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“In you I see all colors not just black and white…” (-King)



I’m living in the 80’s. I hated fuckin’ grunge, what a lotta bullshit that was in the nineties-corporate “Alternative”, nasally bellowing Tarzans with gym memberships pretending to have smack habits for gloom and profit aint my scene, at all. I’m still very into new romantic, post-punk, eighties weirdo art rock and glam, ya know?

As a lovesick jilted teenager mooning forever over some arty new wave chick from the deepest Catholic school honky suburbs with a Tinkerbell heart and a cherry ice cream smile, I tended to be an Arcadia kid, now they seem a little bit daff, maybe like fourth rate warmed over Roxy Music, but believe me when I tell you, brothers and sisters and friends of the revolution, their gypsified, starlit, cinematic, heart on their velvet sleeve new romanticism meant everything to me back then. “Last Chance On The Stairway”, “Like An Angel”, “My Own Way” and “Hold Back The Rain”, too! Me and my old bassist Cowboy Bobby Cloyd saw them in concert so many times, they started recognizing us, and John Taylor was especially kind and generous towards us. I still love Duran Duran.

Of course, most all our dude rocker friends much preferred the loud lads on the tiles storm and bluster of The Power Station whose explosive cover of Bang A Gong was cool as hell and blasting out of every passing Transmaro and stoner van window for about two years or longer on a suckass radio station called 92 Zoo. A shame they were too rich and famous and coked out on the champagne and super models to write more good songs and Palmer split, cause that was a badass band they had for five minutes.

Do you remember that time in your life when every fucking single song made you think of a girl you loved but never married? 


When one of my old pals from the eighties first tried to get me into this guy, Bootsy X, I just was not vibein’ it, I was not from that particular town and therefore did not subscribe to their fanatical sports patriotism, where you’re supposedly obliged to love everything local. Took me a minute to really get it, but once I got it, I got it. Man, first time I met Bootsy, I thought the dude was a crazy, raving maniac speed freak spilling drinks and doing Honk Kong Fooey moves, talkin’ ’bout James Brown and breakdancing like Turbo and Ozone. Turned out he was one of the most righteous dudes on the planet-offered to let me and my old lady stay at his place when I was homeless post-divorce-he had like nothin’ in the way of middle class bullshit but was willing to roll out a piece of carpet in the corner for a rocknroll amigo. Then, his place burnt down, sadly, lost a buncha rocknroll souvenirs, but soldiered bravely on, like we do. I remember one night when my band friend was playing with one of his other bands outta town and I was briefly staying at his house, me, Bootsy, and their girlfriends went to some bars and you could not keep up with Bootsy, who was like, bang zoom, whoa, wah wazzat? Like, the fastest man alive, high fivin’, ass grabbin’, glad handin’, talkin’ a million miles an hour, drinks galore. I’d been known to have a taste of alcohol every once in awhile to break the ice in those years, but this cat made me look like an old lady, insisting, no, DEMANDING he should play drums in my flash metal punk rock goth gang. The guitar player at the time unfortunately vetoed that idea cause I dunno, musicians are always lookin’ for some kinda technical proficiency, but me, I was always aligning myself with the most rocknroll motherfuckers I could find, not necessarily the ones with the most virtuosity or biggest amps, or like mommy/daddy trustfund budgets, I have always most preferred the crazy motherfuckers with the face tattoos and maybe some problems, like the people with the big hearts and even bigger personalities. We had a wildass bassplayer who was a million laughs, why not also a wildass drummer? Anyways, I think of that guy pretty frequently nowadays, as we became pretty close friends and talked on the phone alot when we were both going through our hard times. He might not be here in the flesh no more, but his legacy remains. RISE IN POWER BOOTSY X! VIVE LE PUSHERMAN OF LOVE!


RESERVE your copy today >> https://www.magicaljeep.com/product/finding-jesus/102

“Denton’s Jesus reflects American consumerism dunked in fast food sludge and deep fried. The failed American Dream is drowning in Thunderbird and bottom shelf whiskey and desperately searching for some sort of answer. Finding Jesus is a pilgrimage for the lost, the damned, the drugged and drunken outcasts American capitalism devours by the millions.

Denton’s altar of saints shine their flickering lights out into the stygian void. Each poem a votive candle of remembrance and honor. Denton offers up prayers for the disabused, the spit on, the murdered, the holy eaten up by a hungry world spinning towards insatiable darkness.”–A.S. Coomer, author/poet/singer-songwriter

“Thank God and all his angels for saints like Dan Denton who continue to commit their hearts to the page in these assfuck shitsplat days of so much relentless mindless merciless nada. It’s all noise. It’s all nonsense. I watch Janis howl at Monterey Pop for the hundredth or so time and add “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and “Aneurysm” to another playlist (where did you sleep last night? In Leadbelly’s shadow with nothing in my pocket but a losing lottery ticket) and console myself with collages and books and the occasional trek to the magic shop because I’m still lighting candles and communing with the moon even though we are both so scarred and so tired. Then I read Dan Denton or Charles Bukowski or Kathy Acker and remember that I am not alone. There will always be war (sorry, John and Yoko…a lot of us imagine but it seems there is plenty to kill and die for) and injustice and poverty and busted pay phones and not nearly enough quarters. But sometimes the light breaks through. Thank God and all his angels for Michele McDannold. Love still exists. Here is proof.”–Misti Rainwater-Lites, ebullient poet extraordinaire

Rumor Had It This Song was about Me: Jesus Dionysus — Sovines | Last.fm

“The matriarch of a royal family legacy of slave-trading, imperialism, colonialism, theft, symbol of opulence and mascot for the ruling class is dead the media will now parade the queen’s zombie ass in front of u while telling u that overthrowing capitalism is not what we need.” (-Boots Riley)

“I don’t criticize Democrats cuz I side with Republicans, I criticize Democrats Cuz THEY side with Republicans. Our fight is not Left/Right anymore, it is Us vs.Them. We have 2 corporate party’s that serve Wall St/War Machine/Corporations & crush everyone else.” (-Jimmy Dore)

“The DNC Resolutions Committee just refused to allow a vote on a resolution aimed at banning dark money from the party’s primary process. This follows a long pattern of the Democrats posing as if they are against dark money in our elections while they are being funded by it.” (-Ryan Knight)

“No AC in our classrooms, teacher to student ratio is 40:1, 80% of our students live at or below poverty level. But yeah let’s go ahead and give cops housing subsidies lll…that’ll help us.” (-Nicole Donanian-Blandon)

“Trip wires for WW III are being laid right now. We’re all in the target hairs of war profiteers.” (-Dr. Jill Stein)

“So you know my story
We’ll I’ll tell you a secret
Inside I was certain
Inside I was crying out for more
Now I’m roaming through seats that are empty
To find my destination
Will you touch my fascination once again?
It’s like a memory that will last
Like a postcard from the past
Yesterday is history
It’s there for all the world to see
It’s like a memory that will last
Like a postcard from the past
My future seems wide open
And tomorrow’s never broken

“So come on…” 

(-Billy Fuckin’ Idol)

“The essence of trauma is loss of contact with yourself, loss of connection to yourself.” (— Dr. Gabor Maté)

“BREAKING: Queen Elizabeth II is dead. Her royalty was built atop the mass graves and pools of blood spilt across the world to enrich the British colonial empire. Queens are not heroes. Queens are colonizers, exploiters, pillagers, and plunderers. That is the true legacy of Queen Elizabeth II.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“Everyone who believes in journalism should be on Assange’s side. Julian Assange must be defended because the elites want him locked up.” – Lee Camp Support the film here: https://gofund.me/ebd7821f


My hands are all torn up from landscaping, blisters are split open, feet and knees hurt from all the bending-hacking-digging-pulling, got a lot of household chores and adult responsibilities to carry out today. Relatives with medical problems, relatives who disappeared from our lives, bullshit bad electric fuckin’ bills. I peeked into my “sent” folder this morning and see I already have about eight of these fucking glorified social media columns waiting for publication on the online underground rocknroll fanzines I contribute to. Not sure anybody even reads ’em cause the deep state controlled algorithms, or if any young person learns anything from the cool music and indie-media I link to, but I got too much goin’ on to go stand at the stoplight with a sign and get hollered at by Fox watching idiots in big white trucks. I did that shit in Eugene, ruined my nice hat in the rain resulting in snobby librarians profiling me as homeless, and all it accomplished was a buncha elitist fratboy types and rightwing dicks got to cleverly, and oh so originally yell, “get a job!” Also some booj-pig gender worshippers got to lecture me tediously about my cys born heteronormative pass privilege or some shit like that. as a cute way of deflecting from the fact that they gouged everybody’s rent and none of them would hire me to work at their hipster popularity businesses cause my pro nouns weren’t of their preferred variety and they all knew my wife had been fired from the woman’s shelter for not speaking Spanish or being a diversity token-she was “too white” according to the non profit special privilege hustlers. So yeah, we are the wrong kind of non conformists everywhere we go. A fag in the midwest, a redneck oppressor in the gentrified and oh so sweetly genteel vibrant and diverse AOC believin’ red carpet college towns. Now we are being pushed from our deadend street by developers and corrupt city code enforcers and oversized kkkop intimidation squads, to make room for a buncha condos and Mcmansions nobody’s gonna wanna pay a half a million dollars for cause we live across the street from the waste treatment plant that stinks of shit most of the year, but the swells are banking on out of state home buyers not knowing what that building is over there. My selfless and saintly old lady has been doing a lot of intense labor for some rich world travelling artist lady, the daughter of two millionaire professors, and her new dream is relocating our family into one of her many empty unfinished properties in the more dangerous part of town sometime before Christmas cause there’s no furnace in this rickety old trailer that leaks and has plumbing problems and who wants to do another cold winter without sufficient heating in the deadend desert? Meanwhile, thanks to youtube,Tik Tok and pig-media programming, our fifteen year old just wants Gucci status symbols, and the other kids don’t communicate with us at all, anymore-we’re not sure why, something happened they were told not to tell us about, but ultimately, I’m pretty sure it’s mostly cause they were taught by the other side of the family to think of us as overly emotional Beverly Hillbilly paranoid drunken antisocial anarchists. Bad beat poets, crazy hoodlums, outsider uneducateds. The hideously ungentrified “OTHERS!” Poverty might be contagious. They don’t want me hippin’ ’em to too much Slade, T. Rex, Nikki Giovanni, or Noam Chomsky-ya know what I mean? Hurts to be estranged from loved ones. The connected motherfuckers who could’ve helped us succeed, back when we were two steps from the move, sabotaged us instead, ripped us off, wrote us off, mutinied, took delight from our ripple effect hardships, acted like they don’t even KNOW us, now. Declared themselves winners and told their wives it was all cause I was born to lose, and had it comin’. Shoulda gone to college or married up. Then they toast and demand the waitress refreshen their drinks. Fuck the ratrace shit. I aint trying to be in no bruncher mimosa club with those no talent, skinny tie money motherfuckers. I love poor people. I try not to complain, but as we get older, the heavy lifting and blue collar shit work can be a bitch on the body. It aint all glamour. Aint all shiny shoes and booze galore no more.

Hero of the Week: September 5, 2022: Whitney Webb – Solari Report

Extended episode: Noam Chomsky: We’re Repeating Afghanistan in Ukraine (substack.com)


My old playgrounds, my former stomping grounds, are all lilywhite and creepy Dizneyfied by the rich. Entire zipcodes of name dropping, fifth hand, vicarious living rule followers with big posters of The Damned or The Jam on every wall, big coffeetable books about Basquiat or Blondie, but they are all just TOO posh and polite to consort with lowlife gutter dwelling hobo anarchist traveler gypsy caravan antifa forever people like me and my closest family. They’re all so posh. OH SO POLITE! Pro Noun perfection and gender studies extra credit educated at the Shitlib University. Pure as the driven snow, just so highbrow and puritanical and whitey might polite up in them sky high syringe-phallic ivory towers. Am I the only one who’s sick to death of those phony fuckers-the Scrooge McDuck me, first overstuffed swells in the balcony? I’ll tell you what is scarring to bear-when your own loved ones were trained to hate or fear poor people, but allowed to be in proximity of predator rich people, all because of capitalist hierarchies and rich people family secrets. Holy shit, that stuff is tough. Bad stuff obviously happened to people I love and to this day, nobody even told me the truth about what, or why, or who or what really happened. I always understood Morrissey when he said, the past never dies, not really…”I am the past”. I remain a walking landmark to something other than this bullshit Metaverse programming reset sham, a relic from a more rebellious time, another state of mind, and I’m not trying to follow the trends or make excuses for Bill Gates or Hillary Clinton or any evil showbiz predator classers. I still like Poison Idea outta Portland-they were right about everything, man.

Man, I am sorta repulsed nowadays whenever I see summa that instafame phony monarch beta kitten programmed MK ultra cultist Kanye Kardashian Kult VMA’s/Tiki Tok/showbiz slavery/Lil Nas X/Youngblud/Miley Cyrus occult bullshittery they do on non stop on all the awards shows now. In the punk rock days, people were free to freak freely and do their own thing and be themselves tonight. The B 52’s and Fleshtones were a big fun, all inclusive dance party for all, but that’s a farcry from this nu mandatory gender cult, nobody should have to be or do, or wear anything that does not represent themself. When we blurred gender in the sevnties and eighties it was not because we were being top-down peer-pressure obliged by the sicko in the secret society lording over the kidnapped underage kids at the blackmail temple on the cult island. I feel awful for all the young people who are media hostage to the Masonic Schwab Illuminati Reset dystopia creeps. I’m gonna miss the B-52’s though, they were always about love, freedom, and fun, and individuality. That’s my kinda jam-free to be you and me, not being manipulated by some depraved billionaire Weinstein slave owners or Maxwell groomer handlers. The government you still stupidly believe in has admitted it human traffics and that billionaires from the Mega Group and people like Epstein sex enslave people for blackmail purposes but nobody from the Lolita Express logs seems to ahve been penalized except for Maxwell and Weinstein, Cosby, and Kevin Spacey, but the list of Davos fatcats and politicians who vaca at Epstein islands is lengthy.

Man this society is so sick, it celebrates and rewards known war criminals, racist police state goons, cable tv spooks, torturers like the Cheney family, mass murderers, drone assassins, and even gross rich people who are irrefutably inappropriate around children-like Gropey Joe for instance, Bill Clinton, Bill Gates-all those Epstein Island people, Hillary laughing about having Gaddafi’s corpse bayonetted and dragged through the streets “for feminism”, it’s all objectionable and problematic–not just Trump. What’s weird is how everybody who owns property or went to college is able to overlook all the unforgivable evils of the rich, but never, never, never seem to even briefly stop yakkin’ away about the presumed sins of the poor and working classes. Who was it that said, “work is the curse of the drinking classes?”  Joyce? MacGowan? Hell, I’ve always had some yap yap yapping fake puritans and hypocritical haves gossiping from their perpetual barstools about how me or my former bandmates drank too much alcohol, but all these same bullshit squares were all known to be problematic long term boozers and winebox moms and cocaine habit with the haves and the bonghits fratboys, themselves. I aint no puritan or temperance leaguer. I was a  ruffly shirted sparrow years before the Captain in those pirate movies. Sometimes a bit sloppy/emotional? Sure. Maybe a wee bit known to slur some words from time to time, or engage in all sorts of crazy clad, new wave club kid, bozo buffoonery and daredevil divebar daffy duckery after midnight on a social occasion? Yeah, hell yeah, we did get known for our all week house parties and dawn’s early light, singalong all night, helpless laughter rabble rousings. We grew up on “Animal House”, “Blue Brothers” and classic Van Halen. WHAT YOU MAY FIND OBJECTIONABLE OR PROBLEMATIC IS NOT THE SAME AS WHAT I FIND OBJECTIONABLE AND PROBLEMATIC-IF YOU ARE ALL GIDDY WITH EXCITEMENT OVER THE METAVERSE OR HARRY STYLES, KATY PERRY OR BEYONCE, WE AINT ON THE SAME PAGE AT ALL. I did love punk rock, heavy metal, new wave and edgy, provocative comedy and gonzo truth tellers. From Mother Jones to Gore Vidal, from Ture Kwame to John Trudell, from Assata Shakur to Whitney Webb, you dig? We weren’t made to fuckin grovel and take little tests and stand in line and follow your dresscodes, not then and not now. We loved Hunter S. Thompson, Paul Mooney, Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Lenny Bruce, and Bill Hicks. It is not our job to make middle class college people who take offense from Joe Rogan interviewing Kennedys, or Chappelle not being Trans enough, or any other gaslighting creepy double standard, identity politricks bullshit artists like Cait Jenner or Kardashian occultist shitlib Hillary voters, feel good about themselves. I find the cancel culture offensive. I find Facebook censoring real science offensive. I am offended by corporate media propagandists. All those Lady Gaga cannibal shows on Netflix offend me. The police state offends me-your bullshit phony baloney drug war offends me. Your middle class P.C. B.S. affectations. Why do booj people think having a piece of paper gives them some kinda cloak of invisibility, like the whole world can’t see them snorting the cocaine whenever they see their sister, or the rich old man gambling all day on the casino boat, or you with the medicine cabinet overflowing with pain pills and a flask in your Batgirl purse, a little nip after brunch, all of ’em always wrestling with their own problems, addictions, afflictions, mental illnesses, compulsive behaviors, or other unseemly, desperate social clawings, while they point their fingers at the poor people? It’s a put on, the whole daytime people sham of ha-ha holier than thou, or having shit free stink, just because they got some nametag with a title on it or a boat or a set of keys. I can’t stand the fuckin’ Tipper Gore crowd and never could. The shitlibs are just humorless Jerry Falwells with pink hair. Bitter and uptight and uncool authoritarian J. Edgar Hoovers or Lindsey Grahams, in a dress. But I repeat myself. I don’t care what you wear, or how you like to get down with other consenting adults, or what you eat or snort or drink or smoke, it’s not my business, but hey, Sniffy, leave those kids alone. And for heaven’s sake tell your kid he don’t gotta wear a dress if he don’t want to!

Myself? I still love rocknroll. Especially Billy IdolBilly Idol – Postcards from the past (Zitadelle Spandau 17.06.2014) – YouTube

Last of the last of the wild bandido hobo jungle ghost town frontier kings still seeking: guitar, bass, drums, maybe even synths, for Wild Wild West outlaw cowpunk, torch n twang, gypsy joker jazzpunk, bonfire traveler/trainhoppin’ trail songs, spaghetti western glam, and elderly goth revolution rock band. A bit like Joe…

a dash of daffy decadence

and Ole Nick

let the summer time sun fall on the apple…


Opinion | Barbara Ehrenreich and the Real Work of Labor Day | Richard Eskow (commondreams.org)

‘Honor Her Memory… by Fighting Like Hell’: Barbara Ehrenreich Dies at 81 (commondreams.org)


 “On this Labor Day, remember that this is a scam holiday meant to divert the attention of workers in the U.S. from celebrating International Workers Day on May 1st with the rest of the socialist and progressive world” (-Danny Haiphong)

 “I am tired of this narrative that Democrats are saving democracy from Republicans because it’s not true. Democrats do not believe in democracy. They are one half of the corporate oligarchy & the far more sinister half as they pose as our ally right before stabbing us in the back.” (-Ryan Knight)

“Secrecy-keeping the people and Congress in the dark-is the cancer eating at the vitals of democracy.  What is remarkable about all the official hullabaloo by government officials, who leak plenty themselves, is that there never is any indictment or prosecution of government big wigs who continually suppress facts and knowledge in order to carry out very devastating actions like invading Iraq under false pretenses and covering up corporate contractors abuses. The morbid and corporate-indentured secrecy of government over the years has cost many American lives, sent Americans to illegal wars, bilked consumers of billions of dollars and harmed the safety and economic well-being of workers.” (-Ralph Nader)

“Biden/Nuland and company have used the Ukrainian ultra nationalist’s hatred of Russia to manipulate them into throwing their entire nation into a meat grinder on behalf of an absurd doomed neocon project. Hate is a poison that kills its owner.” (-Garland Nixon)


Ralph Nader: Biden’s First Year Proves He Is Still a “Corporate Socialist” Beholden to Big Business | Democracy Now!

Ralph Nader: USA is a two-party dictatorship | Dangerous Minds


“If you think the DNC is going to rein in dark money, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. “The 2020 election saw more than $1 B in dark money spending … driven by an explosion of secret donations boosting Democrats”  – Open Secrets” (-Dr. Jill Stein)

Richard Medhurst on Twitter: “The UGLY TRUTH About the Ukraine War & Iran Nuclear Deal https://t.co/m5cEypTjK0” / Twitter

German TV Shows Nazi Symbols on Helmets of Ukraine Soldiers (nbcnews.com)

Richard Medhurst on Twitter: “WATCH: INSANE: US Steals 500 Oil Tankers from Syria https://t.co/5P6v9N434t https://t.co/vl6hsYRGIq” / Twitter

One Nation Under Blackmail: The Sordid Union Between Intelligence and Crime that Gave Rise to Jeffrey Epstein, VOL.1: Webb, Whitney: 9781634243018: Amazon.com: Books

5 Psychological Experiments That Explain the Modern World – Activist Post

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Propagandist for Syria terror proxies compromised Amnesty International, leaked docs show – The Grayzone

Abby’s report-back from Cuba: https://patreon.com/posts/71553716

“This represents limitations & contradictions of neoliberal brand of feminist politics. It is vulgar identity politics at its worst. It will have you reject radical black feminist reproductive justice framework for narrow liberal abortion demands & supporting a fascist.” (-Ajamau Baraka)

Hillary Clinton Is Wrong: Electing a Far-Right Woman Is Not a Step Forward for Women (jacobin.com)


Lee Camp [Redacted] on Twitter: “Did you know Gooooooogle is filled with ___[fill in blank]___? https://t.co/o5UmleFYY6” / Twitter

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There is no such thing as an Anti-Assange punk.

Debunking All The Assange Smears – Caitlin Johnstone

Free Julian Assange (dontextraditeassange.com)


I met JP at CBGB’s in my 20’s. Goodfella, still plays guitar like Johhny B. Goode.

Joey Pinter by Joey Pinter on Amazon Music – Amazon.com

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 It’s Labor Day and I got hours of landscaping in the hot sun with the mutant mosquitoes to perform today and I gotta find out if the post office is open before I carry boxes across town.

So I hate being pushed around by the evil forces of gentrification, all the people who inherit surplus properties from their ancestors seem so content to jack up rents and push the working class from view. I’ve always been a power to the people punk rock frontman-singer-songwriter, but the ex bandmates all went solo, or gave up and retired, or joined big budgeted fame hag name brands with legit marquee value, or pay to play karaoke clownish novelty cover bands, so that whole rocknroll adventure’s slowed down to almost a halt in spite of my prolific outpouring of Songs. ‘Worked at record stores, til they got bought up by fucking detestable capitalist, pretentious assholes who only wanna hire younger females who don’t threaten their authority in any way, so now, I’m just like the record store guy online, via my columns and reviews. Always ended up retreating to the hot, wet kitchens cause as a dishwasher, I get the least hassle from “bring us more ice, bread, olive oil, extra straws”/no tip types. I can’t successfully interface with mimosa brunchers, Strokes fans, or Lyn Cheney worshippers, so I’m better off elbows deep in the dish galley, scrubbing away, in the hairnet and wet apron. Nowadays, I keep ending up performing more backs of the poor, blue collar labor for posh people and let me tell ya, I got blisters on my hands and my feet and knees hurt. Tonight, I go back to landscape some impossibly overgrown yard for someone who has many sitting empty houses, so many people around here end up working for the ranchers taking care of properties, farming, gardening, caregiving that’s where the only hustle is. The gulf has gotten so big, you got the oligarchs and lower ranking land barons on one side being insatiable gobblers of all things, and us serfs and peasants being reduced to on call slaves, indentured servants, day workers, movers. They snap and we come running with the toolbelts and plungers and hedgeclippers and weedwhackers. Stupid people have asked me why I always interrupt your regularly scheduled collector scum conversations about how bitchen it is that you own more Johnny Thunders bootlegs from Japan than some kid one third your age does, but he says, he knows somebody from the Biters so take THAT, to amplify the voices of insurgent activist groups and people’s movement organizers? Well, it’s cause the bad guys that run society have infiltrated all the traditional organizations like the ACLU and Amnesty and now, all those orgs act as propagandists for the war machine, all the celebrities, too. Just look at ex progressive, Jon Stewart, praising full fledged nazis at Disneyland to help promote the wars on Russia, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, China, etc. Rolling Stone and Spin are both platforms for the big 5 techfascist tyranny agenda as well, all the radicals and leftists have been purged from pig-media and every tech-platform. The fraudsquad sheepdog models won’t even take phonecalls from Ralph Nader or Winona LaDuke anymore. Pig-media wants to pretend the Dems and Republikkans are different but they aren’t really, they just trot the old tried and true wedge issues out every five to ten years to get us slaves babbling about guns and gender rather than uniting against tyrannical megalomaniacal overlords, cashless society microchip maniacs, panopticon surveillance techfascism, and forever wars. Trump still babbles to racist mobs about killing drug dealers to reduce crime which is just his usual red meat to the rightwing base dog whistling-kill the poor black drug dealers, but the real kingpins are all high ranking oligarchs and CIA honkies and governments controlled by Nato and shit and he is well aware of that, he gives fools false hope, of “restoring order”…just like Sanders and company do on the shitlib fake center…”reduce crime”, ha. AS IF the whole oligarchy aint in on the black market drug trade that funds the black ops and homeland psy ops, as well as the forced labor in drugwar private prisons profiteering (*Just See Kamala Harris’ resume) and let us not forget how invested Congress  is in Blackrock and Vanguard the Borg like unstoppable Bill Gates billionaire monopolies that own all the Big Pharmaceutical Companies profiting from endless prescription drug racketeering and forced new vaccinations and boosters and new variants and updates and Bird Flu and Mad Cow and Monkeypox, etc. etc. etc. Both parties are fascist, so let’s quit the pretense of there being some kind of lesser evil. 

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Sometimes, I’m glad he aint here to have to behold the heartless shitshow all around us but I do miss him an awful lot. Not that many people ever got me like PK did. We were birds of a feather. (RIP)


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World Economic Forum Attacks Dissenting Voices: ‘Shouldn’t Really Be Talking About’ Organization (breitbart.com) Outrageous when Bannon rightwing media sources are more hip to what the billionaires plan to do to us than any traditional liberal/shitlib/neocon/pig-media sources. When some anti-Antifa, far right maga, antiwoke is still more woke than faux-woke fauxgressives? Holy shit-these are batshit times!

“It’s pretty disturbing when you have law enforcement working for a private corporation and furthering their agenda.”

Enbridge is still not charged for reckless damage to rivers and aquifers.” (-Honor The Earth)

Check out the Water is Life Official Playlist on Spotify – Sun, Sept 4th Bayfront Park – Duluth, MN The “WATER IS LIFE” festival featuring Ani Difranco, The Indigo Girls, Allison Russell, Dessa, Tia Wood, Keith Secola, Annie Humphrey + MORE


Honor the Earth on Twitter: “Here’s Winona LaDuke’s invitation to the Water Is Life Festival in Duluth MN Sept. 4th. This year we are excited about the artists joining us @anidifranco, @Indigo_Girls, @outsidechild13, @dessadarling, & many more presented by @HonorTheEarth Tickets → https://t.co/ylQ1wt8woa https://t.co/dMpWkfrpfg” / Twitter 

“Julian Assange is slowly dying in a maximum security prison because he told the truth. ” (-Ralph Nader)

“While some Western countries call for peace, the Pentagon has signed a $182-million deal with an American arms manufacturer to produce advanced surface-to-air missile systems for the Ukrainian military IN LATE 2024.” (-Fiorella Isabel)

“Our politicians don’t hate each other, they make us hate each other.” (-Black In The Empire)

“When it comes to the Ukraine proxy war, there is zero difference policy-wise between self-identified progressives like Bernie aide @mattduss

 and neocons like Lindsay Graham.” (-Aaron Mate’)

“It’s for his #1 hit: High Treason in Syria feat. David Petraeus, Hillary Clinton, John O. Brennan, Robert Ford, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, Abu Mohammed al-Jolani and Ayman al-Zawahiri. Produced by the CIA, Daily Beast, MI-6, Prince Bandar bin Sultan and Israel’s Likud Party.” (-Scott Horton on Obama Emmy)

“In his “Soul of America” address, Biden cited Michael Luttig as a hero of democracy. Luttig is a right-wing ex-federal judge who resigned because Bush tried Jose Padilla in a civilian court. Luttig wanted civilians detained in military brigs indefinitely. Oh, and Luttig, the defender of democracy and former clerk for Antonin Scalia, went on to work for Boeing.” (-Max Blumenthal)

“Democracy? The U.S. is a capitalist dictatorship with a form of governance structured to obfuscate that reality. One essential element of the fight in the U.S. is the fight for democracy which translates into the fight against the dictatorial rule of capital.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“The two factions of the US Capitalist Imperialist Party agree on 95% of issues, such as: -war on China, Russia, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Cuba, Venezuela -illegal sanctions -support for apartheid Israel -bailing out Wall Street -giving corporations infinite power.” (-Benjamin Norton)

Nehanda Abiodun and the Legacy of Resistance to the Prison Industrial Complex | Black Agenda Report

“Obama should be tried for war crimes. But the U.S rewards war criminals with awards, metals & promotions, while claiming everyone else is the problem.” (-Fiorella Isabel on the can’t look back guy who gave billions to Wall Street, covered up Bush crimes, provided cover for Flint poisoning politicians and BP ecocide in the Gulf)

“It’s good the west banned RT, otherwise westerners might consume propaganda.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

“I don’t criticize Democrats cuz I side with Republicans, I criticize Democrats Cuz THEY side with Republicans. Our fight is not Left/Right anymore, it is Us vs.Them. We have 2 corporate party’s that serve Wall St/War Machine/Corporations & crush everyone else.” (-Jimmy Dore)

“The white house is owned by the plutocracy and openly calls for censorship while continuing to prosecute Assange.   Maybe look up the definition of fascism at some point?” (-Robert Faison)

“If Ukraine is a democracy, why does it have a hit list of critics that it wants to silence?” (-Danny Haiphong)

“If you’re so committed to your narrative that using Ukrainians as cannon fodder is a good thing, I recommend owning it, rather than omitting countervailing facts.” (-Aaron Mate’)

controlled opposition still sucks

Black Lives Matter leader accused of stealing $10 million from organization (msn.com)

“Approved with no human data, no assurances of safety or efficacy, and no demand from the US public revealed by CDC.  The question on the table for fall campaign:  are Americans going to succumb or are they going to have enough strength, resolve, backbone to say:  “no more” ?” (-Peter McCullough)


 went on Fox News to talk about how both parties are corrupt and put corporations and billionaires over everyday people. Telling the truth about the U.S. oligarchy to millions of people is good actually. What’s weird is thinking this is bad.” (-Ryan Kight)

“Democrats: Medicare for All is too expensive! Also Democrats: Let’s give Ukraine $228 million per day in military aid to prolong war with Russia!” (-Danny Haiphong)

“You won’t hear it in mainstream media but people all over Europe are starting to resist the NATO proxy war en masse.” (-Wyatt Reed)

“Jon Stewart sounds like the same intellectually incurious right wingers he made a career off of mocking All these rich celebs are class loyal first and foremost when will people learn? People really think Jon Stewart is progressive because he supports healthcare only for people who served the war machine” (-Revolutionary Blackout Network)

“He did take orders straight from Obama.” (-Margaret Kimberly)

Jon Stewart’s secret White House visits (politico.com)


I used to have some bands influenced by the Gun Club, but you know how it goes-a couple guys died, a couple guys still mad somebody ran up their phonebill thirty years ago, or just married up and only socialize with richer people, or became so willfully derelict they can’t be bothered to do anything besides their drug of choice or whatever. It’s sad. I still wanna rock like the motherfuckers. I got it. Watch me. I got it.


Revolutionary Blackout Network�� (@SocialistMMA) / Twitter

Growing Up Black in American Apartheid – Glen Ford on Reality Asserts Itself (1/3) – YouTube

“Smart” thermostat locks customers out, declares “energy emergency” (reclaimthenet.org)

Opinion | America Needs a Civic Group to Oppose a Cashless Society | Ralph Nader (commondreams.org)

The Cure’s deluxe reissue of “Wish” to include 21 unreleased demos, “Lost Wishes” EP (slicingupeyeballs.com)


“The first rule of the New Normal Reich is … you do not compare the New Normal Reich to the Third Reich.” 

(-TJ Hopkins)

A Celebrating the release of Glen Ford’s The Black Agenda – YouTube

“Epstein Island” – Twitter Search / Twitter

Exclusive: Proof that Israel found serious safety problems with the COVID vaccines then deliberately covered it up (substack.com)

Medically assisted deaths could save millions in health care spending: Report | CBC News

Resisting the Corporate Education Agenda – Glen Ford (SOCIALIST MINNESOTA CONFERENCE 2012) – YouTube


Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “The $40 billion blue and yellow ensemble #SlavaRaytheon” / Twitter

“Palin (R) complained that #RCV allowed Begich’s (R) voters to support Peltola (D) with their 2nd choice votes. But Palin has it backwards. Liberating people to vote for candidate over party is one of the great things about RCV. We need it in every state!” (-Dr. Jill Stein)

How About a Civic Group to Oppose a Cashless Society? – Ralph Nader

Opinion | How to Make Congress Accountable to the People | Ralph Nader (commondreams.org)

“Not just Czech Republic but many in Europe are pushing back. Hundreds of German citizens protested the delivery of weapons to Ukraine. In Kassel, protestors blocked the entrance to the arms factory of the Rheinmetall corporation. The police used batons & tear gas against them.” (-Fiorella Isabel)

“Barbara Ehrenreich a true and kind voice for working poor women. She illuminated the fear and despair the US working woman is subjected to in order to survive.” (-JoAnne Beemon)

“So saddened by the passing of great author/activist Barbara Ehrenreich. Whether focusing on the working poor or the motives behind war, Barbara was witty, biting, moving and deep. We at @CODEPINK

 are grateful for her support of the anti-war movement and will miss our dear sister.” (-Medea Benajmin)

“The U.S. used chemical weapons in Korea and Vietnam. The U.S. used chemical weapons in Iraq. The U.S. used chemical weapons in Syria. The U.S. “rules-based international order” is global terrorism, torture, and war.” 

(-Danny Haiphong)

“It’s pretty easy to get people to believe lies when you can convince them to only listen to what you say.” (Black In The Empire)

“A crucial policy of the Trump administration remains, and that is Cuba’s presence on the State Sponsors of Terrorism list.  It is critical to Cuba’s ability to pursue economic, trade and humanitarian activities that it be removed immediately from the list.” (-Col. Ann Wright)

“American propaganda is like a comic book. It’s always framed as absolute evil vs absolute good with no in between and people have been conditioned to think that way for the last 80 years.” (-Agrippa)

“Americans will quickly tell you they don’t trust the media, politicians, and corporations but immediately not only fall in line and believe everything they tell them when it comes to war or something like Covid but attack the people telling them they’re being lied to again.” (-Black In The Empire)

READ THIS NOW: Medea Benjamin & Jodie Evans: What Killed America’s Peace Movement? – scheerpost.com

RFK, Jr. Responds to News of Biden Administration Working in Tandem With Social Media Giants to Censor COVID Statements They Deemed Misinformation (naturalblaze.com)

‘That’s Terrifying’: Blackrock, State Street & Vanguard Control the World Dr. Robert Malone: “According to New York Times, Blackrock is going to control, through a board membership and stock ownership, well over 90% of all the corporations in the US within the next three years.”

“China doesn’t have 800+ military bases around the world. Russia doesn’t sanction 39 countries. Neither country is engaged in seven bombing campaigns abroad. That would be the United States, the imperialist hegemon and kingpin of chaos.” (Danny Haiphong)

Capitalism Has No Solution To Ecocide: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative MatrixCaitlin JohnstoneSep 4Listen to a reading of this article:❖”Those who make peaceful revolution impossible get to just stay in power indefinitely and suffer no meaningful consequences of any kind.”
~ John F Kennedy (paraphrased)❖Ecocide will continue as long as ecocide is profitable. No possible iteration of capitalism can address this problem. This, in and of itself, is a sufficiently strong argument that capitalism must be abandoned.No model where human behavior remains driven by profit can address the problem that ecocide will continue as long as ecocide is profitable. That’s why so many capitalism proponents are reduced to simply pretending that ecocide isn’t a problem.Eco-consciousness and anti-capitalism go hand in hand, but the liberals are dominating environmentalist discourse while the commies frequently neglect it. This is a strategic and moral error. This is the strongest argument against capitalism, and it’s one which needs to be made.❖ It can take a while for a principled antiwar leftist to learn that in the big picture they have very little in common with so-called progressives who mostly ignore US imperialism and just want the empire to forgive their student loans. The difference between a leftist who opposes capitalism and empire and your average Bernie Sanders progressive is considerably greater than the difference between your average Bernie Sanders progressive and your average MSNBC Clintonite.None of this means progressives can’t be worked with on points of convergence, it just means they’re ideologically different and it serves no one to pretend otherwise. The same is true of antiwar right-libertarians. Ultimately there’s commonality wherever class interests align.❖ I’m as distrustful as anyone of the new mainstream UFO narratives, but when congress is saying UFOs are a threat that is “expanding exponentially“, it probably deserves attention. I don’t know why they’re saying it, but they’re not saying it for no reason. There’s an agenda here, whether it’s weaponizing space or running cover for new military technology or just securing more money for the military-industrial complex. I’m not willing to commit to any position on what exactly they’re up to, but they’re clearly up to something.Not many people from my sector of the political fringe are looking at this, and I think that’s partly because there’s so much uncertainty and partly because it doesn’t really fit into any of our models for understanding the world. But whatever it is, it’s worthy of at least some attention.❖The more information that comes out about the effectiveness of psychedelics in treating psychological trauma the more outrageously criminal it looks that these medicines have been suppressed for generations while the world was being destroyed by a highly traumatized species.❖We’ve all had the experience of wanting to change something undesirable about our behavior but not being able to. This happens because the forces driving that behavior are not yet conscious. This is what’s happening with the self-destructive behavior of humanity as a whole, too.There’s a misconception in our society that people stop their self-destructive behavior when they apply “willpower”, which is really just empty head noises. Actually people change when there’s an expansion of consciousness. That’s what we’re waiting on with the human species too.That’s ultimately why we’re destroying our planet despite knowing it’s bad for us. We can talk all we want about capitalism, corruption, empire and ecocide, but underneath it all what we’re really looking at is the struggle of a thinking species to become a conscious species.So for me the answer to the “what can we do?” question is usually, expand consciousness. Spread awareness of what’s going on in the world, expand our consciousness of what’s going on in ourselves, anything you can do to bring awareness to previously unconscious important matters.And people are already doing this. That’s all healthy activism generally is: people working to spread awareness of an important issue. That’s also what real journalism is, it’s what real political dissent is, and what authentic spirituality is. It’s all about expanding awareness.Working toward a healthy humanity is essentially the task of strolling through the dark hallways of our collective unconscious and flicking on the lights, one by one. It’s not easy, but the more lights get switched on the more awake people there will be helping us switch on the rest of them.”

Memory-holed Fauci Paper from Early 2020: “COVID Like Flu” (substack.com)

“Predictable blow back from US sanctions against Russia. It’s only just begun.” (-Dr. Jill Stein)

RadioGenova on Twitter: “People in Naples burn their energy bills and besiege the town hall: “We don’t pay the bills! Now it will be chaos!” In Naples they don’t joke. https://t.co/X2ZN82AfAT” / Twitter

Glitter down the Atlanta Highway – the B-52s are setting out on their final dance party! | Salon.com


They’re not, the DNC private services corporation argued bluntly in court they have the right to ignore the platform of the rank and file and backroom cigar chomper install whoever they see fit. For freedom. Ha. All Lies and identity puppets marketing. and notice how foreign policy never changes and even domestic policy is mostly about giving handouts to the rich, superfunding the racist mass incarceration, and giving more weapons of war to vassal states and proxy armies to overthrow sovereign nations, but ganking us with two thousand dollar rents. People on the Breitbart/Bannon/Maga right are still complaining about those stupid checks people got two years ago when Fauchi/Gates closed all the independent businesses so now only Amazon and Wal Mart and Pfizer and Ebay are really making money. I know everybody who is talking about Vanguard and Blackrock and Bill Gates taking over the world one farm, pharma company, regulatory agency or Klaus Schwab Future Leader’s Puppet at a time, or how bogus it is that Congress keeps shoveling more billions every few days for the Ukraine or Israeli governments to buy weapons while moaning about too many guns in the so called homeland police state, letting common people in the USA, USA do without clean water, affordable groceries, or rent, or afforadable insulin, when there are no living wage jobs for anybody who did not inherit big money or go to college, everybody who talks about those things online is being Facebook jailed or having their accounts frozen by deep state narrative managers. Lo Daniels, from Dandelion Salad longtime leftist antiwar blogspot got the same freezeout censorship and shadow bans from tech platforms I did, but all the sniveling thank Obamas cheer for more censorship, anything the oligarchs disapprove of is branded disinformation. The techfascists with their so called algorithms suppress everyone’s likes and make stuff invisible to people’s friends, or followers-even Tulsi Gabbard and Ajamu Baraka have both spoken out against techfascists silencings. It’s a big deal when two or three companies gobble up every fucking industry. Ya’all still clutching your pearls about Qshaman offending Pelosi, Rogan interviewing Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on some podcast, or Dave Chappelle not being transfriendly/woke enough and eager to wear dresses in movies.

The Democratic Establishment Hates Socialist Gabriel Acevero. He Won Reelection Anyway. (jacobin.com)

Revealed: Documents Show Bill Gates Has Given $319 Million to Media Outlets (mintpressnews.com)



Black Agenda Radio September 2, 2022 | Black Agenda Report

Cuba is Not a Sponsor of Terror! – CODEPINK – Women for Peace

Waitress Reportedly Fired After Taking Video of Axl Rose (loudwire.com)

he Heatmeiser stopped being cool when he started punching journalists and singing that “One In A Million” song and wearing athleisure wear onstage. He got lucky. “White Trash Wins Lotto”. God bless Us everyone. Izzy/Adler. Adler/Izzy. Fuck your rich pricks. I used to distantly know Slash’s dogwalker. Marilyn Manson’s house sitter. Moon. She dated the Pantera bassist Rex, led the revolution off the sidewalks in Eugene.

“Obama won an Emmy but what he really should have won is a trip to the Hague for war crimes.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“The establishment be like, “Be afraid of your neighbor! Don’t you dare think to organize for something better together! You hate each other!” I’m tired of their bullshit divisive games. Be wary of the “progressives” who use CIA tactics and are obsessed with getting people to not work with each other. There is a very blatant op going on imo where people just want you to focus on red/blue tribalist bullshit.” (-Revolutionary Blackout Network)

“The establishment wants us to fight each other. I’m done with people who want to divide the working class” (-Revolutionary Blackout Network)

One of my best and only friends growing up was a black dude named Fred-O. He took a girl named Heather F. to a school dance and the white people were shocked and offended and it was a big scandal. The wrestling coach/history teacher he was trained to “respect” was a racist, and all his fat fuckin’ football friends were, too-he had a clandestine friendship with me, that probably remains to this day. He liked Prince, I liked Prince. His parents had a big collection of old records-Ohio Players, P-Funk, all that. Me, too. WE grew up together. Prince and Michel Jackson. Golf shirts and designer jeans versus parachute pants and checkered Vans. Fred helped win football games for that shitty school, and basketball games, too, and sports are like a religion in White Suburbia. So he was afforded some privileges by the Man.

Drummie Zeb, lead singer of UK reggae band Aswad, dies aged 62 | Reggae | The Guardian

US LABOR DAY: Central American Migrants & US Labor History – Consortium News

SCOTT RITTER: The Death List – Consortium News

US LABOR DAY: Ukraine’s Anti-Worker Law – Consortium News

How the CIA has Infiltrated Social Media Companies, with Alan MacLeod (mintpressnews.com)


“Worse Than Couple Years Ago:” Food Bank Demand Spikes As Inflation Wrecks Households – Activist Post

Stella Assange #FreeAssangeNOW (@StellaMoris1) / Twitter


This is after all occurring as the US enters a steadily escalating new cold war against both Russia and China, and we know that during the last cold war the CIA sought to exploit public panic about UFOs as a psychological weapon against the Soviets, and that the CIA has claimed that its newly developed spy planes were responsible for many UFO sightings in the 1950s, and that the US military was working on developing “flying saucer” aircraft during that same time. It also occurs after the assistant secretary of the Air Force for acquisition, technology and logistics stated at a 2020 conference that the Air Force has a brand new aircraft prototype, designed using new digital engineering technology, that has “broken a lot of records.”

This new mainstream UFO narrative also has highly suspicious origins, with key players ranging from shady US intelligence cartel operatives like Lue Elizondo and Christopher Mellon, to corrupt senator Harry Reid and his plutocratic campaign donor Robert Bigelow, to Blink-182’s Tom DeLonge, who believes humanity is being tormented by malevolent extraterrestrials who feed off negative human emotions and that the US military is heroically protecting us from their evil agendas. Filmmaker Steven Greenstreet put out a short, well-sourced documentary with The New York Post this past May laying out copious amounts of evidence that the groundwork for the new UFO narrative was built on journalistic malpractice and negligence, obfuscation, omission, and outright lies. The footage we’re being shown of these supposed vehicles to justify this new narrative consist of blurs, flashes and smudges which can all be explained by mundane phenomena.

So in my opinion this isn’t a subject we can just ignore, as weird and uncomfortable as the subject of UFOs might make serious analysts. Whatever the subject, when you’ve got the US government claiming on highly suspect grounds that there’s an exponentially growing threat that urgently needs to be addressed militarily, it’s time to sit up and start paying attention.

Not that I myself have any clear idea of what’s going on here beyond the distinct impression that we are being deceived about something potentially very important. And I don’t get the impression that other people have a very clear picture of what’s going on either.

Some say this is just a scam to get more funding for the Space Force or the military in general. That could very well be, but as far as publicly available information goes we’re not seeing anyone saying anything like “Hey we need $40 billion to address this UFO problem.”

Some say this is part of an agenda to justify getting weapons into space, but I suspect anyone likely to support that agenda would support it with or without the claim that we need to fight ET. And again, there’s the problem that nobody’s saying “Hey we need to get weapons into space because of UFOs.”

Some say this is just a deliberate “distraction” designed to keep people from focusing on more important issues, but the problem there is that (A) the empire doesn’t normally roll out distractions in that way, and (B) the UFO issue isn’t getting much mainstream attention. It’s a peripheral story, dwarfed in comparison to real propaganda initiatives like Ukraine.

Some say there’s a conspiracy to use high-tech weaponry to create a false flag alien invasion and unite humanity under a one world government, but that’s a fairly mainstream idea that’s being pushed on viral Netflix films by known fraud Steven Greer. I think the world is paranoid enough at this point that few would buy such a psyop even if it were somehow convincingly orchestrated.

Some say this narrative is all a cover for new technology the empire is keeping under wraps, presenting an official position that the US government has nothing to do with the strange vehicles people are seeing in the air as stated in the ODNI’s report on UFOs last year. That would certainly explain the empire’s cockiness in confronting Russia and China simultaneously when public knowledge of its economic and military capabilities would indicate that that’s a bad idea.

It could be as simple as the fact that once it becomes the established orthodoxy in Washington that UFOs are a threat and something needs to be done about them, it’s a safe bet that we’re going to see massive amounts of money moving around to deal with that threat and the emergence of war machinery that can be used in future confrontations with Russia and China. There are any number of creatures lurking in DC who would stand to benefit from that happening, and would stand to benefit from pushing that agenda. It’s possible that contracts have already been signed. It’s possible that finances have already been allocated for it from the war machine’s dark money slush fund, and that all this public talk is just narrative management to preemptively justify that spending when information about it comes out.

Or maybe it’s some mixture of these things, or none of them. I don’t know. I do know that someone’s benefitting from all this. And I know it’s unreasonable to expect the most murderous and tyrannical regime on earth to tell us the truth about UFOs when it would stand nothing to gain by doing so, and we ordinary people should therefore do our best to understand what’s happening for ourselves.

I think it would be good if people on the anti-empire fringes of the spectrum started looking at this thing more and describing what they’re seeing, even though it’s impossible to see everything behind the walls of government opacity. Otherwise the only people looking at it will be UFO enthusiasts who just want “disclosure” at any cost, and the operatives of the empire itself. 

(-Caitlin Johnstone)Autocracy, American-Style – Consortium News

The Chris Hedges Report: Ukraine and the crisis of media censorship (therealnews.com)

Lawsuit Uncovers Sprawling Network Of Federal/Social Media Collusion To Censor Americans During Pandemic – Activist Post

The War On Dissent – Bitcoin Magazine – Bitcoin News, Articles and Expert Insights


Stay wild, stay free, brothers and sisters and friends of the revolution!!!!!!


Where Did The Years Go (rockandrollcentral.net)


Stream The Saviors-Nightmare Years by HRH Brian Morgan | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

“The EPA warned Mississippi in 2020 of “imminent” dangers for people drinking Jackson’s tap water. The 80% Black city has sought repairs since the 1940s. Governor Reeves repeatedly refused requests for funding and the state only approved 6% of requested repair funds last year.

“I will believe that Democrats care about democracy when they stop suing to kick the Green party off the ballot, stop appointing corporate lobbyists to head the DNC, stop interfering in their own primaries, and start passing overdue election reforms like ranked choice voting.”(-Ryan Knight)

“Mikhail Gorbachev was not just a corrupt traitor; he was a criminal with millions of victims After he sold out his country to capitalists, the US imposed neoliberal shock therapy that led to 3.2 MILLION EXCESS DEATHS 18 million children pushed into poverty. Rampant malnutrition.” (-Benjamin Norton)

The latest barbarism of apartheid Israel’s colonial occupation: Foreigners must now notify the Israeli regime if they fall in love with a Palestinian in the occupied West Bank. If they marry, they are required to leave for a 6-month “cooling-off period” (-Benjamin Norton)

Breaking The Set! Gutter Snobs Released At Last, Free Assange, Jimmy Dore, Fred Hampton Leftists, Jamming To The Primals, Revolutionary Blackout Network, Junkshop Glam, Fake News, Real Pop! (-by J.D. Stay FREE)

 “The consensus is wrong. A painful part of aging is coming to realize how often this is true not due to a universal and honest ignorance, but rather a collaborationist submission to the fangs of popular opinion. For fear of ostracism, the human tribe will eat years of bitterness.” (-Edward Snowden)

“We need more money to plan for the second pandemic. There’s going to be another pandemic.” 
(-Gropey Joe musta looked at the receipts)

“The U.S. is probably one of the least woke countries in the world with its endless militarism, constant funding of the police, and bailouts for capitalist while allowing workers to starve Meanwhile people pretending this country is woke because they see more black and gay people. Notice how people who call themselves “moderates” are literally to the right of “ultra conservative” on policing? What does that tell you?” (-Revolutionary Blackout Network)

“It’s impossible to despise the mainstream western press too much, in my opinion. They’re paving the way to destruction and dystopia just as much as the plutocrats and politicians. They whine that the public hates them, but really the public doesn’t hate them enough.” (-Caitlyn Johnstone)

“Biden is out here acting like only Republicans are criticizing him. I am an independent socialist and disagree with Biden funding a proxy war with Russia. This was never about bringing democracy to Ukraine and always about laundering our money to the military industrial complex.” (-Ryan Knight)

“I have absolutely no illusions in the Guardian, none whatsoever. My mum brought me up to read the Guardian. She said, ‘It’s a good paper you can trust’. You can’t. After their treatment of me, I do not trust the Guardian.” (-Jeremy Corbyn)

“This is why J. Edgar Hoover considered Fred Hampton so dangerous – Hampton was uniting young people of all colors. The elites want the working-class fighting each other. Not forming coalitions.” (-Empire Of Lies on Twitter)

“Wild how quickly the narrative went from “nobody wants to work“ to “we need to force mass unemployment to fight inflation“.  Our entire economy is just a scam on working people protecting the capitalist class. – Covid hits causing stock market to collapse – Fed steps in dumps trillions to prop it up – Crumbs in relative stimulus given to working class – Corporations receive billions in subsidies while laying off workers – Corporations use narrative of inflation to price gouge workers” (-Mac@GoodPoliticGuy)

“The immorality of U.S. policy with Ukraine is appalling. When it became clear that the plan to arm & encourage Ukraine to bait Russia into a limited war in Donbas did not work, to encourage Ukraine to abandon negotiations in March & fight is unforgivable. But I guess we should not expect more from a state that would fight in Afghanistan for 20 years & then walk away & allow the people to starve after stealing their govt budget. And then you wonder why the non-European world sees the U.S./EU/NATO Axis of Domination as the enemy.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

 “I see you standin’ on the other side

I don’t know how the river got so wide
I loved you, baby, way back when…
And all the bridges are burnin’ that we might’ve crossed
But I feel so close to everything that we lost
We’ll never, we’ll never have to lose it again.

Now, I bid you farewell, I don’t know when I’ll be back
They’re movin’ us tomorrow to the tower down the track
But you’ll be hearin’ from me, baby, long after I’m gone
I’ll be speakin’ to you sweetly from a window in the Tower of Song.” (-Leonard Cohen)


So yeah, ya know all kinds of good stuff has happened in the wild world of the BEAT ANGELS! Those guys became fathers, published books, wrote screenplays and for all us fans, they finally found a cool label that released “THE GUTTER SNOBS”, their deeply cherished and much beloved, hard to find third album. They do a fucking PHENOMENOL cover of the Dic’s “STAY WITH ME” and wrote some amazingly listenable, unforgettable power-pop songs every bit as timeless and classic as any of their own heroes from like, Candy or Cheap Trick or The Raspberries. Often imitated but seldom equaled, ladies and gentlemen, the fabulous BEAT ANGELS! BUY IT NOW! Right the fuck on, nothin’ but Hell Yeah!

Beat Angels – The Gutter Snobs (2022, white, Vinyl) – Discogs


I’m not a big Russell Brand fan, he’s a little too new age cultish with his white linen Jared Leto-Ezra Miller mystic triangle affectations and former association with known occultic pop kitten, Katy Perry, but he asks some good and even important questions here. Exposes illusion of media-diversity and the bipartisan corruption of the con artist duopoly. The popular vote is almost always the dummy vote. Media is a crooked, paid for sham owned and operated by undemocratic secret society billionaires who will have you eating bugs and telling you that it’s for science and diversity. You wouldn’t wanna get CANCELLED, would you???! Or get deleted from The FriendsTM?? Fuck, man, i was never “MONETIZED” to begin with. What are they gonna do? Quit being nice to me? HA! I think Bernie Sanders let a lot of people down. Jimmy Dore was right when he said BS killed his own movement. They all talk pretty and then vote however their donor class bosses tell them to, never blocking wars or expansion of the police state. AOC is an even worse letdown fake fraud than Bernie and Obama. Tulsi Gabbard who, like the great DR.JILL STEIN, was slandered by Killary as a Putin/Assad sympathizer said:”Too many Democrats and Republicans talk a good game about civil liberties and claim to stand for freedom — but when it comes time to vote on protecting our civil liberties and right to privacy, they vote on the side of the power elite, and against liberty.” But she’s just one more phony pro war, pro Biden sheepdog candidate. Politicians are liars and they do not care about you. Their superiors, in fact, actively seek our destruction. I know, it’s hard to admit it. Shit’s gotten Dark.

“Shows why we shouldn’t drink the Kool-Aid. Pushing left in a party funded by billionaires, bankers and war profiteers doesn’t work.” (Dr. Jill Stein)


You might know people say I’m “stuck in the eighties” with all the Bunnymen and Adam Ant and Dexy‘s and Culture Club and the Furs. They are not wrong. I don’t know anything about The Kills really, they came along way, way, way after I dropped out from gentrified society with all the model duos and festival culture and $4000 rent and millionaire kids like Beck and DJ nights and designer clothing and shit but you can’t go wrong with T. REX. I like Bobby, I was always just jealous of his horn sections and background singers and that I never had a Creation guy financing my rock music. Saw a drifter from outta town napping on a park bench in the hot sun today. He had a little Snoopy pillow, reminded me of me when I was vagrant or free. It’s a hard way to go-the traveling life. Especially if you’re alone, like where I live the outta towners mistakenly think it’s a hippie community. Maybe it was fifty years ago, or even thirty five years ago, I dunno, but now, there is no one who will help them, no bus station, no Amtrak, no overnight shelter, it is an extremely inhospitable environment if you aint got a big gas guzzling oversized RV and credit cards. It gets like 110 degrees in the desert, or there are sudden monsoons that flood the streets and houses. Everybody is elderly in dilapidated old trailers and as poor as the vagabonds, except the ten rich people who own everything-they are greedy, authoritarian assholes. Surprised nobody’s called the kkkops on that poor sleeping guy yet. They’re usually all ran outta town after like, their second day. Sometimes they can scrap up some gas money at Wal-Mart, but you see the kkops come and run ’em out. They come in with their over optimistic deadhead hustles and have to hitch hike back out the next day. Ain’t no place for people who got no money.

This was good, though. Jesus & Mary Chain drummer made a right on frontman.


Same exact assholes who complain about homeless people having cell-phones don’t seem to grasp that you have to have a phone with internet access to apply for  jobs and look for imaginary affordable apartments and you have to be reachable by phone. What kind of fuckedup fifties Fonzarelli fantasy are these 90210 motherfuckers even living in? That you just drive your imaginary car down to the Peach Pit and shake hands with Nate the malt shop owner and fill-out a paper job application with your No. 2 yellow pencil and assure him you’re a real hard worker and he hands you the mop, so you can work your way up to the top like Hunter Biden and jared Kushner with the sweat of your manly brow and macho Ford truck bootstraps? What the fuck, man? Ex punks I know all “identify” more with big shot millionaire club owners than they do with everyday homeless people targeted by the big shot bruiser gym membership dickheads. I’ll never get that, man. Or forget that. A nation of fucking suckups wanting to stay after school and bang out erasers for Mrs. Crabtree. All these fucking nauseating suckups making excuses for rich people’s bad behaviors. Millions are falling into houselessness, so gentrification hipster assholes can gloat and pose and have these self-congratulating zipcode circle jerks and brag about how they earned their beach house and record deal and Saturday night free drink tickets they got from their mom the hard way. It’s tiresome. I don’t like people at all, anymore-they’re all just fuckin liars with $1000 imported leather biker jackets drinking fucking mimosas and yapping about shit they heard fourth hand over endless brunch, they just keep falling up, and act like it’s cause they got so much talent and virtue and it’s all just like that old Heather Locklear commercial, “because I’m WORTH IT!” I gotta interact with these types sometimes against my will, the inheritance class, and in my mind, I’m always thinking about that old Sweet song. “Heard it all before.”

“The Empire is dying right in front of us, and the only question now is how many people will they kill trying to hold onto power.” (-Black In The Empire)

“I didn’t realize that Putin was a pro-worker union type. When you need to constantly invoke the Russia boogeyman to subjugate working people and sustain elite power at home, I suppose anything is possible.” 

(-Aaron Mate’)

About 6 mos. ago, me and an older desert cowboy neighbor climbed up onto the roof and tried to spackle the leaky roof with some black tar he had-the roof has been leaking ever since the last extreme wind emergency blew all the shingles off the garage. Now the garage is a secondary structure here, behind our ancient disintegrating rickety old trailer, but I use it as my wreck room, or den, where I keep my stuff and a lot of old videotapes got soaked losing any potential resell value ever, and some photos and collages and my HANOI ROCKS poster got drenched and ruined, I tried to individually towel off as much as I could, managed to salvage some of it, it just sucks-but it could have been worse and often is, just one of the perils of living in the desert. Monsoons. It’s happened before, I lost a lotta photos in a flood in my grandmother’s basement, a trunk fulla old letters and lyrics in my mom’s basement flood, and two guitars and two giant scrapbooks were appropriated when I was being evicted and in the middle of moving after I’d sold off the last of my books and records for pennies to the greed head smirking gentrification record store hipster, ’bout twenty years ago. No one likes having their stuff destroyed or lost or stolen or ruined in the elements. I’m grateful as ever for what remains. Nothing lasts forever in this disposable age where only technofascist billionaires and their attack dog, super militarized, cyber spies and secret agent enforcers have any rights. Table Of Nine Bilderberg occultists tell ya straight up they plan on seizing your belongings and chipping you for science (Google: WEF) but to most average joes on the street, that still seems as crazy as if somebody told them government employees were gonna be fondling their body parts at airports and groping their loved ones private parts, cause Muslim terrorists are coming with boxcutters for their freedom fries and good jobs, and that they’d willingly and sometimes cheerfully consent to that, cause the media told ’em it was for their own protection and the public health. For their own good. That the NSA would be monitoring and recording all their conversations and selling their information to the highest bidders and only billionaires are entitled to privacy in the New World Order being rebranded as Agenda 21 and now The Great Reset. It’s for science though, and diversity, and the public good and the public health, and they will own nothing and be happy. Don’t worry, be happy. Here’s some middle class insurance prescription pills. Anything that makes anybody uncomfortable can always be shrugged off as fake news. Conspiranoia. The Icke X Files. The uneducated ignorance of THE OTHERS. Smartest and arguably most talented guy I know, an old writer from Creem and Rolling Stone in the golden years, says he does not like Chris Hedges, not cause Chris is wrong, but he’s too gloomy. People want that upbeat serotonin feelgood confirmation bias partisan boost always being offered by slick advertising jingles and peppy television millionaires and kangaroo court show trials. Judge Judy and The People’s Court. Russiagate Rachel Maddow and her big words and glasses wearing. They don’t want no scrubs. They like their technofacsist propaganda delivered in soothing NPR “Coffeetime” tones of voice.


   We’ve all been born into slavery-institutionalized, some slaves like being slaves, s’long as they can have some authority over uneducated, lesser-than, sneetches from down the road. I’m the kinda guy who recognizes they can tell the majority ANYTHING, and the majority will believe it and stand in line all night at Best Buy even in the rain and eagerly comply and pay for the privilege of groveling for permission. Bark like dogs-Who let the dogs out? USA! USA! George Carlin said it in the eighties-that Murkkkans LIKE war, s’long as they don’t see no pesky images of what the USA is really doing-the carnage, s’long as the pig-media sells ’em a feelgood Super Bowl Sunday Marvel Comics Patriotic Super Hero Narrative everytime. Somebody on a plane yells, “Let’s Roll!” I instinctively knew THE GHOST OF KIEV was a propaganda construct the first day, and like a month later, corporate media finally admitted it, after using the storyline to manufacture consent for baiting Russia into useless and destructive, endless wars. The whole Captain Amerikkka and Iron Man battle cry, ya know people are so gung ho for that “shock and awe” sterile image video game bullshit. Timberland wearing. pot smokin’ Kamala Harris, and her Co-Veep, First SCIENCE EXPERT, Double Double DOCTOR JILL BIDEN THE SCIENTIST FOR SUPER SPACE SCIENCE, Zelensky the comedian and Blue Steel Ben Stiller and Bill Gates and Dr. Fauchi are battling the commies for justice!!! Oprah’s friend Gayle and Dr. Phil will know The Answer! What does Beyonce say? Gropey Joe will FIX IT! Hey, Gropey, leave those kids alone. ‘Upside to my shit getting ruined out there in the leaky fifty year old garage? Maybe all this rain is gonna help put out some of those wildfires started by the federal government that have been blazing outta control. Remember when W Bush told Murkkkans to BUY DUCT TAPE FOR FREEDOM and that it’d protect them from the SCARY SUPER VILLAINS like The Shoe Bomber and The Anthrax Killer and The Unabomber and The Boston Marathon Guy and Timothy Mcveigh and the Notorious Show Thrower? Murkkkan Public will believe ANYTHING! ANYTHING! And the complicit media will manufacture consent for the craziest dystopian bullshit shady despots like Kissinger & Co. can imagine. They’ll also demand you take Beyonce SERIOUSLY! She’s a SURVIVOR! Like ALL THE SINGLE LADIES, ALL THE SINGLE LADIES! Getcher hands up! HARRY STYLES is here to HELP YOU COME OUT! PINK HATS FOR…THE ONLY ISSUE EVER…OUR PREFERRED PRO NOUNS…BUT FUCK THE POOR. That’s the class aint nobody protecting, or really ever sincerely advocating for. AT ALL. Not even your so called ex friends with all the Namaste bumper stickers give a flying shit what happens to you-they just wanna smoke the legal white people reefer, watch horror movies on Net-Flix, stuffed their piehole with Trader Joe’s gluten free snacks, befriend your exes, steal copyrights of your old tunes they had no part in composing, and get seen at the poshest winebar event by the recently tattooed hometown conservatives you went to school with-right? Getting scene. Being seen. Motherfuckers seriously insist the TV does not lie for corporate sponsors. Or their higher-ups would’ve told ’em on PBS. Jim Morrison belligerently yelled in a drunken stupor, “you’re all a buncha slaves”. College dorks love to critique his poetry and dismiss him  an alcoholic, but those dweebs will never write one thing in their lives even a twelfth as lovely as “The Crystal Ship”. These Haves On The Hill are just gonna blindly accept the ongoing crucifixion of Assange and assassination of the real free press as unavoidable and tell themselves he shouldn’t have offended Hillary Clinton. Ya ever worry for like, Matt Taibbi? THE WAR ON JOURNALISTS IS REAL! War on whistleblowers-who killed Seth Rich? What is an authority figure BUT an extortionist?  “Julian Assange, the most important publisher of our generation, whose extradition to the US was approved on Friday by the British Home Secretary Priti Patel, is an example of what will befall all publishers and journalists that expose the inner workings of power.” (-Chris Hedges)

“This is for my dear sister Shireen! Long live Palestinian dignity – no oppressed people should ever feel alone in the world!” (-Dr. Cornel West)



Cornel West on the complicity of US media in Israeli crimes – YouTube


“Joe followed in the footsteps of Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, John Lennon and Bob Marley. Without Strummer you have to ask, ‘Who speaks for you now?’” (-Don Letts)

I can’t even tell you why I’m so depressed. I used to drink and smoke to cope but now my health is failing and I’m a caregiver. Partly it’s the deaths of so many good, loyal friends and how that represents the deaths of so many dreams. The anxiety about the future and keeping my loved ones safe and healthy. The pig-media pounds fear into us all everyday. Now they got their WW3 promoting and Monkeypox shots and always a new boogeyman coming for our imaginary benefits and bigbox service jobs supposedly. It’s exhausting even second hand hearing about all their bullshit media campaigns. New one everyday. Cut off from everybody I used to know cause they all succumbed to the Big Lies. I don’t speak Commercials.

So I got all these songs I’ve written that nobody’s heard-I guess I’m finally gonna download some recording software but that ain’t never been anything I naturally gravitate towards doing. I’ve got more like a….get a drummer and a 12 pack, and my dangerous guitarists who don’t get along, and head down into the basement with some beer and  a notebook kinda approach to rocknroll making. Rock Like Fucking Fuck, not that cyber techno, Auto Tuning, Skyping Pro Tool I-Pod whatever bullshittery.

I try real hard not to sweat material losses, ya know MAYBE some old bass player or his dysfunctional roommates ganked 300 45’s, or that ex girlfriend took all my old photos, or glam rock posters, the storage space got robbed of a buncha video games intended for my kid, and some guitars, and even Stiv’s purple ruflly shirt and a sword from my grandparent’s house, lost some furniture from my childhood home when it all got shit canned by my aunt after my grandma died, lost more when a different chick dumped me and her last call bar friends carried my shit to the dumpster, lost my grandma’s ice cream scoop in the last move-all these worthless but sentimental items I became attached to-all the old rocknroll t shirts, but shit comes and goes, it’s just the irreplaceable sentimental stuff that gets me. It ain’t the dollar value, I mean I’m just into my personal old crap, I’ve lost so much over the years, I gotta song about it called, “All My Broken Homes”. My wife sings it and plays the guitar. She digs it. It’s good, it’s an outlaw country classic. Awww, man. Ya know, day to day, ya learn to adjust and adapt and cope with the unacceptable. Like with me, I had loved ones spirited away, years ago-my beautiful, brilliant, legendary kids-they’re out there somewhere, still alive, doing their thing, they’re probably okay, beautiful stars-but they ghosted me, so that’s been hard to bear, year after year. So many of my dearest friends have croaked already. Then, there’s the death of liberty and human rights in this country, where kkkops casually kill people for no reason and the slavery spectators make excuses for ’em. The health system is totally corrupt and regulatory agencies are owned and controlled by fake philanthropic surveillance tech overlords. Nobody wants to hear any of that, cause they been trained to worship doctors or nurses, but then, a family member gets sick and they find out what a fraud that whole system is. As a songwriter, I’ve seen sucky people become big stars, while my own talented and trusted collaborators die in the gutter hated, blamed, and alone, and their demo tapes and journals just get automatically shitcanned, so there is almost no record of their life’s works. My own stuff has seldom been properly put to tape. Some former associates have begun the legal process of claiming authorship of my old tunes that they covered but had no real part in composing. They know I have kids and that’s my intellectual property but they want always more booty to throw on their unscrupulously ill gotten prestige and property piles. My main collaborator destroyed his body with hard livin’ and multiple collisions and is lucky to be alive, can’t really play the guitar anymore, or take care of himself financially, and I can’t take care of him, either. So we got all these unrecorded songs and it’s tough to see the wealthy people on the coasts kinda steal our whole vibe, sound, style and sometimes, even our songs, and pass ’em off as their own, and enjoy some moderate success from it. That’s the  question capitalist show business asks me every day. If somebody creates a prolific body of work that never gets signed by a record label, or written about in controlled media, did it have any worth? Did any of it ever happen if it ain’t on tv and youtube? Cause I’m hearing music everyday here with like, almost nothing original or real put into it, just like 1,000 bad medicine Bon Jovies…besides having impossibly rich sponsors buying these elaborate costumes and paid for studio slick backup musicians-there’s almost like, nothing there-that seems to be what this culture wants. All hats and no cows. Copycat clones in ten thousand dollar outfits with hundred thousand dollar videos that got nothing to convey or express but they got all the money, are well connected, like the good old music, and halfass regurgitate the surface bits for fun n profit and get to enjoy the privilege and access and celebrity collector aspects of ownership. Whaddya gonna do? Rich people get to be rich-that means freedom to pay for stuff you can’t afford, they can copy your whole thing, and as long as they’re the ones getting to make the recordings and videos, they will be the only ones who are ever remembered for it. The rest of us, our shit just gets thrown to the wind, might as well start makin’ peace with that as best as we can, it’s all ephemeral, just flickering by. No one cares about forgotten poor people no matter who did what, how, and when. Even SUCCESSFUL musicians I know feel like failures, cause everybody’s just trying to climb some ladder. Even people who make it big just get killed for their publishing. Ruthless white devils.

   I been wrestling with this understanding for a long time now, it’s still an unresolved hang-up of mine. Pierces my side. Man, it’s just fuckedup and most Amurkkkan Idolized people only recognize the sound and vision of the slickly produced. I had an ex who was into Kid Rock. As Charlie Sexton sang, “she can’t tell the difference, anyway…” It’s hard. I’m about to go for a walk in the rain flooded streets. I got a heavy heart. I found my wooden walkin’ stick blown down in a puddle, and even it was soaked all the way through. Me ‘n’ my boy walked on down in the knee high puddles to look at the river, it was runnin’ mighty high but we did not stick around to enjoy it for long cause all the low ridin’ Eminem wannabe “Breakin’ Bad” meth elements are cruising round slowly peddling their poisoned product and you can’t be around those people, they are too schitzed-out, nervous gun handlers. Chips on their shoulders. Lotta nuts in these nowhere dead-end, desert ghost towns. I learned the hard way to not hang out with the loose cannon drug crazies-you sleep out with the dogs, you gonna wake up with the fleas. I keep to myself nowadays, mind my own business, but of course, in my heart, I’m aways trying to figure out the secret recipe for making records. The rich kids all make it seem so easy. I’m still crazy, trying to put the band back together.

Still crazy. U.S film trailer – YouTube

“Australians – are you not ashamed that Mexico is doing more for your fellow citizen than the government of Australia?” (-Craig Murray)

“The case against Assange is a sham and is motivated by the US intelligence community and its colleagues in the DOJ. It is a sham because the First Amendment protects the freedom of speech of all persons, not just Americans. Even though the materials Assange and WikiLeaks received had been stolen by Manning, because they were and are of material interest to the public – drones targeting civilians, military actions in countries with which the US was not at war and government lying to the public on a grand scale – the media is free to reveal them.

The feds have perfected three things – lying, stealing and killing. In the Assange revelations, we learned that they have excelled at what they have perfected. They don’t care about the Constitution or the rule of law, both of which they have sworn to uphold. The deep state is motivated by a warped belief that its members are superior to the Constitution and can use the powers of government however they want, so long as they can get away with it.

They prefer the government’s unbridled liberty and the servitude of the rest of us. Assange is a hero. He exposed government without limits – the archenemy of personal freedom.”

(-Andrew P. Napolitano, a former judge of the Superior Court of New Jersey, is the senior judicial analyst at Fox News Channel. Judge Napolitano has written seven books on the US Constitution.)

“Biden’s buddies in Saudi Arabia’s just raided stores, seizing children’s rainbow-colored toys, backpacks and clothing for ‘promoting homosexuality’, which is illegal. Nice allies you have, Joe.” (-Medea Benjamin)



  So yeah after enduring three or four years of being censored and Facebook jailed and even having my posts taken down by Zuck and his top down narrative control social engineers, they finally just locked my account up so I could no longer sign in and that’s fine by me, it was a big timesuck, and the people who would have most benefitted from seeing my posts and links to anti imperialist sources were prohibited by their rigged police state algorithms from even seeing my posts in their feeds. A lot of my allies had moved to Twitter but I see the permanent ruling class is installing a bunch of deep state spooks over there to manage our conversations and what we’re allowed to tell each other about, so I’ve been submitting columns to rocknroll magazines where I try to draw people’s attention towards what’s really going on in this world, encouraging them to think for themselves, ask who benefits, look for the profit motive, and to pay more attention to what goes on behind the curtains. You ain’t heard about what those fuckedup fascists have been plotting at all their secret gatherings, but you need to start researching ESG  an acronym that stands for Environmental, Social (Justice), and (Corporate) Governance. The goal of ESG, as World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab stated in Shaping the Future of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is to make our world even less democratic and more of a monopoly to be shaped by this very creepy one percent technocracy at the top of the pyramid scheme. Start investigating that dude, a Kissinger protegee and his authoritarian friends, they’re gonna come to you via the Fear Channels as friendly sheep saying they want to help care for the enviornment all of a sudden, but it is the NWO that Bill Cooper and so many others warned you about. It’s been very kind of my online rocknroll fanzine editors to post my lengthy rants, but I don’t expect they can or will indulge my Rant habit forever. I can’t be mad at nobody about it. I usually push the envelope as far as I can, cause nobody else in my little musical circles even talks about freedom of speech, censorship, narrative control management, or freedom for JULIAN ASSANGE. I got like three unposted columns backedup in the pipeline. No one to call and no one who writes. Getting kicked off False Book left me some what estranged from my anarchist and socialist and human rights allies and old school Constitutionalists who aint in on the Big Bamboozle. Most people really do seem to trust the nice “educated” rich people on the television. Who work for the same exact two or five billionaires. 


“Joe Biden goes into a restaurant. “I’ve created 8 million jobs” he tells the server. “I know”, the server replies, “I have three of them.” (-Matthew Hoh for Senate Green Party)

“How the hell is a country run by corporations, the military industrial complex and billionaires a democracy?” (-Black In The Empire)

“Nobody has done more to prop up Trump than the DNC. Leaked emails from 2015 show the DNC’s strategy was to actually prop up Trump in the GOP primary because they thought he’d be easier for Hillary to beat. Their strategy back fired so of course they are doing it again in 2022.” (-Ryan Knight)

“People Don’t Think Hard Enough About What Nuclear War Is And What It Would Mean “We’re being sedated into a propaganda-induced coma while immensely powerful people play profoundly dangerous games with our lives.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)


“Pfizer arranged a trashy, $11K-an-hour Miami yacht party for failed Colombian presidential candidate Rodolfo Hernández The party followed leaks showing Colombia overpaid by $375 million for Pfizer vaccines & forfeited state assets to the Big Pharma giant.” (-Max Blumenthal)

“There is no agenda so power-serving and tyrannical that empire spinmeisters can’t find ways of using woke-sounding language to support it.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

“Twitter is hiring a TON of FBI agents. Searching employment websites, it is clear Twitter has been extensively recruiting from the FBI, employing a dozen former feds. Twitter has also been recruiting from the CIA, NATO and the Atlantic Council. Nearly all of these hires have been in politically sensitive fields like trust, safety and security, allowing these organizations to influence its rules and content. Twitter is also openly “collaborating” with the FBI, with the bureau instructing it on general security and on which accounts to suppress and delete. This isn’t just happening at Twitter though. For instance, read my investigation into the extraordinary amount of NATO operatives that TikTok has been hiring to manage its content, trust and security. The take home message of all this is that the US national security state is silently acquiring extensive influence over the algorithms that decide what we all see online. And very few people are aware this is even going on. This is a problem because, as we see time and again, the US national security state is the source of many of the most egregious falsehoods anywhere. The idea they should be involved in deciding what is true and false info for the entire world is deeply disturbing.” (-Alan MaCleod) The NATO to TikTok Pipeline: Why is TikTok Employing So Many National Security Agents? (mintpressnews.com)

“Breaking news: The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled today that boycotts are not protected by the First Amendment.


 has confirmed it’ll take the case to the Supreme Court, with huge implications for free speech in America. The case centers around a law that requires public contractors to sign a pledge promising that they do not boycott Israel. If you refuse to sign the pro-Israel pledge, you are fired from your job. Versions of this law now exist in 33 states.” (-Julia Bacha) Opinion | I Live in Arkansas. Why is My State Telling Me Not to Boycott Israel? – The New York Times (nytimes.com)


 ALL ABOARD FOR FUNTIME…In my twenties, I knew this exquisitely beautiful girl, golden pants, pink hair, a perfect otherworldly elfen face, she was really an etherel, make believe vision to behold and she was dating a famous old guitar player. I started running around with the two of them, just going to night clubs and little divebars, drinking in the parks, rolling through the streets, being friends and having fun. It felt like Recess. They had a squat in an old abandoned hotel we could sleep in for free back when all the hotels like St. Mark’s and Rutledge and Chelsea started jacking up their overnight prices-some junkies started a fire in there one night and burst into my room in some kinda crazy spell and my guitarist dude appeared with a knife telling ’em to get the fuck away from me which was really memorably super heroic. We aint really in cahoots no more, but I’ll always remember him with great appreciation and gratitude. I never laughed so much as I did palling around with those two. Anyways, he used to tell me all kinds of fabulous stories and he’s the one that got me into Bob Dylan and the Sensational Alex Harvey Band. Take a long line, have a drink on me.


I first encountered the self proclaimed “woke” folks in Oregon, they were the most cloistered and privileged know it all college assholes and stoned philosophy majors you could ever meet and they all had just like hours and hours of pretty talk speeches prepared about why us coarse and uneducated poor people should let them boss us around for science and diversity if you were dumb enough to stick around and listen to their fuckin’ tedious navel studies control freak pie chart egomania, and one of their obedient roly-poly gamer nerds used to call me a hipster which actually would imply I have some kind of social currency or privilege or clubby clique or social cachet, when in fact, I’ve been an outcast all my life. A long time ago, I used to have some rocknroll friends who’d come to the rude dwellings of my big ghetto apartment and stay for days of madcap drinking, laughing like loons, playing about ten acoustic guitars and having these merrymaker all night singalongs with the junkshop glam and eighties new wave records on. It’s hard not to miss those times in the darkening hours of fascism and fake media manufactured unrealities and pro billionaire bullshit and partisan celebrity worship. I gotta say I was never as impressed with the gold jewelry and heavy cologne and parent owned businesses and investment properties of the ruling class local gentry as my former associates were. To quote those socialists from Rage Against The Machine, a college popular corporate nineties rap and thrash band, “fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me!”

“”Putin’s Price Hike” is such a comically dumb phrase. Like he’s hiding behind the shelves in grocery stores marking up the price of oatmeal.” (-Michael Tracey)

“As the majority of the wealth in the U.S. gets even more concentrated at the top both capitalist parties are leaning into the culture wars & insisting that the problem is your neighbor to deflect from the fact that the problem has always been our capitalist & imperialist system.” (-Ryan Knight)

“In the US, life has little value. Healthcare is costly, children regularly die of gunfire, and infant/maternal mortality are the highest in the “developed” world. The nation’s biggest investment is wars, policing, and prisons. The US is the epitome of a sham “democracy.” (Ben) Stiller called Zelenksy his “hero*, demonstrating that the American celebrity class is just as much a puppet of the rich as Zelenksy is a puppet of the US’s fascist-enabling military state currently bringing the world to brink of nuclear exchange.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“Neoconservative think tank the Institute for Strategic Dialogue is a Western intelligence cutout funded by US, UK, & many European govts Its “studies” are Western regime-sponsored McCarthyite attacks on independent journalists, laundered through the media.” (-Benjamin Norton)




Another thing I kinda miss besides a real genuine grassroots Left not controlled or corralled, misguided, deceived, gaslighted, or redirected by rich middle managers back into the irredeemably corrupt clutches of the Hillary Clinton/Nancy Pelosi DNC, is of course, fnzines and other media platforms where real news is discussed and real music can be heard. When I say “POP”, the corporations have somehow hypnotized the masses, and changed the meaning or definition of that word, to refer to toxic garbage muzak, and idiotic boy bands, and fake capitalist rap. I mean real rocknroll, with heart and melody! Julian Assange and the guy who leaked the Vault 7 files are imprisoned but Goldman Sachs and all those Democrat and Republikkkan talking heads and puppet politicians who lied us into ten wars for oil company gougers are still at large. The airwaves are blanketed by war propaganda and sonic puke but I still retreat into a catchy song from yesteryears.


Bridge: Julian Assange Has No Prayer Against the ‘Empire of Lies’ – 21st Century Wire