Jenkinses “Langered” EP

The JENKINSES from Brussels, Belgium describe themselves as "the best kept secret in rock'n'roll", and they might be right! The band formed in 2013 with former NERVOUS SHAKES members and have been through different line-ups before offering us this 5 song EP. Opening song "Down" bring the NEW YORK DOLLS and The SEX PISTOLS to... Continue Reading →

Revenge 88 “Still Walking Under Neon Lights”

Rock’n roll time bomb, Stagebeast was to burn bright & fast releasing a hit single in ‘78 before ruining their EMI deal, not unlike the Sex Pistols, by wrecking their offices in Brussels on the very day they were to sign for a second 7inch. Famous for their stage antics Stagebeast had been formed in... Continue Reading →

The Ratboys “Cash, Gas And Trash”

The RATBOYS are not Mr. Ratboy's new band, they come from Belgium and "Cash Gas and Trash" is their debut album. These Boys love 77 punk rock'n'roll, 60s bubblegum power pop and they sometimes remind me of The BEAT ANGELS ("Bubblegum Attack".) The RATBOYS understood that a catchy chorus is the most important thing when... Continue Reading →

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