Faz Waltz “On The Ball”

Italian power trio FAZ WALTZ are still going strong although they have changed styles a bit, from power pop to glam pop to 50s/60s retrock’n’roll. Songs like “Shame On You” or “Lotta Lovin'” bring EDDIE COCHRAN to mind and “Cold Touch” or “Soon I’m Gone” have bit of a LITTLE RICHARD vibe. The production takes you back to the golden age of rock’n’roll and the songs are all short and straight to the point. The spirit of The STRAY CATS also wanders around in songs like “She’s Mine” and “Hungry Man” and you’ll hear traces of power pop in “Empty Hands” as well as a glam rock touch in “Love Time Bomb”and in the BOWIE-esque “Shining Teeth”. If you’re looking for some good ol’ rock’n’roll, then look no further! /Laurent C.

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Faz Waltz “Julie” 7″

Italy’s FAZ WALTZ have been around for a while, they started as a glammy pop band with strong BOWIE and BOLAN influences before slowly evolving to the boot boy side of glam/glitter rock, in a GIUDA way.
Thsi new 7′ is out on Spaghetty Town Records. “Julie” mixes 70s UK influences such as SLADE to CHEAP TRICK‘s pop songwriting. The other song, “I’m Bleedin'” has a sweet bubblegum touch that will make you want to listen to more! As usual with Spaghetty Town, this is highly recommended! /Laurent C.

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Faz Waltz “Back On Mondo”

FazWaltz2013Starting with a STOOGES kind of beat, this new album from Italian band FAZ WALTZ takes them to new musical territories that bring garage rock (“Little Home”) and bands like The HIVES (“Fingers In My Brain”, “Baby Left Me”), or JET (“Get The Poison”) to mind.
The band also still have one foot in 70s glam rock (T.Rex especially) as “Looking For a Ghost” and “Leave Her Alone” display, and you’ll even get a bit of modern blues (“Cannonball Blues”.)
The production is really good, the melodies are great, the vocals and playing are solid, there’s energy and hooks, and when you think about it, there’s still an unoccupied space on a larger scale when it comes to this genre in music nowadays. So, after listening to “Back On Mondo”, there’s just one question that comes to mind: How come this band isn’t big yet?/Laurent C.


Faz Waltz “Life On The Moon”

FAZ WALTZ is the living proof that Italy is not only the promised land for the 80s glam metal revival. Opening with “Love Limousine”, a song that reminds me of Swedish blonde glam pop kings SUPERGROUPIES (RIP), FAZ WALTZ show their strong love for everything 70s glam/glitter rock in these 12 songs.
Here, the spirit of Marc Bolan and T.REX flows around (“What is The Word”, “Lucky Man”, “Get On Down”…) with style and magic. This influence might be too visible for some, but FAZ WALTZ is far from being a tribute band, they can write good songs and also get their tips and (cheap) tricks from The BEATLES (“Mr. Sorrow”, “Never Let You Go”) and David Bowie (“Life On The Moon.”) Anyway, I doubt that songs like “Nice Bomb”, “I Long For You Love” and its “Children Of The Revolution” kind of rhythm, or “Teenage Monkey” will leave you cold if you like good old glam rock’n’roll.
“Life On The Moon” is the second album of the band, but also is a great introduction to their music if you’ve never heard about them before./Laurent C.http://www.fazwaltz.com