The Morlocks “Bring On The Mesmeric Condition”

Originally formed in California in 1984, The MORLOCKS have been through various line-up changes and break-ups, but the re-vamped version of the band is now based in Düsseldorf, Germany. The cover of this 7th album will fascinate you as much as it will hurt your eyes, and the vinyl version is released by Germany’s finest rock’n’roll record label, Hound Gawd! Records. While many garage rock bands only strictly follow the style’s rules, The MORLOCKS have always mixed 60s rock’n’roll/garage with 70s wild rock’n’roll and other various influences, and it is obvious from the start on this new record with opening track “Bothering Me.” Songs like “Heart of Darkness” and “High Tide Killer” even bring names like ROWLAND S. HOWARD and NICK CAVE to mind, in a very cinematic way. “No One Rides For Free” and “You Don’t Know (How Young You Are)” both have a voodooish STIV BATORS thing to them, and “We Can Get Together” or “Easy Action” already sound like a garage classics! The MORLOCKS show us how to groove with style in “Down Underground”, and inject a dirty dose of NEW YORK DOLLS meets Detroit rock’n’roll in “Time To Move” and in “One Foot In The Grave.” The spirits of The FUZZTONES, The SEEDS, and 13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS with the attitude of The STOOGES are all in this new album! 2018 is not over yet, but “Bring On The Mesmeric Condition” should definitely be on the top of every “best rock’n’roll albums of the year” list! /Laurent C.

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The Forty Nineteens “Good Fortune”

California has always been a good place for powerpop, and this is no exception. Opening song “And Such And Such” displays great songwriting skills from the start and reminds me a bit of DRAMARAMA. “Easy Come Easy Go” mixes 60s garage to 70s punk rock energy, a song like “Another Day” won’t have any problems to stay stuck in your head, and you won’t resist dancing to “My Camaro (Have Some Fun)”! The band even flirts with psych pop on “Purple Microdot”, and while “The Longer I Wait” could fit somewhere between FLESH FOR LU LU and LOVE AND ROCKETS, the spirit of ELVIS COSTELLO is never too far (“Let Love In”, “Two Pillows”…) These guys also know how to surprise us: When you could expect a BEATLES cover, the band chose to offer us their own version of The STONES” “Time Is On My Side”!
No wonder why people like Little Steven Van Zandt and Michael De Barres said good things about The FORTY NINETEENS! /Laurent C.
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Gypsy Roller – Tinsel Town Vaudeville Glamour

GYPSY ROLLER is bringing back glitter rock with their new album. Gil Soliz tells us about the band and his unconditional love for glam rock.

Can you introduce GYPSY ROLLER?

Gypsy Roller is a music Band that I officially started around 2009 & has an eclectic rotating cast of members from each album. Starting with my first official release on Sunthunder Records “Champagne & Rock n Roll, We Got You Covered ( featuring Gen Genocide)” & Self Titled Gypsy Roller released by Alive And Kickin’ Records. I’m literally “ Rollin’ With It for each Recording Adventure.

Have you played in other bands before?

Yes, most of my musical career started in The Great Pacific Northwest in Portland Oregon. The Pin Ups , The Fringe , The Strand & Champagne Cowboys. The Champagne Cowboys was probably the most respected & popular band I fronted there & we ran those streets with the best of them . With other acts such as The Nice Boys, The Out Crowd, The Makers & The Viles. Some even claim we were ahead of the pack for a couple of years ?

Your album is out on French record label Alive and Kickin’ Records. How did that happen?

Matt Lehem has an ear for up & coming Glam Rocker Bands such as…… Plastic Tears, Smash Fashion, The Tip, Cream Circus, The Cry, Hammered Satin & The Sweet Things . And Gypsy Roller just happened to catch his attention with our Single “ Rock n Roll Stroller “. Can’t blame him though for that track is Hook City !

Your album production sounds very 70s glitter, how did you manage to get this sound?

That’s because Allen Davis is a Genius Music Producer ! The guy has a killer ear & common sense for a Classic “ Pop “ Sound. He musically Co-wrote all of those tracks on that Alive And Kickin’ self titled “ Gypsy Roller “ Release. Our first track we recorded together for that album was “ Goodbye To Sorrows “ & it’s like a Phil Spector / Tony Visconti Wet Dream Extravaganza ! Once we laid that track down I knew immediately that there was an album there somewhere . I think it’s a complimentary mix of my street sensibility & his slick production skills !

A band like GIUDA brought back the glam rock sound to a wider audience without being too “retro/vintage”, do you think GYPSY ROLLER’s approach to the style is quite similar?

Hmmmm ……. hard to say ?
I personally am not a huge fan of Giuda. However Allen recently went to there live show in San Francisco & said they were very tight & together on stage. Their esthetic is not my cup of tea. Soccer Polo Shirts, rolled up jeans & doc marten boots is very attractive I guess to your average college kid. But not to me. I gather our sound doesn’t represent that sort of thing very much & has a tad more touch of tinsel town vaudeville Glamour to it, yet I’m okay with that & personally prefer to be on that side of the fence of the Glitter Scene. To each is own I guess ?

You’re also a glam rock/glitter DJ, can you tell us about it?

Yes of course, basically I take pride in creating a most magical illusion to all my guests of The midnight hours. That suits each venues, such as Glitz At The Ritz, Continental Glam & my latest creative creation ….. Glitter Stiletto ! For it’s my duty to educate & entertain ! Frankly I have just as much fun Spinning my private record collection as to fronting a Live Band on stage .

Most underrated glam rock records to you?

David Werner’s “Whizz Kidd”, Brett Smiley’s “Breathlessly Brett” & Alastair Riddlell’s “Space Waltz”, The Stilettos & Magic Tramps.

How did you first get into glam and glitter?

It all goes back to my first Bowie Records which turned me onto Lou Reed, Andy Warhol, New York Dolls & The New York Max’s Kansas City Underground Scene & Beyond ! Seriously though the Ziggy Stardust circle is not a bad place to begin or to explore.
Considering my first high school Vinyl Records were Mick Ronson’s “Slaughter On Tenth Ave”, Lou Reed’s “Metal Machine Music “ which when the manager almost didn’t sell me the record because he thought it would warp my mind ??? Johnny Thunders‘ “So Alone”. You could say I was in pretty good company & influence.

Do you like reading books about rock’n’roll/biographies? Last one you’ve read?

Everything I know about Rock n Roll begins by spending endless hours alone in the bedroom with books ! And last one was by Patti Smith “ Just Kids. “

In “Blood and Glitter”, Mick Rock says “Glam was about make-up, mirrors and androgyny. It was narcissistic, obsessive, decadent and subversive. It was bohemian, but also strangely futuristic. It was Oscar Wilde meets A Clockwork Orange. It was a mutant bastard offspring of glitter. But while glitter was sparkling distraction, glam was anarchy in drag. It was sexy, glamorous, on the edge. It was the moment hippie finally died. It was absolutely rock’n’roll. But it was also fashion, art, theatre, lifestyle. It was gay, straight, multisexual…”
What do you think about this description? Isn’t it weird that glam rock had so much influence (and still has to this day) on music, fashion, etc. whereas it was such a short-lived movement (a bit like punk, actually)?

Basically Photographe wise Mick Rock is the gate keeper to all that is pleasing to the eye of Glam & Rock N Roll !!! He is my photographic guru ! He in captures everything that is Glitter Rock n Roll & Sexy!
Mick Rock’s photos & Album Covers play a very important part on opening a door of all of the true dandies of the underworld. Those album covers made it cool & acceptable for a guy to wear makeup & dress up ! For it let’s one know that it’s a great alternative to attract females, other than being a school jock or successful business man. It’s definitely the holy grail of fashion of The androgynous ones . Basically his photos are timeless & always inspires me when I’m looking for new artistic ideas !

Are you going to tour to promote the album?

Currently as we speak it is being discussed about us playing live in France & other Countries outside of France .
Please crawl out your window & get your copy of Gypsy Roller !

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Telephone Lovers “S/T”

The US powerpop scene has been very interesting these last years, and it seems like bands keep on appearing! TELEPHONE LOVERS, from Long Beach, California, are no exception, they have the looks, the hooks, and the glam touch that make modern American powerpop so cool. They remind me of PRIMA DONNA on “Without You”: 70s BOWIE riff, sexy bass and JERRY LEE LEWIS piano, it’s only rock’n’roll, but I love it! “Lil’ Bit O’ Money” and “Saw You Standing There” have a TOM PETTY feel to them, and if you’re into proto-punk, songs like “Take You Home”, or “Turn It Around” will probably be your favourite ones.
“Gone For The Summer” is a real rock’n’roll song, “At The Station” will make you dance, while “Come Out Tonight” and “No More” will stay stuck in your head like a CANDY song!
If you need one more good reason to check out TELEPHONE LOVERS, let me add that they have HOLLYWOOD BRATS in their influence list!/Laurent C.

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Spencer Robinson “Standing at the End of the World” EP

Former LORDS OF ALTAMONT bass player (and professional blackjack player!) Spencer Robinson takes us into his own world with five songs full of dark and melancholic melodies that bring NICK CAVE and ROWLAND S. HOWARD to mind, especially in songs like “Standing at The End of the World” or “Say Hello To The Devil.”
Sometimes between 60s garage and Tom Waits (“Don’t Need No Jesus”, Tunica”), or more minimal (“Spider”) these songs could be the soundtrack of lonely drives in dusty California, or could be featured in a David Lynch movie.
Johnny DeVilla (former guitar player in the LORDS OF ALTAMONT too), and Tom Hernandez (The SUPERBEES) joined Spencer for the recording of this EP that will out as a limited edition cassette on Solid 7 Records. The digital version is out on Bandcamp, and you should definitely check it out! /Laurent C.

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Radiohearts “Tell You” 7″

New 7″ record out on No Front Teeth Records by Californian power pop band RADIOHEARTS. Opening song “My Heart Has An Obituary” is quite catchy, and ’77 punk influenced song “So Low” is even better, kinda power pop meets The CLASH!
The BUZZCOCKS influence can still be heard in “Tell You All About It” as well as a bit of surf rock in the guitars, and “Who Are You” shows us that good songs don’t need to be complicated, but that’s what power pop is all about, isn’t it? Good one again, guys!/Laurent C.

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Radiohearts “Lot To Learn” 7″

Californian punky power pop, mixing the energy of the RAMONES, the snottiness of the BUZZCOCKS, and a good dose of UNDERTONES (“Decisions.”) I never heard of the RADIOHEARTS before, but it seems like they already released a couple of EPs before.
The raw production, powerful bass, and guitar melodies bring The JAM to mind on “Let Them Know’, and you can also hear a CHEAP TRICK influence on “Heartbeat”, which can’t be a bad thing.
This 4 song EP is quite a good introduction to the RADIOHEARTS, and since we’re talking about hearts, if you rermember and loved The EXPLODING HEARTS, then check this EP out!/Laurent C.

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JJ & The Real Jerks “S/T” EP

Six new songs as a digital release by Californian rock’n’roller JJ & The REAL JERKS. “Axe Me” offers us what we already love in the band, killer NEW YORK DOLLS guitars and straight in your face choruses, while “Put Me Out” and “Split Decision” are first class punk rock’n’roll bombs! Fans of The JONESES will love…
The HANGMEN sometimes comes to mind (“Ice Queen”, “Tuned Out”) too, or even the best of DUFF McKAGAN‘s solo stuff (“Mr. Good Enough”.) The old-school vibe is reinforced by the cool rock’n’roll sax, something too rare these days.
Hope this EP will have a physical release. It really deserves it!/Laurent C.

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