Freddy Lynxx (2001)

Freddy Lynxx (former JET BOYS member) did a club tour in France and Spain this year with his CORNER GANG and KEVIN K headlining. He showed us that true rock’n’roll is not dead. Let’s listen to him.
Interview by Franckie.

Freddy, can you make a brief summary of your career so far?
I’ve started in 1983 with a band called « Les Aristochattes ». It was mostly a girls band with two guys on guitar. After 1 year I started my own band called « The Jet Boys » and played during 10 years in Europe and in the USA. We released an album « Larger Than Life » and few singles. After we broke up, I played solo, and did some tours and studio with Jeff Dahl and Nikki Sudden.

How was your last tour?
Really good. We played 1 show in France and 7 in Spain where it was really hot, on and in front of the stage. This time I used Jeff Crane from « The Ballbusters » (USA) on guitar, Laurent Ciron on bass who’s playing guitar with the French band “The Dogs” and Frenck Witch, a drummer from Rennes who uses to play with “The Witcherry Wild”, now “Born In Flames.”

You have played with many musicians, can you name a few who really impressed you?
Johnny Thunders, Jeff Dahl, Glen Matlock and Nikki Sudden with no doubt.

Worldwide press speaks of you very highly, do you sell many albums abroad?
Yes, but it could be better if I had a serious distribution, which is not, even here in France.

You already produced other artists, will you do that again?
I will, when I’ll have more money cause my label is on stand by right now. I produced a new Kevin K album that should be released for 2002 as a SUCKSEX compilation and my next album.

Are you envious of the popularity of more commercial bands?
Not at all. I hate what they’re doing and don’t give a flying fuck if they’re making lots of money. As far as I’m concerned, I’ve never been into that business to make some money or rip off people.

According to you, what musicians keep J. Thunders’memory alive the best today?
The Golden Arms from Japan, Kevin K from NYC and many others but the list is too long I guess to mention everyone.

What are your musical projects?
Like I said before, there’s many. I need more time, but I should go back to Boston in February to record a new album with « Born In Flames ». Release my next album with covers only that has been recorded with the same line up and people than for « Bloodied Up » and some other as well as RICK BLAZE and the BALLBUSTERS when I was in Worchester, NIKKI SUDDEN in Leamington Spa and LAURENZA PONCE who’s playing violin with CHERYLE CROW. Then I’ll try to go back to New York, to record an acoustic album but it’s another story.