Duncan Reid And The Big Heads – “C’Est La Vie!”

DUNCAN REID (ex-The BOYS) is back with The BIG HEADS and a fantastic new record ("The Difficult Second Album") out on Wanda Records. We had to ask him a few questions about the band, the album, The BOYS, second albums and French literature! How would you compare "The Difficult Second Album" to the first one?... Continue Reading →

Duncan Reid and The Big Heads “The Difficult Second Album”

Bright yellow art-work, and piano intro. You know from the start that you're not listening to your typical spiked hair/studded jacket punk rock band although DUNCAN REID AND THE BIG HEADS are on Germany's best punk rock label, Wanda records. "Just As Good As I Used To Be" opens with a sweet, catchy melody and... Continue Reading →

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