STIV: No Compromise No Regrets DVD

(-REVIEW by Moses Midnight) ATTITUDE AND SOCIAL CHANGE 1983 was the year we first formed our goth gang. We were dirty and sweet untamed youth, a loose collective of much hated misfits, new wave poseurs, Smash Hits magazine readers, and Baby Bowies, discovering new music and makeup and styling products, just kissing to be clever.... Continue Reading →

“He’s Good-Bad But He’s Not Evil….” Tribute To Cheetah Chrome by Pepsi Sheen & The Rocknroll People…

"I have a hand-made badge with Cheetah's pic on it. It was obviously made by an art rocker 'cause the caption reads, Cheetah Chrome FAN CLUB - ONLY MEMBER. If I was roasting him, I'd say, 'Good evening ladies and germs. As the president and only member of the Cheetah Chrome Fan Club, I welcome... Continue Reading →

The Batusis “S/T” EP

"New York City's Such A Whore!" (-Electric Frankenstein)ATTN CITIZENS: Speaking as someone who got chased out of public schools for dressing alot like Karen O, at her splashiest, way back in the mid-eighties, I can tell ya, not just anyone can rock the Raggedy Andy look, and "Make It Work", like Sylvain Sylvain. He's the... Continue Reading →

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