Federico Bruno “A Gentleman Loser”

First solo album for Italian acoustic songwriter/rock’n’roller Federico Bruno. The ghosts of Nikki Sudden, Johnny Thunders and the shadow of Tyla are wandering all around this album: Heartbreak songs and Stones guitars, wine and cigarette vocals… It’s all on here. When you think about it, there’s not that many people left doing this kind of music nowadays, so it’s always a good surprise to find some, and even a better one when it sounds that good!: Just listen to songs like “I Fought The Devil (But He Won)”, “Scars On My Heart” or “Broken Glass.”
While tunes like “Gentleman Loser”, “Ain’t It Right” or “Dancing In The Rain” clearly bend on the DOGS D’AMOUR side, “Burning Star” or “Troubles” remind me more of Freddy Lynxx in a not so obvious way though.
“A Gentleman Loser” is probably not the album you should play first at your next house party, but this is definitely the next one you should listen to./Laurent C.http://www.facebook.com/federicobruno8