Jeff Ward “Carry On Dreaming” Book

Book review by General Labor "It's hard to find words. I have played in so many spaces with precarious floors and beams and stairs and not enough exits and certainly no sprinklers. Warehouses, squats, basements, rooftops, barns. Playing music saves my life. People tell me listening to music saves their lives. People telling me that... Continue Reading →

Cramped !

Collective book Co-editor: Kizmiaz Records & Super Loto Editions Cramped ! is an illustrated anthology of the many bootleg recordings of the American band The Cramps who made their indelible mark on the history of rock and roll over a period of four decades since their inception at the end of the 1970's. The book... Continue Reading →

Every Day Is Like Sunday Megazine #5

Monsieur Nasty Samy tell us about his "Dirty Black Summer" (the movies he watched, the records he bought, etc. during Summer 2012) in this special issue which is actually the last one... But you know the man, he always has tons of ideas and projects going on. A colourful horror magazine-like cover and 74 cool... Continue Reading →

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