“Where’s your will to be weird?” (― Jim Morrison)

“The American people don’t need Russia or China telling them how bad things are.

Declining living standards, rampant inflation, and growing inequality are proof enough.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“BREAKING The results of the midterm elections are not going to fundamentally change your life in the slightest, because you live in an empire and the system is the problem.” (-Fiorella Isabel)

“I know it’s compelling to always say that whoever the current President is is the “worst ever.”

But — unless Biden really does get us nuked — the worst President was George W Bush. If you don’t think so, then you’re simply forgetting all the madness that happened from 2001-2009″ (-Primo Radical)

“Bernie went from the 99% vs the 1% to “Shut up, you work for the Russians” (-Black In The Empire)

“”One day I’m a ‘conspiracy theorist’ — and the next day, most of America wakes up to the reality that electronic voting machines are a very bad idea” (- Mike Lindell)

Working Class Hero on Twitter: “@blackintheempir” / Twitter

If more than half of the country thinks elections are being repeatedly stolen to favor one party, the powers that be will get the War on Domestic Terror they have been eager to start. Articles like this suggest that’s the plan.” (-Whitney Webb)

“During a CNN panel belly aching about “election deniers” and conspiracy theories, Chris Wallace says JFK might have stolen the 1960 election, but wistfully recalls how the public “recognized him as president.” The good old days, when Americans were less skeptical and more supine.” (-Max Blumenthal)


We need the government or a Big Tech billionaire to decide what’s true & false, or WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!! “(-Jimmy Dore)

““A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself-and especially to feel, or not feel. Whatever you happen to be feeling at any moment is fine with them. That’s what real love amounts to – letting a person be what he really is.” (― Jim Morrison)

“”I have no definite talent or trade, and how I stay alive is largely a matter of magic.” (-Bukowski)

“We’re all in prison, as long as Julian’s in prison”: exclusive interview with Stella Assange (

Stella Assange #FreeAssangeNOW on Twitter: “The UK won’t stop arresting and intimidating journalists unless it frees #Assange. It lowered the bar by normalising the imprisonment of a publisher in its harshest prison for 3.5+ years for the most important journalism of our time. #AssangeCase means journalists are fair game” / Twitter

“While the US State Department still recognizes unelected puppet Juan Guaidó, France has publicly acknowledged Nicolás Maduro is Venezuela’s real, constitutional president

US neocolonialists think they can impose whoever they want in power in Latin America.” (-Ben Norton)

“Every election Democrats tell us “democracy and basic human rights are on the ballot”—but when they have power they don’t actually fight for democracy or human rights. They fight for Big Business, the ruling class, and the military industrial complex just like the Republicans do.

There is no “lesser evil” in U.S. politics. Democrats are just more adept at masking their corruption while their party serves the same cruel capitalist and imperialist system that Republicans do. A vote for either bourgeoisie party is a vote for war, inequality, and oligarchy.” (-Ryan Knight)

“There is something really strange & dangerous about the liberal mind. I use to think it was the arrogance of power but it is some kind of cognitive malfunction. Millions of liberals denied legitimacy of 2016 election of Trump. But for them that wasn’t election denialism. The democrats once again abandoned Black working class base, ignored broader working class economic concerns, reneged on all their “progressive” campaign promises but guess who will be blamed for their well-deserved slaughter? Blacks who are not going to come out & progressives.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“Ignorance is their power tool, you only know what they want you to know…” (-Stiv Bators)

“Under Minsk, after a withdrawal by both sides, there was supposed to be talks on holding local elections & autonomy in Donbas. But Kiev, as Atlantic Council noted in 2020, “refused to deal directly with separatist officials.” That pretty much continued until Russia’s invasion.” (-Aaron Mate’)

“Bernie now joins Ro Khanna, Ilhan Omar and AOC in leveling McCarthyite allegations at antiwar protesters or journalists asking critical questions about their support for the Ukraine proxy war, accusing them of echoing “pro-Putin” talking points or being Russian agents.” (-Max Blumenthal)”

Remember: your enemy is the US oligarchy, not Russia or any other “foreign adversary.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“The red wave was about as much of a wave as blue wave was in 2018. But what does any of this have to do with the hell working class people are facing in the U.S.? Both capitalist parties are unable to advance policies important to workers because – they are capitalist parties!” (-Ajamu Baraka)


“This IS how democracy dies. And it’s a bipartisan thing.” (-Dr. Jill Stein)

“It’s so insane how empire managers keep saying things like this as though it would be something that happens *TO* the US empire, and not something it knowingly chose over and over again while ignoring all the easy off-ramps which presented themselves.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

Who’s really behind Burkina Faso’s coup? – The Grayzone

The People’s Party on Twitter: “.@jonathanblazer and @nick_brana confront @BernieSanders three times for funding Nazis in Ukraine & instigating WW3. The last time, Bernie comes up to Nick and accuses him of being a “PAID” agent for opposing the war. The same establishment Russia smear that was used against him.” / Twitter

People’s City Council – Los Angeles on Twitter: “HISTORY MADE: @kennethmejiaLA delivers his VICTORY speech. This was a campaign was run by the people, the youth, those left out by the traditional political process. And we won!! A 31 y/o housing activist just took down a career pol backed by the establishment & cops 🥳🎉” / Twitter

Green Party US 🌻 on Twitter: “At least thirteen Greens have already been elected today, with more results still pending! Follow Election Results live from across the country at this link: #VoteGreenParty #ElectionNight #ElectedGreens #GreensInOffice #ElectionResults #Election2022” / Twitter

Caitlin Johnstone on Twitter: “Phoniest, most PR-intensive proxy war of all time.” / Twitter

Treazine, Sedition 4 Now Available – Caitlin Johnstone

Alan MacLeod (@AlanRMacLeod) / Twitter

Telegram: Contact @alanmacleod

“Oh my god Elon simps are the absolute fucking worst.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)


Is basically ALL the shitlib gentrification trust fund class and passive income boomer divorcee mimosa landlord airbandb ownership society seems to understand. Obama and AOC were designed to make them FEEL GOOD. They love and trust and worship and obey Bayer/Monsanto, Merck, and Pfizer because their middle class insurance fueled medicine cabinet is overflowing with happy pills that make them FEEL GOOD. Being seen with the dickhead bully owner having free drinky-drinks on Saturday night at the fake divebar hipster hotspot makes them FEEL GOOD, so so what if he punches smaller people for shits and giggles, that’s his right as a he-man capitalist bodybuilder who owns stuff. I’ve been offered the other pill, the happy illusion kind and turned it down flat multiple times cause as much as I also like to FEEL GOOD, feelings aint everything, it aint always all about me or my preferences, or comfort or entitlement or how I “self identify”, none of that bullshit navel studies college safespace happy talk is really that meaningful off campus-real life aint a NPR soothing tone. Most people are offensive, coarse, pained, or baffled and an awful lot of ’em are becoming ever more dangerous-everybody feels wronged-especially the people who got their money for nothin and their chicks for fee-is anyone on the planet more dangerous than an idle heiress sports mom pilled out on the telephone? These fuckin come lately expensive hat wearing new tattoo kids are all such fucking insataible Fauntleroys, they will cut you to get to the open bar before you do. It’s hard not to root against one million Foo Fightin’ George W. Bush mediocrities of born rich nepotism. You see these old women cut in line at the fucking grocery store? Old lady stole shit outta my girlfriends shopping cart at the thrift store. Where I live, there’s a rich old bat who goes to the poor people charity shop everyday and they had to put a limit on her-three carts a day, cause she buys up all the donations to overprice sell on Ebay or at her tourist trap high end boutique next to the only bar in town. She watches the tv and totally believes that rachel Maddow’s some highbrow, deep and edgy intellectual telling it like it is about the Republikkkan patriarchy and Trump and Kanye. Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi are her special friends for feminism and woke pro nouns and that Dr. Fauchi and that Zelensky actor dude are her heroic democracy, special savior, scientific protectors for freedom, she’s mainly all about stealing from the poor to give to herself, I understood the “Okay, Boomer” meme, cause that’s how they basically all are, nowadays-you see all the already rich sons a bitches who married even richer women, how eager they all are to rip you off, and steal your ideas to peddle in their posh circles, they raise your rent and copyright your tunes, and tell your jokes, make your anecdotes or experience their own. Blooducking vampires– and not in any kinda sexy Peter Murphy or Andi Haggiman way. it’s a really, really whackadoo time. I’m sick of mindless, knee deteriorating, heave ho back hurts, humiliating and degrading low wage body harming blue collar odd jobs labor, but the mean spinster uptight fucking uncool people on the hill locked me out of the gentrification hipster scene way back in the alternative era and now, I’m just kinda penning obituaries and marking time, I missed the bus, or was thrown under it. Some mornings I miss the Lip Service clothes, Trash & Vaudeville, the sleazy Scrap Bar, and old Ray Zell cartoons. And especially, Gem Spa, Freebeing, Sounds, the Holiday and Continental. I never, in one million years, imagined I’d ever miss working at fucking Tower Records. Now I been doing ranch hand labor for real estate emperors and my back hurts like a motherfucker, and I have to try to pass as sufficiently compliant middle class stupid and obedient, and not at all resentful, all while also not smoking or drinking, and putting in another ten hours a day of being primary caregiver to fame starved teenager who can’t stop listing all the products he needs me to buy with the one hundred dollars I might receive for Christmas, it feels like all I do is work but nobody ever sees it, acknowledges it, or even wants to begrudgingly admit it. All us sad and poor old fuckers will be dead soon and nobody’s gonna remember all the dishes we washed, the floors we retiled, the walls we painted, the toilets we scrubbed, or litter boxes we emptied. They’ll all just say we had too many girlfriends in the eighties and sucked at math and consorted with disreputable junkies and bikers and drank too much and had it comin’. My girlfriend asked me last night if I wanted to be buried or cremated and said that burial costs too much and nobody would come visit the tombstone anyways and if I was cremated she could keep my ashes with her cat’s. Ashes to ashes, flunk to flunkie. I tried reading my fucking old Lester Bangs book an old friend gave me 100 years ago, but I can’t really read right now, got too many worries, responsibilities, deadlines, and obligations hanging over my stone cold sober skull like a black cloud of imminent doom. I gotta get away away from the propaganda machine and commence the laboring. No fun, my babe, no fun.

“That’s what real love amounts to – letting a person be what he really is. Most people love you for who you pretend to be. To keep their love, you keep pretending – performing. You get to love your pretence. It’s true, we’re locked in an image, an act – and the sad thing is, people get so used to their image, they grow attached to their masks. They love their chains. They forget all about who they really are. And if you try to remind them, they hate you for it, they feel like you’re trying to steal their most precious possession.” (― Jim Morrison)

“This entire time those of us who’ve been doing this for years, who interview everyone, left, right, in between, have been told we are pushing a “red-brown” alliance & aligning with fascists by the synthetic left & people like Cenk. Note the grift is real with these folks. And that also goes for third parties who continue to candidates without ever addressing the fact that the US does not have free and fair elections. By all means keep giving your money & time to pipe dreams folks. You don’t vote your way out of this. And as far as the conflict in Ukraine, this isn’t going to change a thing.” (-Fiorella Isabel)

“I remember Al Gore suppressing calls to protest George W. Bush’s naked theft of the 2000 election, and his overzealous move to concede to Bush, as one of the most pathetic political moments of my lifetime – and most instructive about the reality of the DC Uniparty.” (-Max Blumenthal)

“I don’t write so much now. I’m getting on 33, pot belly and creeping dementia.” (-Bukowski)

“The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are. You trade in your reality for a role. You trade in your sense for an act. You give up your ability to feel, and in exchange, put on a mask. There can’t be any large-scale revolution until there’s a personal revolution, on an individual level. It’s got to happen inside first.”

World Socialist Web Site – Marxist analysis, international working class struggles & the fight for socialism (

Re Flex The Politics Of Dancing 1983 – YouTube

Chris Hedges and Ralph Nader: Unchecked Militarism is Cancerous to a Civilization + Hedges: The Greatest Evil is War – Dandelion Salad (

Chris Hedges: Truth Is the First Casualty of War – Dandelion Salad (

Eleanor Goldfield on Twitter: “It’s ok if you’re not shocked anymore. But never lose your disgust for the war machine. F.ex, it’s not shocking that 4 weapons co’s got more $ than ALL Americans. But it’s damn disgusting. #newepisode of the grotesque but not so shocking w/ @LeeCamp” / Twitter

U.S. Escalates War Against Russia, by Gary Wilson – Dandelion Salad (

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “The Stanford Global Energy Forum is sponsored by ExxonMobil, a top LNG exporter which views the Nord Stream pipeline sabotage and Ukraine proxy war which McFaul promotes as an enticing opportunity” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “Buried in this ridiculous ode to the BlueAnon media cartel: the husband of Molly Jong-Fast – who relentlessly smeared opponents of Covid restrictions – is a venture capitalist who invests in remote learning and remote work technology.” / Twitter


Julia on Twitter: “@Aus4Assange @Stella_Assange I would like to apologize for a world that governs without compassion. Where heartless zombies and paranoids write the set.And I would like to bow to Julien and the other whistleblowers and thank them for their pure and unsellable heart and commitment.Thanks for your heroism!🙇🏼‍♀️” / Twitter

Lawyers, Journalists who Visited Julian Assange Sue CIA (

Video: New ‘woke’ CIA ad highlights ‘cisgender millennial’ agent with anxiety disorder, doesn’t show what agents actually do | American Military News

CIA recruitment video slammed as ‘woke propaganda’ (

A Good And Righteous Proxy War Wouldn’t Need Such Cartoonish PR – Caitlin Johnstone

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Assange lawyers sue Mike Pompeo for spying on him and visitors (

Australians For Assange 🗣 on Twitter: “The second FreeAssange truck! Julian Assange has been held in maximum security prison for over 1300 days and psychologically tortured & politically persecuted for over 12 years. In the ‘west of values’, uncovering US war crimes means 175 years of torture.” / Twitter

Election Night Discussion Board with Aaron and Katie – The Absurd Arena (

“We need to encourage more thinking about how [the war in Ukraine] will end, in order to get the idea that this needs to end, as opposed to increasing the military arsenal on both sides and the devastation to the population in Ukraine.” (-Mary Robinson, Fmr. Pres. Ireland)

“Free Julian Assange – we need the whole truth and that man has it. He’s paid a terrible price while the journalists who made their careers and won prizes off his back have now turned their backs on him. Shame on them all.” (-Lara Logan)

“The humiliation of US empire.

After spending billions on multiple failed coups and assassination attempts.  

After pushing a non-entity as president for years, John Kerry is forced to humble himself in front of the actual President of Venezuela.” (-Lowkey)

“The greater the power, the more need there is for transparency, because if the power is abused, the result can be so enormous.” (- Julian Assange)


when I lived in Hollywood, I put some musicians wanted ads in the local entertainment weeklies they gave out for free at all the bars and liquor stores on the strip. For awhile we stayed at the Saharan, then with some strippers and heavy metal dudes, then, a dead end studio in an extremely hostile and unwelcoming neighborhood, then, the county hospital, where I had been taken after some crazy seizure, needless to say, I never found my shipmates. My original guys all chickened out, would not accompany me westward. I tried jamming with a guy named Kirk Hellie at the Leeds rehearsal studio a couple times-talented guy, I really liked him, he had a good song I remember with the line, “suicide baby is the only way out.” I was kinda distracted by girl problems back then, also met a dude named Greg who was Greek-really loved Poison, we recorded a song together, it was pretty good, dunno whatever happened to that guy. I hungout with Alistarr one day and talked about forming a band he called Sonic Medusa, but he was getting evicted and I never saw him again and somebody stole that name. Me and Anthony were always in talks about doing something, a band or radio show, but he was always waiting for some charming French Mick Taylor guitar god named Francois, no not the Motorcycle Boy guy, I said guitar player, to reappear, and of course, he would have probably much preferred if I could sing properly like Robin Zander, or was less alcoholic, and did not steal his black concert t shirts, or phone him at odd hours, and I can appreciate all that sincerely…I love that guy. My first day in town I saw Gary from Circus Of Power right there on Sunset and urged him to join my ramshackle garage glam gang but he went on to work with Larry Flynt, Axl, and became a real good Westerberg/Doug Hopkins like journeyman singer songwriter…in Ohio, no less, a horrible hellhole where they manufacture the fratboys. I tried to get Tim ferris from Celebrity Skin one night at the Cat N Fiddle but he was another no go, sadly cause holy shit was he ever a branstorming bassplaying rocknroll star!!! One of my very favorites. If you talk to Jason Shapro from Celebrity Skin and Redd Kross, tell him I said hi, I asked him to collaborate in more recent years too. It’s so hard finding a band when you get older, partticularly. Billy Burks is a busy barber. Jimmy James is busy in the Hangmen and Junkyard. Where do you find the dangerously creative innovator guitar heroes nowadays? In the sad last daze of hair metal, there were still plenty of blackahired dudes wanting to be Motley Crue, but almost no one who could play really great Ronsonesque guitar besides you know, Joe Normal who was doing his own thing. Back then, Josh Todd was still in a band called Sparrow-I think, I remember seeing fliers around when I worked at Quasi Glam and Bleecker Bob’s on Melrose.Hollywood’s a tough hustle, you can’t go there with a girlfriend, you need a car, and you have to know somebody. Anthony ended up making a really exceptional, special record you should hear, more meaninful now than when it was recorded, probably.

There’s a lotta things to dislike about Buckcherry’s lowest common denominator Waxl Rose understudy base redneck approach to dummy stadium rawk, but their old guitar player Keith was a brick layer rhythm guitar mongrel just like my own sideman Nasty Bastard before he had too many motorcycle, bar brawl, bicycle through the windshield, and car accidents and became semi impaired and seemingly unable to bartend or flail around like Billy Duffy anymore. Their early stuff just kicked so much ass, it was undeniable, strippers everywhere went gaga for ’em. Even my girlfriend’s conservative old mom could not help but light up when she heard their first big radio hit around the campfire. Steve Jones, their producer, played that riff in the studio. We used to dream about Steve Jones producing us. Can you imagine how hot that would have been? Our shit was perfect for that. We were gutter great. Not polished mind you, but did you ever hear the Crybabies? Not far from that. Darrel Bath liked us. So yeah, when Anthony was putting together his superstar Sunset Strp supernova super group, I remember visiting him out in L.A., and Buckcherry being all over the fucking radio. I could not stick around long cause I had a brand new beautiful girl about to ruin my life back in Ohio where they manufacture the fratboys, but I remember seeing that Yogi dude at a bar I think it was called Goldfingers? We went there with Joe Normal, saw all the big boobie starlets. Joe told me about the time he got to hug David Lee Roth! Somehow, the scrappy careerist Buckcherry boys got to put out a lotta substandard semi generic Guns N Roses knockoffs in the Kid Rock Nu Metal era, but that first Buck Cherry record, well, I can’t say nothing bad about it at all really except I’m jealous Steve Jones did not produce my record. I think Duff n Slash were stupid for not recruiting Josh Todd for Velvet Revolver. I never liked Weiland that much really. Conversations Kill, Big Bang Babies,that was about it. JD Fortune was a more authentic frontman in my book. Has anything rocked as hard as “All Lit Up Again” in the past 25 years? After the first lp, I never really got into them much, but they definitely had their Fleeting Golden Moment. Good for them. Hooray For Hollywood. Somedays I feel like Rodney Bingenheimer-alone with my scrapbooks and memories like the whole culture somehow just went “Did It All For The Nookie” and white rapper Kid Rock nu metal stupid and left me behind, thinking about famous people I helped make famous, dead friends who aint coming back, all the girls who hung around for the party but never really loved me back, and the times when we were young and scarved, and still having fun together.

Buckcherry – Lit Up (Official Video) – YouTube

Buckcherry – Lawless And Lulu (Live at Osaka Dome 1999 – 02 of 12 ) – YouTube

Buckcherry – Crazy Bitch (Dirty Video) – YouTube


Revolutionary Blackout Network🥋 (@SocialistMMA) / Twitter

Primo Radical on Twitter: “And, in fact, you can even trace our current situation back to Bush: • Inflation is largely a result of the fact that the economy has been propped up by the Fed since the 2008 crash. • The controversy over Ukraine joining NATO started with Bush.” / Twitter

Ukraine Without Ukrainians, Earth Without Life, by David Swanson – Dandelion Salad (

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Ben Norton on Twitter: “First Washington backed a soft coup against Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan Then the unelected regime charged him with “terrorism” and banned him from politics Now an assassination attempt may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back @Academicatarms explains:” / Twitter

“I know that our nation is more divided than ever, and there’s barely anything that we agree on anymore. But this Election Day I’d like to share one unifying message that I think we can all take solace in:

At least we don’t have to listen to any more idiotic campaign commercials.” (-Primo Radical)


Used ta be pop was music with catchy melodies that seemed to particularly appeal to young people of all ages. Like my fifteen year old watched all those Better Call Saul shows about drug dealer cartels murdering each other and killing lawyers and ended up really liking Badfinger, bit like his Dad. The Pretenders loved the Beachboys like Cheap Trick loves the Beatles. Nikki Sixx who might be a wretched douchebag, undeniably wrote some good pop songs particularly on that first record and he often spoke about the Raspberries and you can HEAR the low budget cheap Kim Fowley studio Runaways romance on the fires escape and underneath the streetlight sound in every groove of “Too Fast For Love”. Duran Duran wrote great pop songs from “Save A Prayer” and “My Own Way” to “Ordinary World”, down to the Rio Grande. Some people say Enuff ZNuff were great pop songwriters, I dunno man, I think the dude that writes those power pop books kinda overrated those guys. You’ve heard it too many times, but do you ever turn “My Sharona” up when it comes on in the car? The Cars. The stuff that mockingbird media has been promoting with it’s corporate dominations of all platforms since the Amurkkkan Idol sportsification of muzak that became boybands and the Voice and monarch programmed and controlled industry slaves like Britney or born rich billionaire fortunate daughters like Taylor or Paris, or Gaga, that shit is just not the same as the old songs we used to love. Katy Perry sings about black magic alot. Sells sex parties and cult sell your soul on some alter rituals to Tiktok pre-teens, kinda beyond creepy if you ask me, all of that fake post hip hop commodified occult pop really turns me off and it’s as ubiiquitous as gangsta rappers being killed nowadays, these Dizneyfied sacrifice stripper dolls singing about sex and the debbil. Boycott Tikktok shit-pop. It’s like the fake news you consume on CNN-it’s not only evil, it’s bad for you. All the gore on Hulu and Netflix is even worse. Lizzie Gray called that band of his Ultra Pop, but they never wrote another song as good as “Public Enemy #1”. That new Godfathers record has some real primo sixties golden age pop melodies on it and other tunes that sound like they shoulda been on the soundtrack of one of those eighties teen party movies. TSAR made some stellar pop! CELEBRITY SKIN were one of the most entertaining bands I ever saw, ya know, like all five were Real Stars, total show people, FUN, with hooks, charisma, chutzpah, kinda thing I always wanted to do, just watch these guys go! I think they are all still alive and should reunite!

SOS Celebrity Skin – YouTube

CELEBRITY SKIN Roxy West Hollywood May 5 1990 filmed by Video Louis Elovitz – YouTube

“If you’re losing your soul and you know it, then you’ve still got a soul left to lose.” (-Bukowski)

“I don’t know if it’s a movement, but the only thing new that’s happening is that I think music and art and video and fashion are all kind of thrown into one big ball that’s on television, and people see that all the time – you see a fusion of all those things. (-Steven Sprouse)

“Maybe if they all could be combined-art, rock, and fashion-those were always my favorite things.” (-Steven Sprouse)

“Whoever controls the media, controls the mind” (― Jim Morrison)

“Anything can be pop nowadays”: Pet Shop Boys Interviewed | Telekom Electronic Beats

Yeah I’m pretty horrified when all the Backstreet/One Direction/boyband mooks and like beta programming monarch showbiz slut puppets like you know who and her, too, all get to jam with Billy Idol and Joan Jett or are designer garbed in all the fabbest Stephen Sprouse/Patricia Fields/Besty Johnson/Grenwich Village circa 81 new romantic glam artifice, cause you know it;s all for some occultic Agenda 21 Davos enslaving humanity cashless society transhumanist microchip agenda. The Pet Shop Boys spectacles are all about the illuminati symbolism, all those VMA awards shows and Olympics hooplas, Sia videos, all with the scret society Masonic creepiness. You start looking back at all the Prince and Duran artwork, the Bilderberg symbols are all in there, too, sadly. Dick Greogory said they killed Prince for his publishing, merchandising, and access to his vault. He was a pain in the ass alive making music. They decided he was worth more dead. Happens more often than you think. The music biz probably is controlled by some evil sons a bitches with bad intentions. A websight called Vigilant Citizen documents all the pop culture programming. I know the mistyeyed Woodstock boomers said the same thing about Dexy’s and Culture Club and Human League and ABC, how Joan Baez and Richie Havens were better, but honestly, all those bands had way more sincerity and soulpower than any of these fake celebrities of nowadays. That’s why I still tend to fixate on old bands from yesteryear. Old designers and grafitti artists, novelists and filmmakers, too. The Big 5 propaganda platforms don’t give real volume to dissident voices from the underground for very long anymore and if somebody strays even a little bit from official narratives, they deploy all their fake media whores to viciously attack them. Just look at that rapper MIA or Joe Rogan, Lee Camp, or Dave Chappelle. “Canceled”, they call it. Naomi Wolf and Mark Crispin Miller, RKF Jr. and Abby Martin-they took down alla Chris Hedges and Abby Martin’s old shows from youtube because they did not wnat people seeing all those interviews with experts about the events that caused these wars or the people profiting from the pandemics. The music aint even music no more, it aint got no heart. it’s all paid for hack formula songwriters like Desmond Child and Diane Warren and Sia and Linda Perry putting words in the mouths of mannakins like Pink and Harry Styles and whoever. All that shite sucks so bad. Take me down to the way back home. I had dreams about my long gone homie Unconsicious Robert last night, we were visiting my old friend’s record store and looking into a big box marked Lords Of The New Church, then we were going up to the steps to some halfway house he was staying at and he was giving me some clean blankets for my seventies van, then, I woke up early, emailed by friend in Illinois, and made some coffee and here we are, again-me furiously, helplessly, almost invulntarily, typing away at the hypnoscreen, thinkin’ about how I envied that Jesse Camp MTV character whose whole cartoon seemed like a bizarro world funhouse refelection of my St. Mark’s Place runaway guttersnipe bio, he got paid a million to make some false glam with Stevie Nicks for the Man. The big machine paid the good folks of Bubble and Dogs D’Amour to be his studio musicians, and then, they just put the usual kid models in his big budget video for his five seconds of fame, then he was out on the street, like JD Fortune the guy they used on that horrible tv show who was kicked back out of INXS-the fame machine chews motherfuckers up and spits ’em back out at an alarming pace. Nobody could replace Michael Hutchence. Not even Terrence Trent D’arby with a new stage name. JD’s “Pretty Vegas” song was pretty catchy. Easily as good as anything I ever wrote and I have a  fairly high opinion of summa my own underrecorded archive.  I’ve been thinking about how Andrew Loog Oldham discovered my old correspondant Brett Smiley and hyped him, like Jobriath, as the next BOWIE. He died alone like Unconscious Robert. Even I’ve had older nine to five daytime business people promising me this and that, who just wanted to steal my material and cash in on some kinda copyright/publishing scam. It’s a fuckedup grueling little capitalist hell we inhabit here and everybody raised in it’s been trained to revere and protect the honky establishment hierarchy. Respect the badge, respect the robe, salute the flag, pledge your alliegence, sleep with the popular kid whose mom bought him the bar. Buy this week’s new thing, repeat the latest slogan for democracy, getcher fourth and fifth booster even though it has under documented side effects and does not stop you from getting the latest mutation. Wear your “I Voted today” sticker on Fascist Book. Wave the nazi flag for Zelensky. Hut two, hut two. His prosperity is more important than yours. “Progressive except for Palestine”: what kinda sick fucking depraved mind came up with that bullshit? “Never Again” aint just for some special class Sneetches. It means, never dehumanize a people. Period. I’ve been decorating my little hidey hole in the garage with torn and frayed old pinups of Junkyard and Hanoi Rocks, my kids and grandparents pictures, and photos of my crash n burn old bands and ya know Sisters Of Mercy and Cult “Love” postcards you sent me a long time ago. Always rememebring all those forgotten boys and beyond the valley of the Steven Sprouse runway dayglo glam dolls from long gone glory days past. I watch those Harvey Weinstein produced “Project Runway” and “Making The Cut” shows and besides all the usual Met Gala gaudy elites symbolism in every runway show, all the winners are almost always just recycling old Warhol and Sprouse ideas. Again. “Make It Work”. “It Works If You Work It.” Sprouse was even doing the obligatory insider media-whore hide the eye illuminati pyramid pose back in the early nineties. In all my little home made staples and glue stick xerox fanzines I always endevored to shine a light on the little bands from the fringes and smalltowns nobody else was writing about, ya know? I miss “FLIPSIDE”. Somebody they helped make rich shoulda paid to get them outta debt so they coulda kept publishing-there’s almost no print rock press in Murkkka but like I keep saying, there’s also not that much genuine rocknroll to rant about. Shane Williams is twenty some years dead, almost everybody’s dead. What am I doing here? Raising a kid, worrying about keeping the family safe from an ever more horrifying world. We fled the crazies on our old street, but they are just as crazy over here. I gotta do a bunch of never good enough thankless bullshit today and maybe squeak by with some bureaucrat complaince officer’s gold star, all seems like a very daunting task to me. I just wanna get drunk and listen to Van Halen and eat some Pop Rocks candy and think about Martha Quinn some more. Where I live ya see all the Karen tyope squares so used to like hiding their habits in the daytime lookin’ real sheepish while parking their car a  block and a half away from the legal reefer store. Nobody’s used to legal reefer, ya know? I sadly, never liked reefer, have always preferred alcohol, ya know if you are a poor person, middle class people never wanna see you altering your consciousness for recreational purposes, they want you on the clock working, cleaning, slaving, justifying your existence by moving heavy objects around their property on whell barrels, scrubbing the urinals because you should have gone to college. Jim Morrison was right about pretty much everything. For if we don’t find the enxt whiskey bar, I’ll tell you we must die. Only one whiskey bar in my town-high on a hill next to  agas station where drug addicts panhandle on the other side of town. I’ve never been there. Too busy taking care of a kid. My girlfriend used to tell me those people on social media weren’t my real friends and when I got shitcanned for being anti war by the spooks of Falsebook, I never hear from any of ’em anymore. man, wow, that’s a rude awakening, but better shattered illusions than naieve delusion.

Stephen Sprouse, the First Fashion Designer to Collaborate With NASA | Vogue

Keith Haring’s Pop Influence Is Felt for Spring | Vogue


BAD LOSERS ~ (Losers) On Main Street ~ French TV 13-03-1986 – YouTube

Bad Losers Live TV 1986 – YouTube

Slik, The kids a punk, 1976 – YouTube

Silver – Field of Blood – World Against World – YouTube

Avis Davis – MIA – YouTube

Joy Ryder & Avis Davis – I’m Flexible (clean version – video) [VideoWest – Backstage Pass 1980] – YouTube

THE JOOK-bish bash bosh-uk 1974 – YouTube


““Actually I don’t remember being born, it must have happened during one of my black outs.” (― Jim Morrison)

So yeah man I live in a town full of hoarders, like all my neighbors, our sometime employers, everybody we know hoards every fucking last broken chair that’s been left outside for forty years, the whole town’s a big junkyard which is fine with me, but I do kinda roll my eyes, when I see how these rich fucking people clutch every last object like it’s suppose to all be buried with them in their golden neon pyramid. Part of the whole great reset plan is of course to make everybody an indentured servant if they aint rich, kill off as many people as possible-they all admitted that at the Ted Talks you just weren’t paying attention, and microchip/cashless society techsurveillance the rest of us, so even my lame local little city hall make believ ran by like the smalltown drunken coffee shop lady and the high school volley ball coach but really controlled from the shadows by the usual smoky backroom cigar chompers, has been passing all these ordinances making it unlawful to live even on private property in recreational vehicles or trailers and they hired a private drone company to work with code enforcement flying cameras over people’s big silver fences to control how many people can live in backyard yurts and campers, they want us all to have to pay that fucking two grand a month to some do nothing boomer aged winebox heiress. I find it really kooky how all the greedhead neighbors are so gung ho to seize every last two by four or old window, like they aint got enough. I can dig it in a way, like I am always looking for cheap lots of new wave cassettes or Smash Hits and Creem magazines I’m totally still hopelessly sentimental about, online. I’m hoping for a new hat and a new pair of creepers and a rocknroll book or three for Christmas. My wife and kid are talking about all three of us chipping in on an old school Atari with Centipede and Ms Pacman. But man the millionaires I grew up with, dudes I shared everything I had with for years and years and yes some more years, they definitely surpised me when they never even call to check on me or the other permannetly spiralling ex bandmate. I never expected nobody to buy me a house, right, but kickin’ down enough money for us to record ten or twenty songs, in my head, that’d be the righteous thing to do, obviously if it was me who had money, there’s no question I woulda shared some of it with them, we had a longstanding understanding, a gang, an agreement, a mutual aid society, woulda been nothin for summa those guys to spend a weekend making music with us in a studio but it shoulda happened twenty years ago, ya know? I shouldn’t have to say it, rocknroll stops being important once people get into safaris and expensive sports cars and real estate and hiring household staffs, I can see that, but it never stopped being important to me. In most hours, I’d say I’m pretty grateful to not be one of the official narrative indoctrnanted shit hoarding money havers who only care about protecting their own private privilege, prestinge and property. I almost feel sorry for some of ’em. The clutching of every last broken old object is a little appalling-we see these rich people who fought their own siblings tooth and nail for control of thei’r parent’s money-now they go to auctions and buy up all the old cars and campers and furniture and appliances so they can be the winners, beat out all those lowly poorer people and  pay their slaves, I mean personal assitants, to haul it all to their surplus properties where it will never be used again or seen until the lady pharoah passes and her kids show up and liquidate her empire and go on vacaction to Aruba or Ibiza. I had an aunt who did not want me to have a hammer or ice cream scooper or birdcage that belonged to my grandparents because I did not go to college or learn how to play golf properly, she felt like I did not deserve a hammer-she wanted it sold at the estate sale, because she does not have enough money. They’re all like that. I had an ex who could not bear to see someone elses shoes in the living room, her whole family was obsessed with control of the channel changer and ruling their queendoms with an iron fist. They never learrned to share. Of cousre I know poor people who refuse to work or ever pay rent who are just as selfish, have never given anything back to anybody, or considered anybody elses struggles, or even washed a dish they dirtied, this whole consumerist zombie I-Phone selfie, me, me, just me, pyramid-scheme media hypnotized society is all based on being first in line for Black Friday. Didn’t anybody learn the moral of that Who concert story? Trampling over other people and vroom vroom racing to the redlight is kinda loony tunes, brothers and sisters. There’s no cookie for being a dickhead. Chris Rock says there is no sex in the champagne room. Why ya’all busy motherfuckers in such a hurry to get to the VIP area? You know who’s back there? I’ve known motherfuckers who will backstab their own best friend to just get in some kinda vague proximity to like somebody third hand famous. I always joke they just wanna get their selfie with Steve Conte or Danny Sage. It’s like, all the ex punks just wanted to fit in and finally be allowed to sit with the jocks in the cafeteria. I think the cafeteria jocks are douchebags, personally. Those guys suck. Always have, always will. Again. I felt sorry for summa my exes who went and slept with summa those guys and I really don’t think it even helped them become all that genuinely popular. I get it though, there is a social penalty if you won’t play the game or interview the correct N.A. ex punk booksigning celubutaunte superstar or co sign the famous seventies dinosaur’s pro Obama narrative, all the magazines I ever wrote for except this one and Sugarbuzz kinda felt oblged to censor my shit as not to offend their in crowd popular mediocrity friends.If the people attempting to monetize summa my old songs were really ever our friends, they’d have kicked down money to us a long time ago, helped empower us to make money, not just traded on our songs for decades and tried to make believe they composed them when all they did was cover them or add a break, alter an arrangement. One dude is a straightup rich fella with a rich wife, he knows the guitar player who co wrote most of those old songs with me lives in a stinky brokedown truck and that I am barely getting by with a disabled kid but he is all about himself, profiteering, branding, plagirism, being seen at any cost. Wants his name in bigger lights even if it means capitalizing on some forgotten nobody’s black leather punknroll. Ugh. it’s all so treacherous nowadays, everywhere you look, the false faces are ready to pounce on you and take more than your lunch money. It’s sad, really, finding out how many former associates never really liked us, they were just hanging around to meet chicks or copy our shit. People with money rob us just cause they can, they feel no shame about it, rationalizing that I have some character defect or flaw that justifies them stealing our life’s work, or they’re mad some drunken floozy liked the hoodlum guitar player with the jailhouse tattoos more some twenty five years ago. Motherfuckers act like they’re doing us some favor by covering our songs for years on end, playing whole sets of our original music on bills with our old idols, or recording our shit and not even bothering to send us freakin’ copies, like we’re supposed to buy ’em from their label. Not much different from the Nato gangsters who are going to coup Haiti now and say it’s some kinda mercy mission to benefit the Haitians. The Macro is the micro. Everywhere you look’s a bullshit hustle. The powerful are eating the poor. The preppie shmucks with the mama mansions are the WEF. A lady with a dog at Wal Mart came up nd called me Alice Cooper-I told her I took that as a high compliment. “I’m a priest that’s gone to town…”

Alice Cooper – Desperado (from Alice Cooper: Trashes The World) – YouTube

T. Rex – Jason B. Sad – YouTube

“Just a reminder that U.S. elections are not about “preserving democracy.” They are about preserving the illusion of democracy and keeping the people trapped in a corrupt political system that puts corporations over people.”

(-Ryan Knight)

“Notice there’s always a certain arrogance from the media towards independent countries: “how dare they not comply with our sanctions regime?”. They think their way is the only way, and expect the rest of the world to follow like good poodles.” (-Richard Medhurst)

“When I watch Political Parties parade around their old failed leaders and current disappointments before an election, I realize that these people think they are a lot more popular than they actually are. The Democrats had control of the Gov’t for the last 2 years.”

“If The Democrats lose get ready for a dose of blame on Black men, Putin and Progressives, because we know it’s not their fault.

The crazy thing is that they don’t even care about losing, because now they don’t have to pretend that they give a fvck about you, just blame the GOP.” (-Black In The Empire)

“More predictable losses in red states by Beto O’Rourke and Stacey Abrams after raising $60 million and $105 million respectively. Democrats really think they are “saving democracy” by pouring millions of dollars into unwinnable races and making Democrat consultants rich.” (-Ryan Knight)

“What is serious to men is often very trivial in the sight of God. What in God might appear to us as “play” is perhaps what he Himself takes most seriously. At any rate, the Lord plays and diverts Himself in the garden of His creation, and if we could let go of our own obsession with what we think is the meaning of it all, we might be able to hear His call and follow Him in His mysterious, cosmic dance. We do not have to go very far to catch echoes of that game, and of that dancing. When we are alone on a starlit night; when by chance we see the migrating birds in autumn descending on a grove of junipers to rest and eat; when we see children in a moment when they are really children; when we know love in our own hearts; or when, like the Japanese poet Bashō we hear an old frog land in a quiet pond with a solitary splash–at such times the awakening, the turning inside out of all values, the “newness,” the emptiness and the purity of vision that make themselves evident, provide a glimpse of the cosmic dance.

For the world and time are the dance of the Lord in emptiness. The silence of the spheres is the music of a wedding feast. The more we persist in misunderstanding the phenomena of life, the more we analyze them out into strange finalities and complex purposes of our own, the more we involve ourselves in sadness, absurdity and despair. But it does not matter much, because no despair of ours can alter the reality of things; or stain the joy of the cosmic dance which is always there. Indeed, we are in the midst of it, and it is in the midst of us, for it beats in our very blood, whether we want it to or not.

Yet the fact remains that we are invited to forget ourselves on purpose, cast our awful solemnity to the winds and join in the general dance.” (-Thomas Merton)

The Boys, BRICKFIELD NIGHTS (Steel/Dangerfield) – YouTube


ITCH – Dying to be jesus – YouTube

Joey Ramone & Lemmy talk Morrissey 1992 – YouTube

PALAYE ROYALE – Little Bastards (Official Music Video) – YouTube

PALAYE ROYALE – Black Sheep (Official Music Video) – YouTube

Spencer P. Jones ‎- Clementine – YouTube

“BREAKING: Algeria has applied to join BRICS, joining Iran and Argentina in seeking membership in an alliance dedicated to creating an alternative to Western finance and the U.S. dollar.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“Jailed Egyptian-British activist, Alaa Abd El-Fattah, has been on hunger strike since April. He is now refusing water.

The UK, which funds Egypt’s security bodies, is complicit.” (-Jeremy Corbyn)

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “In noting that Chrystia Freeland is the top US choice for next NATO Secretary General, the NY Times whitewashes the Nazi collaborator background of her grandfather, Michael Chomiak, whose Krakivs’ki Visti paper was a top Third Reich propaganda outlet.” / Twitter

Is it awkward being involved in an international farce? OPCW was caught red-handed doctoring and suppressing its own findings in order to falsely accuse Syria in Douma, yet instead of full accountability for the cover-up, some actors fault Syria’s lack of “full cooperation”. (-Aaron Mate’)

” I wrote a non-partisan book on Jeffrey Epstein-intelligence and so far, only big name “right” and “conservative” people have wanted to have me on to talk about it. It’s not my fault that most big “left” platforms are uninterested in what I have to say (but it is telling)” (-Whitney Webb)

“There is an urgency here. With the full support of the liberal/left in the U.S., plans for another imperialist invasion are unfolding. Haitian lives will be lost because the people are determined this time to engage in massive resistance. Get the latest on this crisis.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

Black Alliance for Peace on Twitter: “The US/UN calls for the invasion of Haiti isn’t to serve the Haitian people, but is to bolster the illegitimate, criminal puppet government that they have installed. Stand with People of Haiti – Reject White Saviorism! #HandsoffHaiti 👇🏿 👇🏿 👇🏿” / Twitter

Wyatt Reed on Twitter: “In the US, regime functionaries have difficulty appearing in public. They’re widely hated by ordinary people, who see them as instruments of their oppression” / Twitter

“To all the children hating on


for taking an interview with Glen Beck, a person that thinks differently then her, it’s called being an adult. You should try it one day cause your nonsense is getting old. Go keep it real with your imaginary friends somewhere else.” (-Craig Pasta Jardula)”

No, the whole world isn’t standing against Russia and not everybody living in the West wants to send weapons to Ukraine.” (-Black In The Empire)ASSASINATION POLITICS, VIOLENCE RULES WITHIN OUR NATION’S MIDST

Primo Radical (@PrimoRadical) / Twitter

Black in the Empire on Twitter: “For a second I thought he said “I think the evidence is dead”” / Twitter

Richard Medhurst on Twitter: “WATCH: Imran Khan SHOT | Who Is Behind It?” / Twitter

Covid-1984 on Twitter: “MUST SEE Interview @glennbeck & @_whitneywebb Everything From Epstein To The World Economic Forum… From @elonmusk To Transhumanism & Much More… Full Vid:” / Twitter

MintPress News (@MintPressNews) / Twitter

African Stream on Twitter: “HAITIANS REJECT TRUDEAU’S INTERVENTION. Canada’s PM says he ‘has to’ intervene ‘one way or another’ in Haiti. #Haiti #AU #CORE #Canada” / Twitter

Richard Medhurst on Twitter: “I’m live with Scott Ritter Scott Ritter and Richard Medhurst: Nordstream Sabotage, Russia & Ukraine” / Twitter

Dear Friends, Sorry to Announce a Genocide (


There is always….SLADE!!!!

Slade – Gudbuy T’Jane • TopPop – YouTube


Interview with Arwen Maas-DeSpain — Carry It Forward

Carry it Forward (@CarryitforwardN) / Twitter

Carry It Forward

Well, brothers and sisters and friends of the revolution, I got the high anxiety blues again, sober as a lark and dreading appointment with the bureaucrat who can fuck me over if they decide they don’t like the looks of me, and let’s face it, you know those secretarial motherfuckers with the clipboards and power to fuck people over-the snitch squads, compliance officers, J-O-B Judge Judies, see something/say something snitch squads, and district supervisors doing their surprise inspections and finding opportunities for growth, they never much liked me and my old gang of face tattooed, tiger print pajama clad, corner gang bottle swingers. Keep a little Marc in your heart. Stay Wild, Stay Free!


“I feel like we haven’t been talking enough about the fact that US government agencies were just caught intimately collaborating with massive online platforms to censor content in the name of regulating the “cognitive infrastructure” of society.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

“The US empire really is threatening all life on Earth with potential nuclear apocalypse:

The US military commander who oversees nuclear forces said, “This Ukraine crisis that we’re in right now, this is just the warmup” “The big one is coming,” he added” (-Ben Norton)

“According to the NYTs, support for war in Ukraine represents a commonsense &, therefore, an unchallengeable position. Any deviation from that position represents Kremlin influence & makes one an enemy of the state. This is the state of liberalism today.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

Outraged Activists Denounce Obama as “War Criminal”—Interrupting His Speech at Democratic Party Campaign Rally | CovertAction Magazine

“”When your time is turned into money, the felt presence of immediate experience is analogous to being enslaved. I mean, Let’s be frank about it, it is enslavement.” (-Terrence McKenna)

“I said what I said. White progressives want us to get behind Nazis but they’re silent about planned US intervention in Haiti and starving kids in Somalia. I see you. From here on out, fight your own struggles.” (-Sabby Sabs)


Democrats give speeches about democracy being on the ballot. AFTER EVERY ELECTION: Democrats give excuses for why they can’t govern for the people even when they have a majority. Stop falling for it. Democrats serve the same corporate overlords as GOP.” (-Ryan Knight)

“your culture is your operating system”. (- Terrence Mckenna)

“Been wild to watch the progressive Democrats try to convince us that Biden’s unhinged foreign policy isnt a big deal.” (-Revolutionary Blackout Network)

“This servant of capitalist power is shameless. If democrats cared about workers they would have passed Build Back Better legislation, raised minimum wage & not executed the Obama era plan to initiate a proxy war with Russia.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

Margaret Kimberley on Twitter: “Obama tried to cut social security when he was president.” / Twitter

Matt Duss vs Ray McGovern DEBATE on Ukraine | How to End the War in Ukraine | The NATO LEFT is Dangerous | LIVE at 3PM ET (

Robert Skvarla on Twitter: “John Yoo, Bush admin torture lawyer, calling for American intel agencies to create fake terrorist groups, as an “offensive strategy,” in 2005:” / Twitter

“This latest move in the race to Armageddon

-worsens nuclear madness already at boiling point -discourages urgently needed negotiations -continues a $1.7 T boondoggle for the MIC, while there’s “no money” for child tax credit, clean water in Jackson etc.” (-Dr. Jill Stein)

Revolutionary Blackout Network (@RevBlackNetwork) / Twitter

When someone intellectual and anti-capitalist/anti-imperialist rises up among us that isn’t a celebrity, they’re either imprisoned or killed. If they become a politician they become absorbed by the Dems or cast away like a leaper.” (-Jay Befaunt)”

Violence against the poor happens every day in this country, but you won’t hear about it as the top story on the news because the corporate media exists to protect the interests of the ruling class.” (-Ryan Knight)”

China opposes the US blockade on Cuba and doesn’t impose sanctions on other countries. The US literally imposes criminal sanctions on at least twenty other countries in addition to Cuba. Which country is the “threat” again?” (-Danny Haiphong)

Let’s Be Clear: If WW3 Happens It Will Be The Result Of Choices Made By The US Empire (


I can’t even tell you why I wake up so depressed everyday, I’ve been called a dry drunk by the cult of al anon. It’s a lotta factors. Grief, estrangement, disappointment, betrayals and abandonment, rejection, tyranny, being browbeaten by lies and ruling class bullshit all day everyday and all my ex friends and relatives totally buying into the Bulllshit Narratives that all purpiose unprecedented super villain Trump is in cahoots with Putin, that Trump is somehow an anomoly and to blame for all of society’s ills, and that woke, philanthropic, feminist pants suits like AOC, Obama, Bill Gates, and Doctor Fauchi just want them to be healthy, happy, joyous and free for super scientific philanthropic salvation. We’re on the brink of World War 3 thanks to Sleepy Joe’s dementia gung ho Reagan like cowboy brinkmanship and the Fraud Squad broken campaign promise phoniness, all the poor people are dying, or being evicted because they can’t pay two grand a month with minimum wages, but middle class shitlibs just wanna virtue signal their support for Zelensky and Pfizer and bug eating transkids Canadian Euthanasia rights.I’ll admit it. I wanna flee this relentless barrage of on script unrealities and yes,  drink some booze and melt into old songs.

In 1985, I was struttin’ around Lower Manhattan with a buncha crazy friends-a hard boozing intellectual, important dayjob having political consultant son of the guy who founded the Village Voice who hipped me to Lenny Bruce and all this NYC politics and newspaper stuff-we’d go to all these crazy parties and he’d pay for all my Guinness and Jameson’s and we’d have to send him home in his oversized detective trench coat semi passed out in the back of the taxi cab; a bearded, drunken Lithuanian poet who got me into Bukowski who let me play “Let It Bleed” until the dawn’s early light; a beautiful older girl friend in a sparkling dress from East L.A, who dabbled in filmmaking but excelled at being a shake the earth it-girl wherever she went; a superbrained intellectual from Spanish Harlem with a big scar on his face who introduced me to the writings of Eldridge Cleaver; a loudly abrasive and curmudgeonly know it all Jewish jazz snob with a rent controlled be-bop apartment on 11th street and the blackest sense of offensive humor I’d ever met-who constantly shocked me into laughing out loud but bought me beer and woke me up each day by bellowing, “Shit Urchin!” and his beautiful, hip, black, British girlfriend. Some actor-cosmopolitan bigtime sophisticates in an 11th floor party/video editing loft on Broadway and Astor Place who got me into all kinda music. Aside from being abducted by a black Manson and his karate cult in Washington Square Park for a few days, it was mostly all loitering at King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut or Downtown Beirut, going to museums, galleries, after hours bars, old records, real cool indie boutiques still overflowing with like sequinned brasieres and rhinestone sunglasses, leopardskin pillbox hats, leather trousers, salmon colored Bogart fedoras, you know, all the eighties Cramps influenced underground retro cool trash culture. Freebeing records, little vhs rental storefronts that specialized in old B Movies. Crazy hip-hop influenced graffiti was still all over the place. Sicko filmmakers, next big thing designers. The ABC No Rio/Rivington Street Art Park anarchist community. I was living in my own B-Movie back then, kinda part Fleshtones and part John Waters, going to the Pyramid Club with my sometimes roommate, Minkie The Mink-a Nancy Spungeon clone from Michigan shrieking at the drag queen doorperson to let me in because I was her son, in a matching leopardskin coat. Running up people’s phonebills keeping in touch with my teenage muse in honky suburbia and finding out about all kindsa cool music that really seemed to capture and convey all my impossible feelings for her-bands like New Order, Joy Division, Gene Loves Jezebel, and Charlie Sexton. Fra Lippo Lippi: “heaven help me if this is love…how can you ask me, then let me go? I still believe there’s A HEART IN HERE…” Charlie I first saw in some Random Notes partying with Ronnie Wood, he was supposedly the shithot new Texan boogie guitar star in the Stevie Ray Vaughan mold, both Billy Idol and Steve Stevens at the same time, but when you heard his pulsing Keith Forsey dance record it was all synths and drum machines and Charlie crooning his heart out in a voice that was equal parts David Bowie and Elvis Prseley. “So lonely…so lonely!” would play in my head as I trudged around in the filthy grime and slushy snow of downtown Manhattan in cold December, missing that chick in the Midwest. He had joined Joe Ely, a guy Joe Strummer was really into’s band when he was just a young teenager like me, but I could not play guitar for shit, still can’t, even though I owned a Tokai that had been autographed by Steveie Ray Vaughan until my church girlfriend took a call from my new wave girlfriend and all hell broke loose and both of their moms drove them over to confiscate their belongings from my mother’s basement. 

Up Against the Wall – YouTube

    The plan was for my skate rat stoner pal Dave to play that guitar and I’d become the sidewalk barker medicine show loudmouth protest singer frontman. I was really into like, Roy Rogers and Doctor Creep and  the Fonz, Evil Kenivel, Lux Interior, and David Lee Roth-all the red baron Peter Pans with aviator goggles and ghetto boxes, greaser streetgangs, singing cowboys, and campy horror hosts, so I thought I’d be a bit of all that and see what happened! You know here I’m like 35, maybe 37 years later, and I’m still callin’ my as yet unassembled, imaginary goth-gang, the Loneliness Maximum Torch & Twang! Yeah, I was totally influenced by Charlie Sexton, Elvis, the Stray Cats, Cramps, Chris Isaak, Tyla, Mink Deville, HST, and all the bands who sang about outsider alienation and unrequited love and had cool hair and black leather jackets. In more recent years, Charlie went on to play part time second fiddle in the Arc Angels sharing vocal duties and then became Dylan’s main guitar hero, but man, being a team player is cool as fuck and everything, but that dude had one of the best voices, ever, in my book. You ever hear his tribute to EP from the “True Romance” soundtrack? That’s the only Q Tarantino movie I ever liked, first place ya saw James Gandolfini. It was too violent and abusive for my frail little heart but there was so much quotable, epic dialog, ya know me and an old bassplayer once were calling our demotape band Heroes For Sale after the comicbook store in that movie, we weren’t the only ones. Pre internet, you’d be calling your garage band like, the Causalties, or Undesirables and designing your elaborate cartoon skull logo in the leather daddy biker ha with the obligatory eyepatch and Zapatista gun belt for your stickers and fliers and t shirts but have no idea there were already ten other bands goin’ by that same moniker. Cats like Lux and Joey Ramone and Stiv Bators offered me irrefutable proof that one need not be as pinup pretty as Charlie Sexton to still rock like fuck and sing your heart out and all I ever wanted to do since I was about four or five was front an unholy barbarian band of rebellious gypsy wastrel revolution rockers. Once I saw David Peel hollering in Tompkins Square Park, I was in like Flynn. With the Out Crowd. Nowadays you got these preppie model millionaire manufactured forgery fabrications like bogus boyband faux quirky monarch programmed Harry Styles suddenly dressing up in the pink shiny pants and pink furry coats just like me in 1987, but bizarrely, they are being paid millions for it cause Bowie glam androgyny has been suddenly hijacked by Davos billionaires to advance some Klaus Schawb occultist transhumanist agebnda. They threw me into like Hitlerian Baptist reform schools and sent me to shrinks and encouraged their All Amukkkan football teams to beat me silly for dressing exactly like that 30 some years ago. What madness. So yeah, man. Charlie Sexton, he is all aces. One of my top faves even into my elderly goth years when it’s cold in my bones and there aint no good news forthcoming, his music still sings straight to my old tombstone mind and big bottle heart. Come back, Charlie, rocknroll never forgets. When I was young and pining over some lost love, it was most usually like say the Smiths or New Order or the Replacements that I was listening to. As I got older, it was most often Chris Isaak. My wife always says I should track down Keith Forsey and get him to produce me but I figure that dude made more money than KISS between Billy Idol and “Don’t You Forget About Me”, he’s probably in some disco mansion on a beach with Georgio Moroder remixing some mountains of cocaine fuelled Studio 54 masterpieces, I just moved out of a leaky no furnace fuckled up trailer in the middle of nowhere land and have no band but yeah I love that glossy eighties new wave Psychedelic Furs and Charlie Sexton soundtrack sheen. Of course I know it’s too late for me, been hearing that since I was about twenty one, but ya know, I believe in miracles. I believe in a better world for me and you, so open that bottle, mateys, hoist the black flag. You tell ’em General Labor’s comin’, and all the brothers and sisters and friends of the revolution are ridin’ with me!

Charlie Sexton MTV 1985 – YouTube


THE CRAMPS – Ultra Twist – LIVE TV 1995 – YouTube

Charlie Sexton at Austin City Limits – YouTube

Lords of the new church- Live on the tube – YouTube

“Why the Dems are about to be whacked:

“Biden inherited a difficult economic hand—the pandemic, excess Fed liquidity..large budget deficits..& pre-existing global tensions. Yet he has greatly exacerbated the economic & geopolitical crises” (-Dr. Jill Stein)

“Capitalism cannot be made kinder.” (- Michael Parenti)

“what we call reality is in fact nothing more than a culturally sanctioned and linguistically reinforced hallucination” (- Terrence McKenna)

“Funny how Russia only does this stuff in the years that Democrats lose.”( -Primo Radical)

The Politicians Who Destroyed Our Democracy Want Us to Vote for Them to Save It (

Thursday Throwdown: The Progressive Ukraine Letter Embarrassment (

“This profile offers an interesting window into the BlueAnon cult. On top of endless conspiracy theories about Trump and Putin, they seem to share the habit of working lucrative media jobs and gathering at the fancy homes of affluent members.” (-Aaron Mate’)

“A political party that tried forcing everyone to take an experimental vaccine, that illegally instructs Big Tech to silence dissent, that raised the price of literally everything, and that put our planet on the brink of nuclear Armageddon should never be allowed to govern again.” (-Primo Radical)

“Neocon child actor Ben Shapiro has had his career astroturfed by corporate GOP powerbrokers, granting him notoriety and affluence while he trades on bogus antisemitism victimhood narratives.

He perfectly embodies the phenomenon I described and runs the same hustle as the ADL.” (-Max Blumenthal)

“The ultimate question is this: Will the US accept that it cannot rule the world and that it must share prosperity with all nations or will the US in a final act of arrogance destroy the world because it cannot accept that the days of living at the expense of others are over.” (-Kim Dotcom)

American-Born Canadian Professor Attacked by Mainstream Media for Opposing NATO Narrative on Ukraine | CovertAction Magazine


I always related to the outcasts, misfits, throways, scorned by society, the people in the little old man skid row divebars ya know? As Tyla so elqoently sang, the sad and the lonely are the only ones with style. Oscar Wilde said it all first and better. Nobody ever sang it better than Chris Isaak though. Okay maybe Tex Perkins, sometimes. Or Leonard Cohen, Kris Kristooferson, that’s about it though.

“When I can not sing my heart., I can only speak my mind..” (-John Lennon)

“I don’t want no counseling…” (-Chris Isaak)

“I met a girl in Mexico and shoulda told her then I know that I still think of you, we never will be through.” (-Chris Isaak)

Chris Isaak – Nothing’s Changed – YouTube

Chris Isaak Guitarist James Calvin Wilsey: The ‘King of Slow’ – Rolling Stone


One band that united all us comic book reading greasy kid stuff leather jacketed boys, back when the skins hung out with the jocks and the punks and new wavers were considered mortal enemies of the metalheads and thrashers and all the dumbfuck follower cliques had their rulebooks and regulations I kinda hadda scoff at and still do, we all loved the Misfits and Danzig. Ones who say they did not were either nerds or they’re just lying to appease the bespectacled fauxwoke gender studiers with the beige and argyle lives and pet hair all over their clothes.I’ve always hated sniveling asskissers sucking up to power for extra credit. Shit, my band of wild eyed wolf children covered three Misfits songs and two Danzigs. He might be a bit of a bridge n tunnel rightwing mook weightlifter but I always thought he was extraordinarliy entertaining and talented and a great vocalist in the presley/Lux/Morrison tradition.

Where Eagles Dare – YouTube

The Misfits – Skulls – YouTube

Danzig – She Rides – Vidéo Dailymotion

Girlboss Politics Won’t Beat the Right (

Morrissey – Glamorous Glue – YouTube

“The democrats abandoned their base, insulted the public with two years of diversionary anti-Trumpism while delivering to the only base they really care about – finance capital, Big Oil & military/industrial/complex. Radical sheepdoggers have little to work with.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

Black Politics and the 2022 Mid-Term Elections | Black Agenda Report



“At first flash of Eden

We raced down to the sea
Standing there on freedom’s shore”

I will tell you this: when I was 12 and 13, Jim Morrison’s “Absolutely Live” made more of a lifelong lasting impression on me than any of those bullshit racist whitewash history books, hungup homophobic military recruiters, creepy deepwoods perverse pedophile brimstone prechers, brutal bruising wrestling team coaches, stupid fucking preppie sadist Amerikkan Psychos in their dumb golf shirts with their mama mansions and license to harm less powerful people, or the endless behavior modification torture techniques of all those horrible detention hall abusers. He was right and they are wrong. I still yearn to be wild and free again. I had a friend at that age who was a real heavy metal guitar prodigy like Randy Rhoades who also loved the Doors, but he kinda always wanted to be popular. His mom gave him a sports car at some point, and he got a goth girlfriend, but somehow, they corraled him into joining the military and he became a sharpshooting sniper for the empire, instead of a shirtless longhair playing classical influenced solos in the spotlight at my side, so that was a big bummer to me cause I thought he would always be one of the pirates, the resistance, the outlaws, the rebel alliance, aw man, ya win some, ya lose some. Losing that dude to the military was one of my life’s first real setbacks, I mourned his decision for a number of years. Some of our other friends sadly followed. I stayed the course, ya know Jim Morrison was like my gateway into Iggy Pop and Stiv Bators. After I met those guys, something in me changed. There was no going back to the namby pamby, clock punching, grocery bagging, suburban world of mime and acquisition. All those kids we used to know grew up to be regular tv watching home owners and like, gentrification brunchers-somedays, it really gets me down.

The Doors – Waiting For The Sun – YouTube

The Doors – Five To One (Live In Europe 1968) – YouTube

*NEW REMASTERED* – The Doors – Celebration of the Lizard – YouTube

My Wild Love – YouTube – Wild Sounds from Past Dimensions

Charlie Sexton “Sunday Clothes” live – YouTube


Charlie Sexton & Chuck Prophet. Some Gilrs Live. Madrid 2019 – YouTube

Charlie Sexton – Pictures For Pleasure (Live) – YouTube

Top Economist at Major Global Bank Says Corporate Profits Are Fueling Inflation (

MintPress News on Twitter: “Footage has emerged of Israel bombing Gaza last night for the first time since the war in August, which killed around 50 Palestinians. The late-night assault led to power cuts in parts of the strip.” / Twitter

“Clinton News Network (CNN) is pushing straight-up pro-war propaganda. Where are fact-checkers on assertion Russia actions created food & fertilizer shortage when when everyone knows it was Western sanctions on Russia that created global food crisis.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

Noam Chomsky on Venezuela – YouTube

‘Americans Aren’t Serfs’: House Democrats Propose End to Wall Street Rent-Gouging (

“Nature loves courage. You make the commitment and nature will respond to that commitment by removing Impossible obstacles. Dream the Impossible dream and the world will not grind you under, it will lift you up.” (-Terrence McKenna)


 Some hardnosed sadists in youth corrections seemed to get their jollies by punishing working class and particularly black youth for any deviation from sieg heil sports and military obedience culture, so we so called delinquents kinda had to rally together and I met some of my life’s best friends in juvie hall where the authorities and their sports mom bosses hoped to permanently break our youthful creative spirit. When I finally got out of the detention center for wayward DJ/rappers and styling product abusing makeup wearers, I was subjected to some repeat gang violence where jealous husband rednecks of girls who had a lingering thing for me and their friends held me down and bloodied my nose, broke my glasses, the usual pummelings I was sortof accustomed to and would be ongoing features of my visits to Ohio where they manufacture the fratboys even into the grunge years. The couch potato mama’s boys action flick tough talkers who always bragged about their manly fighting skills ran from the beatdowns. Left me to my fate.Only good thing about those guys was their mom’s house had warmth in the winter, they were seven and ten years older so they bought my beer and smokes with their rich kid allowances and let me immerse myself in their elaborate record collection where I discovered many of my favorite bands. The Southern Death Cult, Theater Of Hate, Sisters Of Mercy, the Mission, 45 Grave, some Bauhaus side projects and spinoffs I’d never heard before. A Lotta life changing stuff like that. I was really particularly en thralled by Andrew Eltrich and Ian Astbury and have to concede my early bands initially suffered somewhat as a result of my trying too hard to sound like Ian rather than finding my own voice. It took awhile. You know what’s crazy as fuck? I’m the only old punk I know who kept his core values, is still actively anti fascist, anti corporate, anti censorship, anti war in middle age. Like Cait Johnstone said, everybody’s antiwar until the propaganda starts. It’s a sad world we live in.

Southern Death Cult – False Faces (Live) – YouTube


DEATH CULT – GOD’S ZOO – TUBE – 1984 – YouTube

THE CULT – HOLLOW MAN – On Bliss TV 1986 – YouTube

Drink The New Wine – YouTube

Love and Rockets vinyl reissues, “The Albums 1985-1996” box set announced (


I was nineteen or twenty before I finally found my real voice or started composing any halfway worthwhile original material. One of the songwriters who really helped set me free, Post Westerberg, was Kristofferson. He wrote about what he knew. Once I started doing that, it all came natural. 

THE PILGRIM, CHAPTER 33 – Kris Kristofferson – YouTube

kristofferson sunday morning coming down – YouTube

Kris Kristofferson~Blame It On The Stones – YouTube

The Silver Tongued Devil and I – YouTube


My dad and Paul K are mostly responsible for getting me into Cohen but Danny and tattoo Mark also loved im. Of course he is the greatest in my opinion. 

Leonard Cohen – Closing Time – YouTube

Public Enemy – Fight The Power (Official Music Video) – YouTube

Time Zone (Afrika Bambaataa feat.John Lydon) – World Destruction – YouTube

Fucking cold as fuck here-even my coffee got cold in the cup. I wanna drinksmoke but my old lady don’t want me to. I used to go on walks but where we live now, it’s all militia crazies and vicious animals unleashed in their junk yards, so I’m restless, kinda upset, depressed, cold feet and a little bitter, so ya know, I end up just doing a lotta yardwork. Then there’s the odd jobs. Today i gotta try to figure out somewhere to take all these fuckedup burntout fluoresecent tube lightbubls my lanlord left here in the tool shed and then we gotta go off property to wash our clothes and then it’s some odd jobs for low wages, send me good vibes brothers and sisters and friends of the revolution, I need ’em now. STAY WILD, STAY FREE! xo

Confessions of an Ex-Zine Editor (Pre-Order)

Alison’s first zine in 11 years!

32 pages. A4 size. Colour cover. Fake fur heart on back cover for pre-orders. Ships January 2023.

‘Confessions…’ tells the story of what happened after Alison published the 38th and final issue her previous zine, Bubblegum Slut’, in 2011.

It’s a perzine about Zines, Drugs, and Forsaking Rock ‘n’ Roll, It’s split into three acts.

ACT ONE is about why Alison stopped writing, and what she did when she didn’t write zines. There’s a banishing spell, some Adult Pleasant Activities, and the first of two bingo games.

ACT TWO is about rediscovering zines and music. It’s about finding out that making stuff and telling stories is magical and healing. It features Delilah Bon, Of Herbs and Altars, Die Booth, and another bingo game.

ACT THREE is a surreal reviews section, which seeks to find out what happened while Alison was away. It features contributions from two former Bubblegum Slut writers, Sexy Dave and Bison, plus cameos from several artists who were regulars in the Bubblegum demos column, Images show front cover, contents page, and inside back cover.

Every item you see on the back cover symbolises something you’ll find in the zine. The key to the numbers will be printed inside.

More info:


“The billionaire class are making out like bandits because many of them are bandits.” (-Bernie Sanders)

“Who he railed against for years, then backed down when it mattered because they control him too.” (-John Dissed)

“There’s nothing more American than watching our country surround Russia and China with missiles and military bases and believing that they are the ones being aggressive towards us.” (-Black In The Empire)

“The US is a lying regime. Ditto the UK, France, Germany & Ukraine.

Remember how the Minsk Agreement went? If you were Russia, would you trust us?” (-All That We Love Is Being Killed on the Twitters)

“Because neither capitalist party is interested public accountability, a takeover of the House will result in silly side-shows of investigations instead of a probe into the actions of Biden administration that led to preventable war in Ukraine.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“Meanwhile, the West continues to block real and necessary negotiations to end this awful war in Ukraine.” (-Vijay Prashad)

“There is a fundamental misunderstanding in this country about who the Democratic party really is. The party does not exist to serve the people. It exists to stop any real movement to the left and is the GOP’s greatest ally in preserving the capitalist oligarchy.” (-Ryan Knight)  @RevBlackNetwork” / Twitter


Quite obviously, the LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH meant everything to me as a kid and I got into the Damned way after I was a disciple of the Lords. One of my very favorite lp’s of all time is the Brian James solo record-I always thought it was interesting he recorded stuff with Stewart Copeland. That Mad For The Racket record was not bad. I will say, for me, though, there was something just real special about Brian’s solo lp, a lotta times, overconfident guitarists look at their frontman and think, “wll god I can do better than that”, but truly, being a real dynamic rocknroll frontman is a bit of a lost art really. I mean there are very few Jack the Lad dandies still trottin’ the boards with even the faintest silvery sliver of what cats like Peter Wolf and Rod Stewart and Michael des Barres and even Shane from Electric Angels had. I mean I guess Mike and Spike are still around, Jim Jones and Tex Perkins, but even Brian Smith seems more concentrated on his books and screenplays nowadays. Brian James made a rare record of all good songs and he had some amazing lyrics, was a better than passable vocalist and one of the most compelling and original guitar virtuosos I ever heard. I guess the original damned are reforming and one of my old brothers from the punk years and his wife are flying over to the UK to see them. My old pal Chaz is going to see Suede and Manic Street Preachers live tonight! I’ll try to get him to do a mini review for yas! If you aint bought that totally groovy Hiroshi the Golden Arm and World famous Mister Ratboy THE GOLDEN RAT “WE GOT A RIGHT” cd on VICIOUS KITTEN records, you are really missing out. They are all my old comrades in the war against the jive and I strongly urge you to get that silver shiny disc as soon as you can, you’ll thank me later. Rat’s who reminded me of how much I love that old Brian James record, it was just so uniquely smoldering, thoughtful, distinctively original sounding and full of soul. “I’d eat fried rice for the rest of my life for you!” My kinda sultry, simmering, white hot glammy punknroll. THE LONELINESS MAXIMUM TORCH & TWANG deadend desert ghost town elderly goth band now forming. I tried to get Derwood but he just said he does not like to jam. I tried to get Neal X but he was busy with Marc Almond. Heroic guitar players apply within.

polka dot shot brian james – YouTube

Brian James – S/T 1990 full album – YouTube

Another time another crime – YouTube


Some of this relentless and frequently irrational fear I experience each morning is doubtlessly the residual effects of a lifetime of traumatizing events, peer death and adolescent abuse I endured, right, but like some of it is probably media induced. Yes, my coincidence theorists, I really do think the big Wurlitzer CIA propaganda social platforms and legacy/mockingbird media intentionally keep us all in a perpetual state of fear so we are more easily manipulated by the ruling class Wall Street fatcats and Davos techlords. Lately, the DNC have become so farout that the fucking Republikkans are seeming more reasonable-that’s some batshit psy-ops kookiness if I ever saw it. Tulsi Gabbard plays an antiwar activist on tv sometimes, but let’s face it-she works for the army’s psy-ops division-everything on tv is basically some crazy shit to confuse and frighten you so you’re ever more malleable and think you need the government to protect you from some external baddies comin’ to gitcher “good jobs” and “benefits” and freedom fries. Society went bonkers when the media was able to manufacture consent for “preemptive invasions” and “humanitarian interventions” always based on some ballsout WMD’s bullshit fucking lies, minimum wage piss tests, color chart terror warnings, Bush saying buy duct tape, “enhanced interrogation”, kidnapping and torture gulags, the deep state spying on all your business and blue gloved gropers fondling your family at the airport. Now, the DHS is being redeployed to spy on anyone who is not complying with their preferred narratives about Covid and the Ukraine and election rigging. These are perilous times we are living in.

“BREAKING: Pentagon finally discloses plan to clean up drinking water poisoned by jet fuel at Red Hill tanks in Hawaii – but says it will take 5 years. Almost 100,000 families being forced to ingest gasoline. This is a major emergency. Biden must act now.” (-Steven Donzinger)

“Cargill is the largest private company in America. 14 members of the Cargill family are billionaires. Cargill is one of the most responsible for global air pollution, water pollution, deforestation, & animal abuse. ” (-Lee Camp)

“With Democrats poised to lose another election, you know what that means: time to reactivate the Russiagate bots and trolls, aka establishment media stenographers.” (-Aaron Mate’)

“The Kiev regime that has placed 100s of journalists on a hit list and banned all opposition media at home has brought its war on the free exchange of ideas and critical media to the heart of Western Europe.

Zelensky’s wife personally led the campaign to ban us from the Web Summit. A second source…emphasized the Ukrainian First Lady’s influence over the event, explaining Zelenska “would have been able to get quite a number of people to pull out, big companies or whatever, I would say that was a strong possibility.” (-Max Blumenthal Gray Zone)

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “Sources told us Ukrainian First Lady Olena Zelenska threatened to push for a withdrawal of major commercial interests if Web Summit did not disinvite us. Here’s that military-tech-industrial hustle playing out without any criticism from inside the Web Summit tent.” / Twitter

“”We live in a world where our rulers will openly imprison a journalist for telling the truth and then self-righteously bloviate about the need to stop authoritarian regimes from persecuting journalists.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

No Such Thing As An Objective Journalist: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix (

Pro-war hawks have progressives on their Squad (

Government Files About “Remote Mind Control” | The Vigilant Citizen

“You don’t have to comply and vote for more corruption. In fact, the best way to vote in a duopoly that’s controlled by two corrupt parties who serve Wall Street and the War Machine is to open your ballot and vote for any candidate who does not have a D or an R next to their name.” (-Ryan Knight)


“Talking To Girls About Duran Duran” was the name of a book by Rob Sheffield-God knows I’ve done my own share of talking to girls about Duran Duran and weirdly, I’m usually way, way more in to Duran than any of the girls I know. Rob Sheffield’s the main rawk critic that grossass corporate garbage propaganda digest Rolling Stone has paid handsomely to attempt to rock critic legitimize so much vapid suckpop toxic aspartame laced mousepad fake as fuck hip-pop garbage these past twenty five years, I share his love for Duran Duran, just not his love for the awful empty, say nothing, choreographed line dancing, artless product boybands he compared to Duran in the nineties and ever since. All the Dizneyfied Aaron Carter-Backstreet-NSynch shite that clogged up the airwaves since grunge. I hate Simon’s beard, I guess it just reminds me that we are old as fuck. The good and dear brother from my own long gone new wave hours, who used to sing “Too Late Marlene” and “Last Chance On The Stairway” and “Like An Angel”, and “Lonely In Your Nightmare”, in my purple room and on all those long distance road trips to see Iggy Pop or Duran Duran with me, has passed away, and it has been said that ANDY TAYLOR was unable to attend some rock hall show because of his battle with cancer. Man. What a fuckin bummer to say the least. I got about five friends also in cancer battles as I type this. My 15 year old son prays for them everynight. I love Duran and always have since I first heard “Planet Earth” when I was ya know, maybe 13 or 14. I think I may have first heard it on my basement headphones when I was maybe 13-ish-you could check records out of the public library back then and how that first D2 lp ended up at my tank plant pseudo hometown’s library is a mystery to me, but I was all in. Duran, Adam Ant, the Furs, and Siouxsie & The Banshees-right? Then, the Cure. And the Smiths. I’m not into the shit they do with that Mark Ronson guy, trying to keep in vogue with the red carpet models scene and imitating Justin Timberlake imitating Michael Jackson and Missy Elliot. I like the early space age back to the future past old synth based Duran with the pretty, descriptive, poetic lyrics and loud in your face Andy Taylor recycling of that Bolan lick, but was super surprised by how easy John Taylor is to get along with, so down to earth sincere, kind, generous-we only brushed with the guy really, but he started remembering us because we kept showing up in the frontrow and looked different than most of their other fans, Bobby got some backstage-ish laminates from his National Record Mart contacts and drove us endless hours to see ’em all the time when I was 17 and 18, Andy was outta the band back then. I like Andy Taylor. Maybe cause much of what is said about him by his former bandmates has been said about me, too. I loved watching the covid clampdown John Taylor skype interview of Billy Idol! John and Nick used to go see Generation X as teenagers, it’s where they got the idea to get the leather pants. That made me smile. I nicked the leather pants idea from Jim Morrison and Adam Ant. It absolutely infuriated those smalltown juvenile corrections nad Trans Am driving dickhead motherfuckers. I paid a high price for it, all the Ohioans always went apeshit and punched me in the eye, but my friends and I had a mad time, playing show in people’s basements and at redneck hellion motorcycle club bonfires in the woods and on stages at various D.I.Y. performance spaces all over the midwest and Boston, mostly. I’d do it all again in a heartbreak beat. So yeah, I’m up early as usual with the pulse to rock, having some coffee, writing lyrics in the purple notebook, fixed my garage up a little bit as an artspace/safehaven/bohemian retreat. I got more work today doing mostly outdoor labor for a number of real estate owners.I’m tired and weary from all the usual war machine draconian lies and propaganda. I’m gonna listen to Duran Duran. “You built your refuge turned you capture all the same” is an experience I’ve known too well. If you have some old Duran Duran teen magazines taking up too much space in your mom’s attic, we here at the Desert Church Of Holy Smokes & Desert Stardust Hallelujah are accepting donations. Prayers for Andy! LONG LIVE Duran Duran!

Andy Taylor – “Take It Easy” (Atlantic) 1987 – YouTube

Andy Taylor Has Prostate Cancer, Duran Duran Reveals – Rolling Stone


Duran Duran – My Own Way – video Dailymotion

The Real Reason Andy Taylor Left Duran Duran In The ’80s (

“The operation to control influential politicians, celebrities, and corporate executives did not die with Jeffrey Epstein.” (-Primo Radical)

“Corporate media is, by this point, literally a threat to the survival of humanity.” (-Alan MacLeod)

“You know you’re living in an infantilized bootlicking paternalistic society when the prospect of not having a team of authority figures curating your information feed for you is seen as “dangerous”. Who understands that narrative control is power? Empire managers. Plutocrats. Propagandists. Smearmeisters. Manipulators. Abusers. Cult leaders. Bullies.

Who does not understand that narrative control is power? Pretty much everyone else.

This is the source of most problems.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

“It was on this date Nov. 4, 2008, that Barack Obama was elected President of the US, & shortly thereafter Black folks learned (& are still learning) that representation politics was trash. The leader of the empire is interested in securing the empire not in stopping oppression.” (-Kamau Franklin)

“- Abortion

– Gun control – Marriage equality – Trans rights – Drug decriminalization – Student loan forgiveness – Education – Inflation – Democracy – Cutting greenhouse gas emissions None of these will be relevant issues if we get into a nuclear war with Russia.” (-Primo Radical)

“When you completely betray every progressive value as you support the war machine to the brink of nuclear annihilation, you pretend the protectors are the problem instead of the evil machine that already swallowed you whole.” (-Jimmy Dore)

“You may not know it but lots of Ukrainians – particularly those in the midst of the war – are keen on beginning peace talks with Russia. It’s western governments, and their bot swarms, who are egging on Kyiv to spill more Ukrainian blood.” (-Jonathan Cook) 

“”Like you freed Iraq, Libya, Syria, “and Vietnam?”

Biden says ‘we’re gonna free Iran’ as protests there sweep on ” (-Garland Nixon) 

Margaret Kimberley on Twitter: “I said he would be no worse than Trump on foreign policy. Was I ever wrong.” / Twitter 

“Biden voted against the 1991 Gulf War, then quickly said he was mistaken. He transformed into a top Iraq war hawk. During nearly 50 years in public office, Biden has seldom seen a U.S. war he didn’t support or help facilitate. ” (-Jeremy Scahill)

“The scam is to scare corporations by knowing they’ll be accused of anti-Semitism unless they bow to ADL’s dictates about what ideas and people they can and can’t associate with, just as HRC

exploits reckless homophobia accusations to coerce obedience. It’s pro-DNC censorship. This is a group that pretends to speak for Jews. In reality, it’s just another banal, standard Dem Party/liberal activist group whose core function is to exploit these causes to agitate for censorship of anyone who questions liberal establishment orthodoxy. It’s the Jewish HRC.” (-Glenn Greenwald)

“The craziest thing about this Elon Musk drama is that the United States is arming and training a Saudi military attack on Yemen that has killed 400,000 people.” (-Alan MacLeod)

“Ask yourself why Kanye West and Kyrie Irving dominate headlines while the U.S. remains the top country in number of prisoners and people going bankrupt due to medical debt.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“CIA and FBI agents openly work as “news analysts” on MSNBC and other networks— not guests, analysts!— and then the West want to accuse others of “state media” and “propaganda”? What level of irony is this? These people have zero shame.” (-Richard Medhurst) 

“What is amazing & dangerous is that public has been condition to accept merger of the state (intelligence services & propaganda operations) & corporate sector (big tech, news outlets etc) as normal.And then they wonder why we say U.S. population is most propagandized on planet!” (-Ajamu Baraka)

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “These are the kinds of actions that undermines the public’s belief in a free and independent press in the U.S. The story clearly met the editors standards when it was broadcasted.” / Twitter 


One of the bands my late nineties era Detroit posse got me into were Forgotten Rebels, from Hamilton, Ontario. It’s amazing to me how little Canadian punk rock made it that far south beyond Michigan, ya know, I was 27 before I found out about a lot of Canada’s punk rock scene. Of course, mi olde amigo Chris Barry got me in to the Viletones and Teenage Head when I was about twenty one or twenty two, but I think it was Motown scenester-photographer-rocknroll philosopher-collector and fellow friend of the late great Paul K.’s, BRIAN T., who first started telling me about the Forgotten Rebels. Mickey DeSadist and about like 100 revolving door musicians carried the flag for fun and crazy sleaze punk hijinks, kinda imagine a Canadian purple haired Zeroes or Babysitters and that’ll get you in the hood. They kinda remind me of all my polka dot and pink scarf clad friends bands back in the eighties who played all the basement shows and backyard barbq’s and the death rock juicebar on Sunday nights in Ft. Wayne. Fastest way to my heart is frequently alcohol, donuts, pizza, or Monkees covers. If you’re from Canada, you might know my old Naked Flames bassplayer Mark “TBag” Gilder from Bunchoffuckinggoofs or his various stints with bands like Motor City Demolition, Gypsy Strings, Ronald Koal, Dark Carnival, Bootsy X & The Lovemasters, or the Kevin K Band, he’s having some health setbacks right now, and if you are the kinda person to pray, please send some prayers up on his behalf, as he’s a really jovial, merry making, legendary daredevil, butter sculpting rockstar who I never got to really spend enough time with-we had big plans and invitations to perform and travel abroad, but they all kinda disintegrated from under our feet, we never got to really complete our mission, which was immensely disappointing to both of us, because we really enjoyed each other’s company, all our times together were filled with outrageous shenanigans and allnight loud laughs we have the same kinda gregarious personality that made for a good combination behind the mic stand at the front of the stage, he’s a real wild one, already survived a million close calls and broken bones, he’s like the Evil Knievel of Canadian bassplayers. I always liked the guy. I think he wanted me to somehow fund more recordings, but I’m the brokest person he ever met, so naturally that never happened. We recorded like 11 songs but ran outta money and the other guys split for foreign lands with their other bands and that was that, but I always think about what coulda shoulda blah blah blah mightabeen. We Out Crowd outlaws and gutter gospel guttersnipes all wish him well! I still gotta get that booka bout Bunchoffuckinggofs but like I said: broke as a joke. So broke, I had to give up smokes. No hope broke. And I gotta go work outside in the cold today for almost no money. Dread it! Ugh!!

Forgotten Rebels – Look out here comes tomorrow – YouTube

Forgotten Rebels – I Think Of Her (Live) – YouTube

Forgotten Rebels – This Ain’t Hollywood (Full Album) – YouTube

Forgotten Rebels Tomorrow Belongs To Us (Full Album) – YouTube

Forgotten Rebels: Gigs 

Bunchofuckingoofs-Get a Bike Asshole – YouTube

Dirty, Drunk and Punk: the untold history of Toronto’s BUNCHOFFUCKINGGOOFS | Boing Boing

Bunchofuckingoofs – Wikipedia

Dirty, Drunk, and Punk: The Crazy Twisted Story of the Bunchofuckingoofs: Morton, Jennifer, Ferguson, Kisha: 9781897415283: Books

Noam Chomsky on RussiaGate – YouTube

“Back in 2014 the year of the Maidan Coup, Zelensky admitted the people of Crimea & East Ukraine very much preferred speaking Russian & that they should be left alone. This is also before he came into power.” (-Fiorella Isabel)

“My friend Miko Peled has been catching hell for years for being consistently principled. It is absurd for anyone to suggest that criticisms of the white settler project in South Africa or in the U.S. is “anti-white.” The issue is colonialism in its settler-colonial form.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“Criticizing Israel is not antisemitic. In fact, it is our duty to speak out against the atrocities perpetrated against Palestinian for the crime of not being Jewish. That’s especially true after the terrifying results of the recent elections in Israel.” (-Mike Peled)

“Alert: Today NBC reported that the Biden admin is planning to send Haitian migrants trying to seek safety in the US to a third country and/or to the ICE detention center in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba. This should be setting off alarm bells.” (-Jesse Franzbleu) 

Noam Chomsky on Google and Facebook – YouTube

Pfizer Didn’t Expect THIS To Be EXPOSED – YouTube

 Propaganda Exposed [UNCENSORED] – by Robert W Malone MD, MS (

Noam Chomsky full length interview: Who rules the world now? – YouTube

“To be honest… those who use the Holocaust as an excuse and justification for a fascist-ethno-theocratic-plutocracy like #ApartheidIsrael is, are the worst and most evil kind of anti-Semites! Period!” (-Osman B. on Twitterbook)

“It is also widely believed that Unit 8200 has attacked OS’s like Microsoft to find ways to surveil Israel’s global enemies.

Yet Microsoft’s safety team is now filled with Unit 8200 veterans, raising concerns about its safety.” (-Alan MacLeod) 

“I try not to invoke my Jewish identity because opinions have value on merits, not ethnicity. But the policing of black celebrities is embarrassing. Also massively hypocritical: US media and Jewish groups are now silent on US backing of openly neo-Nazi Azov Battalion in Ukraine.” (-Aaron Mate’)

Revealed: The Former Israeli Spies Working in Top Jobs at Google, Facebook and Microsoft ( 

Noam Chomsky on Trump-Russia Collusion – YouTube

Lowkey on Twitter: “Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has been shot in an attempted assassination. Ben Norton outlines the anatomy of the US-backed coup against him, which took place in April 2022.” / Twitter

“Kyrie and Kanye do not threaten American Jews in any concrete way. Zionist pressure groups like the ADL know this, but must seek out any opportunity to justify their own existence by conjuring the specter of existential doom. Jewish paranoia and Black humiliation is the result. We White American Jews are living through a golden age of power, affluence and safety Acceptance of this welcome reality threatens the entire Zionist enterprise, from lobby fronts like the ADL to the State of Israel, because Zionism relies on Jewish insecurity to justify itself.” (-Max Blumenthal)

Miko Peled on Twitter: “The Israeli media lies and Israelis want to be lied to. “The consumers, the readers, and the viewers, don’t want to hear and don’t want to know!” But Gideon Levy has been telling the truth for decades. He calls it “Whistling in the Dark” but he keeps on speaking up.” / Twitter 

“The neoliberal fascists that control the state & that Biden serves are moving to discipline Musk. Either toll their line as objective truth & suppress opposing views or we come after you.” (-Ajamu Baraka) 

The People’s Forum | The Katie Halper Show Live with Miko Peled – The People’s Forum (


Yeah so when ever somebody asks the musical question what year would you return to if you had a time machine, I always think 1983 or 84 cause that’s when I discovered so much of the glam and goth and post punk music that soundtracks my embarrassing life to this day and made friends with people like Dave n Randy at Mind Dust record store, Jaysin and Dave W., Latrelle and Aymee and Dekan and Dustin, the kids who became my young comrades and community, who I confided in and built my dreams around. But 1987, really that was a big year too cause that’s when I met Scruff and Brian and Jenna and Angie, Heather and Steffani, Stacy and Bobby and Sheila and John n Bart. We commenced to form some early bands-a Suicide style experimental tape recorder to ta[pe recorder and guitar and drum machine duo, then it became a trio, then finally we got the old singer from an abandoned goth project to play drums and that’s when the real wild rocknroll dream really took hold of us. First song we played? “Message Of Love” by the Pretenders. I’d been into Hanoi Rocks since discovering Back To Mystery City at an Indianapolis record store so when Guns N Roses first started appearing in those glossy heavy metal magazine’s at Readmore bookstore in the American Mall, I knew I was gonna like ’em and when we got the Live Like A Suicide cassette with the fake crowd noise and the Rose tattoo and Aersomith covers, I was obsessed with ’em for a year or three. “Reckless Life” and “Move To The City” felt ripped from my own autobiography, my own life story. I used to get on my older guitar player’s nerves playing that tape over and over again whenever I spend the night on his cold basement cement floor. When “Appetite” finally arrived in my smalltown, I got really excited by these songs that reflected my own lifestyle so well, which at the time involved a lot of fleeing from rednecks and jocks in trucks who wanted to beat me up and hiding from the truancy officer who wanted to put me back in a child cage for too much Aqua Net and playing hooky. “Night Train” was about all we could afford from the local Clark gas station where our older friends would purchase us our malt liquor and fortified wine for the night-back then, I smoked Old Gold cigarettes the brand preferred by my bluesman record store guru Dave Andra and Cambridge Light 100’s which was what I constantly mooched offa my older guitar player who got tired of all my mooching and running up his phonebills. “It’s So easy” rang true because around the time my hair was finally starting to grow back out after that last severe behavior modification haircut they forced upon me at Lima Senior High School resulting in my permanent dropout status, once I got contacts, all these girls were starting to surprisingly like me and that was just crazy, a whole new experience after being the smalltown’s main kick dog Frankenstein’s monster scapegoat for so many years. “Mr. Brownstone” was about dope which I had not really dabbled with yet but we all knew what it was like to need more brown liquor so that chorus kinda captured us instantly. I was still dreaming about moving back to the coast with our new band of outlaws and misfits and carving out our own little corner of rocknroll, ya know? We’d read about bands like Little Kings, Sea Hags, Junkyard and Rock City Angels in Rip Magazine and Zodiac Mindwarp was telling us that anything was possible. I loved the young and angry punkish Guns N Roses stuff, much of it penned by Izzy and propelled by Steven Adler’s awesome roller coastering. By the time they put out that Use Your Illusion shit with all the bloat and overwrought ballads, I was just not into it anymore-the football jersies and bicycle pants, the Kid Rock bling and dolphin videos. I hated the Dylan cover and Live and Let die so much, just horrible. Some people are excited that three of those guys got back together for the endless victory lap money grabs with the fifteen piece band of employees and are rereleasing November rain, but that’s just not my scene at all, man. The early stuff? Yes. If I was able to procure some convenience store beverages in an adultish space today, I might even play summa their early work, but the epic ballads, all that shit with the orchestras and backup singers and Bucketheads and Bumblefoots, dizzy Reeds and Gilby Clarks and Richard Fortus and chicken coops and fifty dollar t shirts and $500 fanclub meet and greets? Like I’m gonna PAY to shake hands with DUFF? Nah. I’m all like, Izzy and Adler or bust. That Ritz concert was their peak, man. It might be all rainbow flag friendly and LGBT RuPaul woke where you live, but growing up in the new wave eighties, tank plant Lima Ohio had a zero tolerance policy towards gutter urchins in blue eyeshadow. I still peruse the headlines there somedays and can not believe how much murder and crack still goes on there. It’s like Little Dayton. A hellhole of sports fans, Slim Shadies and adults in cargo shorts who still love the Simpsons and pro wrestling and flatulent football Pizza Hut meat eaters overeating and yelling at their televisions. Lets’s Go Brandon Nascar fans. I’ve become more like George Carlin in that I don’t believe anything the government or corporate media tells me.I can’t relate to the tv people.

Reckless Life (1986 Sound City Session) – YouTube

jeremy scahill on Twitter: “Chomsky on media who used @wikileaks material: “Are they supporting Assange… who performed the honorable duty of a journalist & is now being tortured? Not that I’ve seen…We’ll use what he did, but then we’ll join the jackals who’re snapping at his feet.”” / Twitter

Is Dennis Kucinich the Last Democrat for Peace? – 

If you are a voter in Kentucky’s 6th Congressional district (Lexington-Richmond-Frankfurt) please vote for Democratic nominee @GeoffYoung4KY

. Geoff Young is a principled anti-imperialist, and for that reason his own party has thrown him under the bus. Geoff Young responds to non-endorsement in Sixth District race. | Lexington Herald Leader (

COP27: Nobel Prize winners demand Egypt free political prisoners | Human Rights News | Al Jazeera

Pompeo: Sources for Yahoo News WikiLeaks report ‘should all be prosecuted’ 

#SupportPalestine #BDS #Yemen #Kashmir #Assange on Twitter: “American stand-up comedian and popular US radio host Jimmy Dore spoke about US policy: When we occupied Afghanistan for 20 years and killed millions of people in Iraq or destroyed Libya and Syria, where were the international laws?!” / Twitter 

The Poverty of US Politics (  


Everything’s still in utter disarray around here, we’re still unpacking–I need some little nails so I can hang picture frames, and probably another bookshelf. You know what’s become impossibly elusive in the second hand garage sale world that I inhabit? A duel cassette boombox with two working speakers-you just can’t find one of those no more. Kinda sucks, cause I have less than zero interest in getting I-Phoned. It’s fucking freezing this morning, but the prior tenants left behind a really nice Mr. Coffee maker which is great cause my previous one is missing parts that were apparently misplaced in the move. I got some cool books coming in the mail from our friends at Hozac Press which means I gotta slide by the old place to see if they were dropped off there by mistake while the address forwarding or whatever was still being processed. I kinda dread goin’ back there, cause a mentally ill fomer neighbor, who I had previously advocated for and tried to help, kinda betrayed our trust and is too nuts for words, he’s become a real nuisance, if not an outright threat, like a bridge troll. He’s unwell, has manic episodes, sneaks around at night, acting shifty, has feuds, does weird shit, is probably potentially dangerous. Always wants a pound of flesh from anybody he interacts with. One of those taker type personalities best avoided completely. Me and the kid are up with the roosters and the moocows and the crows, it’s still dark as I type this, been so beatup by all the labor and heavy lifting, I’m back on the Amish hours-in bed at 8:10, back up at 4:30-5 in the morning. Had a dream I was jamming with my talented pop friend Mark from Walden Pond last night-we only wrote about maybe ten or fifteen songs together, but about five of ’em are still pretty good-that’s how I evaluate my own compositions-do they stand up over time.Yeah me and that guy could not be more opposite-I was like a black sheep drifter, outcast orphan archetype, exiled from the tribe of origin, a drinker without honor in my homelands, kicked outta six or seven schools for crimes against the Dresscodes, despised by fucking secretaries and humorless goose steppers everywhere, whereas he was kinda like a prince among men, the prodigal son, slay the fatted calf, his mom brought him aspirin to work when he was hungover, sewed his name in all his J. Crew catalog clothes and shit, but when you are in your twenties, the class stuff don’t seem that important, ya know, we socialized with everybody. I had a big party pad on Blaine Street in Alston which I understand to be gentrified high dollar rent now-some DJ lives in our old space now, a guy from the Voodoo Dolls used to live next door to us but he totally kept to himself, might have been scared off my all the menacing former gang members who came to our cookouts on the weekends after work-they were some lovable galoots who were employed as loss prevention staff at Tower Records-Sam Cocharan, Big Mike, Tim, Dave Monty, Jamille, good blokes, really, all of ’em, and my mainman partner in crime back then, the legendarily indestructible Nasty “You Nasty, Boy!” Bastard, a bona fide motorcycle cowboy who Sleazegrinder described as a gravelly voiced thug in purple velvet. There was also a female hellraiser around who’d been known to break a dish, she could be loud, always asked what happened last night, she could never remember the end of the night, ya know, we used to drink some, she kinda liked to fire off all her guns at once and explode into space, “why no, officer, I have no idea where all those bullet holes in the wall came from!” We were living the wild life, parties on the roof. Cheater Slicks, Elevator Drops, Arthur Lee’s godson, Tony Meter playing 12 string guitar, Dave W. running my grandmother’s Avon Lady Christmas Casio keyboard through all these effects pedals creating a Robert Fripp/Brian Eno synth effect, adding Hallo Spaceboy layers to my glammy sleaze punk cocktails.The pop guy from Walden Pond’s yacht owning brother Dan on maracas and improvised drums-pots and pans-man that guy was a super studio session man percussionist, but sadly abandoned music to become a Culinary Institute fine chef, and now a real estate baron. He played on a shitty cover I contributed to one of those tribute CD’s, it legitimately needed more cowbell. A wisecrackin’, soccer lovin’ Irishman named Barrie in his Sultans Of Ping FC t shirt, drinking lots of beer. We’d all pull pranks on each other-I used to hide his shoes. Me with the alleycat Marlboro golden throat vocals and street poet lyrics about my own dumb life and the importance of railing against the Big Machine. Some foxy girls shakin green tambourines on the red velvet antique brothel couch, you know it was a real good time to be alive, my Catholic school homie, Mitch would showup outta nowhere at my door and pay for a week’s worth of partying for everybody, just ’cause. He was a blast, almost always up for a spontaneous adventure-you know? “Blues Brothers” times “Cheech & Chong” and “Animal House”. My first new wave love was goin’ to a posh university in Cambridge and she’d come around and make my little heart go all aflutter. I knew I was a white trash bozo in leather pants and it was part of the comedy of our lives that I did alla Michael Hutchnce’s moves in spite of being a gawky gargoyle Kentucky born Ramone. Wouldbe rivals made a lotta noise back in the metal screecher years, about how I could not metal screech, like Waxl or the Queensryche dude, but ya know my idols were  people like Jim Carroll, Nick Marsh, Stiv Bators, Billy Idol-ya know? The kinda music I was making with my friends back then did not require I be able to hit any fuckin’ “Kids From Fame” high note. I loved being a frontman and took a lot of my inspiration from all the underground after hours Dean Martin party hosts-Peter Zaremba and Steven Tyler, David Lee Roth, and Texacala Jones. We were having good times, damn good times. We’d play every song we knew, all night singalongs, ya know, and we wrote some good originals-me and the pop guy from Walden Pond. He’d often muse out loud about how we became friends because his mom and future wife, everybody from his nice life in the private school suburbs always wanted to know why he was hanging around with such an unseemly lot of incorrigible derelict, hooligan desperado wildboys. “No Goodbyes”, “Beyond Salvation”, “Recipe For Disaster”, “Memory Gutter”, we were young and in our prime and trying to mine beauty and laugh from the horrors of Traumaville, or at least, that’s what I was doin’. Some nights we had some older hangerson who’d drive us around the clubs in their long sedans and if there was any open mic nights a happenin’ me and the rhinestone suitjacketed lost boys would get up and run through all the usual howlers. I put everybody in hats and scarves. We did good, busking-everything from “Drunk Like Me” to “Me & Bobby McGee”, “Little Pink Houses”, “West Coast Under Assistant Promo Man”. We’d blow all the money buying discount liquor from Blanchards. Of course I kept insisting Greg Shaw or somebody was supposed to show up and bankroll some studiotime for me and my lot, but sadly, he never showed. The Brian Jonestown Masscare got that gig instead, and the Dish Ran Away With The Spoon. Which was the name of another song I wrote shortly after our eviction. I used to be a lot more cavalier and reckless than I am now. I’ll give you an example. My trusty sideman Nasty burntdown several trade school dorm and Park Drive apartments drunk cooking, and one time when the girlfriend was outta town, and Nasty was away pursuing some hot chick named Steff Olivera, so me and Dave wrote a cool song called “Every Summer” that people still perform covers of, the reason I did not drown in the bath tub after polishing off the big bottle was cause the smoke woke me up when I similarly tried to drunk cook. Don’t drunk cook, kids. Nowadays, I’m even paranoid about fucking Christmas tree lights I got hanging in the garage. A dear friend of ours, one of those people who really were just undeniable flatout geniuses, Chris Kohli, died somehow in a fire, I dunno why there was no smoke alarm, he mighta been passed out, he liked to drink, but he was one of the nicest and smartest, sweetest and funniest people we ever knew-a classically trained piano player, a classically trained portrait artist, a classically trained main Street dive barfly, kindred spirit, much missed brethren. Everytime one of our number goes away, the world seems a bit dimmer, a piece of me goes with ’em-hope I see ‘im again in some rocknroll honkytonk up the road somewhere, he was such a good soul. ‘Tormented by a smalltown religious upbringing, but we were all browbeaten with that evangelical/military/sports culture back there. Life is precious, send many postcards, hug your kid, call yo grandma, forgive everybody, do it now, it’s all too brief. (RIP)

Endless Party Johnny Thunders – YouTube

David Johansen – Donna – YouTube

David Johansen – Frenchette (1978) – YouTube

Consortium News on Twitter: “Debut of new song in tribute to #JulianAssange, @xychelsea and Aaron Swartz.” / Twitter 

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “The face of Western democratic values.” / Twitter

“The fact that Democrats are sending their biggest names to campaign in reliably-blue places like New York and California in the final days before the election can only be taken as a sign that their own internal polling is pointing to a historic loss.” (-Primo Radical)

“None of these Progressives is doing a damn thing without Pelosi’s approval first. Same goes for the Black Caucus.” (-Black In The Empire)

“The US has the one of the most violent and racist police on the planet but reserves the right to call other countries “authoritarian.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“The regime of censorship being imposed on the internet – by a consortium of DC Dems, billionaire-funded “disinformation experts,” the US Security State, and liberal employees of media corporations – is dangerously intensifying in ways I believe are not adequately understood.” (-Glenn Greenwald) 

“When Democrats get wiped out on Tuesday, they’ll just blame Russia, as they did in 2016.  

To the extent that Democrats actually blame themselves, they will say that the party went “too far Left” — despite the fact that Democrats have become the more rabidly NeoConservative party. (-Primo Radical) 

The Federal Bureau of Tweets: Twitter Is Hiring an Alarming Number of FBI Agents – TheAltWorld 


Ya know those early U2 records that were confiscated as contraband and destroyed at my Baptist reform school in southern Kentucky meant so much to me, I was totally inspired by Bono in my younger years, loved a lot of his songs-so did my sadly dead bassplayer Bobby Cloyd and my first real deep new wave crush, we all loved them back then, I believe they were good and truly well intentioned people in their younger years. He’s in the news lately pimping his autobiography but I have no time for him now-he’s the ultimate sellout phony, pro empire tool of the global elite. Did they start off as righteous garage band innovators, real friends coming together and co creating their own unique sound? Yep, of course, I still love the early work, and who they seemed to be prior to his getting into bed with Bush and Obama, but it’s like Gary Glitter when I hear his music now-ya know? Just kinda feels like a Big Ick. He has influence and uses it for the wrong reasons, works for the bad guys, is on the wrong side now with the capitalist billionaires, bankers and warpigs. When U2 and Lou used to fight for political prisoners and the disappeared on those eighties Amnesty tours, it brought teachers and liberals and Clinton voters awareness, now, he’s all CFR/Davos/Carlyle Group/WEF/Halliburton affiliated and it breaks my heart when ex punks become darkside warpigs. Bono is living proof that too much money is bad for people, that power corrupts absolutely, and that it’s best to stay away from the filthy rich. Like John Trudell said, this is the place where souls get eaten. FREE ASSANGE, MOTHERFUCKERS! This was like my song for a girl when I was like maybe sixteen. U2 – All I Want Is You 1989 (Rattle and Hum) Official Video on Vimeo

UK/US: Home Secretary’s certification of Assange extradition puts him at risk – Amnesty International

Abby Martin: Tech Monopolies Are AN ARM Of US Government, INTENT On Controlling The Narrative – YouTube

“Still can’t believe we live in a world where our rulers will openly imprison a journalist for telling the truth and then self-righteously bloviate about the need to stop authoritarian regimes from persecuting journalists.” (-Caitlin Johnstone) 

“So many contradictions: Russia is weak, they are losing in Ukraine or We must stop Russia or the next target is Europe Putin is crazy and capable of anything or Putin is a coward, he won’t nuke the US The sanctions are working or  

China stops the sanctions from working” (-Kim Dotcom) 


Another cat I miss who left this wretched world of dystopian lies and billioanire aspirant gawds wanting to enslave humanity in recent years was BRETT SMILEY. I was friends with him and his old girlfriend on social media some years ago before I got banned and lockedout by spooks for ANTI WAR SHITPOSTING. He used to call me Fightin’ Father Flangan because of my tendency to bullhorn broadcast my objections to fascism, tyranny, propaganda, and mass murder, even if it gets me branded as a conspiracy theorist or Assad sympathizer or Russian trollbot or cys born whatever by shitlib official narrative reciters. I loved Brett Smiley. I kinda wrongheadedly was advising him to manufacture his own BRETT SMILEY official merchandise line cause I wanted him to be able to pocket money from t shirts and button and sticker sales but I really had no idea how broke and destitute and sick he actually was at the time. i still feel bad about that, we just saw so many bootleggers making money promoting unauthorized junk shop glam merch using his younger self’s iconic image.  Get Nina Antonia’s book about him if you haven’t already. Genius had a hard life, died in extreme poverty and sadness. (RIP)

Brett Smiley – Space Ace (US Junkshop Glam 74) – YouTube

Brett Smiley – Highty Highty – YouTube

Run For The Sun – YouTube

Brett Smiley – VaVaVa Voom – YouTube


WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) / Twitter

Intn’l Federation of Journalists: “The UK decision to allow the extradition of Assange is vindictive and a real blow to media freedom” Amnesty: “sends a chilling message to journalists the world over”  

RSF: “implications for journalism around the world cannot be overstated”

Friday Roundtable – CHD TV: Livestreaming Video & Audio ( 

Jimmy Dore on Twitter: “So Paul Pelosi was with the guy for 1/2 an hour? doesn’t try to flee, but instead answers the door, let’s cops in & walks right back over to Depape. This is NORMAL! Dems should immediately shift gears & accuse ANYONE who asks questions about this assault of being homophobic” / Twitter

TSA to Continue Requiring COVID-19 Vaccine Proof for Non-US Citizens to Enter Country (

Did Richard Nixon Secretly Steal 36.5 Tons of Gold Bullion from U.S. Army Base While He Was Telling America, “I Am Not A Crook”? | CovertAction Magazine

How Covert British Information Wars Target Russia, Threatening Civilians and Journalists ( 

The Chris Hedges Report: The truth about Ukraine with Medea Benjamin – YouTube

“They lied about masks, they lied about herd immunity, lied about Natural immunity, lied about early treatment, lied about transmission & infection, lied about Ivermectin…. they’ve lied about everything at every turn, but keep shouting down skeptics of Big Pharma as anti-vaxx .” (-Jimmy Dore)

Dr. Eli David on Twitter: “- Pfizer CEO: “The efficacy of our vaccine in children is 80%” – Reporter: “Are you talking about efficacy to prevent severe disease or to prevent infection?” – Pfizer CEO: “𝗧𝗼 𝗽𝗿𝗲𝘃𝗲𝗻𝘁 𝗶𝗻𝗳𝗲𝗰𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻” Need more evidence of fraud?” / Twitter


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Jimmy Dore on Twitter: “I was told we were were all definitely “racists” for thinking this. This is probably because Fauci & the government funded the invention of Covid-19 virus & needed to silence it. They actually invented the virus that caused the pandemic & killed millions, but stay mad at Rogan.” / Twitter 

Abby Martin: How the media manufactures ‘bloodlust’ for war – YouTube

Ukraine risks being locked into endless war in bid for perfect peace – The Irish Times

Verso Books on Twitter: “We are extremely sad to announce the death of our friend and comrade Mike Davis, the pioneering historian of the US working class and fierce critic of the economic, political, and military apparatuses of the US state machine and the brutalities of empires in general.” / Twitter

Disappearing Flu Data: RFK, Jr. Brings Together 5 Experts to Discuss Changes in How Health Officials Calculate All-Cause Mortality • Children’s Health Defense ( 

BreakThrough News on Twitter: “The UN voted 185-2 to end the U.S. blockade of Cuba. This is the 30th year in a row the UN has voted to do so. So why is the US refusing to comply? BT’s @KeiPritsker explains why the US first enacted the blockade and why it’s universally condemned, including by people in the US.” / Twitter

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“Cargill owns a large portion of every step of the farm-to-table process. They also have a ‘financial services’ arm playing the commodities futures trading game. So they enrich themselves whether food is cheap/expensive/abundant/or scarce.” (-Lee Camp)

“I’m never surprised to see libertarians becoming MAGA fascists.

Their oligarch sponsor Peter Thiel made it clear that the only way of saving capitalism is through a fascist dictatorship, while he still proudly called himself a libertarian (and complained about women’s suffrage)” (-Ben Norton)

“Almost 1/2 [of Ukrainians surveyed] agreed it was imperative to seek a ceasefire to stop Russians killing Ukraine’s young men. Slightly more supported negotiations with Russia on a complete ceasefire, with 1/4 totally against & 1/5… neutral.” (-Clare Daly)

“And the truth is there is something terribly wrong with this country, isn’t there? Cruelty & injustice, intolerance & oppression…where once you had the freedom to object, to think & speak as you saw fit, you now have censors & systems of surveillance coercing your conformity…” (Fiorella Isabel echoing Orwell)

Abby Martin on The Future of The Empire Files & Social Media Censorship – YouTube

Abby Martin on Hillary’s NeoMcCarthyism and ‘Gaza Fights for Freedom,’ Plus #BerniesBack – YouTube

 Well, my brothers and sisters and friends of the revolution, it’s time for me to bid you adieu. Happy Trails. STAY WILD, STAY FREE!


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Sittin’ alone waiting for some text to appear on your I-Phone, thinkin’ about how it used to be, before the luck went bad, and the trouble set in? Let’s get outta that bullshit scene and get a bonfire goin’ on the outskirts of town. I was talkin’ to my old pal Ratboy, the most innovative guitar stylist of our generation, the World famous One from the GOLDEN RAT on Vicious Kitten Records and unsurprisingly, he’s a holdout, a refusenik, will not join the social media Zuckbot Army, so he says he’s having a real hard time getting the word out about his “WE GOT A RIGHT” album co starring the marvelous Hiroshi Nakagome THEE GOLDEN ARM, which is a shame, but he said he got to play a real live and in person get-down, sweaty, fun filled big rock show last week and it was a real cool time, and I was real happy for him cause where I live, three aint nothin’ happening at all, ya know, I find myself listening to the classic rock station on my transistor radio. Sometimes I can imagine going back into a studio, or onto a stage with summa my old black leather henchmen to make some dirty, dangerous, allnight boogie badass rising punknroll but you know in our elderly goth years most all of us are committed to mortgages, tenure, marriages, kids in college, kids with disabilities, or still stuck outside of Memphis in a mobile home on permenent probabtion and need written notarized permission from some rightwinger in a robe to leave the state, or locked up in some kinda psychiatric facility for wayward bassplayers, or receiving fucking chemo treatments and shit, so it only happens in my dreams at night. Of course, I wanna rock again. I always, always, related strongly to Joe Strummer being turned away at music industry doors by smug, smirking, know nothing drivetime DJ’S, and passing out handmade fliers to civilians on the boardwalk….”LET’S ROCK AGAIN!” Who wouldn’t wanna reconvene with the wild things in some faraway Mystery City to do it all again before we die? Billy Idol even has a song about that, I think it’s called “Super Overdrive”, yeah? Beltin’ out with the big bottle and the spiky belts and givin’ ’em hell with  the old rebel yell like we used to, as opposed to wasting endless hours on internet chatrooms where deep state spies are paid those high salaries to state censor anybody who strays from their OFFICIAL NARRATIVE or PREFERRED PENTAGON TALKING POINTS ABOUT HOW THE USA, USA, ARE HEROIC HUMANITARIAN INTERVENTIONISTS RATHER THAN TOTAL SPECTRUM DOMINATION EMPIRE PIGS OF WAR. How great was that Uncle Sam singer?! I used to write about these guys all the time in my shitty, Elmers gluestick and scissors, midnight at Kinkos, late eighties and early nineties glam fanzines. I was always surprised they never made it big outside of their hometown. This is what exciting rocknroll sounds like to somebody like me. PLAY THE VEINS LOUD.

Uncle Sam ‎– Heaven Or Hollywood FULL ALBUM 1987 – YouTube

Uncle Sam-Letters From London – YouTube


When N.J.’s finest did a side project, I’m talkin’ ’bout the great Steve Miller from ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN sure did rock like a motherfucker, dinnit he? This stuff makes me think of my dead homies, Charlie Die and Mike Mindless. Anybody know whatever happened to Charlie’s brother, Bobby No More? We used to be pen pals back in the day-I even talked to their mom on the phone and shit. All us fifty something bad teens from the bad side of town who were raised on shit like the Misfits and Deadboys just fucking fell head over heels into the prolific Electric Frankenstein catalog in the early nineties when the Man was buying up all the smaller nightclubs and music magazines and killing rocknroll. Sal C. was in fact the first person I remember, besides Tim Yohannon of “Maxiumm Rock & Roll” magazine, who really vocally stood against the evil forces of phony muzak and anti rock being pushed on the kids by the monopoly-media. Some of us oldtimers are still fighting against the antirock conspiracy and we salute all our worldwide comrades in the war against the jive!

Cherry Thirteen – Wrecked – YouTube

Electric Frankenstein – Conquers The World! (Full Album) – YouTube

Electric Frankenstein – The Time Is Now! – YouTube

“Scott Ritter got banned for telling the truth about war not for lying. If he was willing to lie about war he’d get a job TV news. Elon is in bed with the CIA & MIC. He’s an Oligarch, not a free speech warrior as hoped.

The Truth does not mind being questioned, a lie does.” (-Jimmy Dore)

“Brazil’s new President-elect Lula da Silva said back in May, “We are going to create a currency in Latin America,” to combat “the dependency on the dollar.”

Lula – a co-founder of the BRICS system – wants to call the new currency the Sur, meaning “South.” (-Ben Norton)

“Be happy. Not because you “deserve” it or any of that empty narrative fluff, but because the world is a hard place and any spark of happiness is sorely needed.” (-Caitlin Johnstone_

“Imagine retracting & opposing a letter to the president which stated:

“It’s America’s responsibility to pursue every diplomatic avenue to help end the war.” That’s what @PramilaJayapal, @AOC & the fraud squad did this week. There are no peacemakers or progressives in Congress.” (-Ryan Knight)

“In August, Lula Da Silva suggested that BRICS be the leading force in resolving the Ukraine conflict peacefully.

In other words, Lula champions a multipolar world where NATO and U.S. hegemony no longer calls the shots.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“I don’t know how to sugar coat this so I’ll just say it: It seems clear that the Democratic Party is over…You could drive a Bronco through the gap between [Obama’s] campaign promises & reality…” (-Brihana Joy Gray)

“Extremely important – and infuriating – report on Biden Admin’s use of government power to monitor and suppress speech. This is the most anti-First Amendment administration in our history.” (-Josh Hawley)

“Solidarity to everyone this midterms who is voting Independent, Green and third party. There may not be enough of us [yet] to end the corporate duopoly’s reign but if our dissenting voices & votes didn’t matter then they wouldn’t work so hard to kick third parties off the ballot.” (-Ryan Knight)

“Docs show Facebook and Twitter closely collaborating w/ Dept of Homeland Security, FBI to police “disinfo.” Plans to expand censorship on topics like withdrawal from Afghanistan, origins of COVID, info that undermines trust in financial institutions. ” (-Lee Fang)

“But Israel is a democracy – right? Yes. Settlers have reserved democracy for themselves and colonial fascism for their captives. Human rights for them, death for the colonized. This is the irreconcilable contradiction in European thought & practice since 1492.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“The regime of censorship being imposed on the internet – by a consortium of DC Dems, billionaire-funded “disinformation experts,” the US Security State, and liberal employees of media corporations – is dangerously intensifying in ways I believe are not adequately understood.” (-Glenn Greenwald)

“More than ever, it’s time to vote the peacemakers in & the warmongers out. Our lives depend on it.” (-Dr. Jill Stein)


“Gettin Pretty Good At Barely Gettin’ By” sounds exactly like how me and my main motherfuckers inner circle and dwindling party of bad seed, permemnetly exiled, dissident rocknroll outsiders have lived our whole lives.The closest thing the Divided Slaves Of Amnesia ever produced to the mightiest of the mighty, Beasts Of Bourbon, was, of course, the Four Horsemen, and ya know we never even see no people like Frankie C. Starr and Dimwit, both already dead and gone no more, but man, they were one of those rare and exceptional superstar should’vebeens, who really always seemed to get where I was coming from, me and my surly sleazepunk, white trash Alston ghetto, blues punk, raunchy rocknrollers, the Original Suffering Bastards.  Frankie always seemed to understand us, he had all our same impuslses, instincts, bad habits and way of life, he knew all about the pain I was in. What a rare breed of get down, truth tellin’ hellraiser he was. killed dead by a hit n run, just like my friend, Shane Williams, the Rocknroll bank Robber. (RIP) Man, I miss those cats. “it’s dirty, it’s a pity and time aint exactly on our side..”

The Four Horsemen – Nobody Said It Was Easy – YouTube

Rockin’ Is Ma Business -The Four Horsemen (unclean version) – YouTube

The Four Horseman – (Miami Arena) Miami,Fl 10.4.91 (Complete Show) – YouTube

The Four Horsemen – Tired Wings – YouTube

Richard Medhurst is creating News & Political Commentary | Patreon

Destroying Western Values To Defend Western Values (

Mohamed Osman Alin, Cala. on Twitter: “UN votes 152 to 5 telling Israel to get rid of its nuclear weapons – US and Canada among the few countries not upholding the NPT.” / Twitter

ajamu baraka – Twitter Search / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “Lawsuit vs the Biden admin illustrates how extensive and coercive gov’t censorship of social media has become. Discovery reveals everyone from the White House to the State Dept, DHS and even Census dictating Covid content rules to Facebook & others.” / Twitter

The Obama Files: Chronicles of an Award-Winning War Criminal: Sheehan, Cindy, Pinkney, Larry: 9781508436713: Books

CovertAction Bulletin: The U.S. State Department in the Metaverse: How the CIA Infiltrated Facebook | CovertAction Magazine

Joe Biden: The Dark Forces Still Thirst! (

‘Military Madness’: US to Deploy Nuclear-Capable B-52s to Australia, Provoking China (


So cold here, the day after Halloween, that I dread the frosty walk to the car to retrieve my suede jacket for warmth. I keep procrastinating. Kid skipped his Halloween party last night, I’ve been busy slaving for the Man, my hands, knees, and lower back are all kinda screaming for vengence from all the lifting and bending and scrubbing and painting. Been offline so I just found out that Jerry Lee Lewis, one of rocknroll’s most talented if flawed founding fathers has passed from this life, along with drummer D.H. Peligro, a.k.a. Darren Henley, who played on the Red Hot Chili Pepper’s “Mother’s Milk” an album much beloved by my ex hombre former replacement bassplayer from my early teenage bands, as well as the Dead Kennedy’s world view shifting eighties landmarks, “In God We Trust’, “Plastic Surgery Disasters”, “Frankenchrist”, and “Bedtime For Democracy”, records that seem even more vital each and every year, as sociopathic greedhead capitalist society continues to crumble into this dystopian tech-surveillance, autocratic, Bill Gates and World Econmic Forum engineered nightmare hellscape when all social media, electronic communications, and legacy media are owned by Davos billionaires and operated by deep state spooks. Jello Biafra, it turns out, was pretty much right about everything way back in his inflammatory shit stirrer days, before he started endorsing rightwing extremist pro war democrats, just like Michael Moore does, and making excuses for Israeli oppression. If you grew up in the South and went to bible school like I did where fear and brimstone based theology was sternly imposed upon us little preteen black t shirt wearers by creepy and abusive gaslighting brainwashing authoritarians, Jerry Lee Lewis was really part of the whole original badboy blue suede shoes wearin’, barnstorming rocknroll subculture, with songs like “Whole Lotta Shakin'” and “Great Balls Of Fire”, he helped Chuck Berry, Elvis, and Little Richard really ignite the first flames of wild rebellious, defiant outsider rocknroll, of course the sniveling safespace college people judge all these old geezers from a millenial P.C. fauxwoke nu feminist perspective, and endless pearl clutching and handwringing are still being done about his marrying his underage cousin, but even nowadays, in evangelical religious circles, the parents pretty much still tend to marry off their daughters at a young age, lotta religious people I know start courting their future wives when they are teens and marry ’em as soon as they turn 18, like it or not, let’s not pretend that only Jerry Lee or Elvis or even golden toilet blowhard bigoted Trump were these lone anomolies we’ve never seen before, I know people who are still focusing on cancelling Ike Turner when the Democrats are pushing for nucleur wars with China and Iran and Russia and groping their grannies at airports for freedom fries, and monitoring all your private business with big tech spy devices, and still actively trying to overthrow Cuba and Venezuela. Stop fretting about black comedians not being WEF woke transfriendly enough and start worrying about hollow identity poltics being used as a diversion to stoke division and keep you sperated from your neighbors while the rulers at the top fuck you all over and do it with a smiling Kenta cloth pink triangle Tibetan prayer flag, they/them pro noun, black lives matter bumpersticker-ya know? Aoc wept about border gulags under Trump, then helped fund them under Biden only changing their name to “overflow facilities” rather than “child cages”, said defund the police when it was Trump, superfunded the police aftyer their big psy op shitshow when misinformed, thank a kkkop, rightwing Maga people assembled to protest dubious election results at the Capital. Most people who are middle class, college indoctrinated gatekeepers don’t even know they’ve been manipulated and tricked, hoodwinked and propagandized-you sensitive university philosophers might have some gripe with Elvis or Jerry Lee for their typical attitudes of their time, but context, place, and era all matter, and way, way back in their day, and in that part of the country, they were pretty standard run of the mill fifties southern males, just way more talented than the rest. I’d be more worried about the House Of Saud or Gropey Joe if I was a shitlib safespacer. We Out Crowd rocknroll motherfuckers thank both Jerry Lee and D.H. for their integral, pioneeering service. I still love the story about Jerry Lee getting too fucked up pne time and driving his Cadillac convertible to the Graceland gates and hollering at Elvis that he was the Real King, and lookin’ for a showdown. “Donchu know you’re in MY neighborhood?!” (RIP)

“I don’t criticize Democrats cuz I side with Republicans, I criticize Democrats Cuz THEY side with Republicans.

Our fight is not Left/Right anymore, it is Us vs.Them. We have 2 corporate party’s that serve Wall St/War Machine/Corporations & crush everyone else.” (-Jimmy Dore)

“The west was never a democracy. A centuries-old class hierarchy with a rate of interest attached to all circulating currency. The west is capitalist and that’s the problem.” (-Gaz at Money Truth)

“The Ethiopians have had enough also.. The African people want the neoliberal monsters out!” (-Garland Nixon)

““Mass agreement, in my experience, both as a person and a journalist, is typically achieved at a cost to reality and truth.” (-Matt Taibbi)

“In liberal “democracies”, liberty is always conditional, this is a society on probation (parole) for “crimes” we haven’t committed yet.” (-Rafael Rodriguez)

“Freedom and democracy are totally contradictory to a Capitalistic society.

The two are the complete opposite of each other. 

They are as opposite as war and peace are.” (-James Poyner)

” Isn’t it crazy that even some of the most “progressive” members of the Democratic party who were once tapped to take on power have completely capitulated to it?” (-Craig Pasta Jardula)

“”We’re told we need to defeat Russia in Ukraine in order to preserve western values of freedom and democracy, and in order to facilitate that aim we’re getting less and less free speech. Less and less free thought. Less and less free press. Less and less democracy.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

“‘In reality, those who best exemplify “western values” are the ones who are being most aggressively silenced & marginalized by western powers. The real journalists. The dissidents. The skeptics. The free thinkers. The peace activists. Those who refuse to bow down to their rulers'” (-Matt Aldarab)

“So the DHS should be abolished, right? Especially now that it’s been proven that it’s moving away from its original counterterrorism mandate and is now focused primarily on thought policing the online platforms much of the world uses for communication and information gathering?” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

“Propaganda is not just about telling lies, but also omitting countervailing facts. This allows Matt Duss

to pretend the only issue is “NATO expansion.” Imagine writing a 2500+ word piece on resolving Ukraine & not even mentioning the Donbas war. You can if your aim is apologia:” (-Aaron Mate’)

““Let’s fight for zero deforestation,” Lula says in first speech as president-elect. “Brazil is ready to resume its leading role in the fight against the climate crisis, protecting all our biomes, especially the Amazon Forest.” (-Jonathan Watts)

“”2022 is an insane year to be a critic of the empire. People are being censored for disputing official narratives about a war. Those who aren’t censored are being mobbed by astroturf trolling operations.”” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

“AOC is spending for more time talking about Twitter than diplomacy and peace in Ukraine.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“I was a sucker for the Democrats “vote for us or democracy dies” messaging that they roll out every election.

It wasn’t until I looked beyond their rhetoric & paid attention to how they govern that I realized there is no democracy to save here. Both parties serve the oligarchy.” (-Ryan Knight)

“It is interesting & pathetic that democrats lament that economy is main concern of voters in both parties. Since democrat policies are firmly aligned with interests of most aggressive elements of ruling class – energy & military contractors – they have muted themselves on economy.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

If the Democrats lose to the worst GOP in history—a corporatist-crazed mega-antagonist of workers, patients, consumers, the environment and children—it would be due to how/when/where and on what subjects the Democrats campaigned. Dems have missed many opportunities.” (-Ralph Nader)

Do you think it’s a problem if a single corporation owns a huge percentage of the entire food system & had multiple charges against them of child labor/ slave labor/ tax evasion/ deforestation/ front companies/ & more? It exists. I can’t say the name but it rhymes with “Fargill” (-Lee Camp)

Margaret Kimberley on Twitter: “This pisses me off. AOC is one of the biggest frauds in US politics. But the right wing insist on giving her attention over BS. Don’t fall for it. She and the rest of “the squad” are useless. Don’t believe me? I have just two words: Ukraine letter.” / Twitter

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “According to neocons pretending to be radicals who try to explain why the global South rejects alignment with the U.S./EU/NATO Axis of Domination on Ukraine, the best way to explain this is to conclude that these nations have surrendered to Cuba propaganda.” / Twitter

Chris Hedges on Twitter: “The Chris Hedges Report Podcast with Medea Benjamin on her book “War in Ukraine: Making Sense of a Senseless Conflict” on The Chris Hedges Report” / Twitter

Death of an Oracle – The Chris Hedges Report (

MintPress News on Twitter: “BREAKING: Former Pakistani Prime Minister has been shot in an attempted assassination. He was forced out of office by a US backed coup several months ago.” / Twitter

The Defender • Children’s Health Defense (

Assange Defense on Twitter: “BREAKING: Pompeo and the CIA SUED for spying on lawyers and journalists at the Ecuadorian embassy. We will keep you updated as this develops.” / Twitter

☀️👀 on Twitter: “again, this was the speech Lula gave right before he had to turn himself in on false corruption charges meant to block him from running for president last time. It’s incredible to watch how he came back from that instead of succumbing to despair. Amazing” / Twitter

Shocking Details of Zionist Biological Warfare Against Palestinians Exposed (

100,000+ Demand Global Moratorium on ‘Unlawful’ Surveillance Technology • Children’s Health Defense (

The BBC’s Connections to the Conservative Party, and Unit 8200 Infiltrating Social Media, with Alan MacLeod (

Haymarket Books (@haymarketbooks) / Twitter

Aaron Maté on Twitter: “Slandering me on Wikipedia is an understandable action given that detractors can point to zero articles that rebut anything I’ve ever said or written. Wanting to defame/silence me, but lacking any evidence or arguments, this gives them something to point to:” / Twitter

John Pilger on Twitter: “One of the most important TV documentaries in recent years is ‘The Labour Files’ broadcast by Aljazeera. It reveals the smear and fabrication campaign within the UK Labour Party that destroyed Jeremy Corbyn. Watch journalist Asa Winstanley:” / Twitter


Aint got cable here so that means a welcome break from all that redundant horror programming on Hulu and Net-Flix and even the banal beach bunnies party on drunk island shows I had been watching to escape the bloodshed. Reached back into the dark garage old music archives for an evening’s entertainment after many, many arduous and grueling long days of working and of yardwork laboring and packing and heave-hoing while relocating. We were watching an old Live Aid dvd we got cheap when Sam Goody record store was liquidating in my hometown of Maysville, Kentucky. Of course I love Adam Ant and George Michael and plenty more. Madonna and Steve Stevens doing the Beatles :Revolution” with the Thompson Twins was pretty lame, and I usually love Steve Stevens and the Thompson Twins and this was when McDonna was at her peak before her descent into all the crazy occultism. McCartney choosing to do “Let It Be” out of his extensive catalog of hundreds of songs to choose from seemed somehow insensitive, contrary to the main message of the day. Of course the bankers and evil capitalist governments and their puppet warlord rulers in impoverished nations made sure most of the money raised just went to weapons, fake foundations, the usual pockets lining secret society scumbags, you gotta smile about all the noise they made over Phil Collins flying from one contrinent to another on a super jet to play two songs in one day like that was the most heroic thing anyone’s ever done in human history. I used to really dig Geldof until his whole British tabloids war with Michael Hutchence, ya know? He somehow got a knighthood and the daughter fell in with the secret socities and ended up dead, awful shit, really. Tell me why I don’t like monarchs. Of course I still miss the neon hued/sunglasses at night/palm trees/cocaine.and champagne/surfboards/Van Halen/Creem Magazine/New Wave/MTV/Miami Vice Eighties and did not even mind the Billy Squire video for “Rock Me Tonight” that’s so frequently said to have ruined his career. “My Kinda Lover”, man, that’s a Cheap Trick level jam in my book. I like Billy Squire.”Everybody Wants You”. The highlight of Live Aid acts we watched, and many who performed did not consent to have their performances captured for posterity on this dvd or were edited out for reasons unknown, like Waylon Jennings, but JUDAS PRIEST really killed it that day. The Priest are getting some kinda musical excellence award from the creepy corporarte pyramid rawk hall this year and bringing in all the former members to participate in the big rockshow. It’s weird how the establishment used to frown upon Ozzy and Twisted Sister and Motley Crue and Ratt and any other heavy metal acts for using the pentegram or supposedly promoting devil worship, now all these crazy Rothchild Party-Met Gala-soldout elites and red carpet billionaires are using their propaganda media to actively promote devil worship, from all the lapdance/gangsta rap awards shows, Lil nas X to Elon Musk in his demon costume, it’s all ya see nowadays. McDonna,especially. Also, they used to bootcamp and detention hall us working class rebels and critical thinking dissenters who challenged their racist narratives and dress code violate us for even the faintest hint of Bowie Androgyny, now they use Net-Flix and Hulu and TikTok tell the kids they MUST receive hormone treatments and change their pro nouns for transpositivity or they’ll never be popular like the people on all those dozens of tv shows, so that’s a bit different, too. The whole point of my generation’s rebellion was no one should be shamed, excluded, abused, ridiculed, shamed, or harmed for being themself, or pressured into becoming something that ain’t just innately natural to them, or for wanting to express themselves creatively, which is every human being’s right, forever. That’s a mighty long, long way from evil insiders killing Prince for control of his home and his publishing and replacing music with lifestyle programming and manufacturing consent and non stop censorship and all these rich kid creepy Kardashians and Machine Gun Kellys with their bogus tv shows always glamorizing dummy wealth and spooky rituals and big titty surgeries. Remember all those covid clampdown era posh red carpet parties where the Obama and Kardashian friends did not have to wear the cotton face masks for “SCIENCE!”, but all the Help did? That was some crazy peak capitalism elitist abuse shit.

“It is not Wikileaks that the United States is afraid of. It is not Julian Assange that they are afraid of. What does it matter what I know? What does it matter what Wikileaks knows?… What matters is what YOU know.”  

– Julian Assange

“Scott Ritter is one of the the most reliable sources in the world for military/weapons analysis. Having been a UN inspector, he is meticulously precise, no bs. Please restore his account.” (Diane Sare, running for US Senate)

In my hometown, the musclebound metal dudes from rich suburbia with the big Marshalls who took karate and drove Trans Ams and shit all worshipped the Priest and covered their songs, but they’d punch me in the middle school hallways everyady for being “a fag”, which is kinda funny cause you know Rob Halford is gay. Hick richkid suburban metalheads in the midwest still suck so bad. I was not really into Judas Priest as a kid at bible school in Kentucky but because the anti rock crusading authoritarian fanatics made such a stink about ’em being demonic, it kinda turned the taboo to eleven, made them more appealing really,. I always loved their clothes, but now I’m an old man, the music seems so tame really. Harmless pop jingles. Back then, it was like the heaviest shit in the world. Me and four or five other mulleted Marlboro Men would ride our stupid bikes around the dirt trails behind the Sharon Drove Inn, gleefully singing, “Breakin’ the law”…Breakin’ the law”… I kinda think it is glorious that Halford and Glenn are welcoming the ex bandmates back into the gang cause Blondie made such a stink outta keeping their old bandmates at arm’s length even though they all made it together ya know there was acrimony and lawsuits, and they refused to forgive n forget for old time’s sake which was sad. I love Blondie. Also really dig Frank Infante. I think that Hall Of Fame’s a big sham, anyway, ya know? Who cares about McDonna or Billy Joel or James Taylor? But get over your own stench of super stardom, ya know? Even Iggy eventually reunited the fucking Stooges and that was the right thing to do, if you ask me, from ages twenty to forty all I wanted to do was reunite tha band, but then I found out how much the band had changed. I’m one of those cats who loves a happy ending, man, how sad was it that Van Halen never got to reunite the classic lineup when Ed died? They were in negotiations but they fucked around too long with Spammy Hagar. And Wolfgang, God love ‘im, the fans wanted Michael Anthony not some nepotism bullshit family business promotion. I dunno what Dave’s doing-is he in retirement? He’s been rerecording old Van Halen songs lately and I think he sounds great in spite of wrongheaded internet cahtter but Motley Crue grabbed his ace collaborator John 5 to replace Mick Mars. Why do you think Roth has never reconvened the Eat ‘Em & Smile Band? Vai was perfect for him. Just go play “Damn Good” or “Perfect Timing”. I been out there puttering around my new secret hideout this morning, going through old boxes, lookin’ at all my childhood things. I’m gonna need another major wooden bookshelf I think and some help hammering nails to get these old frames hung and aso my old lady’s help with the big tapestries, but overall, it’s coming together beyond my initial hopes or expectations. My son said he spotted a bluebird this morning in the yard. I was chatting with one of my earliest real creative collaborators this morning about how our wildest rocknroll dreams never quite came true and he said maybe it was partly cause he was never willing to move to L.A. or live in a bad van with stinky dudes, but ya know, man, I was, and I also never made it, and I did all that. I think he did alot better than me, but I’m still here, still writing songs, as long as there’s life, ya know ya can’t stop dreaming. The future is unwritten in the words of the oracle.I met some crazy eccentric artisan last night and her work was intoxicatingly original and inspired and enchanting a real feast for the eyes, I had dismissed her as just another privileged Karen but was astounded by her visual artowrk, very much in my own gypsified psychedelic opim den aesthetic. Too cool. sometimes I’m too quick to judge because of a lifetme of disappointments and poseur fraud letdowns,.Frequently though, when I do override my own first instinct, I get the business from all these money having power seekers and status climbing backstabber plaigirists, so ya know, I stay pretty guarded and removed from the rabble as much as I can these days. I wrote to one of my always cherished old friends like a month ago and ya know he never even wrote me back. People Suck in Ratrace Murkkka. My new neighbors got electronic gates and surveillance cameras, and down the other way, it’s all like deep squalor, junkyard poverty, meth culture. My kid’s into old video games like I’m into old music. He’s thinking about gaming consoles and I’m thinking about Echo & The Bunnymen. Life’s a big fuckin’ mystery ta me, man. I don’t know shit. Just never trust the sociopathic powerful to be your friendly science saviors for transrights philanthropy, ya know? They always, always got some diabolical shit up their sleeves behind the smiley faced marketing campaigns.It’s November 2022 as I type this but you will not read it for a long time to come. As Bob Dylan sang, “people are crazy and times are strange”.

“The US is a terrorist state.

Israel is a terrorist state.  

Both are engaged in LITERAL occupations that receive a fraction Ukraine receives from Western “cruise missile” leftists.

Midterm elections are super important! It’s a time where Americans choose which of the two parties will increase the U.S. military budget, subsidize corporations at the expense of the poor, and escalate potential nuclear conflict with Russia and China.  

U.S. democracy at work! The Left Lens will be LIVE in 15 minutes to discuss Kyle Kulinksi’s problematic Ukraine take and new evidence that the world stands with Russia and China over the West.” (Danny Haiphong)

You are Free (Except to Speak Truth to Power) in America – Fair Observer

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Okay kids, here’s another cool as fuck band that never gets enough accolades or attention. The glorious sounds of FLIES ON FIRE! I remember when I’d go to visit my oldest kid back in Ohio where they manufacture the fratboys, his mom had introduced me to these velvet clad ultra glam guys from Dayton who had a band called Heroin Sweet Heroin and the drummer had a Dr. Seuss tattoo and looked and dressed just like Brent Muscat from Pussycat and I think he went onto play with Dee Dee’s Chinese Dragons, anyways, they got me into Flies On Fire while we were auditioning various guitar players for a group the bassist wanted to call Rehab Dolls. Many years later, I briefly dated his ex girlfriend who was besties with all my Detroit friend’s girlfriends cause it’s a small world after all, she was a cool chick. I liked both of those Dayton guys alot but one of ’em was married and kinda being pressured to step up and provide for his family joining the military and becoming a cop or some shit, I think he kinda left rocknroll and went the other way, ya know, that was happening a lot back in the grunge years. We were really hustling to find the right guitar players and attempting to write songs in somebody’s grandmother’s basemnt, i still some tapes we made down there, but sadly, as usual, we never found the right combination of people to ever really get anything off the ground. One guy we tried out who had a real cool Bryan Gregory from the Cramps sorta rockabilly style, he went on to fame and fortune in some faraway lands with some former CBGB’s also rans, I remember him showing up when I was down on my luck and being real self destructive, living in some stripper’s attic doing drugs after a painful breakup and totally gloating abusively about how successful he was and how popular he got with the local trendies.I was only half conscious at the time, but he really rambled on and on, let me have it, somehow he’d decided I done him wrong by not overnight getting him signed to a major label or something, like I was the one stopping him or something, it was of course, all in his head, I barely knew the guy, but he wanted to be in with the popular richkid scenester locals who I was in some conflict with over the chick who left me. He was straightup telling me I was a loser and a drunk and a badguy and a failure who’d never never amount to anything and how he was just the greatest guitar player of all time and I should’ve kissed his ass while I had the chance or some shit like that. It was like something straight out of the “I Wanna Rock” video, only it was bizarrely, absurdly, a guitarist(!?) who was yelling all the authoritarian abuse and hate speech, “YOU”RE WORTHLESS AND WEAK!”, he repeatedly bellowed, at length, like I still that might have been a real peak moment for that guy, probably still treaured on his own internal highlight reel. One of those kinda hot rod guys with the sideburns and brand new eightball and 13 neck tattoo who came around in the Zeke and Nashville Pussy era, kinda with a senselessly mean streak, a total bully aggressor. I’d been hard partying for days, well, probably more like months, was kinda groggy and half lidded and barely standing up on the stairs so I just let him say his thing and he seemed to feel somehow better about himself, swaggered ever so proudly and confidently away, like some kinda record collector big bad wolf. I ended up playing with another dude just like that in my next band, a friend of a friend, all the insufferable, insanely abusive, drill sargeant wannabe bad breath blowhards are all from fucking Rush Limbaugh, Ohio. Never understood how those kinda jock mentality guys ever even drifted into punk rock music to start with, but by the mid nineties, they were takin’ over-the revenge of the jocks and rednecks and dickhead bullies and bullshit richkid collector, preppie private school types.People are weird, I blame the dominant imperialist monoculture propaganda programming. but Flies On Fire, baby, now that was some ace rocknroll, in my book.I’m still on the outside but spend less and less time really lookin’ in, I kinda got backstage a couple times and never dug the In Crowd much at all.

An Inconvenient Opinion from Europe (

taseenov on Twitter: “The Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 is the legislative “game changer” that likely made things like Russiagate possible by removing the ban on (legal) state psychological war on US people. Yet most US people have no idea. Great piece by @_whitneywebb” / Twitter

Middle East Eye on Twitter: “US podcast host @kthalps said she was fired from her role at The Hill TV after she recorded a video monologue calling Israel an apartheid state. Here’s what she had to say” / TwitterMiddle East Eye on Twitter: “US podcast host @kthalps said she was fired from her role at The Hill TV after she recorded a video monologue calling Israel an apartheid state. Here’s what she had to say” / Twitter

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“If you were going to cheat, this is exactly what you’d say. And this is the most artificially propped up POTUS in my lifetime. I have no idea how he won against two guys who were filling stadiums. They should have to prove he won.” (-John Dissed)

“Remember how in 2016 & 2020 you “voted out fascism” to “preserve democracy,” yet here we are inches away from nuclear war?” (-Fiorella Isabel)

“Ukraine maintains a hit list that has journalists on it, including some Americans.” (-Black In The Empire)

ABC News on Twitter: “Biden: “There are candidates running for every level of office in America…who won’t commit to accepting the results of the elections that they’re running in. That is the path to chaos in America. It’s unprecedented, it’s unlawful, and it’s un-American.”” / Twitter

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Man, I woke up today and everything hurt-the arthiritic hands from scrubbing toilets and painting, the bad back from too much lifting and even worse bending, the old knees. I feel like a real geezer.  Aint heard from summa my deeply beloved family memebers for too long-that’s like a constant, nagging knife in the side. Aint got no landline yet and I don’t personally care to fool much with those Star Trek I-phone surveillance communicators, so I can’t look in on other ailing family members, it’s getting cold again, we tried to rescue a feral cat, took her to the vet, she’s out in the garage, I gotta get off the hypnoscreen and feed all those felines and get ready fopr another hard day. You know what helps me get through it all-it’s the same strategy I used way back when the juvie authorities tried to break my spirits with collective punishment/peer pressure psychology, degrading humiliations and weeks without my glasses shivering in a cement cell in solitary confinement with just my underwear. I play whole albums in my mind while I grunt through the anguishing hours. Today, I’ll probably be playing, “The Low Road”. I can’t say no. I can’t say no.

The Beasts Of Bourbon, are of course, the greatest band on the planet, even just the remnants.

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Beasts Of Bourbon – Words From A Woman To Her Man – YouTube

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Well, the clock on the clubhouse wall says it’s time for me to go and get ready for another day of oh, my aching back grumbling at the heave-ho saltmines, my brothers and sisters and friends of the revolution. I ‘m sending you all my good vibes, I know these are hard times for sensitive free thinking soulful motherfuckers, but I believe in youse. STAY WILD! STAY FREE! 



Man, I know Rotten hated that biopic about Jonesey and friends based on Steve Jones book, but I saw it, loved it, especially the actresses who played Jordan, Chrissie and Vivienne. I loved that the script tried to right the phony baloney Malcolm myth cause Malcolm shamelessly and unremorsefully stole many of his best ideas and provocateur slogans from Viv and relelntlessly diminished her contributions to the invention of 1977 English punk rock, same way he done with Lydon. I loved her even more when as the grande old dame, she still put herself in a fucking birdcage with a bullhorn outside of Belmarsh prison demanding the release of Julian Assange. Nobody in the USA, certainly few self proclaimed punks have done ANYTHING on Assange’s behalf, I mean I think Chrissie Hynde wrote a letter and Pamela Anderson made a big stink but almost none of the so called brand name punks-they all just wanna sign books, and give talks at the fucking museum, or play big payday festivals for people who don’t really even like music. Just think about all the money and power people like Green Day and Coutney Love and all those Offspring bands have to throw around, they could be influencing MILLIONS of fans to write letters or stage protests on behalf of FREE SPEECH, FREEDOM OF THE PRESS, HUMAN RIGHTS and FREEDOM FOR ASSANGE! VIV stayed punk all her life-I only have a handful of friends like that, and most of them died young. VIV stayed punk for 81 years. I love Vivienne Westwood, her, clothes, her art, her vision, her integrity. RISE IN POWER! VIVIENNE WESTWOOD! PRESENTE!

Vivienne Westwood: Pioneering fashion designer dies aged 81 – BBC News

“When it’s by a gov the US doesn’t like, corp media reports any military operation as targeting civilians. If it’s a military operation by the US, it’s always reported as targeting militants. This is how you know your information is “fair and balanced.” (-Netfa Freeman)

Elon Musk is not here to save you. They want everything and it’s too late to try to vote them away now.People seeking truth look at the history of what’s happening, seeks as much info as they can from multiple sources

Americans are simply brainwashed to believe Putin is Dr. Evil, believe everything they see on the news is true, and anybody disputing it works for the Russians. Our politicians stole $100 billion right in front of our faces. If you don’t know what American propaganda looks and sounds like, think back to how many news figures compared Zelensky to Churchill in a day.

You think they all came up with that by themselves or it was some kind of coincidence? Everything Americans know about this war comes from the same people that told us Iraq had WMD’s and that they were winning in Afghanistan for 20 years.” (-Black In The Empire)

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In my mischievous, onery, under age drinking teens and early twenties, I was really affected by the Replacements, they were my age group’s Nirvana and even had used the phrase “Nevermind” before Cobain’s bunch, Cobain seemed to dress like Bob Stinson a lot, too. A famous funk guitarist who’d been managed by Bootsy Collins introduced me to this music business guy who’d put a crappy nowhere bar on the map, before abandoning his booking post to become a radio personality. We were close buddies, drinking amigoes, and whenever I was in town visiting my kid, we’d always get up to some crazy shaenanigans together like pool hopping, bowling, late night White Castle bingeing, geeting kooky stoned in his spinning trailer while listening to real bad seventies shit like Uriah Heap or eighties hair metal screechers. He was a big partier, I was a big partier. He had guided some of his high school and college friends to big careers in the music business during that loathsome Alternative era and I kinda figured on his being amenable to doing the same for my little black leather clad, heavy drinking pop band. He had his own group that were in the Dramarama vein and were very well financed by their grownup dayjobs, they made a record that was fantatic, catchy, upbeat popnroll and filled with anthemic songs I still love, but only got signed by a tiny richkid label that put out their single that went nowhere. My dude got busier with the radio career, kept graduating to bigger stations, while the groups he’d made famous with his industry contacts and advisory role, they took off, made the bigtime, we were shocked by that, cause we always thought they were a hideously boring band that people only came to see because one of the dudes was rich and the other guys had all the good drugs. Everybody was doing their preppie kid impersonations of Cobain and Chili Peppers and I hated that shit. They made believe one fat guy with deep pockets was a poet cause he had money, confidence, and hotshot drug dealer swag, but nothing he ever wrote spoke to me in any way. A real marginal punk by numbers scene were performing your typical Ramones ripoff songs about nothing much-nerd problems, girls at the donut shop. Mom took away their best porno mag. I wanted to make rocknroll that SAID SOMETHING, that was invested with real feelings. Me and my bratty bassplayer had been writing some Cheap Trick influenced songs but since I aint no Robin Zander vocally, they came out sounding more like the Ramones, which, ya know, still aint a bad thing. That radio DJ’s girlfriend and her brother was both big fans of our songwriting and punk rock hijinks and always came to our shows in suburban bars, VFW halls, and college pub basements. One of my guitar players started drifting away from us and doing some harder drugs. He’d showup late for gigs dressed great in black blouses and leather strides and girls all loved him, but he’d frequently be way too fuckedup to properly play. He had been an L.A. Guns kid when I met him but I introduced him to like the Hollywood Brats and the Comatones and he felt it. He had the calling. I was taking him to hillbilyy second hand stores and buying him old pimp shoues and detective jackets, he looked like Jagger in “Performace” and together, we were cutting a profile like Thee Hypnotics. The drummer was like, a Poison guy who dreamed of joining a band like Tuff or Pretty Boy Floyd, and saw us as a temporary stepping stone measure. he loved to showoff by twirling his sticks like Tommy Lee. The bratty kid bassplayer had been a founding member of the town’s trendy hipster, post Green Day cartoon punk band who opened up for all the national traveling bands and also played with his stoner drugdealer buddy doing grunge covers at open mic nights in deep suburbia. Our main guitar player, the guy I was actually partnered with, was in jail for old warrants and when he was finally released, we played exactly one show before he kinda vanished back to his hometown up North, where he was a bigfish bartender in love with a popular celebutaunte and against my advice and better judgment, he married her, so I only saw him when he was feuding with her and also had gas money to make the four hour drive South, but we kept writing songs and they got better. Even Paul K (RIP) said so and he was like, my songwriting idol, along with Easdale and Westerberg. His girlfriend Leigh (RIP) used to torment Paul K by insisting that Westerberg was a better songwriter than he was. My own girlfriend told me the other night I do not have any songs as good as Tom Petty’s “Refugee”, but like, I understand that already, thoroughly it is recognized and understood, that’s why I’m an underpaid dishwasher. Luck has a lot to do with it too, though. I could have easily been promoted or discovered or done radio, or made real cool records, we were like right there on the cusp of it. Jon Spencer was the big name in the college music realm and he had just produced my best drinking buddies from Boston’s band. We just needed the nod from some nine to fiver with credit in the straight world, to kinda vouch for the quality of the songs, so they could be heard by The Man, we were no less longshot viable than the Replacements. We had country songs, we had artier Lions & Ghosts like glam, me and my main hombre Nasty Bastard had even written a couple masterpiece songs with a goth guy named Tony Meter back in Boston. Both me and my older songwriting friend and guru, Paul K both knew some people who could have helped us succeed but chose to get behind some other people instead, for reasons that have always plagued me as completely mysterious. I have no idea why. I think maybe we were perceived as too dangerous to get involved with wheras those other guys were more like, malleable, fully poseable, trend followers, stardom chasers, popularity seekers, drug hookup havers. I dunno. I’ll never know why. We kinda went against the trends. We defied the piss pond pecking order. We also kinda looked like a punk Village People some nights with half the band appearing onstage looking like Judas Priest and half the band looking like the UK’s Babysitters. I really think ya gotta have a showbiz uncle or a CEO father or an inheritance of some kind. Kids I see making it have parents in publishing or girlfriends who were already like semi famous forty years ago, who can call in favors and get them free clothing and shit. We had a drummer with a nice drumkit and a personal roadie of his own, but aside from that, the rest of us were always in trouble, getting kicked out of the house, getting in fights at the bars, getting arrested for vagrancy. The druggy guitarist would pass out in the middle of the street, and we’d have to carry his limp body inside. He was a beautiful bloke and a ton of laughs to be around but just not long for this world. I discovered a cd at a trendy hipster record store/coffee house by a band called Beat Angels. Man that name really said it to me. That was such a beautiful name for a band. I immersed myself in that cd for quite awhile, it was part power pop and part glam with personal lyrics like the Replacements or Gin Blossoms. They were like a winningly produced, more commercial, glistening version of what we were doing, it gave me like an idea of where we could go, ya know, became like a star in the distance I wanted my accomplices to aspire to reach. Problem was all these guys had their own little entrouge in their own little hood, everybody thought they were already rockstars, and the fact that we were rejected or not understood by the grunge fans, local college sports pigs, and overweight bearded studio owners who bought their way into ruling the scene, that just kinda confirmed it. We were universally perceived as the Bad Boys Of Rocknroll In The Shithole Midwest-even the punk by numbers kid bands feared and loathed us, or slavishly copied my moves and covered our songs like right from the start. One local frontman the bassist used to play for used to call me at home and ask me if he could borrow my feather boa. I was like, “get your own feather boa”.

 One of the dudes from the DJ’s Dramarama soundalike band started coming to see me at my crummy newsstand job and asking if I needed a guitarist, cause he found out his older bandmates had been getting these huge gurantees with their industry pull opening for hairband hasbben big names at the heavy metal hole, and only paying him a little pittance, like he was getting way less than the other guys in the band, which shoulda told me something about whatever false hope I stupidly harbored back then of my friend with all the music business clout ever managing, or producing, or helping us get discovered.  My main focus was on songwriting at that moment and we had a nice little archive of songs piling up-enough for a few good albums, honestly-the sophomore slump was not gonna be a problem for us. We started looking around for affordable studios and the bassist had a hookup at some old country music drummer’s studio. The bassist was bratty as hell but ya know, probably no more so than Tommy Stinson. He liked a lot of corny bands but I could play him something like the Records, or the Boys, and he would get it. We started going there to that crappy studio even though the owner obviously did too many drugs, whenever I came up with $100 which was harder than you’d imagine between paying rent and forking over money to my kid’s moms, I was hardup for cash, the studio started seeming real important, we had to make it count cause it was clear we weren’t getting any local support from the music scene. I did not get along with the posers and honchos, the fratheads and druglords who ran it all. Everytime we got like another four songs down, I’d send ’em out to fanzines, little labels, and to some slick talkin’ music biz guy on the East Coast, who was play acting like he had some interest in helping us get outta Flyover State Purgatory. All the fanzines loved us and compared our music to our heroe’s bands, like the Replacements-the Big City people all heard it right away, but in the Locals Only scene where we refused to suckup to the honcho hipsters, we were persona non gratis and my influential but increasingly more remote DJ buddy had moved to a far away state for a bigger job, so it was all a deadend for us. Even kid punk bands who were doing covers of our songs were getting little record deals and shit. That dude on the East Coast who we thought was gonna manage us, he started performing covers of our songs, too. The bassplayer’s open mic drugdealer grunge duo, also. My main guiatist with his hometwon celebrity bartender band, they were doing summa our songs with him singing. My original guitarist who hated my longtime road bussy main collaborator even recorded a rendition of one of our three chords and a grudge punk assaults. We had a bad reputation for being heavy drinkers and hellraising barflies, but that never stopped the Replacements, the DJ guy was even friends with their legenedary manager, Peter Jesperson, and the photographer who took the dogs in the rain photo that adorned one of their album sleeves, so we kept hoping he’d intervene on our behalf even if it was just introducing us to somebody who could help and steadily continued recording at that shitty studio, and we churned out some songs at last that had some actual minor hit potential, if only we could get them heard by a real label mogul, and especially if we could ever get some help rerecording them at a hafway decent studio. We weren’t grung but had Xana seen us with that lineup, she woulda vibed us. We were just in the wrong town, they weren’t our kinda people and it was mutual, the chicks were like PMRC snitch squad squares who worked for the IRS, only understood the smell of money, and the private school chumps were only interested in bedding my ex girlfriends, we shoulda got the fuck outta Dodge, and eventually a couple of ’em did. Some scenesters who worked with me at the newsstand, one of whom was in a local famous garage band, I’m pretty sure they were both embezzling from the place and financing their groups with our bosses money, hiring classical string sections from the university and shit, until he decided to just close the place and I was out of a job again and had to keep taking worse and worse jobs doing shit like scraping the gum off the outdoor patio at a piss stinky bar across from the junkyard on the edge of town and working the door on these horrible “Fight Club” fight nights where all the town’s dumbest wannabe Kid Rocks would show up and amateur box each other bloody for prize money, it was horrible, not my scene at all, and I just so desperately wanted to get a little 45 on an indie label, and a van, make up some black skull shirts with our logo on ’em, and start touring the little college bars that were still around back then that Nirvana, Soul Asylum, Goo Goo Dolls, and my beloved Replacemenst had all played at. I was having girlfriend problems cause I was not bringing in much money and in the Midwest, you were expected to be a Big Breadwinner, if you were a dude, always had somebody’s sister and mom on the phone asking about my income. Shitty, sucky, that’s what my income was. hard labor and shit pay. I never gave a shit about money, it only became important to me when my relationship with my kids and access to them became jeopardized. I took it real personal like when so called friends uncaringly or maybe spitefully dropped the ball, or left me in the ditch when they knew I had so much riding on getting to that next level. I always felt like everything would have gone better for all my loved ones had I been allowed to finish either one of my abandoned major album projects. Look how good it went for everybody else who stayed together long enough to just achieve that much. Still kills me.

Started working for some AA painter company, $8/hr., all day gruntwork, got home too dirty and exhausted to do anything but bathe, eat, and sleep. Gave all the money to the girlfriend who always looked at it dismissively like it was Just Nothing, somehow did not count at all. A friend of mine flew me out to L.A. to audition for a glam rock super group, but he already had the songs written, was just looking for somebody to sing ’em in a voice that was more like Zander or Waites than ya know, Ramone or Westerberg. After that, my girlfriend got pregnant so the pressure to make money became a big deal, and my older kid’s ma dropped him off at my house also, cause she got a good job outta state, so now ya know, it was all about money making. I was writing a column for a national punk mag and some little labels became interested in my demos, that was momentarily encouraging. I started working with this cat who ran his own underground label and he was helping me put a new band together of people who were hopefully going to be more professional, reliable, and less all day shitfaced drunk. I’d make compilation tapes for my newer bandmates of old Replacements and glam and power pop songs and they’d make some just like that in response, we started sending stuff back n forth and I’d take the bus up there and write songs on the weekends. We found a fun loving English rockstar bassplayer who always made me laugh and was perfectly suited to be in my band. I was really excited for about two years, it really seemed like we were goin’ places. I am the world’s most devoted fan of Billy Idol’s early band Generation X and I’d found a guitarist who had a tone not unlike Bob “Derwood Andrews” that complimented summa my more Mott The Hoople/Gen X influenced, romantic teenage pop opera tracks, a competant drummer, a laugh riot punk as fuck bassplayer, and about twenty promising new songs demoed. We had famous people asking us to be their warmup act. We had famous people offering to travel on their own dime to produce us. We had famous singers who I loved wanting to participate in our recordings. We were invited to play a big festival in the UK sponsored by Marshall amplifiers on a bill with ridiculously famous bands. We had a supportive guy with a record label  forking over money out of his own pocket to fund sessions. I spent about two grand myself on the venture. We entered a studio. Some of the songs were just too boppy-poppy for my taste, bands like the Biters and Prima Donna and Exploding Hearts were the up and coming Next Big Things and certain factions of our group wanted to go in that kindof cute, professional punk direction. I liked the weirder, more offbeat songs we’d written the best, the unconventional stuff that sounded nothing like the Ramones. I had some tunes that were unique, original, distinctly our own, and even a ska song that was really sayin’ something in the same spirit as the Mescaleroes-Rancid woulda had a big hit with that tune but they had a loyal alliance, a real stick togetherness-after Cobain everybody was just like out for themselves, real mercenary, just trying to get as famous as possible overnight. The engineer was a big fan of the guitarists’s main band and they spent a lotta time talking about local folklore. Then the guitarist got offers to play with more famous people in faraway and exotic locales and we never finished the record, people kept circulating tapes of the basic bedtracks with just my scratch/guide vocals as if they were finished vocals, that did longterm damage to my reputation as a singer. People continued covering my songs, but that band brokeup right on the verge of having something good. It hurt bad cause back then I had really and truly been laboring under the illusions that we were all a gung ho Gabba Gabba Hey gang of genuine friends. Then, of course, the girlfriend split, and took my kids across the country. Took me a long time before I really wanted to make music again after that. We made one last mad dash me and the road dog rhythm guitarist AC/DC guy, we kept writing sadder songs about my divorce, our bouts of homelessness, his stint in the psych ward, my thirty days in detox, our dead friends and the former bandmate who o.d.’d, we wrote some real good tunes together and I kept sending ’em around to our music journalist associates still trying to get discovered, or get placed on compilations, but all that happened was other people performed those songs and sometimes did not really emphasize who the real writers were. Then one of those dudes appropriated one of our many abandoned bandnames and started a publishing company and has seemingly copywritten our stuff. Reading this book I got for my birthday, “TROUBLE BOYS”, The True Story Of The Replacements by Bob Mehr brought back all those old memories of riding in rundown vans leaking oil to faroff cities hoping to connect to old friends who owned recording studios, or to play these really sad dives where sometimes the promotor did not even have a P.A. set up for us, or death rock girl parties in ranch style houses in old seventies Brady Bunch neighborhoods and the neighbors would call the police, we’d have skinheads wanting to beat us to death because they all hated my silver pants and blue eyeshadow, all the no hope janitor and telemarketing jobs we’d take hoping to save money for recording studio costs, shows where all the gentrification hipsters would stand up front with their arms crossed cause they desired one of our old girlfriends, or the other one, and they were Letting Us Know that we weren’t part of their hometeam scene, or welcome there with our rascally ways and shiny clothing-yeah we already knew that-thanks! I loved Bob Stinson best, we kinda lived just like him for years, we were stickin’ to our guns and our own way of life even as we got older and the ex cohorts all pukedout. I kinda lost my love for the Replacements when Bob was replaced and when all the ballads just got sappier and sappier and overproduced and formulaic, but obviously, Westerberg was one of my young life’s primary heroes and role models and I used to front a long procession of failed Replacements derivative rock groups. Now I’m old, still poor, nothing to show, less trustful of other human beings, bitter, weary, jaded as fuck, still wanna do it all again. Know a good guitar player with a working van? Who’s heard of Peter Laughner, Derwood Andrews, Tex & The Horseheads and Beasts Of Bourbon?

The Replacements – Merry Go Round (Video) – YouTube

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Kids Don’t Follow – YouTube

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The Replacements – I’ll Be You (Official Music Video) – YouTube

The Replacements – set one – live at the 7th Street Entry (1981) – YouTube

The Replacements – When It Began (Video) – YouTube

The Replacements – Achin’ To Be (Video) – YouTube

The Replacements – Hootenanny 1983 Full Album Vinyl – YouTube


Ever since Pig-Media and the Bush junta scared the shit out of Murkkkans with their absud blue gloved Granny Gropers and Orange Alerts and anthrax fear mongering, insisting we should all go buy duct tape from Tom Ridge’s Home Depot for freedom, and telling folks there were Muslims with boxcutters who blew up three buildings with two planes using that peculiar Muslim voodoo, and coincidentally, also the accounting room at the Pantagon where Rumsfeld lackeys were all supposedly hard at work looking for missing billions he gave a mostly forgotten speech about the day before, somehow that room was supposedly hit by another plane ya know, just one without a wingspan or bodies or luggage or video evidence in the most guarded and tech surveillance secured building in the world, but they gave Murkkkans some felgood patriotic propaganda hero stories that were later debunked involving Pat Tillman, Jessica Lynch, and “Let’s Roll”, declared Rudy Giuliania, the guy who killed off the nightlife and affordable housing and art in soul in Lower Manhattan, they declared him “Murkkka’s Mayor” for all those memorable photo ops with cops he did in a hard hat on the piles of smoking rubble before sending all the evidence to China. “We are played for suckers all the time/[phony rocknroll, it’s a crime” is the Iggy lyric that still echoes in my mind whenever the two fake parties point their finger, blaming the “other party” for fixing elections or promoting fake news. I think all the elections are fake, all the pig-media news on Big 5 monopolies is fake-Vanguard owns both Tucker Carlson and Rachel Maddow, so what does that tell you? What’s the takeaway message from either of them? More cops, more war, more censorship. Same weapons of war manufacturers, billionaire oligarchs who meet in secret, and pharmaceutical companies donate to both political parties, write legislature, and sponsor all the so called news on the mainstream legacy media propaganda platforms, but people still trust David Letterman and all those other late night comedy hosts who help sell wars and austerity and fascism to the boomer middle class demigraphic that still watches television all night. I never liked much tv aside from 120 Minutes, IRS Cutting Edge Happy Hour, Rotten TV, the Surreal Life, Gilligan’s Island, that’s about it. The gentrifiers closed down all the genuine divebars where the real poets and bohemians fraternized, installed all those broken window theory/stop and frisk cops in neighborhoods the rich honkies wanted to take over. Trendy trustafaraians became the new bookers and nightclub honchos, only booked their friend’s rich post grunge mediocrity fake alternative bands, carefully doled out the jobs to compliant asskissers or seemingly negotiable females. So nobody cool wanted to go out on the town anymore, and they jackedup all the prices. Rents exploded and minimum wages stayed the same, chickenhawk gotmines with military relatives always recited the standard old, “shoulda joined the military if you wanted to go to college”, bullshit all day, AND complained about the traumatized homeless vets who are panhandling near Whole Foods, “get a job”, right? I couldn’t stand people much after all that-my age group were just such fuckedup suckers and willing collaborators of the police state ruling class. They all started watching tv and imitating it. telling me how cool Dave Grohl was. Or like Willow Smith or some techno guy. That kinda shit. I knew I was fuck outta luck 25 years ago. I kept trying to form bands the same way I always did in the past-by lookin’ for people who’d heard of Iggy Pop, or who even knew about Aerosmith and Alice Cooper, but again, they became harder and harder to find-the younger people seemed to only be into like D.J.’s and hipster kereoke shit-coverbands. My age group crapped out or went pro, only wanting to make music for money with famous headliner people. Even in the big cities, the kid bands all just seem to wanna play covers. So I moved to the desert and changed my name to Free, but unforseseen Covid clampdowns hit my deadend town hard, killed off almost every little business, and there’s like 25 people here who haord all the properties, all the storefronts on Main Street are made to look like galleries but they are never really opened, it’s just rich people showing off their old stuff. There’s maybe five stores that even keep regular hours now. Four days a week, maybe. There’s no young people here, either-the ones who are here hate it and all wannabe gangstas or meth dealers like Eminem and Breaking Bad, maybe 1000 school aged kids in the whole county, something like that. So it’s just predominantly a lot of bitter spinster, pitbull owning, shotgun rancher, elderly old people who like those overpriced bitter craft beers, which I do not. I used to do a lot of photography down by the river but we were pushed out of our old neighborhood by some creepy developers who were building multiple pop up mini mansions for part time outta state boomers and where we live now is all like crazy meth people with weaponized animals. So ya know ya don’t feel like walkin’ around much when every house has three growly big dogs baring their teeth from behind some flimsy chickenwire fences or not even leashed or fenced up at all. I don’t drive and the wife’s vehicle is ancient so we try to minimize it’s use hoping it lasts as long as possible cause we need a car for doctor’s visits, my kids classes, groceries, etc., there are no grocery stores on this side of the territory-just overpriced gas station food. That’s what the poors all have to live on out here but a new Dollar Store is being built so everybody’s real excited about that. It really is a food desert here. I have not had any indian food or even Chipotle in years. There’s only maybe three people who do music here but I got tired of writing songs for rich people to ripoff a long time ago, so when it’s obvious somebody is just really into promoting their own vanity brand, merchandising, assimilating every idea into their money making operations, I kinda tend to politely decline their offers to collaborate, just got burnt too many times. Copyright stealing hipsters still suck. So yeah I got the blues, the covid, high anxieties over my kid’s welafre, safety, and wellbeing, it’s hard to fing anything to really feel that good about nowadays, even the Hallelujuh holy good stuff that remains just causes even more anxiety cause it’s all under threat, at the bottom of this unjust and unkind, bullshit competition and winner takes all narcissism culture we live in. There’s a motherfucker on that barstool right there who coulda helped you up outta the ghetto years ago, right, but he didn’t want to, cause it might jeopardize his own celebrity excess-surplus. You know what I’m sayin’? If the Cavalry was a comin’ they would’ve arrived by now, or for me, about twenty years ago, that’s when I knew. You’re on your own, Jack. Ain’t how it had to be, but that’s how it is, that’s the way the majority went. The tribe has spoken. I gotta go clean up my workspace.

Chris Hedges: The Democrats Are Now the War Party (

Bean🔥 on Twitter: “This is why they try to silence Assange: A little girl on the street in a yellow dress, who would frequently go to collect candy from US troops… one day a tank goes past and, for an inexplicable reason, a shooter comes out of the US tank and blows her away—Julian Assange, 2010” / Twitter

The Rise of The Multipolar World, with Economist Richard Wolff (

Chomsky: Arrest of Assange Is “Scandalous” and Highlights Shocking Extraterritorial Reach of U.S. – YouTube

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“The necessity for westerners especially in the US to seek a wealthy hero to save them is ingrained in our psyche from the moment we’re born into the commercials, tv shows, books & movies we watch. It’s part of the belief of US exceptionalism & the ingrained colonial mindset.” (-Fiorella Isabel)

“Imagine being so rich and sinister that you could give millions to Warren’s or Buttigieig’s fake presidential campaigns just to spoil the chances of the milquetoast New Deal liberal, Bernie Sanders…” (-Aaron Good)

“Next year, journalist Julian Assange begins his 5th year inside Belmarsh supermax prison for revealing US war crimes in Iraq.

Not 1 of the war criminals who destroyed Iraq based on a lie has spent so much as a second in court. Future generations won’t believe we let it happen.” (-Matt Kennard)

” I’ve heard many people who regard themselves as “smart” say the dumbest things when talking Covid & vaccines.

Things like “I have faith in the science”. No, you have faith in religion, you question science. That’s how science works. Lies fear questions, truth does not.” (-Jimmy Dore)

“Once our propaganda machine got our citizens to believe this war was totally unprovoked by having every form of tv, print and social media drill it into our heads, they knew they could get us to believe anything they said. We’re closing in on 2023

NATO has failed to turn the ruble to rubble, send Russia to the Dark Ages, get them out of Ukraine, take Crimea, destroy Russia’s military, isolate them, or turn the people against Putin and remove him, in spite of spending $100 billion of our money. Trying to figure out how the US decades long diplomatic strategy of “Give us control of your resources and do what we say or we’ll starve your people, coup you or bomb the crap out of your country” isn’t turning out so well now.” (-Black In The Empire)

“Ukraine is essentially NATO-occupied territory at this point. Its entire government and economy has been sold to military contractors and Wall Street. “Freedom” to the Collective West is Ukraine’s subjugation.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“Every few years the right produces a billionaire with extensive ties to the US deep state who poses as a populist hero who is fighting the deep state. Before it was Trump. Now it’s Musk. Later on it’ll be someone else. But it’s just a show to make it look like someone’s fighting. Both Trump and Musk get the opposite mainstream faction barking and snarling at them in exactly the same way Hillary Clinton drove Republicans insane. And in reality Musk, Trump and Clinton all serve the establishment that’s defended by both the Democrat and Republican parties. Keeping everyone barking at shiny figureheads who represent one mainstream faction keeps people glued to mainstream factions which are framed as for or against those shiny figureheads. This keeps everyone subscribed to mainstream worldviews. It’s all kayfabe combat staged to make it look like someone’s fighting on behalf of the disaffected Americans who are growing angry with their rulers’ complete indifference to them. Give them a hero to clap along with and they won’t take up the fight for themselves. They don’t just control the opposition, they control the opposition to the controlled opposition. That’s what the AOC/Bernie/TYT progressives are, and it’s what the MAGA/Tucker Carlson/Musk faction is as well. They pretend they’re fighting the establishment while protecting it.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

Comrade Misty is Putin’s Buddy 🍀 on Twitter: “Come on, y’all. They aren’t even hiding it.” / Twitter

14 Signs of Totalitarianism – Activist Post

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Yelawolf and Shooter Jennings’ ‘Sometimes Y’ Is a Rock Album to Hear – Rolling Stone


Man I guess you could say I have a little bit of a Divinyls obsession. I first got into them around the same time I was discovering INXS, BILLY IDOL, DREAM ACADEMY and THE CULT, ya know and their influences always stayed with me-sexy, soulful, garagey, new wave. They just had it in spades and of course I thought it was a sad joke when rumors ’round the campfire had it that Mark wanted to tour as the Divinyls without Chrissie Amphlett (RIP) She was one of Australia’s greatest vocalists, and one of rocknroll’s greatest vocalists, man I miss her! All the good ones are gone and these daffy people I know still watch Merikkkan Idol or Thee Voice or Adam lambert and carry on it like it’s all the same, it’s not all the same, let me tell ya. 

“I get stormy when things bore me

I get steamed up when you ignore me
I don’t need some blank sky staring back at me
I need a bad guy, I want some electricity

I need fire” (-Divinyls)

Sex Will Keep Us Together- Divinyls – YouTube

Divinyls – Underworld – YouTube

Divinyls Live 1993 – Open Windows – YouTube

Divinyls ~ I’m Jealous (Full Screen) – YouTube

Divinyls – Love School – YouTube

“Poor countries are not ‘under-developed’, they are over-exploited.” (-Michael Parenti)

Gantz Says Israeli Pilots Might Attack Iran in ‘Two or Three Years’ – News From

Netanyahu’s Incoming Israeli Government Makes West Bank Settlement Expansion a Top Priority – News From

Protesters Demand Israel Release Bodies of Palestinians (

Defend Assange Campaign on Twitter: “The wife of Julian Assange writing earlier this month: ‘A system that allows a person’s extradition to the country that plotted his murder loses all its legitimacy’ #FreeAssangeNOW @ConHome @Stella_Assange” / Twitter

World BEYOND War on Twitter: “📢 Tell your House and Senate reps to vote NO on more money to escalate a war that threatens further climate chaos, skyrocketing inflation, world hunger and, most disturbingly, nuclear annihilation!” / Twitter

2022 Was The Year of Botched Executions & Botched Proxy Wars (

Christine Grady – WikipediaAlmost no one seems to realize that the head of bioethics at NIH – the person who is supposed to make sure that Fauci behaves ethically – is his wife

Alec Karakatsanis on Twitter: “THREAD. In the last few weeks, something strange has been happening. Multiple different reporters at the New York Times have used some of the same police sources to publish articles about a “shortage” of cops in the U.S. It’s weird, but something more coordinated is going on.″ / Twitter

WikiLeaks on Twitter: “NEW: Julian Assange’s wife @Stella_Assange speaks to Guest Editor Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe on @BBCr4today about the toll on their two young children: “I believe that Julian will be free – its inconceivable that this will go on – there are lots of people fighting for him”” / Twitter

American Exception on Twitter: “New AE! We look at JFK’s conflicting Latin America policies–the Alliance for Progress vs. post-Bay of Pigs Cuba. w/@BenjaminNorton and @sea_mcg” / Twitter

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Reagan dirty war veteran Oliver North on the Ukraine proxy war: “This is very much like what Ronald Reagan did back in the 80s.” I hope


, who opposed what Reagan did back in the 80s, hears this perspective on what he’s currently 100% supporting. ” (-Aaron Mate)

“The reason why some people end up believing insane things like flat earth is because the government, media, and other privileged elites lie to the working class about nearly everything.

If someone is trying to deceive you all day every day, you start questioning their every word” (-Primo Radical)


I’ll tell ya that band The People deserve right now is the underrated cult faves, Slow Motorcade! They had a snarly Godfathers like working class political stance with a romantic heart of gold seventies power pop melodic sensibility, Ronsonesque guitars, they should have been huge stars way back when Manic Street Preachers were on the magazine covers, they could’ve toured the world together. Truth is I suspect the whole music industry is nothing but evil motherfuckers which is why all those sucky second rate bands and fake say nothing rappers are thrust upon us against our will all day long while triumphantly stellar songwriters like Anthony Castillo and his glam dandified Slow Motorcade superheroes went unheralded. If you don’t already know, Slow Motorcade featured members of the Andersons, Black Cherry, the Bangles, Spiders N Snakes, purple haired Zeroes, Big Elf, the Hutchinsons, etc., etc. All the NWO fascist bullshit being incremetally rolled out all around us was what Anthony’s crew were singing about twenty five years ago. They even covered the Beatles “Revolution” live. They were such an amazing band, I beseech you to turn up the jams and go listen to some SLOW MOTORCADE today!

Martial Law – YouTube

Deep Politics and Rock ‘n’ Roll | Slow Motorcade (

Life In A Moment – YouTube

Juggernaut (At What Cost?) – YouTube

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MartyParty on Twitter: “Breaking: SEC counsel Berkowitz (CFTC) resigns after being found to have accepted bribes from @SBF_FTX” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “Ukraine’s state-backed Azov Battalion uses the ceremonial burning of a Viking longboat as occasion to feature its new logo alongside the old, Nazi-inspired Wolfsangel. Did any US aid, public or private, help pay for this paganistic ritual?” / Twitter

Geoengineering: Startup Company Says It’s Already Begun Releasing Particles Into Atmosphere – Activist Post

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ICBM: Incubating Catastrophe Beyond Measure, by David Swanson – Dandelion Salad (

The U.S. Military is Poisoning Okinawa | CovertAction Magazine

A further example if the intellectual & moral bankruptcy of modern liberalism is the anger directed at Musk for revealing what I have argued since the Russiagate BS that Big-Tech, the media & neoliberals who control the state were in open collaboration & main drivers of fascism.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

Dr Deepa Govindarajan Driver on Twitter: “Judges & legal experts in the UK, Sweden, Australia and US : Its time to speak up like this former Judge Advocate General has! The systematic breaches of international & domestic law, the spying on legally privileged conversations & the attempted murder of #Assange alone merit it” / Twitter

Black in the Empire on Twitter: “Sorry, we’ve been told these kids don’t exist or don’t, matter, you know kind of like the kids in Yemen and Palestine” / Twitter

Michael Parenti: Does Capitalism Work? – Dandelion Salad (

There is NO EXCUSE that 1 million Americans are homeless, that 140 million Americans are poor or low-income, that 89 million Americans are underinsured or uninsured, and that 68% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck while our government is sending $100 billion to Ukraine.” (-Ryan Knight)

“The personal savior obsession among Americans is deeply ingrained and deeply problematic. Nothing will get better in the US unless people take responsibility for their own lives/communities and stop looking to celebrity-esque figures to save them from the world’s problems.” (-Whitney Webb)

“Dear all you “but he is a good oligarch” pundits… look what you are celebrating, the total monopoly of alternative media platforms by someone who is NOT your friend. Please let 2023 be the year we cut umbilical cord attaching us to “saviour” fetishism.” (-Vanessa Beeley)

“Literally the world’s richest man is now using one of the world’s largest social media platforms (which he “owns”) for a controlled release of info & y’all feel compelled to pretend it’s both new data & journalism

I’ve never wanted to choke so many in an unfun way before” (-Slow News Day on twitter)

Ukrainian propagandists are lying and inventing child casualties that don’t exist again.” (-Wyatt Reed, a journalist on Langley/Ukraine’s official hitlist)

‘Alt-Saviour’ Elon Musk Hints At Buying Substack

Fiorella Isabel Interview – Political Propaganda & The Lies We’re Told About “The Enemy” (

Power Panel; Is US Foreign Policy the Root of All Our Problems? (

Black in the Empire on Twitter: “Reminder Our Politicians take a few billion of our taxpayer money and give it to this Gov’t every year and that’s both Parties” / Twitter

Greenwald calls out TikTok for censoring on behalf of US government, not just China | Fox News


Everybody in the glam culture knows Angels In Vain was Scarlet Rowe, Kelly Nickles, and Steve Von Saint’s old NYC eighties glam band, and these current day Aerosmith coverband metalheads from the Sunset Strip just changed one letter and act like they thought of it which totally bugs me, cause I hate when people ripoff old band names instead of making up their own, like the latest richgirl torchy ingenue being promoted as artist of the year over at “Spin” magazine, and just imagine who you gotta know to make that happen overnight, they call her Wiseblood clearly ripped offa Thirwell’s eighties underground proto industrial operation, but changed the way they spelled it, added a buncha “Y’s” or somthin’, okay yeah-Weyes Blood, but having said that, I do kinda like this band who remind me a lot of vintage L.A. Guns and Bang Tango. Just can’t get used to the name-ya know? It’s a legendary eighties band, and these guys just felt like they should balls out take it, now I dunno much about the ltter of the law, but I aint gonna call my band Von Haylun and expect their fans to be cool with it. They should makeup their own name and then I could get behind em cause the music’s not bad! Very eighties hairband, better than Danger Kitty/Steel Panther, I’ll tell ya that.

ANGELS IN VEIN “1973” – YouTube

ANGELS IN VEIN Trip Of A Lifetime (RADIO EDIT) – YouTube

HOME | angelsinvein

Angels In Vain – Suicide Morning – YouTube

Unholy on Twitter: “If you can, please help us save our people from this horrible winter. Donate here or just share, anything counts. We will report every donation unless you want to stay Anonymous. Thank you! ❤️” / Twitter

gaijingirl2004 Bronx Leftist/Green. 🦺 🇵🇸✡️ on Twitter: “Holy open corruption, Batman. SHARE THIS. “The company’s managing director Eric Van Nostrand was hired straight into a senior advisory position in the Biden administration’s Treasury Department just this past August, explicitly to shape US economic policy on Russia and Ukraine.”” / Twitter

BlackRock Logo To Be Added To Ukrainian Flag (


Netanyahu appealed to Trump’s love of golf and used NYC maps to turn the president against Palestinians, new memoir says (

“Americans need to learn the difference between supporting a country and supporting our weapons manufacturers.” (-Black In The Empire)

“Russiagate conspiracy theory is dying & none too soon. Russiagate was the 1st step to manufacture consent for war w Russia, peddled by the same MIC tools now drumming up #UkraineCrisis. Screw warmongers pushing us to the brink. Pass the mic to the folks who got #Russiagate right! As one of Russiagate’s targets, I was hauled in for a 3-year Senate Intel Cmte investigation based on the “Russian asset” smear. The Senate report found zero evidence for that BS. And of course there’s been zero correction from corporate media. Just another political hit job.” (-Dr. Jill Stein)

“The Haitian people do not want another occupation. Please tweet this hashtag.”   #stopUNinvasionofHaiti (-Margaret Kimberly)

“The people stand up to totalitarianism but instead of solidarity they get “humanitarian intervention” by the U.S. & European bourgeoisie & supported by the confused & corrupt Northern liberal/left.” (-Ajamu Baraka)


“You can listen to tv or live in reality”. (-Black In The Empire)

“About time someone  confronted these pro-war frauds. This should be happening everyday to everyone who votes for more war. I bet she claims she’s a victim of “word violence “ now.” (-Jimmy Dore)

“AOC, 12/2020, on Antifa activists menacing politicians in public: Activists *should* be impolite. “The whole point of protesting is to make ppl uncomfortable.” AOC, last night, to protesters confronting her for funding Biden’s proxy war: I won’t answer you! “You’re being ruude!” (-Glenn Greenwald)

“How long do you think the United States would allow Russia or China to surround our country with missiles and then put them directly on our borders?” (-Black In The Empire)

“Many countries around the world simply want the US and the rest of the West to leave them alone.” (-Black In The Empire)

“I’m no supporter of Alex Jones, but how much will The NY Times be ordered to pay for saying there were WMD in Iraq, resulting in the deaths of a million people?” (-Lee Camp)

“The real reason AOC progressives support twitter censorship is because they know it will be used to go after people who criticizes their queen.” (-Revolutionary Blackout Network)

“The establishment is pivoting. They know that millions of Americans no longer support the duopoly & never will again. They know we’re getting louder. Don’t be fooled; just as “progressives” proved to be state actors, so will establishment “independents”, like Yang and Gabbard. The only way to fundamentally change our system is through grassroots organization and direct action. This will never happen within the current system. Ever.” (-Just A Thought on Twitter)

“Democrats & Big Tech teaming up to silence dissent. Evil AF.: (-Throne Of Blood on Twitter)

“This is fire. I’ve been waiting for someone to call AOC out on blatant hypocrisy. No, I don’t want to date her.” (-Heidi Briones)

“First time I’ve seen any high profile “progressive” figure challenged on the rabidly pro-war policies they’ve backed without reservation over the past eight months.” (-Michael Tracey)

Glenn Greenwald: Who Is Benefiting From The Money Being Sent To Ukraine? Everyone Except The American People | Video | RealClearPolitics

Washington Expands the War State – by Glenn Greenwald (

“It is funny that ppl in North America have more to say about protests in Iran (a country where both Canada and the U.S. have already cut off relations) than they have to say about Haiti (where our government is literally supporting the puppet state to crack down on protesters) (-Nazanin On A pittance at twitter)

“First Jamaal Bowman and now AOC Arming nazis will always be the legacy of the fraud squad now.” (-Revolutionary Blackout Network) 

Ben Norton on Twitter: “Two weeks before Brazil’s election, far-right candidate Bolsonaro is paying for ads insisting he “is NOT a pedophile” 😂 He said he was attracted to a 14-year-old girl, they had “chemistry,” and he entered a brothel of teenage prostitutes 🤮 He gave Lula a free October surprise” / Twitter

What’s so funny bout Peace, Love & Rudy Havenstein on Twitter: “We need more people like this. Our sociopaths never apologize. @GWBLibrary #Bush” / Twitter

“It’s about time the intersectional wing of the War Party got called out for its deceitful politics. Now where is the rest of the US antiwar movement to increase the pressure?” (-Max Blumenthal)


I was shocked when I got a job at a rehearsal space in South Boston because like 100 guys all looked just like Pretty Boy Floyd, and where I came from there was only one of us-me, okay, and like my mohawked punk rock, older guitar player who was more grebo than glam back then. Then when we moved out to Hollywood, holy shit, my first night in town, Dizzy Damage was waiting outside on the curb for me, offered me his crackpipe-such hospitality these guys had-then he took me inside my old girlfriend’s apartment and there were like, entire LEGIONS of black haired guys who were all all trying to look like Motley Crue and Pretty Boy Floyd. Every square foot of that one bedroomw as occupied by an otherwise semi homeless glam metal dude. I didn’t hit it off with very many of ’em, aside from Dizzy Damage (RIP) and his caregiver, Ketra. 

When I was young and skinny I played punk rock with my scrappy skateboarder friends in people’s basements and white trash yeehaw biker rallies in the woods, I kinda resented all these fluff metal posers who kinda all sounded the same, they all just wanted to be KISS or Poison, but somehow they got these big budgets and fancy wardrobes and shit, got to make videos, be on MTV, all writing the same poncey power ballads about being free wild angels, I never knew how they pulled it all off. I still don’t know how they got away with it, but now I’m old and it’s winter and I’m bored and melancholy and end up spending too much of my time alone, I’m watching dumb rock videos on youtube and these guys sorta make me smile. I guess we kinda did our own sleazier, scroungier version of something like that, it just never got far outta the garage. I knew alot of bands who were trying to be like these guys in the late eighties. “Tonight Belongs To The Young” is a pretty great title. I’m probably just mad I didn’t think of it first. I only ever got about maybe twenty songs halfassed recorded poorly and Steve Sex Summers and his bunch who ripped their name off some other band got a bigname producer, cover of Kerrang!, major deal with MCA, a Lip Service endorsement, got to be on multiple movie soundtracks, played on Headbanger’s Ball. My girlfriend Dawn liked whichever guy looked like Nikki Sixx in their band. I talked to one of them on the phone in L.A., my girlfriend Steffani tried to help me find a guitar player and he was available but we did not speak the same language really as I came from more of a Deadboys and Lords Of The New Church background. I was all about glam anthems but mine were political, and they were just about money, strippers, fame and cocaine, I liked all that stuff too but I was more like a misfit than a lifeguard. Vinnie Chas died, and so did their latter day drummer Ben Graves from Murder Dolls. I always believed Murder Dolls ripped off their name from my sleazy basement punk band Murder Stars. They had the same look we did but they were more like Marilyn Manson whereas ours was more like trailer trash Generation X. Pretty Boy Floyd still play big metalhead festivals and shit. I can’t even get my former guitar players to remember how to play our old songs or help pay for new recordings. I even had a formerbandmate keep telling me how “there’s no fortune to be made” playing our style of music, but obviously, I was never in it to make a fortune. I was just kinda born punk rock, it was not really my fault. That’s why I have a soft spot for summa these old glam hag diehards in my old age, I like that they never changed and never gave up, just kept doing their thing.

Pretty Boy Floyd – Wild Angels – YouTube
48 Hours – YouTube


“Tulsi Gabbard declared, “When it comes to the war against terrorists, I’m a hawk” Keep in mind that, while this right-wing sheepdog cynically tries to lure anti-war people into the GOP, Gabbard is a member of a US Army psyops / psychological warfare unit.” (-Ben Norton)

 𝙂𝙐𝙈𝘽𝙔 on Twitter: “Tulsi Gabbard is currently assigned to the 351st Civil Affairs Command (351 CACOM), an Army Reserve psyop unit. This same unit was once headed by psyop guru Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely, a major Qanon proponent and co-author of “From PSYOP to MindWar” with Michael Aquino.” / Twitter

𝙂𝙐𝙈𝘽𝙔 on Twitter: “Tulsi Gabbard is currently assigned to the 351st Civil Affairs Command (351 CACOM), an Army Reserve psyop unit. This same unit was once headed by psyop guru Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely, a major Qanon proponent and co-author of “From PSYOP to MindWar” with Michael Aquino.”Tulsi Gabbard is currently assigned to the 351st Civil Affairs Command (351 CACOM), an Army Reserve psyop unit. This same unit was once headed by psyop guru Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely, a major Qanon proponent and co-author of “From PSYOP to MindWar” with Michael


“Threats to Assange’s health are the cumulative result of extraordinarily cruel, unusual, degrading & inhuman conditions imposed on him. This includes 10 years in arbitrary detention w/periods of solitary confinement despite never having been convicted of a crime.” (-Dr. Jill Stein)

Matt Taibbi has 10,000 more journalistic accomplishments than Poppy Harlow ‘could ever dream of’: Glenn Greenwald (

The FBI’s Exposed Propaganda Partnership with Big Tech (

“I’m a mean motherfucker now but I once was cool…!” (-Jesus & Mary Chain)

NIKKI SUDDEN – the angels are calling – YouTube

“It takes a lot less money to end homelessness in America than you’ve given to Ukraine, but the military industrial complex has both the Republicans and Democrats doing it anyway.” (-Black In The Empire)

The Roth Show Returns With ‘Season 2 – Episode 1’ (

Itsuroh Shimoda – Everybody Anyone (1974) – YouTube

Hello my brothers and sisters and friends of the revolution, I’m happy to see the antiwar movement calledout fake progressive AOC cause she is such a transparent sheepdog establishment tool, just like Bernie and Obama. damn shame really we can’t get no real leftist power to the people, human rights, antiimperialist candidates into office, but the deep state owns the media, the debates, the bean counting software, the puppet politicians, the whole shebang. It’s hopeless. they’re all fake. Tulsi Gabbard is a fucking psy op spy. I used to like her, too, when she took that trip to Syria with Dennis Kucinich, I thought they were investigating the white helmets/Genie Energy lies for plundering oil, as exposed by the good whistleblower journalists at the Gray Zone. They are all fucking fakes and carefully vetted and tightly scripted Manchurian Candidate establishmentbots! Even my ex friends and former girlfriends have almost all become goose stepping, pro war, spy loving, Hipster McCarthyites, obediently calling anyone to the left of Hillary Fucking Clinton “commies” and “socialists”, it’s such a sad and pathetic joke, but how ya gonna change any hearts and minds when social media’s controlled, people seldom congregate in public spaces nowadays, and five billionaires own the whole fucking Big 5 propaganda media? DIG THIS: “The Facebook “whistleblower” has joined the new “Council for Responsible Social Media,” alongside “former defense secretaries Chuck Hagel and Leon Panetta, former Congress members Claire McCaskill and Dick Gephardt, and former National Security Agency director Michael Rogers.” (-Aaron Mate’)

“Everyone make sure to ask Mr. Bowman about his “I’ll continue to finance Nazis in Ukraine” policy!” (-Daniel Burke)

Black in the Empire on Twitter: “Exactly what I mean when I say they could at least give us good or new propaganda, but they know they can just run the same old shit on a loop because they know we’ll for it everytime” / Twitter

Twitter Is Said to Have Struggled Over Revealing US Influence Campaign – The New York Times (

Sharmine Narwani on Twitter: “The Jewish State drops its mask. Israel is a racist state, no more arguments pls.” / Twitter

El partido revolucionario puertorriqueño on Twitter: “American democracy is hypocrisy and people need to stop advocating American exceptionalism which is pure imperialism and colonialism and very ignorant small minded thinking like the US is the center of the world like that’s dumb asf tbh” / Twitter

“The imperial capitalist juggernaut devotes vast resources to stupefying everyone…a gaslit civilization.” (-Aaron Good)

Eric Weinstein on Twitter: “The amount of insanity that has become normalized in 5-6 years can no longer be comprehended. We don’t realize how far the riptide of stupid has pulled us away from being able to discuss anything adult at all. It’s just infinite daily abject stupidity:” / Twitter

“It was almost impossible for most people—no matter how smart, educated or even expert—to resist the tsunami of “vaccine” propaganda and coercion That is the core of the story. What was that tsunami about? Was it just about money? How much did insiders already know about hazards?” (-Brett Weinstein)

Martin Kulldorff on Twitter: “From the #TwitterFiles: I was not only blacklisted and temporarily suspended by Twitter. When I gave accurate #CovidVaccines information, some Twitter dude labelled it misleading and suppressed it by prevented comments and likes.” / Twitter

“The US was almost certainly involved in the assassination of Haitian president Jovenel Moïse. Today, US politicians show zero interest in solving it. But now they’re calling for “humanitarian intervention” in Haiti to stop “gangs.” Says everything about who the real gangsters are” (-Dan Cohen)

“Jamaal Bowman is so “woke” that he sends weapons to nazis. So woke that he funds the Iron Dome” (-Revolutionary Blackout Network)

George Galloway on Twitter: “FULL INTERVIEW: It’s lunacy of the highest order that #Nato goes ahead with a nuclear exercise in the current crisis says former US marine #ScottRitter” / Twitter

Ben Norton on Twitter: “The US government has long supported this fascist, Nazi-saluting Bolivian gang Washington funded these anti-Indigenous racists to destabilize Bolivia’s socialist government and break up the country with Santa Cruz separatism @KennardMatt documented this:” / Twitter

Ben Norton on Twitter: “Luis Fernando Camacho has long been a leader of this violent Bolivian fascist paramilitary group, whose members often Nazi salute:” / Twitter

“Stop the extradition of Assange. I am as indictable as he is on the exact same charges. I will plead “not guilty” on grounds of your blatantly unconstitutional use of the Espionage Act. Let’s take this to the Supreme Court.” (Daniel Ellsberg)

BBC HARDtalk on Twitter: “EXCLUSIVE: “Let me tell you a secret… I had possession of the all the Chelsea Manning information before it came out in the press” – Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg says he was given leaked US diplomatic cables “as a backup” by WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange” / Twitter

AOC Called a COWARD in PUBLIC for her Pro-War Pro-NATO Pro-Apartheid Israel Votes – YouTube

“If you side with criminal totalitarians’ pseudoscience, you’re an idiot & a whore whose entire life’s work is to generate catchy profound-sounding fluff to make totalitarianism appealing to cattle. How to become an intellectual: 1-Write a book of random noises on history, psychology, money, religion, Roman emperors, biology, or whatever, with no actionable information 2-Watch CNN 3-Explain how your book leads you to the same conclusion as CNN on The Current Thing.” (-Saifedean Ammous)


Brown Recluse spiders nested in some pillows that were in the garage. So much garbage, so much cleaning, lots and lots and lots of hard labor and fretting over normal wear n tear damages that have occured over past five years including a broken window and a fuckedup roof, water damaged walls and mold, ya know how it is with 54 year old trailers. We’re gonn fix what we can, pull all the cosmetic stuff up. It aint like we’re expecting to get our security deposit back, mainly we just endeavor to leave things approxamtely as good as we found ’em when it’s in our ability to clean or fix or repair shit but it’s still gonna be less than stellar, the walls are waped and the whole place needs updated really-the swamp cooler, the bathtub, they’re gonna need a new furnace if they’re gonna find new tenants-we made it work with a space heater for two winters and just put heavy blankets on all the doors, as we’re paupers, peasants, and it’s been Covid clampdowns and mandates and all kindsa immobilizing shit happening all around us, similarly fucked up vehicle and preposterously jacked up rent anywhere we might dream of goin-Downtown Manhattan’s gone, Hollywood is dead, Joshua Tree is too gentrified and expensive. It’s a bummer. All these dumps around here still charge $900 for shithole leaky catpiss apartments cause greedhead landlords who inherited all their surplus fucking property are all loveless clutching hoarders who never wanna pay to paint a wall, recarpet, retile, replaster, fix the leaks, put in proper heating, even the nicest ones you are likely to ever meet just want money for nothing forever just cause. They call it “passive income streams”. can you imagine? Scumbags, pretty much all of ’em. I got friends on the streets, friends in cars and homeless shelters. Our friends who got rich only love money and prestige now. “Money Changes Everything”. This next song is goin’ out to my dear and good brother and longtime songwriting accomplice who’s still guttin’ it out in the trenches against all odds and against the motherfuckin’ wind. God Bless Ole Nasty Bandido.

Caitlin Johnstone: ‘US Interests’ in ‘Unprovoked War’ (

US courts must stop shielding government surveillance programs from accountability | Patrick Toomey and Alex Abdo | The Guardian

Jose Vega – Vote Diane Sare! (@JosBtrigga) / Twitter


‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ Cast: Where Are They Now? (

“The goal is to have an endless war, not a successful war” (- Julian Assange)

“today social media is almost entirely about getting engagement thru cheap manipulation – manufactured consent updated for the post-mass mediated age. people take the bait because they’ve been trained over the last several years to get rewarded by their own engagement thru numbers and cute symbols and animations.” (-Chelsea E. Manning)

“It’s alarming to see the term “liberal” has become a pejorative in multiple languages. “Conservative,” too, has become a meaningless epithet. People now hiss at philosophies they can’t even describe, collapsing flexible systems of belief into rigid markers of identity.” (-Edward Snowden)

Opinion | Chelsea Manning: ‘I’m Still Bound to Secrecy’ – The New York Times (

“Former defense secretary & CIA director Leon Panetta cites intelligence analysts who believe the probability of nuclear weapons use in Ukraine has risen from 1-5% at the start of the war to 20-25% today.” (-David Sacks)

PATRICK LAWRENCE: A War of Rhetoric & Reality (

Israel Put Over 600 Palestinian Children in House Arrest in 2022 (


The band that really made the most gorgeous and immortal song of my teenage years are still around and of course I still love ’em like crazy and you probably do, too. Who cares if they’re one hit wonders, they are wonders among one hit wonders. 

“The US doesn’t have a “left,” but it has plenty of cruise missile liberals thirsty for war with Russia, China, and any other country the State Department tells them to hate.”

(-Danny Haiphong)

“When the founder of a leading US mercenary firm gets loaded on camera and confesses that the Ukrainian forces he worked with carried out heinous atrocities, a PBS correspondent is summoned to make excuses for him, rather than inform the public about the shocking disclosures.” (-Max Blumenthal)

“North goes on to invoke US arming of Central American death squads & Afghan mujahideen (later known as Al Qaeda):

“Those people were willing, as the Ukrainian people are, to use their blood and our bullets.” Perfect description of this proxy war.” (-Aaron Mate)

WBAI New York at 99.5 FM, streaming at on Twitter: “The @TheGrayzoneNews Radio Show hosted @MaxBlumenthal debuts tonight at 6pm @WBAI Tune in 99.5 FM in NY streaming” / Twitter

“The US Military rained white phosphorus and depleted uranium on Fallujah less than 20 years ago. Now the Navy is naming a ship after the operation, and a video game that recreates the massacre is being released. Civilisation?

Almost 100 days since the Nord Stream pipelines were sabotaged and still no leads. Funny that.” (-Lowkey)

“Much of the Pentagon’s covert social media ops focused on promoting the war in Yemen. Which American actually voted for this war? Who does it benefit other than Saudi Arabia & it’s local Al Qaeda allies? The war has killed thousands of children & civilians, displaced millions.” (-Lee Fang)

Cancelling Comedians While the World Burns – System Update with Glenn Greenwald – YouTube

Reflecting New U.S. Control of TikTok’s Censorship, Our Report Criticizing Zelensky Was Deleted (

“Has any imperial oligarchy ever been forced to answer for its worst crimes while its empire reigned? I don’t know of any. This is another reason why first and foremost we should work for the end of the US Empire (not the US nation-state): it’s the source of criminal sovereignty….Watergate was an Establishment coup. It got messy and led to the Church and Pike committee investigations because Nixon fought back with leaks (etc) to counter the forces that were out to get him. He lost. CIA was inconvenienced until the deep state’s man (Reagan) was installed.”

(-Aaron Good; author of “American Exceptionalism” which you should read.)

Jimmy Dore on Twitter: “The JIMMY DORE SHOW Is Live! NOW! Ted Lieu Caught Spreading Vaxx Misinfo! NATO Mercenary ADMITS Ukraine War A Lie! W/ Max Blumenthal Featuring Stef Zamorano @MiserableLib   Now streaming on Rumble, YouTube & Rokfin!” / Twitter

Dr. Jill Stein🌻 on Twitter: “Empire & mainstream media work damn hard to ensure this material is not viewed or shared. Comply at your peril. #FreeAssange #FreeThePress” / Twitter

American Exception on Twitter: “Now unlocked! –> Our Allen Dulles episode with David Talbot talking to Brace (@TrueAnonPod) and me. Going to post other notable public episodes in this thread…” / Twitter

In Response to the Twitter Files, Establishment Media Rushes to Defend the FBI (

Alex Rubinstein on Twitter: “Zelensky has appointed a sexologist hypnotherapist as Ukraine’s new ambassador to Bulgaria. Last year she was busy pushing the libidinal benefits of dietary supplements in videos promoting a multi-level marketing scheme. My latest for @TheGrayzoneNews” / Twitter

Tricia Rajabipour on Twitter: “@elonmusk @pmarca All these #TwitterFiles are not telling us anything we didn’t already know thanks to Multi Award Winning Journalist, Julian #Assange. Take #Google for example: #FreeAssangeNOW” / Twitter

Lee Fang on Twitter: “I have a new feature on the history of neonicotinoids, a widely used insecticide that is pushing butterflies, dragonflies, bumblebees and other forms of insect life to the brink of extinction” / Twitter

“The Biden administration

-breaks up railroad strike -expands the military industrial complex -Expands DHS and ICE -siphoned Covid relief money to the police -funds nazis and genocidal Zionists Imagine being a “leftist” and voting for this without being embarrassed.” (-Revolutionary Blackout Network)

“The corporate media is lying to you. It has lied in the past, it is lying today, and it will lie tomorrow. Acknowledging this demonstrable fact doesn’t make you’re crazy or a contrarian; it just means you have objective standards and a memory that goes back more than 5 minutes.” (-Primo Radical)

“Not wanting WW3 makes us agents of the Kremlin I’ve learned.” (-Jake Shields)

If you support NATO, then you aren’t a leftist.

If you support the CIA or any intelligence agency, then you aren’t a leftist. You’re just imperialist.” (Danny Haiphong)

Folks, in the name of peace, we can’t continue to pretend that something called the Ukrainian nation/state with independence & sovereignty actually exists. Ukraine lost its independence in Feb 2014. The U.S. then reduced the nation to cannon-fodder for U.S. strategic interests.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

The US Gov’t wants to destroy Russia and China because they are a threat to their hegemony and our citizens hate them because our Gov’t told us to. Russia and Ukraine had a Peace agreement, cosigned by France and Germany Russia spent 8 years trying to get Ukraine to honor it Former leaders of Germany and Ukraine now admit they were never going to honor it, and instead prepared for war Conclusion : You can’t trust Russia.

Dear Americans, Yemen war deaths are in the area of 500,000 and this genocide is being committed by our ally and our Gov’t supplied the weapons. I know most don’t know because our news won’t cover it and many don’t care, but let’s stop pretending our Gov’t are the “Good Guys”

Don’t worry in another couple of years the corporations that run the country will give us a new chance to pick between the 2 politicians they own.

Our Gov’t doesn’t care about Ukraine, their job is to make you care.

I don’t know if Ukraine was a democracy before 2014 when the US helped coup their Gov’t, but any talk about it being a democracy now is propaganda.

American Gov’t We should monitor transactions of citizens over $600 also

It’s none of citizens business where their $100 billion went.” (-Black In The Empire)

Lee Fang on Twitter: “Ack, correct link here” / Twitter

Alan MacLeod on Twitter: “”Babies aren’t that profitable”” / Twitter

Revolutionary Blackout Network on Twitter: “RIP Wadiya Jamal, wife of Mumia Abu Jamal. The struggle and the love!” / Twitter

American Exception on Twitter: “Did torture disclosures lead to anything? Did the post-Watergate congressional investigations lead to anything? Did the HSCA finding that JFK died from a “probable conspiracy” lead to anything? By now, it should be clear that we live in a top-down regime. Twitter Files show this.” / Twitter

David Zweig on Twitter: “1. THREAD: THE TWITTER FILES: HOW TWITTER RIGGED THE COVID DEBATE – By censoring info that was true but inconvenient to U.S. govt. policy – By discrediting doctors and other experts who disagreed – By suppressing ordinary users, including some sharing the CDC’s *own data*” / Twitter

Jaybefaunt🏳️‍🌈 on Twitter: “Not even Orthodox Jewish people are safe in Israel. This is despicable.” / Twitter

Alan MacLeod on Twitter: “Join my Telegram channel so I can bombard you with anti-capitalist propaganda in written form:” / Twitter

Alan MacLeod on Twitter: “An equally wild fact is that the US harvests the blood of millions of poor people & sells it around the world. Most countries have laws against selling blood. But in the US, it is big business: a bigger export than soy or corn. My @mintpressnews report:” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “After months in Ukraine training soldiers, Ret Col Andrew Milburn of @TheMozartGroup mercenary firm gets sauced on camera & spills the beans: Ukraine is a “corrupt, fucked-up society” run by “fucked-up people” Ukrainian soldiers “kill dudes who surrendered,” commit “atrocities”” / Twitter

max blumenthal – Twitter Search / Twitter

Decerto on Twitter: “@MaxBlumenthal @TheMozartGroup “…the CIA has been running an intensive training program for Ukrainian paramilitaries in an unknown base in the southern United States since 2015. As per a former senior intelligence officer…”″ / Twitter

Steven Donziger on Twitter: “BREAKING: In a landmark victory, Shell agreed to pay $16m to four Nigerian farmers in a case where courts also held the fossil fuel industry legally responsible for the abuses of its foreign subsidiaries. Bad for the oil industry. Great for the planet.” / Twitter

Lee Fang | Substack


Man it’s cold outside and propane costs money, my electric blanket don’t really work too well because it’s old. I’ve had the covid plague, hopefully I am getting past it now, but still don’t wanna risk taking it around others so I’m laying low. We been under a lotta stress here, family stuff, health problems, raising teenagers in the TikTok covid “Breaking Bad” interenet influencers and unboxers consumerist hype beast world is hard stuff, made harder by disabilities and conditions. So yeah the latest fiasco is me slamming a door in a high anxiety moment and the decorative sorta Holly Hobby frame falling out, that seems like it’s gonna cost me a pretty penny to adequately repair, fuckshit, so yeah I’m always under fire for something. This one’s my fault, I gotta fix it. It’s something else I gotta worry about now. I got the Andy McCoy book for Christmas since the Razzle one was so expensive, it’s good, I’m reading it out in the cold garage. Still dreaming about rocknroll and putting the band back together. 

Mick Jagger – Kow Tow – YouTube

“Mad at the world for all the good reasons, throw away the pain and drink the wine…” (-INXS)

“Bernie and AOC both voted for the last $40b package to fuel the US proxy war in Ukraine, so it would be rather bizarre for them to say something like this, since it’s the exact opposite of that vote. And getting them to say anything about Assange is like pulling teeth.” (-Glenn Greenwald)

“NATO’s entire purpose is subjugating Russia.

That always has been and always will be the mission. They now want another 1991 where Russia is further broken up, colonized, and stripped of resources. How does a country make peace with an alliance that exists only to destroy it?” (-Primo Radical)

“CNN wants you to be worried about black outs in Ukraine but says nothing about the thousands of Americans still out of power today.” (-Edward Marrs)

“Israel’s parliament today approved an amendment to give the extremist Kahanist party unprecedented power over the military occupation of the W. Bank. Expect a massive increase in settler & soldier violence & theft.” (-Ariel Gold)

“Nobel Prize winner Kissinger bombed Cambodia into the stone age. Nobel Peace Prize winner Obama pledged to help rid the world of nuclear weapons while secretly ordering one of the biggest nuclear bomb programs. And so it goes on, courtesy of the NED/CIA.” (-John Pilger)

After Zelensky’s Washington trip, Ukraine launches another attack inside Russia – World Socialist Web Site (

“Question for people who complain about other people getting food stamps. What’s wrong with you?” (-Jory Micah)

“10 sailors committed suicide on the USS George Washington and INCREDIBLY, the Navy ABSOLVED itself of a toxic environment!” (-Ann Wright)

“Don’t join the military.” (-Pepsi Sheen)

“Imagine the gall of nations who have colonized the world getting together to form a so-called “defensive alliance” that continues colonizing the world under the pretense of “fighting authoritarianism.”

Imagine how privileged and “educated” one has to be to actually believe that.” (-Primo Radical)

Ariel Gold אריאל ✡️☮️🕊 on Twitter: “Solidarity” / Twitter

“If they can provide “free” vaccines, they can provide free insulin, free inhalers, free eye glasses, free therapy… There’s no cap on funds. Just look at the military budget. Biden’s brag tweeting about insulin being capped at $35/month for seniors.

That’s $420 a year, when the average social security check is around $1,542 and the average rent about $1800(CA). And what about ppl that aren’t seniors? Why are we negotiating life-saving meds?” (-Thia Ballerina)
“cause the politicians all sold us out and stuff their shitlib celebrity pockets with shit tons of dirty money from big pharma. Your feminist icon Hillary Clinton promised her one percent collaborators point blank that there will never be free healthcare in this country-what did you think Pelosi meant when she said she is not a socialist, that she is a capitalist?” (-Ban Tasers)

I lost a close friend because Biden helped lie us into the Iraq War, many close to me because Biden helped push the racist 100 to 1 crack laws with his segregationist friends and wrote the crime bill and my stepfather who lost his job because of NAFTA

I didn’t vote for him. Look back at the previous wars our Gov’t got us involved in and you’ll notice that they lied to us every time and everybody that was found to have told the truth was demonized What makes you think this time is different and who is making billions off of them again? Imagine the truths we would know now if our Gov’t hadn’t kidnapped, tortured and jailed Assange for exposing our war crimes. Stop worrying about the propaganda control Gov’t’s like North Korea, China and Russia have over their people and start thinking about how much control the ruling class in America have over us now that they own our media and Gov’t. I live in America so my concern is the power of our Oligarchs. Dear Americans,

Yemen war deaths are in the area of 500,000 and this genocide is being committed by our ally and our Gov’t supplied the weapons. I know most don’t know because our news won’t cover it and many don’t care, but let’s stop pretending our Gov’t are the “Good Guys”. It would be nice if our television told us to give a damn about Yemen. How many more billions will Americans allow our Gov’t to steal from us to get more of Ukraine destroyed and more Ukrainians killed in their NATO proxy war against Russia? The only real battle between the Dems and the GOP is over who can get make the most money. I hate to break it to the Haters, but I am not a Russian agent, I’m just a middle aged Black guy raising a family in Baltimore trying to get my fellow citizens to stop letting the ruling class play us for suckers.” (-Black In The Empire)

Sonja Ponath on Twitter: “A socialist cannot be a strike breaker. This needs to be the end of any pretense by DSA that the “Squad” is socialist, and should result in their expulsion from the organization. Rail Workers Betrayed By Biden & The “Squad”” / Twitter

Revolutionary Blackout Network on Twitter: “The Rotating Hero w/AOC | AOC is NOT a serious Advocate for Workers Premieres at 11AM ET” / Twitter

Emily on Twitter: “The attempts to obfuscate this only help the bosses and their politicians.” / Twitter

Revolutionary Blackout Network on Twitter: “The RACIST Origins of Child Protective Services | Abolish Child Protective Services | Separating Black and Brown Kids from their families is the point of Child Protective Services | Alan Dettlaff Joins” / Twitter

Kshama Sawant Joins RBN | Wyatt Reed Joins RBN | Tara Reade Goes on Tucker Carlson – YouTube

Sonja Ponath on Twitter: “It’s crucial that workers everywhere learn the lessons of this betrayal…, Workers deserve a political voice of our own. 115,000 Railroad Workers Lost Their Right To Strike: What Happened? via @Socialist Alternative” / Twitter

Worst part about this is media skepticism is now treated like flat earth theory or evolution denial in liberal circles. If you even suggest the media isn’t always honest about everything, you’re no better than Alex Jones. How did it come to this?” (-Supernautiloid)

Primo Radical on Twitter: “@ByamTracy @AnthonyTurk0 @RageAgainstWar_ @jimmy_dore @medeabenjamin @scotthortonshow @GarlandNixon It’s amazing how strong liberal amnesia is.” / Twitter

Richard ☭ 🇧🇷 on Twitter: “@tiffanyisded @PrimoRadical @_bilaire Oh yeah they enforced the hell out of international law in Lybia and Yugoslavia, really lawful behaviour there, absolutely not naked imperialism.” / Twitter

Google, Facebook Are Hijacking Your Personal Data and Using It Against You • Children’s Health Defense (

Robert F. Kennedy Jr on Twitter: “Exposure to PFAS, which are used in fracking and other types of oil and gas wells, is linked to kidney and testicular cancer, liver and thyroid problems, reproductive problems and increased risk of birth defects.” / Twitter

Martin Kulldorff on Twitter: “From the #TwitterFiles: I was not only blacklisted and temporarily suspended by Twitter. When I gave accurate #CovidVaccines information, some Twitter dude labelled it misleading and suppressed it by prevented comments and likes.” / Twitter

Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH™ on Twitter: “What do I say to doctors who vehemently disagree with me? Let’s sit down together and discuss the data! >1200 papers on injuries, disabilities, and death. We can go over them one by one. Only way to break their disbelief on a biological product safety debacle. @AdrianNormanDC” / Twitter

johndissed on Twitter: “Oh my God, what a coincidence!” / Twitter

Alex Berenson on Twitter: “Looks like there might be a teeny tiny lil itty-bitty problem with multiple mRNA shots. Nothing to worry about, just a near-total rewiring of the standard human antibody response. I’m sure it’ll be fine. Full story coming.” / Twitter

Propaganda Isn’t Something That Only Happens To Others: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix – Caitlin Johnstone

“Conspiracy theories involving the United States government are only “theories” insofar as exact details and circumstances of the conspiracy may or may not be in question. That said, the US government is absolutely conspiring against you — and has been for your entire life.” (-Primo Radical)

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “As I’ve said, it’s really worth following 2 very smart actual-leftist EU Parliament members – @wallacemick and @ClareDalyMEP. You’ll see why calling AOC and Bernie “leftists” rather than what they are – establishment lackeys – is a joke. Imagine either saying of them saying this:” / Twitter

James #freeassangeNOW #dropthecharges on Twitter: “Today in front of the EU Parliament (Strasbourg) supporters for #JulianAssange joined MEPs @ClareDalyMEP & @wallacemick in solidarity on the day of the #SakharovPrize. #DropTheCharges. For our freedom, Julian must be free. @DEAcampaign” / Twitter

“The Democrats used to have a faction that questioned war but no more. They gave Zelenskyy 18 standing ovations. They don’t question sending more and more weapons. They won’t even call for a ceasefire. Sad. #peaceinUkraine” (-Medea Benjamin)

Why I’m Glad Joe Biden Beat Donald Trump – Caitlin Johnstone

Peter Dale Black Metal on Twitter: “@MaxBlumenthal Nazis in Ukraine 👇” / Twitter

“There is NO EXCUSE that 1 million Americans are homeless, that 140 million Americans are poor or low-income, that 89 million Americans are underinsured or uninsured, and that 68% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck while our government is sending $100 billion to Ukraine.” (-Ryan Knight)

“Ukraine is celebrating killing 100,000 Russians. The U.S. is celebrating giving Ukraine the weapons. Whatever the real number, you have to add Ukrainians to it, pluse all those impacted around the globe.” (-David Swanson)

“Also managed to catch a seemingly lost Sen. Joe Manchin, who told me he is “all in” to send Ukraine all the billions it asks for from the US

Manchin then deployed a cellphone to ignore all my follow up questions before he passed through the fence blocking off the Capitol” (-Max Blumenthal)

“Some of the best and most independent-minded US leftists are


. I recommend following them. We’ve had them on our show & will keep doing so. If you’re on the right, you won’t agree with everything – you’re rightists and they’re not – but you’ll see the difference.” (-Glenn Greenwald)
“We wouldn’t want any antiwar protestors getting behind that fence, because they might traumatize AOC in the sacred halls of democracy, right, shitlibs? Luckily, the squad helped fund giving way more big money to all the various police state agencies that keep the rabble away from the Met gala and sacred halls warpig lobbyists and red carpet celebs.” (-Geordie Pleathur)

Report: The CIA Is Directing Sabotage Attacks Inside Russia – News From

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “Brazil’s new president, @LulaOficial, has always vigorously defended Assange and demanded the dropping of his prosecution for years. He has also condemned the US/NATO role in Ukraine. There’s a difference between US “leftism” and the international strain:” / Twitter

‘Omnibus Shows Congress’s Priorities: Authoritarianism and War – Original

HOME/ABOUT | deadlyromantics

I miss this guy. We were pen pals for a long time. 

Use Once And Destroy (

Medea Benjamin on Twitter: “Ceasefire now! Peace on Earth! #peaceinukraine” / Twitter

World BEYOND War on Twitter: “📢 Register now to receive updates from World BEYOND War about important #antiwar events, petitions, news, and action alerts from our global grassroots network! #newsletter #activism #nowar” / Twitter

David Swanson on Twitter: “Youtube tries hard to warn you off, but just keep clicking that you want to watch it.” / Twitter

David Swanson on Twitter: “Talk World Radio: Niamh Ni Bhriain on Weapons Business Booming” / Twitter


Yeah so over the holidays I resumed my semi-abandoned tradition of sending letters home to the people I came up with and ya know the comical part is just like in the old Circus Of Power song, nobody wrote me back! That’s rough. I get it, though. I used to make ’em all mix tapes but the local thrift store sells their donated second hand dual cassette boomboxes on Ebay now for top dollar. They’re probably all shocked and awed at how I refuse to assimilate, become a gentrified warpig, talk in Commercial, and get in line. I still aint into Foo Fighters or Wolfgang. STILL FREE SPEECH & ANTI CENSORSHIP. STILL ANTIWAR and ANTI POLICE STATE. STILL HATE FRAUDS and sheepdogs who lied and betrayed the working class, and I still got love for the streets. Like the old song goes, “you are someone else, I am still right here”. Matt Taibbi has, like Edward Snowden before him, exposed how the deep state has taken control of all the social media platforms, so anyone who strays from preferred Big Pharma and Weapon Maker and Davos billionaire/one world government narratives on Ukraine, or the ever mutating Covid virus, will be silenced, shouted down, demonetized and deplatformed. Consumers of mainstream misinformation are being programmed to hate and fear all dissident whistleblowers and indie media journalists, and anti war activists. This aint nothin’ new to me, I been getting cancelled all my life by the goose stepping cows of conformity, censored in punk mags for not shining Obama’s shoes, censored in punk mags for telling the truth about cops shooting teenagers in the back. 

Sheesh, is there anything worse than wanna be popular social climbing posh people, the blamers and complainers, standing around reciting tv scripts about how “Nobody wants to work!” and “It’s so HARD to get GOOD HELP these days!” You got all these smalltime kissasses believing if they parrot whatever the Kardashians or Elon Musk or Miley Cyrus or Ladies On the View have to say, that’ll somehow make them second hand rich and famous, too. They went to school and were taught it was their job to call the cops on smokers and panhandlers and censor those ikky, unsightly poor people, shivering outdoors in the brutal elements. Middleclass people feel like it’s their calling to punish the poor, that’s how they get their Highfalootin’ title in the tower. What nerds, what saps. The Rachel Maddow watching, khaki wearing script memorizers are some willingly blind batshit motherfuckers. I call ’em the Thank Obamas, they want more homeland security to remove all us lower class people from their cozy hipster gentrification zones for science and diversity. Diverse only means RICH gay people, or RICH black people, you dig-property owners and wealth hoarders in varying hues and genders simaultaneously reciting the same uptight polite white shite. Merchandise branders.Poor people got no credibility with the married ups or copycat clones. All you can do in this lifetime is your part, you keep your side of the street clean as you can, and let the dead bury the dead, stomp the dust off your winklepickers. Move on. My former associate, an Amerikcan Indian Movement activist told me, “your children come through you, not to you.” Whoo, theses are harsh times and while there are privileges of membership, there are penalties for ebing an outsider. where I live, the DMV closed down during Covid and now you gotta make an appointment, so I get rejected all the time for having an outta date i.d., that’s the kinda shit poor people get to fuck with all day. Fuck you, that’s about all we here from the insiders. I called one old chum primarily to inquire about his ma’s health problems, he was like, “I’m too busy for little people like you”. Whoa, ya know? So that’s how it is now. That New Normal and Great Reset I keep hearin’ about. Rich get richer, poor folks need to fuck off and die suddenly. 

Mondays in the deadend desert ghost town are always insufferably boring cause what few stores survived the Lockstep clampdowns stay closed on Mondays here, it’s like Double Sunday but without the marischino cherry. Nowhere to go, on Covid quarantine, can’t drink around crazy teenager, hate Netflix, I got an old phonebook but all my contacts are dead. SO fucking depressing.

US Finds Another $44 Billion for Ukraine (

Rysh ❄️ on Twitter: “@MaxBlumenthal So glad to hear them say there are no Nazi’s in Ukraine.” / Twitter

Ben Norton on Twitter: “Protesters in Peru are spending Christmas honoring the dozens of victims who were killed by the US-backed coup regime. This video shows protesters in the capital Lima condemning coup leader Dina Boluarte as “corrupt and murderous”” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “The scene two blocks from the US Capitol, as Zelensky appealed for more than $45 billion in additional military aid to continue a proxy war through 2023” / Twitter

“$300 billion of Russian central bank foreign reserves were frozen by US/EU

West also froze/stole reserves of Venezuela, Iran, Afghanistan, list is growing You can bet even longtime US allies (say, Saudi Arabia, India, Egypt, etc.) are looking into diversifying their FX holdings.” (-Ben Norton)

Democrats have always been the war party. One of the greatest fictions of the late 20th century was that liberals were somehow anti-war. But from Truman to Bill Clinton some of the worst crimes against humanity & war crimes were committed by democrats.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

The Pentagon claims it assists partners in Africa with a “3D approach” — that is “Diplomacy, Development & Defense.” Allow me to clarify: Diplomacy = Threats Development = Bribes Defense = Blowing things up” (-Lee Camp)

“The moral coward Anne Sacoolas, almost certainly a CIA spook, killed a British teenager but refused to face a court – as advised by her hypocritical govt, which demands Julian #Assange‘s extradition. A snapshot of America’s criminal place in the world.” (-John Pilger)

Bob Marley’s Grandson Jo Mersa Marley Dies At 31 (

Only about a third of the FY2023 spending bill is for programs unrelated to military and law enforcement (

NATO Leader Warns Ukraine War Could Escalate Into WW3 – YouTube

Mick Wallace (@wallacemick) / Twitter

Clare Daly (@ClareDalyMEP) / Twitter

MintPress News on Twitter: “Professor Richard Wolff shows how the U.S.’s attempts to use subsidies to beat China in the microchip market are contributing to the deindustrialization of Europe. China is currently suing the U.S. over this economic war in the World Trade Organization.” / Twitter

Alan MacLeod on Twitter: “Talking of SpaceX, read my investigation into how E.M. is less a renegade outsider, and more of a massive Pentagon contractor.” / Twitter

LastAmericanVagabond (@TLAVagabond) / Twitter

News from Underground by Mark Crispin Miller | Substack

Jamie Jenkins on Twitter: “🚨🚨 WHO Director General – ‘So if its going to be used its better to focus on those groups who have risk of severe disease rather than as we see some countries are using to give boosters to kill children’ ➡️ If he intentionally meant to say that is quite some statement 🤔” / Twitter

“Another example of the profound differences between Euro-“Americans” & Europeans & the rest of us is this BS about Churchill. Churchill was a racist colonialist war criminal. So in a sense the comparison with the actor-president Zlensky & his advocacy of Western values is correct.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

Good Night & Good Luck, all my brothers and sisters and friends of the revolution. Stay Wild! Stay Free!



Hey kids, remember these guys? I thought they were super fab, right around the time I became semi obsessed with Sister Of Mercy’s perfect masterpiece, “Vision Thing” and also Iggy’s “Brick By Brick”, an extraordinarily well written collection of excellent songs even if you aint into the mainstream production and prefer him skronkin round all bloody and peanut butter sticky in the basement of the funhouse broken glass. I liked their hit even better that it seemed to slyly make reference to “Heroine”, everybody’s favorite Dogs D’Amour song from back then. To me they were like a cool cross between the Cult, Julian Cope, and the Bolshoi and pop. I thought they wrote good songs and had a really great sound. It’s so hard to find people into this kindof music to start little nowhere garage bands with. I did see this really glorious pink light coming over the mountain at sunset tonight-for a few flashing seconds it kinda looked like a bomb pop, that was something nice in an otherwise pretty horrific week of alienation, high anxiety, punishment and rejection-rough stuff, just hope my babies are all okay, wherever they are. My father in law’s a mean old cowboy, he left ICU against medical advice, went home and mowed his lawn. My youngest turns 15 tomorrow, his mom went to get him some pizza as a prelude to the big day, he informed me last night he will no longer be permitting me to use “his” tv in the bedroom when I go to bed hours before the rest of the family-I sortof like to unwind with some dumb shit, so I can quit agonizing over my fuckedup predicaments, absent children, overall sense of helplessness and sick dread, before I fade into my dreamland, but you know I’ll do my best to honor his wishes. We’re in the midst of moving, who knows, maybe I can carve out some space for myself in the fuckedup overpacked garage, we’ll see. 

Back when I was really immersed in Balaam and Sisters and Iggy, I met this dude somehow in Boston, I guess he found my fanzine at Newbury Comics and before he became rich and famous writing for all those bigtime glossy magazines, he wrote for my sordid, crummy Kinkos stapler in the middle of the night fanzines and I hosted his earliest foray into ramshackle, low budget cable access, grebo shockpunk freakout. I still have a Best Of episode on VHS. I was always hoping the old shows would make it to youtube, but last time I talked to him on the phone, maybe eighteen years ago, I think he said his sister threw all the old tapes out. Bummer. We had a lotta laughs. Articles by: Sleazegrinder | Louder (

Why the War Party Needed To Demonize Iran – Original

 Shameless Hypocrisy: West Shows Solidarity with Chinese Protesters While it Conceals its Own Earlier Massive Atrocities Against China | CovertAction Magazine


“You’re not a socialist if you have the same foreign policy as Dick Cheney.” (-Primo Radical)

“Liberals are not leftists. Liberals are pro-war. Liberals are pro-capitalism. Liberals don’t want power for the downtrodden. They want the downtrodden to accept their powerlessness.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“Jesus H. Christ, man. Just when fauxgressives show some vague shadow of sanity or decency, they apologize for doing so! The #FraudSquad are NeoCons.” (-Primo Radical)

“Jayapal throws staff under the bus for the gentle suggestion of diplomacy to end a war, then pleads guilty to the greatest crime in Washington today: giving the appearance of agreeing with the other party. Letter suggesting diplomacy is “withdrawn”. (-Ryan Grim)

1 In 3 Americans Are Struggling: What If We United? (

US Police Track Innocent People’s Movements With Troubling New App (

My War Never Ends – The Chris Hedges Report (

Opinion | In America, Democracy Can Simply Be Bought by the Billionaires | Michael Waldman (

POEM: There it is, Jayne Cortez, 2009 | Black Agenda Report

Oh my stars and garters, brothers and sisters and friends of the revolution, I have been getting so hammered psychologically by the rabid crowds of status seeker conformity, it’s hard to even think straight. I’m basically delirious from all their collective delusions, bullshit cover story scapegoat shams, and mine, all mine, power trips. It’s hard watching once good people being lured over to the dark side. I’ll be honest with ya, I could use a motherfucking cocktail or ten. Everybody I ever knew who aint dead yet seem to be clinging stubbornly to their preferred partisan media source, as if, the five pig media monopolies aren’t all owned by the same group of Wall Street elites-Vanguard and Black Rock are buying up every fucking thing not already owned by Gates and company. Let’s all do our little part and help elevate and amplify the voices of the people for peace and freedom and human rights and civil liberties. Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates should not be allowed to own the world.

Who is Kshama Sawant? | Socialist Alternative

“They say that the Illuminati is an “unhinged conspiracy theory,” yet the most powerful people in the world are all in Davos at the behest of this 84-year-old German conspiring on how to subvert democracy, steal our resources, and monitor literally every aspect of your existence.” (-Primo Radical)

Zcomm » ZNet

“The U.S. is an oligarchy. The UK is an oligarchy. The EU is an alliance of oligarchies. If you think Russia is more of an oligarchy than these countries, then congratulations, you’re a victim of propaganda!” (-Danny Haiphong)

Tulsi Gabbard May Have Left the Democratic Party, But She Isn’t Helping the Left | Black Agenda Report

Adbusters Media Foundation | Journal of the Mental Environment

The SPINELESS Progressives | Ralph Nader PUSHES Dems | Pod Save America says VBNMW / Twitter

“Pro-war “progressives” call for pairing a diplomatic push with “unprecedented economic and military support” that enables more war. If they’re against the war, they need to stop the unlimited obscene funding that’s throwing gasoline on the fire. (-Dr. Jill Stein)

“The White House’s reaction to the letter was pathetic, saying that only Zelensky gets to decide. That might be true if we weren’t backing Ukraine with money, weapons and intelligence. But since we are, we should certainly have our own point of view.” (-David Sacks)

“This is important news. Democratic lawmakers who’ve 100% voted to fuel the Ukraine proxy war are now calling on Biden to negotiate with Russia on a way to end it. A credit to anti-war protesters and constituents, and staffers on the Hill who have a conscience.” (-Aaron Mate’)

“A lot of US politicians claim to oppose antisemitism but have no problem giving weapons to Nazis in Ukraine.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“It only took them 7 months of brutal war to figure out what true peace activists said from day one.” (-Lee Camp) 

FBI COINTELPRO Is Back, And Worse Than Ever | The Libertarian Institute

Dr. Jill Stein🌻 on Twitter: “If this is news to you, where have you been for the last 251 US military interventions since 1991, (per the Congressional Research Service)? Or the $21 T US military expenditures since 2001 creating failed states, mass refugee migrations & continuing terrorist threats?” / Twitter

Biden says he looks forward to working with Netanyahu’s new gov’t | Joe Biden News | Al Jazeera

“We have a new Prime Minister in the UK, unelected by the British people or even the Tories. He didn’t give a single debate, interview or statement about what his “program” is. All we know is he’s stinking rich & worked for Goldman Sachs. But hey, he’s the first non-white PM! Lol” (-Richard Medhurst)

“Behind the relentless media theatre, millions of Britons are plunged into poverty as Tory extremists prepare to destroy the remnants of a civilised society. The last wave of ‘austerity’ caused 330,000 excess deaths. This is known as ‘stability’. Read on:” (-John Pilger) Rishi Sunak: The UK’s new, multi-millionaire prime minister – World Socialist Web Site (

Sonic Youth on Twitter: “Feelings of being happy, I want to see our star shine again. We support Lula and @Haddad_Fernando to help Brazil get to better days. Artwork by Magô Pool” / Twitter

“Quick guide to American politics: Anyone who supports US imperialism — regardless of any other beliefs that they might hold — is at their core a good, normal & admirable person. Anyone who opposes US imperialism is an unstable conspiracy theorist who may be working for Russia.” (-Primo Radical)

Danny DeVito on Twitter: “60 B for war? How bout a few B to replace the water systems in Jackson Mississippi and Flynt Michigan? Doesn’t work that way? Why ? What happened to repairing infrastructure? Remember that concept?” / Twitter

Opinion | These Supreme Court Cases Could Spell Final Doom for US Democracy | Belén Fernández (

Opinion | The Many Things Rishi Sunak Doesn’t Want You to Know | Adam Bychawski (

BOMBSHELL CONFESSION: FBI Tampered With 1992 Presidential Election To Help Bill Clinton Win, Asserts Ex-Intelligence Agent | CovertAction Magazine

Dr. Jill Stein🌻 on Twitter: “As America throws more gasoline on the fire in UKR, & ignores opportunities to avert nuclear Armageddon, the most famous political prisoner of the US receives yet another award for journalism, peace & freedom.” / Twitter

“I’m incredibly excited to invite you to an evening with the legendary


 of Pink Floyd and beyond. Roger Waters is not only a musical genius, he’s a tireless, fearless voice for peace and justice. Register now to join us and please retweet!��” (-Matt Hoh For Senate)

“”Nobody invests billions to build this new colonized reality & then leave. Why 2 states? Why do the Palestinians have to live in different reality? Why not a single democracy with equal rights?” – @mikopeled arguing one state solution Israel Palestine” (-Katie Halper Show-she’s the journalist fired by the Hill for saying Israeli apartheid is not cuddly, cute, or peachy keen) Your friends don’t even know they’ve been heavily propagandized for years and facts are censored by a collaboration between the oligarchy owned secret police and a coalition of tech owning billionaires who meet in secret.

“So many people tell me they never see my tweets anymore. Really frustrating.” (-Rania Khalek)

“Same here Rania. I have a 120K followers & use to see hundreds & thousands likes & retweets. Now I barely see a hundred retweets. I understand the game. All of the “left” forces who give ideological cover to the colonial/capitalist project have not experienced any problems.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

How the pro-Ukraine NAFO troll operation crowd-funds war criminals – The Grayzone

US, UK sabotaged peace deal because they ‘don’t care about Ukraine’: fmr. NATO adviser – The Grayzone

Whitney Webb, Author at Unlimited Hangout



Hey kids, remember these guys? I thought they were super fab, right around the time I became semi obsessed with Sister Of Mercy’s perfect masterpiece, “Vision Thing” and also Iggy’s “Brick By Brick”, an extraordinarily well written collection of excellent songs even if you aint into the mainstream production and prefer him skronkin round all bloody and peanut butter sticky in the basement of the funhouse broken glass. I liked their hit even better that it seemed to slyly make reference to “Heroine”, everybody’s favorite Dogs D’Amour song from back then. To me they were like a cool cross between the Cult, Julian Cope, and the Bolshoi and pop. I thought they wrote good songs and had a really great sound. It’s so hard to find people into this kindof music to start little nowhere garage bands with. I did see this really glorious pink light coming over the mountain at sunset tonight-for a few flashing seconds it kinda looked like a bomb pop, that was something nice in an otherwise pretty horrific week of alienation, high anxiety, punishment and rejection-rough stuff, just hope my babies are all okay, wherever they are. My father in law’s a mean old cowboy, he left ICU against medical advice, went home and mowed his lawn. My youngest turns 15 tomorrow, his mom went to get him some pizza as a prelude to the big day, he informed me last night he will no longer be permitting me to use “his” tv in the bedroom when I go to bed hours before the rest of the family-I sortof like to unwind with some dumb shit, so I can quit agonizing over my fuckedup predicaments, absent children, overall sense of helplessness and sick dread, before I fade into my dreamland, but you know I’ll do my best to honor his wishes. We’re in the midst of moving, who knows, maybe I can carve out some space for myself in the fuckedup overpacked garage, we’ll see. 

Balaam And The Angel – I Love The Things You Do To MePromo from

Balaam And The Ange – Ill Show You Something Special – YouTube

Balaam And The Ange – Ill Show You Something SpecialVideo from the 1987 Classic Album Live Free Or

Balaam and The Angel – Light of the world – YouTube

Balaam and The Angel – Light of the world – YouTubeVideo from

Balaam and The Angel – Day And Night – YouTube

Balaam and The Angel – Day And NightBalaams first

Balaam And The Angel – What Love Is – YouTube

Balaam And The Angel – What Love IsPromo

Big City Fun Time Girl – YouTube

Big City Fun Time GirlProvided to YouTube by Universal Music Group Big City Fun Time Girl · Balaam And The Angel Live Free Or Die ℗ 1988 Virgin Records Limited Released on: 2009-01-01 Producer: Steve Brown Composer: Mark Morris Composer: Des Morris Composer: Jim Morris Auto-generated by

Goodbye Forever – YouTube

Goodbye ForeverProvided to YouTube by Universal Music GroupGoodbye Forever · Balaam And The AngelDays Of Madness℗ 1989 Virgin Records LimitedReleased on: 2009-01-01Composer…

Back when I was really immersed in Balaam and Sisters and Iggy, I met this dude somehow in Boston, I guess he found my fanzine at Newbury Comics and before he became rich and famous writing for all those bigtime glossy magazines, he wrote for my sordid, crummy Kinkos stapler in the middle of the night fanzines and I hosted his earliest foray into ramshackle, low budget cable access, grebo shockpunk freakout. I still have a Best Of episode on VHS. I was always hoping the old shows would make it to youtube, but last time I talked to him on the phone, maybe eighteen years ago, I think he said his sister threw all the old tapes out. Bummer. We had a lotta laughs. Articles by: Sleazegrinder | Louder (

Articles by: Sleazegrinder | Louder – loudersoundCame from the sky like a 747. Classic Rock’s least-reputable byline-grabber since 2003.Several decades deep into the music industry. Got fired from an early incarnation of Anal C**t after one show. 30 years later, got fired from the New York Times after one week. Likes rock and hates everything

Why the War Party Needed To Demonize Iran – Original

Why the War Party Needed To Demonize Iran – OriginalWhen the 77-Years War ended in 1991, the Shiite theocracy ensconced in Tehran was an unfortunate albatross on the Persian people. But it was no threat to America’s homeland safety and security,

Shameless Hypocrisy: West Shows Solidarity with Chinese Protesters While it Conceals its Own Earlier Massive Atrocities Against China | CovertAction Magazine

Shameless Hypocrisy: West Shows Solidarity with Chinese Protesters While it Conceals its Own Earlier Massive Atrocities Against China | CovertAction MagazineWhen you donate to CovertAction Magazine, you are supporting investigative journalism.Your contributions go directly to supporting the development, production, editing, and dissemination of the Magazine. CovertAction Magazine does not receive corporate or government sponsorship.Yet, we hold a steadfast commitment to providing compensation for writers, editorial and technical


“You’re not a socialist if you have the same foreign policy as Dick Cheney.” (-Primo Radical)

“Liberals are not leftists. Liberals are pro-war. Liberals are pro-capitalism. Liberals don’t want power for the downtrodden. They want the downtrodden to accept their powerlessness.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“Jesus H. Christ, man. Just when fauxgressives show some vague shadow of sanity or decency, they apologize for doing so! The #FraudSquad are NeoCons.” (-Primo Radical)

“Jayapal throws staff under the bus for the gentle suggestion of diplomacy to end a war, then pleads guilty to the greatest crime in Washington today: giving the appearance of agreeing with the other party. Letter suggesting diplomacy is “withdrawn”. (-Ryan Grim)

1 In 3 Americans Are Struggling: What If We United? (

1 In 3 Americans Are Struggling: What If We United?

Revolutionary Blackout – YouTubeBlacking Out Corporate Propaganda and Educating for a

US Police Track Innocent People’s Movements With Troubling New App (

US Police Track Innocent People’s Movements With Troubling New

My War Never Ends – The Chris Hedges Report (

My War Never EndsThis article also appeared today on
finding jesus SD 480p – YouTubea preview of Dan Denton’s second book ‘Finding Jesus & Prayers To My Saints.’ A book of prose and poetry releasing from Gutter Snob Books on November 1st. Or…

Opinion | In America, Democracy Can Simply Be Bought by the Billionaires | Michael Waldman (

In America, Democracy Can Simply Be Bought by the BillionairesThe Guardian reported this week on the efforts of tech billionaire Peter Thiel to influence U.S. politics.It’s an important piece about more than just this election cycle. Thiel’s power shows what Citizens United has done to our democracy. “Since Citizens United, just 12 mega-donors, eight of them billionaires, have paid one dollar out of every 13 spent in federal elections.”

POEM: There it is, Jayne Cortez, 2009 | Black Agenda Report

POEM: There it is, Jayne Cortez, 2009 | Black Agenda ReportThe late Jayne Cortez spits fire, reminding us of the need to fight, resist, organize, and unify to seize power. You should read her NOW. Jayne Cortez (May 10, 1934–December 28, 2012) was a poet, a performance artist, an activist, a Black Arts Movement blueswoman steeped in free jazz and surrealism, a pan-African feminist and an anti-imperialist whose uncompromised voice and visiom stalked …

Oh my stars and garters, brothers and sisters and friends of the revolution, I have been getting so hammered psychologically by the rabid crowds of status seeker conformity, it’s hard to even think straight. I’m basically delirious from all their collective delusions, bullshit cover story scapegoat shams, and mine, all mine, power trips. It’s hard watching once good people being lured over to the dark side. I’ll be honest with ya, I could use a motherfucking cocktail or ten. Everybody I ever knew who aint dead yet seem to be clinging stubbornly to their preferred partisan media source, as if, the five pig media monopolies aren’t all owned by the same group of Wall Street elites-Vanguard and Black Rock are buying up every fucking thing not already owned by Gates and company. Let’s all do our little part and help elevate and amplify the voices of the people for peace and freedom and human rights and civil liberties. Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates should not be allowed to own the world.

Who is Kshama Sawant? | Socialist Alternative

Who is Kshama Sawant? | Socialist AlternativeKshama Sawant was first elected to the Seattle City Council in 2013 with over 90,000 votes, running as a proud Socialist Alternative member back before “Bernie” and “AOC” were household names. She was the first elected socialist in Seattle in nearly a century. Kshama used her 2013 election
PRIMO RADICAL #250: Noam Chomsky – YouTubeThe living legend, former MIT linguistics professor and political commentator Noam Chomsky returns for this monumental 250th episode! In this interview, we d…

“They say that the Illuminati is an “unhinged conspiracy theory,” yet the most powerful people in the world are all in Davos at the behest of this 84-year-old German conspiring on how to subvert democracy, steal our resources, and monitor literally every aspect of your existence.” (-Primo Radical)

Zcomm » ZNet

“The U.S. is an oligarchy. The UK is an oligarchy. The EU is an alliance of oligarchies. If you think Russia is more of an oligarchy than these countries, then congratulations, you’re a victim of propaganda!” (-Danny Haiphong)

Tulsi Gabbard May Have Left the Democratic Party, But She Isn’t Helping the Left | Black Agenda Report

Tulsi Gabbard May Have Left the Democratic Party, But She Isn’t Helping the Left | Black Agenda ReportTulsi Gabbard cultivated an image as an anti-war progressive, but her endorsement of Joe Biden, and support for conservative positions culminated in an exit from the democratic party which revealed her right wing and racist

Adbusters Media Foundation | Journal of the Mental Environment

Adbusters Media Foundation | Journal of the Mental EnvironmentAdbusters is a global collective of poets, punks and philosophers implementing radical design and media strategies to shake up complacent consumerist culture. We’re aiming at the stale systems suffocating society: the power-hungry forces that leave people and the environment in disarray; the toxic capitalism that creeps into our bodies and

The SPINELESS Progressives | Ralph Nader PUSHES Dems | Pod Save America says VBNMW / Twitter

Dr Jill Stein on Assange stroke symptoms

“Pro-war “progressives” call for pairing a diplomatic push with “unprecedented economic and military support” that enables more war. If they’re against the war, they need to stop the unlimited obscene funding that’s throwing gasoline on the fire. (-Dr. Jill Stein)

“The White House’s reaction to the letter was pathetic, saying that only Zelensky gets to decide. That might be true if we weren’t backing Ukraine with money, weapons and intelligence. But since we are, we should certainly have our own point of view.” (-David Sacks)

“This is important news. Democratic lawmakers who’ve 100% voted to fuel the Ukraine proxy war are now calling on Biden to negotiate with Russia on a way to end it. A credit to anti-war protesters and constituents, and staffers on the Hill who have a conscience.”

(-Aaron Mate’)

“A lot of US politicians claim to oppose antisemitism but have no problem giving weapons to Nazis in Ukraine.” (-Danny Haiphong)

The Jimmy Dore Show – YouTube“Jimmy Dore is outrageous and outraged, bothersome and bothered. A crucial, profane, passionate voice for progressives and free-thinkers in 21st century Amer…

“It only took them 7 months of brutal war to figure out what true peace activists said from day one.” (-Lee Camp) 

ANSWER Coalition HomeSaturday, Nov. 19 in NYC — The Real Path to peace in Ukraine: Negotiations, YES! Escalation, NO! Oct 31,

FBI COINTELPRO Is Back, And Worse Than Ever | The Libertarian Institute

FBI COINTELPRO Is Back, And Worse Than EverElon Musk has opened the floodgates to expose the FBI’s latest war on Americans’ freedom of speech. The FBI massively intervened to pressure Twitter to suppress accounts and tweets from individuals the FBI disapproved of, including parody accounts. The FBI and other federal agencies also browbeat Facebook, Instagram, and many…

Dr. Jill Stein🌻 on Twitter: “If this is news to you, where have you been for the last 251 US military interventions since 1991, (per the Congressional Research Service)? Or the $21 T US military expenditures since 2001 creating failed states, mass refugee migrations & continuing terrorist threats?” / Twitter

Biden says he looks forward to working with Netanyahu’s new gov’t | Joe Biden News | Al Jazeera

Biden says he looks forward to working with Netanyahu’s new gov’tUS president calls Israeli prime minister ‘friend for decades’, ignores concerns about rise of far-right

“We have a new Prime Minister in the UK, unelected by the British people or even the Tories. He didn’t give a single debate, interview or statement about what his “program” is. All we know is he’s stinking rich & worked for Goldman Sachs. But hey, he’s the first non-white PM! Lol” (-Richard Medhurst)

“Behind the relentless media theatre, millions of Britons are plunged into poverty as Tory extremists prepare to destroy the remnants of a civilised society. The last wave of ‘austerity’ caused 330,000 excess deaths. This is known as ‘stability’. Read on:” (-John Pilger) Rishi Sunak: The UK’s new, multi-millionaire prime minister – World Socialist Web Site (

Rishi Sunak: The UK’s new, multi-millionaire prime ministerThe global financial oligarchy tanked the British economy in protest against Truss’s plans for massive government borrowing. In Sunak, they have engineered her replacement by one of their own acting on the dictates of the

Sonic Youth on Twitter: “Feelings of being happy, I want to see our star shine again. We support Lula and @Haddad_Fernando to help Brazil get to better days. Artwork by Magô Pool” / Twitter

“Quick guide to American politics: Anyone who supports US imperialism — regardless of any other beliefs that they might hold — is at their core a good, normal & admirable person. Anyone who opposes US imperialism is an unstable conspiracy theorist who may be working for Russia.” (-Primo Radical)

Danny DeVito on Twitter: “60 B for war? How bout a few B to replace the water systems in Jackson Mississippi and Flynt Michigan? Doesn’t work that way? Why ? What happened to repairing infrastructure? Remember that concept?” / Twitter

Danny DeVito on Twitter: “60 B for war? How bout a few B to replace the water systems in Jackson Mississippi and Flynt Michigan? Doesn’t work that way? Why ? What happened to repairing infrastructure? Remember that concept?”60 B for war? How bout a few B to replace the water systems in Jackson Mississippi and Flynt Michigan? Doesn’t work that way? Why ? What happened to repairing infrastructure?

Opinion | These Supreme Court Cases Could Spell Final Doom for US Democracy | Belén Fernández (

These Supreme Court Cases Could Spell Final Doom for US DemocracyDemonstrators hold up a sign as they participate in the Moral March on Manchin and McConnell, a rally held by the Poor Peoples Campaign, calling on them to eliminate the legislative filibuster and pass the “For The People” voting rights bill, outside the Supreme Court in Washington on Wednesday, June 23,

Opinion | The Many Things Rishi Sunak Doesn’t Want You to Know | Adam Bychawski (

The Many Things Rishi Sunak Doesn’t Want You to KnowPrime minister Rishi Sunak—reportedly the richest MP in Parliament—will be a boon for the financial lobby, tax justice campaigners have warned. The man trounced by Liz Truss just weeks ago has been confirmed as her replacement with the exit of Penny Mordaunt from the Tory leadership contest. But …

BOMBSHELL CONFESSION: FBI Tampered With 1992 Presidential Election To Help Bill Clinton Win, Asserts Ex-Intelligence Agent | CovertAction Magazine

Dr. Jill Stein🌻 on Twitter: “As America throws more gasoline on the fire in UKR, & ignores opportunities to avert nuclear Armageddon, the most famous political prisoner of the US receives yet another award for journalism, peace & freedom.” / Twitter

“I’m incredibly excited to invite you to an evening with the legendary


 of Pink Floyd and beyond. Roger Waters is not only a musical genius, he’s a tireless, fearless voice for peace and justice. Register now to join us and please retweet!��” (-Matt Hoh For Senate)

“”Nobody invests billions to build this new colonized reality & then leave. Why 2 states? Why do the Palestinians have to live in different reality? Why not a single democracy with equal rights?” –


 arguing one state solution Israel Palestine” (-Katie Halper Show-she’s the journalist fired by the Hill for saying Israeli apartheid is not cuddly, cute, or peachy keen)

Israeli General’s Son Argues For One State SolutionMiko Peled explains how he came to the conclusion for the one state solution. 00:00 Intro 00:23 Miko’s epiphany 2:50 Why a two state solution is a zionist construct Watch the full video here: Miko Peled ( is a speaker, writer, human rights activist, Karate …
War Propaganda and Putin’s Curse with Richard MedhurstSupport the program, which needs just $100 per month more to be sustainable! Support the channel in other ways: Substack: Cashapp: $Dhaiphong Venmo: @dannyH2020 Paypal:…. Follow me on Telegram and find all of my work here … Your friends don’t even know they’ve been heavily propagandized for years and facts are censored by a collaboration between the oligarchy owned secret police and a coalition of tech owning billionaires who meet in secret.

“So many people tell me they never see my tweets anymore. Really frustrating.” (-Rania Khalek)

“Same here Rania. I have a 120K followers & use to see hundreds & thousands likes & retweets. Now I barely see a hundred retweets. I understand the game. All of the “left” forces who give ideological cover to the colonial/capitalist project have not experienced any problems.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

How the pro-Ukraine NAFO troll operation crowd-funds war criminals – The Grayzone

How the pro-Ukraine NAFO troll operation crowd-funds war criminalsCelebrated in mainstream US media for its anti-Russian trolling, the Twitter operation known as NAFO was founded by a Polish antisemite to raise money for a militia that has hosted war criminals, white nationalists and wanted murderers. Whether they know it or not, anyone who has checked Twitter for recent coverage of the Ukraine proxy war has likely encountered at least one of the thousands …

US, UK sabotaged peace deal because they ‘don’t care about Ukraine’: fmr. NATO adviser – The Grayzone

US, UK sabotaged peace deal because they ‘don’t care about Ukraine’: fmr. NATO adviser – The

Whitney Webb, Author at Unlimited Hangout

Whitney Webb, Author at Unlimited HangoutIn this first instalment of a new series, Iain Davis and Whitney Webb explore how the UN’s “sustainable development” policies, the SDGs, do not promote “sustainability” as most conceive of it and instead utilise the same debt imperialism long used by the Anglo-American Empire to entrap nations in a new, equally predatory system of global financial


I gotta walk to the post office in an hour, ‘cross town, a gauntlet of speed freaks, Fentanyl zombies, pitbulls, and gigantic compound owning millionaire Hillary lovin’ new age heiresses. I’m depressed as fuck. Sometimes in this cold world you look around for your friends and you just see people immersed in these private world delusions. One’s on pills, one’s on crack, or gender studies egomaniacs. It’s like all class war, all the time, on every channel and I am on the losing team.

Sabby Sabs on Twitter: “@Columbia & @Northeastern are purchasing residential housing buildings & adding it their campuses. This is not okay! Affordable housing is a myth. Affordable for who?” / Twitter


I know he’s friends with all my older Canadian punk idols, but Bart Lewis and me social media divorced each other over Hillary and the Democrats a few years ago when I was pissedoff Podesta and Wasserman Schwartz rigged those primaries against Bernie Sanders, the only one whose message could fill stadiums and appeal to a populist majority without corporate media repetition bullshit and hackable deep state vote counting software. Ken Foxx graduated from a Gene Simmons produced blues metal sleaze punk band to playing bass for the world’s greatest all night good times, feel good, right the fuck on party band of all the time, the immortal and untouchable FLESHTONES! Sally Cato, sadly has passed away, but Bart went digging through the archives during the Covid Clampdowns and assembled a really seemingly sensational compilation of seldom heard Smashed Gladys tracks. I’m excited about it even though I won’t probably be able to purchase a copy anytime in the foreseeable future as what little shit I have left is in boxes and my life is chaos with very little autonomy or sovereignty or getting a real vote. Main difference between me and all the other slaves is at least I know I’m a slave. Hard to sleep with that brutal awareness though, cause I never liked eating shit or following orders. I remember growing up I’d always read Gene Simmons in magazines, telling people, particularly women, that they should obediently suck up to rich people. He told his kid not to fix his own car-that’s for the little people. That kinda class bully shit is just not my bag at all. So yeah anyways when we were seventeen and eighteen the Cat Club scene was happening in NYC, the Ramones were having those Acid Glitter Trashball Extravaganzas in the city with the Oddballs, JT, Blonde & Blue. The Waldos were at their peak, just killin’ it, at every show, they just laid it down so righteously. I was Seventeen, Goin’ On Crazy. We’d take reckless road trips in unreliable vehicles we’d buy for $100 or $200 from farmboys who were going to the local mechanic trade school, and worked with us at the local Little Ceasers as delivery drivers, or from my friend, Big Frank, who ran the local speed parts shop. We’d go see every sleazy rocknroll band we could-Mike Monroe, Faster Pussycat, Iggy, Alice, Ace, the Dogs D’Amour, Circus Of Power, Cycle Sluts From Hell, the Ramones, the Heartbreakers, Cheetah Chrome, Pillbox, the Phantoms. I was really into Sally Cato at that age as you might imagine, she was one of my kind. Golden Robot records is releasing this glamtastic tribute to Sally’s very special brand of sexy, streetwise, bluesy soulpower. If you love down and dirty divebar glam rock, and obviously if you are reading anything I ever wrote, you obviously do, I encourage you to check it out. We might not share the same politics, but you out crowd dissidents and dropouts know I think politics are fake as fuck anyways, same billionaires with a puppet on each hand. So ya know, I still applaud and appreciate the high quality rocknroll Bart Lewis has made throughout the years. 18 fuckin’ tracks, just checkout how good this shit is. Ya know nothing gets me feeling like life is worthwhile like the  sleazy from the heart rocknroll does. I’m a guy, but I identified with Sally, saw her as a female version of myself really, had a lotta the same personality traits, moves, style and passions, we were into all the same shit. Just look at her. God love her, God bless her. She was a little Johnette, and a little bit Texacala, too! You’d think after all these decades where I’m the only one still writing about summa these bands I’d be on summa these Demon Doll records, Easy Action or Golden Robot mailing lists by now, but you know the record industry is ran by people who are more like Gene Simmons than people like me. I had to go to Wal Mart last night against my own will and better judgement and their whole music aisle was just like Billie Eilish, Taylor Swift, Foo Fighters and the Eagles. You gotta be grateful for fucking youtube if you’re a dishwasher, I suppose. How is anybody supposed to have twenty bucks for a cd when the greedhead Wall street corporations and ruthless horrible utility companies keep gouging the fuck out of all us poor people at the bottom just because they can and just conveniently always using bullshit media to blame their greed on some foreign boogeyman-who is it this week? Hussein, Gaddafi, Chavez, Bin Ladin, ahh yes, Putin, that’s right. All purpose motherfuckin boogeyman. It’s supposed to freeze tonight. (RIP)

Pillbox re-issue proves they were the real deal | Reviews (

“I have learned my friend, the Bengali journalist A.U.M. Fakhruddin, has died from Covid, having been with me during the war that liberated Bangladesh. Every encounter with this poet of a man would lift my mood; I pay tribute to him in my book, Heroes, and here again I salute him.” (-John Pilger)

 “Those who hate Russia the most are the ones who embody everything they claim to hate about it: they’re all pro-war, pro-censorship, pro-propaganda, pro-trolling operations, and support Ukraine in banning political parties and opposition media. They are what they claim to hate. Meanwhile those of us who oppose those things are told to “move to Russia”, even though we’re the ones advocating the supposed “western values” they claim to support while they’re doing everything they can to undermine them. THEY should move to Russia.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

“In reality, US military aid has prolonged a disastrous proxy war with Russia that has claimed thousands of lives.” (-Aaron Maté on Ukraine, September 2019)

“Don’t be pushed by your problems. Be led by your dreams”.

“Capitalism has turned housing, food, water and healthcare into luxury goods” (-MC Squared)

“The State is the pillar of capitalism, and it is ridiculous to expect any redress from it.” (~ Emma Goldman )


    Good Morning, all my brothers and sisters and friends of the revolution! I can’t talk to nobody I used to know since the Tipper Gore PMRC hijacked the mean gentrification shitlb former pseudo left with their fun hating bullshit uncoolness. I still wanna sing and dance and be who I am and I will never support your fascist police state dystopias or evil richman wars for some fuckin’ crumbs of get drunk/control of channel changer privilege or a hallpass from the ruling class like my ex friends and former associates. “If I can’t dance to it, it’s not my revolution. (— Emma Goldman)  I never thought I’d see the day when all the ex punks and former hippies would obediently parrot the lies of their higher up superiors and go after anyone who challenges the word of known liars like the Cheney family or Hillary Clinton. The corrupt as fuck art of war motherfuckers at the top all say the best defense is a good offense, which is why corrupt insiders who hold the power and fix the selections and lie us into richman wars came out and accused the left of being puppets, trolls, fake news, Russianbots, sexist, anti semetic-they throw every disingenuous smear in the book at the real resistance–of course their favorites are still conspiracy theorist, Trump supporter, anti science, manspreader, cys born, tankie-hell I don’t even know what some of the Klaus Scwab faux left latest lexicon insults even mean, man-the actual echo-chamber troll armies are the Nato operated big tech paychecks and enthusiastic propaganda reposters who censor and frame all online conversations, and savagely attack and slander anyone who ever breathes anything faintly like the truth. Stokey  Carmichael/Kwame Ture was right about everything but particularly when he said the empire has no shame. You can call it what you like-the deep state, the ruling class, the Davos honchos, Reset billionaires, the Bilderberg Owl Cult, the oligarchy, the military industrial complex, the One Percent, the illuminati, the global elites, Nato, the permanent government, the cashless society microchippers, the inteligence agencies. The secretive bankster insiders of Vanguard and Black Rock and a few of their Saudi, UK, and Israeli billionaire collaborators own it all, just like George Carlin told us, way back in the better days. They program us in schools-just like they did all those kidnapped indigenous children, to hate ourselves and they train us to blame ourselves, even though we are lied to our whole lives, kept under boot, and most of us never get no sportin’ chance, the game was fixed, it was all fake as fuck, from the get, and most of our former peers are too invested in the house wins tilted tables, they can not even bring themselves to acknowledge there is a problem when techlords and oil plunderers and racist private prison forced labor profiteers own the entire media, the judges, the unaccountable cops and overmilitarized alphabet gangs, and now, even the fuckin doctors and college professors, who lose their good jobs and jeopardize their wife’s posh lifestyles if they ever tell the truth. We are sadly fucked, my people. Can’t believe so many rubes and dupes think the capitalist machine that eats bodies suddenly gives a real sincere fuck about Muslim women’s literacy or gay people’s rights-these are just useful divide n conquer hustles, donchu see the same ole good ole boy network still runs everything, even if they hired some token gay spy or pretty women of color or trans tv stars to tweet some meaningless pretty talk, or do some feelgood photo ops with some fat kids at the organic White House garden? 

    I don’t talk alot about it in my writing, but right now, I’m kinda depressed, ya’all-mainly cause on toppa all the friend death I’m still struggling to process, or make any sense of whatsoever, one of my very cherished kids has gone missing and the other side of the family have no idea where she is-being as how they kinda socialized the kids to stay distant from us dirty poors and crazy anarchists, it was all in their hands to use their power and prestige to protect and guide and provide for the kids, keep ’em safe, and it is nothing but low throbbing to sometimes suddenly acute pain not knowing where your kids are, or if they are okay. Something happened that I’m not privvy to-I just know something’s not right. So I kinda worry night and day, just helplessly. Feels like I’m gonna have a fuckin heart attack cause the stress and anxiety and worry is relentless, almost unbearable here.

    Meanwhile, I’ve been busy relocating and it can also be a stressful ordeal, reckoning with bureaucracies, impossible to please bliss bubble landlords, doing too much heavy lifting, fretting over wear and tear repairs, and an oversized broken window, especially with a bored teenager wanting constant attention, and two indoor cats and two outdoor cats we’ll need to catch-one of the main reasons I signed on to the move, even though I have personal reservations about the relocation, was we got some problem-neighbor who has insane manias and keeps kidnapping the outdoor cats and relocating them just cause he hates animals, owns nearby property, feels entitled. Also some registered sex offender developer is building these fuckedup Mcmansions all over the nearby fields so it’s non stop construction with all these leering jailbird criminal types he’s got working on his multiple job sites always stopping what they’re doing to give my wife the grossout hubba hubba wolf whistle harrasment business. All this with full women of city hall approval cause it aint their neighborhood being remade in his image.  I got more work to do today, but it’s going to rain, and my wife is on an entirely different schedule, so I won’t see her until about two this afternoon. Other problem I have is I still wanna make music, I got songs galore, but can no longer afford the Agenda 21 reset rents in urban places-these godless pigs are even asking $900 a month for run down desert shacks out here in no man’s lands, with forty year old carpets inhabited by generations of pet owners and indoors crack, meth, and cigarette smokers, it’s a sick society-for us or against us, the oligarchy said. The ruling class run the schools now and their identity puppet fraud squad celebrities and faux woke white bourgeoise P.C. bullshit cult is just a big sham. Makes karens on the hill feel holier than somebody, but that’s it. Safespace grovelers and privilege debaters are not real power to the people leftists-they are cloistered campus, future management class shitstains not to be trusted. So yeah I want nothing to do with the dominant mainstream culture which just trots out some fraud squad lady models to help fund endless Dick Cheney imperial proxy wars and tells you what words they’ve decided to ban this week and which comedians have been cancelled for challenging oligarchy preferred propaganda narratives and which whistleblower heroes have been kidnapped by the state. There was a dude, not far from here, who had offered to record me, play guitar, whatever-collaborate, but he has his own merchandise line and I think I’ve been burned too many times by former collaborators who acted like they were gonna do me some favor, but instead just hijacked the material, wasted my time and money before jumping ship to play for better financed say-nothing karaoke clowns, or parlayed their association with me into some kinda monetized high profile gig, or copyrighted songs of mine they had no hand in composing, so I’m kinda loathe to get involved with people who have merchandise lines, ya know what I’m sayin’? Ruthless takers, users, plagiarists, exploiters and social climbers kinda kill the joy in everything, don’t they? Vampires and capitalists. Last time I spoke to my old ridin’ buddy/adventure sharing rhythm guitarist/songwriting cohort, he was having conflict with other folks at the homeless shelter. It is a fuckedup world, a dark time, but pig media keeps everybody in that Thank Obama, pig-pharma happyspell, they keep telling all the Amazon shoppers that Zelensky is winning and people are just critical of AOC because she is a misunderstood female-it’s not cause she helped fund actual nazis in the Ukraine, dropped the ball on freeing the kids in cages and reuniting families warehoused at the border gulags that she wept for under Trump in all her staged publicity photos, stopped fighting for universal healthcare when Inside traitor Pelosi told her to; she, like soldout sadsack Sanders always stops short of proposing a peace negotiation, or demanding the evil empire cease sanctioning and trying to coup Cuba or Venezuela, and after the Capital Hill cop lives matter psy-op, she even dropped all pretenses of  defunding the racist police state-those meanies just won’t applaud all her celebrity red carpet Met Gala Eyes Wide Shut special privileges because they are….sexists. That’s the kinda dumb hustle most Murkkkans of the fauxwoke, college conditioning fall for. Nato-left new McCarthyite redscare Hillary Voters just wanna pivot back to how some celeb in a Met gala skirt is wokey woke for McWokeness or the token faces of false diversity are being unfairly treated because of “gender’, they only issue that matters at all ever to the they/them college programmed automatons. Gender is the only religion of the shitlibs, empty tokenism-same old patriarchy now in pants-suits, and obligatory skirts on all media males. They kinda even took all the fun outta flamboyant glam stardusted gothic androgyny, didn’t they?  Meanwhile, the empire keeps slaughtering innocents, evicting families, and caging the poor. Pig media keeps repeating how all that shit’s woke n classy now, cause worshipping Obama, AOC and Lady fuckin’ Gaga is more important to shitlib bourgeoise pigs than any leftist egalitarian principle. All the college kids care about is winning. We found that out when Occupy Eugene tried to occupy the University Of Sports Patriotism for like a day-all those rich fucking white sports kids were all like, “go away-we love wall street!” Michael Moore used to fight the power, now he just fights Trump. That’s sad, man.  Somebody told him it’s somehow different when Gender-Dems mass incarcerate or evict or drone or torture people for empirical profits. Fictitious times, indeed. I’m about to go on a walk to get away from the hypnoscreen, see some clouds, get some fresh morning air and birdsong. I’m having one of those days where I feel like just fucking hiking to the offramp and putting my motherfucking thumb in the air. The landlord class, trojan pony gender-gentrifiers and ten dollar cuppa coffee people and creepy Masonic developers are not friends of mine. It’s hard for me to stay somewhere when I really get no say. It’s rough business. All Power To the People, ya’all.

Bernie Is Right: Extreme Wealth Concentration Has Turned America Into an Oligarchy (

No to Foreign Military Intervention In Haiti! Yes, to Haitian Self-Determination! | Black Agenda Report

Europe Under Control of the U.S. Mafia | Black Agenda Report

Kshama Sawant – Council |

Media Democracy WIFP on Twitter: “Women’s Institute for Freedom of the Press calls for an end to the persecution of Julian Assange. Support a free press & a strong independent media. @AssangeActionDC @SarcasmStardust @AssangeBoston @DefenseAssange @roarmedialive” / Twitter

AOC Called a COWARD in PUBLIC for her Pro-War Pro-NATO Pro-Apartheid Israel Votes – YouTube

The U.S. Needs a New Policy Toward Syria | The National Interest

Sabby Sabs (@SabbySabs2) / Twitter

“If you side with criminal totalitarians’ pseudoscience, you’re an idiot & a whore whose entire life’s work is to generate catchy profound-sounding fluff to make totalitarianism appealing to cattle. How to become an intellectual: 1-Write a book of random noises on history, psychology, money, religion, Roman emperors, biology, or whatever, with no actionable information 2-Watch CNN 3-Explain how your book leads you to the same conclusion as CNN on The Current Thing.” (-Saifedean Ammous)


“The goal is to have an endless war, not a successful war” (- Julian Assange)

“today social media is almost entirely about getting engagement thru cheap manipulation – manufactured consent updated for the post-mass mediated age. people take the bait because they’ve been trained over the last several years to get rewarded by their own engagement thru numbers and cute symbols and animations.” (-Chelsea E. Manning)

“It’s alarming to see the term “liberal” has become a pejorative in multiple languages. “Conservative,” too, has become a meaningless epithet. People now hiss at philosophies they can’t even describe, collapsing flexible systems of belief into rigid markers of identity.” (-Edward Snowden)

Eugene V. Debs: Socialism Will Free Workers From Private Tyranny (

Opinion | ‘The Rent Is Too Damn High’: Activists Respond to the US Housing Crisis | Fran Quigley (

“Can we hold political rally’s in parks and squares again and shit? Not protests but like marxist/anarchist/leftist/whatever speakers radicalizing a crowd irl? Impassioned spearhead? Emma Goldman type beat? I’m sick of podcast bros. Am I missing the scene?” (-Commie Quaker on Twitter)

“Revolutionary methods must be in tune with revolutionary aims . . . the ethical values which the revolution is to establish in the new society must be initiated with the revolutionary activities of the so-called transitionary period.” – Emma Goldman

NewsGuard Is Warning People About Us – Consortium News

Democracy Now! on Twitter: “With no clear victory in sight for either Russia or Ukraine, the U.S must stop sabotaging negotiations, says @MedeaBenjamin of @CodePink. “We, the American public, have to push the White House and our leaders in Congress to call for proactive negotiations now.”” / Twitter

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Israel Authorizes Military to Kill Palestinians with Drones in West Bank – Consortium News

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Democracy Now! on Twitter: “Why has the U.S. not joined other countries in calling for a negotiated end to the Russian war in Ukraine? “This is not responsible leadership from Biden,” says @NicolasJSDavies, independent journalist and a researcher with @CodePink.” / Twitter

US Heating Costs Expected To Surge This Winter – Activist Post

Richard Duguay (