa or in the U.S. is “anti-white.” The issue is colonialism in its settler-colonial form.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“Criticizing Israel is not antisemitic. In fact, it is our duty to speak out against the atrocities perpetrated against Palestinian for the crime of not being Jewish. That’s especially true after the terrifying results of the recent elections in Israel.” (-Mike Peled)

“Alert: Today NBC reported that the Biden admin is planning to send Haitian migrants trying to seek safety in the US to a third country and/or to the ICE detention center in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba. This should be setting off alarm bells.” (-Jesse Franzbleu) 

Noam Chomsky on Google and Facebook – YouTube

Pfizer Didn’t Expect THIS To Be EXPOSED – YouTube

 Propaganda Exposed [UNCENSORED] – by Robert W Malone MD, MS (

Noam Chomsky full length interview: Who rules the world now? – YouTube

“To be honest… those who use the Holocaust as an excuse and justification for a fascist-ethno-theocratic-plutocracy like #ApartheidIsrael is, are the worst and most evil kind of anti-Semites! Period!” (-Osman B. on Twitterbook)

“It is also widely believed that Unit 8200 has attacked OS’s like Microsoft to find ways to surveil Israel’s global enemies.

Yet Microsoft’s safety team is now filled with Unit 8200 veterans, raising concerns about its safety.” (-Alan MacLeod) 

“I try not to invoke my Jewish identity because opinions have value on merits, not ethnicity. But the policing of black celebrities is embarrassing. Also massively hypocritical: US media and Jewish groups are now silent on US backing of openly neo-Nazi Azov Battalion in Ukraine.” (-Aaron Mate’)

Revealed: The Former Israeli Spies Working in Top Jobs at Google, Facebook and Microsoft ( 

Noam Chomsky on Trump-Russia Collusion – YouTube

Lowkey on Twitter: “Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has been shot in an attempted assassination. Ben Norton outlines the anatomy of the US-backed coup against him, which took place in April 2022.” / Twitter

“Kyrie and Kanye do not threaten American Jews in any concrete way. Zionist pressure groups like the ADL know this, but must seek out any opportunity to justify their own existence by conjuring the specter of existential doom. Jewish paranoia and Black humiliation is the result. We White American Jews are living through a golden age of power, affluence and safety Acceptance of this welcome reality threatens the entire Zionist enterprise, from lobby fronts like the ADL to the State of Israel, because Zionism relies on Jewish insecurity to justify itself.” (-Max Blumenthal)

Miko Peled on Twitter: “The Israeli media lies and Israelis want to be lied to. “The consumers, the readers, and the viewers, don’t want to hear and don’t want to know!” But Gideon Levy has been telling the truth for decades. He calls it “Whistling in the Dark” but he keeps on speaking up.” / Twitter 

“The neoliberal fascists that control the state & that Biden serves are moving to discipline Musk. Either toll their line as objective truth & suppress opposing views or we come after you.” (-Ajamu Baraka) 

The People’s Forum | The Katie Halper Show Live with Miko Peled – The People’s Forum (


Yeah so when ever somebody asks the musical question what year would you return to if you had a time machine, I always think 1983 or 84 cause that’s when I discovered so much of the glam and goth and post punk music that soundtracks my embarrassing life to this day and made friends with people like Dave n Randy at Mind Dust record store, Jaysin and Dave W., Latrelle and Aymee and Dekan and Dustin, the kids who became my young comrades and community, who I confided in and built my dreams around. But 1987, really that was a big year too cause that’s when I met Scruff and Brian and Jenna and Angie, Heather and Steffani, Stacy and Bobby and Sheila and John n Bart. We commenced to form some early bands-a Suicide style experimental tape recorder to ta[pe recorder and guitar and drum machine duo, then it became a trio, then finally we got the old singer from an abandoned goth project to play drums and that’s when the real wild rocknroll dream really took hold of us. First song we played? “Message Of Love” by the Pretenders. I’d been into Hanoi Rocks since discovering Back To Mystery City at an Indianapolis record store so when Guns N Roses first started appearing in those glossy heavy metal magazine’s at Readmore bookstore in the American Mall, I knew I was gonna like ’em and when we got the Live Like A Suicide cassette with the fake crowd noise and the Rose tattoo and Aersomith covers, I was obsessed with ’em for a year or three. “Reckless Life” and “Move To The City” felt ripped from my own autobiography, my own life story. I used to get on my older guitar player’s nerves playing that tape over and over again whenever I spend the night on his cold basement cement floor. When “Appetite” finally arrived in my smalltown, I got really excited by these songs that reflected my own lifestyle so well, which at the time involved a lot of fleeing from rednecks and jocks in trucks who wanted to beat me up and hiding from the truancy officer who wanted to put me back in a child cage for too much Aqua Net and playing hooky. “Night Train” was about all we could afford from the local Clark gas station where our older friends would purchase us our malt liquor and fortified wine for the night-back then, I smoked Old Gold cigarettes the brand preferred by my bluesman record store guru Dave Andra and Cambridge Light 100’s which was what I constantly mooched offa my older guitar player who got tired of all my mooching and running up his phonebills. “It’s So easy” rang true because around the time my hair was finally starting to grow back out after that last severe behavior modification haircut they forced upon me at Lima Senior High School resulting in my permanent dropout status, once I got contacts, all these girls were starting to surprisingly like me and that was just crazy, a whole new experience after being the smalltown’s main kick dog Frankenstein’s monster scapegoat for so many years. “Mr. Brownstone” was about dope which I had not really dabbled with yet but we all knew what it was like to need more brown liquor so that chorus kinda captured us instantly. I was still dreaming about moving back to the coast with our new band of outlaws and misfits and carving out our own little corner of rocknroll, ya know? We’d read about bands like Little Kings, Sea Hags, Junkyard and Rock City Angels in Rip Magazine and Zodiac Mindwarp was telling us that anything was possible. I loved the young and angry punkish Guns N Roses stuff, much of it penned by Izzy and propelled by Steven Adler’s awesome roller coastering. By the time they put out that Use Your Illusion shit with all the bloat and overwrought ballads, I was just not into it anymore-the football jersies and bicycle pants, the Kid Rock bling and dolphin videos. I hated the Dylan cover and Live and Let die so much, just horrible. Some people are excited that three of those guys got back together for the endless victory lap money grabs with the fifteen piece band of employees and are rereleasing November rain, but that’s just not my scene at all, man. The early stuff? Yes. If I was able to procure some convenience store beverages in an adultish space today, I might even play summa their early work, but the epic ballads, all that shit with the orchestras and backup singers and Bucketheads and Bumblefoots, dizzy Reeds and Gilby Clarks and Richard Fortus and chicken coops and fifty dollar t shirts and $500 fanclub meet and greets? Like I’m gonna PAY to shake hands with DUFF? Nah. I’m all like, Izzy and Adler or bust. That Ritz concert was their peak, man. It might be all rainbow flag friendly and LGBT RuPaul woke where you live, but growing up in the new wave eighties, tank plant Lima Ohio had a zero tolerance policy towards gutter urchins in blue eyeshadow. I still peruse the headlines there somedays and can not believe how much murder and crack still goes on there. It’s like Little Dayton. A hellhole of sports fans, Slim Shadies and adults in cargo shorts who still love the Simpsons and pro wrestling and flatulent football Pizza Hut meat eaters overeating and yelling at their televisions. Lets’s Go Brandon Nascar fans. I’ve become more like George Carlin in that I don’t believe anything the government or corporate media tells me.I can’t relate to the tv people.

Reckless Life (1986 Sound City Session) – YouTube

jeremy scahill on Twitter: “Chomsky on media who used @wikileaks material: “Are they supporting Assange… who performed the honorable duty of a journalist & is now being tortured? Not that I’ve seen…We’ll use what he did, but then we’ll join the jackals who’re snapping at his feet.”” / Twitter

Is Dennis Kucinich the Last Democrat for Peace? – 

If you are a voter in Kentucky’s 6th Congressional district (Lexington-Richmond-Frankfurt) please vote for Democratic nominee @GeoffYoung4KY

. Geoff Young is a principled anti-imperialist, and for that reason his own party has thrown him under the bus. Geoff Young responds to non-endorsement in Sixth District race. | Lexington Herald Leader (

COP27: Nobel Prize winners demand Egypt free political prisoners | Human Rights News | Al Jazeera

Pompeo: Sources for Yahoo News WikiLeaks report ‘should all be prosecuted’ 

#SupportPalestine #BDS #Yemen #Kashmir #Assange on Twitter: “American stand-up comedian and popular US radio host Jimmy Dore spoke about US policy: When we occupied Afghanistan for 20 years and killed millions of people in Iraq or destroyed Libya and Syria, where were the international laws?!” / Twitter 

The Poverty of US Politics (  


Everything’s still in utter disarray around here, we’re still unpacking–I need some little nails so I can hang picture frames, and probably another bookshelf. You know what’s become impossibly elusive in the second hand garage sale world that I inhabit? A duel cassette boombox with two working speakers-you just can’t find one of those no more. Kinda sucks, cause I have less than zero interest in getting I-Phoned. It’s fucking freezing this morning, but the prior tenants left behind a really nice Mr. Coffee maker which is great cause my previous one is missing parts that were apparently misplaced in the move. I got some cool books coming in the mail from our friends at Hozac Press which means I gotta slide by the old place to see if they were dropped off there by mistake while the address forwarding or whatever was still being processed. I kinda dread goin’ back there, cause a mentally ill fomer neighbor, who I had previously advocated for and tried to help, kinda betrayed our trust and is too nuts for words, he’s become a real nuisance, if not an outright threat, like a bridge troll. He’s unwell, has manic episodes, sneaks around at night, acting shifty, has feuds, does weird shit, is probably potentially dangerous. Always wants a pound of flesh from anybody he interacts with. One of those taker type personalities best avoided completely. Me and the kid are up with the roosters and the moocows and the crows, it’s still dark as I type this, been so beatup by all the labor and heavy lifting, I’m back on the Amish hours-in bed at 8:10, back up at 4:30-5 in the morning. Had a dream I was jamming with my talented pop friend Mark from Walden Pond last night-we only wrote about maybe ten or fifteen songs together, but about five of ’em are still pretty good-that’s how I evaluate my own compositions-do they stand up over time.Yeah me and that guy could not be more opposite-I was like a black sheep drifter, outcast orphan archetype, exiled from the tribe of origin, a drinker without honor in my homelands, kicked outta six or seven schools for crimes against the Dresscodes, despised by fucking secretaries and humorless goose steppers everywhere, whereas he was kinda like a prince among men, the prodigal son, slay the fatted calf, his mom brought him aspirin to work when he was hungover, sewed his name in all his J. Crew catalog clothes and shit, but when you are in your twenties, the class stuff don’t seem that important, ya know, we socialized with everybody. I had a big party pad on Blaine Street in Alston which I understand to be gentrified high dollar rent now-some DJ lives in our old space now, a guy from the Voodoo Dolls used to live next door to us but he totally kept to himself, might have been scared off my all the menacing former gang members who came to our cookouts on the weekends after work-they were some lovable galoots who were employed as loss prevention staff at Tower Records-Sam Cocharan, Big Mike, Tim, Dave Monty, Jamille, good blokes, really, all of ’em, and my mainman partner in crime back then, the legendarily indestructible Nasty “You Nasty, Boy!” Bastard, a bona fide motorcycle cowboy who Sleazegrinder described as a gravelly voiced thug in purple velvet. There was also a female hellraiser around who’d been known to break a dish, she could be loud, always asked what happened last night, she could never remember the end of the night, ya know, we used to drink some, she kinda liked to fire off all her guns at once and explode into space, “why no, officer, I have no idea where all those bullet holes in the wall came from!” We were living the wild life, parties on the roof. Cheater Slicks, Elevator Drops, Arthur Lee’s godson, Tony Meter playing 12 string guitar, Dave W. running my grandmother’s Avon Lady Christmas Casio keyboard through all these effects pedals creating a Robert Fripp/Brian Eno synth effect, adding Hallo Spaceboy layers to my glammy sleaze punk cocktails.The pop guy from Walden Pond’s yacht owning brother Dan on maracas and improvised drums-pots and pans-man that guy was a super studio session man percussionist, but sadly abandoned music to become a Culinary Institute fine chef, and now a real estate baron. He played on a shitty cover I contributed to one of those tribute CD’s, it legitimately needed more cowbell. A wisecrackin’, soccer lovin’ Irishman named Barrie in his Sultans Of Ping FC t shirt, drinking lots of beer. We’d all pull pranks on each other-I used to hide his shoes. Me with the alleycat Marlboro golden throat vocals and street poet lyrics about my own dumb life and the importance of railing against the Big Machine. Some foxy girls shakin green tambourines on the red velvet antique brothel couch, you know it was a real good time to be alive, my Catholic school homie, Mitch would showup outta nowhere at my door and pay for a week’s worth of partying for everybody, just ’cause. He was a blast, almost always up for a spontaneous adventure-you know? “Blues Brothers” times “Cheech & Chong” and “Animal House”. My first new wave love was goin’ to a posh university in Cambridge and she’d come around and make my little heart go all aflutter. I knew I was a white trash bozo in leather pants and it was part of the comedy of our lives that I did alla Michael Hutchnce’s moves in spite of being a gawky gargoyle Kentucky born Ramone. Wouldbe rivals made a lotta noise back in the metal screecher years, about how I could not metal screech, like Waxl or the Queensryche dude, but ya know my idols were  people like Jim Carroll, Nick Marsh, Stiv Bators, Billy Idol-ya know? The kinda music I was making with my friends back then did not require I be able to hit any fuckin’ “Kids From Fame” high note. I loved being a frontman and took a lot of my inspiration from all the underground after hours Dean Martin party hosts-Peter Zaremba and Steven Tyler, David Lee Roth, and Texacala Jones. We were having good times, damn good times. We’d play every song we knew, all night singalongs, ya know, and we wrote some good originals-me and the pop guy from Walden Pond. He’d often muse out loud about how we became friends because his mom and future wife, everybody from his nice life in the private school suburbs always wanted to know why he was hanging around with such an unseemly lot of incorrigible derelict, hooligan desperado wildboys. “No Goodbyes”, “Beyond Salvation”, “Recipe For Disaster”, “Memory Gutter”, we were young and in our prime and trying to mine beauty and laugh from the horrors of Traumaville, or at least, that’s what I was doin’. Some nights we had some older hangerson who’d drive us around the clubs in their long sedans and if there was any open mic nights a happenin’ me and the rhinestone suitjacketed lost boys would get up and run through all the usual howlers. I put everybody in hats and scarves. We did good, busking-everything from “Drunk Like Me” to “Me & Bobby McGee”, “Little Pink Houses”, “West Coast Under Assistant Promo Man”. We’d blow all the money buying discount liquor from Blanchards. Of course I kept insisting Greg Shaw or somebody was supposed to show up and bankroll some studiotime for me and my lot, but sadly, he never showed. The Brian Jonestown Masscare got that gig instead, and the Dish Ran Away With The Spoon. Which was the name of another song I wrote shortly after our eviction. I used to be a lot more cavalier and reckless than I am now. I’ll give you an example. My trusty sideman Nasty burntdown several trade school dorm and Park Drive apartments drunk cooking, and one time when the girlfriend was outta town, and Nasty was away pursuing some hot chick named Steff Olivera, so me and Dave wrote a cool song called “Every Summer” that people still perform covers of, the reason I did not drown in the bath tub after polishing off the big bottle was cause the smoke woke me up when I similarly tried to drunk cook. Don’t drunk cook, kids. Nowadays, I’m even paranoid about fucking Christmas tree lights I got hanging in the garage. A dear friend of ours, one of those people who really were just undeniable flatout geniuses, Chris Kohli, died somehow in a fire, I dunno why there was no smoke alarm, he mighta been passed out, he liked to drink, but he was one of the nicest and smartest, sweetest and funniest people we ever knew-a classically trained piano player, a classically trained portrait artist, a classically trained main Street dive barfly, kindred spirit, much missed brethren. Everytime one of our number goes away, the world seems a bit dimmer, a piece of me goes with ’em-hope I see ‘im again in some rocknroll honkytonk up the road somewhere, he was such a good soul. ‘Tormented by a smalltown religious upbringing, but we were all browbeaten with that evangelical/military/sports culture back there. Life is precious, send many postcards, hug your kid, call yo grandma, forgive everybody, do it now, it’s all too brief. (RIP)

Endless Party Johnny Thunders – YouTube

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Consortium News on Twitter: “Debut of new song in tribute to #JulianAssange, @xychelsea and Aaron Swartz.” / Twitter 

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “The face of Western democratic values.” / Twitter

“The fact that Democrats are sending their biggest names to campaign in reliably-blue places like New York and California in the final days before the election can only be taken as a sign that their own internal polling is pointing to a historic loss.” (-Primo Radical)

“None of these Progressives is doing a damn thing without Pelosi’s approval first. Same goes for the Black Caucus.” (-Black In The Empire)

“The US has the one of the most violent and racist police on the planet but reserves the right to call other countries “authoritarian.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“The regime of censorship being imposed on the internet – by a consortium of DC Dems, billionaire-funded “disinformation experts,” the US Security State, and liberal employees of media corporations – is dangerously intensifying in ways I believe are not adequately understood.” (-Glenn Greenwald) 

“When Democrats get wiped out on Tuesday, they’ll just blame Russia, as they did in 2016.  

To the extent that Democrats actually blame themselves, they will say that the party went “too far Left” — despite the fact that Democrats have become the more rabidly NeoConservative party. (-Primo Radical) 

The Federal Bureau of Tweets: Twitter Is Hiring an Alarming Number of FBI Agents – TheAltWorld 


Ya know those early U2 records that were confiscated as contraband and destroyed at my Baptist reform school in southern Kentucky meant so much to me, I was totally inspired by Bono in my younger years, loved a lot of his songs-so did my sadly dead bassplayer Bobby Cloyd and my first real deep new wave crush, we all loved them back then, I believe they were good and truly well intentioned people in their younger years. He’s in the news lately pimping his autobiography but I have no time for him now-he’s the ultimate sellout phony, pro empire tool of the global elite. Did they start off as righteous garage band innovators, real friends coming together and co creating their own unique sound? Yep, of course, I still love the early work, and who they seemed to be prior to his getting into bed with Bush and Obama, but it’s like Gary Glitter when I hear his music now-ya know? Just kinda feels like a Big Ick. He has influence and uses it for the wrong reasons, works for the bad guys, is on the wrong side now with the capitalist billionaires, bankers and warpigs. When U2 and Lou used to fight for political prisoners and the disappeared on those eighties Amnesty tours, it brought teachers and liberals and Clinton voters awareness, now, he’s all CFR/Davos/Carlyle Group/WEF/Halliburton affiliated and it breaks my heart when ex punks become darkside warpigs. Bono is living proof that too much money is bad for people, that power corrupts absolutely, and that it’s best to stay away from the filthy rich. Like John Trudell said, this is the place where souls get eaten. FREE ASSANGE, MOTHERFUCKERS! This was like my song for a girl when I was like maybe sixteen. U2 – All I Want Is You 1989 (Rattle and Hum) Official Video on Vimeo

UK/US: Home Secretary’s certification of Assange extradition puts him at risk – Amnesty International

Abby Martin: Tech Monopolies Are AN ARM Of US Government, INTENT On Controlling The Narrative – YouTube

“Still can’t believe we live in a world where our rulers will openly imprison a journalist for telling the truth and then self-righteously bloviate about the need to stop authoritarian regimes from persecuting journalists.” (-Caitlin Johnstone) 

“So many contradictions: Russia is weak, they are losing in Ukraine or We must stop Russia or the next target is Europe Putin is crazy and capable of anything or Putin is a coward, he won’t nuke the US The sanctions are working or  

China stops the sanctions from working” (-Kim Dotcom) 


Another cat I miss who left this wretched world of dystopian lies and billioanire aspirant gawds wanting to enslave humanity in recent years was BRETT SMILEY. I was friends with him and his old girlfriend on social media some years ago before I got banned and lockedout by spooks for ANTI WAR SHITPOSTING. He used to call me Fightin’ Father Flangan because of my tendency to bullhorn broadcast my objections to fascism, tyranny, propaganda, and mass murder, even if it gets me branded as a conspiracy theorist or Assad sympathizer or Russian trollbot or cys born whatever by shitlib official narrative reciters. I loved Brett Smiley. I kinda wrongheadedly was advising him to manufacture his own BRETT SMILEY official merchandise line cause I wanted him to be able to pocket money from t shirts and button and sticker sales but I really had no idea how broke and destitute and sick he actually was at the time. i still feel bad about that, we just saw so many bootleggers making money promoting unauthorized junk shop glam merch using his younger self’s iconic image.  Get Nina Antonia’s book about him if you haven’t already. Genius had a hard life, died in extreme poverty and sadness. (RIP)

Brett Smiley – Space Ace (US Junkshop Glam 74) – YouTube

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WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) / Twitter

Intn’l Federation of Journalists: “The UK decision to allow the extradition of Assange is vindictive and a real blow to media freedom” Amnesty: “sends a chilling message to journalists the world over”  

RSF: “implications for journalism around the world cannot be overstated”

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Jimmy Dore on Twitter: “So Paul Pelosi was with the guy for 1/2 an hour? doesn’t try to flee, but instead answers the door, let’s cops in & walks right back over to Depape. This is NORMAL! Dems should immediately shift gears & accuse ANYONE who asks questions about this assault of being homophobic” / Twitter

TSA to Continue Requiring COVID-19 Vaccine Proof for Non-US Citizens to Enter Country (

Did Richard Nixon Secretly Steal 36.5 Tons of Gold Bullion from U.S. Army Base While He Was Telling America, “I Am Not A Crook”? | CovertAction Magazine

How Covert British Information Wars Target Russia, Threatening Civilians and Journalists ( 

The Chris Hedges Report: The truth about Ukraine with Medea Benjamin – YouTube

“They lied about masks, they lied about herd immunity, lied about Natural immunity, lied about early treatment, lied about transmission & infection, lied about Ivermectin…. they’ve lied about everything at every turn, but keep shouting down skeptics of Big Pharma as anti-vaxx .” (-Jimmy Dore)

Dr. Eli David on Twitter: “- Pfizer CEO: “The efficacy of our vaccine in children is 80%” – Reporter: “Are you talking about efficacy to prevent severe disease or to prevent infection?” – Pfizer CEO: “𝗧𝗼 𝗽𝗿𝗲𝘃𝗲𝗻𝘁 𝗶𝗻𝗳𝗲𝗰𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻” Need more evidence of fraud?” / Twitter


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Groundbreaking: Study Details How Media, Big Tech Censored Doctors and Scientists Who Challenged COVID Narrative • Children’s Health Defense ( 

No ‘Pandemic Amnesty,’ We Want Accountability • Children’s Health Defense ( 

Jimmy Dore on Twitter: “I was told we were were all definitely “racists” for thinking this. This is probably because Fauci & the government funded the invention of Covid-19 virus & needed to silence it. They actually invented the virus that caused the pandemic & killed millions, but stay mad at Rogan.” / Twitter 

Abby Martin: How the media manufactures ‘bloodlust’ for war – YouTube

Ukraine risks being locked into endless war in bid for perfect peace – The Irish Times

Verso Books on Twitter: “We are extremely sad to announce the death of our friend and comrade Mike Davis, the pioneering historian of the US working class and fierce critic of the economic, political, and military apparatuses of the US state machine and the brutalities of empires in general.” / Twitter

Disappearing Flu Data: RFK, Jr. Brings Together 5 Experts to Discuss Changes in How Health Officials Calculate All-Cause Mortality • Children’s Health Defense ( 

BreakThrough News on Twitter: “The UN voted 185-2 to end the U.S. blockade of Cuba. This is the 30th year in a row the UN has voted to do so. So why is the US refusing to comply? BT’s @KeiPritsker explains why the US first enacted the blockade and why it’s universally condemned, including by people in the US.” / Twitter

Colombia’s new president reverses US coup, visits Venezuela, pledges unity in ‘spirit of Bolívar’ – Multipolarista

Haiti’s Century of US Coups, Invasions & Puppets – YouTube

New U.S. Sanctions are Designed to Hit Nicaragua’s Poorest Citizens | CovertAction Magazine

 Pfizer’s Lack of Transparency, Accountability ‘Creates a New Tyranny’ • Children’s Health Defense (

“Cargill owns a large portion of every step of the farm-to-table process. They also have a ‘financial services’ arm playing the commodities futures trading game. So they enrich themselves whether food is cheap/expensive/abundant/or scarce.” (-Lee Camp)

“I’m never surprised to see libertarians becoming MAGA fascists.

Their oligarch sponsor Peter Thiel made it clear that the only way of saving capitalism is through a fascist dictatorship, while he still proudly called himself a libertarian (and complained about women’s suffrage)” (-Ben Norton)

“Almost 1/2 [of Ukrainians surveyed] agreed it was imperative to seek a ceasefire to stop Russians killing Ukraine’s young men. Slightly more supported negotiations with Russia on a complete ceasefire, with 1/4 totally against & 1/5… neutral.” (-Clare Daly)

“And the truth is there is something terribly wrong with this country, isn’t there? Cruelty & injustice, intolerance & oppression…where once you had the freedom to object, to think & speak as you saw fit, you now have censors & systems of surveillance coercing your conformity…” (Fiorella Isabel echoing Orwell)

Abby Martin on The Future of The Empire Files & Social Media Censorship – YouTube

Abby Martin on Hillary’s NeoMcCarthyism and ‘Gaza Fights for Freedom,’ Plus #BerniesBack – YouTube

 Well, my brothers and sisters and friends of the revolution, it’s time for me to bid you adieu. Happy Trails. STAY WILD, STAY FREE!

Photography Exhibit Celebrating The 35th Anniversary Of The Release Of Appetite For Destruction From the First 50 Gigs

“There isn’t a better person to release any material to do with the coming together and the history of Guns N’ Roses and where it went and what was going on behind the scenes than Marc.” — Slash


Credit: Marc Canter

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of the release Appetite for Destruction,  The First 50 Gigs: Guns N’ Roses and the Making of Appetite for Destruction podcast will be hosting a photo exhibition of Marc Canter’s photography on July 21st, 35 years to the date of the release of the seminal album at the Bourbon Room in Hollywood. 

The video podcast The First 50 Gigs is the creation of  Reckless Road: Guns N’ Roses and the Making of Appetite for Destruction authors Marc Canter and Jason PorathThe book which was published in 2008 and won an IPPY for Pop Culture Book of the Year was just the tip of the iceberg of an archive created by Marc Canter; photographer, music historian, and owner of the world-famous Canter’s Deli. Canter captured the band’s formative years and the heyday of the Sunset Strip music scene. The project was designed as a gift to fans to unlock the stories behind the most famous songs from the ever-elusive band, in particular the younger fans, many of whom were not even born when Appetite came out. It’s an opportunity for them to learn about the stories behind the making of Appetite For Destruction.  The show which is part of the Pantheon Podcast network is available on all major services, with premium tiered subscription offers available on Spotify and Patreon

The First 50 Gigs project has been years in the making, “Marc’s massive and one-of-a-kind archive on the early days of Guns N’ Roses and the first fifty gigs of the Appetite lineup of Guns N’ Roses is unprecedented,” says Porath. “ Marc truly captured lightning in a bottle and the power of those images he and Jack Lue created will now be amplified by first-hand accounts by the people who were there, giving audiences a true play-by-play unfolding of events.”  The video version of the show showcases never before seen audio and video from Marc’s archive, along with bonus episodes available via subscription on Spotify, and a premium subscription via Patreon that includes early access to the video version of each episode, along with access to exclusive photo galleries, merchandise giveaways and more. 

The exhibit at the Bourbon Room will feature photos, videos, and ephemera featured in the podcast in addition to never before seen content from the early years of Guns n’ Roses leading into the recording of their first and most iconic album.