Into The Valley Of Death Releases New Video “Reject”

Californian trippy heavy machine Into The Valley Of Death has released a new video for their song “Reject” from their EP “Ruthless” out on Doomsayer Records. A real spacey experience and as far as the aesthetic is concerned, imagine David Lynch working with Wendy O. Williams!:


“Look up in the sky! It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane!

It’s a Balloon!

Now let’s forget about that talk about us blowing up the pipeline. It’s a big problem that in the year 2023 there are still millions of Americans naive enough to believe that our Gov’t would never do something like blow up the Nord Stream. I was at the @RageAgainstWar_ rally and they did a great job, I hope it leads to more I want the nightmares of these MIC, corporate generated wars to end, I hope the next anti-war actions do even better, in spite of the way some tried to harm this one.

The cause is what matters. This war is really 9 years old. Biden went to Ukraine and gave Zelensky another $500,000,000 before he went to East Palestine, Ohio. One thing I know for sure is that Hunter Biden the crackhead that got kicked out of the military got a job as a Board member of a Ukrainian Energy company owned by an Oligarch based strictly on merit, when his father was basically running the country. Trump just came out and said we were gonna steal the oil, the rest of our politicians tell us they are trying to spread democracy as they steal the oil. The Democrats are never going to do anything meaningful for the Black community, because they are not our allies and they know that all they have to do is tell us how racist Republicans are and we are going to vote for them forever. Are Americans ever gonna stop falling for this nonsense our Gov’t feeds us about fighting for freedom and democracy? The US totally provoked this war, stopped the Peace Deal Russia and Ukraine almost came to last March, blew up the Nord Stream, is making billions for their donors and wants this war to continue to weaken Russia. How people talk about white privilege and defend Hunter at the same time? Grow up, and face the real world we’re living in before it’s too late. They intentionally avoided talking about natural immunity and let some of you mock it like it was a right wing conspiracy theory, even to the point where doctors and scientists were smeared for one reason.

To sell more ‘vaccines’. It was totally over for us when Clinton made it clear to Wall Street that he was putting the Democratic Party up for sale to compete with the Republicans and kicking the Unions to the curb. Lucky for those railroad workers they decided to strike under a Democratic Administration, things sure did work out great for them with those people that care so much about workers

Maybe both Parties have the same owners? Enough with America cares about Freedom, Democracy and Human Rights

Biden talked big shit about Saudi Arabia,they were a pariah, and he was gonna make them pay for Khashoggi

Didn’t stop him from going there with his tail between his legs begging for oil and leaving humiliated. Our Politicians, Military Brass and top Gov’t officials earned every campaign donation, lobbying job, and Board Seat when they leave D.C. with the way they pulled off handling Covid and this war

The MIC, Big Pharma and Big Oil made a great investment in this crew of crooks. The job of our politicians is to remove the money from us, give it to their donors, keep us blaming each other for having to work harder to just break even and to steal everything from the rest of the world to maintain their rule. Don’t want to hear the poor Hunter was an addict, because so was I, but my father didn’t write the legislation targeting Black people for mass incarceration as I watched my people die in prison as he gets to play painter. I want everybody to be able to live their lives the way that makes them happy as long as they don’t hurt anybody else, be respected and not discriminated against

I draw the line where I have to believe it is right or I’m a bad person. Switching between Dems and the GOP every few years isn’t gonna change anything

Wake up, they own both Parties.” (-Black In The Empire)

“Israel bombed Syria directly after a devastating earthquake.

The US continues to occupy Syria’s most resource-rich region, starving the country of food and water.

The US and Israel have always been the true axis of evil. Why does the US get to send arms all over the world to fight its dirty wars but China is crossing a “red line” if it sends weapons to Russia?

More proof that the “rules-based international order” is just US double standards rebranded. The US-EU-NATO axis was a project of integration not based on mutuality but rather domination over the rest of the world. Russia and China’s vision of world integration is privileges sovereignty, not hegemony. Huge difference.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“Due to the success of my book recently, I’m being targeted by some unfortunate and nasty smears. If you’ve encountered them, you should note that no evidence for these false claims is provided at any point. That should be a red flag for smart media consumers.” (-Whitney Webb)

Dr. Jill Stein🌻 on Twitter: “Approaching the 1 year anniversary of this latest foreign policy disaster, these words ring truer and stronger than ever.” / Twitter

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “Being clear and not willing to compromise a principled focus on the main enemy will make you a marked person by the reactionaries and the collaborative Eurocentric latte-left activists. But like Malcolm, we are not afraid.” / Twitter

Useful Idiots on Twitter: “US official John Sullivan says it’s a complete lie that US policy in Ukraine is to fight to the last Ukrainian. If only we had some evidence, like a clip… Oh wait! Thanks, Lindsey Graham! @aaronjmate @kthalps Full episode:” / Twitter

Black in the Empire on Twitter: “They tried to say Russia did it, but that was so ridiculous that they couldn’t even get the average Western citizen to believe it They then went to media blackout to make it go away The lack of interest by the EU and the US in getting an answer, is the answer. The US did it” / Twitter

juan arreguin on Twitter: “Any attack by Nazi Ukraine on the Crimean peninsula embodies the Empire’s military objective of annexing the Crimea: as in the Crimean War of 1853, the Empire wants to impede Russia’s access to the Black Sea!–HIMARS will be fired by Americans, committing Acts of War a/st Russia!” / Twitter

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “This is what you tax dollars go for. Imagine for a moment that these were Russian solders and the kid was Ukrainian! That is the problem. There should be one standard of moral & political judgement. To be less outraged by this because these are your Israeli friends is immoral.” / Twitter


Roger Miller – King of the Road – With Lyrics! – YouTube

Sal the Agorist on Twitter: “” / Twitter


“”I believe in justice / I believe in vengeance / I believe in getting the bastards…”

Upon moving to Cambridge in the nineties, I was able to access oceans of new ideas I had seldom been exposed to back in the midwest where everybody has to work at the mall, fast food, hospital, jail, or tank plant and everybody’s sortof conditioned from birth to believe that bigger is better, winning is everything, Black Friday deals are gonna be epic so we better get there early, USA is #1, might makes right, blah blah blah. So it was ever so thrilling to peruse my cool roommates sortof subversive sixties counter culture and beat movement library, shit tons of old Kerrang!’s and Lemon magazines and Bucketfull Of Brains magazines, NME’s and Melody Makers and thousands of stacks of cool vinyl she’d devotedly collected for years while working at Newbury Comics. Bands I’d never really heard before like the Jacobites, Waterboys, Snatches Of Pink and New Model Army were all making a big impression upon me. A daysleeping cartoonist saxophone player turned me on to Jim Carrol Band. It was important getting to hear all these wise and venerable radical voices that always get buried by the honky indoctrination and propaganda media in my country. We were getting sick of all the same old bullshit being rolled off the assemblyline, as corporations kept churning out more bad hairmetal bullshit and Guns N Roses wannabe copycat clones, before they switched straight over to mass marketing so many of those insufferable fake grunge bands from Bush to Nickelback. Then it was the choreographed boybands with the perv managers and teams of Producers over in Sweden writing myrics that made no sense, but as they said in “Natural Born Killers”: “Repetition Works, David!”  My little posse had gotten momentarily lucky, because we were infusing all our own songwriting with so much fresh inspiration we were taking from all these new artists and writers and radical hippies and post punks and beats and dissidents we were unearthing-there were booktores and record stores on every corner. We were meeting smart people, seeing good bands, reading. Our other roommate was the maager of the indie film cinema, so all the new underground films were being previewed on our living room couch. There might have been some drinkin’. NEW MODEL ARMY were one of those bands who were socially conscious in the tradition of Woody Guthrie, David Peel, the Fugs and the Clash, but they never sold out or became willing props and puppets of the CFR and WEF and Bush/Cheney central banking cashless society, panopticon surveillance, forever war, rich man’s agenda, like that soldout suckshit rich scumbag betrayer, Bono, the Judas of rocknroll. Slade the Leveller is still singing power to the people poetry from the heart, and so is TV Smith, from the Adverts. Murkkka’s bands get dumbed down and more heartlessly banal each year, because you have to be pretty rich to even pay for a rehearsal space or forkover $100 an hour to the studio owners, so you know, you only ever really even hear music being made by richer motherfuckers, and then you add on the weaponization of all media by the pentagon and Blackrock/Vanguard Monopolies and soon it will be nothing but Rachel Maddow and Foo Fighters and Lil Nas X and Miley Cyrus ever again. I can’t stand any of that toxic mainstream, manufactured agenda, hot garbage. I’m old fashioned, I still wanna hear the old music, still kinda live the way we used to live, minus summa the excess drinking, crashpad cast of thousands, record store jobs, or nightclub butterflyin’. 

New Model Army “Winter” Official Music Video – YouTube

New Model Army “End Of Days” Official Music Video – New album “From Here” out August 23rd – YouTube

New Model Army – Vagabonds [HD] (2016 live @ Longhorn – LKA | Stuttgart) – YouTube



“Why did the Obama administration ignore the NTSB & help lobbyists exempt trains like the one in Ohio from the “high-hazard flammable train” classification?

And why has your administration not expanded the definition to cover all such trains?” (-David Sirota)

Rail Companies Blocked Safety Rules Before Ohio Derailment (

Status Coup News on Twitter: “EXCLUSIVE: Our @louisd217 confronts Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine about his response to #EastPalestineOH train explosion. “I didn’t say that,” DeWine denies when asked why he said he didn’t call Pres. Biden back after Biden offered “anything you need” in response to train explosion.” / Twitter

“Ohio Chernobyl” – “New World Next Week” with James Corbett and James Evan Pilato – Activist Post

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “This is why authentic Black radicals reject bourgeois identity politics but not in the way as elements of the left & the right do who want to erase Black peoplehood & self-determination. We consider Regan a white supremacist because he serves white colonial/capitalist power.” / Twitter

Another Derailment?! Train Carrying Hazardous Materials Crashes Near Detroit – Activist Post

David Sirota on Twitter: “As @SecretaryPete stayed silent after the Ohio derailment, his fans berated those demanding he take action. But pressure has now forced Buttigieg to start doing his job. That pressure must persist to force him to follow through on his belated promises.” / Twitter

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Clare Daly on Twitter: “The explosion of the #NordStream pipelines is one of the biggest acts of economic sabotage carried out on the #EU. So it is very, very strange that there is no appetite for investigation no appetite for accountability, or restitution, nearly no discussion of it here at all!” / Twitter

Left and Right Join Together to Rage Against Ukraine War on Its One Year Anniversary | CovertAction Magazine AMY GOODMAN & RACHEL MADDOW ARE NOT THE LEFT. THEY ARE HIGH-PAID ESTABLISHMENT-NARRATIVE PROPAGANDA PUSHERS FOR EMPIRE!

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Straight To Hell Apparel | Leather Jackets, Denim, Accessories, and More life is a bitch

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Theatre of Hate – “The Hop” – YouTube


Pretty cool Peter is gonna be touring and keeping all the old Bowie classics alive, pretty sure Belew was playing with Bowie the one time I saw ’em. Peter’s the closest thing to Bowie we got left here in this bizarre new normal, new world order police state dystopia, I remember vividly how thrilling his video for “Ziggy Stardust” was to all us kooky Batcave inspired Blackhole Kids way back in the eighties. Bauhaus, the Cure, Bowie and New Order were our perrenial favorites back then, what we’d be playing on the record player while we drank Carling’s Black Label beer and spraypainted our band logos on discount t shirts we got from Value City in the mall. My heavy metal bassplayer girlfriend’s Aunt Mary with the severely feathered hair was a loss prevention cop there. Some male cop had handcuffed me and made a big deal out of my white haired old Randy Rhodes wannabe guitarist Deke spraying the blue Halloween hairspray in my hair, said it was me shoplifting. The price sign even had multiple sprays on it from other people wondering what it looked like, I did not touch a can, but I was the usual suspect, the ringleader, they always presumed. They got out the old clipboard and took my Polaroid and said I sprayed it but I knew the video would show otherwise. They just say whatever they want, called my stepdad, told him I stole. That aint what happened, but try to explain something to a bored smalltown mustached mall cop.Or stepdad still trying to prove his manhood to your mom. My own teenager does like these sudden wardrobe changes in the car based on whichever former classmates he sees at the store. Reminds me of myself, back then I used to wear the full makeup and floor length furs and platform shoes from the thrift store Trivets and vintage pink trousers with the rhinestones down the sides, the garish blue eye makeup glitter and big big atomic blast hair even though it made the fat fucks in the tank factory town so enraged, I thought it was my right and duty and obligation, as a last true son of Bauhaus or something. Paid a high price, wonder years later, if it was worth it. Still endeavoring to swing the heartache. I was delighted to hear the Ramones blaring outta the compter this morning, but it was not the kid discovering “Blitzkrieg Bop”, it was just a fuckin’ Mitsubishi commercial. Been sayin’ for years the only time they play rocknroll on the airwaves is to sell cars or wars or some other bad bullshit. Someone shot nostalgia ion the back. Check out that David J record about all the people who died, it is sooo good. Back then I had a girl pal named Kris L., she could really dance the seven veils, we used to sit up there in the DJ booth overlooking the crowds of kids below and become transfixed by her sensual gypsy swirling-she loved Inxs and Love & Rockets, we’d drink entire trays of whiskey shots the girls would buy for my celebrity DJ older friend Bob and sometimes me and that chick would pass out together listening to Love & Rockets “Express”. Too fuckedup cold and windy to venture outdoors today, bursting water pipes keep resulting in flooded streets, last few remaining restaurants closing again today cause they aint got water, corrupt little city keeps half measure fake repairing the shit, but really the infrastructure is crumbling in front of our eyes and no real repairs are forthcoming cause Gropey Joe and Mayo Pete gotta help shovel more billions to the weapon manufacturers and Albert Bourla. Citizens seem too outrage fatigued and invested in the pig-media division politics, they can’t see the floods for the pronouns. Suddenly hairdye and makeup are no longer punishable offenses, but seemingly mandatory, most peculiar, mama!

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MAGNET Magazine on Twitter: “15 years ago today, #CarbonSilicon released debut non-digital album “The Last Post.” What the fuck! Read the @PIXIES’ @MrBlackFrancis in MAGNET on #MickJones and @tonyjamesworld:” / Twitter

Snatches of Pink “Sleeping Dogs” – YouTube


““Just every now and then we find time to get together with old pals from back in the day – purely just for the crack and to have fun. If it ain’t fun then we ain’t interested, life’s too short!” (-Steve Jones)

“Dancing With Myself” Billy Idol (Generation Sex) – YouTube

Tony James and Billy Idol on Jonesy’s Jukebox 5/21/18 – YouTube

Generation Sex (Steve Jones, Billy Idol, Paul Cook, Tony James) – Live at The Roxy 30 October 2018 – YouTube

Billy Idol on Twitter: “Will be performing with GenerationSex on June 28 at Helsinki’s Kaisaniemi Park with Liam Gallagher! Ticket info at 🇫🇮” / Twitter

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tony james on Twitter: “Exciting times! @billyidol @JonesysJukebox @tonyjamesworld #PaulCook” / Twitter

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tony james on Twitter: “Got a #BigSurprise when I recently bought this book about the legendary #Marqueeclub where #GenerationX played many times. @ncpend # RobertSellers @BillyIdol” / Twitter


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CONSEQUENCE on Twitter: “Nina Simone was born 90 years ago today. Credit: Jack Robinson/Hulton Archive” / Twitter

madlib fan acct on Twitter: “Happy Heavenly 90th Birthday to iconic singer, songwriter, and civil rights activist, Nina Simone. RIP🙏🕊” / Twitter

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MintPress News on Twitter: “”If we are to learn one lesson from the holocaust. What is the lesson? That we defend Israel at all costs? or that we look after the most vulnerable people at all costs?” – @AdamBroomberg w/ @Issaamro & @LeeCamp WATCH LIVE:” / Twitter

‘In western “democracies” the majority of people are so effectively propagandized into speaking in alignment with the interests of the western empire that they may as well be taking orders on what to say at gunpoint.’ (-Caitlin Johnstone)

“The Rage Against the War Machine rally was so insignificant that MSNBC prime time, Fox News prime time & 200+ local news stations covered the event, 4 former Presidential candidates spoke at it, and Google censored the event in their search results.” (-Jackson Hinkle)

“100% of the people at the rally, speakers and attendees: This was great! Let’s all work together more and better in the future! Nice to meet you in person!

Twitter: boo hoo hoo, some bullshit about a flag. Yall are stupid.” (-Scott Horton)

“This rally scares the hell out of the establishment. The left, right, and middle coming together to realize we have more in common than what divides us, and we share a common enemy.” (-Jimmy Dore)

“The “Rules Based Order” means that the US can blow up the Nord Stream, every Gov’t knows they did it, most of the people in the world paying attention knows they did it, and the UN or no World Organization will do anything about it.” (-Black In The Empire)

“C’mon now, let’s be honest

NATO sure does bomb a lot of countries and kill a lot of people to still be existing on this “Peaceful Alliance” stuff doesn’t it? I don’t know maybe it’s just me, but I would think that you would at least consider the possibility that the people that have never told you the truth in your life could be lying again, no matter how bad they make the new bad guy this time. Has anybody answered the question of “Why so many Biolabs in Ukraine?” I wish Americans would stop being naive dummies.

You think Biden, Pelosi, McConnell and Graham care about Ukraine? They’re gonna sell as many weapons, and priced up gas as they can until they’re all dead or this becomes unsustainable. Then companies like Blackrock will cleanup. When will Americans learn? This isn’t a democracy. The Oligarchy owns it all. The Politicians, the Gov’t Agencies, the Media. They don’t care about us, or anybody. Everything is about profit. They don’t care about our health or well being. We’re just workers to be exploited. When your Politicians are given the instructions to launder about $100 billion and weaken Russia, it’s amazing how fast they can turn Nazis into heros and the most corrupt country in Europe into a bastion of freedom and democracy. Ask Iraq, Libya, Yugoslavia, Syria, and Afghanistan if NATO is a defensive alliance? Biden is at least partially responsible for almost every problem in this country and the world today and did generational harm to the Black community so no I’m not gonna pretend he is a good person because of Trump or to make Libs and some Black people happy. I hate to break it to the West and their Captain USA but too much of the World hates you for the lies, wars, coups, theft, sanctions and damage you’ve done under the BS of spreading freedom and democracy Russia and China are gonna make this a multipolar world. You can’t stop it. According to the US, Russia blew up their own pipeline, was shelling a nuclear power plant that they were in control of and Putin is a comic book evil villain that just got up one day bored and decided to go into Ukraine for no reason at all. Americans believe this. I’ve shown Congress voting on funding neo-Nazis in Ukraine, Nuland picking Ukraine’s Gov’t before the US backed 2014 coup. Graham and McCain provoking Ukraine into war with Russia, Ukraine’s attacks on the Donbass, the admission that Minsk was just to stall. Stay with Putin evil. The second you hear anybody in our Gov’t say the word “Democracy” by now your brain should automatically turn to ‘insert lies’ for everything that comes next.” (-Black In The Empire)

Black in the Empire on Twitter: “I may be pushing 60, been through hell and back, closing in on 260 lbs, graying and balding, but I have to say I’m still kind of fly lol” / Twitter

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Afeni 🔥 | #FreePalestine 🇵🇸 on Twitter: “They are sending billions of dollars overseas, Biden went to Ukraine and this is the state of OUR union. No matter how much propaganda they throw at you about how the US needs to be the world police, we must hold them accountable for the atrocities on our soil.” / Twitter

Black in the Empire on Twitter: “After I gave away another half billion to Zelensky, somebody told me that I should at least to pretend to give a shit about the Americans poisoned in East Palestine, Ohio” / Twitter

Nicolás Maduro on Twitter: “Malcolm X fue una de las voces más influyentes de la lucha antirracista en EE. UU., denunció la violencia contra la población afroamericana, y hoy sigue inspirando a millones de activistas en el mundo por los derechos humanos.” / Twitter

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Anya Parampil on Twitter: “We can debate whether or not teenage girls should have to share locker rooms with biological males later. If the US continues down this war path, those questions won’t matter. Be it sanctioning Venezuela, occupying Syria’s oil, or convincing you to care about Taiwan — our elite…” / Twitter

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AJ+ on Twitter: “The FBI paid an informant tens of thousands of dollars to infiltrate racial justice movements during the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests in Denver. To create division, he accused activists of working with the police, and set up others to be arrested.” / Twitter

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“I’m not Pro-Russia. I’m not Pro-Ukraine. I’m an American. My only concerns are how tax dollars are spent and the decisions being made on behalf of Americans. I’m pro-peaceful resolution in a conflict I believe the US helped instigate.” (-Kim Iverson)

johndissed on Twitter: “Jimmy Dore nails it.” / Twitter

Ben Norton on Twitter: “This is fascist, Nazi-esque propaganda in major newspaper The Times of Israel. It is basically an incitement to genocide against Palestinian children. Imagine replacing “Palestinian” with another nationality. The response would, rightfully, be outrage” / Twitter

‘Canada is dead’: Prominent Canadians blast Emergencies Act ruling exonerating Trudeau – LifeSite (

““I found out today through one of the briefings that [Biden] was in the Ukraine giving millions to people over there and doing nothing for us. I’m furious.” (-East Palestine, Ohio Mayor Trent Conaway)

DiedSuddenly on Twitter: “TRAGIC: Three teachers from the same school have #diedsuddenly in the past three months. The school says “each teacher had different and unique health concerns that contributed to their passing.” Terry Register, died in his sleep. Eva Shetley “died very suddenly.” Andre…” / Twitter

Drugs as Weapons Against Us by John L. Potash – Audiobook –

Mick Wallace on Twitter: “Vast majority of Politicians don’t want the War to stop. Vast majority of Mainstream Media don’t want War to stop. Vast majority of the people of Europe do want the War to stop. All War is stupid – It’s time for people to take to the streets and oppose this #US #NATO Proxy War…” / Twitter

Russell Brand and Dave DeCamp Discuss the Rage Against the War Machine Rally, Crimea, and Taiwan – Blog

Steven Donziger on Twitter: “Almost 1,300 days after my arrest, the US Supreme Court will decide Tuesday whether to accept the appeal of my unprecedented contempt case prosecuted by Chevron. At stake: whether private corporations can prosecute their adversaries. Say a prayer tonight for the rule of law. 🙏” / Twitter

Lee Camp [Redacted] on Twitter: “What happened to war as a last resort?” / Twitter

Jimmy Dore on Twitter: “War Pig Rachel Maddow will never tell her audience the CIA instigated a Coup of Ukraine in 2014 & installed a puppet aligned with actual Nazis & then blew up the Nordstream Pipeline. Instead she lies about Peace activists so her audience stays Pro-War:” / Twitter

Schwab Family Values (

The Grayzone – Investigative journalism on empire

Watch the Speakers at the Rage Against the War Machine Rally – Blog


The Golden Rat | Nakano-ku Tokyo (

Gunfire Dance ” Blue” – YouTube

Gunfire Dance – Temptation – YouTube

GUNFIRE DANCE/(Live at CBGB’s) – YouTube

The Cure at The Capitol Theatre in Sydney, 1981 – Double J (

THE GOLDEN RAT Dancing Barefoot – YouTube

Sour Jazz on Twitter: “Brand new video from The Golden Rat — the new project from Sour Jazz’s very own Mr Ratboy. Album out now from @vkittenrecords #TheOnlyOnes #PeterPerrett #TheWholeOfTheLaw #SourJazz” / Twitter

Stream THE GOLDEN RAT – Love Kills (Radio Birdman) by GEORGE Stereophonic Recordings | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

Snatches of Pink – Sleeping Dogs – YouTube

Steven Donziger on Twitter: “BREAKING: The US Supreme Court today did not rule on whether to accept or deny my appeal of Chevron’s private prosecution. The justices denied 376 cases but not mine. They meet again on Friday. Still very much alive. 🔥🙏” / Twitter

Miko Peled on Twitter: “The barbarism of the Israeli police” / Twitter

INTERVIEWS: Jill Stein, Dan Cohen, Garland Nixon & Colin At Rage Against War Rally (clip) – YouTube

Consortium News on Twitter: “Jeffrey Sachs at UNSC on Nord Stream sabotage “Sweden has perhaps the most to tell the world about the [Nord Stream] crime scene, which its divers investigated. Yet instead of sharing this information globally, Sweden has kept the results of its investigation secret…”″ / Twitter

MintPress News on Twitter: “Dr. Jill Stein’s (@DrJillStein) full speech:” / Twitter


V2 “Johnny Rocco/Car Crash” 7″

This 7″ vinyl comes out in two different versions (black and red wth two different sleeves.) Punk pioneers V2 take us back to 1977 with “Johnny Rocco”, a song telling a story about true Manchester characters and “Car Crash”, a track with a strong DEAD BOYS vibe. If you’re looking for the original sound of late 70s punk, then don’t look any further, this one is for you! /Laurent C.