“Student debt doesn’t get bail outs but Banks & the rich do. The one sided class war. The working class and poor have no representation in the two party monopoly of politics in the U.S.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“Lindsey Graham calls for the US military to launch WWIII, shooting down Russian planes, in retaliation for the heinous attack on the US homeland that actually took place thousand of miles away over the Black Sea and cost zero American lives.” (-Max Blumenthal)

sarah on Twitter: “This should be a bigger story everywhere. The CIA toppled former Prime Minister Imran Khan because he opposed the U.S. drone campaign operating inside Pakistan. And today, the army attacked his home and moved to arrest him to prevent his participation in the upcoming elections.” / Twitter

“I know the capability that is there to make tyranny total in America, and we must see to it that this agency and all agencies that possess this technology operate within the law and under proper supervision, so that we never cross over that abyss. That is the abyss from which there is no return.” (—Senator Frank Church on Meet The Press, 1975)

“The truth is that the whole world is the enemy of the United States. The US has no friends. Just temporary tools in getting what it wants: permanent hegemony for its corporate masters.” (-Danny Haiphong)

March 18 Peace in Ukraine – Stop NATO Rallies Nationwide & in WDC – Stop NATO – CODEPINK – Women for Peace

“Monbiot’s criticism of Brand for his choice of targets is laughable. Why is The Guardian columnist so keen to defend the World Economic Forum founder, Klaus Schwab; or former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi; or the former U.S. chief medical adviser, Anthony Fauci; or a World Health Organization financially captive to the Big Pharma lobby; or, even more bafflingly, the Covid-profiteering pharmaceutical giant Pfizer?

The truth is Monbiot has become just another advocate for managerial, technocratic liberalism — a liberalism that has been entirely discredited since the financial collapse of 2008, and is now the target of contempt and ridicule from that same younger demographic and figures such as Greenwald and Brand.

Monbiot is desperate to maintain his credibility. And he imagines he can keep it a little longer by widening the circle of people on the left he smears: from Noam Chomsky and Pilger, Fisk and Hersh, to Brand and Greenwald. But the only person he is damaging is himself, narrowing his relevance down to a group of liberal cultists, those who still believe that the very same people who destroyed our world are the ones who will fix it.”

(-Jonathan Cook)

Revolutionary Blackout Network🥋 on Twitter: “George Floyd policing bill that funds the police more The bank bailout that isn’t a bailout Funding the IRS more to “go after the rich” Drilling in Alaska for the environment Breaking a rail strike as a favor to labor Liberals are such right wing gaslighting scumbags” / Twitter

” Sen Warnock is a moral leader and his silence on the police murder of Tortugita, at the very least, is DEAFENING. I am wildly disappointed in Georgia’s senators. A person was killed by police, many more rounded up and charged with terrorism (for many for simply attending a concert) and somehow the concern lies with the poor, defenseless construction vehicle. People over property.

I am not so naive as to think two sitting senators won’t condemn property damage. But to not also condemn the killing of a human being? Especially given all we now know about Tort’s execution? That is not moral leadership. What I can promise is that history will judge harshly the politicians in Georgia who looked around in this current moment and chose to close ranks with their peers, ignoring the people who gave them power in the first place. I promise that.” (-Hanna Riley)

Status Coup News on Twitter: “”Mike DeWine changed his phone number when we were trying to call him…He should not have let us back into town until he knew it was safe. He put thousands of us in harm’s way by bringing us back” LIVE NOW″ / Twitter 

Comrade Misty is Putin’s Buddy 🍀 on Twitter: “🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼” / Twitter

It’s Good To Be Mean To War Propagandists – Caitlin Johnstone

Cheering Silicon Valley Bank Bailout, Gavin Newsom Doesn’t Mention He’s a Client (

Romelle Slaughter II on Twitter: “@Tyler_M_Poe @UnholyRom3 Don’t play stupid. History has proven that wyte liberals and wyte conservatives are one in the same: elitist, racist, and can’t stand the working class. You know this, but you act like you don’t understand? You have Google. Research it.” / Twitter

Friday, March 3 on The Misty Winston Show: David S. D’Amato @dsdamato @TNTradioLive (

Comrade Misty is Putin’s Buddy 🍀 on Twitter: “Jail war criminals. Not journalists. #FreeAssangeNOW” / Twitter

Three East Palestine companies sue Norfolk Southern over derailment –

Revolutionary Blackout Network🥋 on Twitter: “Democrats are so dangerous they do insane right wing shit and sell it as progress and many dumbass progressives fall for it Republicans wish they can get away with the shit that liberals do” / Twitter


Know anything about whatever happened to that groovy eighties Batcaveish gothic electrotrash band Jad Wio co starring Denis Bortek, and Christophe K-Bye? I think they’re really cool, I was playing their youtubes for somebody local I’m trying to work with, to hip him a little bit more to like what I consider cool old school subversive glam and punk trash. Suicide, Gun Club influences, cabaret, Soft Cell, Specimen, Berlin, Sisters Of Mercy. That kinda feel. My ole lady’s seen me have to teach so, so many woulbe bandmates everything from scratch, reminds me how it usually ends up with me missing some more old scratchy vinyl and more other people doing my songs, but I’m at a point where I feel like I’m supposed to be making original music again.  Passed time/past time. These guys were so awesome!

Cellar Dance – Jad Wio (Cellar Dreams 1985) – YouTube

Jad Wio – Bienvenue – Francofolies de La Rochelle – 1993 – YouTube

Jad Wio – Tsé-Tsé (Clip officiel) – YouTube

Jad Wio – Colours in my Cellar Dreams – YouTube

The Ballad of Candy Valentine – Jad Wio (Cellar Dreams 1985) – YouTube

Jad Wio “SOS Mesdemoiselles” live chez Arthur, TF1 – YouTube

Jad Wio – Bienvenue (Clip officiel) – YouTube

Jad Wio 04/02/2015 ! ! ! – YouTube

Jad Wio – Obskü (

Jad Wio | Paris (

Jad Wio – Ophélie – YouTube

Mr.D & The Fangs – Rien Ne Va Plus (Bortek / Jad Wio) – YouTube


One of these mornings when I dread the dentist, am gripped by anxiety, worry about the kids, the groceries, the car problems, the many moods of my oversized teenager. Whenever I hear from faraway people they want something fro me, usually like, help with their fame problems, or whatever. They feel like they should be entitled to more privilege, more prestige, more applause, more help selling more online swag. Their rental properties, airbandb’s or merchandise lines. No one wants to work, they never got enough respect from the little people, and it’s so hard to find good help these days. Always with this frenzied desire to own more, have more, keep more, mostly property, vehicles, objects, collections, but they even try to collect people, they wanna own the dead, their songs, my songs, your kids, my kids, all the drugs, all the credit. Capitalist celebrity classers are like fucking nutty King Tuts who think they can take it all with them in their pyramid, or maybe if they just keep repeating whatever it says on the WEF teleprompter, they can live forever with Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos in the transhuman space colony on Mars after NATO finishes ruining the planet with batshit wars of aggression and private plane emissions and “accidental” toxic fires poisoning the farmlands. I’m so bored with the gentrification hipsters and nothing to say model daughters ya know what I mean? I’m outta smokes, it’s makin’ me a bit extra surly today.

The Wanderers-Ready To Snap – YouTube

The Wanderers-Beyond The law – YouTube

The Wanderers – No Dreams – YouTube

stiv bator – king of the brats – YouTube

The Wanderers – Take Them And Break Them – YouTube

Jad Wio & Stiv Bators (the last stage performance of Stiv before his death in paris) – YouTube

All The Way Down by The Dead Boys – YouTube

T.V. Smith – Lord’s Prayer – YouTube

Comrade Misty is Putin’s Buddy 🍀 on Twitter: “Very happy to see Gabriel Shipton will be speaking. #FreeAssangeNOW” / Twitter


Steven Donziger on Twitter: “Below is a chilling video about the autopsy of Manuel Terán that strongly suggests Georgia police murdered the climate activist. Police shot Terán 14 times at close range while their hands were raised. Please share.” / Twitter

NPR on Twitter: “A second autopsy of an anti-‘Cop City’ activist who was shot and killed by the Georgia State Patrol on Jan. 18 shows their hands were raised when they were killed, lawyers for their family say. The full autopsy report will be released on Monday.” / Twitter

Alec Karakatsanis on Twitter: “THREAD. Many progressives are not paying enough attention to what is happening with Cop City in Atlanta. The level of state violence against local people organizing to protect an essential forest from becoming a training center for militarized cops is escalating.” / Twitter

RFK Jr. VINDICATED Over Exposing Fauci’s Lab Leak Lies – YouTube

After JFK’s Assassination, LBJ Faced a Decision on Vietnam (

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “There can be no more sugarcoating, our analysis and politics must be brutally honest.” / Twitter

Hannah Riley #StopCopCity on Twitter: “There’s been a lot of misinfo surrounding the lease of the forest land slated for Cop City from the city of Atlanta to the Atlanta Police Foundation. Lots of elected officials have been hiding behind the lease being set in stone…but it’s not! Here’s how it can be stopped:” / Twitter


You know I can’t really vouch for the revolving door lineup and comings and goings of many new and old members, but I will say, I always loved the Kim Fowley manufactured, vetted and recruited, Hollwood Stars, who toured with the Knack and were conceived as a sunnier power poppy West Coast answer to the NY Dolls with songs contributed by both Kim and Mars Bonfire, to me they are the perfect band to play in the car, not that I drive anywhere, okay so the perfect band to play on your Walkman, if only I still had such a thing. I looked for a Walkman and a boombox on Ebay but every fucking thing has gotta be a ripoff now in the Gates-Reset/Klaus New World Order where only billionaires have rights-from Biden/Walton family quadrupled groceries to $23 magazines to $13 spiral notebooks to $85 used copies of Duran Duran books to concert tickets to $2000 rents, I can’t afford any of it. When me and my stoner buds Dave, Dougie and Bryan Bastian and a smalltown rapper named Austin would bring my boombox with us on walks cause we had nothing to do, my friend Beefy’s dad Paul would hear us coming with thet “Vital Idol” cassette blaring “White Wedding” everywhere we went, he’d yell up the stairs, “Ant-kneee! That whiteboy who thinks he’s Prince and is gonna get you in trouble is here!” He’d say that everytime, kinda still makes me smile remembering that shit. Sometimes we’d walk through the wet leaves to the crap mall and sample Baskin Robbins flavors with their little pink spoons, loiter ’round the Musicland record store lookin’ at posters and 45’s. Loiter ’round Readmore bookstore lookin’ at “Creem” and “Smash Hits” and “RIP” magazines. We might hang in front of the arcade where some older dude named John hated our MTV era ragtag gang of bored teenagers for his own reasons I never knew. The other arcade attendendant was named PJ, all his shit was Playboy rabbit logo necklaces and shit. I think he was Puerto Rican, but PJ was cool. Sometimes we’d all get a table and empty our pockets and pool our resources and share a pizza at Parrason’s, we’d all get two pieces maybe, pour out half the parmesean and red pepper flakes on each slice and ask the waitress for more, those were good times. Anyways, if you like seventies power pop this Hollywood Stars stuff is undiscovered bubblegum gold. I think they are really rad and sortof like the Babys meets the Runaways or something. Raspberries influenced.

I need more rocknroll like this in my life. Especially in ripoff fuck you price gouge topdown narrative duplitious times as dark as these.

THE HOLLYWOOD STARS – “All The Kids In The Street” – YouTube

The Hollywood Stars “King of the Nighttime World” – YouTube

Shine Like a Radio – YouTube

Go-Go Little Dancer – YouTube

The Incredible story of The Hollywood Stars | MetalTalk – Heavy Metal News, Reviews and Interviews

I Need You Tonight – YouTube

Roses ‘n’ rainbows – YouTube

THE HOLLYWOOD STARS – Kings of the Night Time World – Skylight Webzine

Sunrise on Sunset – YouTube

The Hollywood Stars – Supermen are Always Gentlemen (1974) – YouTube

Still Around (Official) – YouTube

The Hollywood Stars — Shine Like A Radio: The Great Lost 1974 Album 2013 (USA, Glam Rock/Power Pop) | Rock Archeologia 60 — 70 (

The Bottom – YouTube

The Hollywood Stars | Golden Robot Records



Oh, man, you got people whose go-to response to any state violence or exposed corrpution is to blame the poor people? I gotta stay away from people like that. One guy I used to know he was real inconvenienced during his commute home from work one time when the public were marching against those kkkops strangling that black guy in NYC for selling untaxed cigarettes on the corner in a neighborhood the Bloomberg elites wanted to gentrify. I used to love that guy who got inconvenienced but nowadays he makes alot of money, drinks expensive scotch, spews bigoted, hateful class war rhetoric about the lesser thans and hates the homeless, so…yeah, fuck him. Another guy who wanted me to care when his sports team patriotic, partisan political party were gettin’ the business from the media, he don’t care what happens when it’s “the others”. Bad shit befalls “the others”, he says that’s what they deserved for not obeying him. When did liberalism become about enforcing your private preferences on others against their will? That’s why I think all these college people were Cointelpro infiltrated and sold a false bill of goods by the permanenet rulers, via the universities… A dude where I live don’t care much when kkkops kill people, he blames the people, they should have been at home smoking pot and watching C-Span and growing their Youtube channel like him, rather than protesting. They shoulda been homeowners. Shoulda, shoulda, shoulda. That is the attitude of most Murkkkans. me, me, me, they shoulda, shoulda, shoulda. And only property is motherfuckin’ sacred to these people, oh yeah, and celebrity tears, celebrity preferences, celebrity feelings. Murkkkans are patriotic, rank and privilege seeking, hierarchy worshipping, consumerist bootlickers. Same way the ruling class killed California and made Manhattan into an elitist enclave for the worst rich people and their obnoxiously, unapologetically awful kids, man they seem to be destroying Canada, too, which is sad. Those davos technocrat creeps are doing a helluva job fucking up the planet and sealing off all the exits. I had one friend who escaped to France and I am happy for her. The politicians keep talking about bombing Mexico now, as if they are somehow responsible for big pharma created drug problems, conceived and developed, and distributed by the USA USA secret police and mercenary private contractor moderate rebels abroad. I think these war industry warpigs just like to slaughter innocent people and spend their big checks from Pfizer and Raytheon. Corporate media headlines screamed that 12 people died during the “insurrection, insurrection, insurrection” as if murderous violence was done by terrorizing protestors, gradually, it was walked back to seven guys, then four guys, then it was admitted somebody drug overdosed, somebody had a stroke later on, one guy died but not really cause he was beaten with a fire extinguisher but because of natural causes, a heart attack and shit. AOC repeated some shit for months about how Maga people killed a dozen innocents, but everyone who died were Maga people. Cop people. But I repeat myself. Who loves the cops more than the Magas, and vice versa, the proud boys and oath keepers are the cops. Watch how the chips fall. Now Erin Brockovich is even being called a terrorist. Something is wrong here. I think the copsucker Blue Lives Matter Maga capital hill protest was an inside job carefully coordinated and made for tv psy op engineered to manufacture consent for laws against protest and to superfund the kkkops after the prior four year BLM protests when everyone was calling to defund the kkkops. First of all, it’s sus ’cause AOC has shown us she is nothing but a corporate sellout with a pretty face recruited to tweet “Orange Man Bad” forever and forever.

“In a tweet on Oct. 24, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez referred to the Capitol riot on Jan. 6 as “a terror attack,” which she said resulted in “almost 10 dead.” She called for “any member of Congress who helped plot” it to be “expelled.”

Journalist Glenn Greenwald commented on Twitter that the claim of “‘almost 10 dead’ from the 1/6 riot is deceitful in the extreme. Four people died on 1/6: all Trump supporters.”

There is reasoned debate about the number who died as a result of the Capitol riot. Ocasio-Cortez is including law enforcement officials who responded to the Capitol that day and committed suicide in the days and months afterward. None of them have been officially designated as “line of duty” deaths, though there is some congressional support for it.

Ocasio-Cortez’s tally also includes two rally participants who died of heart failure — including one who died before other protesters had breached the Capitol. It includes a rallygoer who was initially believed to have been trampled to death in the mayhem that day, but was later determined to have died of an accidental overdose.” (-Fact Check Dot Org an establishment narrative control website) 

Now, people protesting the assassination of a Cop City protestor are being held on terror charges and cops in Palestine are referring to Erin Brockovich as a terrorist for organizing sick people to file class action lawsuits against Blackrock who own all the politicians, the train company, and the media. The very definition of a shitlib is someone still Thanking Obama for this ongoing forever war nd imperialist police state he helped escalate and fretting over AOC’s feelings, but never the poor people in Palestine, or East Palestine, never the people killed by racist police, or drones ’cause some classy, dashing president’s donor class bosses wanna plunder more oil or minerals for their electric cars and cellphone batteries and cashless society microchips for Science. You know it’s no secret I used to be as smitten by AOC as anybody was. She blinded ME with shitlib shitlibbing. 

“The US complained when Chinese jets flew near a US spy plane in the *South China Sea.*

Now the US is playing victim after Russia forced down one of its drones in the Black Sea. Maybe the US should get its weapons out of places thousands of miles from its shores? Just a thought.

Joe Biden has presided over an administration where inflation is rampant, the banks are collapsing, and the U.S. is moving head-first into World War III. This must be the the “normalcy” that people voted for in the 2020 election.” (Danny Haiphong)

The Empire Files on Twitter: “20 years after the invasion of Iraq ⬇️ 5 Lessons from the Post-9/11 Warpath :: No. 1 // THEY WILL LIE ABOUT WHY” / Twitter

The Empire Files on Twitter: “20 years after the invasion of Iraq ⬇️ 5 Lessons from the Post-9/11 Warpath :: No. 4 // THEY’LL ABANDON EVERYONE THEY SAID THEY CARED ABOUT” / Twitter

The Empire Files on Twitter: “20 years after the invasion of Iraq ⬇️ 5 Lessons from the Post-9/11 Warpath :: No. 3 // THEY WILL DIG DEEPER INTO DISASTER” / Twitter

the empire does not really care about pro nouns, wedding cakes, feminism or trans kids rights The Empire Files on Twitter: “20 years after the invasion of Iraq ⬇️ 5 Lessons from the Post-9/11 Warpath :: No. 2 // THEY WILL UNLEASH WAR CRIMES” / Twitter

Plz Preorder Let This Radicalize You 🔥 on Twitter: “Notice that literally no one stopped to ask how this would be paid for. They just did it. “How will we pay for it” only applies when it’s for the benefit of everyday people. The rich, the military and cops don’t get those kinds of questions. Only the public good is questionable.” / Twitter

America’s COVID Response Was Based on Lies | Opinion from Newsweek (

The Stranglers – No Nukes 1982 – YouTube

Non-Profit Watchdog Group Says FCC Officials Should Be Investigated for Owning Stock in Companies They’re Supposed to Regulate – Activist Post

From Georgetown to Langley: The Controversial Connection Between a Prestigious University and the CIA (

Geofence Surveillance: First, They Spied on Protesters. Then Churches. You’re Next. – Activist Post

Throwback Thursday: – Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbox Newsletter (

Status Coup News on Twitter: “NEWS: Weeks after the #EastPalestineOH “controlled burn,” residents are experiencing rashes, nosebleeds, & other symptoms. “My face was burning but it didn’t freak me out until I looked in the mirror,” -EP resident Kristin Bagglia told us. SUBSTACK:” / Twitter


I don’t know where one of my adult children are and honestly that makes it hard to sleep through the night even when I take some Melatonin which gives me crazy dreams. I got anxiety about losing my teeth, all the poverty related problems. No real communication is possible between me and all the people I used to know who became their moms or mother in laws, just dutifully reciting whatever it is they were told by the tv, only really caring about their personal celebrityhood and vanity brand bullshit, ya know? Who cares? Two things I can do without personally, are any more richkid Johnny Thunders coverbands or N.A. celebrity booksigner band dudes publishing more shit about how he beat up smaller people in some eighties parking lot. Sometimes, I’ll try to tell people that the wars are based on lies and just like four people control the whole media narratives, they all look right at me and tell me I’m crazy because Kamala Harris is NOTHING like DeSantis, blah blah blah. I’m like, they work for the same people. That’s why I became a dishwasher years ago, so I could stand in the back and not be involved with all the fulla shite white DJ hipster gentrifiers and doofus goatee, big dumb ugly piercing come lately tattoo shop owners. Whenever I get to feeling really blue about the state of things in this mad, mad world, if I can not find any freetime to get drunk and cry, or listen to old music, or howl up at the big old desert moon, I often turn to MINK DEVILLE, who always soothes my savage, restless soul, somehow. It’s in his decadent heartfelt croon.

Willy DeVille _ Heaven Stood Still – YouTube

Mink DeVille Best performance of She’s So Tough – YouTube

Mink DeVille – Mixed Up Shook Up Girl – YouTube

Mink DeVille – Demasiado Corazon – YouTube

Mink DeVille – Spanish Stroll – YouTube

Mink DeVille – Mixed Up Shook Up Girl – YouTube

Willy de Ville – Live in Bonn 1995 – YouTube

Willy DeVille – Still (I Love You Still) – YouTube

Willy DeVille & The Mink DeVille Band CD: Venus Of The Docks – Live In Bremen 2008 (CD) – Bear Family Records (

Mink DeVille – Stand By Me (From “Live at Montreux 1982”) – YouTube

Willy DeVille – Talking about Johnny Thunders – YouTube


“boy I feel so outgunned today, but I’ll get up and fight back anyway/you and I are not huge mainstream stars but unlike them, we’re really what we are…” (-Iggy Pop)

Iggy Pop – The Regency (Official Audio) – YouTube fuck bono that wef asskiss elitist warpig

Iggy Pop – Wild America – YouTube


Status Coup News on Twitter: “Kristin is not the only resident who shared images of their rashes. Ashley McCollum, who has been staying with her kids 4 miles from EP in Darlington PA, has rashes on her chin, neck, and chest. “My neck and chin on fire,” McCollum told us.” / Twitter

Steven Donziger on Twitter: “A new autopsy shows “Cop City” protestor and climate activist Manuel Terán was sitting with hands raised when Georgia police pumped 13 bullets into their body. Yet Georgia’s @SenatorWarnock and @SenOssoff have said nothing. It’s called failing the moral test of leadership.″ / Twitter

Status Coup News on Twitter: “Her son’s nosebleeds started last week. Akron’s Children’s Hospital did CT scan and “it showed all his airways were swollen and inflamed to the point the capillaries in his nose burst. His throat, adenoids, and lymph nodes were all enlarged as well,” Kristin said.” / Twitter

“safe and effective” Status Coup News on Twitter: ““It feels like the worst flu imaginable,” Battaglia, 37, told us about her symptoms following the derailment. She also has an ear infection, sore throat, cough, chest pain, burning eyes, constant running nose, headaches and migraines, fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, and bone pain.” / Twitter

Status Coup News on Twitter: “Watch the full live stream with @louisd217 now:” / Twitter

Status Coup News on Twitter: “Kristin also had rashes on her leg/foot after showering. Her 8-year-old son has also been sick–she took him to ER last week for nosebleeds. Both of them were diagnosed w/ chemical inhalation. **HER WATER IS CONNECTED TO EP CITY WATER— which the governor and EPA declared safe.” / Twitter

Status Coup News on Twitter: “”[A Norfolk Southern worker] said there will be another one tomorrow…said it’s going to happen again…” — #EastPalestine resident Lonnie. “I just cried knowing that what we’re experiencing…it’s going to happen to someone else, and it has to stop.”” / Twitter

New Wuhan Scandal: US Agencies Double-Paid Virus Research Costs – Activist Post

CovertAction Bulletin – Great Power Conflict: U.S. Puts China in Crosshairs | CovertAction Magazine

Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Twitter: “Investment firms made up more than a third of all cash purchases, or one-in-five overall home purchases, in the Atlanta area last year.” / Twitter

Acorn on Twitter: “@jasonsdozier @LilianaforATL @antoniolewisatl lots of good reasons to cancel the lease in this thread, and even more in this piece here, going well beyond the problems that the most staunch activists have with it. we can’t write apf a blank check.” / Twitter

CODEPINK on Twitter: “We’re sad that some people chose to cancel a book talk w/ @medeabenjamin when we were hoping to use the opportunity to engage in constructive dialogue towards #PeaceInUkraine. The silver lining is that we saw a beautiful display of solidarity from local peace activists✊” / Twitter what’s left of the left is cannibalizing itself with the cointelpro canncel culture bullshit, gonna get us all killed while they still talkin’ bout their feelings some more and waving rainbow and Ukraine flags and sponsored by Pfizer..NAMASTE, motherfuckers, NAMASTE!


THIS Is How Democrats LOST The Working Class – YouTube

30% More Young People Now DYING Of Heart Attacks – New Study – YouTube

How Obama – Not Russia Or Racism – Gave Us Trump! – YouTube

Colbert REALLY Doesn’t Want Lab Leak Theory To Be True! – YouTube

Video: When Gay Activists Hated Fauci & Stormed N.I.H. In 1990! – YouTube on Twitter: “.@RobertKennedyJr tells @jimmy_dore: “The Democratic party has sold its soul to the corporations… It’s a creature of this merger of corporate and government power. And the place where that occurs is inside the agencies… FDA, CDC, NIH, and HHS, are captured by the…” / Twitter on Twitter: “.@RobertKennedyJr and @jimmy_dore talk about how Bill Gates made a profit from spreading lies about the effectiveness of the COVID mRNA vaccines and later confessed that the vaccines were not effective after he sold his stocks: “Every one of those three things he said would get…” / Twitter

Alex Knight – #FreeAssange #FraudSquad on Twitter: “This was just too much, thanks @jimmy_dore lol!” / Twitter

Jimmy Dore on Twitter: “The JIMMY DORE SHOW Is Live! NOW! Tech Investor Explains Silicon Valley Bank Collapse! What Does ‘Woke’ Mean, Anyhow? Featuring David Sacks @DavidSacks, Kurt Metzger @KurtMetzger & Stef Zamorano @MiserableLib Plus fun with Mike MacRae @MikeMacRaeMike” / Twitter

Toby Green on Twitter: “ a devastating account in @TheGrayzoneNews of how lockdowns have driven inflation, the new financial crisis, and the consequent further assaults on the poorest sectors of society @battleforeurope” / Twitter

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “I’ve seen this same thing in parts of Western Europe and most definitely Brazil: If you convince the elite sector that what they’re fighting is so singularly Evil, and that therefore they and their cause are so Just and Noble, they will conclude power, literally, is justified:” / Twitter

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “From things that would have been mildly shocking a decade ago but now is 100% expected: A liberal journal urges that the establishment wings of both parties unite to block efforts from “the MAGA Trump right” and the left to reform warrantless NSA spying:” / Twitter


As a lifelong leftist who never changed his principles cause some soldout Tom or Mammy or They or Them was recruited by the deep state to sell wars and authoritarianism to the inattentive haves, I always laugh at people who call me or Caitlin Johnstone, or Dr. Jill Stein, or Black In The Empire on Twitter “Russian Trolls” jes cause all of us know that Trump was not some rare anomaly, and Biden is just as guilty as anything you can accuse Orange Man Bad of. The system is the problem, not one lone, all purpose boogeyman. They really fuckedup the college people with all that redscare safespace bullshit. Anybody who knows me knows I’m not even educated enough to be a commie, I’ve never read no Marx or Engels, I read Creem and Trouser Press, but I do agree with everything Eugene Debs and Fred Hampton stood for, and know I have more in common with the peasants of oil rich Nato targeted countries than I do any tech surveillance billionaires, or shitlib slogan reciting airbandb owners who wanna bore me with Latest Thing talk about Miley Cyrus or Taylor Swift. Rightwingers hate me cause I wear pink and love brown people. Shitlibs hate me cause I am antiwar and don’t believe the television. The ruling class keep trying to pivot to superficial divisions like your diet, or gender, or hue, or sexual preferences, I recognize we are in a class war and most of us don’t even know how bad the pathological super rich are fucking us all over.


Ya know I talk alot about how there’s not that many good songwriters around in the modern age and SUPER LEGEND Frankie from Teenage Frames and the Crazy Squeeze is an exceptionally rare, standout composer of badass rocknroll songs, prolific generator of bands, videos, fanzines, a total creativity volcano. I hope somebody buys him a new leather trench coat! His old fanzine “TRASH” featured some of the best rocknroll writing I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading! I salute him!

THE CRAZY SQUEEZE-Boyz R Gunna B Here Soon (montage-2011) – YouTube

FRANKIE DELMANE – Working For The White Pigs – YouTube

TEENAGE FRAMES- Burn Out Fast – YouTube

FRANKIE DELMANE Street Penetration – YouTube

FRANKIE DELMANE- I’ve Got A Lot Of Hatred For The World Today – YouTube

FRANKIE DELMANE- This Sick Beat! – YouTube

The Crazy Squeeze – Savior Of The Streets (Full Album) – YouTube

Frankie Delmane | SugarBuzz Magazine

THE CRAZY SQUEEZE- Terminal Love – YouTube

The Crazy Squeeze – S/T (Full Album) – YouTube

THE CRAZY SQUEEZE in the Studio – YouTube


Craig Murray – on Twitter: “Imran’s home was attacked with military force today. The CIA got him out of power by a soft coup. They are now reverting to backing hard force to prevent him being democratically re-elected, as he surely would be. Defend your country Pakistan!” / Twitter

Craig Murray – on Twitter: “It is worth noting that the laws the CIA installed Pakistani government are now using to end free speech, freedom of assembly and democracy are British colonial era repressive legislation. Note the silence from western governments at these abuses.” / Twitter

Kit Klarenberg on Twitter: “💥💥My latest: #CIA Front Threatens Color Revolution in #Georgia💥💥 #NED #USAID #ColorRevolution #Coup #Tbilisi #Yugoslavia #Maidan #MaidanCoup #Belgrade #Milosevic” / Twitter USA taking over the world one coup at a time.

“They are passing the same laws in the UK too: banning protests, strikes, criminalising speech.

We are on a dark path.” (-Kathleen Tyson)

Opinion | The Urbanity of Evil: 20 Years After the US Invasion of Iraq | Common Dreams

Shabir) Free Julian Assange & Palestine 🇵🇸Yemen on Twitter: “Lee Camp on Julian Assange: Every one who Believes in Journalism Should be on Julian Assange Side: Julian Assange MUST be Defended because the ELITES want him Dead or Locked up: Summariser Lee Camp (born July 21, 1980) is an USA writer, omedian,podcaster, news journalist” / Twitter

Lee Camp [Redacted] on Twitter: “The US is now a third world country. Hundreds of children have been found working in slaughter houses.” / Twitter

Secret COINTELPRO Plot to Infiltrate and Destroy the American Indian Movement: “We Wanted Them to Kill Each Other”—FBI Agent Admits After 5 Decades of Silence | CovertAction Magazine

ANSWER Coalition on Twitter: “On March 18, we can show those who lied us into Iraq 20 years ago that their crimes will not be forgotten. Say NO to endless U.S. wars! March with us⤵️ 📝Saturday March 18, 1pm 📍Washington, D.C., the White House” / Twitter

ANSWER Coalition on Twitter: “‼️We’re just a few days away from our national anti-war rally in front of the White House‼️ 🚌🚎🚐To get people there, we’re organizing transportation centers across different cities! 🧵Check the thread below for who to contact for transportation info! All out on March 18!” / Twitter

Dr. Jill Stein🌻 on Twitter: “Just tuning in. Sounds like Hersh is dropping one truth bomb after another.” / Twitter see what I mean?

Opinion | The Selling of the Iraq War Involved Mass Gullibility Atop Mass Hysteria | Common Dreams

lyinass liars run everything now

Dr. Jill Stein🌻 on Twitter: “We’ve been building a stable, integrated Middle East, as the outcome of our interventions in Iraq, Libya, Iran, Yemen, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Israel amply demonstrate. What planet is he living on?” / Twitter

After Brutal Assault, Yanis Varoufakis Urges Progressives to Focus on ‘What Really Matters’ (

Medea Benjamin on Twitter: “US complains that its Reaper drone conducting “routine operations” over the Black Sea was intercepted by a Russian jet. Why are US drones flying over Black Sea??? Routine operations or routine provocations?” / Twitter

gender, gender, gender…those billionaires really know how to manipulate gullible Murkkkans, don’t they? Gallego Says Lobbyists ‘Bought Sinema’s Vote’ That Resulted in Bank Collapse (

CovertAction Bulletin: Who are the Real Terrorists? Stop Cop City and Jim Crow Legislation in Mississippi | CovertAction Magazine

ANSWER Coalition on Twitter: “🗣️No sanctions, no coups, no war!🗣️ The Latin American and Caribbean contingent demands: 📢End the U.S. blockade of Cuba! 📢Lift all sanctions on Venezuela, Nicaragua, Haiti, and everywhere! 📢No UN/US/NATO intervention in Haiti! Join us this Saturday, March 18!” / Twitter

60+ Faith Groups Urge Congress to ‘Dramatically’ Slash Pentagon Budget (


Dimestore Haloes drummer, Jimmy Reject was a good kid. I wish he was here to call on the phone right now. (RIP) When the Halos were busy makin’ these records, me and my own gang of debaucherous, excessive boozing, danger prone lords of late night damage and backstreet blackouts were writin’ some pretty good songs in a dank Cambridge basement and runnin’ riot in all those dark, loudly throbbing, ever seductive late night bars in Kenmore Square, and dirty old Allston, but while we found plenty of seedy temptations and wild women galore, we could never keep a drummer or locate anybody willing to record us….except for one guy…who just used some demos we made to learn our songs that he never stopped covering and claiming as his own, so that was a bit maddening and hurtful and frustrating…meanwhile we’d see guys like Jessie Malin getting all these great producers and record deals and nightclub investors and more, more, more opportunities forever and wow it felt like punishing, grueling torture for years, we just could not claw our way up and outta the gutter to the “make records” level, no matter how hard we tried. We had people tell us we were “promising songwriters” all the time, whatever that means and who knows anyway, maybe they were lying, I dunno man, but it made me bitter as a young man. Chaz describes the “Long Ride To Nowhere”, yeah, well. Ugh! Right? Fallen gutter punk angel, dear, sweet Jimmy Reject was a supportive comrade and was always nice to me, we did some laughin’ and cryin’ together, and I could identify with summa his struggles he detailed in his book. Our pal from across town, Chaz Halo who Jimmy always said was “Better Than Westerberg!”, undeniably wrote some smokin’ hot songs way back when, that still stand up today, and I’m glad I got to see him play at that bowling alley with A Streetcar Named Disaster when we were young, and I would like it if his old drummer Frank would will me his Alfred E. Neuman tie. I’d love to see all those guys again. Good lads, all. I gave poor Chaz a bit of grief in our early twenties cause I’m just a moody hateful embittered antisocial bastard sometimes, but when I saw him self referencing as Lux INFERIOR, ya know that kinda self deprecating charm is kind of hard to resist and over time, I came to really like that guy alot actually. He is smart, funny, overcame obstacles, did it on his own terms, plays a mean guitar, got what he wanted, won big, hit the bigtime if you ask me. I’m legit happy for him. Not that many people in this mediocre fakeass fuckedup meritocracy pyramid sceme ever earn anything on their own, but as a songwrier and performer, I can tell you Chaz earned his success and worked hard to get there and just keeps getting better. His modern day band, Cheap Cassettes are one of the best outfits goin’. I wish them all the best of everything. Good lads. 

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Danny Haiphong on Twitter: “BREAKING: Saudi Arabia and Iran have agreed to reestablish ties in a deal mediated by China in Beijing. Both countries expressed a commitment to sovereignty and non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries. This is a massive victory for peace and multipolarity.” / Twitter

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The Debt Collective 🟥 on Twitter: “Biden promised no more drilling on public land “period period period” Biden just approved one of the largest oil drilling projects in history that will release 239 million metric tons of CO2 This is pure violence. He is signing our death warrant” / Twitter

David Sirota on Twitter: “The 2nd-highest ranking Senate Republican was a registered lobbyist for the railroad industry. He’s trying to prevent Congress from quickly passing rail safety legislation. He’s also the Senate’s 3rd biggest recipient of rail industry cash. Pass it on.” / Twitter


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