“I am Julian Assange because I could be next, and you could too. Do you want your government telling journalists anywhere in the world what they can and can’t publish?” (-Oliver Stone)

State power is deliberately stripping Julian Assange of his own humanity.” (- Thomas Drake, NSA whistleblower)

The working class better get their shit together and stop putting all your attention on these culture wars the owners keep us fighting before it’s too late. How many trillions do they get to steal, and how much harder will we have work for less before we see we’re in a class war?” (-Black In The Empire)

Useful Idiots on Twitter: “Biden indicts four members of the the Black Leftist org for “weaponized free speech.” @kthalps @aaronjmate” / Twitter

Old Woman Seeking Justice 🐝🐝🐷🐝🐝 on Twitter: “57 gunshot wounds. Shot while sitting cross legged with their hands raised. No gunshot residue on their hands. That single gunshot heard, 10 minutes after the barrage of gunfire (on the BWC video), is certainly the cops firing a drop gun. Straight up execution. #tortuguita” / Twitter

Controlled left sells ARTERIAL lies better 4 Right on Twitter: “Well, the CIA’s media is showing their degree of objectivity re RFK Jr pretty clearly.” / Twitter

Hannah Riley #StopCopCity on Twitter: “Tortugita’s death has officially been ruled a homicide.” / Twitter

Sabby Sabs on Twitter: “From what I saw today it seemed like RFK Jr. was willing to call out corruption with the CIA for example but then say there are some good CIA officials. Same thing with the Democratic Party. He realizes it’s bad but thinks it can be reformed. 😬” / Twitter

Caitlin Johnstone on Twitter: “Wait, so Biden’s Justice Department just arrested four American leaders of the African People’s Socialist Party for engaging in *political activity* that allegedly serves Russia? How the fuck is that legal?” / Twitter

Collin Rugg on Twitter: “JUST IN: Robert F. Kennedy releases powerful campaign video. “My father and my uncle had a vision for America, a vision of racial harmony, of prosperity for all Americans. Of peace in the world and of honest government. Their lives were tragically cut short and America took a…” / Twitter

IndieNewsNetwork on Twitter: “Here’s a playlist of all the times @GetIndieNews members have talked to or covered Uhuru @_InPDUM members including @AkileAnai & @OmaliYeshitela, @PennyAPSC two of the members taken into custody.” / Twitter

“The DOJ’s case here reminds me of its prosecution of the Holy Land 5 and other US Muslim civil society leaders

When the FBI was unable to find the “terror cells” Americans believed existed after 9/11, they made some opportunistic arrests for PR purposes and destroyed many lives. This fake and racist case flows from the Russiagate hysteria that convinced millions of Americans that Russia was paying dissident groups to destabilize the US political system. The FBI was unable to find anything real, so it went after the African People’s Socialist Party.” (-Max Blumenthal)

Jeremy Loffredo on Twitter: “UK counter-terror police arrested French book publisher, seized his laptop/ phone & asked about his support for the French pension reform protests and his views on Emmanuel Macron” / Twitter

Jeremy Loffredo on Twitter: “In 2005, Tapper & RFK Jr. were collaborating on a damning report re: CDC corruption/ vaccine safety. Tapper was enthusiastic and “hoping to win an Emmy” – last minute a frustrated Tapper called Kennedy to tell him that corporate was scrapping it:” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “Loud applause when RFK cited his uncle, JFK, vowing to “take the CIA and shatter it into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds.” He closed by vowing, “I’m gonna bring the troops home, I’m gonna close the bases, and I’m gonna start investing in the US middle class”” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “In announcing his presidential bid today, @RobertKennedyJr delivered a blistering attack on the US war state RFK said Biden has made Ukraine “a pawn in a geopolitical battle” that has “put the flower of Ukraine’s youth into an avatar of death in order to exhaust Russia” 🧵” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “RFK channeled America’s antiwar traditions, from John Quincy Adams’ warning against going abroad “in search of monsters to destroy” to his father and MLK’s stands against the Vietnam war “There is a direct link between poverty and violence and oppression at home and war abroad”” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “RFK Jr. framed the billions in US military aid to Ukraine in terms of the war the US government has waged on its poor at home, denouncing the archipelago of 800+ US bases abroad and calling for redirecting military spending to America’s needy” / Twitter

Black Socialists Charged for Speaking Out Against Ukraine War, Midwestern Marx Joins – YouTube

“Some will say this is a slippery slope but it’s a full-on avalanche. This is literally the ruling elite imprisoning those who don’t repeat their propaganda. Absolutely disgusting to see Biden’s DOJ indict 4 Americans who are members of the African People’s Socialist Party under the same BS Russiagate garbage that has been proven false for 6 years. Even the DOJ admits they’re charging them for “weaponized free speech.” Even if the allegations were TRUE (they’re not), this still amounts to the US government arresting & indicting people for speaking in a manner the government didn’t like. Hmmm, coulda sworn there was something about “freedom of speech” in some sort of document. (-Lee Camp)

“Bush was a warmonger.

Obama was a warmonger. Trump was a warmonger. Biden’s warmongering with Russia and China not only threatens WWIII but has already led to indictments of Black activists and Chinese nationals on BOGUS charges. In other words, McCarthyism on STEROIDS.” (-Danny Haiphong)

This is NOT America. Chairman Omali, a grass roots American, anti imperialist activist for 50 years ! He said “No one and no country tells me how to think” Below is what these anti imperialist peace activists face for speaking out against the US /NATO backed war in Ukraine:…” (-Tara Reade)

Tim Barker on Twitter: “”The indictment alleges that African People’s Socialist Party Chairman Omali Yeshitela and members Penny Joanne Hess and Jesse Nevel acted as illegal agents of the Russian government without notifying the U.S. attorney general.” They each face up to 15 years in prison.” / Twitter


Stephanie Ⓥoltolin #StopCopCity on Twitter: “” / Twitter

Stephanie Ⓥoltolin #StopCopCity on Twitter: “The Georgia Gestapo murdered Manuel Teran in cold blood.” / Twitter

Atlanta Community Press Collective on Twitter: “It’s now confirmed by the DeKalb Examiner’s office that there was no gunshot residue on the hands of Manuel Paez Terán. Activists have long maintained that the State’s claim Tort fired first was a lie, and this autopsy supports activist claims.” / Twitter

Abolish Golf Courses on Twitter: “They murdered Tort. They covered it up and framed them. They lied. Then they destroyed their memorial. May the parties who did this never know a day of peace. #VivaTortugita” / Twitter

Hannah Riley #StopCopCity on Twitter: “The state killed a protester camping on public land. The police story has changed over and over but the story from the forest that day has remained the same — Tort was murdered by police; the officer who was shot was shot accidentally by another cop.” / Twitter

Hannah Riley #StopCopCity on Twitter: “multiple officers from multiple police departments murdered Tortugita — who was camping on public land, seated in their closed tent, hands in the air — and then framed Tortugita. we know their body had 57 bullet wounds, but we don’t know even one of the killers’ names.” / Twitter

Black in the Empire on Twitter: “This is what letting the Democratic Party bring back McCarthyism because they lost an election, not caring about what they did to Assange, supporting censorship and not caring about Free Speech leads to It’s only gonna get worse and Blacks will be major targets Vote Blue my Ass” / Twitter

Greg vs Crabitalism 🦀🇭🇷 on Twitter: “Jim Crow Joe is literally out here arresting black socialists now and watch NONE of your favorite grifters and opportunists talk about this because it’s too close to election season. Instead they’ll try to gaslight you and say he’s changed over time” / Twitter

unusual_whales on Twitter: “BREAKING NEWS: The New York Times has just reported on Congressional members trading during the banking crisis. They showed how members traded during the crisis, while the public worried. Here is the list of members highlighted:” / Twitter

“Humans are tribal so I guess it shouldn’t be that surprising but it’s still amazing how the US media treats accusations from the US Government as unquestionably true (reading indictments = reporting), while similar accusations from adversary governments are inherently false.” (-Glenn Greenwald)

“Gadaffi was excited when Obama won the Presidency thinking that he might have an opportunity to have good relations with America and it would be good for Africa.

He didn’t realize that it would be under the Black President that he’d be murdered and his country be destroyed. Hillary thought his murder was hilarious.

It’s way past time for Americans to realize that this war is not something that our Gov’t is responding to, and is really a war that they spent years trying to provoke.. You can’t make it to the top in politics without being corrupt.

That goes for both teams. They are throwing a whole lot at us right now, that means there is a whole lot they don’t want us to see. The Dems and GOP are playing us against each other with these culture wars, while they transfer all the wealth of this nation to their donors. The ‘Big Lie’ is calling the US a democracy. Those ‘Shock and Awe’ sanctions that they told us would destroy Russia’s economy are working, but on Europe instead.

They have to keep saying the largest military conflict in EUROPE since WWII, so we don’t think about the damage the United States has done all over the rest of the world since then.Have the Liberals who talk about how hateful and intolerant the Conservatives are, ever actually listened to themselves talk?

This country is exactly what the owners paid both the Democrats, Republicans, and their corporate media to create. I watched many of the same people on here that swear they are morally superior to others attack and mock parents of children who were injured by the jab. I am starting my plan on getting out of this corrupt. immoral, upside down country.

To be honest I can’t put up with the people trying to recreate reality on either side of most of the dumb battles the ruling class has us fighting.

I have to find a degree of normality somewhere. I should be able to respect you, love you for who you say you are, demand that you have the same rights as everybody else and still think that the things that you believe are not reality without being called names.

The same rights you have to what you believe, others do too.. The working class better get their shit together and stop putting all your attention on these culture wars the owners keep us fighting before it’s too late. I’m not a Republican and I’m not giving up my guns. My advice to the Black community is to run away from any Black politician being promoted by the Dems or GOP like they have the plague.

Anybody actually fighting for us would be getting primaried, not praised. Every 4 years, millions of Americans go out and vote, still foolishly believing this is a democracy and we get a choice.

We don’t realize we are choosing between candidates given to us by our owners, and if a ringer slips through they don’t control anything anyway.

How many trillions do they get to steal, and how much harder will we have work for less before we see we’re in a class war? Let me get this straight. The DNC who voted for the Architect of Black mass incarceration for President, all voted to arm Nazis in Ukraine, and support NATO the military arm of White Supremacy are the Party that cares about Black people? Same people who acted like Trump calling Kim Jung-Un “Little Rocket Man” could lead to the end of the world are now cheering on Biden spending $110 billion fighting a proxy war against one nuclear power and trying to start a proxy war another.

It’s always ok if their team does it. I keep trying to tell Black people and the so called Left to stop going along with the Dems BS, because eventually the Gov’t will turn it on to you. If you think Dems who got caught rigging their Primary in 2016 and pushed a spy novel conspiracy theory saying Trump didn’t really win are gonna protect this make believe democracy, you’re nuts

You probably also think Putin is a comic book villain that was totally unprovoked. When the truth started to come out all those people that said “Believe the Science”, suddenly lost all interest in ‘The Science’. Fauci lied to us to sell more vaccines, Austin, Blinken and Sullivan just got caught lying to us to prolong this war, Biden got caught telling the Afghan President to lie about what was happening there and Trump was indicted for paying off a porn star.” (-Black In The Empire)

“”Today, 22% of Americans trust their government and 22% trust the press – the lowest level ever. The media is at the lowest because we know the media lies to us now and everybody knows that.” (-Robert F. Kennedy Jr)

COMBATE |🇵🇷 on Twitter: “Robert F. Kennedy Jr. launches primary challenge against Joe Biden: “My mission… will be to end the corrupt merger of state and corporate power that is threatening now to impose a new kind of corporate feudalism on our country.”” / Twitter

Chief Nerd on Twitter: “Robert F. Kennedy Jr Calls Out the Corruption in Our Federal Regulatory Agencies “President Trump brought Scott Gottlieb in…He of course made $88 Billion for Pfizer on one vaccine and then left to join Pfizer’s board. That’s not draining the swamp – that is the swamp.”…” / Twitter

Joshua Reid on Twitter: “🚨👉💥Former CIA Larry Johnson with Judge Napolitano on the Pentagon Leaks. Like I said. You are watching an Op in progress. This guy is the patsy. Crash landing of US Foreign Policy and push for Restrict Act. Pay close attention to what Larry Johnson says. Various…” / Twitter

Malcolm Fle✘ – 🇺🇸Amoral Mercenary🇺🇸 on Twitter: “Don’t let the information that was leaked about this 21 year old distract you from the actual information of the leak. I guarantee you that this is the media’s way of taking your eyes off the prize the best way they can until they can get their new Restrict Act online.” / Twitter

Pat, just Pat on Twitter: “The RESTRICT Act legalizes a massive violation of our rights (Patriot Act on steroids.) If we let this pass, we’re fucked. Signing this is just one step. Spread the word. Raise hell.” / Twitter

Comrade Misty is Putin’s Buddy 🍀 on Twitter: “It’s funny. I don’t see any of the “free speech” right speaking out against the arrest of the four Uhuru members. I guess that would fuck with their victim narrative about how it’s only the right that’s being silenced. No fucking consistency. On either stupid side.” / Twitter

Comrade Misty is Putin’s Buddy 🍀 on Twitter: “Covered this tonight on my show. Would love to do more fleshed out coverage if anyone knows someone I could speak with about it.” / Twitter

Comrade Misty is Putin’s Buddy 🍀 on Twitter: “Literal spooks are running his campaign? Excellent. Solid. Totally fine.” / Twitter

Black in the Empire on Twitter: “She’s gonna take your money and then tell you to vote for Biden” / Twitter

Black in the Empire on Twitter: “Talk about a match made in Hell” / Twitter

Black in the Empire on Twitter: “Maybe Feinstein needs to go and take Pelosi and Biden with her Nancy Pelosi Confused during Interview. (Good morning, Sunday Morning) via @YouTube” / Twitter

Hannah Riley #StopCopCity (@hannahcrileyy) / Twitter


Robert F. Kennedy Jr on Twitter: “Give me a sword. I need an army, and it can’t be just the Party. I need Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. I won’t pretend to agree with you on every position. But I would make America a safe place to debate your positions and I will give you an ear and open mind.” / Twitter

COMBATE |🇵🇷 on Twitter: “Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: “Our strategy in this country has been to use military weapons to project power around the world. The Chinese did something different; they adopted my uncle’s philosophy and strategy. We were spending $8 trillion bombing bridges, ports, roads, and…” / Twitter

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Vows To Heal The Nation’s Divide “By Telling The Truth To The American People.” ( if you oppose a lockdown cashless world government ran by creepy oligarchs….

LIVE: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. expected to announce presidential run – YouTube “We have a government today that is scared of its people. And I say to this, if people want integrity, they should vote for me. If people want to protect the Constitution, they should vote for me. If people think that the Bill of Rights is still relevant, they need to vote for me.

COMBATE |🇵🇷 on Twitter: “Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: “When my uncle came into office, two months later he was fighting his intelligence apparatus and his military… in the middle of Bay of Pigs, he realized they were lying to him. He realized the function of the intelligence agencies had become to provide…” / Twitter

Almost HALF Of Dems Have Favorable View Of RFK Jr.! – YouTube anybody who cares about peace, the enviornment, the food supply, or free press should vote for Kennedy.

Chief Nerd on Twitter: “Robert F. Kennedy Jr Holds Trump Accountable for the Damage Done From the Lockdowns “The very people who were profiting on those lockdowns were the ones who were strip-mining the wealth from the middle class in this country. Amazon got to close down all of its competitors…they…” / Twitter

Collin Rugg on Twitter: “NEW: Robert F. Kennedy blasts the media and Biden White House, accuses them of lying about the war in Ukraine during an interview with Tucker Carlson. “Russians are killing Ukrainians at a seven to one, eight to one ratio. They cannot sustain this. What we’re being told about…” / Twitter

Primo Radical on Twitter: “There are valid critiques of RFK Jr — and they are the ones you won’t hear in the corporate media (class interests, etc). But just adopting the MSM smear that he is “an anti-science anti-vaxxer” is just lazy & dumb, especially considering how all COVID propaganda was disproven.” / Twitter

Going Underground on Twitter: “On this episode of ‘this did not age well’: Senator Joe Biden in 1997 mocked Russia’s concerns on NATO expansion and said it is not an option for Russia🇷🇺 to deepen ties with China🇨🇳, and Russia’s only option is to look West. Now Russia has a ‘no-limits’ partnership with China,…” / Twitter

Primo Radical on Twitter: “During this time period, the CIA was also arming, funding & training far-right Nazi groups (Azov, Aidar, Right Sector). The CIA’s involvement with these groups dates back to 1949 during “Operation Red Sox” when the CIA began supporting nationalist elements across Eastern Europe.” / Twitter

Primo Radical on Twitter: “2014: US handpicks Ukraine’s post-coup government 2014: Genocide in Donbas begins 2015: Ukraine begins criminalizing left-wing opposition parties, slogans, symbols and media 2015: V.P. Joe Biden threatens to withhold $1 billion unless Prosector General Viktor Shokin is fired” / Twitter

“They were 100% sure about Iraqi WMD & demonized all nonbelievers. But they were wrong.

They were 100% sure about RussiaGate & demonized all nonbelievers. But they were wrong. They were 100% sure about COVID & demonized all nonbelievers. But they were wrong.

Today it’s Ukraine.. What makes RFK Jr objectively interesting is that he truly is appealing to people all over the political spectrum.

He supports medical freedom more than Trump or Desantis. He’s much more anti-war than Biden. Many reasons for independents, Greens & Libertarians to like him too. Obviously some hate him for those same reasons, but that dynamic means he shouldn’t be subject to the same “spoiler” smears Nader & Stein got. Maybe he could “spoil” the narratives of corporate American politics — bring together different races & classes, the rednecks & hippies.” (-Primo Radical)

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. presidential bid backed by 14 percent of Biden voters: survey | The Hill

Primo Radical on Twitter: “Liberals in 2020: “Black Lives Matter! Defund the Police!” Liberals in 2023: “BLM are Russian stooges! Arrest them!”” / Twitter

Garland Nixon on Twitter: “@TheDemocrats This is the result of our glorious economy. All money for Nazis in Ukraine.. none for us!” / Twitter

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “FRANCE – Burns in fury! In response to Macrons televised speech telling people he would push on, regardless of their opinions. They know their social system is being undermined by globalists, they are rejecting it. In the end the people will decide 🔥” / Twitter

Degrading Your Right to PRIVACY It’s NOT About Leaked Documents & TIKTOK | Fiorella Isabel Joins RBN – YouTube Danger Will Robinson!

Primo Radical (@PrimoRadical) / Twitter

Bombshell filing: 9/11 hijackers were CIA recruits – The Grayzone

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “FRANCE – This time Lyon. This is the people’s response to Macrons address this evening to the people. Gathering spontaneously and singing in the streets, demanding his resignation.” / Twitter

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “LOCKSTEP – Look around you, all Governments at the same time, pushing through changes to ‘reset’ society as dictated by non elected organisations, not by citizens. Crushing democracy in a “narrow window of time” PM Rutte explains. Resist it 🔥” / Twitter

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “HUMAN RIGHTS – Well this isn’t sinister at all? A Frenchman has been arrested by UK POLICE in the UK under terror laws, for attending anti government protests in FRANCE & for refusing to give his passcode for his mobile. so they could prove it! Be worried about this!” / Twitter globalist clampdowns on freedom, privacy, free speech, free press

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “FRANCE – Macron on walkabout greeted by booing citizens and chanted of “Macron Resign” Deluded dictators call these ordinary people “far right” agitators, 70% of French citizens are now against Macron’s policies.” / Twitter

Season of the Snitch – The Grayzone Friday Live – YouTube

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “TRUDEAU – Reacts to CBC being labelled State affiliated Media on Twitter, by stating it’s a direct attack on ordinary Canadians! Conveniently forgetting HE has attacked ordinary Canadians for 3 years 🤡 Self awareness level 0!” / Twitter

DeSantis MIA While Thousand Year Flood Hits Florida – YouTube torturer 

Leaked Ukraine War Docs: What’s really going on? | SYSTEM UPDATE – YouTube

Family of Lashawn Thompson Demands Justice After He Was “Eaten Alive” by Insects in Atlanta Jail – YouTube

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “WHO PANDEMIC TREATY – Parliament today Danny Kruger stands to defend your rights & against handing citizens health to an unelected body funded by pharma. I urge you to listen to the whole speech. Here’s an important clip. Share with your politicians, before it’s too late 🔥” / Twitter

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “FRANCE – The people rage against government officials, including the Health Minister. Macron is pushing through changes to healthcare including “The fee-for-service principle” he has announced. Work longer, pay more! The new Macron mantra.” / Twitter

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “I know I’m like a broken record but I will not stop warning you of the dangers of the WHO & one world governance. If you thought lockdown, vaccine mandates & restrictions of your life were over, think again. Take a stand, is this your line? if it isn’t then what the hell is?…” / Twitter

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “PRAGUE – Tens of thousands of people are protesting against the government, for spending too much money and energy on Ukraine and ignoring the needs of their own people. Inflation now at 15% the people call for the globalist government to resign. They won’t:” / Twitter

“They’re not worried about Russian propaganda, they’re worried you’ll stop listening to US propaganda.’ (-Caitlin Johnstone)

“I care about the health of my friends, family and community.

I care about fairness and justice. I care about maintaining and improving my community, country and planet. I DON’T care how others live their lives only that they are free to do so.” (-Erin Brockovich)

“Congress’ inability to actually represent the real live human beings of America, combined with an economic system that rewards lack of empathy and an excess of greed, has brought us to a dark time when an oncoming tsunami of financial ruin, destitution, and evictions towers over our heads, blocking out the sunlight. No matter when you’re reading this, there are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of homeless people across the U.S. Bear in mind during the pandemic our government bailed out big banks and Wall Street to the tune of $4.25 Trillion, but on top of that the Pentagon has over $21 Trillion of unaccounted-for adjustments on their books over the past 20 years and can’t account for half their assets. This is to say — there’s plenty of money. Money is an idea, a concept, an imaginary metaphysical belief, and it’s high time we faced the fact that the U.S. government has an unlimited imagination. As philosopher Alan Watts once put it — Money is not a thing, it’s a measurement. Saying there’s not enough money to do something is like a builder saying there’s not enough inches to build a house. He has the wood, nails and hammers. He’s just out of inches. (-“Dangerous Ideas” by Lee Camp).

“Old people want to ban TikTok. And, as with all polls, it’s key to remember that young people usually tend to become just like old people when they become old. They won’t remember what TikTok was but will become just that obedient to their televisions.” (-David Swanson)

BREAKING: 200 US “military trainers” arrived in Taiwan today, 80 percent from the US Army. This comes after the Wall Street journal reported earlier this year that Biden would be sending 100-200 US troops to Taiwan, quadrupling the amount at the time. Imagine believing the US should “save” Asia from China after the US killed countless *millions* in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, the Philippines, and Korea.

American exceptionalism is worse than fantasy. It’s an outright lie. If the US can station troops in Taiwan, China should be allowed to station troops in Puerto Rico. It’s only fair.” (-Danny Haiphong)

OLD NEW WAVE ELDERLY GOTH FRONTMAN LOOKING FOR A GUITARIST ALA BRYAN GREGORY, NEAL X, MATTHEW ASHMAN, JAMES CALVIN WILSEY, JAMES HONEYMAN SCOTT, SPENCER P. JONES, KID CONGO POWERS Graveyard Town coyotes seeking wild eyed cool ghoul gorehound for torch n twang punkroll band influenced by the Cramps, Birthday Party, Gun Club, Suicide, Clash, Stooges, Beasts Of Bourbon, Hangmen, MC5. Must be self sufficient, willing to travel, or especially adept at utilizing computerized recording software.

Beast – Possessed / Wolfbane Nite [7″] – YouTube

The Cramps – 1979 footage – TV Set live NY w. Bryan Gregory rare – YouTube

Oowee Baby – The Cramps with Bryan Gregory – YouTube

Goo Goo Muck – The Cramps with Bryan Gregory – YouTube

THE CRYPT OF THE CRAMPS: The Way He Walked (Bryan Gregory RIP/WTF) (

The Loved Drones “The Day That Bryan Gregory Died ” – YouTube

Beast – Guardian – YouTube

The Cramps –Goo goo muck (Subtitulos En Español) 1981 Genero Punk Rock Tema de la serie Wednesday – YouTube

The Cramps, Beast and Beyond: A Book About Bryan Gregory – YouTube

The Cramps, Beast and Beyond: A Book About Bryan Gregory (2021 Edition): Wombat, John: 9798451746325: Books


LEAKED AUDIO: Norfolk Southern CEO Alan Shaw BULLSH*TS Sick East Palestine Resident – YouTube

Lauren McKenzie on Twitter: “This is genuinely terrifying. They tried to treat Erin Brockovich as a terrorist for helping in East Palestine. None of us are safe.” / Twitter

Status Coup News on Twitter: “”This is the first time in my life I think I’ve ever been afraid,” – #EastPalestine’s Eric Cozza. His urine tested for high levels of Vinyl Chloride. He’s had nosebleeds and more since the train derailment. As we broke, CDC is recommending doctors NOT TO TEST residents for VC″ / Twitter

Primo Radical on Twitter: “All of these headlines are from the past 5 days.” / Twitter

Jordan on Twitter: “NEWS: @CDCgov hasn’t responded to requests for comment from @StatusCoup on why it’s urging doctors NOT TO TEST #EastPalestine residents for cancer-causing chemical Vinyl Chloride. Multiple residents’ urine tested at elevated levels MONTHS after derailment” / Twitter

Jordan on Twitter: “@CDCgov @StatusCoup The chemist offered a blunt assessment on why the CDC wouldn’t want residents’ tested for VC. “I believe the EPA and CDC are circling their wagons in an effort to cover their asses.”″ / Twitter

Kim Dotcom on Twitter: “Beating terrorist @JoeBiden 😎” / Twitter

Whistleblowers: Trying Hard Not to Adjust to a Sick Society – Activist Post

Status Coup News on Twitter: “@ErinBrockovich EPA official Mark Durno previously admitted the agency had planned for the “controlled burn” of one train car of vinyl chloride as of Sunday 2/5. But by Monday, Durno said “THEY” decided to burn 4 more. THEY is presumably Norfolk Southern (who claimed it was the fire chief).” / Twitter got mines still trust industry captured regulatory agencies and think it can’t happen to them, shitlivbs don’t mind if tv suppresses real news.

screaming into the mush parody abyss on Twitter: “@ErinBrockovich Evergreen meme” / Twitter

Erin Brockovich on Twitter: “It’s been the longtime strategy of those in power to keep people fighting each other to stall progress. It’s working.” / Twitter

Erin Brockovich on Twitter: “One thing that doesn’t get enough attention is the latency of chemicals & how they take time to impact the body. We also don’t fund enough research on how toxic chemicals affect the body. That’s something we talk about…” / Twitter

Speak Your Truth: Don’t Let the Government Criminalize Free Speech – Activist Post

unelected WEF operative Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “U.K. – Food inflation at 19.2% the highest since 1977. Interest rate rises cannot bring down the price of essential food. Rishi ‘Trudeau’ failing on all promises to citizens but successfully fulfilling WEF predictions of the past 3 years.” / Twitter

Submit Claim – Facebook User Privacy Settlement

“My God, they’re going to kill us all!” (- John Connally)

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “FRANCE – The Media aren’t showing you the brutality of the police, as they try and quash any dissent against Macron. They don’t want you getting any ideas, unpopular policies are no longer debated because they know you’d say no!” / Twitter

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “UN – it’s worth remembering as the UN’s latest report called for the decriminalisation of sex between adults and children they are also demanding global control over ‘emergencies’ It’s a silent coup of everything!” / Twitter

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “FRANCE – The legal route is over. The people don’t care. Water canons have been deployed on citizens who refuse to accept that parliament has been ignored and their voices are irrelevant. Go France, we hear you 🔥” / Twitter

Primo Radical on Twitter: “Meaning… I have no idea what happened in or around Ukraine prior to Feb. 24, 2022. I don’t know what Azov or Bandera are. I don’t know about the 2014 US-backed coup. I don’t know about NATO expansion. I’m just voicing the opinion that I know I’m supposed to have. PERIOD.” / Twitter

Chief Nerd on Twitter: “🔥 Robert F. Kennedy Jr Announces His Candidacy for President “This is what happens when you censor somebody for 18 years. I got a lot to talk about. They shouldn’t have shut me up for that long because now I’m really going to let loose on them for the next 18 months. They’re…” / Twitter

“This is not a democracy.

If 75% of the country right now said they didn’t want to give anything else to Ukraine, you think they are gonna hold an emergency vote to stop it, or give us their butts to kiss while they send another few billion? The leadership of these corporate Parties people swear are fighting for their culture issues don’t give a damn about you

They play on your emotions to keep us all divided so they can wage the class war their owners put them in office for and steal all they can get away with. Fauci has at best been proven wrong about his handling of Covid and at worst been proven a liar who was paid to sell as many vaccines as possible.

The gullible who called people antivaxxers who were right and fell for Gov’t and Big Pharma lies now have no interest in the Science. For a country that mocks the belief in God so easily, it’s pretty crazy to see so many atheists seem to believe that the United States has some kind of god given right to tell the rest of the world how they have to live and to punish them for not obeying us. How much money do you think these 2 Parties pull in making us believe that our vote matters every 4 years?” (-Black In The Empire)


Erin Brockovich on Twitter: “There is nothing scarier to those in power than activated citizens!” / Twitter

American Student Union of Virginia on Twitter: “Today, Chairman Omali Yeshitela was arrested on groundless charges of acting as a “foreign agent”. The US government has a long and bloody track record of repressing Black revolutionaries and accusing them of espionage such as Malcolm X, MLK Jr, Fred Hampton, and others.” / Twitter

Tara Reade 🐎 on Twitter: “Here is my recent interview with Chairman Omali!” / Twitter

Tara Reade 🐎 on Twitter: “This is NOT America. Chairman Omali, a grass roots American, anti imperialist activist for 50 years ! He said “No one and no country tells me how to think” Below is what these anti imperialist peace activists face for speaking out against the US /NATO backed war in Ukraine:…” / Twitter

Chairman Omali Yeshitela on Twitter: “#OmaliTaughtMe Sunday Study: The African Revolution of Ayiti (Haiti)” / Twitter

🇺🇸 Clout on Twitter: “Uhuru Movement Speaks On The 7 Military-Style Coordinated Raids 🧐🧐 🍿” / Twitter

American Student Union of Virginia on Twitter: “Statement of the National Committee of the American Student Union: On the Arrest of Chairman Omali Yeshitela The American Student Union condemns this flagrant political repression of the African Peoples Socialist Party (APSP) and the Uhuru Movement.” / Twitter

♦️GALLOPING GAYE♦️ on Twitter: “………The Restrict Act Is BIG BROTHER ON STEROIDS An Intrusive Spy Agenda TO STRIP YOUR FREEDOM Please Listen And Digest The Ramifications ♦️♦️” / Twitter


Gutter Gospel salutes Rockford’s Finest! SAAAAAALLLUUUTE! Man, Bun E. is like the best drummer ever, I don’t even feel the same about Cheap Trick anymore. It’s like Wolfgang replacing Michael Anthony, makes no sense at all.

Hey, Bun E., there’s a deadend desert ghost town cowpunk and torch n twang influenced band of gypsies with some power pop influences, who would welcome you to join us at the bonfire down by the railroad tracks, if you care to make the trip, just leave word with Comrade Laur, our Secretary Of Glitter & Minister Of Information.

Cheap Trick Drummer Bun E Carlos Interview 102516 – New 2021 Version – YouTube

Bun E. Carlos – “Greetings From Bunezuela!” full album – YouTube

Tinted Windows – Back With You – YouTube

HQ Tinted Windows on David Letterman – Kind of a Girl – YouTube

Bun E. Carlos and the Blue Balls Rockford, IL 1/5/1996 Bun E’s Basement Bootlegs – YouTube

Cheap Trick Drummer & Co-founder Bun E. Carlos Interview (Part 1 of 1) 102516 – YouTube

Bun E Carlos – A History of Drum Licks – Part 1 – YouTube

Cheap Trick – RnR Hall of Fame Acceptance Speeches – full, uncut – YouTube

Your Moment of Zen E. Carlos (Cheap Trick Bun E. Carlos @ Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert) – YouTube

Bun E. Carlos (

Bun E. Carlos


Veterans’ New Plan To Stop Endless Wars! – YouTube

Now We Know The REAL Reason Pentagon Documents Leaked! – YouTube

Biden’s Words On Russia & China Come Back To Haunt Him! – YouTube

Elon Musk Schools BBC Reporter About COVID “Misinformation” – YouTube


My brother and comrade, Neen Youkhana, the pirate king and keeper of the code who sails under no flag together with me and the last remaining rocknroll outlaws opines:

“For myself, I’ve always leaned toward the guitarist that had an air of mystery with short bursts of what’s to come when they would step out of the shadows 

And man, when they do step into the light it is with swagger and reckless abandonment.

Joe is exactly that guitarist.

He has all the requirements of Guitar Hero one which influenced a generation or two.”

Man I’ve been diggin’ into some primo rocknroll motherfuckery courtesy of the Joe Perry Project. In my early 20’s, I used to run around with a very cool guitar player from a famous rock group who worked at a steakhouse in Kenmore Square and used to tell me stories about when he played the Rat and CBGB’s and met John Belushi and bartended with Keith Richards. I loved that cat but I aint talked to him in years, not since my retirement from the capitalist ratrace gentrification hipster backstab muzak scene. Anyways, he’s who got me into a lot of my fave bands like Alex Harvey, Bob Dylan and the Joe Perry Project. When we were growing up, Aerosmith was still brokeup and Jimmy Crespo was in the band, I saw him play at the Coconut Teaszer one time, maybe with Delanie and Bonnie, he was good. I was drunk. So yeah Joe Perry played on all our favorite songs you know on the red and white Aerosmith cassette that my teenage guitarists learned to play to. I loved “CHIP AWAY THE STONE” so much, that might be my favorite Aerosmith tune besides you know, “Dream On ” and “Same Old Song & dance” and “Walk This Way” and “Back In the Saddle” and “Sweet Emotion”. I lived in Boston for about five years and my old roommate/saxplayer used to work as a limo driver for Collins Mgt., chauffering all the rich wives around the town. Rumor had it they were fans or friends of the Unattached dudes so I was told I should hang around the Rat on local rockstar Jamie Sever’s wedding reception day, cause there was supposed to be an all star jam that night, but we started the heavy boozing too early that day and I did not even last until five or six and totally missed meeting any famous Aero-dudes. I have always been fond of Tyler and of course kids in my generation and the dudes five and ten years older than us, we all stole all our best onstage moves from Steve n Joe, David Joe and Johnny, Mike and Andy and Mick N Keith. I know me and my lot made careful study of ’em all. Just like Faster Pussycat, Guns N Roses and Electric Angels all did! It’s hard to not love old Aerosmith even if they got way, way, way too corporation jellyroll in their sober years and can no longer make a mountain fly. I mean, even if Joe is a Nuge like rightwing automatic weapon collecting, gung ho, pro hawk military rich guy, he had so much impeccable style onstage, all the acest shape throwing, an awesome tone, I mean I have not really liked any new Aerosmith that much except um, “Jaded” was okay kinda like Fake Beatles, and “What It Takes”, their old country song used to KILL me when my heavy metal girlfriend Dawn was fucking around on me. I was so in love with her, I’ve always been a fool for love. Even years later when she came back around with a big bottle, you know, my motel room door was still wide open. But yeah….you start diggin’ into summa those Joe Perry Project records and it’s like holy smokes, he gets me having all the rocknrolls again. I like Edward Scissorhands and Choclat and Ed Wood and “Mary” by Rock City Angels and Captain Jack Sparrow and have a great deal of compassion for him over the chick who cut off his finger and shit in his bed having had my own share of crazy expereinces with attention seeking stalker types, but so far, I just have not been able to really connect with the Hollwood Vampires, Joe’s band with Alice and Johnny Depp, even though I sometimes listen to Alice Cooper’s night time radioshow and it seems like them and the Beatles are his main obsesseions, I am rather enjoying all the Joe Perry Project videos I’ve been unearthing on the youtubes. The Dolls had a lotta resentment towards Aerosmith because they stole their management and wife but Aerosmith always dug the Dolls. Most Dolls People were mad at Tyler when he came to Johnny Thunders funeral, but not me. I love ’em all. How cool did Joe Perry look in the 70’s? Dead Cool, right? He’s basically still that cool now! Even with the money and some whackjob capitalist millionaire USA! USA! gung ho richman ideaologies. Let the music do the talkin’…

The Joe Perry Project – I’ve Got The Rock ‘N’ Rolls Again – YouTube

The Joe Perry Project Once A Rocker Always A Rocker Live – YouTube

The Joe Perry Project-Shooting Star(Live)-Milwaukee 1980 – YouTube

The Joe Perry Project – You Can’t Put Your Arms Around A Memory (Johnny Thunders cover live 4/16/23) – YouTube

Let The Music Do The Talking (Live) – Joe Perry – YouTube

Joe Perry Project – Chip Away The Stone – Aerosmith – LIVE in BOSTON at House of Blues 4/16/23 2023 – YouTube

The Joe Perry Project – East Coast, West Coast – YouTube

The Joe Perry Project – S.O.S. (Too Bad) – Mashantucket, CT 2023-04-15 – YouTube

The Joe Perry Project – Lick And A Promise – Mashantucket, CT 2023-04-15 – YouTube

The Joe Perry Project – Lightning Strikes – Mashantucket, CT 2023-04-15 – YouTube


Lori Spencer on Twitter: “These #Uhuru DoJ indictments are troubling. The charges are so sweeping and wide you could fly a 767 through them. I never knew that “conspiring to sow discord” was a crime. That’s freedom of speech. Could be any of us, any day now, for any reason…” / Twitter

Daniel Ellsberg Speaks Out on the Arrest of Julian Assange –

‘Sad Day for Western Democracy’: Chomsky, Ellsberg, Others Denounce Assange Extradition (

Daniel Ellsberg on Julian ASSANGE: “The Press is in DENIAL!” – YouTube

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “We’ll be covering these indictments (there were 2 yesterday, another involving claims about China) on tonight’s @SystemUpdate_. For now, here’s @caitoz on the Russia indictment:” / Twitter

World BEYOND War on Twitter: “📣 Our Executive Director, @davidcnswanson, was interviewed by @RobertFantina and @latent_fire_ on @GlobalTimesPak to discuss #NATO and #Ukraine. Tune in to hear his insightful analysis on peace-building & ending war!” / Twitter

From Ellsberg to Assange: Jack Teixeira joins list of alleged leakers | Pentagon leaks 2023 | The Guardian

Cornel West on Twitter: “In the midst of the obsession with Donald Trump’s criminal case, my dear brother Tavis Smiley and I focus on the unjust treatment and targeting of my dear brother of great integrity and love of Black & poor People, Mark Ridley-Thomas! @tavissmiley” / Twitter

Cornel West on Twitter: “The great Stanley Aronowitz was my dear brother! His radical intellectual & political legacy will last forever!” / Twitter

Medea Benjamin on Twitter: “Please RSVP: The Whistleblowers: a Webinar Honoring Daniel Ellsberg @codepink” / Twitter

Medea Benjamin on Twitter: “Just how many US troops and spies do we have in Ukraine? Pentagon leak reveals more than we knew, but there is a lot more we still don’t know. #PeaceInUkraine” / Twitter

Daniel Ellsberg Speaks Out on the Arrest of Julian Assange –


Lotta times we can mistakenly believe we share some common vision or common values with motherfuckers only to realize that as soon as they started making a little bit of money and socializing with higher ups in the capitalist henchman pecking order scene, they defaulted back to just full on tv watcher, most toys wins, special parking spot oriented, me first sports fans and man that’s a bummer when you hear people you loved for years sounding way more imperilaist rightwing then even their conservative dads they tried so hard to win the approval of by all their rigorous conformity and NFL watching and big truck acquiring. It sucks, it sucks so bad, but I am starting to understand more of why my former friends avoid me like I have the PlagueTM, it’s cause they know I was not faking it, I was not a cultural tourist just slumming cause I liked being around some diehard punks rebel parties. Fuckshit man, I can’t believe summa the bullshit I see former acquaintances posting on social media. They are to the right of their greedhead boomer conservative parents now. I say it all the time. TV is a helluva drug. If you stay in those fuckedup thank-a-kkkop talk radio echo boxes and gung ho glag waver zipcode, you end up sounding like motherfucking Rush Limbaugh in Doc Martins. It is shameful and saddening. Even city slicker privilege havers just remind me of why I am grateful and lucky to be out. I would never wanna be like them in crowd motherfuckers drunk on their own paid for status and embarrassing mediocrity and television propaganda narratives. Fucking depressing, man. half of ’em still think they’re “punque”, too.

ChuckModi on Twitter: ““Who sow discord…” Not sure how to not read passage as start of McCarthyism 2.0. U start by arresting Omali Yeshitela & Black Socialist Org members knowing full well liberals nor right-wingers will defend them. Lmk if next round of targets are respectable enough to sound alarm?” / Twitter

Greg vs Crabitalism 🦀🇭🇷 on Twitter: “Joe Biden’s DOJ just arrested Omali Yeshitela, Chairman of Uhuru’s Black Socialist Movement for speaking out against war in Ukraine, and in the very next paragraph Washington Post decides to flex Americas fake “free speech” rights” / Twitter

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “The indictment of the African Peoples Socialist Party is an attack on the Black anti-war & anti-imperialist movement in the U.S. The U.S. state is aware that Black people have been the most consistently anti-imperialist segment of U.S. society.” / Twitter

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “If the U.S. can intimidate into silence Black people, the most consistently courageous opponents of U.S. warmongering, it believes it can put a brake on the increasingly vocal opposition to the war in Ukraine. But the Black liberation movement is alive & will not be intimidated” / Twitter

Primo Radical on Twitter: “Apparently it’s illegal to be a black person who does not support NATO’s war efforts in Ukraine.” / Twitter

Caitlin Johnstone on Twitter: “Biden DOJ Indicts Four Americans For “Weaponized” Free Speech Four members of the African People’s Socialist Party are looking at a decade in prison for engaging in speech and political activities the US government doesn’t like.” / Twitter

ChuckModi on Twitter: ““FBI raided my home & member offices in 2 diff states last yr. Military agents used flash-bang grenades, battering rams, broke windows; used assault weapons to threaten my life & stole thousand$” Omali Yeshitela, African People’s Socialist Party at DC Rally to #FundPeopleNotWars” / Twitter

Brian Berletic on Twitter: “The US through the National Endowment for Democracy has created armies of organizations carrying out malign influence operations around the world including here in Thailand. When the Thai government attempts to stop this activity, the US embassy shouts “free speech.”” / Twitter

MiniNinjaLove ˈnɪnʤə’ ∞ on Twitter: “@BrianJBerletic” / Twitter

David Swanson on Twitter: “This year’s G7 Summit will be held the 19th and the 21st of May in Hiroshima where many tens of thousands of people were killed by President Harry S. Truman. WorldBEYONDWar” / Twitter

David Swanson on Twitter: “How Many U.S. Troops Are Active In Ukraine? And more importantly, how many people can you send into a war while still announcing that you’re not participating in that war?” / Twitter

“You can’t have your government dictating what speech is valid and what counts as ‘agitprop’ and ‘disinformation’, because they’ll always define those terms in ways which benefit the government” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

Chanda Prescod-Weinstein on Twitter: “Gen Z is doing cross racial coalition organizing and that’s one of the reasons the GOP is trying to shut down their access to books and history” / Twitter

Dr. Jill Stein🌻 on Twitter: “The rot infesting our judicial system is thoroughly bipartisan.” / Twitter

FRSO | Freedom Road Socialist Organization on Twitter: “Hands off the African People’s Socialist Party and the Uhuru Movement! A federal grand jury has indicted chairman Omali Yeshitela and thee others associated with @APSPusa and @Uhurumovement . We demand: Drop the charges! Hands off our movements!” / Twitter

Dr. Jill Stein🌻 on Twitter: “”The Biden team’s aim was to bleed Russia. But it is Ukraine that is hemorrhaging.”” / Twitter

Center for Community Alternatives on Twitter: “RIGHT NOW: Hundreds of us are protesting in Albany to REJECT @GovKathyHochul’s plan to jail more Black, brown, and poor people pretrial. This is THE civil rights issue. We stand with @BPHACaucus in saying: justice, not politics. #BailReform” / Twitter

ATLMutualFund on Twitter: “Repost from @chaospr1ncess Come celebrate Tortuguita’s birthday with us at the Saturday mutual aid event at Woodruff Park this weekend!” / Twitter

ChuckModi on Twitter: ““It’s been 17230 days since Leonard Peltier was arrested; 15098 days since fellow journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal was arrested; 740 days since Daniel Hale pled guilty 4 exposing horrors of drones. And 4507 days of detention of Julian Assange 4 telling the truth” #JournalismIsNotACrime” / Twitter

Black diaspora Voice. on Twitter: “Black people who are standing up for liberation for Black people, the US government charging for complicit with Russia. They don’t charge the Republicans and Donald Trump. Jim crow, Joe, Biden, justice department, target, Black people.” / Twitter

Jessica Rose on Twitter: “Listen to Cassie Schroeder’s testimony. “So they kicked you out of the in-person classes because you’re not vaccinated, although you have [proof of] natural immunity, but you can’t even attend on-line classes when you’re unvaccinated.”” / Twitter

8 Cops Who Shot Fleeing Unarmed Man 46 Times on Video, All Get Off Scot-Free – Activist Post

Together on Twitter: “”Spy Clause” in Online Safety Bill: UK govt want to treat every single one of us as suspects & scan our private messages This is a dangerous, unnecessary & disproportionate tool of mass surveillance RT to tell @UKHouseofLords to think again on disastrous Online “Safety” Bill” / Twitter

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “U.K. – Rishi ‘Trudeau’ had “no plans to introduce Digital ID” even though the legislation was in play. And even as Paul Scully MP announces the key part of his agenda is digital identity throughout the UK economy. Still lying to you, they all are!” / Twitter

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “far right & left don’t mean anything anymore. There are those who see big government controlled by global corporates as a threat and those who actively demand it, even over democracy. The rest is distraction to divide & isolate those who refuse to comply with the narrative.” / Twitter

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “FRANCE STOCK EXCHANGE – Invaded by the people, for the people! Macron is spending their tax money on globalist pet projects and not on the people. This is the people deciding 🔥” / Twitter

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “FRANCE – Now. Railway workers have invaded the Defense Stock Exchange against pension reform. The media are bored, the people are still demanding Macron backs down! We still hear you France 🔥” / Twitter

“I like the shine!” (-Little Richard who was also a dishwasher)


Aint it funny how whenever the Predator Class Parasites and Davos-Bilderberg-Bohemian Grove honchos wanna commence a never ending world government new rollout of their incremetal fascist dystopian agenda, how suddenly there is a buncha psy-ops shit goin’ down to keep everybody in a perpetual state of fear and panic and thinking they need their benevolent overlord super science savior oligarchs and familiar tv millionaires and the jackbooted cops to protect them from some imaginary boogeymen? Always some external threat, coming to steal the middle class boomer’s privileges or freedom fries. Who is it this week? Well, spin the wheel…is it the dastardly microaggressing manspreader? Russian trollfarms? Russian hackers? The bird flu, mad cow or monkeypox? Y2K? Muslims with boxcutters? The Boston Bomber, Unabomber, shoe bomber or mysterious Anthrax sender? The “immigrant caravans” and cartel Fentanyl peddlers from scary brown people Mexico who have no ties whatsoever to Murkkka’s upstanding intel agencies? I bet they’s a comin’ for all our good jobs and spectacular “health benefits”~!  Hozabout them “anti-science conspiracy theorists” or unsightly panhandlers who just don’t wanna work? Qshaman? Insurrection Panda? So many super villains for all our patriotic and educated Kollege KallthaKop Karens to do battle with. Myself I get pretty sick of all this tv programmed fauxwoke culture wars P.M.R.C. New McCarthyist bullshit. Dem admins going after Water Protectors and Forest Defenders, anti war black socialists, or whistleblower journalists like Julian Assange and Daniel Ellsberg, shitlbs calling indie media fake news cause it don’t shine AOC’s shoes to red carpet ready perfection. So I started gardening and try to step away from all the spy devices and propaganda narratives and get some sunshine and a Wop bop bop ala bop bam boom, each day.

“We know what you need!” Here is your recommended daily dose of LITTLE RICHARD that is essential for your immune system, sanity in an insane world. 

1972: LITTLE RICHARD interview is the GOAT | Late Night Line-Up | Classic BBC music | BBC Archive – YouTube

Little Richard and Liberace on The Mike Douglas Show (1970) – YouTube

Little Richard Live in Paris 1966 – YouTube

Little Richard – interview by Craig Ferguson LATE LATE SHOW 1/12/05 part 1 of 2 – YouTube

James Brown getting interviewed high as kite – YouTube


   Man, I been missing our whole WAY OF LIFE! I aint part of that yoga culture with the prayer flags and the bumper stickers. I hated all those fucking fuckedup hipster hive ripoff bars for rich people. Hated all the heiress night kareoke emo poser celebutante tribute acts. I was never into Lady Gaga, the Foo Fighters, Tommy London, or the Strokes or White Stripes. Honestly, I was not even that wild about the Biters, or Primadonna, or AndrewWK or the Darkness..

 You know, I came from another time, when rocknroll meant dive bars, realness, soul power, sexiness, having fun, good times, dancing on the bar, “All Those Wasted Years”, and Iggy Pop. Bob Stinson, Johnny Thunders, Cheetah Chrome, Keith Richards. Texacala Jones and Jeff Drake-you feel me? The Beasts Of Bourbon and Giovanni Vitanza. Jim Morrison and Alice Cooper. “Scratch Up Some Action” and “Disconnected”. So yeah, I did not go for the boybands or grunge bullshit or faux-woke beta kitten monarch programmed occult slutpuppets. I HATED all that fake as fuck 90’s corporate pop/punk garbage. I liked real rocknroll. Roky Erickson and James Brown. David Lee Roth and Inger Lorre. Thee Hypnotics and Lords Of The New Church. Generation X and the Clash. The Sex Pistols and the Gun Club. Patti Smith and David Bowie. Adam & The Ants and Bow Wow Wow. I was never into sports or tv, not “Friends”, not “Seinfeld”, not “Coach”, not “Survivor”, you with me? I hated the primetime so called adult cartoons that helped the social engineers dumb my generation down. Hated goofy whiteboy rappers, last video game I liked at all was Ms. Pac Man or Centipede back at the mall in 83. I do play some pinball if I accompany my kid to the pizza place at the bowling alley. I wouldn’t say I’m much of a wizrd though except when it comes to you know fronting a down and dirty late night punknroll rebel rocker band of desperate bandidoes from the bad side of town, I’m pretty good at that. I was probaly born to lose. If you like to gamble, I’ll tell you, I’m your man, you win some, lose some, it’s all the same to me. I’m a rocknroll animal, I like to drink and smoke and say offensive things that offend college people and play old J. Geils Band and Slade records. I love Richard Pryor and Lenny Bruce, Bill Hicks, George Carlin and Dave Chappelle. I’ve been cancelled since the fourth garde, baby. My idea of fun is not having an I-phone or being stuck on this hypnoscreen all day. I liked to convene all my best friends under one roof with plenty of hospitable and refreshing adult beverages, play some music and dance and have a dabba doo time. The band who really taught me half of what I forgot about having fun and gettin’ down, was THE FLESHTONES, and to me, only a very small handful of other entertainers can really even remotely hold a candle to them. That’s how I feel about it. I love, love, love THE FLESHTONES. Two of my old friends, Chris Barry of Pillbox fame and Bootsy X (RIP) from Detroit also loved the Fleshtones. My first love and I used to watch Zaremba religiously on my alltime favorite tv show “The Cutting Edge” every Sunday night while we talked on the phone. Man, her parents really hated me. I’m still the same. No such thing as was. Politically I’m a little bit to the left of the MC5, and the Fleshtones are not. I still love ’em, just the same, it’s really not even much of an issue. They got the love, and that’s really what matters, in my book. They eminate beautiful light from the inside out. Funny how not everybody needs to blacklist or cancel or smear or deplatform folks they have some philisophical differences from, huh?

The Fleshtones – Let’s See the Sun – Paris – 09/12/2018 – YouTube

The Fleshtones – “I Surrender” – YouTube

The Fleshtones – “Suburban Roulette” – YouTube

The Fleshtones “Come Home Baby” Live at KDHX 3/12/11 (HD) – YouTube

The Fleshtones – “Dominique Laboubee” – YouTube

White Trash Soul: The Fleshtones – “Forever Fleshtones” (Danceteria Records, 1994)

The Fleshtones – High On Drugs – YouTube

Sweat: Bonomo, Joe: 9780826428462: Books ESSENTIAL

No Such Thing As Was: Fleshtones, Gurus, combine!


Pretenders – Louie Louie (1981) – YouTube

How Congress Maintains Endless War – System Update with Glenn Greenwald – YouTube

“The Faith Healer” from Richard Duguay’s “Beautiful Decline” Album – YouTube

John Mendelssohn’s World of Hilarity | a podcast by John Mendelsohn (

Ringo Starr’s ‘Photograph’ Feels Like It’s About The Beatles (


Sarcastic, Provocative T-shirts | Acerbia Designs (

jnm-creative (

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “RFK had just praised the wisdom of China’s BRI and was highlighting the trend of de-dollarization and multipolarity in int’l relations when a saboteur yanked the fire alarm. Just a small preview of the dirty tricks the Dem establishment will inevitably pull on his campaign.” / Twitter

creepy BOURLA does not love you Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “PFIZER – CEO Albert Bourla states “We are aligned very much with China 2030 Agenda & we are trying to contribute as much as we can.” Just in time for the WHO amendments to the IHR happening now, which includes the Global vaccine passport. Focus!” / Twitter

““The moment we get lazy and uncomfortable, and dismiss and diminish things that hurt our feelings, is the moment this country stops progressing to what it could be,” he says. “We are here to develop a more perfect union and the First Amendment allows us to do that.” (-Killer Mike)

“Any discussion about gun violence that is disconnected from normalized U.S. militarism is mere pro-democratic party propaganda. The same forces pushing these sincere but confused young brothers are same pushing imperialist war.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

The Response To Twitter Labeling NPR “State-Affiliated Media” Exposes The True Purpose Of The Labels All Along | Black Agenda Report

How the West Brought War to Ukraine: Understanding How U.S. and NATO Policies Led to Crisis, War, and the Risk of Nuclear Catastrophe: Abelow, Benjamin: 9780991076703: Books

Media CHEERS As Ukraine Leaker Arrested; Identified as an ‘Antiwar Libertarian’ – Blog

#FreeMumia on Twitter: “explaining Cop City to my comrades in Cuba, and they are absolutely stunned at the level of militarization, bare violence, and prioritization of pigs over people. they asked many questions to comprehend such a grand warfare training center being built in light of 2020 uprisings.” / Twitter

The US Military’s Recruitment Problem, Solved! – Blog

8 Cops Who Shot Fleeing Unarmed Man 46 Times on Video, All Get Off Scot-Free – Activist Post

Your Guide to 5th-Generation Warfare – Activist Post

Music rep reveals woman found dead in bathtub in his Miami Beach suite was a budding musician | Daily Mail Online

The Vigilant Fox 🦊 on Twitter: “Eat Your Vaccines: mRNA Gene Therapy Is Coming to the Food Supply THIS MONTH They’ve given up on a needle in every arm. Now they’re coming for what you eat.” / Twitter


Anything with any potential resell value–Levis, Western shirts, tapes, cds, books, magazines, stereo equipment gets funneled by management over to the elderly rich guy who dates the manager’s sister’s overpriced tourist trap junk shop, so I never find anything I like, in the way of say, sixties beat writers, or eighties new wave, or Prince, or heavy metal, or even Roy Rogers cowboy shit. I did get a pair of cowboy boots that have served me well for a long time-they were well worn when I got ’em maybe a year or two ago, and now the heel of one is falling off from all the landscaping and gardening and kickin’ up roots and shit. I love ’em cause they don’t pickup the goat’s heads like everybody elses shoes do, those things are so gnarly to track inside, I step on ’em in the house all the time and they sometimes cut deep. Some crazy glue might repair ’em but I think crazy glue at Wal Mart might cost as much as the boots did-ten bucks about two year ago. I met a nice guy who buys old storage spaces and sells the swag at flea markets and he’s gonna be at the swap meet on Saturday, so I might go check his booth out. He does it for fun and socializing, says it’s his version of playing the lottery-buying old shit-he made us some fair deals yesterday and it was shocking-I got a boombox for $10, the old lady gota couple pieces of furniture she’s gonna paint and mosaic and maybe resell. I dunno man, we used to sell some art outta the local galleries, but all these gentrifying outta towners are kinda flooding the market and man all these oldsters here are like ruthless money grubbers. So it was refreshing to talk to someone not entitrely in the throes of takin’ it all with me Scrooge McFeinstein dementia. Got some seeds last night cause not everything from my first wave of gardening has seemingly germinated, gonna plant some more herbs and peppers and onions and tomatoes today. My old lady wants to revamp my garage hideout to make it more suitable and accomodating for some long odds visit from outta town relatives who will need a getaway after like an hour of my eccentric and extroverted verbal processing teenager. I got arthiritis, I’m full of dread, just non stop anxiety, dunno why, might just be result of old head injury or trauma that gets buried in the central nervous system, I joined one of those online groups, man, but even among the other people with hangups and disorders, I don’t fit in with them, either. I’ll probably be 100 listening to that same New Order record and drinking the cheapest beer and reading the obituaries and posting some kinda misguided “musicians wanted” ad somewhere. Oh yeah-I did meet a longhair with a nosering and some punk rock tattoos, so I asked him if her played anything and he’s got a show at the Moose Lodge this weekend. I don’t go there, too rightwing fanatical for me, but maybe I can find a way to integrate him into my back nine desolate band of outlier gypsies. He says he plays psychedelic country, so I asked him if he was familiar with Beechwood Sparks and he said no, but I kinda got the idea he might work. His name was Chris and I’m just typing it so I’ll remember. I visited a dude downtown who is supposed to be playing guitar for me but I think he is a daysleeper who comes home and crashes after his early morning job and there was a do not disturb sign on the door. I walked over to some other guy’s house and was just thinking how undomesticated everybody is way out here in the desert. Guys down the street from me, my former neighbors, all these males are always in garden dirty clothes and no one ever bathes or washes their clothes or does dishes, there’s doghair all over everything, a hardcore stench of cigarettes indoors, it’s most peculiar, mama. It’s hard to find a time where that daysleeping eccentric is avaialble when my old lady is ammenable to chauffering him over here and the kid’s asleep, but if all that ever happens, I will laydown some of my better songs and send ’em to my faraway accomplices to add their parts on. Whew it used to be so much easier back in the daze we thought would never end.

Azadeh Shahshahani on Twitter: “The ongoing legal attacks on Stop Cop City protesters should concern us all — they’re part of a national trend of silencing people who disagree with government actions. @projectsouth has joined 40+ orgs telling Georgia to stop criminalizing protest.” / Twitter

Atlanta Community Press Collective on Twitter: “Earlier today, UNC students walked out of class in support of a law student arrested at the Weelaunee Music Festival on March 5. Jamie was charged with domestic terrorism despite prosecutors proving no evidence to support the charge. UNC banned Jamie from campus in response.” / Twitter

Kamau Franklin on Twitter: “Remember Chris Hani assassinated on this day. A South African militant revolutionary communist. He was assassinated so that apartheid could transition into the hands of what became the Black bourgeois while the white economic elite could maintain its dominance. Sounds familiar?” / Twitter

Abolitionist Teaching Network on Twitter: “NaTosha was racially profiled, arrested and beaten by police and now suffers major injuries! NaTosha is an Atlanta high school teacher and mother of two. Let’s band together to hold down NaTosha as she fights for justice!” / Twitter

Abolitionist Teaching Network on Twitter: “NaTosha was racially profiled, arrested and beaten by police and now suffers major injuries! NaTosha is an Atlanta high school teacher and mother of two. Let’s band together to hold down NaTosha as she fights for justice!” / Twitter

Clara T Green on Twitter: “These are the conditions of the Fulton County Jail, where Lashawn Thompson was found dead, covered in lice and feces. At the time of his death, over 90% of his unit was severly malnourished. EVERY person had lice or scabies. He was 35 years old.” / Twitter

The Kansas City Defender on Twitter: ““This Is A Hate Crime”: Kansas City Black Family Demanding Justice After A White Man Shoots Black Boy, Ralph Yarl, In The Head Twice For Ringing Doorbell Of The Wrong Home, White Man Released By Police Hours Later” / Twitter

Kamau Franklin on Twitter: “No resources/jobs to improve our community only to keep their war machine going. GEORGIA ARMY NATIONAL GUARD plans to combine two controversial practices — military recruiting at schools & location-based phone surveillance — to persuade teens to enlist.” / Twitter

Jeremy Loffredo on Twitter: “Workers & union members in Paris have showed up to police stations all over the city to demand the police release innocent demonstrators that oppose Macrons economic reforms. This 18 year old was thrown in jail without charge for 40 hours in an excrement filled cell.” / Twitter

The Grayzone on Twitter: “.@loffredojeremy is streaming live for us from the streets of Paris as protests continue against President Emmanuel Macron’s pension reforms and neoliberal measures Watch live now as riot police move in to escalate repressive measures” / Twitter

#StopCopCity on Twitter: “Don’t let stories like this convince you that new, “better” jails should be built, as Fulton County is currently arguing. This is an argument to close jails, and to invest in all the services and resources people actually need to be safe.” / Twitter

Poverty Kills More Americans Than Obesity, Diabetes, and Drug Overdoses, Study Reveals – Activist Post

Black Alliance for Peace on Twitter: “BAP member @PiolinSghost continues to provide on-the-ground coverage of the movement to beat back the coup regime in Perú. Check her feed for more photos and videos.” / Twitter

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “Neocolonia criminals.” / Twitter

Kamau Franklin on Twitter: “The real work is on the block not on social media. Support @CommunityMvt community organizing, safety/cop-watch walks, community house/garden, cooperatives, mutual aid & rent fund 4 local residents. All w/ a Black radical politic or” / Twitter

Whitney Webb on Twitter: “The podcast is available now for supporting members and Rokfin subscribers, and will be publicly available in a few days.” / Twitter

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🥖🎪 on Twitter: “You still “have no idea what that flag signifies”? Liar” / Twitter


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twinnymctwins on Twitter: “@503i7 Luke has embraced the dark side, and feigns ignorance to imperial markings…” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “Who’s pulling ICC prosecutor @KarimKhanQC’s strings? Khan’s arrest warrant for Putin was based on a report sponsored by the US State Department containing no field research or interviews with supposed victims. His indictment was timed for a donor’s conference in London…” / Twitter

The Vigilant Fox 🦊 on Twitter: “The Unvaccinated Won’t Be Unvaccinated for Long With mRNA in the Food Supply “We’ve confirmed: this mRNA stuff is in the food supply,” reported attorney @RenzTom. It turns out that Merck has been injecting mRNA into pigs since 2018. “For all you guys that stood strong and said…” / Twitter

The Vigilant Fox 🦊 on Twitter: “Full Interview:” / Twitter

The Vigilant Fox 🦊 on Twitter: “Ivermectin: The Untold Story of a ‘Miracle Drug’ • Discovered on a golf course in Japan • Has brought river blindness to the brink of elimination • Won the Nobel prize in 2015 • Recognized, 2nd to penicillin, for having the greatest impact on human health • Over 3.7B doses” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “This is how the US rewards Russia for trying to alert it about Tamerlan Tsarnaev before he bombed the Boston Marathon Russia warned Tsarvaev was involved with Chechnyan/Dagestani militants – the same elements covertly backed for years by the US to undermine Moscow” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “A year after the US rebuffed Russia’s warnings, Tsarnaev went to Dagestan & returned to the US w/o facing CBP screening. Michele McPhee speculated the FBI had recruited him. After the bombing, the FBI killed – and silenced – Tsarnaev’s friend, Todashev.” / Twitter

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“Liberals love to call out racism in America, but then they turn around and support Nazis in Ukraine and support NATO the military arm of white supremacy around the world.” (-Black In The Empire)

“The falsification of history has done more to impede human development than any one thing known to mankind.”

(-Jean-Jacques Rousseau)

“The only ones talking war in the Pacific is the U.S. So, the U.S. is going to Taiwan in the same way it helped Ukraine? Folks the U.S. is a insane society.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

Green Party NY 🌻 on Twitter: “More photos of Greens at Earth Day celebration at Union Square.” / Twitter

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Margaret Kimberley on Twitter: “Boston and Commonwealth of Massachusetts prohibit discrimination based on national origin. Is marathon acting illegally by banning Russians and Belorussians who live in their countries? Are there lawyers in Mass? Is anyone else asking? @MayorWu @BostonMarathon #BostonMarathon” / Twitter

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