Psycho Barbies “Stupid Cupid” EP

I can't really remember when was the last time I reviewed a bubblegum glam punk band. Unfortunately, the style has disappeared quite a long time ago, so it's good to see a band from Italy bringing the pink glittery corpse of bubblegum glam punk back to life! PSYCHO BARBIES first released a 4 song demo... Continue Reading →

Sugar Shock (2000)

"Sugar Shock personify the snotty stage of the teens. With a cockiness not seen since Guns ´n Roses, these boys give their nailpolished mighty middlefinger to the rest of the world. These brats are the rebel rousers of the 21st Century." Yeah ! it sounds like a good introduction for this Swedish band. Put on... Continue Reading →

Supergroupies (2002)

They have the look, the style and they have songs that you'll sing again and again after listening to their first and promising demo CD 'La Musique Pornographique'. Kim (vocals/guitar) tells us more about the GROUPIES and their future... So could you tell us a bit about the history of the band? Before Supergroupies I... Continue Reading →

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