Dobermann “Pure Breed”

Founded by ADAM BOMB bass player Paul Del Bello, DOBERMANN have been touring all around Europe, bringing their hard rock’n’roll to the masses. The Italian power trio offers us 10 new songs of classic influenced AC/DC rock’n’roll, but never sounds vintage. The energy and production bring a band like AIRBOURNE to mind, but the guitar solos definitely have more heavy metal into them. Speaking of guitar solos, “Radioactive” features ex-GUNS N’ ROSES member Bumblefoot, so you can imagine that the song gets a little crazy once the guitar solo starts! You’ll also find ADAM BOMB on “I Fucking Hate Drummers” (you’ve probably already seen the t-shirts Paul makes), a fun and catchy glammy tune full of cowbell.
There are some really good late 80s influenced sleazy hard rock’n’roll songs on this album, like “Pure Breed”, “Taking In The Out Takes”, or “Hometown”, but the band also show their love for what we used to call “big rock”, in a DAVID LEE ROTH way with “Stuck In The Traffic.” Seems like DOBERMANN are only getting better and better with each new release. /Laurent C.


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