Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders “The Past Came Callin'”

Fifth album for Los Angeles rock’n’roller PAT TODD & THE RANKOUTSIDERS, and it is out (Vinyl + Download card) on Berlin record label Hound Gawd! Records again. “If Only I Could Fly Backwards In Time” starts on a JOHNNY THUNDERS note, but ex-LAZY COWGIRLS Pat Todd still has a bit of country punk side in his songwriting, especially in songs like “The Ballad Of Crystal Valladares”, “The Future Callin'” or in “Idle Time” . You’ll hear some honky tonk STONES influenced guitar riffs in “Call You On Sunday Night”, some catchy American rock’n’roll with fine melodies (“Run”) and some NY ’77 influenced punk rock’n’roll (“The Ring, The Bottle & The Gun”, “A New Pair Of Eyes”), but the bluesy side of the band shows more in “Down In Old Boerne”, “Yeah, Ya Had A Bad Night” or in the 60s/soul ballad “Any Other Way.””Goin’ Nowhere” brings The MODERN LOVERS to mind and a song like “Somewhere Down The Line” will stay in your head after listening to it for the first time! The album ends on a very emotional acoustic blues note with “Just Between You & Me.” If you’re looking for some real rock’n’roll, then no need looking further, ask Eddie Spaghetti! /Laurent C.

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Matty James “The Road To No Town”

Rock’n’Roll troubadour MATTY JAMES is back with 10 new songs in his travel bag. Following his 2014 debut “Last One To Die”, the young Northern Irish songwriter gets more on the country-folk/ballad side with this new album. Matty has been touring a lot in the UK and Europe, and you can feel it in these songs filled with dark bar and red wine night atmospheres.The Irish influence gets stronger on this new record, but you sometimes also get close to Western music on “Oh My Darlin’ or “Win Or Lose” (Pat McManus (MAMA’S BOYS) plays fiddle and lead guitar on this one.) You’ll also get a bit of New Orleans blues on “Money & The Devil.”
One of the strongest songs on here is “Heavy Heart”, sad but positive at the same time, and you’ll still get a bit of STONES ballad influence in “Hold On”, and some SOCIAL DISTORTION in “Dissatisfied.”
MATTY JAMES also plays bass in the TYLA J. PALLAS band, which shouldn’t surprise you much! The Road To No Town might lead you to unexpected territories!/Laurent C.