“The government says it needs secrecy in order to win wars and protect freedom. History says the government needs secrecy in order to start wars and restrict freedom.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

““Julian Assange committed Empire’s fatal sin. He exposed its crimes, its machinery of death, its moral depravity.”(- Chris Hedges)

The US leads the world in prisoners, healthcare debt, war, and obesity. China leads the world in high-tech, education, high-speed rail, poverty alleviation, and optimism for the future. If you despise China, then your anger is in the wrong place.” (-Danny Haiphong)


Duran Duran – New Moon On Monday (Official Music Video) – YouTube

Stella Assange #FreeAssangeNOW on Twitter: “Journalists in glass cages facing life (#Assange) or decades (#Gershkovich) in prison for doing their jobs. This is the state of journalism in 2023. In the US, in UK, in Russia. No difference. #JournalismIsNotACrime #FreeThemAll” / Twitter

DANGER: Corporations are After Your Kids – YouTube

Leaks Spelling the End for Ukraine (

Jon Stewart Grills US Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks – YouTube

“So many emerging technologies would be cause for celebration if our rulers weren’t evil. In a healthy society we’d be celebrating the fact that automation and AI giving us more and more abundance and free time; instead we’re terrified of police robots and technocratic dystopia.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)


Erin Brockovich ACCUSES Norfolk Southern of Lying About East Palestine Ohio “Controlled Burn” – YouTube

LEAKED AUDIO: CDC Urging NOT TO TEST East Palestine Residents for Vinyl Chloride (They’re Testing +) – YouTube

Jordan on Twitter: “@CDCgov @StatusCoup On February 6th, Norfolk Southern claims it vented & burned 5 cars of highly toxic Vinyl Chloride in #EastPalestine. Experts, including the chemist @StatusCoup spoke to, indicate VC and VC degradants likely contaminated water, soil, and on/in surfaces/structures,”” / Twitter

East Palestine Resident MORE FEARFUL After Meeting With Experts: “We’re Being Poisoned Slowly” – YouTube

Jordan on Twitter: “@CDCgov @StatusCoup CDC says “breathing high levels of vinyl chloride can cause you to feel dizzy or sleepy. Breathing very high levels can cause you to pass out, and breathing extremely high levels can cause death.” Long term, VC exposure can cause several types of cancer, including liver cancer.” / Twitter

Jordan on Twitter: “@CDCgov @StatusCoup The chemist offered a blunt assessment on why the CDC wouldn’t want residents’ tested for VC. “I believe the EPA and CDC are circling their wagons in an effort to cover their asses.”″ / Twitter

Jordan on Twitter: “@CDCgov @StatusCoup The chemist called CDC’s approach “flawed and uninformed at best, negligent and cynical at worst.” Another resident, Paul Walker, was tested on March 6, a month after derailment & “controlled burn.” His Thiodiglycolic Acid level—marker for VC exposure—was elevated at 0.61 mcg/mL.” / Twitter

Jordan on Twitter: “@CDCgov @StatusCoup A chemist told @StatusCoup that CDC urging healthcare providers not to test #EastPalestine residents is under the assumption that they were ONLY EXPOSED to VC in February after the derailment. But Eric’s urine test, taken on April 6, “indicates continues exposure since February.”” / Twitter

Jordan on Twitter: “NEWS: @CDCgov hasn’t responded to requests for comment from @StatusCoup on why it’s urging doctors NOT TO TEST #EastPalestine residents for cancer-causing chemical Vinyl Chloride. Multiple residents’ urine tested at elevated levels MONTHS after derailment” / Twitter

Monsanto’s Evil Is Not Gone, It’s Just In Disguise (

Israel Protests and UK Spying on Palestinian Refugees, with Asa Winstanley (


“When I was young I was the nicest guy I knew I thought I was the chosen one But time went by and I found out a thing or two My shine wore off as time wore on I thought that I was living out the perfect life But in the lonely hours when the truth begins to bite I thought about the times when I turned my back and stalled I ain’t no nice guy after all…”

I was never “Very Metal”. I’m new wave-totally differnt head, man. I never liked the thrash bands, speed metal, black metal, much of that shit. Never liked Iron Maiden with all the screechy high wailing opera vocals and songs about hobbits and knighthood. I still don’t like Metallica and I tried to get through several of their new videos the other day, just not my thing. I love Van Halen, the Misfits, and Motorhead, but I just consider all them rocknroll, ya know? When we were young malt liquor drunken hooldlum kids in black leather jackets, the coolest thing that ever happened was when Motorhead appeared unexpectedly on “The Young Ones”. Twenty years later, I lived in Kancel Kulture Karens safespace feelings studies world capital Honkytopia for a few years against my will and better judgement due to family obligations, and I scoffed at these Safespace Karens who’d call themselves community organizers and call the kkkops on poor people for smoking cigarettes outdoors in the alley behind the Wow Hall nightclub. Shitlibs idea of activism is snitching on poor people, same faction would try to tell me I should unpack all my privilege, while I was walkin’ around with no car, no credit card, no money, no college, these people owned bakerys and bookstores and rental properties and lived to lecture poor people about how we should not like Dave Chappelle or Motorhead. They thought they could cancel Motorhead for being “problematic”. I started avoiding middle class college people, they were fuckedup. Their whole religion was based on two word descriptions of people’s bodies, I was dismissed as a cys born privileged white male oppressor whenever I was participating in marches for the houseless or volunteering to help feed hungry people, it was batshit programming. All I had goin’ for me was the key to my girlfriend’s apartment, no cellphone, no safety net, no career opportunities, no safespaces-the local entertainment weekly said I could not even contribute record reviews without a journalism degree from the Nike sports college. I never knew how rightwing shitlibs had all become-they mighta flown a rainbox flag or put a Black Lives Matter bumper sticker on their Teslas, but they were all about steam rolling over the poorest people. They supported City Council and hotel owners who hired professional thugs to push all the poor out of the downtown gentrication district, so crass, so evil, they openly called it “The Exclusion Zone”. The gender college identicist shitlibs upheld no real leftist value, not free speech, not human rights, not unions, no love for poor people, all they care about is their own privilege, money, power. They detested protestors and whined and whined when somebody did something without a politeness permission permit from the classist old bats of city hall. They hated poor people. They all hassled the homeless, spewed hateful rhetoric they learned from their superiors about how the homeless people all deserved to be punished and degraded for their “lifestyle choices”, it was fucking awful. Landlordly navel-studies people just suck so bad, when my kids turned 18, I got out of that college town, pinkat brunching hipster hell, and I still see straight through all their virtue signaling booj fauxliberalism, still love me some Motorhead. I’d always planned on someday revisiting my old Sunset Strip stompin’ grounds and making the piligrimage back to the Rainbow to see the big statue of rocknroll Saint Lemmy. Sadly, my songwriter friend went to the Rainbow recently, was met with unaccomodating, obscene ripoffs and bullshit, negative staff hostility-after paying those greedhead motherfuckers $75—that was sad, same shit happened to my other pal, a more famous guitarist, who agreed to guest star with an old L.A. band at the Whiskey, they stop and frisked him and patted him down and had all these heavy handed bouncer assholes giving him the business while he’s there to entertain the people for their inheritance bosses booze profits. Those old rich fuckers who inherited those clubs are spoilt sons a bitches and it’s a shame they don’t have no manners and let their staff be rude to musicians. I used to have fun drinking in the Rainbow parking lot before it became an uptight tourist trap for nepo babies. I can’t stand P.C. nampy pampys who think they have the right to impose their perferences on lesser thans, or rich entitled idle heiress people who pay big hulks to push paying ten dollar pint punters or legendary musicians around. One shamelessly unremorseful gym rat dickhead in L.A. beat up some homeless geezer and all the suckups and asskissers acted like that was just okeydokey cause they all live for free drink tickets or Satuday night V.I.P. lounge headliner status or second hand identify as richass cocaine hipster clubowners more than as street people. I am the opposite. I wish all those gentrification money hoarders and capitalist hierarchy fratboy abusers would fuck right off. I relocated out here to a desolate Pirate Island, but you know there are still scuzzbucket ruthless gimee gimees and relentless McMansion building developers tearing up the scenery and dislocating the wildlife to build more ugly airbandb compound bullshit and lord over their phoney baloney Douchebag Hives everywhere you go. I love the French people who love liberty so much, they push back when the fascist pigs try to fuck them all over with WEF robocop uniformed violence and state abuse. Murkkkans have been programmed to obey the gold necklace overlords in too much cologne and anybody with a smelly costume or pretentios title. I watched that documentary about Chuck Leavall, “The Tree Man” last night and Billy Bob Thorton was correctamundo when he said people should try to be like Chuck Leavall. I’m so sick of Douchebag, USA!

Born To Raise Hell – YouTube

Motörhead – Killed By Death (Official Video) – YouTube

Motörhead – Hellraiser – YouTube

Motorhead – Rock N Roll – YouTube

Motörhead – I Ain’t No Nice Guy (Video) – YouTube

Motörhead – Love Me Like A Reptile (Official Visualizer) – YouTube

Taking Back Our Universities From Corporate Apparatchiks (

johndissed on Twitter: “”Why did the leader of the U.S. Senate claim that the owner of a news network had ‘a special obligation’ to stop a TV anchor from investigating January 6th?” “There’s a word for this sort of threat and the word is: kompromat.”″ / Twitter


Ukraine Bioweapons Labs BACK IN BUSINESS! – YouTube

“We All Knew What Epstein Was Doing” Admits John McCain’s Widow – YouTube

Journalists CONFRONTED Over Opposing Assange & Pushing Russiagate – YouTube

BOMBSHELL! Jamie Dimon Is Part Of Jeffrey Epstein’s Web Of Corruption! – YouTube

Woman Spewing Anti-China Propaganda Gets Rude Awakening! – YouTube

Elon Musk DISMANTLES BBC Reporter Over Free Speech – YouTube

Rachel Maddow “Is Not News” Says Court Ruling! – YouTube

nuno marques on Twitter: “200 troops arrive in Taiwan. Dark times ahead.” / Twitter

Gritty is the Way on Twitter: “in case you’re ever wondering why rents and medical costs have skyrocketed, why legislators refuse to rein in banks or digital monopolies, or why our foreign policy is an advertisement for the MIC… THIS is why👇” / Twitter

Garland Nixon on Twitter: “” / Twitter

Caitlin Johnstone on Twitter: “” / Twitter


Aaron Maté on Twitter: “Road trip reading” / Twitter

Mick Wallace on Twitter: “Fair play to Leo who realises that #US have been at War for all but 25 years of their existence. Report by the Congressional Research Service showed that US launched over 250 Military Interventions since 1990 alone, causing untold destruction of millions of lives + Communities…” / Twitter

James Scott #MyViews on Twitter: “James Baldwin Had the Longest FBI File of Any Black Artist of the Civil Rights Era” / Twitter

Correcting the Record with Guillotines ☭ on Twitter: “He has had many hours to figure out what it means & several people (including me) have shown him exactly what it means. He’s pretending not to know.” / Twitter

“If you can’t publicly demand the resignations of both Clarence Thomas and Dianne Feinstein, you just might be partisan hack.” (-Prof Zenkus)

“Teixeira, Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Daniel Hale, David McBride — they should all be living free and without fear of persecution. And those who persecuted them should be imprisoned.”” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

Revolutionary Blackout Network🥋 on Twitter: “Racial income inequality is worse right now than the height of the civil rights era The Black community is under siege by a police state that steals our resources via Civil Asset Forfeiture But this is what black capitalists are worried about. Deeply unserious” / Twitter

“I have been a social work educator for 15 years. One thing that social workers do is analyze policy. The Joe Biden 1994 Crime Bill stands alone as the single most destructive piece of legislation for black communities across the nation in the past 50 years.” (-Prof Zenkus)

“Gadaffi was excited when Obama won the Presidency thinking that he might have an opportunity to have good relations with America and it would be good for Africa He didn’t realize that it would be under the Black President that he’d be murdered and his country be destroyed” (Black In The Empire)

“Perhaps we’d have an easier time having conversations on difficult topics with friends and neighbors if we hadn’t been diligently trained for two decades to ignore, ridicule, or cancel anyone who puts into question our current spoon-fed reality.” (-Human Bean)

People shouldn’t be punished for revealing the secrets of the government, governments should be punished for keeping secrets from the people.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)


Everybody’s mom even loves “Hands To Yourself”, it’s one of those songs that make the big old gals get up outta their LaZBoys and do their drunky brickhouse boogie down in the kitchen, ya know? I remember really loving Georgia Sattellites cause to my way of thinkin’, they were just as rocknroll as they could be, just like pure undiluted hillbilly hellraiser rocknroll excellence with a little bit of hayessed yeeehaw Jack Daniels Saturday night bonfire soul, ya know, kinda like Jason & The Scorchers, the Replacements, Rock City Angels, or Tex & The Horseheads, I love all that shit. When it’s almost summer, I naturally start gravitating towards the fun loving rocknroll records. I guess Dan Baird’s no longer in the band which is kindof a shame, but Rick Richards is one of rocknroll’s real gunslingers who was even recruited by Izzy Stradlin for the similarly excellent Juju Hounds.

Dan Baird (Georgia Satellites) – I Love You Period – YouTube

Dan Baird “Keep Your Hands To Yourself” – YouTube

The Georgia Satellites – Battleship Chains (1986) – YouTube

The Georgia Satellites – Shake That Thing (Official Music Video) – YouTube

Can’t Stand The Pain – The Georgia Satellites Live Roskilde festivalen 1988 (part 5 of 8) – YouTube

The Georgia Satellites – Another Chance (Official Music Video) – YouTube

Don’t Pass Me By – The Georgia Satellites Live Roskilde festivalen 1988 (part 3 of 8) – YouTube

The Georgia Satellites – “Hippy Hippy Shake” (Live – Roskilde Festival, 1989) – YouTube

Georgia Satellites – 03 No Particular Place To Go, 1986 New Year’s Eve MTV live – YouTube

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “While indicting Russian officials for facilitating travel for youth from a war zone to sports and cultural programs, @KarimKhanQC has frozen the ICC’s investigation of Israel, which has forcibly transferred millions of Palestinians at the point of a gun” / Twitter

“Instead Of Attacking Wikileaks: Fix What It Exposed.” – Ann Wright (Retired US Army Colonel)

Internet and its social media is entering it’s Standard Oil phase and we will see government(s) stifling any words bigger than their own” (-Chuck D)


Jeremy Loffredo on Twitter: “Plainclothes French police officer just grabbed a teenage protestor by the neck — an officer shined his light in my camera and hit me in the face for filming (press badge fully visible)” / Twitter

Jeremy Loffredo on Twitter: “High school students all over Paris have blockaded their schools and marched downtown to protest Macron’s undemocratic reforms” / Twitter

Jeremy Loffredo on Twitter: “French high school student explains that since organized worker/ government talks were unfruitful — violence is legitimate due to the fact that the government is being undemocratic.” / Twitter

ice cream socialist on Twitter: “#France’s Constitutional Council has approved Macron’s raising of the retirement age. In response, protesters ignited a police station. The people will not bow. The ruling class will not concede. The center cannot hold. #SolidarityForever” / Twitter

Comrade Misty is Putin’s Buddy 🍀 on Twitter: “Reminder:” / Twitter

Michael Shellenberger on Twitter: “Consider: the U.S. government worked with private sector partner The Atlantic Council to censor ordinary Americans; UK police visit people who post wrongspeak; Canada is seeking greater censorship; and the former PM of NZ is leaving the government to do censorship full-time.” / Twitter

Access Journalism Meets Word Salad w/ AOC & David Sirota | China Propaganda is about U S Imperialism – YouTube

Wyatt Reed on Twitter: ““Former Mexican president Jose Lopez Portillo, who led the country from 1976 to 1982, was a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) asset, according to a new batch of declassified documents published by the US National Archives.”” / Twitter

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “Just bizarre how media corporations like NYT and WPost helped hunt down and expose the alleged leaker of these documents, demanding he be imprisoned. Now they took over the documents and are freely using them for “reporting” that serves the narrative of the US Security State.👇” / Twitter

Biden’s Atrocious Assange Prosecution – The Future of Freedom Foundation (

Nancy Pelosi Stock Tracker ♟ on Twitter: “Dan Goldman (D) has been a politician for just 103 days Total he filed another $8.3M worth of trades & now totals $20.8M since being sworn in 103 days ago This averages $201K of trades/day His total salary is $174K/year Meaning he trades more in a day than he makes in a year” / Twitter

sarah on Twitter: “”Nearly every war has been the result of media lies.” — Julian Assange” / Twitter

Spriter on Twitter: “Spontaneous protests erupt across France following Emmanuel Macron’s speech announcing that the pension reform will take effect this fall.Demonstrators burn barricades and rubbish, block police cars.” / Twitter


Status Coup News on Twitter: “LEAKED AUDIO: CDC Urging NOT TO TEST East Palestine Residents for Vinyl Chloride (They’re Testing Positive) w/ @JordanChariton LIVE NOW:” / Twitter

Status Coup News on Twitter: “LEAKED AUDIO: CDC Urging NOT TO TEST East Palestine Residents for Vinyl Chloride (They’re Testing +)” / Twitter

“A World At Risk” – by Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH™ (

They Don’t Just Lie To Us About Wars. They Lie To Us About Everything. – Activist Post

Join Team Kennedy

Robert F. Kennedy Junior | Facebook

Written in Granite: RFK Jr.’s run should resonate in NH – Lowell Sun

JFK’s nephew Robert F Kennedy Jr files paperwork to run for president (

Robert F. Kennedy’s Tragic Presidential Campaign: Looking Back (

A Look Back at Robert F. Kennedy’s Tragic Presidential Campaign as His Son Declares Candidacy 55 Years Later (

RFK Jr.’s New Book: A Letter to Liberals – Activist Post

Michael Shellenberger on Twitter: “The idea that governments worldwide are working together to censor their citizens sounds like a conspiracy theory, but it’s not. It’s increasingly clear that there is just such an organized effort involving, at a minimum, the US, Canada, UK, & New Zealand.” / Twitter

Free Those Who Expose Government Misdeeds, Jail Those Who Try To Conceal Them (

Human Bean 📢✌️🏽📸🎵🐾 on Twitter: “What’s clear is the US’s position on making an example of Assange to silence whistleblowers & real journalists, to herd the masses into seeking “truth” from the MSM who won’t stray from the corp. narrative. Politicise it, & at least 1/2 the population will disregard the truth. ⬇️” / Twitter

Human Bean 📢✌️🏽📸🎵🐾 on Twitter: “And here we go, my friends. But hey, it’s ok…just keep your eyes on the shiny things, the circus, the clowns….. 👀” / Twitter

Watch: Beyond The Reset – Activist Post


#DYMW: The Unspeakable by Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth – YouTube

Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth | WTC Twin Towers and Building 7 (

Solidarity on Twitter: “Riots erupt across France as Constitutional Council validates Macron’s pension cuts “The Constitutional Council approved a law opposed by an overwhelming majority of the French people and which Macron rammed through without even a vote in parliament.”” / Twitter

TigerSwan Pitched Oil Companies on Anti-Protest Spying (

The Empire Files on Twitter: “.@AbbyMartin & Peter Phillips discuss his book “Giants: The Global Power Elite” which details 17 transnational investment firms that control over $50 trillion in wealth—and how they’re kept in power by their facilitators & protectors. Full video:” / Twitter

CODEPINK on Twitter: “We were out at the Peruvian embassy again today to honor the victims of the US-backed coup government’s repression as they rise up for justice, dignity, and a new constitution. #SOSPeru #AbajoLaDictadura” / Twitter

Danny Haiphong on Twitter: “$$$ for sparking world war III with Russia is always on the table tho.” / Twitter

MASAF INTERNATIONAL 🌎 on Twitter: “Journalist Abby Martin : For my entire life I’ve watched the corporate media sell us war after war. Always telling us who our enemies are, which countries need saving and which governments should be overthrown. ✍️Isn’t it time to increase our knowledge on #MediaLiteracy⁉️” / Twitter

Leigh, ghost seal enthusiast on Twitter: “Just a note about the media The same day that Biden kicked 15 million people off healthcare and kicked 30 million people off food stamps CNN showed Trump’s plane sitting on the ground for 45 minutes” / Twitter

Whiskey Riff Song Of The Week: “Camel Blues” By Lauren Watkins | Whiskey Riff

Status Coup News on Twitter: “”The American Dream is dead for our generation,” #GenZ students at Rutgers University tell @JordanChariton while supporting Rutgers @ruaaup faculty on strike” / Twitter


Briahna Joy Gray on Twitter: “‼️The Truth About East Palestine (w/ @louisd217)‼️ “Things are still not right in East Palestine. There is still an ongoing cleanup effort of all of the contaminated soil at this point that was initially just buried underneath the railroad tracks by Norfolk Southern, who caused…” / Twitter

Elias Cepeda on Twitter: “There is a Nazi flag proudly on display almost the entire time in that video. How ignorant or evil are you, exactly, Mark?” / Twitter

Leslie Marie 🚩 ☘️ on Twitter: “The Grayzone @MaxBlumenthal is live rn with @RealAlexRubi & @wyattreed13. You can start it from the beginning fyi. Season of the Snitch – The Grayzone Friday Live via @YouTube” / Twitter

Richard Medhurst on Twitter: “The most scandalous thing about the #PentagonLeaks : NYT journalists tracked down & outed the source, essentially handing Teixeira over to the FBI. They did this w/ Bellingcat, a Pentagon-funded group that lied about Syria. Journalists proudly doing police work for the state.” / Twitter

Richard Medhurst on Twitter: “Full video:” / Twitter

In Context on Twitter: “Palestinian Christians celebrate Easter Sunday at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem’s Old City. The Church is a holy site for many Christians, traditionally acknowledged as the place of Jesus’ crucifixion and burial.” / Twitter

“Seriously, think about it: what could the rulers of western society possibly extract from us that they’re not already getting? There’s no meaningful political opposition, no antiwar movement, no anti-capitalist movement, very little critical thought — they’ve got total control. Everything we do in this dystopia is designed to funnel profit into the coffers of the oligarchs and power into the hands of the imperialists, and all efforts to resist and change these funneling systems have been successfully quashed by mass-scale psychological manipulation.

This totalitarian dystopia looks like freedom because they let us more or less do what we want, while controlling what it is that we want to do using mass-scale manipulation. They further bolster this by creating systems where what we do has little or no meaningful effect. Even if we had actual software in our brains that gave our rulers total and complete control over our minds, they’d have the masses think and behave in more or less the same way they do right now.

The primary weapon of our totalitarian rulers is not surveillance, police robots, digital IDs or CBDCs — their primary weapon is propaganda. The system of mass-scale psychological conditioning they’ve created is unlike anything that has ever existed in history. The ability to detect and suppress an emerging revolution is vastly inferior to the ability to use psychological conditioning to prevent people from even thinking about revolting in the first place. That’s what real power looks like. That’s total control.

This is a dystopia whose inhabitants all move fully in alignment with the will of their rulers, without ever even thinking that they are unfree or should try to become so. 

Try to design a more effective totalitarian dystopia than this.

You can’t. It’s perfect.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

The Totalitarian Dystopia Is Already Here: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix ( 4 REAL

Steven Donziger on Twitter: “NY @GovKathyHochul caved to corporate power by naming @Chevron attorney Caitlin Halligan to the state’s highest court. Chevron paid Halligan millions to demonize Amazon communities and their lawyers. Hochul: Withdraw the nomination.” / Twitter

Corporate Media Are the Anti-WikiLeaks (

EPA Failed to Regulate Billions of Gallons of Industrial Wastewater Laced With Toxic Chemicals, Lawsuit Alleges • Children’s Health Defense (

That’s What A Congress – With Both Parties Dominated By Corporate Predators, Looks Like, by Ralph Nader – Dandelion Salad (

FLASHBACK: Our Leaders Are Psychopaths (2009) – Activist Post

John Cusack on Twitter: “The Julian Assange Test Facing Every Member of the House | The Nation” / Twitter

Wearable “Solutions” and the Internet of Incarceration (

“What is Worth Risking Your Life For?” [AUBREY MARCUS with RFK Jr: Incredible Interview!] (

Conflicts of Interest in the Food Industry – Activist Post

Jordan on Twitter: “#RunningForJustice ❤️ 26 miles, 26 prayers, for 26 missing and murdered Indigenous relatives. I finished the 127th Boston Marathon today! You can learn more about who I ran for:” / Twitter

nuno marques on Twitter: “US replaced auto plants in Indiana and Ohio with plastic plants. Here is a “plastic recycling” plant in Indiana set ablaze releasing black toxic smoke into the air felt and visible from 10s of miles away. A crumbling empire taking its own people down.” / Twitter

New York Times Is Now Telling Bigger Lies Than Iraq WMDs and More Effectively, by David Swanson – Dandelion Salad (


Another band we all jammed to back when we were still driving around in those Indiana and Ohio backroads, sometimes with an open container or twelve, parking for awhile at the resevoir, hangin’ around at the bowling alley, or taking poncey black n white publicity pictures in graveyards for our scarf wearing bedraggled gypsy smalltown glam bands was this group from Nashville called Royal Court Of China-they never quite made it big but we all liked ’em. Kinda reminded me of the Hangmen, really, or hell’s belles- I think they reminded us of ourselves, back when Bobby C., the original bassplayer was still an one of our many iterations of the group. I still like ’em, still miss Bobby, you know how the song goes-I got 6 empty bottles! I had a saxophone player and a rhythm guitarist who loved all this kinda dirty honkytonkin’ loud life affirming white trash rocknroll, a really talented lead player who had shit tons of potential but decided he wanted to purse something more reliable than rotgut basement punknroll-he got sorta steered away from the gang by a series of well to do New Englanders and that other guy had a girlfriend who disapproved of our reckless lifestyle and wanted him to get a haircut and get a real job, and then other guy would always disappear on payday and forget to contrubute anything to the rent, another guy had a mean drunk chick who was always yelling at him or throwing him out in the middle of the night whenever she was not the center of attention, drummers and bassplayers came and went ya know but there were times when that basement sounded like a Tennesee roadhouse and the neighbors would call and let the roommate have it so we’d have to turn down. I still love this kinda burnin’ heart rocknroll, if it’s really in your heart and soul, it never goes away. If you know any longhaired musicians lookin’ for a real wild frontman, send ’em to me!

Royal Court Of China – 04 – Six Empty Bottles – YouTube

“Take Me Down” by Royal Court of China – YouTube

The Royal Court Of China – The Last Day [Hard Rock – USA ’87] – YouTube

Royal Court of China – Half The Truth – YouTube

It’s All Changed – YouTube


THE ROYAL COURT OF CHINA – “Geared & Primed” – YouTube


US – UK Intel Agencies Declare Cyber War on Independent Media (

US Needs Separation of State and Media (

Developers of Oxford-AstraZeneca Vaccine Tied to UK Eugenics Movement (

‘Personality Crisis’ review: Rock doc master does it again – Los Angeles Times (

The Church returns with a masterwork | Reviews (

Human Bean 📢✌️🏽📸🎵🐾 on Twitter: “Just heard the max. weekly benefit for unemployment in CA is still $450…the same amount I used to collect when between films as far back as 2001. How is this not a hot topic? My rent back then could still be paid (barely), the rest—savings. In today’s economy? Impossible.” / Twitter

Eleanor Goldfield on Twitter: “Nine?! 9 bridges?? There are legit tens of thousands of bridges across the US that are about to collapse. And she thinks repairing nine is worthy of a press conference and applause?! Ffs” / Twitter

“You couldn’t design a more effective totalitarian dystopia than the one we’re in right now. One where everyone’s brainwashed by propaganda without even knowing it, where everyone thinks, acts, votes and shops exactly as their rulers want them to, all while thinking they are free. (-Caitlin Johnstone)

Leila Charles Leigh 🌹 – Purity Tester on Twitter: “Incredibly disappointing, but vitally instructive, to understand that “progressives” who sent railworkers back on the job against their will were 100% denying workers their right to strike. AOC & her sycophants can pretend they were working in concert w/workers. But that’s a lie” / Twitter

nuno marques on Twitter: “@leilacleigh At this point it’s more believable AOC is a CIA op than she was ever a “socialist” as some people still continue calling her. AOC is as much a socialist as Nancy Pelosi is lmao.” / Twitter

Unholy (@UnholyRom3) / Twitter

Hannah Riley #StopCopCity on Twitter: “The cost of Cop City has gone up millions. Turns out you can’t just haphazardly allocate that amount of taxpayer money without a vote.” / Twitter

Chuck D on Twitter: “For those that DONT KNOW. I have been doing a weekly 2 hour radio show called AndYouDontStop on my internetwork for 14 years. We are HEARD across Earth & 20 Pacifica stations in the USA. I have boosted over 100,000 artists & songs” / Twitter

JustinBGreen on Twitter: “Just look at what is going on in #Texas… the #RulingClass is hard at work, suppressing #democracy. If you’re in TX, or know someone in TX, help us #DitchTheDuopoly and #DefendDemocracy, by protecting the right to have oppositional 3rd parties on the ballot. #SocialistSunday” / Twitter

Stop Cop City on Twitter: “So you’re telling me the super rich are Nazis?” / Twitter

Old Woman Seeking Justice 🐝🐝🐷🐝🐝 on Twitter: “Time for @atlcouncil to shut this down. #StopCopCity” / Twitter

Security Firm Spied on Pipeline Opponents via Aerial Surveillance, Radio Eavesdropping, Social Media Monitoring, Undercover Personnel – Activist Post

Susan🇭🇹🌻💚🌹 on Twitter: “The Greens are working on ballot access so that we will have a slate of great candidates in 2024. We have the right to run. And voters *deserve good choices* in representation. If you’re tired of the lesser of two evils game, join us. #DitchTheDuopoly #SocialistSunday” / Twitter

Stephanie Ⓥoltolin #StopCopCity on Twitter: “#DitchTheDuopoly #SocialistSunday Please sign ballot access petitions to help Green and Independent candidates get on your state ballot. Choice is essential to democracy.” / Twitter

nuno marques on Twitter: “Neoliberals killed the manufacturing jobs in the industrial rust belt, then killed the blue collar workers with opioids. Now they are setting fire to the remaining jobs and lower industrial complexes on a daily basis. US empire like all empires is a parasite feeding on its own.” / Twitter

Alan MacLeod on Twitter: “New from me: Amid speculation it’s a Chinese Trojan Horse, my investigation found dozens of senior officials from the State Dept, CIA and FBI already working in the higher echelons of TikTok, effectively running the show and controlling the algorithm.” / Twitter

Revolutionary Blackout Network🥋 on Twitter: “AOC caught in a devastating lie about her rail vote This is a massive betrayal AOC and the DSA left can’t keep covering up for long” / Twitter

Alec Karakatsanis on Twitter: “THREAD. Today, New York Times published yet another piece about shoplifting planted by cops and business groups. The commitment of the NYT to fearmongering on shoplifting and to choosing not to cover wage theft, tax evasion, and more serious crimes is astonishing, and weird.” / Twitter

I’m Your Huckleberry ☭ on Twitter: “Inmates are subjected to torture in the US prison system but nobody calls it out because it doesn’t fit the agenda of “human rights” orgs whose actual job is to paint countries adversarial to US interests as evil or authoritarian.” / Twitter

Jordan on Twitter: “BREAKING: Truck carrying 40,000 pounds of toxic soil from #EastPalestine crashes and overturns—estimated 20,000 pounds of soil spilled onto the roadway” / Twitter

Be A King on Twitter: “Relevant. Powerful. Needed. On the 60th anniversary of my father’s #LetterFromBirminghamJail, I encourage us all to study it for application. The truths, principles and strategy in the letter can help us implement the demands of justice today. Letter:” / Twitter

Enslavement of African migrants ‘big business’ in Libya thanks to EU funding — UN – The Grayzone

Steven Donziger on Twitter: “TW: graphic images. Lashawn Thompson (below) died after being devoured by insects and brutalized for 3 months in a filthy cell in the Atlanta jail. He never was convicted of a crime and had been charged with a misdemeanor. State-sanctioned torture.” / Twitter

How Covid lockdowns primed the current financial crisis – The Grayzone

“If you run in the corporate controlled Democrat party on a platform of challenging the status quo, see firsthand how the DNC rigs the process for its preferred corporate candidate but still endorse the party afterwards then you were never serious about challenging the status quo.” (-Ryan Knight)

“Propaganda is the real mechanism of control, and that’s what we’re going to have to fight if we’re ever to become free. The only way out of this giant matrix of psychological control is to show people how unfree we are, how they’re being deceived, how much better things could be. Awaken people to the lies, to the real nature of the political, educational and media institutions designed to keep us enslaved, weaken public trust in the propaganda machine, and then we might have the beginnings of the possibility of real change. Until then, we’re locked in.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

I’m Your Huckleberry ☭ on Twitter: “The US prison system is often much worse than what the media claims other countries are doing to their people but they ignore it because it isn’t convenient to their narrative. If human rights abuses were something they actually cared about, they’d bring attention to their own.” / Twitter

I’m Your Huckleberry ☭ on Twitter: “Yup. Remember the discourse about cutting off friends & family who voted for Trump? These same people support literal Nazis.” / Twitter

I’m Your Huckleberry ☭ on Twitter: “@devin6767 “They exist everywhere” is somehow an excuse for the CIA arming and training them I’ve noticed.” / Twitter

I’m Your Huckleberry ☭ on Twitter: “You don’t get more conservative as you get older. You get more protective of the status quo the more you benefit from it.” / Twitter

I’m Your Huckleberry ☭ on Twitter: “Imperialistic ideas push their way to mainstream discourse with ease because these media outlets are being directly influenced and controlled by the CIA. These are the very same tactics the agency uses to push narratives in other countries for the warmongers in Washington-” / Twitter

Alan MacLeod on Twitter: “New York Times columnists should all be put on the no-fly list.” / Twitter

Parker Posey: Gen X Marks the Spot – SPIN

CovertAction Magazine on Twitter: “U.S.-NATO Involvement in the 2014 Ukraine Coup and Maidan Massacre: The Soft Power Ecosystem and Beyond via @CovertActionMag” / Twitter


I can’t stop listening to Mike’s “Derelict Palace” and rewatching that show he did with the LORDS!

Michael Monroe – Derelict Palace (Official Video) – YouTube

Michael Monroe – ’78 (Official Music Video) – YouTube

Michael Monroe (with Ginger Wildheart), 78, Jäähalli, Helsinki, Finland 23.9.2022 – YouTube

CovertAction Bulletin – The Occupation Has One Face: Palestinian Reaction to Israeli Protests | CovertAction Magazine

Geoffrey M. Young on Twitter: “I believe it. Covert Action Magazine has published a lot of articles about this over the years. 75 years is a long time. US & British imperialists have been working hard to strengthen Ukrainian Nazis and Nazism for the last 75 years. Not only in Ukraine but also Canada & the USA.” / Twitter

Itamar Ben-Gvir: The Worst of a Terrible Bunch of Israeli Politicians (

MintPress News on Twitter: “Palestinian Christian’s celebrating the Sabbath of Light were attacked by Israeli occupation forces earlier today in Jerusalem, Palestine. They were prevented from entering the Church of Resurrection.” / Twitter

MintPress News on Twitter: “Yesterday, thousands of Yemenis took to the streets, participating in Al-Quds Day, expressing solidarity with the Palestinian people who have been living under Israeli occupation for almost 75 years.” / Twitter

Commie Trucker on Twitter: “Poverty is not a moral failing, poverty is a deliberate function of capitalism. We are all a bad month away from being homeless, hungry, and without healthcare.” / Twitter

IDOCWatch on Twitter: “” / Twitter

MintPress News on Twitter: “Former US President Bill Clinton is confronted on camera about the US blockade of Cuba.” / Twitter

Alan MacLeod on Twitter: “Stop what you’re doing and look at this disgusting attempt to justify murdering a child. 🇵🇸” / Twitter

Alan MacLeod on Twitter: “Talking of Israel, @MintPressNews management believe the company was infiltrated by an Israeli spy posing long term as a journalist. Read my report on this remarkable story:” / Twitter

Alan MacLeod on Twitter: “”The economy” just means “rich people’s bank accounts”. Headlines like this prove it.” / Twitter

Edward Grystar on Twitter: “The role of the “Squad” is to provide a liberal cover for militarism, war, anti labor policies, private health care profiteers and environmental crimes. Their cousin, the top echelon of the AFL-CIO role is to dumb down struggle rather than lift up the rank and file.” / Twitter

Dr. Jill Stein🌻 on Twitter: “Abu Graib lives on in US prisons. (Warning: Horrific images) RIP Lashawn Thompson.🙏✊” / Twitter

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “Under basic journalistic ethics, the only time it’s justifiable (indeed required) to out a source is when they purposely cause you to disseminate lies. Does this mean @Reuters will reveal which official anonymous sources caused them to falsely claim Russia did this leak? 😂” / Twitter

Margaret Kimberley on Twitter: “The “homeowner” has a name. What is his name? Why is the shooter’s name hidden by the media? @andrea_klick @GRicekcstar” / Twitter

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “I can barely put into words how dangerous and twisted it is that it is now the NYT and WashPost that does the FBI’s job for it by hunting down leakers of classified information — the people on whom real journalism depends — working in tandem with state-funded Bellingcat:” / Twitter

Steven Donziger on Twitter: “Disgusting: Oil industry plans to dump cancerous “tailings” from tar sands – enough toxic water to fill 560,000 Olympic-sized pools – into the sacred Athabasca River in Canada. Will decimate Indigenous nations. Only a “massive public outcry” can stop this disaster.” / Twitter

BetterWorld2@Socrates091 on Twitter: “@SDonziger” / Twitter

K ☭ on Twitter: “@SocialistMMA Liberals are so far gone that you can literally show them pictures of Ukrainians with nazi regalia and they just dismiss it as Russian propaganda. They act more like programmed bots than any “Russian bot” ever could.” / Twitter

Jaybefaunt🏳️‍🌈 on Twitter: “@SocialistMMA The Democratic party supplying Nazis with weapons is the blue/brown alliance that we figured would happen. What’s crazy is they will rhetorically express solidarity with marginalized people but then give weapons to people who want to exterminate us. This shows who they really are” / Twitter

Garland Nixon on Twitter: “RUSSIA, CHINA, & UKRAINE – NEOCON NIGHTMARE” / Twitter

I’m Your Huckleberry ☭ on Twitter: “Whenever the media’s source is “US officials” just know it’s about to be some bullshit.” / Twitter

Sabby Sabs on Twitter: “DNC Fraud LAWSUIT Revisted With Niko House (clip)” / Twitter

🥀_Imposter_🥀 on Twitter: “The black teen that was shot while trying to pick up his sibling has posted a gofundme. He’s still in the hospital with a long recovery ahead of him.” / Twitter

R A W S A L E R T S on Twitter: “🚨#BREAKING: A half-mile radius Shelter-in-place has been issued following a large chemical plant fire 📌#Brunswick | #Georgia There has been a large chemical plant fire at a Pinova chemical plant in Brunswick, Georgia. Emergency officials have issued a shelter-in-place order…” / Twitter

I’m Your Huckleberry ☭ on Twitter: “How they are able to afford things like rent & college while working full time is ignored completely. Student loans being exorbitant as they are often don’t even cover the cost of books that lose their value within 3 months, to be replaced by a new edition, let alone cover rent-” / Twitter

Coastal GasLink reports 2 spills while tunnelling under Morice River in northern B.C. | CBC News

3/31/23 Josh Rushing on the Persecution of Julian Assange – The Scott Horton Show

Dr. Jill Stein🌻 on Twitter: “Kudos to Lula in Beijing calling out the world’s greatest purveyor of violence and bloodiest weapons profiteer. Bye-bye US hegemony.” / Twitter

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “Tonight on @SystemUpdate_, live at 7pm ET: A Special Episode on the 4th anniversary of Julian Assange’s unjust imprisonment in Belmarsh prison (“UK’s Guantanamo”). We’ll examine the real, full story of his imprisonment and the latest updates:” / Twitter

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “🇧🇷 Close to 100 members of the Brazilian Congress — including almost of all those elected from Lula’s party and many others — write a letter to the Biden Admin urging that he cease his attempts to prosecute and extradite Julian Assange.” / Twitter

Spriter on Twitter: “British analyst Richard Medhurst on Western double standards: 🔹When it comes to the events in Palestine, it is called “tension”, but the behavior of a Russian soldier with Ukrainians is called “violence”. 🔹People understand how the world’s media lies.” / Twitter

Richard Hardigan on Twitter: “RT @swilkinsonbc “Violent israeli troops use brute force to forbid Christians from getting into the Church of the Holy Sepulchre for ‘Holy Saturday’ in Jerusalem”” / Twitter

Mats Nilsson on Twitter: “”Zelensky should be at the negotiating table but instead tours the world selling his forever war as Ukraine is destroyed and conscripted Ukranians are killed by the tens of thousands. In the past 25 years, the imperialists have perpetrated wars of aggression.. They’ve killed…” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “Following an intense browbeating by the corporate press, which demanded a bigger and better surveillance state and failed to ask the Pentagon spox anything critical about the contents of the leaks, the Biden admin plans to deliver.” / Twitter

Mainstream Media Turn Coats on ‘National Security’ Leaks – Original

Sy Hersh: Zelensky Is Pocketing Our Money! – Blog

British Media’s Deception on ‘Disinformation’ (

Briahna Joy Gray on Twitter: “”At the start of this, I laughed when you brought up Pete Buttigieg…he would have been booed if he did have some sort of like real public statement somewhere. Like, people would have heckled him.” -@louisd217 Watch a free clip of this interview at @BadFaithPod now:…” / Twitter


Ramones – She’s The One (Official Music Video) – YouTube

The Hollywood Brats – Red Leather – YouTube

The Hollywood Brats Drive Mandino Drive – YouTube

AT THE END OF YESTERDAY – by Frankie Delmane (

Joe Blanton with Homemade Sin LIVE Under High Cotton by The Bluefields – YouTube

DAN BAIRD and HOMEMADE SIN – “Get Loud” & 2 CLASSIC tunes @ Eddie’s Attic 2016 – YouTube

Dan Baird & Homemade Sin – Railroad Steel (2016) – YouTube

Dan Baird and Homemade Sin – Sheila – Do you wanna dance – YouTube

The 69 Eyes – Drive, Tampere 6.4.2023 – YouTube

The Decline of Morality Amidst the Celebration of the Self with Chris Hedges – YouTube

We Paid Zelensky $400 per Gallon?! Seymour Hersh Releases New BOMBSHELL – YouTube

We Can’t Ignore the Gerontocracy…Joe Biden has Issues-Snubs Prime Minister Rishi Sunak? – YouTube

Andrew Matheson interview: the Hollywood Brat who punched Freddie Mercury, stole from Cliff Richard and formed the UK’s first punk band | The Independent | The Independent

Hollywood Brats – Andrew Matheson – Tumble With Me (Live at Much Music) – YouTube

Ryan Roxie – Rock Guitarist for Alice Cooper

Budweiser SWEARS It’s a Super-Patriotic Beer! Elon Musk DESTROYS BBC Over Hate Speech Claims! – YouTube

Rail Worker Union Call Out AOC & Ryan Grim’s Lies | Police Are Abusing Civil Forfeiture Laws – YouTube

Cosmic Psychos – Go The Hack (Full Album) – YouTube

Michael Monroe Stiv Bators recording vocals for Sun City – YouTube

John Waite: The Hard Way – by John Dissed – Discontented (

Noam Chomsky says NATO “most violent, aggressive alliance in the world” – YouTube

Robert F. Kennedy Jr (@RobertKennedyJr) / Twitter

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