Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “One immediate objective of the movement in Atlanta is accountability for the killing by the authorities in Atlanta & state of Georgia.” / Twitter

matt on Twitter: “@ajamubaraka I would think a very easy bar to clear for building your intensely contested cop city would be not to murder an unarmed protester and attempt to cover it up. It’s insane to me this hasn’t even been brought up in official channels as a justification for scrapping the whole thing.” / Twitter

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “Brother Kamau from CMB” / Twitter

Status Coup News on Twitter: “Premiering at 5PM ET: @SDonziger (Steven Donziger) Says NATIONALIZE Norfolk Southern Over #EastPalestine, Blasts Biden for Not Going with @JordanChariton” / Twitter


CovertAction Bulletin: Who are the Real Terrorists? Stop Cop City and Jim Crow Legislation in Mississippi | CovertAction Magazine

“Politics in the U.S. is so irrational & dangerous that I was meeting with a group of radical leaders from various parts of the global South where it was concluded that peoples in the global South would see a Trump administration as a welcome shift from warmongering democrats.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “That ship sailed long ago, sorry. Dems are the party of CIA, FBI, DHS, NSA and endless war. Polls I’ve repeatedly posted here show this, and Dems’ hatred toward Taibbi and co. is due solely to the fact that their reporting exposed the US Security State’s censorship regime.” / Twitter

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “The US Security State feared and hated Trump and his movement for many reasons: Trump’s opposition to CIA regime change ops in Syria, his mockery of them for WMD, his doubts about NATO’s value, etc. Dems saw that and realized CIA/DHS/FBI are their allies.” / Twitter

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “The answer was most clearly provided by Chuck Schumer, when he went on Maddow’s show days before Trump’s inauguration to warn Trump he was being stupid for opposing the CIA, because everyone in DC since JFK knows not to do that since CIA destroys critics:” / Twitter

The Censorship Industrial Complex – CJ Hopkins (

johndissed on Twitter: “”It was a bizarre collective display of a whole group of politicians not understanding some pretty basic things about how not to act around journalists…”” / Twitter

WATCH: ‘Snowden,’ ‘Assange’ & ‘Manning’ Arrive in Sydney (

Dr. Jill Stein🌻 on Twitter: “Simply put, Biden proposes 2/3rds of discretionary funds for wars abroad & wars at home. Another sign of end stage empire.” / Twitter

Dr. Jill Stein🌻 on Twitter: “Biden’s Willow is the nail in the climate coffin, adding to disastrous impact of UKR war on climate accords, which wiped out big emissions decline. US could’ve averted war AND protected climate simply by supporting Minsk or not blocking Turkish peace deal.” / Twitter

Status Coup News on Twitter: “@JonFarinaPhoto Full video LIVE NOW with @JonFarinaPhoto at #StopCopCity solidarity protest in NYC. Watch the full video here:” / Twitter

Protesters Charged with Terrorism in Atlanta ( your so called reps protect big biz and superfund warmachine and homeland militarized jackboots-never do the will of the people. that aint representation.

Conspiracy Theories Become Conspiracy Facts – Activist Post

Status Coup News on Twitter: “”We are here to stop cop city. We are here to stop environmental racism. We are here to stop police brutality.” — Stop Cop City NYC protester LIVE #StopCopCity Solidarity protest NYC w @jonfarinaphoto” / Twitter

Status Coup News on Twitter: “LIVE Stop Cop City March in NYC w/ @JonFarinaPhoto LIVE NOW:” / Twitter

More Perfect Union on Twitter: “NEW: We went down to East Palestine for a week to get residents’ side of the story after the Ohio rail disaster. People told us they’re getting sick and their pets are dying, while Norfolk Southern is trying to cover it up. @heyjohnrussell reports.” / Twitter

Status Coup News on Twitter: “Norfolk Southern CEO BULLSH*TS Through East Palestine Senate Hearing, ANOTHER Cop City Looming? w/ @RonPlacone and @TinaDesireeBerg LIVE NOW:” / Twitter

Status Coup News on Twitter: “”We need help right now, local businesses so far have been the only one I have seen passing around water and supplies,” Cullen tells @louisd217” / Twitter

John Pilger: The Betrayers of Julian Assange (

MintPress News on Twitter: “Environmental lawyer Erin Brockovich is organizing the people of East Palestine, Ohio, to demand that Norfolk Southern pays for poisoning their community after a recent train derailment. The Ohio police claim that she’s a terrorist threat.” / Twitter


All was well when I lived in Lexington, Kentucky, I was sorta the star of recess and the school plays, got good grades, loved to read “Cracked” and “Foom” and “Mad” and Narnia and the Hobbit, gnomes and “Heavy Metal” magazine, you know all the seventies fantasy illustrations by the Brothers Hildebrandt and Frazetta like you’d see on the covers of old Molly Hatchet records and 70’s vans. I had a local comicbook store where I was friend with the older stoners. lotsa little pals who were all into Star Wars and Grease. Beatles and Monkees, Elvis had just died. Shaun Cassidy and Andy Gibb were big as hell. Then, my mom met some creepy dude and married him and moved us to Ohio where all the white suburban rich kids were into golf shirts, designer jeans, football and did I mention golf? They straightup loved “The Preppie Handbook” and did not see it as satire, it was the white people bible. I thought all that shit was awful conformist excrement. They found out I needed glasses and bought me the ugliest pair you can imagine and a girl’s bicycle. I had a southern accent and could not catch a football, so I got harrassed non stop by older kids, bruised in the locker room and beat up at the roller rink. The history teacher in the seventh grade used to put me in the classroom closet as a warning to the others. I was talking about the class war and slavery and the genocide of the indigenous peoples and telling my friends about Fred Hampton and Abbie Hoffman, from a young age. The rich white suburban sports school loved Ronald Reagan and were all totally devoted to worshipping the rich, I was the opposite, and therefore became a very polarizing lightning rod among my peers. Man they made an example of me for years, everyday, some bigger fat Republikkan kid would push me into a locker or otherwise humiliate me. The kung fu sadist rich kid with the Trans Am and the big Bon Jovi perm really hated me. My mom had changed my last name to her creepy husband’s and it was all just a horribly traumatizing, punishing hell. I rebelled. Started wearing my own weird styles, kinda thrift store pink makeup B-52’s budget punk, pre Ducky from “Pretty In Pink”. I sat beside a beautiful coltish brunette horse riding rich chick who was way outta my league named Paulette B. and she loved Kajagoogoo, and told me to get contacts and change my hair to look more like Limahl. I was too much of a gawky yellow teethed scrany, awkard Ramone to ever be a pinup heart throb Limahl, but started spiking my hair up like Billy Idol or Robert Smith. I’d bleach it orange with not enough toner then dyed it blue/black and the school admin went berserk over it. In about three years, I’d gone from “Sit Down Waldo!” to full on Pete Burns. Looked like an uglier younger sister of Gene Loves Jezebel. Girls started liking me, I formed a band with some other outcast weirdos, but could not find a drummer-back then they all wanted to play Rush covers with that kung fu kid who had the Big Marshall. We started hiding out in my basement practicing bad metal covers, writing greasy kid protest songs like, “Victims Of The System”. My life changed. I was still getting mobbed by the Catholic school wrestlers and paddled by principals and put on curfew by the juvenile authorities for drawing new wave logos in my schoolbooks and “disrupting the learning process” by asking to many questions in history class and determinedly challenging their racist whitewash bullshit narratives. I started making comicbooks and xeroxing them at the library that got passed around in study hall, that were like underground social commentary. A kid named Steve Blythe started copying my work and stole my character “Killer Teddy Bear”. Funny what you remember. Some guys named Craig and Brett and Mark and Aaron and John L a big football player antagnized me constantly so I quit dressing for gym. My friend Dan L. from the Catholic school, a talented guitar player from a strict military family got sick of seeing me and his brother Dustin getting tthe business from the football team so he beat up the big fat footballer John L, but that did not stop the harrassment for long. I made friends with an older illusionist/escape artsit in a nearby town named, Theo Mandrake. He was teaching me about showbiz and performance, met another magician named Al Houdin. My homemade comicbooks became more about music gradually and my first fanzine was about what little Devo ad Police and Go Gos punk and new wave was available to smalltown kids who did not yet have cable. The stepdad tried to do some real ugly abusive shit so I went out the window and took refuge at my rich friend Sean’s, but he was becoming an ongoing issue. I ranway to NYC for a little over a year, year and a a half maybe, had big adventures, met people, got a foxy girlfriend., moved in with her. Dump apartment in the dangerous Bowery. Started going to nightclubs and fter hours with her saw shows that really changed me, gave me a lot of new energy and inspiration. Antoinettes, Fleshtones, Wendy Wild, Jickets, Butthole Surfers. Went back to the midwest to foolishly pursue another girl who was outta my league, emboldened by my having lived with a beautiful woman almost ten years older than myself. That was a big mistake, of course, cause the abusive local authorities really wanted to use me as an example of what happens when you skip school, talk back, refuse to kiss up to popular jock bullying assholes, and wear alot of badly applied makeup. When I finally got out of detention hall, which was a grueling, unspeakable, damaging three months of torture, I met some older punk from a nearby town who helped me get a job at a stained glass studio. I started dreaming I had a chance with that girl again, the beatiful new wave chick, but she had moved on to some more conventional blue eyed soccer hero in Merry Go Round clothes from the big city, who had a mom who taught at my rich school, and he even had a car. I was totally in love with her for years, but also more importantly, with the music the older punk was teaching me about-I was particularly obsessed with that Public Image Ltd. song, “Rise”: “they put a hotwire to my head cause of the  things I did and said, they make these feelings go away a model citizen in everyway”.

 Sometimes, the hicks and preps would catch me walking somewhere and break my glasses, or two hicks would hold my arms behind my back while some jealous boyfriend would bloody my nose. Growing up in the midwest sucked. It got even worse during Grunge/Alternative, when all these same kinda fratboy private school fuckers decided they were ALSO Grunge/Alternative. Summa my bands played out at these boy’s clubs and richkid keggers and backyard barbq’s and we started having a real cool time tonight. Almost every night. One of my girlfriend’s got pregnant we moved into a big bandhouse on the edge of town where it was said other hippie undesirables had previously thrown concerts in the yard all the way back in the sxties. Some other girlfriend’s parents got whipped into a frenzy by the daytime talk show Tipper Gore antirock hysteria, they brought in these fanatical behavior modification grifters from out of state, and the local 700 Club Christian Broadcast Network started airing these anti punk talk shows where righwing evangelicals would warn the already uptight sports parents who worked for the General Dynamics tankplant about the pinko commie threat of “120 Minutes” and teenagers who were getting into the Smiths and the Replacements. Some of my various bandmates just wanted to be in Regular Joe bands that could be accpeted by the normies and the squares, they stayed in their hometown high school zipcodes and got like, generic say nothing, non threatening Kendoll singers from the usual predator class honky suburbs and assimilated into straight society sports bar popularity. I was too far gone Tex & The Horseheads and Lords Of The New Church for anything like that. Most of my former sidemen got into music to be popular or fit in, or get girls, I wanted to lead a youth revolt. Big difference. So yeah when I escaped to Boston when I turned twenty, the metalheads and heavily tattooed rockers I started meeting all thought my synthpop heroes and goth influences like Gene Loves Jezebel and Duran Duran were absolutely ridiculous, but all those bands have always stayed in my heart. I met some people who kinda begrudingly liked Generation X and Hanoi Rocks and Dogs D’Amour and Mother Love Bone. I continued writing songs and developing as a frontman, but could never afford highpriced studio costs, or highpriced rehearsal spaces, so the drummers would always split for people with moms or girlfriends willing to pay for them to record. It was so, so fucking heartbreaking but we kept on trying until one by one they all died or fuckedoff and Here I Am. Lone Wolf still howling at the moon. The world has changed as the techbillionaires consolidated more and more power, until they became capable of censoring every little corner of the public airwaves and the evil forces of gentrification purged all us guttersnipes and rabble rousers from their hipster dominions. I still don’t fit in with any of the mainstream narrative bullshittery. Kajagoogoo were okay but I always thought Duran Duran should have helped produce me, I rock like fuck. I’m the original neurotic boy outsider. It’s the never ending story.

Kajagoogoo too shy official video – YouTube

The Chris Hedges Report Video with Kshama Sawant on why the only hope we have left is the building of a militant labor movement that will use strikes to destroy the corporate state with bonus content. (

Twitter Files: U.S. Taxpayers ‘Unwittingly Financing the Growth and Power of a Censorship-Industrial Complex’ • Children’s Health Defense (


People my age, and there seems like there’s less and less of us around now, esp. since everybody started dropping dead just suddenly and nobody in the highbrow academic world or corporate big 5 monopoly media can figure out why, they say it might have something to do with plane turbulence, or exercising too much, or stress caused by conspiracy theorists, but most of us have fond memories of Billy Squire and songs like “My Kinda Lover” were what were playin’ while we were makin’ eyes at Crystal or or Missy or Geena or Sheri or Raina or Heather, right? So I dunno what evil industry titan he pissed off, what temperance league scold committee spinster frowned on “The Stroke”, or what kinda jiveass garbage that was where popular media insisted for years on end that supposedly, Billy Squire sucked now cause some Beavis & Buttheads, or overpaid “Rolling Stone” boyband apologist like Rob Sheffield, somewhere, decided his Miami Vice influenced video for “Rock Me Tonight” was not butch macho enough for cornfed Midwestern audiences of patriotic heavy metal and professional wrestling fans. I don’t know about all those cavemen, or what they like besides Hooters, Home Depot, oversized vehicles and Pamela Anderson in the eighties, but I always personally thought Billy Squire was awesome, a heavy metal meets power pop hard rocker in the Cheap Trick/Van Halen/Pop Rocks sorta genre. I’m happy to see he’s makin’ a comeback. The popular vote is always the dummy vote-who cares what those people think? I like rocknroll, Billy’s made of it. Motherfuckers just jealous he rocks so hard.

Revisiting Billy Squier’s Breakthrough Album, ‘Don’t Say No’ (

The video that killed the rock ‘n’ roll star | Dangerous Minds

Billy Squier’s notorious ‘Rock Me Tonite’ video is even more insane without the music | Dangerous Minds

Billy Squier – My Kinda Lover – YouTube

Harder On A Woman – YouTube

Billy Squier Everybody Wants You LIVE Detroit Concert 1983 HQ – YouTube

Billy Squier – She’s A Runner (Live) – YouTube

Billy Squier – Rock Me Tonite (HQ) – YouTube

Whadda You Want From Me – YouTube

Billy Squier – In The Dark – YouTube

Emotions In Motion – YouTube

Shake Down – YouTube

Audio Interview – EddieTrunk, Segment 6: Signs Of Life – YouTube

She Goes Down / Promotional Clip – YouTube

Billy Squier – The Big Beat – YouTube

Billy Squier – Lonely Is The Night – 11/20/1981 – Santa Monica Civic Auditorium (Official) – YouTube

Billy Squier (

CIA and Mossad-linked Surveillance System Quietly Being Installed Throughout the US – Activist Post

‘Shocking’: FBI Director Admits Agency Purchased Geolocation Data of Americans (

DSA International Committee on Twitter: “The antiwar movement is mobilizing on Saturday, March 18 at 1PM in DC to mark 20 years since the US invasion of Iraq and demand an end to endless wars! Join us and 200+ orgs for the National March on Washington: Fund People’s Needs, Not the War Machine!” / Twitter

Steven Donziger on Twitter: “BREAKING: Norfolk Southern’s CEO confesses his billion-dollar company won’t pay the health costs of those poisoned by his “nuclear” detonation of a chemical cloud over Ohio. Alan Shaw must be investigated for criminal negligence. Thousands are at risk of death due to his greed.” / Twitter

Ukraine’s Death by Proxy – The Chris Hedges Report (


“Somebody’s gotta teach the kids about Bo Diddley” (-Dr. Johnn Fever)

I always tried to carry on the tradition of my dear old pal Dave. A., my first record store guru who got me into stuff like the Doors, Stooges and MC5 when I was a young Beatles/Monkees/Elvis enthusiast. He’s gone now, but I got little buttons of him on all my leather jackets and leather vests, and he is never that far from my thoughts, he’s like my own Jimminy Cricket. He had a band called Billy Ray Bogart & The Hot Rod Gang who used to open up for my own sorta amateur hour glammish grebo goth gang, the Neons, way back in the dark ages. Let’s do a little “Black Gladiator ” together this morning, whaddya say?

Bo Diddley – Let’s Rock & Roll (Live in Sydney 1975).mov – YouTube

Bo Diddley – Great Final [Live Concert] – YouTube


Clément Lanot on Twitter: “🔴 Tensions entre le SO CGT et un blackbloc : les syndicats font usage de gaz lacrymogène. #greve7mars #manif7mars #ReformedesRetraite” / Twitter

Residents “don’t want to be the guinea pigs” for Carbon Pipeline – Activist Post

Danny Haiphong on Twitter: “The Nord Stream attack was a MASK OFF moment for the United States.” / Twitter

Craig Murray: Fascistic Judges (

US Military Group Wants Weaponized Deepfakes, Better Biometric Tools – Activist Post

Dr. Jill Stein🌻 on Twitter: “Scheidler blows huge holes in the flimsy counter narrative to Sy Hersh’s report. Underscores the urgent need for an independent international investigation to determine responsibility for this act of international terrorism & assault on German sovereignty.” / Twitter

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “I’m really shocked that all of these “disinformation experts” and “disinformation groups” funded by Western intel agencies (Atlantic Council, @ISDglobal, Bellingcat) constantly declare “disinformation” to be anything that contradicts or undermines US/EU foreign policy propaganda:” / Twitter

Lee Camp [Redacted] on Twitter: “Dollar stores now have more locations across the country than Walmart, Starbucks, McDonald’s, & Target combined. They are parasitic corporations, destroying communities. I cover that & more on today’s livestream –” / Twitter

Jay Bhattacharya on Twitter: “Instead of investigative reporting and objective news on the covid origins debate, #scicomm journalists played the part of narrative enforcers for Tony Fauci and others. Top journals like Science, Nature, and Lancet did the same. Their editors failed.” / Twitter

The Grayzone on Twitter: “Join @aaronjmate and @MaxBlumenthal live at 2 PM EST today as we cover Washington’s attempts to control the damage of Sy Hersh’s Nordstream report, congressional efforts to end the US occupation of Syria, and yesterday’s dramatic Twitter files testimony” / Twitter

“Hope For Assange?” With Guest Julian’s Brother Gabriel Shipton – Activist Post

Ralph Nader on Twitter: ““I read the Ukraine Times, formerly known as the New York Times,” That was a friends response to my asking him whether this major news story has been over-covered and has crowded out many critically important other stories in this country and around the world. -R” / Twitter

What’s happened to the rhythm section? (1): Remembering the bassists who’ve “died suddenly” worldwide since April, 2022 (

Victory is Defeat: Palestinian Children’s Art Exposes Israel’s Cultural Genocide (


Me and my Gary Numan obsessed best friend Jaysin B wanted to create a band like this 100 years ago when he was still alive and my self esteem had not been so battered but of course we were just minimum wage earners and there was just no way for either of us or both of us to buy a proper synthesizer back then and all those cheap thrift store Casios with the pre programmed drum machines can only take you so far. The ridiculous part is how I’m still at it, fuckin’ around with the pre programmed drum machine program on my kid’s old Casios in the garage, I wish sometimes I was a better piano player, my old lady is very good at all of it, but we never really have private time together to work on anything, if our teenager aint into it, it aint happenin’ so everything is all about firearms, fireworks, Guuci hype beat clothing and extotic wildlife ownership like on “The Tiger King”, that’s how it is. Jaysin and I kept fucking around with tape recorders and crap keyboards until he drifted over into this downtown trendy haircut crowd and I stayed with our stoner skateboard pal who I shoplifted Van Halen tablature for and we finally had some garage bands goin’ . When Jaysin B and my record store co worker Dave A and my rapper friend Cory L and the great songwriter Paul K all shuffled off the planet it put me in a deep and ongoing kinda gloom, ya know? Then my other ace best pal Bobby who used to drive me to Duran Duran concerts in faraway cities and get us backstage with his National Record Mart credentials having portrayed Andy taylor in a fucking lipsynch Duran Duran tribute act, he died suddenly, too. Just found out another guy I was close to years ago RKH has died. My first guitar player’s mom, also. Good Grief, have mercy. Ya know?

So ya know I wanted that Andy Taylor book for Christmas but accidentally received two copies of some other rock bio instead-now, since he’s fallen ill, Ebay prices for it shot through the roof and now hover somewhere around the eighty dollar zone. Who’s got eighty bucks for a fooking book? Not me, man, and the satin 80’s Duran Jackets are all marked at ripoff Etsy prices everywhere too. Most of my limited access to anything rocknroll nowadays is beamed out to me via youtube. Remember that catchy pop song from the “Some Kinda Wonderful” soundtrack, “She Loves Me”? That was by Steven Duffy, Duran Duran’s first singer, pre Simon LeBon. So yeah a couple years ago, or longer, times flies now for us decrepit “Smash Hits” Durannies, Nick got back together with his old collaborator from Birmingham and co created a atmospheric new band called The Devils based on old song ideas that they’d commenced as kids but never quite finished. Of course where I live, so far out in the deepest desrt outback, nobody cares about Duran Duran or Aracadia or even David Bowie, let alone some little known spinoff side project band, but of course, I’m totally into it. I think it’s so beautiful-just the kinda old new romantic new wave music I love. They even do “Big Store”.

The Devils – Nick Rhodes & Stephen Duffy – Dark Circles live 2003 Köln, arte – YouTube

Nick Rhodes talks about Barbarellas with Stephen Duffy – YouTube

Memory Palaces – The Devils (Nick Rhodes & Stephen Duffy) – YouTube

The Devils – Big Store (2002) – YouTube

Signals In Smoke The Devils – YouTube

DURAN DURAN ”the devils” – world exclusive.wmv – YouTube

The Devils – Newhaven Dieppe – YouTube

The Devils – Dark Circles [full album] – YouTube

The Devils – Hawks Do Not Share – YouTube


Corpfascist1913 on Twitter: “@RalphNader Professor Jeffery Sachs sat as the Chairman of the Lancet Commission on the origins of the Covid virus for 2 years. His conclusion is it came from a US lab. Jeffrey Sachs: US biotech cartel behind Covid origins and cover-up:” / Twitter

Ralph Nader on Twitter: “Read Nicholas Wade’s deliberative pamphlet “Where Covid Came From” -R” / Twitter

Dr. Jill Stein🌻 on Twitter: “Information warfare against the American people is not new. “The entire Vietnam war was sold to us by Agency disinformation operations.” – CIA officer Ralph McGehee.” / Twitter

The Researcher on Twitter: “The Club of 300 rabbit hole. This book was found in Bin Laden’s compound when the US raided it & killed him. The Club of 300 is the group that apparently runs the world so let’s take a look. I may tweet findings separately but this will eventually be the home for all threads.” / Twitter

The Researcher on Twitter: “The folks helping the J6 political prisoners need to learn from the left. Action is what it will take to get anything done.” / Twitter

MintPress News on Twitter: “”There is more democracy today in Mexico than there is in the United States. It is because, here, the people govern; there, the oligarchy govern.” Mexico’s President AMLO responds to US State Department criticisms this week.” / Twitter

Margaret Kimberley on Twitter: “I had fun talking to @SabbySabs2. We discussed the need to deemphasize electoral politics, why congressional “progressives” are a waste, how to organize against war, and more. Enjoy!” / Twitter

MintPress News on Twitter: “Israeli police assault protesters against the far-right policies of Benjamin Netanyahu’s settler cabinet.” / Twitter

the next Libya MintPress News on Twitter: “Iran suggests a joint bank with African nations that would promote trade in local currencies and enhance cooperation. Iranian VP for Economic Affairs Mohsen Rezaei announced the idea on Monday at a conference on scientific and economic cooperation between Iran and West Africa.” / Twitter

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “When we win & are able to build a new world, the history of this horror in Ukraine with the slaughter that occurred as a result of U.S. & Western policies, will be seen for the obscenity that it is.” / Twitter

Whitney Webb on Twitter: “NEW – A surveillance system backed by top Mossad, CIA and FBI officials is being installed in schools, houses of worship and other civilian locations throughout the country, much of it thanks to the recent donation of an “anonymous philanthropist.”” / Twitter

the woman who fixed that primary for Hillary slanders report MintPress News on Twitter: “DNC Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz attempts to discredit Matt Taibbi and the #TwitterFiles under the accusation that he made money from the project. Tabbi’s response: “I think it’s probably a wash, honestly.”” / Twitter

Aaron Maté on Twitter: “@SamSacks In claiming that DWS “bodied” Taibbi, you failed to add his response, where he explains the context for that quote (Sy Hersh talking about the CIA) and explaining that the Twitter Files are clearly in the public interest. Do you think they’re not?” / Twitter

Dr. Jill Stein🌻 on Twitter: “A joy to behold. Jeffrey Sachs shreds BBC propaganda.” / Twitter

The Bio-Security Cabal: A 20-Year Entrenchment – Activist Post

the controlled burn story makes no sense Senate Dems Elevate Farmers’ Calls for Relief From Toxic Train Derailment (

Status Coup News on Twitter: “”Will you make that commitment right now, to guarantee sick days to all of your workers?” “You talked about covering the needs of the people of #EastPalestine. Does that include paying for their healthcare needs?” @BernieSanders grills Norfolk Southern.” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “Eyepatch McCain calls for an armed US intervention in Mexico” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “Matt Taibbi also slammed PayPal and its US intel puppeteers for banning media organizations and journalists and seizing their funds without due process or any explanation. @Consortiumnews, @MintPressNews and antiwar journalist @wyattreed13 are among many banned by PayPal.” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “The Grayzone’s livestream exposing pro-war journalist Paul Mason as a UK security state collaborator was removed by Youtube – which is owned by the military-intelligence contractor Google – on the grounds of “targeted harassment.” The Censorship Industrial Complex at work.” / Twitter

MintPress News on Twitter: “”This region is full of resources and I worry about the malign activity of our adversaries.” SOUTHCOM General Laura Richardson and members of the House Armed Services Committee discuss the US campaign to control Latin American lithium on Wednesday.” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “German Retired Major General Harald Kujat says the US sabotaged peace negotiations between Ukraine and Russia, Ukraine has no path to “victory” as defined by Zelensky, and the Western public is being lied to by fake experts and the media″ / Twitter

LastAmericanVagabond on Twitter: “Join TLAV March 20th 12pm-5pm EST for a special fundraising event. The entire team will be there throughout the day for questions, discussions & a little bit of fun & some special guests (DM to be a guest) See you there! #TheLastAmericanVagabond” / Twitter

Kit Klarenberg on Twitter: “I’m sure it’s just a giant, spooky coincidence that all the groups at the forefront of the unrest in Georgia receive National Endowment for Democracy funding. This upsurge of righteous anger about organisations having to disclose their foreign funding is totally organic.” / Twitter

johndissed on Twitter: ““Did all of these doctors really think it could all be covered up? When I said ‘fraud’ on the Senate record (National Archives) in 2020 I had no idea the extent would be this deep and nefarious. ” – Dr. Peter McCullough” / Twitter

johndissed on Twitter: “I’m sure #BigPharma has meds for that.” / Twitter

they say it’s classy and woke Slowly But Steadily, the Executive Branch is Bringing Back Widespread Drone Warfare – Activist Post

URGENT: HPV Mandate for Students Coming to California! • Children’s Health Defense (

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “Journalist @mtaibbi spoke up repeatedly in Congress against US intel working through NGO cutouts to censor the LatAm socialist channel @telesurenglish, Bob Parry’s @Consortiumnews, and @truthout As he emphasized, this issue pertains to both left & right” / Twitter

Caitlin Johnstone on Twitter: “The Disappearing of Julian Assange: Death To A Story Part two of my ongoing art series on the way that Assange’s image is being deliberately erased from the public’s consciousness.” / Twitter

Countless Americans Plunge Into Despair As Hunger Spreads Like Wildfire All Across America – Activist Post

Fuckin’ Alone – YouTube

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Only the Lonely – YouTube


Iggy says “Fuck The Regency”. 

‘Same way Ellen, Fallon, Kimmel, Maher and Colbert were all deployed to help Vanity Fair and Rolling Stone rehabilitate the public images of Obama, Condoleeza Rice, W Bush and the Cheneys, now a grizzly bearded Letterman is being trotted out post retirement to be a Dr. Phil pitchman to the aging Late Night watchers fro his 80’s heydays, throwing softball bootlicking simp questions to empire narrative managers, Bono, Obama, and Zelensky. Kindof gross and sickening once you recognize how they do it. Sean Penn sold out to the bankers and weapon manufacturers, too, it’s sad as hell, really. I loved U2 as a kid so much, used to sing their songs so loud in my purple apartment, the grumpty guitarist from down the hall would come bangin’ at my door, but fell off hard once they drifted into whitewashing Nato warpig agendas, unscrupulous Libya and Iraq and Afghanistan overthrowing central bankers, and CFR/WEF/NWO agendas. I think the last songs I really remember liking by them were from the “Summer Rain” and “Stuck In A Moment” era. I’d never say they weren’t good performers or songwriters, only that it’s an obscenity to help sell globalist mass murder agendas under cover of being Martin Luther King Jr. poetry Christians. They know Obama aint nothing like King, he was never MLK’s dream come true-only Cheney and Kissinger’s-they U2 millionaires know Bush/Cheney and the Clintons are criminals, gangsters of capitalism, but still they got in bed with ’em and Gates and Kissinger and Bezos and Klaus. No thanks. As Bowie said, “this aint rocknroll, this is genocide”, so I won’t be part of the pig-media U2 revival, no matter how many smirking rich Howard Stern types insist it’s just wholesome and okeydokey to support the monsters of war, or that it’s cool to be a sellout fraud for money, money, money, money. I am heartened to see the Cure is coming back though, I still can’t believe Reeves Gabbrels from The Atom Said and Tin Machine is the band now. Good choice, actually, as he is a very good guitar player. I met him many times with his tiny Boston indie band in my early 20’s. A more experienced gardener has said I planted my seeds in the ground too early, but you know it’s my first time really trying to grow flowers in the desert, as the song goes. I’m a dreamer. KISS, Motley Crue, Guns N Roses and all the fake bullshit that Rolling Stone and Spin pimp for the monopolies hold little interest to me, I’m still wishing somebody new would come along who can write real songs with real heart and not just more assemblyline muppet with producers and song doctors pulling ther strings from behind the scenes. I still care about real rocknroll although as damaged as I’ve become from being browbeaten these past 25 years by the same bullshit n lies for power media juggernauts you have, I find it harder to write my own songs from a fresh perspective and not that many people I know are even into muisc at all anymore, not like they are into Amazon products or pro war media propaganda brainwashing, it’s kinda been wiped out by the unboxers and influencers and youtubers and gotime selfie takers and virtue signaling, safespace conditioned, identity politricks, shitlib Kopmala worshippers. My sincere endeavor is to jump off the internet column social commentary habit and dive deeper into the collaborating on music with people eye to eye sooner than later, but it is hard in the antisocial age they’ve manufactured to really get the timing right so I can convene with collaborators in real time without triggering any homeschooled family members. Bono is probably the worst sellout ever, you can’t call Obama a sellout cause he was never a real community orgnizer or constitutional scholar to begin with, he was always a marketing tool, a frontman with no real love for freedom or human rights, a Cheney rebrand Nike Swoosh Kissinger product.

Aaron Maté on Twitter: “.@GeorgeMonbiot — left-puncher against Corbyn/Assange; apologist for the NATO proxy wars in Syria and Ukraine — declares that Russell Brand, Glenn Greenwald, and also the legendary Pilger, Fisk (RIP), and Hersh have all changed for the worse, not him.” / Twitter

“How much of a clearer admission could he provide that he is part of the security establishment?” (Gordon Cook on George Monbiot but it could just as easily describe Bono, Maddow, Letterman, Ellen, etc.)

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “Only certain nations have the right to territorial integrity and Syria ain’t one of them. And who determines that? International law? Of course not – the United States of America operating outside of the law. And what do you call someone who acts outside the law? An outlaw!” / Twitter

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “Its not working U.S. The misinformation campaign pretending some group of Ukrainians had the technical ability & capacity to blow up Nord Stream is being seen as a desperate & clumsy attempt to deflect attention away from the U.S. No one is buying it.” / Twitter

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “The U.S. Congress reminded all of the colonial relationship of the residents of D.C. to the settler colonial state. From D.C. to Cali, the role of the police as the frontline for protecting the state will be highlighted tomorrow with the day of action against police terror.” / Twitter

Jeffery Denton on Twitter: “@ajamubaraka 🙄” / Twitter

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “Finally. It has been an obscene spectacle watching how this actor has been used to normalize war & criminalize calls for negotiations & peace.” / Twitter

End Perpetual War-fascism is bad, m’kay? on Twitter: “@ajamubaraka @SouthernGal918 The dude is visibly more coked out than Don Jr and everyone just pretends the emperor has clothes on” / Twitter


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