“The places where we used to be have turned to haunting memories…” (-Nights Are So Long)

“The true propaganda is the United States Gov’t saying they care about Freedom, Democracy, Autonomy or Human rights. America loved Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. so much that the FBI tapped his phone, spied on him and the US Gov’t was found in a civil trial to have been involved in the conspiracy to murder him. No better spokesperson for Martin Luther King Day than Pres. Joe Biden, the man most responsible for the mass incarceration of Black people that got caught in a Black Church in South Carolina telling the same old lie about being part of the Civil Rights movement while campaigning.” (-Black In The Empire)

“The evils of racism, economic exploitation and militarism are all tied together. And you can’t get rid of one without getting rid of the other.” (- Martin Luther King)

“It’s easy enough to shout slogans, to sign manifestos, but it is quite a different matter to build, manage, command, spend days and nights seeking the solution of problems.” (-Patrice Lumumba)

“The Negro’s great stumbling block in his stride toward freedom is not the White Citizen’s Counciler or the Ku Klux Klanner, but the white moderate, who is more devoted to ‘order’ than to justice” (- MLK)

“I like to play “school or prison”. a game where you look at pictures of schools and prisons and try to guess which ones are schools and which ones are prisons” (-Bill Wurtz)

‘They’re Trying to George Floyd Me’: Teacher and Cousin of Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Killed by LAPD ( kkkops kill about six of us a day, they were vastly undercounting it, and it turns out it was nearly double what pig media kept telling it it was.

New Study: Cops Shoot More People Than You Thought – Lee Camp

Martin Luther King Jr. the Lost Speech – The Casualties of the Vietnam War – YouTube

MUST READ: Embrace MLK, Reject Barack Obama. Why Leftists Need to Challenge the Scourge of Black Neoliberalism (

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Anya Parampil on Twitter: “Tonight on @TuckerCarlson Coretta Scott King’s cousin said MLK was “assassinated by the US gov’t” bc he shifted from discussing “racial bigotry to class & the war in Vietnam” Tucker said while he doesn’t know who killed MLK, it’s “very obvious” James Earl Ray did not act alone” / Twitter

Useful Idiots on Twitter: “”The Democratic Party has no conception of ethics.” @ShahidForChange on the body of insider-trading millionaires that pretends to care about the working class @kthalps @aaronjmate Full interview:” / Twitter

My weight class is Karen (@InsightTweeting) / Twitter

Layah Heilpern on Twitter: “Billionaires aren’t fighting over race, gender and sexuality. These issues are designed to keep you distracted and poor.” / Twitter

Radical Books Collective on Twitter: “Patrice Lumumba was assassinated 55 years ago today. He was 36. His electrifying speech on the day of Congo’s independence did not pander to Belgium but spoke of its violence, racism, apartheid, and saluted all those who fought for freedom full vid:” / Twitter

Friendly Neighborhood Comrade on Twitter: “On this day in 1961, Patrice Lumumba, the first democratically elected leader of the Congo, was assassinated by US and Belgium-backed mercenaries. His execution by firing squad followed a US/Belgium-backed coup, which had removed him from power after just a few months in office.” / Twitter

Free Jessica Reznicek on Twitter: “On #MLKDay in 2017 Jess & water protectors followed in the spirit of #MLK in the city where he was murdered w/ civil disobedience to block the Valero Oil Refinery in protest of the Diamond Pipeline. This MLK day she sits in prison serving 8 yrs for her NVCD against the DAPL. 🧵” / Twitter

Martin Sostre Institute on Twitter: “Two years after King’s murder, Martin Sostre wrote “Martin Luther King was a Lawbreaker” from prison, emphasizing his disobediance and criticizing the sanitation of his legacy. Last year, we reissued it, featuring an introduction by @AustinMcCoy3.” / Twitter

AWKWORD on Twitter: “Today I turned 41 Cops have killed 1158+ people since I turned 40 3+ per day And 1.5% of the killers have been charged. Jayland Walker was 25 Donnell Rochester was 18 Amir Locke was 20 Ma’khia Bryant was 16 Daunte Wright was 20 Fanta Bility was 8” / Twitter

Revolutionary Blackout | Substack

The Moody Blues – I Know You’re Out There Somewhere – YouTube


He put out his Elvis tribute LP quite awhile back and it sounded just like you imagine. Now he’s doing some shows but sez he’s 67 and done touring so this might be your last chance to see Danzig… cover Elvis. I personally happen to enjoy some Danzig, if only the boppier, campier, fun filled horror biz singalong catchy Misfits punk and that first awesome, raunchy, Doorsy, Cult like DANZIG record. Danzig and Misfits and Samhain all still do a brisk business at the record store in the town I got kicked outta three high schools in. I’m not sayin’ it’s all cause I got that shopkeep and so many of the local kids in the thrash bands and punk types into the Misfits back when we were record store co workers, or when the still popular local band celebs came to see our eighties teenager from Mars Cramps and Deadboys tribute band, because most all the yeehaw hicks first got into ’em via Metallica, right? But I gotta admit I sincerely still enjoy a lotta his work, even if we have very different poltical point of views, that has never been a requirement of mine to appreciating somebody’s music. I mean aside from Bono. Fuck that guy. Waxl was a big disappointment too, but he came out just today to say he knew Lisa Marie Presely and considered her a friend and had a lotta love for her, that kinda softened me a bit towards Waxl. When my grandfather died, as she was falling asleep at night and missing him, my grandmother used to love that Orbison and friends VHS concert and Orbison and Elvis were deep parts of my childhood. That song Danzig wrote for Orbison on that “Less Than Zero” soundtrack gets regular rotation over in my glam cave. 

Danzig “Always On My Mind” (Official Art Track Video) – YouTube

Danzig “One Night” – YouTube

Danzig ” Is It So Strange” (Official Art Track Video) – YouTube

Danzig announces ‘Danzig Sings Elvis’ show |


Danzig Sings Elvis at The Montalban (

Lisa Marie Presley’s children Riley Keough and 14-year-old twins will inherit Elvis Presley’s Graceland estate following her death (


Yo, it’s gotten fucking beyond weird, hasn’t it? TEN DOLLARS for eggs. The carbonated water I started drining about five or six years ago instead of beer is like six bucks a twelve pack now-it used to be less than three. The apartment we lived in for about seven years in the last town has gone from $600 a month which we struggled to pay as low wage earnrs back then, to $1200 a month, like what the fucking motherfucker fuck? Am I the only one sick of reading what Elon Musk who inherited his money from his diamond mining parents in apartheid era South Africa has to say about housing bubbles, or any of his daily headline bullshit fake savior culture war distractions? I fuckin’ miss the Clash so much. I don’t wanna know what the rich are saying, I don’t wanna go where the rich are going, etc., etc. man am I ever sick of all this fawning love for paidoff politicians and evil rich people. So today my kid has school at an alternative learning spot but it’s with a lotta troubled teens and court mandated older kids so his mom goes with him. We used to have a routine where we would shop all these little mom n pop junk stores for my wife’s online reselling opeartion, but I’ll tell you what happened with that. Covid closures killed all those stores. We used to run a thrift store and art gallery in my hometown but Mitch McConell and the gay mayor pushed us out and also the Mission that served as a soup kitchen to the poor. They just did not want any poor people living in their touristy downtown. They’d rather three fourths of those buildings sit empty than house any poor people and they said the soup kitchen was “attracting the homeless”. So that’s happening here, too but it was the clampdowns that killed almost all the local indies for good here. So when shit opened back up, some rich retirees started filling ten carts a day at the Goodwill for their highprice gouger boutiques, until the manager put a  three cart limit on it, and those old bats sell the free donations shit for like hipster boutique top Etsy dollar prices on the main drag where they own property near the tourist trap. The one little store in town I totally loved when bankrupt and the lady closed the doors and I never saw her again. I think she left town. We used to buy records and action figures from her and she wan’t trying to rob us. There is a junk store on the edge of town that’s some ancient oldman’s household and garage old shit and some ridiculously marked up comic books he wants hundreds for, even though they’re all in shit condition, he thinks it’s Comic-Con, and I don’t think he’s acquired anything new for his shop in the past five years but probably not for way longer. So even the last remaining cheapass second hand store is also ballsout gouging now, just can’t help themsleves, like, everybody’s gouging, everybody’s doing it, it’s infected every middleclass motherfucker who’s still running shit-evn so called non profits, so even these people who don’t have to gouge just gouge their ass off now. That was the only place I ever went besides super inflated, took us all hostage, Wal fuckin Mart. There used to be a nice, affordable thrift store at the senior center. It closed cause Covid, stayed closed. My old lady’s got me rationing my coffee and carbonated water intake, I quit smoking like two years ago, but still crave ’em like crazy. What are they? $15 a pack now? I really mostly jones for ’em when I’m under stress, which is like all the time. I’m a caregiver to a family member with a disability which is why I can relate so first hand personally to Johnny Rotten, who is taking care of his longtime love, Nora who is becoming more impaired. I know what it’s like, having family members freaking out and like, yelling crazy shit in public. I’m sick to death of this computer, same old hypno-shit lies, day in and day out, but I got nowhere to go. Sometimes, I’ll blast an old Adam & The Ants tape in the garage, walk in circles around the yard, fret about my adult kid’s welfare and well being, flick through all that horror movie bullshit on Netflix, write two lines down in a notebook about how I miss the old world and the old new wave, and end up right back here in front of the fucking computer again. I dunno who is crazier-me who knows I’m crazy, I’ve always been crazy, or all the fucking deluded bliss bubble ego trip ninnies who still watch MSNBC and own shit and have fine arts degrees from the posh university and wanna behavior modify me into fauxwoke Blue Maga compliance.

“EARTH TO PROPAGANDIZED AMERICANS: Sending billions of dollars of weapons to a war-zone does NOT bring “peace or democracy.” It escalates the conflict, prolongs the war & makes the weapons manufacturers richer. If you want peace in the world you have to OPPOSE WAR, not fund it.” (-Ryan Knight)

“MLK was an anti-war socialist.

Joe Biden is a pro-war capitalist. Biden is the antithesis of everything MLK believed in and should be shamed for even uttering his name. This mfer talks about continuing MLK’s legacy like he isn’t a servant of the very forces of corporate theft and militarism that MLK opposed.” (-Danny Haiphong)

As the billionaires land their private jets at Davos, turn off your gas stove and inflate your car tires fully to lower your carbon footprint..” (-Garland Nixon)

“Don’t expect Dem loyalists to care. If they did, Biden wouldn’t have even been their nomine” (-Rebecca Bitton)

“Democrats are the official war party. The Republicans are the unofficial war party. Choose Russia or China as your enemy when u vote. They’re both dangerous and care more about profits then people.” (-Michael Lawson)

Garland Nixon on Twitter: “Hmm, I wonder if the FBI is meeting with social media companies with a plan to “address this threat.” Kentucky Dem Suggests Biden Be Impeached for War Crimes in Ukraine –″ / Twitter” 

Aaron Maté on Twitter: “” / Twitter

How Ukraine’s Finance Chief Got Rich (

K.L on Twitter: “TIKTOK is a huge threat to the U.S.” / Twitter blame it on China…or Russia

the alex and awkword show COMING SOON! on Twitter: ““A riot is the language of the unheard” – Dr. King, 1967 “Riots work” – Mr. Mingus, 2022” / Twitter

Max Frost is The New Establishment Tool To TRICK Young People | Premieres at 11am ET / 8am PT (

Write Brain TV on Twitter: “In honor of @UnholyRom3’s bday, here’s a raw snippet of an unreleased interview coming soon. Rome takes us to the legendary diner Coney Island in Detroit to discuss many things, including community policing & trans rights. Screening for Death To America is 2/3. @RevBlackNetwork” / Twitter


“This hotel does not belong to America… There are no vacuum cleaners, no rules, and shame.” (-Arhur Miller)

The secret societies and billionaire one world government plotters have been waging open class war on us serfs and dishwashers since at least the nineties. I got to run around and play all day and night in NYC in the eighties and I will always be grateful to the cool older people who took me to museums and nightclubs and after hours parties and gave me the keys to their apartments or paid for me  to stay in shabby hotel rooms so when it got too cold or I needed a bath, I had a place to nap and eat some Ramen or peanut butter, and I remember it was around the time of Giluliani, that’s when I started seeing the big change for the worse was a coming, when he shut down all the lively after hours joints we loved, and closed down the big nightclubs with some archaic no dancing blue laws or some shit, then he sent all his gestapo cops down to Tompkins Square Park with night sticks to beat up all the immigrants, runaways, junkies, and homeless people. Whoo-wee, that was all some fucked up shit and even Joe Strummer was sayin’ somebody oughta run for mayor against him with the platform of putting the soul back into the melting pot. Man, I remember back then, when Joey Ramone and Little Steven were talking about the importance of the airwaves, of having a platform, a place where different ideas could be heard besides the ever merging, capitalist billionaire, monopoly agendas. They were right about all that, but back then, there were still anti war songs on MTV, there was still a “Village Voice” and a CBGB’s and a Chelsea Hotel for libertines, beat travelers, aging essayists, and fanzine writers to retreat to. It was not that long really after Warhol died, that I started really noticing the Lower East Side changing, they were wiping off all the graffiti and putting kkkops on every corner, raising rents, Disneyfying Times Square, NYU was buying up all the apartment buildings, and even record stores and boutiques and institutions we thought were immortal got shut down by the fuzz without much fuss. ENZS moved offa Saint Mark’s Place. That’s where I used to buy my silver goth jewelry, skull bandannas, velvet hats and punk rock belts.That was also when I started noticing summa my friends with like, the high paying computer jobs, were becoming conspicuously more selfish and less humane, bitching TO ME about poor people, I was like, “are you kidding me, man”? What do you MEAN “they” are “like pigeons”? You talkin’ to me?? Imagine if you were black, and some mf was bitching about “the blacks”, or if you are Jewish and they were complaining not about the Israeli government but about, “the Jews”, you’d take that kinda personal, wouldn’t you? That’s exactly how I felt, observing all my former friends and girlfriends co signing the class patrols coming into our old melting pot neighborhoods and physically using the kkkops to push all the poor people out, permanently. We’d all see kkkops beating people up for like petty nothing, bullshit non crimes, and the gotmines were all shrugging like they “shoulda had” a trust fund or high paying computer job, if they didn’t wanna get beaten by the gestapo. Pig-media started promoting shit like Tom Cruise yelling, “Show me the money” and Michael Douglas insisting that “Greed Is Good”. I worked for some gay yuppies and they’d echo that kindof bullshit programming all day long with big smirks, even floating the idea of putting, “There Is Nothing Wrong With Wanting More” into their company Christmas card. Some girls I know couldn’t come straight out exactly and admit upfront they were just gonna ditch my slinky vagabond self in the hopes of wrangling a richkid whose mom had a big mansion they’d set their sights on, but that became the common trend. Dudes I’d known since we were young kid together, once they made their leap into the got mine money world, we never saw or heard from them again. I did my part and tried to keep in touch with all the people I felt a common bond with but most all of ’em got initiated into that greed is good culture, they did not even like the idea of me ever visiting them because they were afraid I’d embarrass them somehow in front of their posh bandmates or fancy wives, or they were worried I was gonna bum too many cigarettes, or run up their phonebill like I might have done in 1983. I started to see that many of these middle class people who’d inherited property or married into wealth did not really identify as poor or working class, they were all looking up, and only wanting to even socialize with people they could use for like job connections, or media access, or nightclub owners who could book their band, or hire them on to do some easy job. I was not trying to change to become more like the backstab culture people on the hill, ya know nobody remembers that old John Lennon song, “Working Class Hero”, or any old John Lennon songs really anymore, but I do. I did not change my values or identity to be more like the characters on “Friends” or “90210′ or after 9/11 or to make my co workers feel good while they bragged about how smart they were for trusting the big pharma sponsored war machine “news” rather than, you know, FOX or whatever their shitlib higher ups had decided to brand as “fake news”, which ended up even including people like Maragret Kimberly and Abby Martin and Glenn Greenwald. I never climbed aboard the pro war choo choo train, not even when Duran Duran or Chrissie Hynde were performing Concerts For Ukraine. I’m always gonna be against the imperialist oil plundering oligarchy. Never gonna entirely trust the corporate media. Shitlibs still think the Big 5 corporate media with all the spies and generals and millionaires and virus patent owners and private prison shareholders and weapon makers is a FREE PRESS. Main difference between me and most of my dayjob having middle class friends is I know the kkkops work for the property owning rich people, and are there to fuck up the poor, whereas my middle class friends still like all those hokey, honky feelgood fifties Norman Rockwell/Happy Days fantasies about how the SquadTM are much different from Trump even though they keep voting for the same bullshit wars and more kkkops and no child income credit, and a few comfy wishful thinkers still believe that NPR aint funded by Rockefellers, or that Bernie Sanders cares about poor people, or Gropey Joe Biden and mass incarcerating Kamala Harris, care at all about human rights, and I just don’t believe any of that bullshit, anymore. 

   There are still those of us who cling to the old ways and the old days and cherish places like the 400 rooms of the mythical, mystical Chelsea Hotel with it’s rich and spooky history as a bohemian haven for drinkers and artists and writers like Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe, Mark Twain, Dylan Thomas, Jobriath, Oscar Wilde, Dee Dee, Leonard Cohen, Janis Joplin, Quintin Crisp, the Beat poets Burroughs, Kerouac, Corso and Gisnberg, Sam Shepard the playwright, Tennessee Williams, Arthur Miller aching over Marilyn, Warhol, Frida Kahlo, Madonna, Arthur Miller. All the punks I grew up with all stop there to look for the room where Sid was said to have killed Nancy but others who were there at the time think it was actually Rockets Redglare who was bragging about it and flashing Sid N Nancy’s money, but that room aint even there no more. The guy who wrote “2001 A Space Odyssey” did so at the Chelsea. A who’s who of  artistic  geniuses stayed there for significant stints of time-Jimi Hendrix, Iggy Pop, Joni Mitchell, Blondie, Thomas Wolfe, glam icon Jobriath lived in a crazy pyramid on the roof where he supposedly turned tricks and reinvented himslf as a supper club serenader until he died there from AIDS. In the fifties, Stanley Bard took over the desk and invited many eccentrics and bohemians to stay in a commune like work for rent type exchange, like he’d accept paintings as rent, that kinda thing, Nico, Edie, Robert Mapplethorpe all lived there, but the ominous prescence of scuzzy first floor drifters and junkies and hookers and cash upfront street people like John Spacely and Rockets Redglare was never likely to change just because some famous old writers and former dancers took rooms in the old landmark. Towards the end of it’s glory days, wild eyed glittery ex show biz people were still having impromptu drunken jams in the rooms, naked models are still posing for male wire sculptors, bent old crone’s were still dancing slowly through it’s hallways. Male painters were still hitting on younger women with old poetry. This movie’s like a moody, impressionistic, sleepy film school elegy to the gentrifying place’s legendary history with a particular attention paid to the sad struggle of the last elderly holdouts and stragglers who they were trying to wait out, or pay off, while they renovated the place in the usual attempty to gentrify it into an overpriced boutique joint, rather than a rundown libertine squat hovel with trees, birdcages and a kooky pyramid apartment on the roof.

  Of course, everybody thinks the place is haunted except for one rich deluded, piano playing dillentante who still dresses up in ballroom gowns for dinner and dismisses any theories about places holding energy as “Alice In Wonderland” bunk. I like the magic of the once seemy place, the topic, could watch many more hours on this history, but really, it is a sad heartbreaking swan song to a deteriorating building but also to a vanishing way of life. The upmarket billionaire real estate holders have been methoidically erasing all memory of a sixties counterculture, or real D.I.Y. bohemian neighborhood accessible to the proles with any affordable housing that made a punk movement possible in the seventies and eighties. They want us workers confined to our tiny cells where their deep state spooks and AI programs can observe all our habits online and they keep us too tired and worried about paying for groceries, gas and heat, and fretful about the ever mutating new plague of the week and emotionally overtaxed by divide n conquer partisan ping pong medi,a to concentrate our energies on building any real people’s organizations, at a grassroots level, or elevating and promoting our art beyond the social platforms. Whenever common people start hiding out and working together, dropping out of deafult unreality, and helping each other, becoming organized and effective at addressing the real needs of our neighbors, the oligarchs always send in their agent provocateurs and compromised snitches to Cointelpro and disrupt anybody trying to provide tents, gloves, sleeping bags, or grilled cheese and hot soup to people in the park. They locked down most all the public restrooms, took away all the public phones. Unremorseful money worshipping greedhead landlords drove out CBGB’S, Trash & Vaudeville, Sounds, Gem Spa, See/Hear. Even fucking Tower Records is gone now. In Boston, the screws turned the fucking Rat in Kenmore Square into an overpriced boutique hotel where you can pay $300 to stay in a tiny room with a photo of the Mighty, Mighty Bosstones on the wall. I don’t even think that rich designer Varvatos stayed at the CBGB’s location for long, once somebody turned that brand into an airport concept restraurant. I’m not positive, but I think he moved out of the Bowery, too. Like I said, I can’t even afford to set foot in manhattan no more. We’ve looked for my old pad at 18 Rivington Street on Trulia and Zillow but I don’t recognize anything in the pictures. I am one of the ghostly diehard remnants of another time, another tradition. There are those who always wanna get rid of “the old eyesores” and “fleabag tourist attractions”, “clean up the neighborhood” aint referring to pickin’ up litter discarded by uncaring yuppies, it actually just means push out all the poor people, so more of their elitist rich whitey McWhitebread friends can all be safespace celebrities together. I do not get along with those kinda people. Are they winning? I dunno, maybe, but it seems pretty likely they’re gonna be dead soon, too, and all they did with their lives was step on people, so they could gloat at grownup gotmine, class reunion show n tell. Not much of a legacy, if you ask me. I like all those intoxicated, undiscovered, mad painter elderly artists they always wanna drive out. Yuppies, greedheads, class patrols, and bloodsucking landlords are not cool at all. Never were, never will be, not even with a rainbow flag, not even with a leather jacket or kenta cloth or “Black Lives” bumper sticker. When I lived on Rivington, the walls all screamed, “DIE YUPPIE SCUM!”

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“This #MLKDay please remember that in 1999 in the only trial ever held concerning MLK’s assassination, a jury heard from 70 witnesses & found that MLK Jr. was murdered by government agencies, not James Earl Ray.” (-Lee Camp)

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Compton Jay on Twitter: “TX GOP Rep. Kay Granger, who co-founded the Joint Strike Fighter Caucus in 2011 to fend off budget cuts to Lockheed Martin’s F-35 weapons system, is the new chair of the committee that doles out hundreds of billions of dollars to fund defense contracts” / Twitter

“What would #MLKDay be without his murderers celebrating the man they spent years trying to break down mentally, emotionally and physically?” (-Eleanor Goldfield)

Medea Benjamin on Twitter: “Join us Jan 15 Reimagining MLKing’s Vision – The Fierce Urgency of Now, featuring Medea Benjamin, Ash-Lee Henderson, Tiffany Loftin, Rev. Liz Theoharis, and Luis Rodriguez! Say no to war, poverty, racism, yes to peace, justice and love.” / Twitter

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International Peoples’ Assembly on Twitter: “Today, we remember the life and legacy of the iconic Patrice Lumumba, a Congolese revolutionary, independence leader and the first democratically elected prime minister of the Congo. Long Live Lumumba! 🚩✊🏿 #January17th #PatriceLumumba #PanAfricanism” / Twitter

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Aaron Maté on Twitter: “It’s pretty easy to see what motivated Russiagate fraudsters like this guy: sabotage any possibility of US diplomacy with Russia, and consolidate the gains of the 2014 Maidan coup. And pick up a nice paycheck in the process.” / Twitter

Our Migration to Rumble and Locals – Glenn Greenwald (

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “The idea that only the most marginalized and wackiest liberals embraced the deranged conspiracy theory that Russia had taken over the United States through blackmail is patently false. It was the single most dominant theme of US media/politics for years:” / Twitter

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “This is what Dems and their media allies have done for 5 years. Each time another plank of their Russiagate mania gets debunked, they say: “oh, that was never an important part to us.” But if you go back and look at what they said, it’s always the case that they were hyping it:” / Twitter

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “It’d been openly stated in Washington for two decades – ever since Clinton and Bush wanted to expand NATO eastward to Ukraine – that doing so would provoke a civil war and even a war with Russia, yet (or “thus”) the US did that. @BMarchetich reviews the WL files proving this:” / Twitter

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“The DOJ just confirmed a new stash of classified documents has been found in Biden’s garage & that Merrick Garland has appointed a special counsel to investigate Biden. It’s a full circle moment for Democrats who’ve gone from hating Trump to electing someone who is just like him!” (-Ryan Knight)

Unholy on Twitter: “The Squad •Funded ICE •Isreal •Nazis in Ukraine •The Police •The CIA •Voted for Trump “defense”bills. •The CARES act •Stripped striking right from workers •Sat and watched a million people people during the pandemic and barely said anything about UHC. GREAT JOB!” / Twitter

Sabby Sabs on Twitter: “Imagine if we had a class war protests like this in the US. Notice msm for the most part, is ignoring inflation protests. They don’t want us to get any ideas.” / Twitter

Briahna Joy Gray on Twitter: “This is entirely consistent with Joe Biden’s entire political history with respect to race.” / Twitter

“When Daniel Ellsberg gave the Pentagon Papers to the NYT, how did they know he didn’t omit things? They didn’t. But they knew that what he provided, standing alone, was newsworthy. Same with Snowden, the Brazil Archive, WikiLeaks, or when NYT/CNN report what CIA tell them to say.” (-Glenn Greenwald)

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “For @SystemUpdate_, we interviewed 4, maybe 5, journalists, who reported #TwitterFiles. They all said the same: nobody from Twitter paid them; there were no restrictions on what they could say or report; nothing compromised their editorial independence.” / Twitter


I first heard “No More” on a cassette tape of the still unreleased Stiv Bators record a coll dude from Arizona sent to me when I was in my early twenties. I thought it was one of the best songs I’d ever heard and then ya know eventually the Hangmen did their version of the tune, actually called, “I Will Stay”, and now ya know you got Michael doing  a version with the original band that done it first the Hurriganes. Still such a hauntingly beautiful song and I remember many moments of intense like this, what the tune’s about. Love and devotion, we don’t see much of those things in these darkening dystopian days, but I still believe in that stuff. The Hurriganes were a Finnish band from the seventies that were in the same rockin’ spirit as Flamin’ Groovies, and Dr. Feelgood and Eddie & The Hot Rods, who probably influenced Hanoi Rocks and Smack a bit. Their classic line-up consisted of Remu Aaltonen Albert Jarvinen and Cisse Häkkinen, two of those guys died and drummer vocalist Remu hadda take the band through the usual lineup changes over the years, they appeared in a movie and had some more success in the new wave era when people like the Stray Cats, Robert Gordon and Link Wray, and Dave Edmunds were leading a bit of an international rockabilly revival. I think they’re rad and have the same real untamed get down spirit of the classic rocknroll originators from Little Richard and Chuck Berry to the MC5, really, check ’em out.

Remu & Hurriganes: I Will Stay feat. Michael Monroe – YouTube

Remu & Hurriganes: GET ON feat. Michael Monroe – YouTube

Hurriganes – Crazy Days – YouTube

Hurriganes – Tallahassee lassie (Live!) – YouTube

Hurriganes Tukholmassa Live 1979 – YouTube

Hurriganes – I Will Stay – YouTube

Hurriganes – My Only One – YouTube

Hurriganes – It ain’t what you do – YouTube

Hurriganes – Bourbon Street [Live] – YouTube

Hurriganes – Chinatown – (Live) – YouTube


All these creepy Epstein Island affiliated billionaire elites like Gate, Bezos, Musk,and Dershowitz really do feel entitled to tell you what to do with your life and punish you for your disobedience to their authoritarian rollouts, depopulation agendas, panopticon surveillance and secret cults. They are real life James Bond villains, Dr. Evils. Lex Luthor megalomaniacs.

Economic woes, war, climate change on tap for Davos meeting (

How the Davos elite took back control – UnHerd

‘God Complex’: Schwab Will Run WEF Like a Pope Until Death: Claims (

The Elite’s Obsession with Achieving Total Financial Control – Activist Post

This year’s WEF special police badge. – Vigilant Links

I told you about her a long time ago. Klaus Scwab future fascist Sinema High-Fives Manchin Over Filibuster Support While ‘Schmoozing With CEOs’ at Davos (

DARK OCCULT ART: Boston’s New MLK Statue Is An Obscenity, By Design – Vigilant Links

The History of Socialism on Twitter: “Independence leader and first Prime Minister of the Republic of the Congo, Patrice Lumumba was murdered on Jan. 17, 1961. The CIA and Belgian colonial forces were active in Lumumba’s overthrow, capture, torture and execution by firing squad. #OTD #Decolonize #Congo #Africa” / Twitter

Declassified UK on Twitter: “⚠️ 62 years ago, on 17 January 1961, Patrice Lumumba, Congo’s first democratically elected prime minister, was captured, tortured and assassinated. MI6 conspired with the CIA to overthrow him. Did it help assassinate him?” / Twitter

Revealed: Documents Show Bill Gates Has Given $319 Million to Media Outlets (

Hello shitlibs, honestly ask yourself this morning, why dya think your fraud squad superstar celebrities refused to investigate the obvious Cointelpro FBI ties to dumb Maga psy op and instead superfunded the police state some more? More Austerity Means More Protests in 2023 (

Kucinich Says Call for Diplomacy to End Ukraine-Russia War Must be Heard; Silencing of Congressional Progressive Caucus Casts Dems as the “War Party” – Dandelion Salad (

New Report Charges Major Corporations as Complicit in Israel’s Water Apartheid (

Rokfin | The best way to monetize your content

Ben Norton on Twitter: “The Financial Times says the quiet part loud: “Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has precipitated a global energy crisis — and the US has been among the biggest beneficiaries” US exports of oil & gas “have soared”. US tankers are a sign of “geopolitical power”” / Twitter

Ben Norton on Twitter: “Newsweek published an article in 1981 titled “A Plan to Overthrow Kaddafi”. It was a CIA blueprint to destabilize Libya’s government: 1) disinformation 2) parallel opposition government 3) paramilitary terrorism The US did exactly this in Libya, Syria, Venezuela, Nicaragua, etc.” / Twitter

The U.S. is Already Preparing for the Next War (

not the real marina oswald on Twitter: “in april 1999 when the pinochet was detained in the UK and spain had charged him with genocide, former president george h.w. bush sent the dictator a letter, calling the proceedings “a travesty of justice,” and pleading for his immediate release” / Twitter

Those Classified Documents Were PLANTED | Blue MAGA Nonsense on Full Display | Premieres at 12PM ET / 9AM PT (

CNN: Ukraine Has Become a ‘Weapons Lab’ for Western Arms – News From

Biden LIES About Attending Black Church EVERY DAY! – YouTube

“It wasn’t just the FBI.

US Army Special Forces and military intelligence agents had MLK under intense surveillance right up until the day he was assassinated. The kneeling man in this photo, Marrell McCollough, was a police infiltrator who later joined the CIA.” (-Seth Harp)

Microsoft AI Can Impersonate Your Voice With Just 3 Seconds Of Audio – GreatGameIndia

Is the CDC Lying? 130 People had Strokes, but “Nobody Died”. How is That Possible? (

There’s Something Terribly Wrong With Gorsad Kyiv and it’s Worse than Balenciaga | The Vigilant Citizen

Ben Norton on Twitter: “At her trial in 2002, Ana Belén Montes said: “I obeyed my conscience rather than the law… giving [Cuba] classified info to help it defend itself” “Our government’s policy towards Cuba is cruel… I felt morally obligated to help the island defend itself”″ / Twitter

Ben Norton on Twitter: ““Who in the last 60 years has asked the Cuban people if they want the United States to impose a suffocating embargo on them that makes them suffer?” Ana Belén Montes asked after being released from 20 years in US prison” / Twitter

Majed on Twitter: “The grandson of the universal icon of freedom Nelson Mandela “Madiba”, during his visit to Algeria, sends a powerful message relayed by the entire stadium: Free Free Palestine!” / Twitter


John Lydon reveals his wife screams ‘he’s trying to murder me’ in public amid Alzheimer’s battle | The Sun


CREEM Magazine

I’ve been sayin it for a long time! Is Bad Music Bad for Your Health? (

Stars Cars: Alison Mosshart (


This is my kinda downtown NYC rocknroll. I was never really into D-Generation or the Strokes. I guess I did like one or two songs by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

The NEON LEON BAND on Paul Tschinkel’s Inner-Tube, 1979 – YouTube

Neon Leon – Rock N Roll Is Alive (Original Vinyl-EP-Version) – YouTube

JOHNNY THUNDERS & the Cosa Nostra on Paul Tschinkel’s Inner-Tube – YouTube

Neon Leon – Like A Criminal (vinyl ripp) – YouTube


Neon leon king lion & Manuell Hey little sister – YouTube

The Senders 1979 Little Rocker/Just Don’t – YouTube

Neon Leon Fast Track to Hell: A Psychedelic Glam Punk Rock and Roll Story by Leon Matthews (

Download Neon Leon And The Bondage Babies – Girls, Guns And Money (


Spotify – The Dark Clouds

Spotify – Educated Heathen

Spotify – After the Sun

As We Fall – YouTube

Prophets Of Addiction – Hollywood – YouTube

Prophets of Addiction – Spare the Bullets – YouTube

Prophets Of Addiction – Last of the Words – YouTube

Welcome to the Show – YouTube

MLK Day Should Be About Continuing Dr. King’s Radical Project (

Corporate Democrats Go to Bat for Bloated Pentagon Budget (

700,000 Sign ‘Cease and Desist’ Letter to Fossil Fuel CEOs at Davos (

Jonesy’s Jukebox (

with full Biden USA support The Peruvian Government Is Massacring Protesters (

‘Every Billionaire Is a Policy Failure,’ Says Oxfam as Global Elite Gather in Davos (

Over a Hundred Thousand Israelis Protest Netanyahu Government (

The Rich’s Search for the Key to Immortality Is Harmful to the Rest of Us (

Biden Used Classified Documents Accusation Against Carter CIA Nominee (

Ten Inconvenient Truths about Ukraine Largely Ignored by the MSM – Activist Post

AWKWORD on Twitter: “I have a dream that everybody who would’ve sold MLK out to the Feds in the 1960s keeps his name out their mouth today (and every day)” / Twitter


Tombstone gray overcast morning here, half my last column just vanished into the cyber ether-was probably too long for email. I think I lost my short lil Cherie Currie review. I must be getting old cause I misplace shit all the time, like I spend half my day looking for shit now. My keys, a channel changer, anything like that-a lyric notebook. Called the kids but they did not call me back, that’s always a bummer, got back in touch with a long lost friend after many years and he suddenly vanished again. It is a weird little time in history to be alive here. Most everything I see in pig media seems like WEF/WHO/Davos/Gates Reset misinformation and pro war propaganda, so that’s a drag. People keep trying to convince me that Billie Eyelish and Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus and Harry Styles are really good. I just can’t seem to shake the getting old sucks winter time blues. I hate tv. I click through all those shows on Hulu and Netflix always searching for some decent music related shows but they all cost money we aint got, and I am sick to death of gnarly splatter shit, and glamorizing royals. Been reading the Andy McCoy book, it’s good, but parts of it are sad, and I learned a lot of stuff I did not know about the history of the band. Andy advises younger songwriters to never sell their publishing! I am still shocked by how much those guys seemed to blame the breakup on Rene Berg. Andy did not like Adler much, either. I still do, though!

“The US Gov’t gives billions of dollars a year to an apartheid State, weapons to a country committing a genocide, illegally occupies a country and steals their oil, and has knowingly been arming and training Nazi battalions for years

They are doing all this with our money.” (-Black In The Empire)


Pins/buttons of My EP – Etsy

My weight class is Karen on Twitter: “When you feel super strongly about something, ask if you’re being propagandized.” / Twitter

Stop the War Call A National Demonstration for ‘Peace Talks Now’ in Ukraine | Common Dreams

Why MLK Holiday Pisses Off Black Men – YouTube

I think they are gonna install a Gitmo President. “I was screaming and he was smiling”: DeSantis ran Guantanamo torture | MR Online

BOMBSHELL: DeSantis Oversaw TORTURE At Guantanamo Bay | The Kyle Kulinski Show – YouTube

’21 Years Is 21 Too Many’: 150+ Groups Urge Biden to Close Guantánamo ( Why not shitlibs all make excuses for Crimebill/Patriot Act/Strom Thurmond eulogizing, Anita Hill attacking, Tara Reade fondling, Gropey Joe. Hold on to your hats, brothers and sisters and friends of the revolution.