Gutter Gospel By General Labor: Elderly Goth, Subversive Cowpunk & Antisocial Glamarchist Yearns For The Old New Wave. Love & Rockets, Gene Loves Jezebel, The Slits, Nina Hagen, Cramps, Fight For Freedom, Peter Murphy, Our Golden Years!!!

“The people in the U.S. are catching hell while the Biden admin just asked Congress for another 11 billion for the undeclared war between the U.S. & NATO & Russia. Who voted for war with Ukraine in the U.S. & why should working class pay the cost?” (-Ajamu Baraka)


In the flyover states where they manufacture the dumb frat boys, punk rock was not just taboo, forbidden and severely frowned upon, but all those Cagney & Lacey wanna be juvenile corrections nuts would blow smoke in your face and threaten to send you up the river for you know, what you wore in your hair or face. It was always bonkers, the mainstream bully dickheads stopping their cars to catcall ya fag or queerboy or Devo or Boy George. I LOVED Prince and Duran Duran and just wanted to escape to NYC where punk rock was not only allowed but actually encouraged. Most of what we hicks had access to in the way of underground music was really just like The Misfits and The Cramps at first because they were the ones with the good t shirt art and merchandising campaigns, they were among the first real punks we saw. Then came like the Pistols, Clash, Damned and probably Black Flag and Dead Kennedys. Punk rock is still rarer than you’d imagine in most of those places. People are still into sports, tractor pulls, monster trucks, pro wrestling. Even I liked Ric the Nature Boy flair-probably just because he reminded me of David Lee Roth. “It’s SHOWTIME!”

I first discovered this song as a runaway kid in NYC. It blew my doors off. I felt an instant connection with them and even started sortof emulating their appearance. I was into all the blousey new wave from Culture Club and Adam Ant to Bow Wow Wow and Prince. In the brutal smalltown Midwest, a Cramps t shirt could get your nose bloodied by the apemen that everybody loves in their sports bar middle age compromise. There were only two Madonna wannabe girls at my rich school who were even kinda halfassed cool, into Charlie Sexton and Sigue Sigue Sputnik, but they were not into me. When I ranaway to NYC, I met my father’s best friend, who was dating Madonna at the time. I can’t stand what she became, but back then, I was really into Borderline, Lucky Star, and Into The Groove, you know in the movie they had her dressing like Texacala Jones. Mark Blum the actor who dated her was Gary Glass in “Desperately Seeking Susan” and passed away last year, I’m kinda still sad about all the death of all the friends. It was a juvie paradise to be wild n loose on the ungentrified savage streets of the Lower East Side, drinking, flirting, seeing all the art swirling all around me, shoplifting postcards, and trying on paisley smoking jackets and funny pirate hats from Love Saves The Day on Second Avenue. I discovered Gene Loves Jezebel around the same time. And Fra Lippo Lippi! Lou Reed, Warhol, the Ramones, Basquiat, all those people were still around. Somebody called me a tragic figure and that aint how I see myself. I feel like I had a lot of laughs and good times, good friends, fortune and blessings galore, I got to experience punk rock and new wave as a teenager. Now I know I’m sort running outta time, but the same is true for everybody, according to those who claim to be in the know. I’m not sure about anything, really. Nick Cave says death is not the end.


If you haven’t seen the documentary about Ari Up, do yourself a favor, it is inspirational and empowering, with an important message about personal freedom and carving out your own space on the planet where you can do life out loud by your own codes mostly unaffected by the screws of conformity. They made such an original racket that was part reggae/afrobeat/world music/ska/improv before there were terms for something so innovative and obscure, Budgie of the Banshees played drums on their masterpiece album, they toured with Don Cherry and a young Nenah Cherry joined their ranks. Ari was of course the daughter of Johnny Rotten’s wife Nora who gave haven to all those old punks back in the seventies, it’s a real consoling flick for damaged old people like me, who’ve been beaten and battered for decades by the evil forces of sellout fraud squads and always compliant hipster gentrifying, fucking money worshipping got-mine posers and shitlib p.c. squads and memorized the script faux woke protectors of the status quo fakes. Palmolive their original drummer dated Strummer when he was still squatter busking Woody back in the 101’ers and it can easily be argued she was more punk than Joe was originally. I still aint read Viv’s book cause I’m a poor person, maybe half a step away from squatter myself, but maybe someday, somehow. I dunno though man, my personal dreams seem to be drying up as all my lovely dove adult children have flown away and never even really keep in touch with their terminally unpopular rebel papa and all the old friends from the anarchist bonfire have died and died. “Like dirty rats from a sinking ship they slag us off to save their hip but don’t give me the benefit of the doubt cause I’ll chew it up and spit it out” sang my man, my ship just never came in cause most of the former bandmates were mercenaries who always fuckedoff for better funded operations before we finished up our records. A cryin’ motherfuckin shame cause there were so many good songs left unrealized, will probably never be heard now. Chicks would always split for whichever kid had the parents most able to fund their fake bands. The good ones all croaked, it’s been so fucking tough, of course, I am damaged goods at this point. The cheese stands alone. Much like me, The Slits never stopped fighting for freedom, insisting on their own sound/vision/way, trying to break free from a world of idiots and followers and bullshit consumer dupes waiting for the advertising man to tell them which trend to hop on next. The Slits lived for the spontaneous moments of get down and sunsets and road tripping and wild abandon-especially Ari who was a rare and untamed beautiful lightning rod full of mischief and soulpower. “Hated by many, loved by a few…” Man, oh man. I know all about that shit. The Slits were fulltime pirates, real genuine outlaw badass bohemians. Libertines. Hedonistic funtimers. Dropouts. Immortal. 

God Bless All The Truth Tellers

Barbara Ehrenreich, ‘Myth Busting’ Writer And Activist, Dies | HuffPost Entertainment

Opinion | US Working Class Must Stand Up to This Nation’s Oligarchs | Bernie Sanders (


I wish Bernie Sanders would have stood up against corrupt Podesta and Hillary and the Bloomberg megadonor elites who rigged two primaries against him. I wish he could stand up against Lockheed Martin-Vermont’s biggest employer but he keeps voting to fund endless wars based on lies and coups on socialist democracies. I thought he was real but he can’t even stand up to Hillary Clinton, dismantled the populist movement on the left to edorse Gropey Joe, corruption in Ukraine, bill gates taking over the media and controlling all the regulatory agencies and now he’s buying up the farmland. We can barely pay the electric bill but your dumbfuck rich friends wanna give more yippie yahoo funds for the Azovs in the Ukraine. Fuckin what the fuck happened to that guy, Jon Stewart? I  always liked his famous quote about the denizens of Bullshit Mountain. Benefits for nazis-are you fucking kidding me? You butthurt bout Trump this or Trump that but support full fuckin nazis in the Ukraine? John McCain and Joe Biden and Lindsey Graham and Hillary Clinton and the Cheneys are all imperialist propagandizing, journalist kidnapping/whistle blower torturing, coup plotting, science censoring, police state capitalist whores for war, not good people, not nice, not your gender studies professor, special weekend friend for sensitive manners and vegan fluidity. I’m walking home from a long hot trek today and pass ya know flagpoles dedicated to the memory of those who lost their life on 9/11, but nothing about how it was a big cash grab inside job for Halliburton, Prince Bandar, Blackwater, and the Carlyle Group. Classy droner in chief, indefinite detention Obama said we can’t look back, so now shitlibs are praising fuckin Lyn Cheney-the devil’s daughter pro torture lady. Unreal.

“Perhaps someone should’ve told Jon Stewart that he was giving a medal to a literal Naaaazi?” (-Lee Camp)


“While the Daily Beast regularly smears antiwar public figures as Russian puppets and conspiracy theorists, it is running a fawning and apparently paid promotion for the George W. Bush “Authentic Leadership Masterclass” (-Max Blumenthal from Gray Zone)
“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free. None are more hopelessly ignorant than those who falsely believe they’re informed. None are more hopelessly propagandized than those who don’t know they are propagandized.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)
“New documents show the US & EU plans to plunder Ukraine have been in the works for years. They plan to sell off public infrastructure, destroy worker rights, & secure massive giveaways to billionaires. Much of this has already begun.” (-Lee Camp)

The American Left would be a lot stronger if the main voices were marginalized people. Instead the American Left is led by people who essentially don’t have “skin in the game” (-Compton Jay)

“Bellingcat is a CIA cutout. Plain and simple, but that inconvenient truth is irrelevant to the Stenographers in the

Guardian and the other Nodding Dog media churnalists determined to undermine truth and attack those delivering it like Aaron J Mate’ and Max Blumenthal (at Useful Idiots podcast and Gray Zone)” (-Chay Bowes)

“The white community is way more violent than the black community.” (-Ice Cube)

“Remember, next you want to protest and get brutalize by the police. Democrats and Biden did this. After all the mass protests over the world against the US’s police, he spit in your face and hired more cops.” (-UnholyRom3)

“Americans have been taught that Russia and Putin are evil, so now everything our Gov’t, that does nothing but lie to us about war, must be telling the truth and if you challenge the ridiculous things they tell us, you are of course spreading Russian propaganda.” (-Black In The Empire)

“It can take a while for a principled antiwar leftist to learn that in the big picture they have very little in common with so-called progressives who mostly ignore US imperialism and just want the empire to forgive their student loans.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

“U.S. propaganda is so sophisticated that it convinces people that we’re bringing democracy to the world when we haven’t even brought anything that resembles a democracy to our own shores. The U.S. brings capitalism, militarism, and oligarchy to the world and calls it “democracy.” (-Ryan Knight)

“Democrats want war with Russia. They fabricated Russigate to justify it. Republicans want war with China and make up stories about Chinese spies and espionage to justify it. Remember, the duopoly will say ANYTHING to satisfy the war machine” (-Danny Haiphong)

“Imagine being such a pathetic limp-dicked cuck that of all the problems in the world you choose to spend your time shrieking about “communism” and “wokeness”. (-Caitlin Johnstone)

LOVE AND ROCKETS Man, I discovered “7th Dream Of Teenage Heaven” on some state of the art headphones one early morning coming back from all the nightclubs when all my older actor friends were going to bed with their model and Polish purse designer girlfriends, I was still tripping from the affects of acid and or MDMA which we used to take before going out the Pyramid or the Dive where my friend was one of the DJ’s. Changed my life-they were like a cross between Bowie, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and Bo Diddley. The eighties were a magical time for people like me, a real golden era. We were freaky kids but we really had so much fun, I’ve spent the past 25 or 27 years trying to get back to the garden, ya know what I mean? I’m still into all the old clothing and music and dancing and way of life. Of course, I loved Bauhaus and Tones On Tail, too.


WHO chief, TPLF leader Tedros silent about his party’s theft of World Food Program fuel – The Grayzone

Over 50 BidenAdmin Employees, 12 US Agencies Involved in Social Media Censorship Push: Documents (

Democrats Are Violent Extremists

Republicans are up in arms over remarks from the White House depicting the Trump-aligned faction of their party as “extremist”, which Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre defended Thursday by saying that MAGA Republicans are extremist because they disagree with the majority of Americans.”When you are not with what majority of Americans are, then you know, that is extreme; that is an extreme way of thinking,” Jean-Pierre said.Every part of this controversy is hilarious, from Republicans thinking they are not extremists, to anyone thinking that MAGA Republicans are meaningfully different from generic brand Republicans, to Democrats thinking they are any less extremist than MAGA Republicans, to Jean-Pierre claiming that you are extremist if you don’t agree with mainstream political consensus in the United States.

NOW – White House: “When you are not with what majority of Americans are, then you know, that is extreme. That is an extreme way of thinking.”

— (@disclosetv) September 1, 2022

If you look at who is inflicting the most violence, terrorism and tyranny upon the largest number of people in our world, it’s clear from the numbers that the worst offender by far is not fringe neo-Nazi groups, nor violent jihadists, nor communists nor anarchists nor environmentalists nor incels, but the bipartisan political consensus of the US-centralized empire.No other power has spent the 21st century killing people by the millions in wars of aggression. No other power is circling the planet with hundreds of military bases and working continuously to destroy any government which disobeys it. No other power is starving entire populations with economic sanctionsmilitary blockades and brazen theft. No other power has been interfering in foreign elections anywhere near as often. No other power is terrorizing populations around the world with wars, covert ops, drone strikes, proxy conflicts, and staged coups and uprisings. No other power is using its military, economic, diplomatic and media dominance to bully the world into serving its interests.The only reason the mainstream views espoused by Democrats and Republicans are mainstream is because massive amounts of narrative management have gone into creating that consensus. The fact that the social engineers of the oligarchic empire have poured vast fortunes into making sure Americans consent to capitalism, corruption, militarism and murder is the only reason those perspectives are so mainstream that they can be labeled “moderate” or “centrist”.When people hear the word “extremist” they tend to think of groups like ISIS or the Ku Klux Klan, but per definition an extremist is just someone whose political or religious beliefs can lead them to do violent or illegal things. The US empire would crumble if it didn’t do violent and illegal things continuously, which is why its body count dwarfs those of any of the extremist ideologies the news media tell us to worry about. And it is fully supported by both Republicans and Democrats.To pick a recent illustration of essentially limitless possible examples, imagine what the response would have been if a prominent MAGA pundit had given an award to neo-Nazis at an event hosted by the US military during the Trump administration. Imagine how Democrats and their aligned media would have responded to such an event.Can you picture it? Can you hear the shrieking in your mind’s ear? Good. Because that’s exactly what happened at the Pentagon’s annual Warrior Games at Disney World a few days ago, only it was a liberal pundit and Ukrainian Nazis during the Biden administration.SCOOP: Multiple Ukrainian Nazis were invited to Disney World by the Pentagon to participate in the 2022 DoD Warrior Games. Liberal comedian Jon Stewart even honored a former hardcore Azov militant for his “personal example.” New from me in @TheGrayzoneNews— Alex Rubinstein (@RealAlexRubi) August 31, 2022In a new report titled “Jon Stewart and the Pentagon honor Ukrainian Nazi at Disney World,” The Grayzone’s Alex Rubinstein shows the former Daily Show star presenting an award to a member of Ukraine’s neo-Nazi Azov Battalion who is wearing a t-shirt and a suspicious-looking red sleeve on one of his arms, with another photo showing the same Azov member a tattoo of a Nazi symbol on that same arm. Rubinstein presents evidence that this wasn’t the only Nazi-affiliated Ukrainian at the event, which was also attended by musician Darius Rucker.I keep thinking I’ve seen the most liberal thing that could possibly happen, but 2022 keeps proving me wrong. I have a hard time imagining how you beat a liberal comedian honoring a Ukrainian Nazi with an award at a Pentagon event in Disneyland, but I’m sure they’ll find a way before long.Biden is advancing the interests of the murderous US empire by waging a world-threatening proxy war in Ukraine whose combatants can’t seem to get photographed without Nazi insignia on their person. Trump advanced the interests of the US empire by inflicting death and starvation in nations like Yemen, Venezuela, Iran and Syria, as well as ramping up the brinkmanship with Russia which led to the current proxy war in Ukraine. The Biden administration is the Trump administration with a different soundtrack. The Trump administration was the Obama administration with a different soundtrack. They are all violent extremists. None are superior to the other. They all serve the interests of the most murderous and depraved institution on earth, as does anyone who supports any of them.Democrats calling Republicans extremists is like ISIS calling Al Qaeda extremists, only Democrats and Republicans have a much higher body count. (-Caitlin Johnstone)


My friend Morgan a filmmaker who lived on Astor Place got me into their early albums and we were kindof surprised when they were able to crossover into such a mainstream act, appearing on MTV at the Ritz in concert, doing talk shows, being featured in regular rotation along with bands like Flesh For Lulu, Lords Of The New Church, The Cult, and Love & Rockets. I don’t care what anybody says, the world was a groovier place when MTV still played all the post punk, goth, and glam bands, at least it was less hostile towards me, personally. For all of Cobain’s crusading against redneck machismo, his fans were overwhelmingly hicks who discovered combat boots and flannel but never really stopped punching smaller people for wearing makeup…Now they’re like Foo Fighters fans for Biden. Or Trump.


Highway Robbery Department: the scumbag desert South West electric company is robbing us like motherfuckers just because they can, none of the fakeass phony politicians represent the interests of the everyday people, they just keep us all distracted with bullshit gender oriented culture wars. These oligarchs do whatever they want to us slaves, and the middle class and upperclass rich people just laugh at our bad luck and say we have it comin’ because we did not marry up, or join the military. I spent ten years is the Pacific Northwest against my preference and better judgment but I am not a fake hippie who just likes to show her titties, or a rightwing college sports fan, it was all just to stay close to my two middle kids. I was hassled by gentrification people and awful kkkops the whole time, so I’m glad to be removed from that yuppiefied shit ville. Fuck you, fake liberals. You fakeass exclusion zone landlordly fuckin fuckers. Namaste my ass.


Man I was kinda on my way out the door yesterday, retreating from my beloved teen child’s loudly violent media blare, when I heard a loud hissing sound and saw one of our outdoor feral cats engaging insistently with a big fuckedup rattlesnake kinda behind my garbage can. I’m like, throwing things at the cat, trying to chase it away before it gets bit but nope, she refused to leave, ‘was determined she was gonna get the big rattler, would not abandon her foolish endeavor. My resourceful wife called the cowboy neighbor to findout who we could call to get rid of the undesirable varmint and like two minutes later, the dude was in our driveway pinning the snake with a big garden tool, asking me to retrieve a bucket. I only had one in the garage still filled with monsoon rain and dumped it, laying it near the offending trespasser, which my neighborly cowboy amigo deftly placed into the big old paint bucket and removed heroically from the property, while my teen was in a big panic about the animal’s safety and wellbeing and wanted to be out on the porch, neighbor said he was gonna take the snake to the other side of the river. Then, he later asked my wife if she could post some purses he’d found in the garbage to her Ebay account. Yeah, no problemo, mi amigo. It is important to be on good terms with your eccentric cowboy neighbors in the rattlesnake desert. My son gave him a big kite as a thank you for rescuing his feral outdoor cat friend. I’ve known that guy for about four years and we’ve had our ups and downs and differences of opinion but when the shit hits the fan, he’s been mostly on our side and I really appreciate him for that, in spite of some conflicting opinions we may have about social issues. I think his father was a big rich Aspen millionaire so he has some residual stock market worshipful attitudes, disapproves of my working class solidarity with all the other poor people of the world, who don’t really get a vote or have any legit representation, are just herded about. I think he’s been insulted and offended by all the divide and conquer attacks one is subjected to by the bourgeoise faux wokes so he’s not real big on the save the whales posturings of the middle class, yoga culture, thank Obama, vote blue no matter who, see no evil except for Trump, deranged Democrat voters. I get it, ‘point is, we come together to help each other, he’s chased away crazy meth heads in the middle of the night and some drunken Republikkan rancher yahoos who were out in the trails getting stuck in the midnight mud while dumbfuck drunken joyriding in three wheeler recreation vehicles, when there was a big gas explosion in the trailer park across the road a couple years back, we were trying to wake him up but he was already out there, watching from the hillside. City Hall hates the dude cause he’s a crazy artist and they want his property to gentrify. I don’t even have any property, ya know aside from a broken stereo and some boxes of cassettes and letters and old lyrics to songs I never got to record, when the drummers split and the fame hags followed. So I kinda feel the bad vibes rolling off the corrupt smalltown establishment, along with him. They are some shady motherfuckers. If anything, he has more faith in the system, likes or respects the real estate titans and shark tank investors better than I do. I got no love for fly by night developers, shit don’t stink posh people, slow witted enforcement class thugs, or fatcat bureaucrats who hate the poor and only ever, ever care about protecting their own special winebox privileges. Shitlibs are not the Resistance, they are just suckups vicariously “identifying” with some rich ladies in pants suits who do nothing on their behalf but tweet Trump Is Bad. Maybe they trash talk Caitlin Johnstone or Jill Stein for having too much integrity and shaming them on their morning Twitters. I try my best to stay away from pro war slogan repeating Ukraine flag waving, love the kkkops shitlibs, they are too invested in their own authority trips, just wanna make a bust, so they can feel like they are in the loop insiders. Politeness Pelosis and in crowd V.I.P.’s, sucking back some bruncher champagne and complaining about the “OTHERS” being so coarse and disobedient, uneducated and ikky unwoke. My neighbor might not make trans rights and mosaic tiles his whole identity, and gender fluidity will probably never be his sole purpose in life, but if there’s a snake in the carport, he’s able and willing to help, whereas the university elites just wanna call the kkkops on the panhandlers some more, talk about how they know some famous celebrity, soak in the healing minerals hot tubs for science and diversity. I got more in common with the unconforming cowboys at this point than I do the AOC worshipping Nurse Ratchets and censor squad Tipper Gores. We can no longer waste time organizing with watermelon and cucumber water slurping middle class people who think it’s somehow just bitchen when billionaire techlords censor Abby Martin and Chris Hedges. 

“And what’s funny about all this is that by constantly warning of the dangers of “Russian propaganda”, empire managers are admitting that they know it’s possible to manipulate public thought at mass scale using media. They’re just lying about who’s doing it to us.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)


The Jimmy Dore Show – YouTube

Russell Brand – YouTube I don’t really fully trust this guy at all, too new agey Namaste hipster guru controlled opposition for me, but he says some offscript stuff that makes sense to me.

Ohio police release video of officer fatally shooting Black man in bed (

The Chris Hedges Report: Dr. Gerald Horne on the legacy of W.E.B. Du Bois – YouTube

Warning: Gates-Funded Factory Breeds 30 Million Mosquitoes a Week for Release in 11 Countries (


and of course Charlie Sexton – Beat’s So Lonely – YouTube

“Imagine if the US masses remembered Trump’s 2017 $2 TRILLION tax cuts for the wealthy, tax cuts that the Democrats promised to reverse!” (-JPierre on Twitter)

“And they should remember that this was one of the moves he made to try and relieve some of the pressure the real rulers were putting on him to demonstrate that he was playing ball. He went on to govern fully in line with their program including sending heavy weapons to Ukraine.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“Will John Oliver mock Biden for forgiving student debt without explaining exactly how he’ll pay for it? Nah. Oliver was simply taking a cheap shot at debtors & me for challenging liberal elites.” (-Dr. Jill Stein)

“In 2008, I was a Democrat. In 2010, I was enamored by “intersectionality.” By 2012, I was a Marxist-Leninist and haven’t turned back since. These are revolutionary times.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“The US government is hiring 87,000 new IRS agents to make sure more of its citizens’ money goes to Ukraine, where parliamentarians just voted to give themselves a 70% pay raise financed by international aid.” (-Max Blumenthal)

The Ruling Class HATES Workers | RBN LIVE Roundtable | Premieres at 1245PM ET (

US, UK Sabotaged Ukraine-Russia PEACE DEAL In April: Aaron Maté Breaks Down Report – YouTube

Greenwald Targeted by CIA! – YouTube

Surviving Monkees member Micky Dolenz sues the FBI, asks for files on him and his bandmates (


“Five Eyes intelligence was basically an Uber service for AQ/ISIS. It gave Shamima Begum a ride to Syria and Manchester bomber Salman Abedi a ride home. (And how did Mohamed Emwazi aka “Jihadi John” get to Syria from the UK with a fake passport while under MI5 surveillance?)” (-Max Blumenthal)

Revolutionary Blackout Network on Twitter: “Some people on skid row know exactly what’s going on. “And they treat me like a fucking slave today, ’cause slavery never ended, it hasn’t, because I’ve been to prison for nickels and dimes.. and I’ve been to some of the hardest penitentiaries in” / Twitter

Russell Brand “Canceled” For Telling Truth About RussiaGate & Hillary! – YouTube

Bombshell: CIA’s Plot To Assassinate Assange! – YouTube

Stream How Infowars is Controlled Opposition & a Crucial Tool for Elites , Part 2 of 2 by Media Roots Radio | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

Surveillance State Revealed: A Guided Tour of How Cops Can Browse Your Location Data – Activist Post

Leaked Docs: Facebook ‘Bot’ Adviser Secretly in Pay of US Regime Change Agency (

“I worry about American propaganda, that’s what got our citizens to support giving billions of our dollars to weapons manufacturers to arm Ukraine in a war that our Gov’t provoked.” (-Black In The Empire)

“Google’s filled to the brim with CIA agents & it’s not even a secret. The world’s biggest information source is run & curated by people who have devoted their lives to lying for the US empire. Am I the only one who has a problem with this?” (-Lee Camp)

“Maybe people should have been more suspicious when our Gov’t was determined to make sure we couldn’t track where the billions they are taking from us and weapons really wind up going. But hey that could just be me.” (-Black In The Empire)

Jill Stein & Lee Camp! (US Signals They Want Ukraine War To Last Years) (

ISSUE #90: Social media is another narrative management tool for the US empire. (

“Ukrainian Nazis at Disney World, brought to you by the Pentagon with guest appearances by Darius Rucker and Jon Stewart. The Pentagon refused to tell The Grayzone if US taxpayers funded their travel.” (-Max Blumenthal)

Dandelion Salad: James Bamford: Inside the NSA’s Largest and Most Expansive Secret Domestic Spy Center + Thomas Drake Prevails in Unprecedented Obama Admin Crackdown (

Transhumanism And The Future Of Humanity: 7 Ways The World Will Change By 2030 ( resist the evil scumbags.

Dandelion Salad ( yeah the fascists locked me outta FACEBOOK, TOO! Miss you, LO!

Locked Out of Facebook – Dandelion Salad (

Jon Stewart and the Pentagon honor Ukrainian Nazi at Disney World – The Grayzone

Unlimited Hangout

US Decision-makers Cannot Handle End of White Supremacy: Former Vice Presidential Candidate | Black Agenda Report

Three Revolutionary Black Women | Black Agenda Report

Digital Identity – What’s Your Trust Score? – Activist Post

Hawkish Dems Ramp Up Campaign Against Possible Iran Deal (

The Last American Vagabond

10 Ways We Pretend War Is Not a Crime and How to Change Them by David Swanson – Dandelion Salad (

With Western imperial decline, capitalism is in crisis – a new phase is emerging – Multipolarista

Biden CREATED The College Loan Crisis (Eleanor Goldfield & Lee Camp) (


Yeah man my goth girlfriend Steffani got me into “Love Hysteria” and “Deep” ya know those records really elevated my idea of what a song should be. He was a great poet, the best vocalist, a magnetic live performer, no one comes close besides maybe like Bowie or Iggy! My ex guitar player who also dated her before becoming a famous doctor in NYC, he was so talented, he used to woo chicks in Boston playing all those solo Peter Murphy guitar licks. I never got to see Peter Murphy or Bauhaus live, but they’ve been a big part of my life since I was a frightened little runaway big city guttersnipe. Tragic how people with this much talent never get access to the corporate airwaves anymore. Almost as if the techtyrants at the top of the capitalist pyramid don’t want us to become thoughtful and sensitive human beings, almost like they are methodically using a tightly controlled media and dumbing everybody down into lowest common denominator, hopelessly propagandized cheerleaders for endles war and racist kkkop goon squads, murderers and evil bureaucrats, baffled and herded whores, slaves, prisoners, corpses. Incapable of critical thought, fucking grade point average slogan repeaters.


How the CIA has Infiltrated Social Media Companies, with Alan MacLeod (

Biden’s Student Loan Scam | Black Agenda Report

Bruce Gagnon and Will Griffin: Crisis in Ukraine Explained – Dandelion Salad (

The Ruling Class HATES Workers | RBN LIVE Roundtable | Premieres at 1245PM ET (

The Epstein Network, the Mafia, & One Nation Under Blackmail with Whitney Webb – Activist Post


The War On Terror Is A Typo – Dandelion Salad (

Whitney Webb on Twitter: “NEW Podcast- I was joined by Catherine Austin Fitts of @solari_the to discuss the Inflation Reduction Act, new changes to the IRS & how the act pushes America deeper into a “green” economy designed by billionaires and bankers for their benefit, not ours.” / Twitter

The New Cold War and the Redoubling of U.S. Propaganda Power by Rainer Shea – Dandelion Salad (

Fascism: A False Revolution by Michael Parenti – Dandelion Salad (

The Kissinger Continuum: The Unauthorized History of the WEF’s Young Global Leaders Program (

The Occupation of the American Mind (must-see) – Dandelion Salad (

Craig Murray: Marx Was Right – Consortium News


Will Griffin: The Three Main Reasons Why The U.S. Invaded and Occupied Afghanistan – Dandelion Salad (

Trump’s Effective Intimidation of the Powerful Federal Reserve + Big Pharma: Gouges, Casualties, and the Congressional Remedy! by Ralph Nader – Dandelion Salad (

Gutter Gospel: Hyps, Hakwind, Divinyls, Dark Carnies, INXS, Roger Waters, Russian “Propaganda” Just Means Disobedient, New Wave, Rebellion! (-by General Labor)

Oh, the alcoholic afternoons
When we sat in your rooms
They meant more to me than any
Than any living thing on earth
It had more worth
Than any
Living thing on earth, on earth, on earth

Vivid and in your prime
You will leave me behind
You will leave me behind 

 (-The Smiths)


One of my lifetime’s dearest friends died a couple Christmases ago, our dearly beloved old brother D.A., his stagename was Billy Ray Bogart, and his band was called The Hot Rod Gang, man, I still wrote him postcards like I had since I was a kid. He worked at this old hippie record store in the middle of nowhere-I met him when I was I dunno, 12 or 13 and he taught me all about all those sixties “Nuggets” style garage bands, the blues, so much. From Iggy and The Doors to John Lee Hooker and Love and Blue Cheer. When his parents died, he moved in with me to my purple apartment, I was about eighteen. You could still get good acid back then usually from his guitar teacher friend, ya know, and we would drink beer and whiskey and trip on acid and it was so much fun. You ever see one of those comicbooks, “The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers”? That’s what that dude was like, just a lovely, lovely sweet, shy, smart, hippie, space traveler. My time on earth has become a lot lonelier since he split. We used to watch old wretling videos he collected on VHS and get high and listen it Hawkwind, baby. Good times. I wish I could go back and see that little apartment we shared but it burntdown. All the places I used to live are vanishing. They even painted over the Gringo mural on St. Mark’s Place. What the fuck is wrong with people? Nothing’s sacred to the dollar worshippers. These greedhead scumbags call themselves developers but they are more like destroyers. History erasers.

Not that much I’m all that interested in owning, I’m not really all that much of a materialist or collector, but I do still really, really, really wanna copy of that THEE HYPNOTICS boxset and I’d also love to see that movie about them. 

Paradise Lost was what we all called my old yellow farmhouse on the edge of town that was pretty much ground zero for the punk rock in my era in that state. Lotta people are still trying to repeat what we had conjured there. It was a magical time and we were foolish and naieve for maybe kinda thinking it would never end.

 Ain’t it weird how that’s what we all called my old bandhouse-they tore it down after it sat empty for years and years cause the landlords wanted like some farout high rent and the place was completely deteriorated like thirty years ago. First they turned it into a nail salon, a tanning bed place, a cell phone store, and then it became home to a group called, “Teens For Christ”, which always makes me smile. Lotta the people who used to hangout there are dead, now. Some of the others are like these straight capitalist businessmen. It blows my freakin’ mind. I’m still the outsider lunatic fringe! Silver machine, baby! Headlines say Olivia Newton John is dead-I had that poster of her from Grease on my bedroom wall as a kid. In the third grade for Halloween I had a little girlfriend who was Sandy and I was Elvis.

Leslie Wexner’s Young Global Leaders (

Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters Brands Joe Biden a War Criminal: ‘He’s Fueling the Fire in the Ukraine’ (

Black people need some peace. White people need some peace. And we are going to have to fight. We’re going to have to struggle. We’re going to have to struggle relentlessly to bring about some peace, because the people that we’re asking for peace, they are a bunch of megalomaniac warmongers, and they don’t even understand what peace means. Fred Hampton

Assange Defense at the Roger Waters 2022 tour – Assange Defense

When Will Foreign Leaders Start Asking To Speak To America’s REAL Government?

During the furor over Nancy Pelosi’s incendiary Taiwan visit last week, I was watching an appearance by Antiwar’s Dave DeCamp on the show Rising which brought up the under-discussed point that US officials going to Taipei is actually a continuation of a trend that had already been happening under the Trump administration.

DeCamp pointed out that China began regularly flying planes into Taiwan’s Air Defense Identification Zone after Trump administration officials made similar visits to Pelosi’s.

“That started happening regularly after August 2020 when President Trump sent Alex Azar to Taiwan,” DeCamp said. “He was his health secretary. He was the highest-level cabinet official to visit Taiwan since 1979. The following month, in September 2020, they sent Keith Krach. He was the undersecretary for economics in the State Department, and he was the highest-level State Department official to visit Taiwan since 1979. So these are unprecedented steps, and since then we’ve seen more Chinese military activity in the region.”

Later in the interview Rising’s Briahna Joy Gray asked DeCamp if these escalations against China from the Trump administration into the Biden administration were a “kind of blob foreign policy decision that is not partisan.” DeCamp explained how in 2018 the US military began officially transitioning from emphasis on “counter-terrorism” in the Middle East toward “great power competition” with China and Russia, with the ultimate target being China.

“If you look at all the really hawkish think tanks in Washington that are funded by the arms industry, it’s all about this so-called great power competition,” DeCamp said. “Russia right now seems to be the more imminent issue I guess, but China seems to be in the long run. And we’ve seen this from just about every government agency — the Pentagon, the FBI, the State Department, the CIA — say that China is the long-term so-called threat. And we’ve seen Biden say this, and this is kind of the name of the game in Washington right now.”

In the lead-up to Pelosi’s visit, Moon of Alabama spotlighted this strange phenomenon where US foreign policy moves along the same trajectory regardless of political party or election results with a collection of recent articles that have all raised this subject independently. This one from Naked Capitalism stands out the most right now:

National leaders never have complete freedom to act; even autocrats have constituencies or power blocs they have to appease. In the US, it has become clear that the President has limited degrees of freedom on foreign policy matters; the military/intel interests call the shots. Mind you, there are factions so a President can push the needle to a degree; that’s why, for instance, Obama was able to check Clinton’s plans to escalate in Syria. But the flip side is that Presidents who want to improve relations with pet enemies get nowhere. In the Oliver Stone interviews, Putin recounts how he had productive discussions with Bush and they agreed on concrete de-escalation measures. Follow ups were unanswered. Eventually Putin got a written bafflespeak climbdown. That and other examples led Putin to conclude that US presidents are hostage to bureaucratic and commercial interests.

Biden is a visibly very weak president. And it appears that that has enabled the neocons to have an even bigger say over foreign policy than usual.

One assumes Xi has to understand that. Yet the Chinese readout has Xi starting from lofty first principles to contend that the US and China, as leading world powers, have a duty to promote peace, global development, and prosperity. From that, Xi reasons that seeing China as a strategic rival is “misperceiving” US-China relations and misleading the world community.

Who is Xi talking to when he goes on like that? It certainly is not to Biden.

New on MoA:
What Presidents Say Does Not Matter. It Is The Execution Of Policies That Counts.

— Moon of Alabama (@MoonofA) July 30, 2022

An example of the aforementioned comments by Putin was when Oliver Stone asked him, “You’ve gone through four U.S. presidents: Clinton, Bush, Obama and now Trump. What changes?”

“Almost nothing. Your bureaucracy is very strong and it is that bureaucracy that rules the world,” Putin replied.

It’s that “bureaucracy” that is responsible for the fact that the US-centralized empire continues to move in the same way along the same trajectory regardless of political parties and election results.

Nobody elects that bureaucracy. You can’t even see most of it behind the veils of government and corporate secrecy. You can study it your whole life and at best you’ll come away with a list of opaque government agencies, longtime military and intelligence operatives, plutocrats, corporations, banks, war profiteers, think tanks, lobbying firms and NGOs with ties to different nations and governments around the world, but exactly who is responsible for what specific decisions behind each specific move of the empire will remain shrouded in mystery to you. It’s just a jumble of names and words with no useful application.

Westerners are fond of crowing about the freedom they have to criticize their president or prime minister in whatever way they want, saying that if you tried to criticize the leadership of one of the foreign regimes we are all trained to hate you would be thrown in jail for it.

And depending on the nation that may be true, but is it really “freedom” to be able to criticize an elected official who is nothing more than a figurehead? Sure, you can criticize the president all you want. You can stick googly eyes on a sock and criticize that all you want, too; it will make the same amount of difference. At least people who live under more overtly authoritarian governments know who rules over them and who’s calling the shots. In that sense, they have more freedom than us.

As an Australian I know live in a member state of the US-centralized empire which is functionally just a US military base with kangaroos, but I can’t see who’s making the actual decisions about how the empire will act, how capitalism will move, and whether my children will be conscripted into the military to fight some idiotic war with China provoked over Taiwan or the Solomon Islands. If I were Chinese I would know exactly who is ultimately responsible for making the important decisions about economics and foreign policy in my country, but as an Australian I don’t get to know those things.

The truth is westerners live in a giant empire loosely centralized around the United States whose operations they have literally no influence over, whose operators they’re not even get to know, and whose mechanisms are entirely hidden. If you call that freedom, I call you a fool.

We can see that the empire moves the same way on important matters regardless of who we elect by simple naked-eye observation of the empire’s behaviors from year to year. We can also see it in the fact that the official leader of the most powerful government on earth is obviously suffering from some kind of dementia and is clearly not the one calling the shots.

All this makes me wonder: at what point will foreign leaders begin demanding to speak to those who are calling the shots? At what point do Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping begin saying, “No, we’re not doing another fake phone call with America’s fake government. Put me in touch with the actual people who are responsible for the issues I am concerned about. Who is making the actual decisions on these specific matters? Let me talk to them. I demand to speak to your real government.” (-Cait Johnstone)

Gates Calls Social Credit Scores An “Asset” — Are They Coming To The US? – Activist Post

“I fought for liberty and was deprived of all liberty. I fought for freedom of speech and was deprived of all speech. I fought for the truth and became the subject of a thousand lies.” (- Julian Assange)

“Julian Assange shouldn’t be the subject of a grand jury hearing, he should be given a medal. He’s contributing to democracy.”

(-Noam Chomsky)

“It is impossible to correct abuses unless we know they are going on.” (-Julian Assange)

“The thing that struck me when I saw Kamala Harris’s tweet and her statement expressing this outrage about Brittney Griner, first of all, let me say, I don’t think anybody anywhere in the world should be imprisoned for marijuana possession. Period. Full stop. When you look at Kamala Harris’ statement on Twitter, she is expressing this outrage about Brittney Griner. My question for her and the Biden administration is, where is your outrage for your fellow Americans who are sitting in prison today here in the United States of America because of minor marijuana violations? How come you are not fighting as hard for them to be returned home and reunited with their families as you are for Brittney Griner?” And to me, the message to the American people through their actions is loud and clear. It is that if you are rich and powerful or famous, then you will get special treatment from this administration. If you are not, we don’t care about you, and we’re going to let you sit there and rot in jail.” (-Tulsi Gabbard)

“After George W, Obama, Trump and now Zelensky can play president, I guess AOC could also. But the Sanders campaigns demonstrated that liberal/radical democrats don’t have the stomach to fight for power inside that party so she will never get close to the presidency.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“DEMOCRATS ARE LYING TO THE PUBLIC: 1) The economy’s NOT booming. GDP has declined for 2 quarters—which means it’s in a recession. 2) Biden’s “climate” bill expands fossil fuels & drilling on public lands. 3) More people have been locked up for marijuana under Biden than Trump.” (-Ryan Knight)

Chris Hedges explains: Liberals don’t address institutional racism. All those interlocking systems to keep them poor, poor.

Sabby Sabs interviews whistle blower journalist KIM IVERSON:

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “This is the first time I’ve seen a CNN guest take one of the network’s jingoistic halfwits to the woodshed on Ukraine and Taiwan so comprehensively in such a short amount of time. And it was @rogerwaters.” / Twitter

I am the people, I’m not the pig. You got to make a distinction. And the people are going to have to attack the pigs. The people are going to have to stand up against the pigs. That’s what the Panthers is doing, that’s what the Panthers are doing all over the world. Fred Hampton


I can’t believe Chrissy is no longer here, besides Vanity, she was my fave woman of the 80’s. I first discovered the Divinyls at SOUNDS record store on saint Mark’s Place as a runaway teenager way back in 84 or 85. She was the ultimate bombshell and all her troubled songs about being a misfit and a rebel spoke directly to my young heart. Ever since discovering them, ya know, her guitarist Mark  has been the template for what I was always searching for in a sideman. I thought he had great style, sound, really inimitable, unique riffs, perfect hair, all the fab moves. Nobody has great bands like this anymore cause pig-media banned real rocknroll and replaced it with toxic-pop garbage. And the propertarians shamelessly jackedup rents so high muttering about “market value” and calling the kkkops everytime they spot a suspected poorer person in their zipcode-all without ever raising wages for workers so nobody can afford an apartment, let alone a rehearsal studio. In my town a couple of get rich developers moved in with big talk about how they’re gonna rebrand the place as a Brooklyn like hipster haven for “California tech-money” and five boomer rich people love that kinda talk and told city hall some changes needed to be made to the desert southwest unconforming cowboy tradition of whacky cactus and rock gardens and cow skulls and horseshoes nailed to every wall, and now code enforcers are flying drones over people’s fences and confiscating poor people’s old R.V.’s and rundown cars-EVEN FROM PRIVATE PROPERTY. partisan media stupid middle people are such short sighted asskissers that everytime the establishment rolls out another bullshit law killing our freedoms and civil liberties, while attacking the poor, they always jump up and down and applaud. “Thanks for getting rid of the eyesores!”, they all shriek, never comprehending that whenever you allow The Man to fuck over “the lesser thans” and “the others”, their NEXT TARGET will be YOU. Like all those shitlib assholes were so happy when Alex Jones and RFK got censored, now it is THE ENTIRE LEFT being purged from all platforms. And HELL NO, “Kamala!” and Pelosi ARE NOT THE LEFT! This culture war bullshit cover story works like a charm though. All the Breitbart rightwingers keep saying Biden is a radical leftist and a Marxist socialist while he keeps arresting people for reefer, mass incarcerating black people for reefer, starting wars, and taking away more rights. All the shitlibs only care about banning guns, abortion, and protecting their own privileged lifestyles to even wanna KNOW what the soldout Democrats are really doing while blaming everything on Trump, or “RUSSIA!” Nothing on tv is real anymore, it’s all corporate police state/forever war propaganda designed to benefit the super rich.

Man do I ever miss Stiv and Joe, ya know they even got Rollins helping promote wars and shit. Pretenders n Duran wavin’ flags for proxy war in Ukraine. The Divinyls are perfect to me. They wrote REAL SONGS, they had REAL HEART, they got REAL style, they played REAL ROCKNROLL. No one can ever replave Achrissy Amphlett or Stiv Bators-certainly not some muppet model paycheck cashers. My fave groups as a gutter urchin in Manhattan were the Lords, Inxs, Fleshtones, Billy Idol, and the Divinyls. That aint changed. These other motherfuckers who been reconditioned into thinking that rocknroll has somethin’ to do with Owning The Most Stuff, asskissing conformity, slavishly puking and repuking the past, or sucking up to rich people, I can’t help them. As a wise kid named Useless Bastard once said, “Fuck Those People”. Anybody else notice how deep state and secret society controlled Hollywood keeps making these movies vilifying, or at best, lampooning people like Fred Hampton, Abbie Hoffman, Che and Fidel? Why do you suppose that is? Cause Nixon and Hoover were the GOOD GUYS? Dick Cheney? Get outta here! The evil billionaires and secret societies are running shit, jacking up the costs of living, waging their imperialist wars while the people on tv are just a puppet show.

Adolescence is hard for everybody-even my friends who were rich or large or good lookin’ TOTALLY struggled and not just cause their friend wore a lot of makeup and sequins. I had a very dear, dear, benevolent friend who died like four years ago, her name was Jan S. Last person in the world you’d think I’d get along with, or have a lifelong, intimate camaraderie with. She was a country club, show off, fur coat, diamond ring mom to my dangerous gangster friend. She was into status and titles and property and conspicuous consumption, but her deep and abiding, unconditional love for her crazy son humanized her and her love for her crazy son humanized me, in her eyes. These brainwashed, spoilt shit fuckin P.C. wokey-wokeest-pro-nounest-I’m Every woman Lil Oprahs can talk about safe spaces all day long, but man, I’ll tell ya, I was hated and hunted as a kid, and this one, bourgeoise country club foxy lady TOLLERATED me and a couple of mine and her kid’s other friends, even though we were all fuckedup and sad and weird, and she fed us freely and let us stay upstairs in his room, making mix tapes, and calling girls on the phone, and mixing heavy metal with rap and new wave on cassettes way before Ton fuckin Loc or Kid Rock or whoever. I miss her, she was a good lady, had some soul, raised my brotha’s black daughter as her own. And that was not an easy thing to accept in uptight racist White Suburbia. I guess I’m thinkin’ about all this today, because she provided one of my lifetime’s only real tollerant havens, and cause summa my extended family members and my very own mightily cherished kids are struggling to fit into this society and even at 52, I am, too. The people at the top want us all to think it’s our fault, or blame each other, but, no, my brothers and sisters and friends of the revolution, I am here to tell you again today, it is the sociopathic abusers at the top and their lyin’ ass gaslighting pimped out no soul fuckin media that’s doing it to all of us. Listen to your own conscience, your own gut instinct—trust that, not the amount of “likes” you get or anything to do with fucking Bullshit Pig-Media.


This is gonna be a little bit backdated by the time it “goes to press” because I’ve got about 4 prior columns in line to post, but a lotta shit is goin’ on in the crazy world and there is so much censorship on all platforms in the USA, USA, nobody even knows anything about what’s happening unless they really dig for it online. Lotta people even think their kindly deep state protectors and big-pharma investors and surveillance-tech billionaires are just buying up all the media and silencing all dissident voices for their own good, for the health and protection of the general public, and the public good, and the Gates Reset. These same liars might have lied about everything else for all these years, but NOW, THIS TIME, they’re telling us the truth, according to gullible wisful thinking blue no matter whos, the secretive billionaires are supposedly trustworthy because they are Democrats and philanthropists and woke scientific and because they love us! These same apologists try to make sense of like Taylor Swift and Kanye West and Harry Styles and Dave Grohl and shit. Man, I’ll never know how so many people can even stand all the say-nothing copycat clones and tribute bands or mediocrity imitations who just constantly regurgitate and rehash the past. I remember when the Fox tv people kept saying, “Shut Up & Sing” to the Dixie Chicks, now rebranded as The Chicks after she spoke out against Bush/Cheney and their lies for wars and dismantling of the Fourth Amendment. I even experienced first hand entire barrooms of motherfuckers who kept telling me to not be political, while applauding the local Elvis imitators who just basically did covers and copied some famous legends whole act again and again like fucking Saturday night karaoke, that was just never my thing at all. At all, at all, they all suck, mean nothing, waste everybody’s time throwing their mother’s money around, trying to buy fame and females. Not my thing at all. Growing up in the shithole Midwest I had to hear Pink Floyd‘s “Money” all day on classic rock FM until I came to hate it, but Pink Floyd‘s “The Wall”, along with The Doors debut, “Strange Days”, “Waiting For The Sun”, “Soft Parade”, “Morrison Hotel”, and “L.A. Woman”, oh yeah and “Absolutely Live” and “Alive, She Cried”, and of course, THE STOOGES debut, “Fun House” and “Raw Power” really shaped who I was to become way, way before I ever heard of The Clash or Wanderers or The Alarm or Lords Of The New Church. I think Roger Waters is one of the only dinosaur rockers who still stand for anything besides tacky millionaires doing more money gouging, big stadium, victory lap, ripoff concerts ala Guns N Roses, Springsteen, and The Stones. I salute ROGER WATERS for his courage and bravery and artistry and songwriting. I frequently think about Stiv and Strummer and Bill Hicks and Hunter and Baldwin and Malcolm and all those people who came before us, and how horrified they’d be, if they were here today, and could see how their former fans and collaborators are such eager beaver, official narrative, make a bucks and willing puppets for corporate rulers, warpigs, and known liars. Radicals and whistle blowers, truth tellers and poets and comedians get blacklisted, cancelled, banned, incarcerated, deplatformed/demonetized or straight up just outright assassinated ala Seth Rich and Michael Hastings, Berta Caceres and Dr. David Kelly and Paul Wellstone and Gary Webb, and probably JFK Jr., and Sandra Bland, while pig-media hypes and celebrates all the no talent say-nothings and fake muzak puppets and trust funded playtime costume bands. Big love to Roger Waters, each one teach one, let every performance and tv appearance, every rock column, every song that ever squeaks in despite the ruling class efforts to shut it down, be a truth telling FREEDOM SCHOOL! All the time, everyday, keep broadcasting. We aint no match for the Big machine, but we can all do a little something-say your thing, pant your garden, share your seeds. The billionaires who are buying up all the farmlands aint your friendly friends. As Texas Terri used to say, “never shut up!”  FREE ASSANGE!

Monday Online Event: Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters in Support of WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange – Blog

Assange family barred from taking book about WikiLeaks founder into Australia’s parliament | Julian Assange | The Guardian

CIA reportedly plotted to kidnap and assassinate Julian Assange (

I believe I’m going to die doing the things I was born to do. I believe I’m going to die high off the people. I believe I’m going to die a revolutionary in the international revolutionary proletarian struggle. Fred Hampton

Roger Waters Explains Opening Warning Statement at Concerts (


Sunday in the desert. Bored stiff. Dread Wal Mart. Inflation is killin’ us.

Met these folks at a bar in Detroit called Lilli’s, they were exactly as you might have imagined-standoffish, dead cool, very haughty and eccentric, as one pal said, “like Warhol celebrities”, Hiawatha was way more approachable and down to earth. I was good friends with a couple of their collaborators-Mark Gilder, my shortlived Detroit based glam gang’s bassplayer and wildboy all night fun hog extraordinaire who also briefly played bass in their band and Bootsy X, the fabulous Mutants drummer who sadly passed a few years ago. Bootsy was originally in line to play drums for me, he was real gung ho about it actually and I’m still a bit salty it didn’t go down like that, he was also a real extroverted speedy personality king and loud laughs raconteur. He shared my love of Zodiac Mindwarp and Betty Davis, he had known everybody in rocknroll from Lester Bangs to Dark Carnival, obviously, he was a blast to be around, so many amazing stories-what a wild life he had. I miss ‘im, we had so much fun together. 



I never liked anything about Donald J. Trump, but when the establishment and deep state pig-media start trotting out demonic forces like Dick Cheney and Lyn Cheney and pretending that they are some kind of virtuous defenders of the Constitution or election integrity or truth or civil liberties or some shit, ya gotta wonder what’s up. They are known election fixers who eviscerated the Bill Of Rights and Genevea Conventions, brought in torture and kidnapping, burn pits, and lied this country into a dozen wars based on fabrications and false flags continued under Obama/Biden. They are not some heroic figures for not liking Trump. They are some evil motherfuckers. I thought you knew.

Opinion | The Other Victims of US Burns Pits Were the Iraqi and Afghan People | Amy Goodman (

Moderna Revenue Shows Pandemic Has Been ‘Lucrative Smash-and-Grab’ for Big Pharma (

“BILLS ARE NAMED TO DECEIVE YOU: The “Climate Bill” expands fossil fuels & is a giveaway to Big Oil companies. The “Cares Act” had little care for the people & lots of care for billionaires. The “Affordable Care Act” is unaffordable & was a giveaway to Big Insurance companies.” (-Ryan Knight)

“$60B for Ukraine. $90M for PeIosi to fly to Taiwan. $44M for Dems to fund Rep primaries. There’s plenty of money, it’s just not for you.” (Thia Ballerina)

“The War on Drugs (a war on our own people) was created to destroy Black communities & activist communities. Former Nixon aide John Ehrlichman admitted it in the 1990s.” (-Lee Camp)

We might not be back. I might be in jail. I might be anywhere. But when I leave, you’ll remember I said, with the last words on my lips, that I am a revolutionary. And you’re going to have to keep on saying that. You’re going to have to say that I am a proletariat; I am the people. Fred Hampton

 Opinion | Polling Makes Clear: Americans Don’t Want War With Iran | Connor Echols (


Loved this one girl you probably never met, but if you did, you never could forget. It was way back in the eighties. Her sister made her cassette tapes from college, turned us on to all kinds of obscure music that was otherwise unavailable to us, from R.E.M. to the Dream Syndicate. Ya know, “I always thought we’d still be friends, someday”, like the O.M.D. song goes, but it don’t always work out just like our teenage dreams. Back then, she was the only one I knew who shared my love for the new music, the new wave and post punk, our first conversation was about The Psychedelic Furs. We would spend our time listening to music like The Smiths and Depeche Mode and U2 and Tears For Fears and Fra Lippo Lippi and talking about the lyrics, we were both really into Michael Hutchence and thought he was not just a brilliant frontman but also a wonderful poet. I don’t know why all the good music seems to come from Australia-Rowland, The Beasts. I used to think I’d visit Australia someday, but that was back when I imagined I’d have money from recording and performing all these wild rocknroll songs we wrote. Stupidly, nobody bothered to record us. Some nights, I just listen to old INXS and Duran Duran for hours, remembering all the fun we had, our little circle of friends, my bassplayer back then was the small town’s celebrity heart throb new wave DJ at the downtown preppie bar and he was famous for looking like Michael Hutchence, he’s dead, too, now, I’m having a rough time with all the loss, the grief is kindof here to stay now, I suppose. God bless us everyone. I love Michael Hutchence. And all those people I told you about.


We say primarily that the priority of this struggle is class. That Marx and Lenin and Che Guevara and Mao Tse-Tung, and anybody else who ever said or knew or practiced anything about revolution, always said that a revolution is a class struggle. Fred Hampton


Major Mask Maker 3M Found To Have Harmed 200,000 Troops (

Georgia fourth-generation farmer rips Bill Gates as largest farmland owner in US: ‘Hell yeah I have concerns’ | Fox Business

From Bill Gates To the Great Refusal – Farmers On The Frontline  | Countercurrents

Bill Gates Approved to Buy Acres of Farmland in North Dakota After Deal Was Put On Pause (

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House Agriculture Committee member wants Bill Gates to testify over massive farm purchases | Fox News

The CIA, MI6, Geheime Dienst, and KGB are the biggest drugs dealers on the planet! That’s how they fund their black ops. We thank them very much for the counter culture and congratulate drugs for winning the war on drugs! Keep the faith and keep fighting!” (-Elizabeth McDowell-Forsyth)

People have to be armed to have power, you see. Fred Hampton


Sad we lost Glen Ford last year, he was one of the most important voices of our time and I think you should read his book, “The Black Agenda”.


You can always tell how important narrative control is by watching the way people react when their control of the narrative is jeopardized.

Empire apologists are raging at Amnesty International for pausing its aggressive facilitation of western imperialism to issue one brief criticism of the way Ukrainian forces have been endangering civilian lives with their warfare tactics against the Russian military.

Amnesty is far from the first to highlight this extensively documented issue; that Ukrainian forces have been deliberately positioning themselves in civilian populations without taking proper measures to protect noncombatants is a concern that has been voiced repeatedly since the war began and reported on by both mainstream western news outlets and the United Nations.

Nevertheless, Amnesty’s claim that “Ukrainian forces have put civilians in harm’s way by establishing bases and operating weapons systems in populated residential areas, including in schools and hospitals” has drawn fire from Ukrainian officials, from mass media pundits, from the brainwashed rank-and-file on social media, and from President Zelensky himself.

Incredible seeing Amnesty attacked for documenting what every minimally independent observer has from the start. See e.g. Washington Post, March 28 on “Ukraine’s strategy of placing heavy military equipment and other fortifications in civilian zones.”

— Aaron Maté (@aaronjmate) August 6, 2022

A common criticism circulating among the outrage is that Amnesty is facilitating Russian propaganda, has been influenced by Russian propaganda, or has itself become an instrument of Russian propaganda.

The head of Amnesty International’s Ukrainian branch resigned as a result of the report, saying that “the organization created material that sounded like support for Russian narratives” and that in an effort to protect civilians, “this study became a tool of Russian propaganda.”

“It is a shame that the organization like Amnesty is participating in this disinformation and propaganda campaign,” tweeted Zelensky advisor Mykhailo Podolyak.

“Amnesty International can go to hell for this garbage,” tweeted Human Rights Foundation Chairman Garry Kasparov. “Or go to Ukraine, which Putin’s war is trying to turn into hell. As with their actions on Navalny, it reeks of Russian influence turning Kremlin propaganda into Amnesty statements.”

The Daily Mail called the Amnesty report “a coup for Vladimir Putin’s propaganda machine.”

“The organization gives a huge assist to Russian propaganda,” tweeted Oleksiy Sorokin, chief operating officer of the NATO propaganda outlet Kyiv Independent.

“Shameful victim-blaming. Russia invaded Ukraine and is committing unspeakable war crimes there. Please do not amplify Russian lies,” tweeted Paul Massaro of the US government’s Helsinki Commission.

Pathetic. Amnesty International can go to hell for this garbage. Or go to Ukraine, which Putin’s war is trying to turn into hell. As with their actions on Navalny, it reeks of Russian influence turning Kremlin propaganda into Amnesty statements.

— Garry Kasparov (@Kasparov63) August 4, 2022

The underlying premise behind these complaints, of course, is that it is Amnesty International’s job to help Ukraine win a propaganda campaign against Russia. Which is odd, because Amnesty’s reporting on the war has actually been overwhelmingly biased in favor of Ukraine this entire time.

“Anger directed at Amnesty is surprising given that it is the first critical piece the group has written on Ukraine since the war began,” reports Unherd. “Over the last six months, Amnesty has published 40 articles on Ukraine, nearly all of which condemn Russia’s invasion, with only one exception — its latest — that could be conceivably described as critical of Ukraine.”

Even the Amnesty report currently sparking all the outrage contains repeated condemnations of Russia’s actions in Ukraine, citing “indiscriminate attacks by Russian forces” and “war crimes” Amnesty has found Russia guilty of committing, as well as decrying the use of “inherently indiscriminate weapons, including internationally banned cluster munitions.”

But even ninety-nine percent loyalty to the official line is not enough for imperial spinmeisters and the empire’s useful idiots. Anything short of 100 percent compliance counts as Russian propaganda.

Zelensky now implies that Amnesty International has now fallen under the spell of Kremlin propaganda for pointing out the obvious that Western press would not report & that is Ukrainian forces have been using civilians as shields.

— Ajamu Baraka (@ajamubaraka) August 5, 2022

But that’s precisely the notion that has been drummed into western consciousness with ever-increasing fervor since 2016: that any dissent about US foreign policy is Russian propaganda. Don’t support western interventionism in Syria? You’re spouting Russian propaganda. Worried about nuclear war? Russian propaganda. Don’t think the fight for US unipolar domination is worth all this dangerous brinkmanship? Russian propaganda. Don’t like the idea of an expensive proxy war with no exit strategy whose economic fallout is making life harder and harder for more and more people all around the world? Russian propaganda.

I myself am accused of being a peddler of Russian propaganda many times per day, and have been for years. This despite my hardly ever consuming Russian media, never receiving a penny from Russia, and never having worked for the Russian government or any other government at any time. Russian media have at times chosen of their own initiative to amplify my work since I have a standing invitation for anyone to do so, but I’m literally just an Australian woman writing her opinions online with her American husband. I only qualify as “Russian propaganda” because I disagree with US foreign policy.

Ask anyone who says a criticism of the western empire’s Ukraine policy is “Russian propaganda” to name a critic of western Ukraine policy who they don’t consider a Russian propagandist. They won’t be able to. For them, disagreeing with one’s government about Ukraine is itself Russian propaganda.

For empire apologists the measure of what constitutes “Russian propaganda” about Ukraine has nothing to do with whether or not what’s being said is true or valid; it’s literally just a question of obedience to one’s government about the decisions it’s been making with regard to that nation.

So the @amnesty basically accused Ukraine of endangering civilians by continuing to resist Russian advances.

The organization gives a huge assist to Russian propaganda.

— Oleksiy Sorokin (@mrsorokaa) August 4, 2022

If the measure of whether something qualifies as propaganda is defined entirely by whether it agrees with one’s government, then that measure is itself propaganda.

That’s exactly what’s happening with criticism of the west’s interventionism in Ukraine. Something doesn’t have to come from Russia to be considered Russian propaganda, and its source doesn’t need to have any connection to the Russian government. It doesn’t even have to be false. All it needs to be is disobedient.

We saw this illustrated this past June when The Guardian published a NATO-backed claim that journalist Aaron Maté was “the most prolific spreader of disinformation” among a “Russia-backed network of Syria conspiracy theorists,” despite being incapable of citing a single false thing in Maté’s Syria reporting, and despite The Guardian having to hastily edit out their “Russia-backed” claim.

We also saw this illustrated this past June in a University of Calgary briefing paper on “disinformation” about the war in Ukraine which warns about “five primary narratives” being circulated online:

1. Implying NATO expansionism legitimizes the Russian invasion

2. Portraying NATO as an aggressive alliance using Ukraine as a proxy against Russia

3. Promoting a general mistrust in institutions and elites

4. Suggesting that Ukraine is a fascist state or has extensive fascist influences

5. Promoting a specific mistrust of Canada’s Liberal government, and especially of Prime Minister Trudeau

There are arguments of varying strengths to be made for every one of those points, but more importantly it is self-evident that all of them are matters of opinion and none of them meet any sane definition of “disinformation”. They also can’t in and of themselves rightly be called either “Russian” or “propaganda”.

“We are moving into a situation where dissent from officially sanctioned opinion can be pathologized & criminalised. Pressures for increasing censorship of dissenting opinion are becoming normalised.” Academics should be resisting this, not assisting it.

— Tim Hayward (@Tim_Hayward_) July 31, 2022

Russian propaganda certainly exists, and the Russian government certainly has a vested interest in influencing western thought in its strategic favor to whatever extent it is capable. But its capability is very, very limited, especially compared to the exponentially greater influence that western institutions have over our minds.

Russia has a few trolls and some media outlets that were barely viewed by westerners even before they were banned; the US-centralized empire has the billionaire media, Silicon Valley, Hollywood, and the education system. Comparing the two is like comparing a candle to the sun, and the sun ain’t Russia. But that’s the one whose influence over our minds we’re meant to worry about.

In reality we are swimming in propaganda that is favorable to the US empire our entire lives; it’s so ubiquitous that people don’t even notice it. Claiming your support for US foreign policy on an issue has nothing to do with being propagandized is like someone who was raised in the Westboro Baptist Church claiming it was pure coincidence that he happens to agree with the church on the sinfulness of homosexuality. It pervades our minds and shapes our society, but they want us all freaking out about the virtually nonexistent problem of “Russian propaganda”.

This is a thought-killing dynamic, and it is a major problem. It is not good that propaganda is shoved into our minds manufacturing consent for dangerous escalations between the world’s two greatest nuclear powers while anyone who opposes any part of it is dismissed as a Russian propagandist or a useful idiot of the Kremlin.

Ten Times Empire Managers Showed Us That They Want To Control Our Thoughts

The single most under-appreciated aspect of our society is the fact that immensely powerful people are continuously working to manipulate the thoughts we think about our world.

— Caitlin Johnstone (@caitoz) May 29, 2022

We should be using our minds more at this critical juncture, but these dynamics put in place by imperial narrative managers have instead got us using them a lot less.

Old joke:

A Russian and an American get on a plane in Moscow and get to talking. The Russian says he works for the Kremlin and he’s on his way to go learn American propaganda techniques.

“What American propaganda techniques?” asks the American.

“Exactly,” the Russian replies.

The Times has published an article titled “Lady Gaga embodies everything China fears,” subtitled “The singer’s uncompromising individuality makes her a serious threat to the mass imposition of cultural conformity through censorship,” and its contents are exactly as horrifyingly idiotic as you would imagine.

Here are the first three paragraphs of the article by Ben Macintyre, because if I had to read them then so do you:

A woman looking like an extra-terrestrial praying mantis upholstered in red leather strode on to the stage at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, jets of flame shot 100ft into the air, 50,000 outrageously costumed fans screamed, and I understood why China is so terrified of Lady Gaga.

For there is nothing so wildly individualistic, so defiant of convention, so unwilling to be regimented and controlled as Lady Gaga in full voice, an erotic, exotic ubercelebrity who also contrives to be the girl next door, Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta from New York City.

Lady Gaga’s Chromatica Ball last week was the first UK performance in seven years by this raw meat-wearing, bisexual feminist who sings of liberty, drugs, addiction, mental health and the absolute right to self-expression because she, and everyone else, is Born This Way. Simultaneously channelling Freddie Mercury and Princess Diana, she is both an extreme fashion freak and defiantly ordinary, which is why she is one of the most powerful pop stars in history and, from the point of view of Beijing’s Communist leadership, a serious threat.

Lady Gaga embodies everything China fears.

“Do What U Want, she sings, and Beijing trembles.”

— Tom Harwood (@tomhfh) August 6, 2022

Macintyre goes on to explain that Lady Gaga was banned from China in 2016 for meeting with the Dalai Lama (who just between us is known to have collected a massive paycheck from the CIA for decades), which makes her a serious threat whose bold defiance and bisexual feminist individualism give Xi Jinping screaming night terrors.

“Lady Gaga poses a threat less for her political views, her visit to the Dalai Lama, and her support for LGBTQ rights than through her determination to be, and encourage others to be, entirely different,” Macintyre concludes. “Do What U Want, she sings, and Beijing trembles.”

I seriously cannot believe this article was published. Like, anywhere. I would have been surprised to see it picked up by even the most obscure clickbait blog in the seediest backwaters of the internet, much less by a prominent 237 year-old British newspaper.

But from where I sit right now, the funniest thing about it is the way the article portrays the western world as this bastion of free thought and individuality. Just that one fact alone eclipses the absurdity of the fact that the article’s author thinks the perfect symbol of this freedom is Lady Gaga strutting around in a meat dress.

I mean, just the fact that we are ingesting anti-China propaganda to facilitate the long-term strategic agendas of the US-centralized empire while reading in the Murdoch press about how free and unique we are compared to the Chinese shows you how bizarre this claim is.

In an authoritarian regime, you do what the powerful want you to do. In a Free Democracy™, you do what you like, and it’s only by pure coincidence that what you like just so happens to always align perfectly with what the powerful want you to do.

The more you understand about the brainwashing effects of domestic propaganda in the west, the more adorable it is when you see westerners talking about themselves as free-thinking individualists living in a free society in contrast with the citizens of nations like China. A civilization whose inhabitants are continuously indoctrinated with power-serving belief systems from childhood until their dying breath is not individualist, is not free, and is not thinking. Its inhabitants only think this is so, and they think this is so because they’ve been programmed to.

Freedom of thought and freedom of speech only exist on the fringes of western society, in such small numbers that they make no difference. The mainstream population whose numbers could be used to effect revolutionary change are herded into political factions which are designed to prop up status quo power at every turn and corresponding media echo chambers which keep them from providing any meaningful resistance to the machine.

As a whole we are marching in perfect accordance with the will of our masters: voting how they like, thinking how they like, speaking how they like, working how they like, shopping how they like, and living how they like. It is only the power-serving narratives put in our minds by our education systems and our media which tell us we are free. And it is only those power-serving narratives which have trained us to look down our noses at people in nations like China. (-Caitlin Johnstone)

James Stevenson “The Shape Of Things To Come”

.theshapeofthings…Whatever you may think of James Stevenson’s gorgeous wife, you have to admit he is one of the coolest guitar players in the world and plays in almost everyone of the best enduring bands. You know how drummer Danny Fury played in Lords Of The New Church, Rogue Male, Anita Chellemah, Dogs D’Amour, Sham 69, Vain, and TANGO PIRATES??? Similarly, James Stevenson’s played in Chelsea, Generation X, Gene Loves Jezebel, The Alarm, Glen Matlock & The Philistines, and the International Swingers.
He’s made a name for himself as a writer with a book and many contributions to professional guitar magazines under his belt. This E.P. is a promotional teaser designed to energize the worldwide fanbase already eagerly anticipating his forthcoming full-length, entitled, “EVERYTHING’S GETTING CLOSER TO BEING OVER”. It’s slick, world-class rocknroll reminiscent of Duran Duran, Power Station, Psychedelic Furs, or even Mick Jagger’s better solo albums.
I wish I knew someone in my hometown who still played guitar like this, I’d start a band of my own with them. It’s dark, swanky, and ripples with the esteemed talents of Stevenson and friends, an all star cast of pros including various former members of Spandau Ballet and the Sex Pistols. The guitars are awesome, in league with Mick Ronson, Billy Duffy, K Bombay, Derwood Andrews. Reminds me of living in NYC in the big 80’s, walking down 8th Street in the dawn’s early light. Beautiful vocals, he’s backed by the Sex Pistellettes-Maggi Ronson, Elizabeth Westwood, and Tracie Hunter. He’s effin great at what he does, if you like flawless, epic glam rock ala Generation X and Mott The Hoople, you’re sure to love “Suzi’s Problem” with it’s hypnotic and decadent guitar playing reminiscent of all your faves from the Cult to Billy Idol. This lot are members of the last class of real rocknroll dynamos who are still able to make a living performing and generating beautiful music for the masses. I duff my hat to all of ’em. Fantastic. I think he’s currently on tour with International Swingers. Catch ’em live when they play your town!/Anguish Young.