Deadbeat Poets “American Stroboscope”

These guys are the best new classic college-radio/power-pop/rocknroll group since vintage Dramarama, or “Unguarded Moment”-era the Church, or “Summer Teeth” era Wilco or Tom Petty’s best stuff of the past two decades. Youngstown’s Deadbeat Poets feature former members of power-pop cult-faves, Blue Ash, and the Stiv Bator “Disconnected” band, and write songs as good as the Posies or Van Dyke Parks era Beach Boys. I wish they’d tour with the reunited Redd Kross.
These guys are way more vital than most bands half their age, which is why they are attracting fans of Cheap Trick, Big Star, The Byrds and Raspberries like flies to sherbert. Smart lyrics, amazing guitar work, really fabulously recorded and arranged pop tunes of all kinds. I’m only sad R.E.M. broke up before Deadbeat Poets could open for them and tap into that huge audience they established before the evil empire killed-off MTV, and the mainstream-media ate itself, during the early 90’s “Alternative” marketing hoax. They are one of those All-Americana pop bands who have something for everybody. Your intellectual, philosophy major, drinking buddies will like the impressionistic lyrics that are as clever and poetic as old Costello or Westerberg, but those who just love a sugary pop melody, or like to rawk will find plenty to clap along to, as well. Those of you in the cheap seats, rattle your jewelry.
“Down With The Lonely Boys” is the kinda poignant tear-jerker that aged songwriters like me waste the skinniest years of our wretched lives trying to write! I keep advertising for sidemen to help me launch the next new wave, but nobody in my neighborhood remembers my kind of music, anymore. The Deadbeat Poets remember! They may be the last great American pop band before the crash, and the backlash, the riots and the round-ups that the Department Of Homeland Security is preparing for, by building all those camps, and purchasing all that ammunition. Apple was just granted a patent to disable i-Phones near political events or government buildings, they’ve already made protesting a crime punishable by 15 years in jail if they don’t like your message and you’re anywhere near anyone protected by the secret service. Other early faves from “American Stroboscope” include “Jenny Burgh Hill” and “2,000 Miles Away From You”. Also strongly recommended: The Deadbeat Poets last album, “Circus Town”. (-review by FREE)