Dancing Crap “Cut It Out”

DANCING CRAP, from Italy is quite an original band, we noticed their love of mixing different styles in their own special way on their 2013 EP, and here they are now with a first album. These guys have a strong heavy rock/metal background, but they add a lot of different influences and colours in their music, sometimes industrial/goth rock (“The Sick Ones”, “Needless”, “Sam”), or crossover (“Burned Down City Soul”, “Obscure”, “Spotlight”), without forgetting about pop melodies in their choruses (“Sociopathic Circus.”)
In many ways, DANCING CRAP reminds me of 90s bands such as WALTARI, MORDRED, or even FAITH NO MORE.
Probably not the easiest band to get into, but worth a try!/Laurent C.

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Dancing Crap “Commercial Crap” (EP)


This Italian band has chosen quite a weird name and is not afraid of flashy colours and cheap cover art, maybe not too inviting at first, but these 5 songs are worth checking. The two first songs off us some pretty rockin’ glam pop punk with a good dose of humour (“Ronnie”) and punk rock’n’roll craziness (“Broken Record Player”) that isn’t too far from what the PEPPERMINT CREEPS used to do
DANCING CRAP doesn’t seem to care much about limits, sometimes getting close to 90s fusion/crossover (“Another Crazy In The World”, “Chandra”) and bands like MORDRED (without the thrash metal parts.) This might sound like a messy description, but have a listen and you’ll see it works quite well in the end, Italian style!/Laurent C.

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