Cold Blue Rebels “Love Of The Undead”

- By Geordie Pleathur "The PATRIOT Act was a dagger in the heart, really, of even the concept of a democratic government that is free, equal and just." (-Hunter S. Thompson) "We're living in a place--the United States-- in which one of our goals as not just progressives but as human beings is to dismantle... Continue Reading →

Cold Blue Rebels “Blood, Guts, and Rock’n’Roll (-Horror High)”

Many still cringe at the very notion of a super group, mostly due to the still vivid impression made by the legendary figureheads of punk, whilst overthrowing the dead-eyed wanking millionaires of "prog-rock", some thirty five years ago. Since then, the Lords Of The New Church emerged from the wreckage of the Deadboys/Damned/Sham 69/Barracudas to... Continue Reading →

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