“I don’t believe in kings…” (-John Lennon)

“Was Abbie Hoffman really suicide?” (-Demolition 23)

Comrade Misty is Putin’s Buddy 🍀 on Twitter: “It’s only gotten worse since then. They don’t even really try to hide it anymore. MSM is state run propaganda. Period.” / Twitter


Disinformation and the State: The Aptly Named RESTRICT Act – Activist Post

Police Get a Green Light to Use Force Against Unarmed Individuals Who Have Already Surrendered or Complied – Activist Post this was why real leftists were against Trump, but here is more fascist polce state under Gropey Joe


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Comrade Misty is Putin’s Buddy 🍀 on Twitter: “And that’s the point of his persecution. The United States is seeking global jurisdiction over information and journalism. #FreeAssangeNOW” / Twitter

so gross. fascists are everywhere in this fuckedup Gropey Joe admin. Comrade Misty is Putin’s Buddy 🍀 on Twitter: “I really just cannot get over how successful the plan to “push Biden left” has been. Great work, gang. 🤡” / Twitter

Towards a Church of the British Empire: World Government as British Empire Revivalism (


One reason I like Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is that he tells the truth a lot more often than the soldout neo conned bullshit scam merchants of his party, including Sanders who destroyed his own popular movement to please his superiors in the donor class pyramid scheme-big tech, big Ag, big pharma, and the war machine, which is basically just Bill Gates and Jamie Diomd at this point, Vanguard and blackrock own everything, so who owns Vanguard and Blackrock, right? Do I understand that every election circus, they allow us slaves to have one long shot, dark horse, false hope idol to pin all our faith on before that person gets media smeared and replaced by some fuckedup worse case scenario demented servant of empire or dedicated mass incarceration black woman token identity peddler to help sheepdog all the liberals back into the mainstream war machine and spy apparatus party? Yeah i get that. I campaigned for Nader and LaDuke, campaigned hard for Dr. Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka. I think the fix is in, if creepy ghouls like Lyn Cheney and AOC have their way, it will soon be illegal to say that I think the fix is in. Right now you can be locked up in the fake democracy of the UK for shouting “NOT MY KING!” in public and the men in uniform will drag you through a crowd of dumbed down monarchy worshippers who all get to punch or kick you for not being obedient to the tyrannical monarchists and Gates Reset honchos. I don’t know if Kennedy is controlled by the opposition or not, if he’s part of the one world government rollouts or not, I just know I like when somebody breaks the script-the other Democrats still won’t admit the USA is at war with Russia, that there is anything wrong with the economy, or that people overwhelmingly oppose the Cop City Hellplex, they just do fake polls and cite fake statistics insisting that the black population of Atalanta are all pro Cop Jim Crow Uncle Tom bootlickers which is a balls out lie, just like the idea that people in Michigan voted for Biden on Super Tuesday over sanders…in Michigan where they poisoned the people of Flint and Obama pretended to drink the water to help provide cover for the white collar inside job criminals and also where Gropey Joe yelled, “I Don’t Work For You!” at a union man, a real working class lunchbox dude.was verbally assaulted by an unhinged old man who thought he was getting ready to duke it out with Corn Pop. None of these guys are good fellas. Maybe Kennedy can at least raise some consciousness among some boomers or Irish catholic folks about how Nato is fucked up, or the WEF or the WHO and amplify the idea that it is a bad plan escalating wars with china or Russia or Iran, and that giving too much power to just a few billionaires who meet in secret and “penetrate the acbinets” with all these Future Facsist school Graduates. I’m not even paying attention to flakey new age vanity brand Marrianne Williamson who will suck up some spotlight and middl;e class donations before she tells us to vote for Gropey Joe Biden and Mass Incarceration Kamala again. Bernie was turned against the people-was it by blackmail or bribery or a combination of both? I dunno, but I have my doubts about Obama;s entire backstory now. He seems to be having a ball just lying to the middleclass dupes and susckers. AOC is so gross, as bad as Obama. I was also fooled by her at first, same with Obama-I’m that sucker born every minute cause like many in this sad world, I WANT to believe there is somebody good out there who is allowed to have some access or platform or would be willing to use their power and prestige to help people rather than just consolidate more control and mass murder more human beings via sanctions, mercenary contractor assassins, poison in the water, food and soil, bad medicine with fuckedup side effects and a veneer of plausible deniability, wars based on lies, brue cops trained to kill and say they feared for their lives. Kennedy keeps saying the politicians should stop lying-you gotta love that! Most people still loyally parrot shit they know was proven false just to like defend the reputation of their preferred celebrity lyinass liars. The DNC are irredeemable, all they do is lie. “Russiagate” was a big fat hoax. Podesta said they were going to make an example out of whoever leaked the DNC internal memos about fixing primaries and Seth Rich ended up dead but most people don’t even remember that. They lied about 9/11, they lied about WMD’s, they lied about fracking is safe and the air in Manhattan after the bombs, they lied about Assange, they lied about everything. Never fixed the hackable voting software, never closed Gitmo. Never admitted any mistakes or wrongdoing or conflict of interest or industry capture during Covid. Kennedy is saying things that make sense, but it’s entirely possible that Obama nad hillary pulled the mainstream shitlibs so far ro the Right, that they will continue to see him as a “conspiracy theorist”  rather than a whistle blower of truth knower, they love their fucking pretty lies. Even if everybody voted for Kennedy they can just deploy their stonefaced spies recruited at Ivy League colleges where their spook parents went and say Nikki hayley or Destantis won. I still think the fix is in. Warpigs aint my people and I do not like the monarchies and I think Princess Diana was killed by the same people who kill anyone with influence who does good in the world. Somebody killed Michael Hastings and nobody in paid media ever mentions him anymore, so I do. I suspect kennedy knows that the world is ruled by secrecy, lies, media control and assassniation. I loved John Lennon as a kid. They told me he was murdered on the bus and naturally i was in tears and it was never good to cry in front of those militarized dumbfuck Ohio Males cause it just makes ’em feel like they won the super bowl. Mr. Cypher was waiting for me at the frontdoor of the elementary school in fifth grade cause he knew all those fat sadistic jock richboys were gonna be having a field day laughing at me cause their deep state set up some MK Ultra hit on John. Alll those fat footballers all hated that I was into rocknroll, rather than football. John lennon was like my original Joe Strummer. How cool was it when John and Yoko went on the Mike Douglas Show and introduced Middle Amurkkka to the Black panthers, Ralph Nader and the American Indian Movement? I don’t listen to the Beatles too much, maybe some George or Wings like twice a year but they are obviously part of my DNA. Nobody stands for nothing in this hot garbage shitshow noawadays, ya know? What do Green Day or the Foo Fighters stand for, ya know? No risk, no guts, no real soulpower. No message. No point, really. Guns N Roses say Putin is bad, some shit like that. How…brave. Green Day want you to get your tenth booster for Monkeypox safety science and wave your Azov flags for girl power in Iran. McDonna wants you to put your kid in a dress and take a dump on the bible-notice how the empire keeps trying to confuse transitioning kids or sexualizing kids too early with LGBT rights and they sic all the Bot Armies on anyone who will not get in lockstep conformity with the Current Thang? People refuse to think for themselves or ever make waves or jeopardize their special privileges or do the right thing. Cowards. I still love John, never needed him to be a saint or live up to some modern day WEF standards of wokeness or any shit like that. I know all about his flaws and shortcomings and have read hundreds of books about him so your Comic-Con kid with the I-Phone and big opinions aint gonna get me to cancel John for being insufficiently feminist or transphobic or not adequately updated for eugenics operations or special rich kid protected class sensitivity problems. I think it’s cool that Yoko got him thinking about shit like “Woman Is The Ni**er Of The World” and shit-they were hassled all the time by The man because they were anti-war and hung around with some other pot smoking anti-war hippies and yippies like Abbie Hoffman and Harold C. Black and David Peel and John Sinclair and shit. David Peel was also cool, we are gonna explore some david Peel songs here this morning if you feel like having some iced coffee and listening, you are welocme to enjoy it with me, here. If ya see harold, tell him the Revolution sends him love and gratitude from the dusty underground.

‘Not my king,’ they chanted. Then the police took their megaphones | King Charles coronation | The Guardian

Abbie Hoffman: Leading the 60’s Counter Culture Revolution – YouTube


The MC5 & John | Sinclair | Sinclair’s experience as “MC 6th” | Detroit, MC5, Kicking out the Jams! – YouTube

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Plastic Ono Band – Give Peace A Chance (1969) – YouTube

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Angela (Ultimate Mix) – YouTube

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John Lennon, Yoko Ono And David Peel At The Record Plant, NYC May 1972 – YouTube

John Lennon & Chuck Berry | Yoko Ono ‘singing’ the whole song in an alternate reality from 1972 – YouTube

WORKING CLASS HERO. (Ultimate Mix, 2020) – John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band (official music video HD) – YouTube

Robert F. Kennedy Jr on Twitter: “President Biden assured us Monday that the banking system is “safe and sound.” Today, bank stocks are crashing. The American people deserve more than glib assurances and perception management. #Kennedy24” / Twitter

Steven Donziger on Twitter: “BREAKING: Shell just reported a record $10 billion quarterly profit as the oil industry continues to burn up the planet. These obscene profits should be taxed heavily to reimburse countries for damage caused by climate change. This industry profits from the destruction of life.” / Twitter

Col Douglas Macgregor On Ukraine by RFK Jr Podcast (

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Flint Resident GOES OFF: Flint Will Never Get Justice, There’s No Democracy in U.S. – YouTube

Olayemi Olurin on Twitter: “The NYT insists on pushing copaganda and the dehumanization of specific populations and I am tired” / Twitter

Mark D. Levine on Twitter: “I saw Jordan Neely perform his Michael Jackson routine many times on the A train. He always made people smile. Our broken mental health system failed him. He deserved help, not to die in a chokehold on the floor of the subway.” / Twitter

Katie Halper on Twitter: “So a violent vigilante kills a homeless man by putting him in a chokehold and according to the NY Times, the victim is the “hostile” one?” / Twitter

Hassan Mafi ‏ on Twitter: “US presidential candidate, Robert F. Kennedy Jr: “Let’s be honest. This is a US war against Russia for geopolitical reasons,”” / Twitter

Jordan on Twitter: “Thanks to @krystalball @esaagar and Breaking @PointsCommunity for featuring my @StatusCoup ON-THE-GROUND reporting from Kalamazoo on the TOXIC paper mill poisoning a poor Black neighborhood—that Gov. Gretchen Whitmer helped EXPAND” / Twitter


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THE RACKETEERS(Wayne Kramer & Brian James) – I Fall – YouTube

Comrade Misty is Putin’s Buddy 🍀 on Twitter: “Amazing that this smear persists despite the US government admitting, on more than one occasion, that they can’t point to a single instance in which someone was harmed due to WikiLeaks releases. Not one. #FreeAssangeNOW” / Twitter

Abbie Hoffman on the 1968 Democratic Convention – YouTube

Comrade Misty is Putin’s Buddy 🍀 on Twitter: “The man has a true gift for snark. I think it’s undeniable that he is one of our greatest minds.” / Twitter


David Peel was always in the park shouting down the empire and flippin’ the bird to the man. I enjoyed the brother and his lifelong cohort Harold C Black who I consider righteous forefathers of the power to the people underground. Harold’s one of the only people I miss from the Censorship platform that locked me out for antiwar shitposting. Fuck you, Zuckerbot. I think you are a droid. Me, personally, I never liked reefer that much so it was hard for me to always vibe with all the old men who were just pot crazy or understand how the government was able to trick everybody into supporting a bullshit deadly drug war that destroyed so many families and kept so much of the black population and anti war movement mass incarcerated for fifty years.  Now, suddenly reefer is legal in some rich white zipcodes but everything else is fuckedup, forcefed and fictionalized. Bush/Cheney did away with the Geneva Conventions. you ever hear anybody say anything about torture anymore? That’s how far gone our citizens are-they are cool with torture, spying and human experimentation, just make sure you support underage kids being pressured into gender reassignments and say you love Ukraine and Fauchi. Thank Obama some more for you know-being very good at properly enunciating his lies for war.

David Peel- King Of Punk – YouTube

 Punk – YouTube

David Peel – I Like Marijuana – YouTube

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Up Against the Wall – YouTube

David Peel & The Lower East Side – Hey, Mr. Draft Board (1970) – YouTube

David Peel – Lower East Side (1970) – YouTube

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John Lennon and David Peel – YouTube


Hippie From New York City – YouTube

Abbie Hoffman-John Lennon story – YouTube

David Peel & The Lower East Side- Here Comes A Cop – YouTube

David Peel – I Like Marijuana 

“It’s not outlandish to imagine that even here in America, your bank account could one day be frozen because of your politics, or comments you’ve made on social media.

Holding Biden Accountable (From The Left) on Twitter: “Of course Biden picks a rightwing warmongering troll who’s funded by arms manufacturers, banks, insurance companies, and the UAE. Neera Tanden has physically assaulted journalists, outed sexual harassment victims, and even lobbied to take Libya’s oil to pay for bombing them.” / Twitter

Human Bean 📢✌️🏽📸🎵🐾📿 on Twitter: “What’s clear is the US’s position on making an example of Assange to silence whistleblowers & real journalists, to herd the masses into seeking “truth” from the MSM who won’t stray from the corp. narrative. Politicise it, & at least 1/2 the population will disregard the truth. ⬇️” / Twitter

Useful Idiots on Twitter: “NEW TWITTER FILES from @mtaibbi: Project Osprey, Twitter’s method of categorizing threats to the establishment as “A Priori Russians” and “Inferred Russians,” the latter including @DrJillStein and @wikileaks @aaronjmate @kthalps Full interview:” / Twitter

” I spent a day in Havana once. I saw one police car the entire day I was there.

Go to any major city in the US and you will see police everywhere. The same can be said with homeless people, BTW:

No homeless people in Havana, but thousands of people on the streets of US cities. The West claims that it has a “free press,” so justifies prosecuting those who discredit the Empire by saying “they aren’t real journalists.”

It’s like saying you have free speech as long as you don’t say the wrong thing or freedom of worship as long as you pray to the right God” (-Primo Radical)

“After all, in 2010, Paypal, Visa, and Mastercard suspended WikiLeaks, at the behest of the U.S. State Department. GoFundMe blocked U.S. accounts from sending funds to Canadian truckers and planned to donate the money to their own preferred charities instead, backing down only when faced with a lawsuit. PayPal modified their acceptable use policy to fine users $2,500 for spreading what they deemed to be misinformation, a change they rescinded under pressure. Nonetheless, thousands of customers are currently suing PayPal for the arbitrary seizure of their accounts.

The financial censorship of political enemies is something we’re used to seeing under authoritarian regimes. No one was surprised when Russia froze more than 100 bank accounts tied to opposition leader Alexei Navalny. But Canada did it too, locking more than 200 accounts of people protesting vaccine mandates. #Kennedy24 These are the decisions of private companies, but often those private companies are acting out of fear of Congress or regulators, or directly at their bidding. Their decisions impinge directly on our rights.

The ability to save and spend without political interference is a prerequisite for the exercise of meaningful dissent, and I will defend it accordingly. This is not a right- or left-wing issue. It is about protecting democracy from powerful established interests. The digitization of currency has given government unprecedented powers to surveil and control economic life.
That is why I oppose CBDCs, which will vastly magnify the government’s power to suffocate dissent by cutting off access to funds with a keystroke. That’s also why I support bitcoin, which allows people to conduct transactions free from government interference. Bitcoin has been a lifesaver for people’s movements around the world, especially in Burma.” (-Robert F. Kennedy Jr.)

Rev Laskaris on Twitter: “Western Media: “Ukraine isn’t a Nazi state” Ukraine in reality:” / Twitter

Primo Radical on Twitter: “Every liberal hit-piece on anti-imperialists: “Why would commentators who once worked in progressive media during the Bush era maintain anti-war ideals today, even though all us Democrats became pro-war NeoCons? Well, it’s called ‘horseshoe theory,’ which means they love Trump.”” / Twitter

Human Being on Twitter: “#FreePalestine #Nakba75 Roger Waters concert in Paris” / Twitter

Spriter on Twitter: “A UK police officer warns that yelling ‘Not My King’ could result in arrest on Coronation Day. Press” / Twitter

DailyRadical History on Twitter: “May 6 1973 – FBI attacks Native Americans in American Indian Movement at Wounded Knee, which had been surrounded since Feb 27.” / Twitter

Young Communist League of Britain on Twitter: “Earlier today the Young Communist League of Britain mobilised and marched through Manchester city centre to celebrate our May Day, and to protest against the coronation of Charles III 🚫👑🪓 #PartyLikeIts1649” / Twitter

United Farm Workers on Twitter: “Silvia works in the Salinas CA area in the vegetables. “I work from 7am to 3:30pm Monday through Friday and sometimes on Saturdays. A farm worker’s job is very difficult. We need to work in the cold, rain and heat so America has food.” #WeFeedYou” / Twitter

Solidarity on Twitter: “” / Twitter

Jimmy Dore on Twitter: “I wonder why every Corporate news outlet from @MSNBC to @CNN to @FoxNews to @nytimes & @washingtonpost tells the exact same lies about Ukraine, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Russia,China & Iran? Most people I know get their news from those corporations & actually believe it.” / Twitter

Defend the Atlanta Forest on Twitter: “On May 15th, activists and other Atlantans will attend the City Council meeting to voice their opposition to expanding the budget for Cop City. In Fall of 2021, over 17 hours of comment against the project was rebuffed by City Council. Do they have the nerve to do that again?” / Twitter

Dyjuan Tatro on Twitter: “This is what police do in schools: kids as young as 5, 6, and 7 year olds, and some with disabilities, are regularly being handcuffed & traumatized by police in NYC schools. Black students, who only constitute 25% percent of students, account for 59% of those handcuffed.” / Twitter

Turncoat Don on Twitter: “The Class Factor in Journalism. Glenn Greenwald, Matt Taibbi.” / Twitter


I love Harold and was heartsick when he had to fork out all the money to bury his legendary friend David Peel. What a story he lived-I hope he publishes his autobiography! Trailblazer! 

Haroldcblack – New Pics from HCB’s “Black in the Day” “In… | Facebook

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The Original Teenage Lust (

teenage lust live Mercer arts center 1972 – YouTube

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teenage lust – YouTube

Mickey’s Max’s | Harold C. Black (Teenage Lust and The Lustettes), at Max’s Kansas City with Tish and Snooky and Marky Ramone, wearing the (


Stoopid come lately faux punques always quote the anti hippie rhetoric from “Sid & Nancy” without ever recognizing that Rotten was the guy who smoked pot all day and lived in a squat and listened to reggae all day and ate lentils like Neil on “The Young Ones” and never washed his clothes. The social engineers all trade in politics of division which is how they’ve amassed all this power by hijacking certain marketing groups and insisting they be provided with extra special privileges and protections while throwing the book at members of other demigraphics for attempting to voice their views on cops killing protestors, or kidnapping journalists, or setting off big toxic fires poisoning miles and miles of people and farmland and animals or knowingly poisoning water, or questioning rigged el;ections, or anything that deviates from top down mass media mind control sieg heil bullshit. I always understoodd that the Damned and Pretenders and Deadboys and Pistols actually got a lot of their best ideas from the hippies and folkies and beats and yippies and Rasta resistance cultures. People who feel self conscious about me talking bad about materialist consumer zombie conspicuous displayers of prestigious objects always love to call me hippie cause my long hair but I don’t smoke pot very often, it kinda makes me nausesous. Always kinda felt sorry for the preppie sports mom appeasers and suckups and asskisers and rules followers and pro war chickenhawks who think punk rock just means who owns the biggest collection of old shit. There is a direct line from Jim Morrison to iggy Pop to Stiv Bators, ya know? The Fugs and Diggers and Up Against The wall Motherfuckers and White Panthers were doing all the same shit as the ebst of the punks, years before them. Raising consciousness, doing it yourself, being the media, organizing your gang. Serving the community. Black Panthers did it all before WIC. Hats off to Abbie and harold and Aaron pieman kaye and all the old rebels whio came before us. 

Fugs on Swedish TV 1966- part 1 – YouTube

The Fugs – CIA Man – YouTube

Slum Goddess – YouTube

Yodeling Yippie by the Fugs – YouTube

Fugs – I Couldn’t Get High – YouTube

Exorcising the Evil Spirits from the Pentagon, by The Fugs – YouTube

The Fugs – War Song – YouTube

The Fugs I Feel Like Homemade Shit – YouTube

Exorcism of the White House by The Fugs! – YouTube

Status Coup News on Twitter: “COMING UP AT 1PM EASTERN: Flint Resident GOES OFF: Flint Will Never Get Justice, There’s No Democracy in U.S. Remember, there STILL is a #FlintWaterCrisis 9 Years Later” / Twitter


Some people think he went crazy, others think he was an early victim of mind control experiments.  Learn about resistance history. 

This week in history: Remembering protest singer Phil Ochs – People’s World (

PHIL OCHS: THERE BUT FOR FORTUNE – Official Trailer – YouTube

Phil Ochs – There But For Fortune – YouTube

Phil Ochs – Love Me I’m A Liberal (Live 1965 Video Fragment) – YouTube

Phil Ochs playing live at the first Earth Day rally in Washington D. C. – April 22nd 1970 (Updated) – YouTube

Comrade Misty is Putin’s Buddy 🍀 on Twitter: “Shouldn’t even be that high. Y’all are a disgrace. Nothing more than the US’s bitch. #FreeAssangeNOW” / Twitter

Coming to a Store Near You, Organic and Non-Organic Produce with Toxic Edible Coating that CANNOT Be Washed Off! – Activist Post


“*Real Men* in the US join the military to escape poverty, go overseas to murder the impoverished, come home with PTSD, are denied mental healthcare, and jump on the subway to kill homeless people who also suffer from PTSD, and are also denied mental healthcare. MURICA.” (-Just A. Thought)

Sabby Sabs on Twitter: “The protesters are not the enemy. The Royal Oppressors continue to live off taxpayer money during inflation. There is no need for a monarchy in 2023. They don’t create any laws. They’re living bougie just because 🤷‍♀️. #AbolishTheMonarchy” / Twitter

Revolutionary Blackout Long Beach on Twitter: “Margaret Kimberley Explains the Black White Supremacist | Obama’s Foreign Policy Legacy Brand New RBN-LBC Clip VIEW” / Twitter

Kremlin:Assassination Attempt on Putin | Wyatt Reed Joins to Discuss – YouTube

The Kansas City Defender on Twitter: “A crowd of community members are assembling in front of KCK Police HQ, demanding release of bodycam footage of murder of unarmed Black doordash driver Amaree’ya Henderson” / Twitter

WikiLeaks on Twitter: “‘Julian Assange Writes Letter to King Charles III Inviting Him to Visit Belmarsh Prison “Kingdom”‘ | via @firstpost” / Twitter

Amazon Piss Jugs 🇭🇹🇾🇪🇵🇸 on Twitter: “24/7 free store, kitchen, pizza oven, stage, health clinic. All bulldozed.” / Twitter

John Pilger on Twitter: “In a special place at the bottom of the political barrel lives Anthony Albanese. Having boasted his republicanism, he grovels before the Crown. On 23 May he will grovel (again) before Joe Biden. Here, using weasel words, he betrays Julian Assange (again).” / Twitter

PunkAndNewWave on Twitter: “On this day in 1973 #DavidBowie was at Number One in the UK album charts with Aladdin Sane.” / Twitter

Human Bean 📢✌️🏽📸🎵🐾📿 on Twitter: “Especially since we’re paying them with our tax dollars.” / Twitter

Human Bean 📢✌️🏽📸🎵🐾📿 on Twitter: “Never more have I understood the desire to ditch US city life, raise chickens, can tomatoes, and spend the afternoons painting than I did today on a train from Roma to Fiorenze.” / Twitter

“The biggest misconception about politics is that political differences have any meaningful existence at all. Everyone’s herded into two mainstream factions who both serve the interests of the powerful, while those few who can’t be herded are marginalized into political impotence.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)


is an artist my pal Lucky from Sugarbuzz Magazine used to write about. Kinda reminds me of Kevin Junior (RIP) a little bit. Or even the Jacobites and bounty Hunters. I kinda like him. Check him out.

Brandy Row ‘Hold No Shame’ – YouTube

Brandy Row & The Truebadours – Dirty Street – YouTube

Brandy Row-Unwritten stories – YouTube

Brandy Row The Final Stand.dv – YouTube

Brandy Row – Situations – YouTube

Brandy Row-Unwritten stories – YouTube

Brandy Row – Decline of a Better Man – YouTube

Actor | Brandy Row


“A body of men holding themselves accountable to nobody ought not to be trusted by anybody.” (― Thomas Paine)

One of my guitarist’s stoner metal skateboard bros from back in the day gave me some album flats he got from the record store lady’s in the mall who would never hire me. He had the gigantic “From Inside The Electric Circus” on the wall of his room, he was one of those dudes who liked Slayer and L.A. Guns and Ozzy and even Bon Jovi…but NOT Guns N Roses cause they wore makeup. Those macho metalheads were crazy kids from abusive homes, ugly to animals, extra aggressive, loudmouths with fake Spicoli surfer valley dude skateboarder slang “Thrash” magazine accents that were ridiculous cause they were 2000 miles from the ocean. W.A.S.P. were hated by Tipper Gore and her super nannying Washington Wives who were on the frontline of wanting to decide what people were allowed to say or think about in rock music. Gradually, the corporate suits and focus groups, marketing motherfuckers and social engineers took control of all the public airwaves and when they wanna gin up excitement for Game day they play the old heavy metal music and when they wanna manufacture consent for this or that agenda, they’ll roll out writhing sex puppets or glorify super soldier robocop Rambo bulletbelt swet monkeys, they just don’t want commonors having any voice. I mainly feel for Chris Holmes the famous party animal who was fuckedup in the swimming pool next to his mom in the “Decline” film. I’ve been around drunk people before, so he never seemed as outrageous and controversial to me as he apparently did to the Kras Karyn Kultcha, I find Chris Holmes actually a little bit endearing in that he never went through no black is white and right is left and up is down Metaverse makeovers like all my ex friends the college indoctrinated, Amazon shopping goose steppers who await their topdown chain of command orders of today-what words need changed, what objective truths no longer exist and can only be determined by the powerful and scientific techlords from the think tanks and occult temples on the secret blackmail islands. When I saw that Chris Holmes documentary, “Mean Man”, he actually reminded me of some of my own former bandmates and road dog traveling companions. Reminded me of myself in that he never got properly paid or credited for his substantial contributions or authorship of compositions he co created during his W.A.S.P. years. Blackie took all the publishing. It’s a shame when people pull the greedhead stunts cause it makes it hard for poor people to like them as much after that. Something about W.A.S.P. always made me smile in that Blackie was a hammy, porky, shameless cross between Ozzy and Alice Cooper and Nikki Sixx, and Chris Holmes who married Lita Ford at some point, he was a larger than life headbanging Randy Rhoades for battle vested longhairs in the Fuck You Tipper Gore, Anti-Reagan “aint gonna piss in a cup unless Nancy Reagan’s gonna drink it up” Dead Kennedys and “RIP” magazine rebel years. I always thought Dave Mustaine was a real prissy Blackie Lawless wannabe, with the scary monster faces and ghoulish growling. Something about vintage W.A.S.P. has been appealing to me lately even if Blackie and the moneybags “got mine” people always kill the merry men fairytale with mercenary industry behaviors and money grabs. Man, showbiz people suck, but I am glad to see old Chris Holmes still stompin’ around on metal cruises and shit, he is a rare and unique creature. Together they were heavy metal super heroes as important to metal kids of my age group as KISS were to all the older siblings who grew up in the seventies. I don’t see anybody even making an effort to be as entertaining as W.A.S.P. except a hand full of overfunded iillumanati muppets like you know all those usual suspects-Lady Gaga, Britney, Aaron Carter, Kanye or Marilyn Manson and Lil Nas X and all that shit they write about over at Vigilant Citizen. The pig-media is the biggest hurdle to stopping the wars, protecting the food supply, or saving humanity from depopulation billionaires and their one governmenet total spectrum domination schemes. They even weaponized the muzak. Blackie Lawless was in the NY Dolls for five minutes right before they broke up.

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“We were wild and free yeah, yeah, yeah…”

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“If you believe people like Biden, McConnell, Pelosi or McCarthy give a shit about you, you’re part of the problem. It appears most Americans no matter whether they have devoted their lives to pressing the letter D or R or even are independent still believe in the brainwashing we’ve received since childhood that the people running our country are basically good. The US doesn’t care about Ukraine.

Ukraine’s sovereignty was taken by the US in 2014. Nuland is recorded picking the new Gov’t. There was a peace agreement, both Germany and Ukraine admit it was never gonna be honored. This is a proxy war. The US wanted this war more than Russia.” (-Black In The Empire)

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Here’s how I will dismantle the surveillance state. I will replace the officials that have been instructing tech companies to censor users. I will direct the justice department to stop prosecuting whistleblowers and start investigating the crimes they expose. I will rescind administrative policies that surveil Americans’ communications. In the long term, it is about forging an entirely different relationship between people and government based on respect. #Kennedy24” (-Robert F. Kennedy Jr.)

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Rëquiëm (fanzine in French)

L’époque incite fortement à fantasmer les années 80. Cependant, le début de cette décennie était loin d’être le paradis pour les fans de rock et surtout de hard rock (genre encore marginal et mal aimé) en France. Les choses ont commencé à évoluer grâce entre autres à l’émission radio Wango Tango de Francis Zégut et à l’apparition de magazines tels que Metal Attack et Enfer Magazine. Rëquiëm est un fanzine réalisé en parallèle d’un travail universitaire sur les fanzines metal français et un hommage au mythique Enfer. Sixtine Audebert a retrouvé les principaux instigateurs qui racontent la création et les débuts épiques du magazine. Pour l’occasion, quelques albums d’époque (CINDERELLA, EXODUS, DOKKEN, ANTHRAX…) sont chroniqués et quelques anciens lecteurs (dont moi_même) se livrent dans la rubrique courrier et proposent leur top 5 sur la période Enfer (1983-1987.) En bonus, vous retrouverez quelques publicités à l’époque alléchantes de lieux parisiens tels que L’Indien ou Juke Box ! Un flashback métallique vers une époque où tout restait encore à faire et surtout vers un magazine qui aura ouvert grand les portes du temple hard rock à beaucoup d’entre nous. Petit mais costaud, Rëquiëm vous donnera en plus une féroce envie de ressortir vos vinyles d’époque ! /Laurent C.