Garden Gang “Backstair Revolution”

The German GANG is back with a 10 song album on which you’ll find 2 tracks from their previous single: 77 rock’n’roll hit “The Master Plan” and anthemic punk-a-billy song “Target Group Wellness & Wine”.
Opening song “Access All Areas” on this album reminds of The BOYS (not that surprising with such a band name!) while “Get a Move On” naturally goes into the power pop territory with Johnny Rotten kind of vocals and rock’n’roll piano!
As “Silence Is Only In Heaven” shows, GARDEN GANG is a high-energy band but they don’t fall into the big wall of distortion sound trap, their energy is directly taken from the 50s/60s and 70s and this largely contributes to their uniqueness, they’ll use an upright bass or a QUEEN kind of melody if they feel like the song needs one, and it always works in the end. The band can also be surprising on a song like “Room At The Top Up Above” which could please any ARCADE FIRE fan.
Moreover, this albums is released as a digipack with a good-looking 12 page booklet. Always a plus in this mp3 age!
Don’t look further if you’re sick of generic punk rock bands that all sound the same and are looking for a brand new bold GANG!/Laurent C.