The utter collapse of this Profoundly criminal Bush conspiracy will come none too soon for people like me… The massive plundering of the U.S. Treasury and all its resources has been almost on a scale that is criminally insane, and has literally destroyed the lives of millions of American people and American families. Exactly. You and me, sport — we are the ones who are going to suffer, and suffer massively. This is going to be just like the Book of Revelation said it was going to be — the end of the world as we knew it.” (-Hunter S. Thompson)

“Americans have an unhealthy cult-like worship of the very politicians and political parties who are actively using our government to enrich themselves and their corporate donors. Enough already. Stop consenting to the corruption, fraud & abuse of the Democrats & the Republicans.” (-Ryan Knight)

“When the heroes have all died away. Priests and politicians have all lied away now. Actors after all were only acting. Church killed knowledge. Took the world a slave. Ya gotta walk have all lied away now. Wear the uniform of your gang. Purpose in life’s just for living. Dream merchants fantasy surreal so real. Divide and conquer – that’s their game. Beneath their haircut and clothes we’re really all the same. They threaten our lives with nuclear war. Gonna cruficy us just once more. Join the new church. Be a lord of the new church hey. Truth can’t be found on the television. Throwaway youth ya gotta take a stand. Music is your only weapon. Spanners in the works go start your gang…” (-Lords Of The New Church)

Status Coup News on Twitter: “EXCLUSIVE: We obtained alarming drone footage of the Norfolk Southern train derailment—and aftermath of the “controlled burn”—that shows a black chemical cloud carpeting the sky in #EastPalestineOH Video Courtesy of Corey Figley. FULL 6:40 video below.” / Twitter

Steven Donziger on Twitter: “Rail company Norfolk Southern is putting children in Ohio at risk of death. Great report by @StatusCoup that you won’t see on the main networks.” / Twitter

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Status Coup News on Twitter: “EXCLUSIVE: Students at #EastPalestineOH middle school revealed school is allowing kids to drink from water fountain after train explosion (parents granted permission for interview). “We’ve all been having runny nose & headaches…when we go out of town we feel better” -Kylie” / Twitter

Frances Fisher on Twitter: “I just subscribed to Status Coup News, because @StatusCoup stays on the ground reporting, long after mainstream media looks for another shiny object. #PalestineOhio #Flint” / Twitter

💥 charmed&dangerous 💥 on Twitter: “shameful, indeed. by ⁦@richimedhurst⁩ …” / Twitter

“People these days leave propaganda on in the background like it’s elevator music” (-LEE CAMP)

“They all take their pills and they never question why…” (-Stiv Bators)

“TV talk show shines a light in every window we drink the water and it tastes like medicine, wakeup, wakeup…” (-Richard Butler)

“A provision in Obamacare allows residents in areas deemed a public health disaster to be covered by Medicare for life. At the very least, East Palestine residents deserve this universal coverage after being exposed to a known carcinogen.” (-Krystal Ball)

Richard Medhurst on Twitter: “The water in East Palestine is “safe to drink”, just like the water was “safe to drink” in Flint, just like the air was “safe to breathe” after 9/11. While other countries build bullet trains, America choose to upgrade their crumbling trains by spending $800b/year on weapons.” / Twitter

It Is The Mass Media’s Job To Help Suppress Anti-War Movements – Caitlin Johnstone

Aaron Maté on Twitter: “Rachel Maddow freaks out over antiwar rally via @TheGrayzoneNews” / Twitter thirty thousand dollars a day to lie to your mom


Jose Vega — Vote Diane Sare! on Twitter: “I was called by a Special Agent in the US Capitol Police in Washington DC who works in the “threat assessment department” about an hour ago. Let me be clear, that’s DC Police calling me about an event that happened in NYC. She asked me questions like, “Will you be visiting…” / Twitter

Defending The Venezuelan Embassy, Organizing Peace for Ukraine with Margaret Flowers (


Jeremy Loffredo on Twitter: “Norfolk Southern has unleashed a private police force & hired criminal environmental firms while East Palestinians wait to see if the “controlled ventilation” causes mass chronic disease. My latest for @TheGrayzoneNews Full:” / Twitter


Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “The EPA has hired a company called Tetra Tech to conduct testing in East Palestine. Tetra Tech is owned by the Blackrock and Vanguard, which also own Norfolk Southern. It’s currently being sued by the DoJ for false claims in relation to a separate cleanup.” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “Accessory to the rulers” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “McChrystal doesn’t deny the existence of neo-Nazi militias like Azov rampaging across Ukraine; he simply says the US should train and arm them more directly, and cites the example of US-backed warlords in Afghanistan as precedent.” / Twitter


So there I was, getting ready to feed the cats and make some coffee, bleary eyed and cold, about five in the morning. I commenced to put my kid’s big hoodie on over my head-the hood hit the overhead kitchen light’s chain, heavy chain flipped up and hit the glass light shade, and two pieces of broken glass landed in my rat’s nest hair. It’s an expensive, posh, high pricetag, decorative fixture, that’s kinda how my life goes, nowadays. Ya know, what is the opposite of attraction? Revulsion. Opposite of gravity? The ether? I’m like King Minus-everything I touch just vanishes right before my horrified eyes. Ya start to feel worse than cursed, just like some kinda fuckuped klutz. I’m just trying to feed cats and I get glass in my hair. Extreme winds blew down the art garden and all the fences, the dead tress, and half the town-there’s pictures online of people’s roofs blowing off and trampoline’s rolling down the sidewalk. Desert living is a trip, when it’s not cold as fuck, it’s blazing holy shit, lays you flat down hot. It’s intense monotony and ancient quiet always jabbing you with omnipresent reminders of your own mortality, or it’s sudden monsoons and hail and hold on cause there’s no tellin’ what’s coming next. the government shooting feral cows on state lands from helicopters for no reason, where are all the Animal Rights People? I fear for my friends in Ohio and Pennsylvania breathing in all that toxic shit Mayo Pete’s being deployed to provide cover for.

Free (2019 Remaster) – YouTube


I’m only ’bout halfway into “Rebel Soul”, but I’m really super jazzed about it. It’s SO good, even the acutely painful parts are written with so much soul and sensitivity, you get through it and are right back into the dancing days of Max’s Kansas City and the NY Dolls, when the Lower East Side was the Greatest Show On Earth and not just a gated community for millionaires. If you know me, you know I learned everything from the Lords Of The New Church, Billy Idol, 70’s Aerosmith, Suicide, the NY Dolls, the Cramps and Alice Cooper, so her first person testimonies of being right next to David Bowie while he is watching the NY Dolls performing live, and he is calling Thunders his Raven Boy, all that stuff is just so dazzlingly priceless, mystifying, magical, a real decades later vicarious thrill for us devoted lifelong fans of all those stardusted dolls. Bebe has become quite the eloquent and of course, always elegant, entertaining raconteur.

I guess, besides Stiv, the biggest thing I have in common with Bebe Buell is my ongoing, abiding, lifelong desire to record and perform my own music on my own terms, so I empathize with her in that regard. I’ve always been a fan of hers since I was a dumb kid, loitering around a burntout, pickedover old used record store in a soybean town, flipping through yellowed old “Rock Scenes”, I guess. I love reading about her stories, memories, desire to love others and uplift people, I feel like I can relate to a lot of this book even if she’s some kinda celebrity super starlet and I’m a bum luck dropout hermit in the desert. I can feel her wanting to set things right and make a difference in her time. I can dig that. I got that, too. That pulsating urge to wanna fix and repair and nurture and heal shit. Wow, what a blast she had! As I write this longwinded column in the dawn’s early light with my first cuppa coffee of the day, I got the curtain cracked in front of me to keep watch for stray cows who keep fertilizing my yard. I don’t mind ’em at all, I got a shovel and a compost pile, but I’d like the see ’em, this morning. I’ve arrived at the point of the book where Bebe is letting David Johansen and Cyrinda Foxe crash at her and Todd’s palace while Todd is on the road, and she’s hanging around with Alice Cooper’s girlfriend Cindy Lang who is buying cool threads for Johnny Thunders, and you know, already, that’s a whole lot of what I have been grooving to from afar, my whole life. Dolls, Alice, Stiv, John Waite, Dee Dee, Duran, Idol, Steve Jones. I’ll probably say it again, but wait til ya see the pictures-just beautiful. I’m a visual, visceral creature, so like when summa my old photos of friends and loved ones who are “no longer with us” go missing, it makes me a little bit extra crazy. Gorgeous, fun filled, action packed little hardbacked scrapbook here, all her anecdotes are adventuresome and then abruptly arduous, a real rockin’ roller coaster, all highs and lows, whoa! I know how that is, as in my younger lives, before retreating into deep caregiver domesticity, I had a sorta smaller version of her escapades, an amateur hour, no budget, demolition joyride through the eighties Lower East Side ghettoes and pauperized pregentrification Boston backstreets with larger than life girlfriends and junkie desperados, playing frantic punknroll with a wildeyed ever changing band of battle hardened bandidoes, gutter punk bassplayers, loutish drummers with age-inappropriate girlfriends, oversized Cats N Boots lookalike guitar gods in polka dotted blouses showing the ACD/DC guy how to shootup his first day in town, squating in desperate squalor with aging gunslingers of the Old Eastside, meeting Martha and Siv when I was just fourteen, or maybe fifteen as a guttersnipe on St. Mark’s Place, playing all the lousiest, least receptive, hostile bars with revolving crazies on the drumseat, where sudden fistfights might erupt at any moment of the song, long rides to no show shows, brokendown vans, side of the road, beautiful girlfriends and champagne nights at expensive bars with white table cloths, then we’re back on the streets like we didn’t miss a beat honaayy, but not in a good way. Black eye, and a bleeding eyebrow, punched by another jealous Fonzarelli apeman. New guitar player, promising record label, all gets shot down again for no reason, kids, divorces, bikers, dangerous roadcrew having standoff with the Swat teams, mutiny, abandonment, death, death, death, waking up in emergency rooms after showdowns with boneheads, hanging out with sons of famous rockstar new wave darlings cavorting at our favorite divebar, the next night I’m getting knocked out by nazis in steeltoed boots and losing my favorite navy blue suede, Thee Hypnotics style, 70’s hunting jacket in the ambulance, so for me, it was a lot more failure, exile, destitution, violence, evictions, false hopes getting dashed again and again, replacement bandmates quitting suddenly to join some other guys fucking submediocre coverband cause he can pay for studiotime and plane tickets, rejection, heartbreak, betrayal, and missing teeth than jetplanes and movie stars, but then again, I’m a scuzzy old semi reformed reprobate power to the people politico streetpunk who used to wear way too much makeup everyday in unforgivingly conservative zipcodes and an oversized shagged, winklepicker wearin’ former and future glamarchist frontman for an intensely intoxicated, sneering crew of black leather clad, empty pocketed, derelict Zodiac Mindwarp imitators; not a centerfold, actress, or charmed life beautiful, super successful model, but still, maybe it’s jes cause we like all the same kinds of music, but I always felt I had so many parallel universe connections to Bebe Buell, being as how my first real big influences as a glammy wouldbe rocknroll frontman in my young teens were Stiv Bators and Richard Butler, I’m a diehard Duran Duran fan and JT is one of my fave bassists along with Pete Farndon and Dave Tregunna, Patricia Morrison and Tony James. I’d have to ask my friend Angie who has a better memory than I do about which bands we saw play what bars but I’m pretty sure I first saw Das Damen at the 7th Level nightclub in Ft. Wayne, when we were sixteen or seventeen, it’s a bit hazy cause all those bars and cities kinda blur together thirty five years later, my young life’s one big fast forwarded whoosh now of throwing up in different people’s bathrooms and playing really embarrasingly crummy shows with metalheads and crusty punks in different towns up and down the line and never getting to make real records, but Bebe’s married to Jim from Das Damen now and has been with him as long as I’ve been with my old lady. Bebe talks about the perils of being a public figure, ‘even a social media presence now, and how there are always some naysayer hater critics saying you suck for some reason, while others find you a source of nourishing, lightning bolt inspiration. She talks about how everybody knows which songs Dylan wrote about Edie Sedgwick, but he later changed his mind and coldly denies her. Elvis Costello does that kinda stuff, too. Cat n mouse stuff, three card monte. Look, I have every faith Bebe crept into one of his songs, or the others, who cares which ones, exactly, I mean, she floated through some of my own tunes and I never had no affair with her except of course in my lively boyhood imaginings. So we all know how Elvis Costello and lotsa other people probably wrote songs about her, and how she dated Tyler, Bators, Butler, Rundgren, John Taylor, Rod, etc, but I was always skeptical when she figured Prince had to have written “Little Red Corvette” about her, in spite of it sounding like he sings, “Bebe(!!) you’re much too fast”, being as how two or three various women he actually knew and dated in real life are said to have inspired that song, including Vanity according to Lisa Coleman, Susan from Vanity 6 who he knew since high school, right after “For You” had come out on Warner Brothers, and another lady he dated by the name of Mi-Ling Stone Poole.The woman behind Little Red Corvette Speaks! – YouTube

Anyways, I got that Bebe Buell “Cover Girl” lp the Cars played on when I was a teenager at an old hippie record store in a small rural town and vibed with it instantly, I was probably 16–then, I steadily started seeing her pictures in the pages of my favorite magazine “CREEM”, with her wearing an Oscar Wilde shirt and I really dug that, and like all the other boys, I pinned all her pictures on my wall right next to my pinups of Jane Wiedlin and Chrissie Hynde and Joan Jett and the Clash. So yeah, I always loved Bebe. I thought she was a super cool entertainer and loud, wild wonder to behold. Man, me and a fella from a short-lived Detroit based musical operation I had in my early thirties even wrote a kinda Stonesy country song together called, “CREEM DREAMS”, about all those pinups we taped to our basement bedroom walls and funny as shit writers like J Kordosh and Rick Johnson and their always brilliantly deadpan captions. It was good, that song, I just never got to lay a real vocal down, but it was like in the same spirit as Lone Justice, X, Steve Earle, or Jason & The Scorchers, and the lyrics were about our rocknroll dreams of glory that never go away if you’re “Condemned To Rocknroll”. Bebe and Lemmy say you’re never too old to rocknroll, I’ve been through the wars, so like my knees are fucked, two fingers don’t work properly from two different assaults, my hands shake and I’m blind as a bat, but part of me is still sixteen, so ya know, I got that very same brutal calling. I feel it. Ya know, Strummer said “some dreams are made for childeren but most grow old with us”. I remember talking to Beebs on the phone when my ex wife was ditching me cause I was not commanding her kinda salary and my band was not taking off, and Bebe was being astonishingly warm and reassuring and supportive of me. I always liked her, as I said. I used to have a signed copy of “REBEL HEART”, hundreds of old “Creem” magazines, a signed copy of Johnny Rotten’s book, a Prince “Purple Rain” movie theater standee, all kindsa books, records, leathers, boots, Creepers, and other cool shit, but it all got lost or stolen during one of those dreadful can’t keep the lights on eviction eras, ya know I was broke and semi destitute and don’t drive, and some people had come and ransacked my old shit. I was overjoyed when my kid handed me an envelope and said, “look, dad! You got something in the mail!” and of course I’m thoroughly delighting in this beautiful read, it’s a heavy, heartfelt book, Bebe’s wild ride through rocknroll alongside the cultural vanguard of the sixties, seventies,and eighties, she was there for all the peak moments, inspiring all the most talented songwriters and blasting out her own unique brand of underground garagey punknroll. She was there when Rundgren was producing the Dolls. She was there for every bit of everything. Her love stories are gutwrenching sometimes, summa her counterparts were much older and not as kind or genuine as they might’ve been, but she’s pouring forgiveness on everything. I feel for her, I really enjoyed reading her interactions with Cameron Crowe who based summa the characters in his much loved movie, “Almost Famous”, at least in part, on his on tour experiences while on the road with Todd and  Bebe. Again, though, Bebe is very gracious, passing all the popularity of the muse character Penny and credit back to Cameron and Kate Hudson. I still listen to her stuff with the Gargoyles, “Retrosexual”, “Bored Baby”, “Top Of The Pops”,  all of it. It kinda sucks how McDonna stole Bebe’s iconic phrase, “REBEL HEART”, but that’s what McDonna does and everybody sez it’s okeydokey, cause she’s the one with all the money, The Head Cultural Appropriator In Charge, I guess. I’ve been bored with McDonna since her pilates and bodies song. I liked her early dancey stuff but “Material Girl” kinda said it all, about who and what she is. At least she told us upfront. Not my thing, though. No Thanks.

  This path blazing tastemaker, Bebe Buell, was sometimes over sensationalized and tabloid exploited, from her bigtime 70’s modeling days, through her high times with famous faces, Bebe kinda sometimes still feels obliged to overexplain the whole patron of the arts/music lover/girlfriend of the stars/punkrock star in her own right/understandably cringeing at the derogatory phrase, “groupie” at the start of the book, but gives props to other people who cheerfully self identify with that label, which is again, remarkably sensitive and gracious and characteristically commendable Bebe is always cool like that. For former Eighties kids like me, it goes without saying, that there’s no mystery why people like Jimmy Page or Steven Tyler, or Mick Jagger, Joan Jett, or Deborah Harry and Chris Stein, or my friend the spectacularly talented guitar star, World Famous Mister Ratboy, would want to creatively collaborate, socialize, or otherwise keep company with Bebe Buell, as she’s gorgeous, intuitive, courageous, nurturing, and all good vibes. I looked for one of my old interviews I did with her a long time ago but it seems to have fallen off the internet, which is why it was more gratifying to have a column in print media back when the Murkkkan rock press had not yet been dismantled. I seem to recall I was trash talkin’ my teenage idol Tyler for consenting to do that NFL halftime show with Britney Spears, quotin’ his lyrics about “corporation jelly roll…and where the hell’s my royalties” and Bebe immediately defended her baby daddy, saying he was always a joker, and if I knew him, I’d know he was just having a ball being an entertainer, being himself, that it was not really a sellout move, at all. I thought it was real, real cool that Bebe spoke so highly of that dude behind his back, ’cause he kinda was not really that active in their lives for a long time, and she details how they were both torn and always conflicted about it, when she rushes to his defense when some greasy punk, smartass fanzine writer starts questioning his integrity, it just speaks to how compassionate, loyal, and forgiving Bebe is, really. I still have another old cassette tape, where I talked to her in depth about another one of our mutual friends, a different guitar player of some renown I was suggesting she play with, and she had a lot of real emotion and concern over the brother. She’s good people, as we say, Down South. If you got a place to live and can afford books, this one is a doozy, it’s even better than her last one, and you’re gonna wanna order your copy right away. The color pictures will blow your mind. I mean really, it is like an underground movie! What a story! Just fantastic! Reminds me how I hope to retrieve my longlost scrapbooks from my ex wife one day, if she even still has ’em, cause I still wanna publish my version of “Rebel Soul” someday soon, maybe even before I croak. I got an old glam rock anthem from one of my strictly persona non gratis, long disbanded, flash metal suicide goth gangs called “Rebel Kiss”. I wish you could hear it right now, it’s pretty Generation X/Hanoi Rocks influenced. 

 An uptight, bigtime famous photographer took offense when Bebe discussed her intimate relationship with Todd in her first book and has retaliated against her by hissing gossip and by gloatingly holding old photos for ransome. Even going after innocent fans who repost her pictures of Bebe online. Rich people get crazy, man. The petty, unforgiving power trips are beyond the beyond. These old pictures are a model’s first ever nudes. Oh, man. That hurts. I was friends with a famous Warhol white shagged Detroit photographer in my late teens, who was not only cool and stylish and beautiful, like a badass model and a badass artist, who took the best studio pictures of me ever, ever, ever, on New Year’s Eve when I was maybe nineteen and 120 lbs. of androgynous snotnosed revolution rocker pure rebellion, her best friend was a world class makeup artist, so what they did together was totally beautiful high art, those old glam rock photos, and back then, we were all close friends, she is who first hipped me to that Alice Cooper song, “Caught In A Dream’ and also, Iggy Pop’s “Pumping For Jill”, so you know I felt in her deep debt for that, but sadly, as the years went by, somehow, she became ultra extremist rightwing conservative, and decided she could no longer be friends with me, or even sell me copies of my old pictures because I am so obviously Not That, but she always knew from Day One I was poor and “radical leftist” way back when she used to come visit me at my rundown old bandhouse, so I can relate to Bebe’s early nudes being captured by a vindictive former friend. That’s happened to me with old song demos, too-somebody kept custody of them and refuses to give ’em back, I lost my only copies while doing most of the footwork for both of us, shopping for a record deal. People are needlessly mean, man, it’s all about their own agendas, a deathgrip on their egotrip, just reciting the slogans for the yesman entrouge, trying to own and dominate everything even though life is passing by right this moment, they won’t be able to keep a bit of it either, really-it’s just delusion. I don’t get it. What is up with people? I think they’ve all been conditioned to become really surly and selfish by all that greed is good topdown corporate programming. I mean, we all know showbiz aint for the faint of heart. I used to watch “I Love Lucy” reruns at my Avon Lady grandmother’s feet and they were talkin’ bout showbiz being the domain of shysters and hustlers and no heart sharks, way back in the fifties, way before I was born, but man. I’ve seen people change for the worse, a whole culture, en masse. Basic things we all agreed to, that we all established years and years ago, have been rolled back and undermined by the bad people upstairs. It’s harrowing stuff to behold upclose though, and terribly hurtful when it’s the ones you thought were your most precious friends and former loves. Bebe talks about her time with Playboy and how she has only love and compassion for all the people who experienced the dark side of that enterprise, but did not have any of that stuff happen to her, or see it going on, when she was present. The weird part of receiving this book unexpectedly is I had just picked up a VHS copy of a Liv Tyler movie I’ve never seen called “One Night At McCool’s” at the second hand store. I like Matt Dillon, so I’m looking forward to watching it. I did not know how much it’s a nice day to start again positive energy I was going to receive by simply reading this new Bebe Buell book. Another aspect I really identified with is how she still leads by example, showering all these characters from her past with so much love and mercy and understanding, praying for everybody she loved, and always remembering the good times and seeing the blessings. I totally get why a sequel to “Rebel Heart” was required. I penned my own memoirs ten years ago and it was all written from a naieve place of wanting to honor everybody’s public images and seeking reconciliations with all the heroes and villains, and not wanting to make anybody’s parents uncomfortable. Now, I see it all differently, just because some people are capable of admitting wrong and tendering sincere apologies, owning up to lapses in judgment, carelessness, youthful indiscretions and out right selfish misbehaviors, others have no regrets and have not always done any real self inquiry or self reflection, and probably do not even think about the damage they cause, and might be rarin’ to inflict more abuse, so I’ve become a lot more neutral detatched from them, a lot more distant, I don’t know what pills they’re on, or what they do with their lives. Bebe is in a happier, more stable place now, but she went through a lot of struggle and heartache to get there in spite of all the glamour and rockstar limelite. I think the coolest part is how she’s finally found that true love she was always looking for, and is still making music of her own. If you love “New York Times Best Selling Author” Bebe Buell, you’ll wanna get this book. HoZac Books is where all the best rocknroll is now. I hope she writes a third one! I’ll probably be writing more about her book in my next column. She’s very, very insightful.

SHIPPING NOW: REBEL SOUL – Musings, Music, & Magic Hardcover BOOK by Bebe Buell – HoZac Records

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Richard Medhurst on Twitter: “Speaking at @No2NatoNo2War alongside @georgegalloway @DerbyChrisW & Co. It is important, now more than ever, to revitalize the anti-war movement and expose NATO for what it is: a criminal enterprise, void of purpose in a post-Soviet world, that has destroyed millions of lives.” / Twitter

Richard Medhurst on Twitter: “This is NATO. We destroyed Libya, Afghanistan, and so many countries with bombs and sanctions, then when their people flee we let them drown or treat them like less human. Vile. May they rest in peace.” / Twitter

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“The Democrats are a lost cause and anyone who still thinks that the party can be changed from within is not being honest with themselves and not paying attention to who the party works for, which is Big Business, the ruling class, and the military industrial complex. Just in case you haven’t figured it out yet there’s no end to this corporate fascism from the DNC. They will push Harris in 2024 and then Buttigieg in 2028 or 2032. They will ALWAYS rig their primaries against the most progressive candidate and for the corporate backed candidate.” (-Ryan Knight)


Middleclass trusters of commercials always kinda come after me when I critisize Democrat policies from the left, they are so impossibly trained like yipping little lapdogs, to just unconditionally worship any fucked up policy or politician so long as they put a Big D behind their name in parentheses and do lots of cloth mask photo ops with people of color giving thumbs up on red carpets. That’s all they gotta do and shitlibs will greenlight any extremist rightwing policy with gusto and zealous blind faith. It’s easy peasy and the marketing arts people do it all day, everyday. So called progresives fund super rightwing John McCain and Lindesy Graham and Mitch McConell shit everyday, and their fans or stans as the young people call ’em, only care about the feelings and trauma of their sellout AOC and Obama celebrities, never poor people. Certainly no poor people they grew up with, LET ALONE poor people in countries being targeted, bombed, or sanctioned by their capitalist overlord philanthropy gawds who they still sadly think of as caring and nurturing Scientists. When Israel wants to bomb Iran, they trot out AOC to tell the middle class it’s all for LGBTQ rights and feminism. If you don’t support that war, you must be a sexist and a transphobe who needs cancelled. Shitlibs don’t remember anything about Flint or the BP eco-ruin of the Gulf, or how Hillary and Obama crucified Libya and laughed about it, they just remember how AOC was traumatized by Qshaman and Trump said if you are rich, “they’ll even let you grab their pussies” to Billy Bush. That’s all they really recall, and that Brad Pitt played Dr. Fauchi on SNL because Dr. Fauchi was a SAINT. A SAINTLY SCIENTIFIC SAINT FOR SCIENCE! SCIENCE, itself. And one should never question Science. Or some shit like that. Orange Man Bad, Blame “RUSSIA!” Never mention Israeli’s open influence on Trump administration, just keep saying, “Putin”. Have you noticed how a lot of these Grub Hub and Amazon delivery shoppers do not seem to be real deep thinkers, beyond, like what wine to buy at Trader Joe’s or what kinda colored tile or sandblasted bamboo glass shower door design they wanna put in their outdoor garden hot tub area of the Hipster Chic Airbandb? They just buy shit and buy shit so they never have to think about mortality, or the fragility of all things, at all. Call that democracy or some shit. Enlightenment-they all say they are enlightened. Something to do with owning shit and inheriting privilege. It is a pet peeve of mine, how the born lucky motherfuckers are the ones sitting around their big compounds talking all their mad, mad shit about how people just like being homeless and sick, and it’s their karma, and how virtuous they themsleves are, with their snow white compounds and cocaine and Buddha statues and proper genteel college updated newest fad madeup words lexicon. “VOTE BLUE, EVERYBODY!” 

Matt Taibbi on Twitter: “This is outrageous. When clearly authoritarian behavior won’t even be reviewed by courts, what recourse do ordinary people have?” / Twitter

I’ll always remember 9/11 as they day my ex broke up with me, said we were not compatible, took my kids, moved ’em to the other side of the country seeking an ever more privileged propertarian hipster gentrification lifestyle in scenic Honkytopia. A big divide happened between me and all my more upwardly mobile friends who were invested in the system, or who inherited wealth and understood how they benefitted from obediently parroting the conventional wisdom of the day which was of course, “those dirty Muslims are a comin’ with their boxcutters and Sharia Laws to steal our freedom fries and good jobs and health benfits, so we better all go buy more duct tape from Tom Ridge’s Home Depot!” There was the big spy on your neighbor campaign,”SEE SOMETHING/SAY SOMETHING!”, except Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning—NOT LIKE THAT! Bush/Cheney rolled out all their stay scared Orange Alerts bullshit, they put spooks in the mosques and all the eager beaver pledge of alleigience people just thought that was wholesome and okeydokey. The people who were playing along with the story that somehow, Saddam Hussein was in cahoots with Bin Ladin, so now the war machine had to bomb seven countries for freedom and those of us who knew the empire was a bloodthirsty shitshow became ever more incommunicado with the gotmines and hut twos who fall for every fucking media blitz. The shit havers all got onboard with the steady fearrmongering Y2K! MAD COW! SHOE BOMBER! ANTHRAX KILLER! BIRD FLU! MAD DICTATOR WITH WMDS! RUSSIAGATE! of corporate media, that was bullhorn pummeling us all with propaganda around the clock. Always rolling out the supposedly woke and diverse POC to sell us some farfetched fuckedup lies for war. Condolezza, Colin Powell, Obama, the Squad, this Jeffries guy. The darker hued faces of the same old honky empire. They said they had to kill Saddam’s sons, because they were decadent richkids who lived in opulent splendor, kidnapped and tortured dissidents and killed suspects without trial, with all their oligarchal unearned privilege. Nothing like W and Cheney and Kushner and Trump and Hunter Biden. Saddam’s sons, they were decadent richkids who lived in opulent splendor, kidnapped and tortured dissidents and killed suspects without trial, with all their oligarchal unearned privilege. There were those of us who saw the King, W, who HST called “our goofy child president” was barely capable of reading his goat book to children, and those who believed Oprah when she brought on Laura Bush to explain how the imperial war machine was only bombing the piss out of Afghanistan for 20 years not for control of the minerals and opium, but because George Bush and Dick Cheney loved Muslim women so much, they were such sensitive feminists who only wanted to improve their quality of life and liberate them with big bombs and rough men with scary guns collecting their son’s fingers as trophies, and brutally occupying their ACTUAL “home” lands for twenty years. It was all for women’s rights and feminism, and non binary vegan options, they never stopped saying that about anything. Virgiania’s Secret? It was all for women’s rights and feminism, they insisted. People love that shit. It’s seldom real, though. Always serves some hidden agenda.

We all got happy for a minute about Obama, but he was a trojan horse for the bankers and military industrail complex, expanded the Bush/Cheney forever wars based on lies, signed the NDAA allowing for domestic psy ops and extrajudicial assassinations and indefinite detentions of disssident jornalists without trial, and the sleepy crowds who were told they were the woke ones went wild for it. Classy and Woke, Woke and Classy, they repeated that bullshit for years on end, branded anybody a racist or a conspiracy theorist who questioned the morality of droning weddings and funerals, or someone who would brag about double tap droning ambulances coming to try to save some of the casualties, or classiness of a fella who was knowingly bombing hospitals. They told us the country was split between people who only cared about protecting their right to abortions and transgender access to restrooms, and people who only cared about protecting their exclusive right to own big guns and aim guns at protestors everytime the police killed some more black people. The rightwingers want to be allowed to run people over with their cars at demonstrations they disagree with. Komfortable Kalltha Kops Karyns want the right to get you snuffed out by the jackboots if they don’t like your unsightly appearnce in their gentrified neighborhoods. It got a lot zanier after all that. The people wanted Bernie Sanders to become the DNC candidate, the DNC said fuck ya’all, we don’t work for you. Here’s Gropey Joe. The people who believe that the Patriot Act and the warrantless wiretapping laws were all sitting on the shelf just coincidentally are the trains on time people, the tv believers. So what remains now, are the majority who seem to go along with the bullshit program, and the rest of us who are conscientious objectors. To me, those are the real factions, not red versus blue, or right versus left.That’s an outdated paradigm, for sure. It’s those who think some scary Muslims and pinko commies keep attacking and attacking peaceful and democratic, liberty loving, free press Murkkka and her innocent friends Israel, KSA and the Ukraine for no reason, unprovoked, because they are mad dictators who are willing to use chemical warfare against their own people. And those of us who understand that all these bullshit wars and undemocratic fix in is elections, controlled media, granny gropers and pornoscanners in the airports, mass wiretappings, and always new rules censorship rollouts were always for Halliburton, the Carlysle Group, Blackwater and Blackrock, Pfizer and Raytheon, they were never for feminism or transkids rights. The capitalist empire did not grow a conscience all of a sudden, and that’s why it’s overnight okeydokey for the white people to smoke the legal reefer,and dress all their school kids in pink wigs. There’s always some some other backhanded, back room cigar chomper’s devious shit at play, whenever some kinda non stop goose stepping drums of war repetition messaging comes bleating through every media platform, at once. You can not trust the billionaires or war profiteers to be your loving saviors. As Erin Brockovich says, “Superman is not coming!” The Davos billionaires are surveillance-tech, biowar gain of function, Georgia Guidestones depopulation control freaks who DO NOT LOVE YOU. See anybody fixing the water in Flint? Obama could pay for that outta his own pocket, or Oprah, or probably Hunter Biden. Nope, best we can do is Trump will buy some firefighters, sick people, and cops some hamburgers, at McDonalds in Palestine. People on the right think DeSantis, a known Gitmo torturer cares about their human rights. There is no left left in the USA, USA after 25 years of crazy media brainwashing, and corporate capture of the DNC, but the affluent classes who still self identify as liberal and progressive tell themselves Lyn Cheny is a really nice person because she is against protests and dislikes Trump. Kamala is a mass incarcerator, Mayo Pete is a spook, AOC is controlled op Pelosi Jr., we poor people have no representation at all here. Bernie is working for Pfizercare. He sold out his own Revolution. It’s such a drag, voting won’t change anything. We got to organize our own little communities, why the fuck do you think the government wants us to register our motherfucking gardens now? That’s batshat Scrooge McDuck daffyduckery. 

AJ+ on Twitter: “The U.S. launched a racist eugenics program in Puerto Rico in the 1930s — sterilizing about one third of Puerto Rican women by 1976, many forced or coerced. It was just one chapter of U.S. colonial eugenics programs and medical experiments targeting women of color. 🧵(1/8)” / Twitter

Revolutionary Blackout Network on Twitter: “Erin Brockovich on The Toxic Ohio Train Derailment Premiered Today WATCH NOW RBN Patreon RBN Website” / Twitter

Opinion | Plainclothes Paramilitaries and the Predator State | Common Dreams

Clare Daly on Twitter: “The explosion of the #NordStream pipelines is one of the biggest acts of economic sabotage carried out on the #EU. So it is very, very strange that there is no appetite for investigation no appetite for accountability, or restitution, nearly no discussion of it here at all!” / Twitter

Julian Assange – The ‘Elephant in the room’ at today’s Media Roundtable – 4BC

Caitlin Johnstone on Twitter: “The press are slyly coming around after years of piling on Assange to try and sneak onto the right side of history. This piece goes granular on their years-long dereliction of duty, with a well-earned shoutout to @kgosztola” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “Join me on Rokfin at 11:30 EST today for a discussion w/ @toby00green and @battleforeurope on their book, The Covid Consensus: The Global Assault on Democracy and the Poor, a Critique from The Left” / Twitter

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “Watching media corporations and their liberals allies grapple with the WSJ’s revelation is fascinating. They have no way out. Fauci told them COVID’s zoonotic origin was proven, and the lab leak theory debunked. They all repeated this for 18 months, and now know it was untrue.” / Twitter

Black Voters Matter Fund on Twitter: “On this last day of Black History Month, we pay homage to the 28 trailblazing Black leaders who have been at the forefront of the resistance against historic and ongoing oppression. #BlackHistory” / Twitter

‘Truth, No Matter What’: Why Watering Down Palestinian Reality is a Crime (


chr¡stian tár. on Twitter: “i need susan sarandon so bad” / Twitter

sarah on Twitter: “On the streets of Paris, France today: Another huge anti-NATO protest that Western corporate media are trying very hard to ignore.” / Twitter

Judd Legum on Twitter: “UPDATE: Brian Covey, a full-time substitute teacher in Duval County, Florida, was FIRED for posting a video of empty bookshelves. This is the REAL STORY about why those shelves were empty and why Covey was let go” / Twitter

Gordon Dimmack on Twitter: “Assange’s persecution serves two purposes: 1. To torture him as punishment for telling the truth about the U.S. empire 2. To warn other journalists and whistleblowers of what will happen to them should they consider doing the same #FreeAssangeNOW” / Twitter

Black in the Empire on Twitter: “It’s always great when you see a journalist challenge these psychopaths they put in front of us to fear monger and brainwash our people Also so rare now” / Twitter

Revolutionary Blackout Network on Twitter: “Russiagate: Deconstructing The Failure of Media w/ Chris Hedges & Jeff Gerth Premiered Today WATCH NOW” / Twitter

Ryan Knight ☭🕊 on Twitter: “The U.S. funded the Wuhan lab in China. This was revealed back in 2021. And just yesterday the Department of Energy admitted Covid likely came from the lab. Y’all really aren’t paying attention at all.” / Twitter

50 Years On, Legacy of Wounded Knee Uprising Lives in Indigenous Resistance (


Reef Breland on Twitter: “Just finished watching @jimmy_dore’s latest special gives me flashbacks of Carlin, lewis black, bill hicks, Richard Pryor and lenny Bruce (thanks to cornel west). “Fuck the media” indeed Jimmy great work two thumbs way up 👍👍” / Twitter

Clare Daly on Twitter: “”Ceasefire now! Support peace talks! No nuclear escalation! Stop NATO expansion! Negotiate peace!” 1000s on the streets of Brussels yesterday demanding deescalation and peace talks. The European peace movement will not be silenced.” / Twitter


The Lords Of The New Church- Rockpalast Show 2 – YouTube

Lords of the New Church – Holy War – YouTube

The Lords Of The New Church – Eat Your Heart Out – YouTube

Lords Of The New Church – Live The Tube 1984 – Full set – YouTube

*HA! You know how when you’re young n drunk you think you’re like, the only one, and way more important to everyone than you really are? When I was but a wee pink leather struttin’ gutter urchin in poorly applied blue eyeshadow, I had convinced myself “Johnny Too Bad” was about me, rather than Blitz gettin’ stabbed, that’s how ceaselessly vainglorious I was in my untamed youth. The Lords Of The New Church-Rockpalast Show 3 -Johnny too bad – YouTube


Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “If I were a neocon and/or a fed I’d be content knowing there’s an online socialist-branded mechanism like @WSWS_Updates that consistently wages vicious attacks on major antiwar rallies from DC to Berlin and redirects people to tiny, irrelevant demos instead” / Twitter

“The coverup of our story on behalf of Joe Biden is like Watergate” (

Prof Zenkus on Twitter: “@ProudSocialist Of course I don’t want to see it, but it’s going to be some neat magic trick try to make Pete Buttigieg likeable.” / Twitter

The horrific settler attacks on Palestinian villages are the inevitable result of Zionism | Common Dreams

Israeli Rights Group Condemns Settler ‘Pogrom’ Against Palestinians in West Bank ( & on Twitter: “”We need to do our best to unplug from this, to recognize it for the fear mongering it is; convince all our friends & family around us to do the same. Netflix. Disney+. The NFL. Peacock…As much as you can possibly unplug from it.” @Indiemediatoday″ / Twitter

IndieNewsNetwork on Twitter: “NEW: 2/26: RAY MCGOVERN INTERVIEW – THE NORD STREAM PIPELINE ATTACK | Biden in Ukraine | BIDEN SNUBS EAST PALESTINE, OHIO | Misty Winston on MSNBC, Revolutionary Blackout on CNN + more! Substack via @IndLeftNews @HowDidWeMissTha #GetINN #IndieNewsNetwork” / Twitter

redsarah99🇵🇸 #BlackLivesMatter on Twitter: “”What they’re trying to do to Julian Assange is kill him, Let’s be absolutely clear. When you say you want to extradite him to the United States to serve over 170 years in prison? You are trying to kill that man.” @Lowkey0nline Speaking the unpalatable truth. #FreeAssangeNOW” / Twitter

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “Like most MSNBC/NBC personalities, @JoyAnnReid repeatedly said the “lab leak” theory was a “debunked.” Her only basis? CIA issued a one-page statement saying so. Do you see how they think? 1) We mindlessly repeat what the CIA/FBI tells us. 2) We never retract our false claims:” / Twitter

johndissed on Twitter: “Dark Skies Tonight” / Twitter

#FreePalestine🇵🇸 #BDS⏳#FreeAssange🍀 on Twitter: “Sanders SOLD OUT #NotMeUs TWICE #DNCemails proved Democrats sabotaged Bernie & lied about his supporters. @BernieSanders ABANDONED #OurRevolution & Sheepdogged voters to support corp loyal Dems in 2020 BS is BS STOP Supporting corporate owned DNC & GOP @McscNetwork @GetIndieNews” / Twitter

Jordan on Twitter: “🧵FYI this is the time, after 2 weeks of coverage, when mainstream media moves off of a catastrophic story like #EastPalestineOH—when the cameras leave & coverage shifts from hourly/daily to occasional updates to abandon the story altogether. This happened w/ #FlintWaterCrisis.” / Twitter

Whether you think the problem is big government (R) or big business (D)’s Pre-Clinton, now it’s all Trump or Russia, the real issue is that since the crooked Supreme Court Citizen’s United ruling giving more rights to corporations than actual citizens, big business and the goverment, Vanguard and Raytheon, Blackrock and Pfizer, Pelosi and Schumer, Cheney and DeSantis, nowadays, they are all one in the same. That’s why we call it fascism. Rich people have class solidarity, poor people are kept in a cable fed hypnoslumber debating meaning less bullshit, Coke versus Pepsi, Red pill or blue pill, Call now! Truth is, poor people have no say, no real representation. “When members of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe led protests against the 1,172-mile-long Dakota Access pipeline in 2016, thousands of people traveled to North Dakota from across the country in a historic display of solidarity.

Then came the crackdown. Pipeline opponents were attacked with dogs, tear gas, and rubber bullets. At one point, protesters were shot with a water cannon in freezing cold weather, sending people to be treated for hypothermia and other injuries.

Dakota Access owner Energy Transfer hired TigerSwan, a private security firm led by a former commander of the elite Army unit Delta Force. That firm conducted aerial surveillance, monitored communications, infiltrated activist circles, and coordinated with law enforcement agencies.” (-The Intercept who is not to be trusted with advocating effectively for truth tellers-they are owned by a billionaire, therefore probably controlled op, just like all the rest, AND they want donations to investigate corporate crimes. Status Coup is on the ground in Palestine reporting on the toxic mushroom cloud right now. Look for their youtube channel for updates)

Silencing the Whistle: The Intercept Shutters Snowden Archive, Citing Cost (

Another Whistleblower Bites the Dust as The Intercept Adds a Third Notch to Its Burn Belt (

“I reject the claim that my past reporting on The Intercept are “conspiracy theories.” The outlet has a lot of explaining to do for closing the Snowden archive, leaving the vast majority unpublished, + after 3 of their whistleblowers were sent to prison due to reporter negligence.” (-Whitney Webb)

You think Mayo Pete and Gropey Joe are gonna hold Norfolk Southern accountable for the intentional burn in Ohio? It’s owned by Blackrock.

Tragic how everybody forgot about Flint Flint in denial | Metro Detroit News | Detroit | Detroit Metro Times

pig-media wants us to forget about Palestine, too, switch over to elecction bullshit, like always. Status Coup News on Twitter: “🧵ALARMING: The EPA says #EastPalestineOH’s air & water are safe, but its NOT testing for dioxins—”one of them is the most toxic chemical ever tested in the U.S.” -science director Steven Lester Dioxins cause cancer, reproductive/developmental/immune problems, diabetes, etc…” / Twitter

“We’re Dying Slowly”: East Palestine Residents Report Bizarre Health Issues After Toxic Train Derailment – Activist Post

intentional burn: Status Coup News on Twitter: “#Exclusive BREAKING: DRONE FOOTAGE from #EastPalestineOH resident of Norfolk Southern train derailment explosion, chemical fire, and aftermath. @jordanchariton LIVE NOW:” / Twitter

Status Coup News on Twitter: “LIVE: EXCLUSIVE Drone Footage of East Palestine Explosion, INFURIATING Invite Only Political Meeting” / Twitter

Eric Feigl-Ding on Twitter: “”He was projectile vomiting across the floor—he was shaking, begging for water, couldn’t breathe, broke out with rashes—I’m terrified to go back. Some of his friends also sick”—Zsuzsa’s 9-year-old son after #EastPalestine OH @nscorp train🔥 HT @StatusCoup” / Twitter

Status Coup News on Twitter: “”You [Norfolk Southern] own it, you caused it, you own it. They’re giving everyone a $1,000 to see if they can hush them up a little bit but there’s some people who are devastated by this and they’re not going to be hushed up” -Wayne tells @louisd217” / Twitter

policeaccountabilityreport #policereform on Twitter: “Would you like to know what defunding the police could look like and how it could work? Check out @LeeCamp irreverant yet accurate analysis!” / Twitter

“The truth is Ukraine would have been far better off if the U.S. and NATO respected Russia’s security proposals in 2021.

It isn’t controversial to demand NATO not expand up to Russia’s borders. If you disagree, you’re a warmonger. Imagine being a country that’s bombed several countries, killed millions, armed several countries that impose brutality on millions more, and is now lecturing China on the potential of sending “lethal aid” to Russia.

That’s the U.S. right now. A clown car of a government.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“If you’re anti-US empire but are allergic to criticising the DoD role in major aspects of the Covid disaster, I have a hard time understanding why. Some of us were vocal about it while it was happening and your silence years after the fact is deafening. Wondering how many of the people talking about the Wuhan Lab today have noted that the Pentagon was funding lots of those activities via EcoHealth. Probably not many, since most also avoid the Pentagon’s outsized role in the disastrous Op Warp Speed.” (-Whitney Webb)

MSNBC Buried This HONEST Anti-War Rally Report Exposing Rachel Maddow’s Lies – YouTube

Olivia Ball on Twitter: “I’m proud to say ⁦@cityofmelbourne⁩ has passed another unanimous motion calling for #Assange’s release w/out charge, ahead of ⁦@davide_dormino⁩’s sculpture of him, Edwd @Snowden & ⁦@xychelsea⁩ Manning at Queensbridge Sq, Southbank 7-8 March. ✊ Rally: Tues 6pm” / Twitter

US/NATO Provoked Ukraine War Say Most Experts On Russia – YouTube

The Other Son on Twitter: “30 years ago 17 million people watched the sitting Vice President debate a goofy billionaire on a trade agreement. The billionaire said the agreement would result in loss of millions of jobs, increase pollution & be a national security issue. Pundits declared Gore the winner.” / Twitter

IndieNewsNetwork on Twitter: “Anya Parampil @anyaparampil opens up a powerful speech at Rage Against The War Machine with a message for all the detractors:” / Twitter

UN-Backed Banker Alliance Announces “Green” Plan to Transform the Global Financial System (

“What if they created a virus that killed millions only so they could make billions by also creating a vaccine? Asking that question should not make someone an “unhinged conspiracy theorist” after the Department of Energy admitted today that Covid likely came from a lab leak.” (-Ryan Knight)

Jimmy Dore on Twitter: “Yeah, it’s not coming. People i’ve known for 30 years turned on me cuz they believed the words of proven Big Pharma criminals & government monsters cuz they were scared. They’re just cowards who betrayed,not only me,but themselves & their own integrity. Better off without them.” / Twitter

Revolutionary Blackout Network on Twitter: “Nancy, Can You Explain Over $100 Billion To Ukraine While There’s Homelessness in San Francisco Premiered Today WATCH NOW” / Twitter

Rage Against the War Machine on Twitter: “.@MaxBlumenthal recaps Rage Against the War Machine’s HUGE rally and more with @aaronjmate @kurtmetzger & @miserablelib on the @jimmy_dore show! #RageAgainstWar” / Twitter

9/11 and the Politics of Fear and Self-Preservation (

Revolutionary Blackout Network🥋 on Twitter: “Bernie Sanders’ Foreign Policy Advisor is a State Department Goon” / Twitter

Jordan on Twitter: “That coverup is a mixture of government, media, and in the case of East Palestine, the corporate (Norfolk Southern), pushing forward flawed testing in order to provide the “all clear” sign and sweep things under the rug. The void of media coverage—particularly ON-THE-GROUND…” / Twitter

Dr Aseem Malhotra on Twitter: “BREAKING: New research reveals 57 fold increase in miscarriages & 38 fold increase in still births & foetal deaths after covid mRNA jabs ‘The greatest violation of medical ethics & humanity ever’ says leading obstetrician. This is truly horrific” / Twitter

Ithaka the Movie on Twitter: “2022, Australia: “What’s it like witnessing your son go to jail for opening the eyes of the world? – Baxter asks Julian Assange’s father John Shipton John + Julian’s brother @GabrielShipton touring North America with #ithakamovie from 28 FEB, book now!” / Twitter

Jose Vega — Vote Diane Sare! on Twitter: “I confronted @hakeemjeffries on the Nordstream 2 pipeline revelations. I asked him to inquire into whether or not is true and to hold @POTUS accountable. His response? Lets praise Biden on what a great job he’s done and reaffirm our commitment to Ukraine.” / Twitter

Revolutionary Blackout Network on Twitter: “Stop Wasting Your Time and Money With Electoral Politics Premieres at 1245PM ET WATCH RBN Patreon RBN Website” / Twitter

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “In 2010 and 2011, when WikiLeaks obtained its massive trove of documents about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the diplomatic cables, even Assange gave the US government the opportunity to argue some docs should be withheld. Hillary’s State Dept. refused to engage.” / Twitter

Children’s Health Defense • Help Children’s Health Defense and RFK, Jr. end the epidemic of poor health plaguing our children. (

🅹🅾️🅴🆈աrecκ ☭ on Twitter: “This is the only example of policing and healthcare in the United States that you need. A hospital called police on an elderly woman in distress they insisted was simply causing a scene. She was then arrested and berated while having a stroke and died in police custody.” / Twitter

Britain People on Twitter: “@ggreenwald @Stella_Assange #FreeAssangeNOW #DropTheCharges @POTUS @RishiSunak @AlboMP @Stella_Assange @GabrielShipton” / Twitter

Status Coup News on Twitter: “”We started noticing dead fish in the stream; I could taste it, it was like a sweet metallic taste…this creek was putting off a horrendous odor, it was blue for awhile,” -#EastPalestineOH residents Wayne and Brady on creek after train explosion″ / Twitter

Revolutionary Blackout Network on Twitter: “Whether On The Left of Right, Community Building is Top Priority Premieres at 1145AM ET WATCH RBN Patreon RBN Website” / Twitter

The Mafia, CIA & Jeffrey Epstein Worked TOGETHER To Traffic Minors – YouTube

Why is Assange in Jail and Not Seymour Hersh? –

johndissed on Twitter: “FDA: Smearing of wonder drug was merely a “recommendation”.” / Twitter

Focus One More Time On What The “Hunter Biden Laptop” Story In NY Post and Its Aftermath Entailed (

Richard Medhurst on Twitter: “When you don’t understand basic geography” / Twitter

Melbourne4Assange on Twitter: “28 Nov 2019 ‘Julian Assange was acting as a journalist; applying new technology to ‘quote’, “penetrate the inner workings of government to reveal an avalanche of inconvenient truths in a global publishing coup.” Those inconvenient truths—″ / Twitter


Workers Party of Britain on Twitter: “America doesn’t care about US East Palestine or occupied Palestine in middle east. Doesn’t care Israel bombed Syria after thousands innocents died in earthquake which is why they’re fine them bombing them. US continue sanctioning Syria, how humane. #No2Nato #No2War #StopTheWar” / Twitter

Status Coup News on Twitter: “EXCLUSIVE: We obtained alarming drone footage of the Norfolk Southern train derailment—and aftermath of the “controlled burn”—that shows a black chemical cloud carpeting the sky in #EastPalestineOH Video Courtesy of Corey Figley. FULL 6:40 video below.” / Twitter

Prince’s Little Red Corvette Speaks Out! – YouTube

Alien Sex Fiend – Buggin’ Me (Official Video, 1986) – YouTube

Beasts Of Bourbon – Cool Fire (1990) – YouTube

Beasts Of Bourbon – Cool Fire (1990)Music from Australia and New Zealand during the 1990’s: Beasts Of Bourbon’s promo-video for the track ‘Cool Fire’ taken from the 1990 album ‘Black Milk’. Note: For better sound quality, add &fmt=18 at the end of this video’s URL. Beasts_of_Bourbon ——————————————- NZOZ NZOZ1990’s …

Garbage Man – The Cramps – YouTube

Garbage Man – The CrampsPromo

Black Moses – Strange Life. – YouTube

Black Moses – Strange Life.Track 7 from the 2002 CD “Emperor Deb” Label:Lunasound — LUNA007CD James Jones – Vocals, Guitar Graeme Flynn – Bass, Vocals Chris (Mad-Boy) Buncall – Drums, Vocals With Tony Bevan – Sax Produced By Graeme Flynn And Jim Jones Recorded At Emperor Deb, N.Yorks All Songs By Jones, Flynn, Buncall Except 8 And 12 By Jones, Flynn, Buncall, Denton …

Rowland S Howard live “LonesomeTown” 1989 – YouTube

Rowland S Howard live “LonesomeTown” 1989Rowland S Howard live (in support to Box The Jesuit), Base nightclub, Jamison Street, Sydney February 01

jesus and mary chain – drop (live) – YouTube

jesus and mary chain – drop (live)jamc play

Suicide – Cheree (1978) full 12” Single – YouTube

Suicide – Cheree (1978) full 12” Singletaken from the Album “Suicide – Suicide”, 1977 Vinyl,

Solid Gold Hell – YouTube

Gun Club – Mother Of Earth (Demo) – YouTube

Gun Club – Mother Of Earth (Demo)Reissue of The Gun Club – Miami LP (1982) with a second disc of demos. Blixa Sounds,
Chris Isaak – Silvertone – 07 The Lonely OnesCD+G decode of The Lonely Ones by Chris Isaak from the album

Kiss Announces Final Dates for End of the Road Farewell Tour (

KISS announce ‘absolute final shows’ for their ‘End of The Road World Tour’ – Sleaze Roxx

THE PILGRIM, CHAPTER 33 – Kris Kristofferson – YouTube

Lorne Behrman Releases Debut Album and Third Single/Video “Harlem River Serenade”

Harlem River Serenade is the third single/video from LORNE BEHRMAN’s solo debut album A LITTLE MIDNIGHT out this FridaySeptember 16 on Spaghetty Town Records. Look for the NYC punk rock n’ roll singer-songwriter-guitarist to celebrate the album’s release that night with a show at Arlene’s Grocery on the Lower East Side. LORNE will hit the stage with a 7-piece band featuring two backup singers at 9:30pm.

“Harlem River Serenade” is a slice of dirty and catchy rock n’ roll scrapped off of the streets of the Bowery, merged with imagery-rich lyrics about moving on from a busted-up romanceToday, LORNE has shared the David J Barron-directed video that was filmed at various locations in NYC including Arlene’s Grocery.

The 10-song A LITTLE MIDNIGHT is a series of New York City vignettes haunted by shadows but guided by light. The words here are literate and lacerating, recalling the street poetics of Lou Reed, Richard Hell, and Television. The songs feature stark and fluid guitar playing in the spirit of The Stooges’ James Williamson, Johnny Thunders, and Lou Reed. It follows LORNE’s acclaimed 2021 four-song EP When I Hit The Floor, which prompted the esteemed Jesse Malin to note: “Real blood and guts rock and roll that bleeds with soul and redemption.”

A LITTLE MIDNIGHT’s raw but polished production aesthetic is courtesy of producer Matt Chiaravalle (Warren Zevon, Joe Bonamassa, Spacehog). A Little Midnight was mastered by Grammy-nominated engineer Joe Lambert. Wyldlife bassist Spencer Alexander designed the album artwork, and it is a subtly playful homage to the cover of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers’ Damn the Torpedoes.

“This album is about struggling to be reborn,” LORNE shares. “Wanting to run back to the arms of toxic people or the patterns of self-destruction. It’s about clawing your way to a new existence while acknowledging all the causalities, and all you’re letting go. You glimpse a new life, but you don’t feel it yet.”

“Harlem River Serenade” comes on the heels of the album’s first two singles/ videos, the most recent of which was I Hope The Sun Doesn’t Catch Us.” MXDWN noted that “…[the video] gives viewers an incredible sight of Behrman strumming his guitar with fantastic talent and singing about hoping that the sun doesn’t catch us, as we follow a man and woman on the streets of New York trying to get away from the sun that is blaring down on them.” “I Hope The Sun Doesn’t Catch Us” was preceded by the single/video for “A Little Midnight.” Glide raved about how the song “features a blackened riff howl of punk bands like The Damned and The Gun Club mixed with pop sensibilities of The Replacements. When Behrman sings “A little midnight/ it’s alright/A little midnight/does you right,” listeners get a gracious sense of rock and roll escapism at its most pure form.”


Blue Jinns “Baby’s On Drugs” Single

BLUE JINNS from Leeds, England was formed in 2017 by members of various DIY punk hardcore bands (JOHN HOLMES, AND NONE OF THEM WERE ROBOTS, HHH, GOATSPEED, AMPLIFIGHTERS and JADED EYES.) They quickly recorded their first album “Sonic Viagra” before releasing the single “Drinking From The Skull Of Your Favourite Enemy.” “Baby’s On Drugs” is the second single from the upcoming album “Hell Razors” and it’s available on CD and streaming format. This new single offers us some fine and sleazy hard rock’n’roll reminding a bit of The ALMIGHTY or WOLFSBANE. The other track “Krankenstein” is a cool punk rock’n’roll song with a verse that could have been on a SIMON CHAINSAW album and a ’77 punk chorus. We’ll definitely keep an eye on the new album release! /Laurent C.

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Russ Lippitt “F.T.W. Rise of The Anarchy March” (Book – Ravenhawk Books)

The author of The Lion’s Share is back with a new novel. This time the action is happening in post-apoclyptic America in which anarchy is getting stronger and stronger through a movement called The Anarchy March. Politics, corruption, religion and the fight between the rich and the poor have dismantled what used to be The United States of America. We are told about living and fighting in this new world to stay free through the main characters and anti-heroes Darla, Doyle and Jack. You’ll probably enjoy finding many punk/hardcore rederences in this book which is not surprising considering Russ Lippitt’s background. While going through these no future adventures, you get to think that reading this novel a few years ago would have made you think “That’s a great Mad Max kind of fiction!” but looking at the state of the world right now with the countless abuse of powers by Governments and coronavirus, you can only get to think that it might just be a depiction of a not so distant future… /Laurent C.


The Speedways – New London Pop Sounds!

Who said powerpop can only come from sunny places ? The SPEEDWAYS have just put London on the contemporary powerpop map with their fabulous new album « Radio Sounds. » Mauro and Matt tell us more about the band, the new album, their music tastes and much more !…

Can you tell us about the beginning of the band ? It seems like powerpop is not that pouplar in London these days, was it easy to get the band line-up together?

MV: Matt did the first album as pretty much a solo project – he kept in touch with me about how it was going as I wanted his new band to play my powerpop festival (summer 2018)  I’d been friends with him and a big fan of his previous band the Breakdowns for a couple of years, and as I’d left the Godfathers, I was looking to do something new and offered to join on guitar – it worked out great timing-wise!  I suggested Adrian for bass as we both knew him and knew he’d be a great fit.  Kris was the last to come on board, literally weeks before the first gig!  I guess it was kind of easy to get the line up together as we were, in a way, the obvious candidates on the London scene!

Matt: Yeah, it started off as a solo thing really. I had a collection of songs that I really wanted to release. I was “between bands”  so I just thought fuck it, I’ll do it myself (with my old band mate Dec on drums) 

I think people thought I was just being coy when I initially said “1 album, 1 gig” but I genuinely meant it at the time. 

It just so happened that things went well & I got some confidence from that.

The band fell into place really nicely, as Mauro says all the obvious candidates came on board!

I’d been spending a bit of time down in London for a couple of years by that point & had met some lovely people & made a bunch of friends so it was pretty straightforward getting a band together.

What have you released so far?

MV: Two full length albums and three singles, I think?

Matt: Yep, two albums ‘Just Another Regular Summer’ & ‘Radio Sounds’ + the singles ‘Seen Better Days’ , ‘Kisses Are History’ & ‘This Aint A Radio Sound’

Can you tell us about the new album “Radio Sounds”? Where did you record it? Did you have a precise idea of how it should sound before recording it?

MV: I recommended my old pal (and former bandmate from Jonny Cola & the A-Grades) Jez Leather to the others work on the album, as I reckoned he’d work well with us, in terms of musical background and temperament, and working with him went as well as I hoped! 

Matt: Well we knew it would sound different from the first record because we were a proper band by now, and I think we wanted that to be evident, but at the same time we also gave nods to the fact it was a sequel to ‘Just Another Regular Summer’ 

Everyone definitely brought their own style & energy to the tracks.

Jez really helped in the Studio too. He got where we were coming from & was great to work with.

I think if you’re making an album you have to think about it as an album – you open up with your lead single or title track, keep the energy going with the next couple of tunes, then hit them with the first tearjerker etc.. We were all on the same page with those rules.

The plane taking off at the end of the LP is poignant & ties in with the tube train effect on ‘Regular Summer’ – all that kinda stuff was thought out in advance. In that respect there was a precise idea.

Kris recorded his drums separately with Ben from Los Pepes‘ mobile recording gear.

There was a real team effort and it turned out really well. 

Does it take a lot of time to write a song or is it something easy for you?

Matt: It varies really. I either write from a title in my head, like ‘Just Another Regular Summer’ came from a text message I sent where I literally said “it’s just a regular summer now she’s not here any more”  & I wrote all the lyrics in one sitting in a hotel room. They never changed. That doesn’t happen very often though! 

In contrast ‘This Is About A Girl Who Loves The Sun’ was based around a hypnotic riff.. I couldn’t get the title for ages but I had the rest of the song.

I definitely write in spurts – 3 or 4 at a time, and then nothing for months on end!

Melody comes quite easy but the rest can be frustrating at times. 

I try to write lyrics that can be visualised which is why I mention locations a lot! and I like choruses to repeat the song title so that they stick inside your brain!

This is a weird time to release an album because of the coronavirus and quarantine, have you thought about releasing it later in the year?

Matt: I can’t say we ever thought about delaying the release, but of course we knew it would be coming out slap-bang in the middle of lockdown. 

We were working with 3 labels this time so we had to take eachothers situation & availability into account.(Alien Snatch are in Germany, Snap in Spain & Beluga in Sweden) But we were all equally keen to release this summer as planned.

It’s a killer not being able to promote the record at shows though, there’s only so many times you can annoy people with Facebook posts!

It’s not ideal, but it is what it is.

You always have cool artwork, do you do it yourselves?

Matt: thanks, yeah I think it’s really important to have artwork that suits the music.

The whole package kinda thing.

I wanted the first album to be cinematic and primarily black & white with just splashes of colour, so this album it made sense for everything to be as colourful as possible! – that was the direction I gave Josh Clark who did both Speedways album covers. 

I’ve known Josh for a few years & he was one of the first people I spoke to about the Speedways. He said if I ever needed any artwork to give him a shout – so I did!

He’s a fantastic artist and he gets what this is all about perfectly.

Adrian, our bass player is also a brilliant artist and sleeve designer. He’s responsible for the artwork on all our 7″ singles.

It’s cool having both to work with! – whenever I send either of them an idea or whatever they get back to me with exactly what I had in mind!

There’s been many interesting powerpop bands in the US these last years (although it seems like it’s calming down a bit now), do you think there could be such a wave in the UK and Europe or do people’s tastes and culture won’t get along with this idea?

MV: In the UK, I think it’s unlikely – there are quite a few in Europe though, I think, particularly in Spain…?  I’ve been promoting a powerpop weekender for a couple of years now and it seems like the vast majority of bands who would fit on the bill are from Europe or North America!

Matt: yeah, in the last year or so there’s been a bunch of great records from the likes of Tommy & The Commies, The Whiffs, Baby Shakes, The Reflectors etc.. who I feel are coming from a similar place to us influence & presentation wise. We’ve been lucky enough to play with Tommy & The Commies and Baby Shakes too. 

In the UK in terms of ‘Power Pop’ certainly Lucy & The Rats are a band we share stuff in common with. I feel I have a slightly similar writing style to Lucy for sure and we usually end up playing shows together! 

More Kicks as well of course. We share drummers & a love of melody!

You seem to have quite various influences in the band, can you choose 5 albums you love and tell us a few words about them?

Matt: The Smiths – The Queen Is Dead – an album that changed my life when I first heard it. Moz & Marr at their very best.

MVIggy Pop “Lust For Life” – strutting, sensitive, bad-ass, fragile, melodic, snarling, desperate, dangerous – a masterpiece!

Adrian: Void‘s side on the Faith/Void split – 12 blasts of explosive angry East Coast hardcore, kicking off with a expanse of guitar feedback into blistering riffs and a pummelling backbeat, exactly what I needed to hear at age 15 and still to this day. In my opinion the finest thing Discord Records put out.

Kris: The Knack– Get The Knack’ – best combination of pop , punk and 60’s surf. Beatles meet Beach Boys style with punk kick.

Matt: That’s 4! I guess to make 5 it would have to be something like ‘Leave Home’ by The Ramones. Pretty sure we’d all agree it’s a huge influence on us individually & collectively!

The situation for small clubs is really bad in most places these days, I guess it’s the same in London, right?

MV: Yup!  We’re just crossing our fingers and waiting really till things can reopen again, I hope everyone does what they can to support these venues as we’d be lost without them.

Some of you created the Some Weird Sin night, right? Can you tell us about it?

MV: Yeah, that was me and a colleague (Simon who plays bass with the postpunk favourites Desperate Journalist), way back in 2012!  It kind of grew from just being a cool, pretty messy club night where we could play the kind of mix of punk rock, glam, postpunk, New Wave, rock’n’roll etc that we liked, to a night where we put on more and more and bigger bands from all over the world, which has been nice.  Things have got very busy these last couple of years, we put on a hell of a lot of bands of quite a mix of genres – the Briefs, Giuda, the Parkinsons and Dirty Fences have been some of my faves but I often get the biggest buzz putting on bands that are just starting out or that I’m trying to give a break to!  It’s also where Matt and myself first met, so perhaps without SWS I’d never have ended up in the Speedways!

Matt: That’s where I met Mauro yeah! I remember telling someone “I’ve started going to this club night in London where they play Protex, Hanoi Rocks & The Ronettes ffs! I think I’ve found my people!”

It’s hard to plan anything these days, but what would be the ideal plans for The SPEEDWAYS at the end of the year and in 2021?

MV: Just to be able to play live again!  Ideally to get back over to Europe as much as possible, too.

Matt: We definitely want to get out to Europe again.

I’d like to maybe do a few UK shows outside of London next year too if we can find a band to do a little tour with perhaps. Whatever works out for the best.

We hope to put out another single from the album later this year.. & make a video.

We’re also getting the first album re-pressed on LP because it’s sold out, there’ll be new artwork for it which gives it a fresh feel!

Beyond that it’s all still wait & see like it is for all bands right now.

The dream is America ..& Japan would be great too!

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The Brothers Steve – Megaliftic Pop!

3 members of TSAR have formed The BROTHERS STEVE, a glammy powerpop band with strong 60s influences and great vocal harmonies. They tell us about the band, the recording of the album, their favourite records and much more !

How did you get the idea of starting The BROTHERS STEVE?

Jeff Whalen:  We all knew each other from our schoolboy days at UC Santa Barbara, home of the Avo Taco, which was this amazing taco at this place called Freebird’s.  Somebody told me that they don’t make it anymore.

Os Tyler: Yeah, I actually went to Freebird’s a little while back and ordered an Avo Taco and the guy behind the counter’s eyes lit up like a fond distant memory was washing over him and he said, “Wow, it’s like you just came in from outer space.”

JW:  I miss the Avo Taco.  Anyway, but yeah, last summer some friends were throwing a party and they needed a band, so we said let’s do it!  The Brothers Steve!

OT: Yeah, it was that or hire a choir of rubber chickens.

Did you get to find the good line-up easily?

JW:  Sure!  It was automatic.  I love these guys.  And playing with them is a major gas.  It’s just super-gassy.  I mean, we’ve been super-good friends since college—Jeff and Coulter and I are in Tsar, Dylan is like my bro life-partner, and Os is my favorite guy to write songs with, out of anybody on the planet.

OT: Ah, man, that’s too kind. Truth is I probably never would have written song one if it wasn’t for Jeff. I was walking past a window one day and this guy says, “Hey Os, you wanna hear the song we just wrote and recorded?” Turns out it was Jeff Whalen and Jeff Solomon, recording right out of their living room. It was an epiphany moment for me. It was honestly the first time that I realized that people write songs. They don’t magically materialize, people write them. And, well, I’m a people, so why not give it a try.

JW:  My grandma had a dog who thought he was a people.

How did you write the songs? Did you have them before the band got together?

JW:  When Os and I write together, mostly I come up with a chord progression and then Os starts riffing on some words and then we bang around some chorus ideas and then maybe get some lunch.  Os and I have pretty much been writing together this whole time.  We’ve always wanted to put out the songs on some kind of album-type band-situation-type thing, but we’ve been unable to, for whatever reason.  Mostly I think because, left to our own devices, we just keep recording and re-recording and thinking about it and talking about it and never finishing anything.  We have a buncha-buncha songs, so this is cool to be in the Brothers Steve and be able to play and sing them in a thing where we have to finish it or people will get mad at us.

Can you tell us about the recording of the album?

JW:  We tried to record it really fast—like three or four days—mostly to keep Os and me from recording more and more vocals and dragging the process on, potentially for years.  So we finished tracking, and what we had was cool, for sure.  But it wasn’t done-done—the band had a couple pick-up things we needed to do to finish up, maybe another day or two, max.  So, secretly, Os and I took the sessions to his house and recorded more and more vocals without telling anyone.  I remember feeling kind of anxious about it, like everybody’s gonna be pissed that we got all overdubby on it.  But we did our level best to do it with … you know, alacrity.  We got Dylan in on it, to sing more, too, which was great, because I love how we sound, the three of us together.  In the end, I’d say we only dragged the process on an extra month or two.

There’s a lot of vocal harmonies on the album. Is this something you miss in modern music?

JW:  I think I do, now that you mention it.  I’ve been listening to a lot of sunshine pop these days, from the late 60’s/early 70’s, and it’s clear that big harmonies and lots of singing was so important to those guys.

OT: I generally love music of all types but I feel like any song can be enhanced and uplifted by adding human vocal harmonies. There’s no way to replicate an individual human voice, and mixing two or three of them together in harmony gives you this compounded unique-tacity that’s megaliftic.

JW:  Well said.  This is why it takes us years to finish a demo.

What is « Beat Generation Poet Turned Assassin » about?

OT: “Beat Generation Poet” is a biographical sketch of a young man named Bociferous Dillard. Dillard was a little younger than Burroughs and a little older than Ginsberg. He was a cutting edge poet, early to the beat generation scene, and initial assessments suggested he would embody a cultural milestone, and that his poetry would be remembered for eternity.

However, as the now-known voices of establishment Beat Gen society redefined and pushed the movement in the direction that it ultimately embraced, the early critical acclaim of Dillard’s groundbreaking stylistic finesse degenerated to critical disparagement, leading Dillard to utter disillusion and despair.

In his mid-twenties, Dillard began hiring himself out as a contracted killer. Known to have assassinated at least seven men, he would never write another word until his death at age 27. He died beside his last victim, banking mogul Victor Lanchot. Bociferous Dillard’s dying words, scrawled in blue ink on a two-dollar bill: “Your words, not mine.”

JW:  I didn’t know any of that.

The 60s and indie influences are obvious, but since you also play in TSAR, we can hear a few similarities in the glammier songs like « We Got The Hits », « Carolanne » or even « She » do you think some of these songs could have been released by TSAR?

JW:  “We Got the Hits” could be Tsar-ified for sure.  “Carolanne” could probably be on a later Tsar album?  Like one in an alternate timeline, maybe?  An alternate timeline in which the four members simultaneously released solo records, a la KISS?  And the posters all fit together?  And there was only like three or four good songs on all the albums put together?

Have The BROTHERS STEVE played a lot of shows so far?

JW:  No!  We played that party and then we played our album release party for International Pop Overthrow a couple months ago, and then a show last night in Burbank.

OT: We are excited to play more as the anticipation takes us!

Is there any new L.A. Bands you feel close to musicwise?

JW:  We’re friends with Punch Punch Kick—they played the International Pop Overthrow show with us—and they’re amazing.  Super hooky.

OT: I personally love United Ghosts. There are no pure parallel lines between us, but I just dig their thing. They just had a sweet summertime European tour. They’re worth checking out!

5 of your favourite albums and a few words about them.

JW:  Right now I’m listening to Begin by the Millennium at least once or twice a day.  People told me it was supposed to be so good, but the first few times I listened to it, I wasn’t all that knocked out.  I had the CD in my stereo for a while and I’d let it play kind of randomly while not really paying attention and then all of a sudden one day it kicked in.  Now I think it’s brilliant!  Kind of like the Association meets Nilsson meets Paul Williams or something.  Kind of like if Olivia Tremor Control was a polished sunshine pop band.  Or like an easy-listening MGMT.  Lots of vocal harmonies on that one.

OT: It’s a smooth sailing groove.

JW:  Also, check out the New Directions album by Gary Lewis and the Playboys.  You can kind of guarantee that any album called New Directions is going to be terrible, but it’s actually great.  It came out after all his hits, but I’d argue it’s his best album.  That is, if I could ever find anybody who wanted to argue “best Gary Lewis albums” with me.  I’m sure they’re out there.  The record’s full of these weirdly manipulative songs about a lonely guy trying to get girls to pay attention to him.  Solid record.  Gary Lewis is super underrated, I think.  And there’s something about his singing style—if you can call it that—that makes me feel 90’s-y.  Does anyone out there know what I’m talking about?  That kind of, I-know-I-can’t-really-sing-but-really-the-jokes-on-you-because-I’m-not-really-trying-although-I-really-am type of singing from the 90’s?

OT: I do!

JW:  I’ve also been jamming Too Fast For Love by Motley Crue.  Shout at the Devil‘s got some great songs on it, but Too Fast For Love is their masterpiece.  But how must it feel to be in this huge, internationally famous band that’s been around for decades and know that the best thing you ever did, by far, was essentially your demo tape?  Must make you feel like S.E. Hinton or something, writing The Outsiders when she was in high school.  If you hit your peak right out of the box—or before you’re even out of the box—what do you do the rest of your life?  Just Harper-Lee that shit?  Who knows?  Great album, though.  And check this out!  I never noticed—ever!—that the album cover photo is a blowup of Vince Neil’s crotch from the full length picture of him on the back cover.  Does everybody know that except me?  Have I just been walking around, talking to people, living my life and I’m the only one who didn’t know that?  I had always assumed it was a planned crotch shot, an intentional takeoff on Sticky Fingers, right?  I just noticed this like two weeks ago.

OK, that’s three.  Uh, four, let’s say the Xanadu soundtrack.  I’ve always been an ELO-side guy, but lately I’ve been more into the Olivia Newton-John side.  Her voice in that period has a kind of fragile clarity I’m digging.  The song “Dancin’”—the duet with the guy from the Tubes—is so ridiculous.  It’s almost like an experiment in ridiculousness.  Her innocence and his over-the-top, fake-confident lasciviousness, with the 40’s-music-meets-fake-hard-rock medley.  So charming, despite its obvious effort to be charming.

Os, you got a fifth?

OT:  Well yeah, here’s a top 5 album: OutKast’s Speakerboxxx/The Love Below.  Funky, groovy, funny, groomy.  Such great stuff.

JW:  Totally.  Os, have you ever considered “Hey Ya!” as a glam song?

OT:  Not really.  And another fun weird one while I’m thinking on it, The Flaming Lips’s Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots.  Feel good, swim and sway, fully instrumented tunes with plenty of echo-y, glorious harmony vocals.

What’s coming next for The BROTHERS STEVE and TSAR

JW:  The Brothers Steve have a Christmas single coming out on Big Stir records in November, which I’m mega-double jazzed about since I love Christmas music.  Christmas music is the Beatles of music, if you know what I mean.

OT:  Sure!

JW:  And then another full-length record, I’d say.  Right?

OT: If the planets align, I would love that!
JW:  As for Tsar … I dunno!  We talk about it, dream about it.  Just waiting for the right moment, you know, globally or whatever.

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The Leftards “Apocalypse Cabaret” 7″

(-review by Anguish Young)
Yes, yes, I am well aware that Amerikkka’s uptight, think-tank engineered, consensus manufacturing, safe space college culture abhors the use of even deliberately offensive sarcasm-even if it’s the feminist magazine “B Word”, and even the most righteous black radical hip hop artists use of the taboo n word, in the context of self empowerment, and not everybody’s gonna “get”, or like, the name of this crazy Sydney Australia gang of gutter punk mischief makers. Lilly white college people who’ve embraced the Comics Code Authority, and PMRC Temperance League finger waggers, and scolding committees who always show up hoping to make a bust, every time some punks or everyday people wanna express some blue collar rage that ain’t P.C., and properly photo shopped and white washed. That’s why most of us walked away from the hipster hell-holes where everyone is rich and fake and holier than thou with their Mimosas and bullshit poses. We’re all incessantly hassled and reprimanded and sent to the back of the bus if we ain’t had the Sensitivity Studies crunchy granola makeovers, and I kinda get why we are discouraged from ever using the hurtful lingo of our mean-spirited rightwing hate speech oppressors, even if we earnestly believe we are just doing our job, by turning the tables on our rightwing rulers and mocking them, mocking us, but I also get how these radical leftist boot boy provocateurs are wearing the rightwing putdown proudly, and triumphantly, like a badge of honor. They also hate the Dickies and the Three Stooges in the cloistered faux liberal Hillarybot Rachel Redscare college towns. The tone police in the ivory towers have no desire to confront real power, like the evil sons a bitches overthrowing Venezuela and kidnapping indigenous children at the border, so they just wanna wring their hands some more about how they frown upon you liking taboo and forbidden free speech whipping dogs like Richard Pryor, or the Dead Kennedys, or Wasp, or El Duce, or whatever. I avoid the people from the ivory towers. They were never gonna like me, anyway. They are all just like, prudish, modern-day Tipper Gores.
      The anniversary of Sid Vicious’s death seems like the perfect day to crank up this defiantly rebellious, punk as fuck, 45 that spins at 33, from the Dark Clouds now legendary Dee Dee Ramone figure, turned furious truth telling front man, Ronnie Wreckless, and company. Man, how I wish Tim Yo from Maximum Rocknroll was still around to dig this shit. Loud, fast rules, forty ounce in a brown bag on the filthy street corner, abrasive rocknroll street dog madness from the endlessly enchanting land of the Powder Monkeys, Hard Ons, Beasts Of Bourbon, and Rose Tattoo! This stuff will take you back to your own golden moments, before society divided up your friends by class and “identity”, when the kids were still united and could never be divided. When BEING was still every bit as important as HAVING. When motherfuckers still REBELLED and READ BOOKS and THOUGHT FOR THEMSELVES! “Privileged White Guy Blues” reminds me of Billy Bragg or some other righteous testifiers from the real punk rock days when we could all sit as equals on milk crates in the wet basement and come to consensus, before all this bull shit about whoever has the money has the credibility and final say in all matters, forever and ever, Amen. Before the capitalist, corporate con-job of “Alternative” duped everyone with goateed grunge moaning, baby dresses, and rich kid ukuleles, and all those loathsome, buzzkillin’ floods of college wankers came in and stole the scene with their parents fucking money and high school sports team competition social hierarchies, and delivered us collectively into two decades of unlistenably twee and detached hipster rich kid mediocrity and manufactured dance muzak that has reigned over our corporate owned airwaves since ’96. “Useless Generation” reminds me of the last wave of underground punk I felt any connection to-the heyday of Libertine, Moral Crux, Dimestore Haloes, and U.S. Bombs. After that final hour, of Hit-List magazine punk rock, I fell between the cracks, went broke, and never again had spare money to buy records. Their proletariat everyman ideology and smartass sense of humor will immediately appeal to fans of the Spent Idols or Humpers. “Don’t Call ‘ Em Hipster” made me smile, right away-my kinda parody, I’m not a big fan of gentrification brunchers, myself. “Subculture” is bratty, juvie gang, punk right out of the eighties Indiana punk scene, where I grew up. Makes me think of combat boots and brainy goth girls galore. “50 Plus Degrees” and “Cock N Balls” remind me of hard years spent living in shitty vans “that smell like balls, dog, and broken dreams”, in the immortal words of my former travelling companion, shivering in cold rehearsal spaces, drinking malt liquor, and drunken all night sing-alongs, before the rich people stripped us of our joy and freedom, and strong-armed us out of the old neighborhood, before the con-job of “Alternative” where you had to be a kissass Counting Crows, furrowed brow and trust funded, rich person from a fancy college, to even participate in music, in any meaningful way. The Leftards are a welcome clarion call from deepest Garage Land, urging all the sincere punks to get back to where you once belonged! Right the fuck on!

The Stick Arounds “Ways To Hang On”

“Ways To Hang On” is the second album of Michigan’s THE STICK AROUNDS although the members of the band have been playing together for 8 years and played in many bands before. This is American melodic rock influenced by powerpop. You can hear some REPLACEMENTS influences, or even early REM (“Better Off Like This”) and a bit of NEIL YOUNG (“Man Of Action.”) Fine melodies meet dirty guitars in “Majestic Figureheads”, the songwriting is solid, and the backing vocals always sound good, this is the kind of music you think you’d hear when turning on the radio, lost somewhere in the middle of the USA. The atmosphere of this album sometimes bring BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN and ELVIS COSTELLO to mind and THE STICK AROUNDS sometimes surprise us when adding some epic arrangements (“Hazlewood”.) They show their catchiest side in the last song on this album “Falling Down On You.” If there’s something like classic alternative, then “Ways To Hang On” should fit right in this genre. /Laurent C.

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