Garbo Dastorg “Black Sheep Syndrome”

If you’re familiar with Andy McCoy’s (Hanoi Rocks/Cherry Bombz/Suicide Twins/Shooting Gallery/Grease Helmet) solo discography, you are a likely candidate for loving this French artiste, who is still another black Fedora wearing Johnny Thunders disciple, but who draws influence or inspiration from every generation of rock’n’roll. These songs immediately conjure shades of McCoy and Thunders, but then, the versatile array of sounds and swirling musical accompaniment carry one on a journey through different textures, shades, and sonic dimensions, like Kevin Junior’s Chicago pop under-dogs, Chamber Strings, Prince & The Revolution, The Rolling Stones’ psychedelic “Their Satanic Majesties Request”, early Gene Loves Jezebel, the Faces, and does anybody remember Darling Cruel? Garbo is all over the musical map, but his voice and imaginative, enigmatic style are clearly throwbacks to Andy McCoy and Keith Richards. Haunting and vibrant songs like “Triple Six Barrel Shot Gun” and “Let’s Pretend We’re Dead” would be in frequent rotation, if I still had my short-lived radio-show. If fame had any meaning whatsoever, this agonizingly talented songwriting and recording mastermind, Garbo, would surely be famous, but sadly, since the entire corporate-media has been consolidated into one big weaponized war propaganda echo-chamber, owned by just five media-corporation bull-horns for the war-profiteering elite, you’ll have to hear always more from line-dancing Mouseketeers and absurd lap-dancers, whose only talent is being bulimic and receiving boobs, to distract you from the NDAA, TSA, NSA, hackable Diebold voting-machines, proxy wars, torture, airport molestations and cancer inducing porno-scanners; and GMO tumors, sterility and early death; while brilliant and inspired, undiscovered geniuses like Garbo Dastorg are tragically ignored. This cat is a special artist/entertainer, just fantastic. A rare diamond, talent-wise. Dig him out! (-review by FREE)