The Cutthroat Brothers “Taste For Evil”

This is the Halloween release for German record label Hound Gawd! Records, and considering the amount of blood in the artwork, it seems like the timing for this release is just perfect. Moreover, you’ll find a little satanic book with the lyrics enclosed along with the download card. The duo plays heavy garage punk (drummer Donny Paycheck used to play in ZEKE), but their music sometimes brings American punk’n’roll such as SOCIAL DISTORTION to mind in songs like “Out Of Control” or “Killing Time.” You’ll also get a bit of psychobilly with GUN CLUB influenced guitars in songs like “Wrong” and “Medicine” The biography says that the duo are real-life barbers which could sound a little scary when looking at their bloodstained shirts! The tribal drum beats and sexy bluesy guitars in “Taste For Evil” or “Shake Move Howl Kill” bring JON SPENCER or The CRAMPS to mind, but songs like “Black Candle” or “Get Haunted” have a big 90s grungy vibe so it’s no surprise to see that Jack Endino produced the album. The records ends with “The King Is Dead” a minimal blues that shows another side of the duo. Good modern rock’n’roll with solid roots, maybe that’s just what we need in 2019! /Laurent C.

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Jollys “Cosmic Heels” 7″

Chicago’s JOLLYS have just released a new 3 song EP released by Australian record label Salty Dog. “Cosmic Heels” is a glam rock song with lots of reverb and a garage rock production. The songs sounds a bit like a dirtier version of GIUDA, contemporary glitter rock with 70s roots. “It’s You” will take you to the 60s with its cool psych pop vibe. It brings bands like The DANDY WARHOLS or The BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE to mind. The third song on here, “I Don’t Mind” sounds as if it was taken right from the 70s, with a bit of an ALICE COOPER feel. Short but really sweet! But guess what? The band has also released “Sweet Freak”, their debut full length album in October (released on cassette by Dumpster Tapes), and you’ll hear 10 songs in the same vein, with more glam punk influences in songs like “Dolls”, “Waste Of Time”, “I Don’t Wanna Take You Home”, or “Be A Punk.” /Laurent C.

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King Brothers “Wasteland”

Japan’s KING BROTHERS have their own vision of garage rock’n’roll in which classic STONES guitar riffs and harp meet modern deconstructed drum beats. Known for their energetic live shows, the power trio managed to re-create this wild and furious atmosphere in songs like “No Want”, “The Machine”, or “Bang Blues” in order to give birth to some kind of noisy and hypnotic chaos. This is raw and dirty, but you’ll still find some melodies (“The Farthest End”, “No Thanks.”) “Kick Ass Rock” and “Sympathy For The XXXXX” get their influences straight from anthemic 60s/70s rock’n’roll songs, but still dance on the craziness edge while “Break On Through” is pure noise punk. The ghost of The WHO can even be heard in “No No No”!
While their 2001 album was released by Toshiba EMI in Japan, this new album is out on Hound Gawd! Records and there’s a limited edition of 100 copies on orange vinyl. This probably won’t be your neighbour’s favourite new record, but if you think that rock’n’roll is doomed to its past, then check out “Wasteland”! /Laurent C.

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Toward Space release “Devil Eyes” video

Richmond garage rock’n’roll band TOWARD SPACE have just released a new video for their song “Devil Eyes.”

“”Devil Eyes” is the look she gives you that excites and frightens your soul.
This video is a glimpse at the invincible sensation of youth and the beauty of femininity. ”

Song by Toward Space, mixed and mastered at Sound of Music Studios in Richmond, VA
Directed by Seyla Hossaini of Toward Space
Shot and Edited by Nicholas Von Thrower

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