Brandy Row “Hold No Shame” 10″

Rock’n’Roll troubadour BRANDY ROW is back with 4 new urban bluesy songs in which you’ll hear some STONES (“Consolidated”), and SEEDS (“Martial Law”) influences all mixed with good taste and style.
These songs are full of cool arrangements such as horns, female vocals, etc., but when BRANDY decides to just keep the core of a song, then acoustic JOHNNY THUNDERS and DYLAN come to mind (“Hold No Shame.”)
“Walking On A Razor’s Edge” and its New Orleans feel displays more variety in BRANDY‘s songwriting, almost TOM WAITS in the atmosphere at times, and while listening to this song, you realize that it could have been sung by AMY WINEHOUSE. It’s interesting that the mood of this record is sometimes close to JOHNNY THUNDERS & PATTI PALLADIN‘s “Copy Cats”, although these songs are not covers.
This new EP is alvailable on 10″ vinyl (No Front Teeth records), and digital. A full album is coming our way soon, and we sure won’t complain about it!/Laurent C.
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Brandy Row “Decline of a Better Man”/”Crazy World” (single)

declinecoverBrandyRowNew single/video for Brandy Row on No Front Teeth Records. You might have heard of him through his 77 punk band The GAGGERS, and more recently through the excellent BRANDY ROW & THE TRUEBADOURS.
“Decline Of a Better Man” displays a quieter, but darker side (see video below) of Brandy’s music: Johnny Thunders kind of vocals, acoustic guitars, street folk vibe and mariachi trumpets.
The second song, “Crazy World” has a more STONES/Gospel feel, and manages to make you want to dance to the absurdity of the modern world we live in. I’m now looking forward to hearing a full album!/Laurent C.