“There’s nothing more moral, or more virtuous, than an oppressed people fighting to be free. I can think of no higher morality. I can think of no higher virtue.” (-Chairman Omali Yeshitela)

“The speech of Hakeem Jeffries – whenever an “American” official, any official talks about defending “American” values, the colonized should make sure they are in reach of their weapons of resistance because they are hearing the words of a fool or a fascist, probably both.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“Absolutely massive protest in Yemen today condemning 8 consecutive years of US-UK-backed Saudi Arabia’s genocidal war and siege against the country. And Western mainstream media is silent, of course.” (-Sarah)

Americans living in the make believe Dem vs GOP world. When will you get it? They’ve taken $100 billion from us, given most of it to their donors, not let us track the money and used it for a proxy war they’ve spent 8 years trying to start while telling us it’s about democracy. The Democrats are not a Left Party.

They are completely bought off war mongering, imperialists that love capitalism and exploiting workers here and around the world just like Republicans.

The only difference is they pretend to care about Black people and minorities. The Squad and Bernie had a choice and they picked the Dems over you.

Grow up, move on, accept reality and try a different strategy-

This one failed. I’d have more respect for our politicians if they didn’t lie about caring about Ukraine, and was honest about using their country for a proxy war against Russia and funneling our money to their donors.

It’s not like we’re organized enough to stop it. They convinced us that Russia went into Ukraine for no reason, blew up their own shit and bringing in 300,000 more troops would make no difference.

My advice to our citizens is to stop listening to people that have done nothing but lie to you about wars and use your common sense. Imagine if the few people and corporations that own our Politicians, Gov’t agencies and media cared as much about our citizens as they do maintaining their global power and wealth,

We might actually be the democracy and great nation they’ve brainwashed us to believe we are.” (-Black In The Empire)

Revolutionary Blackout – YouTube

Black in the Empire on Twitter: “Dear Black people and working class Americans. This is not a victory for you” / Twitter

Black in the Empire on Twitter: “He’s probably not gonna tell you what Zelensky did to the Russian Orthodox churches in Ukraine” / Twitter

““No one puts their children in a boat unless the water is safer than the land” (— Home, by Warsan Shire)

“Neocons during the Cold War: Hate communism so we can kill millions for profit.

Neocons during the War on Terror: Hate Arabs and Muslims so we can kill millions for profit. Neocons now: Hate China and Russia as we prepare to kill millions for profit. Don’t fall for it again.” (-Danny Haiphong)

Black in the Empire on Twitter: “Russia signed a Peace agreement with Ukraine they spent 8 years trying to get them to honor and our Gov’t was there pushing for war Our Gov’t got what they wanted Lindsey Graham &amp; John McCain in Ukraine – Preparing for a proxy war with… via @YouTube” / Twitter

Is Ben-Gvir Preparing a Holy War Against the Palestinians? – Original

Ukraine Sanctions Dozens of Russian Artists for Allegedly Supporting the War – News From

12/30/22 Eli Clifton on Twitter’s Hypocritical Acceptance of US Information Operations – The Scott Horton Show

“Neoliberalism is just a fancy word for total corporate theft of working class wealth.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“It’s deeply unfortunate it was the right wing who’ve shown how to fight for something in Congress.

The Squad, also the Progressive Caucus headed by Jayapal, have utterly failed – refused – to use their leverage to stand up to Dem establishment & win ANY gains for working people.” (-Kashama Sawant)

In 2020, House Progressives and the incredibly radical Squad had exactly the same opportunity as House conservatives had. House conservatives defied Leadership to get major concessions to empower them and their agenda. House progressives did what they were told and got nothing.” (-Glenn Greenwald)

They don’t just call Democrats “communists” and “Marxists” in order to attack Dems, they do it to disappear the entire giant expanse of political spectrum that exists to the left of the capitalist imperialist Democratic Party. They WANT you to think that’s as far left as it gets.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

Defend Assange Campaign on Twitter: “Amnesty International General Secretary Agnes Callamard: “Julian Assange’s detention is arbitrary and he must be released immediately #FreeAssangeNOW” / Twitter

“What do democrats do when they have control of house? Nothing. Oh sorry, they serve interests of most cynical & hateful sections of capital- finance capital, MIC & energy companies.” (-Ajamu Baraka) – Burning Spear News

Home – Hands Off Uhuru! Hands Off Africa!

Nina Turner on Twitter: “Apparently, quiet hiring is when a company asks existing employees to do more than one job without a raise in pay. If your company starts quiet hiring, it’s time to quiet organize.” / Twitter


I was always into the Aussie rock scene since I was a runaway teenager at about 14 loitering endlessly on St. Mark’s Place even in the filthy winter snow and meeting people and smoking cigarettes and living on pizza, warming up in Ray’s everytime I could hustle up four bucks, most frequently plundered from my ole Uncle Eric’s bigass coffee can of quarters, buggin’ the girls at ENZS, Trash, and Manic Panic, and discovering the Divinyls and Inxs. Of course, later on, as I got older and moved around and met more cool, older rocknroll motherfuckers, it was the Angels and Beasts Of Bourbon, the Scientists, and Rose Tattoo. Since most all the good record stores like Sounds and Freebeing and even Tower, which we hated back then, all closed shop, it’s been harder for lowlife paupers like us to procure actual hard copies of books and records we love from Down Under cause you know even postage is a big ripoff nowadays. I aint got no gadget and am always annoyed when people want me to stream their digitial shit cause they’re to cheap to kick me down a promo review copy of their cd that’s gonna sit in a box in their spare room forever anyhow. One band who probably saw one of my teen zeens reviewed in either “Maximum Rocknroll” or “Flipside” and sent me a cool as shit 45 for review back then was Candy Harlots, who were doing roughly the same act us Bastards were, in all the red leather and punk rock pyramids and studs and big hair and stripey pants. We instantly vibed with them and that was the exact kinda Glam Savages we were, back in the wild days of All Night and Fuck Yeah. I just found out that they even covered “Cry For Love” which was a song we also did, and felt deeply, that I tried to get the old rhythm king to help me resurrect for my friend’s series of Detroit covers he was issuing, but as usual to no avail, ’cause I guess the poor lad did not have a solid enough base to work from, and was also having intense physical problems from all the years of windmill guitar posing and hard living and barroom brawls and motorcycle crashes. Harlots were slicker than we were and more screechy-metal, they got produced in good studios with some money behind ’em, while we were doomed to play nowhere shows on the club circuit where half the time it was really pointless to even give the dullards the full blast freakout cause they couldn’t feel it if they tried, the squares started showing up wherever they smelled the faint scent of trendiness wanting to chase some bandwagon, but we were inspired by the same influences as Candy Harlots. They had all the nice equipment and big production but they had the same FEEL. I guess two of those dudes were also in Screaming Tribesmen. I thought they had a lot of dark, scuzzy soulpower! Kinda like Smack from Finland. They could really play and smoked all the Myurkkkan hairbands that were being mass produced back then, most of whom had nothing real to communicate besides the tired old “look at my big amplifier”, or “look at my big smoke machine”, Murkka’s metal merchants were mostly mediocre tanning bed skanks who lacked the emotional range and songwriting ability of the outstanding CANDY HARLOTS. My first ever band-like at 12 and 13, before I split that town the first time and ranaway to the big city, was me, Deke, Dustin, Dave, and sometimes J.R. or Chris M., who only ever played in people’s living rooms or basements, performing bad covers of crap metal and standard punk songs, until they all joined the fucking marines, was just called Harlot. True story. Great minds  think alike and fools seldom differ. Man all the good rocknroll bands always come from Australia. (RIP)

Candy Harlots – Five Wicked Ways (Full album) – YouTube

Candy Harlots – Where No One Dares – YouTube This just speaks straight to my battered soul, ya know?

Mark Easton talks about his former band – the Candy Harlots – YouTube

Candy Harlots Sister’s Crazy (HQ Audio) – YouTube

Candy Harlots – Danger – YouTube

The (candy) Harlots ‘Wildest Way’ – YouTube

The (Candy) Harlots ‘Hot love child’ live Eastwood Hotel 1994 – YouTube

Candy Harlots Nailed (unreleased Album) 1993 – YouTube

Candy Harlots – Backstreet Boys – YouTube

Candy Harlots – Cheat On Me – YouTube

Candy Harlots – My Flame – YouTube

Candy Harlots – I like it both ways (Live) – YouTube

Wrap Two Arms Audio Video – YouTube

Candy Harlots guitarist Marc Lee Dé Hugar dies aged 52 | Guitar World (RIP)

Marc De Hugar interview – Candy Harlots | Dragonfly (R.I.P 1969-2022) – YouTube


This is where we partied on the weekends and there was almost always an actual PARTY. Plus a cool nightclub on Sundays. It’s no secret my main role models were Boy George, Cyndia Lauper, Adam Ant, Prince, and Billy Idol, so ya know the machoman wrestling coaches and fucking sadist abuser, fuckedup homophobic rich kids, lived to terrorize and queerbash me and my friends for years, it was always like my bloody nose messing up my makeup. I was always bleeding on my feather boa. Our tank plant town had no place for kids to hangout except the mall and jock bar where I’d get repeatedly beaten badly by whole gangs of uncool hicks and uptight preppies who felt threatened by my gender bender Dead Or Alive impersonations. The brutes found it especially infuriating when I got contacts and had way more girlfriends than any of them, aside from my Joe Perry lookalike guitar kid, Lil Dave, and the town heart throb DJ Bobby who kinda looked like INXS. Now all ya see is Rupaul ripoffs promoting transkids androgyny on 25 different tv shows, and the Klaus Schwab/WEF one world government occultist people wanting to give seven and eight year olds gender reassignment hormone treatments, which even I think is kinda batty, when I was that age I did not even know what a gender was, my kid’s Tiktok programmed classmates feel like the odd man out if they aint as transgender LGBT as the other kids who all have Crayola colored hair, but back then, man, believe me, they wanted every male to be a gung ho military culture, football playing, future cop/correction officer/soldier, or factory worker…OR ELSE! Those hicks in flannel STILL resent the fuck outta anybody who they preceive as non conformist, or who seemed to have “gotten away with” something other than nose to the grindstone blue collar slavery for the man. So our Skinny Puppy obsessed friend. Scruff would drive the five of us leather jacket wearers to Fort Wayne on the weekends, to underage drink in parking lots with other oddballs and freakazoids like ourselves, or to Columbus where there were still too many whitecaps but also, if you could dodge ’em-all those dumbfuck college idiots, there were always cool shows, outta town bands would almost always let us underage goth kids in the backdoor for free, a goth boutique that goth gawd Ronald Koal had even worked at, and about five cool record stores. I had an eternal crush on one of the Indiana chicks in the trailer for the movie, we stayed friends for years. I love her cause she is STILL punk. I gotta get my teenager to help me work on learning some French, man, cause if we ever get outta here, it’s gonna be important to know a second language, even if we can only make it as far as Canda. Ya know, back in the old days, antiwar people could just split to Canada, but now Canada is under control of Klaus Scwab and Bill Gates, just another occupied colony of the Evil Empire, spying on people, crushing dissent, it might as well be Indiana. We had summa the best times of our young lives getting drunk in Eighties, Indiana.


Some of you know the Billy Bragg song about “mixing pop and politics, he asks me what the use is…” Why do I compulsively overshare and reveal anything awkward and unflattering about myself so freely, why do I talk about all the taboos and forbidden, off script, third rail topics? ‘Cause that’s what I’ve always been and done, it’s kindof just habitual, really these futile columns are just like the punk fanzine I’d collage together when I was sixteen, just without the bent staples. “Why do you..??” Ya know, people who ask me those kinda questions are the same people who are still trying to “JOIN ‘EM”, ya know, get somewhere in the capitalist ratrace. They still caution me about how I’m jeopardizing my ever being accepted by the Frathouse Hazers on the Hill. They think I’m still rushing to be initaiated into their sorority systems of obligation and assimilation. Like I even like those jarheads. I don’t. I figure life is short and you gotta be who you are, be your own lone, true and hated self, even if you’ve been an outcast all your life, even when most of your views and traditions, customs, and beliefs go outta style according to the Imperialist big machine. Reading that excellent book about the Replacements the author suggests Westerberg had something called Oppositional Defiance Disorder, ’cause he never bowed slavishly to authority figures, and even if that was so, I aint mad at him. I figured he was just sensitive and intelligent. Of course the capitalist hierarchy finds a way to cataegorize those traits as some kinda disorder. If you got some extra ink cartridges around, you can print out copies of this POWER TO THE PEOPLE fanzine my favorite writer Caitlin Johnstone assembles from her extraordinairy online columns and you know, give ’em to your subversive artist friends who are still pro liberty, anti censorship, pro kindness and anti war, or just go wild and leave ’em on the subway, on the record store counter, at the dentist office, at Trader Joe’s, wherever.  I can’t, cause ink costs WAY too much where I live and it’s a hostage monopoly, which kinda sucks, but maybe you got access to extra office printer ink…somewhere. Or just pass along the link like I do. That’s what these last few remaining online free speech platforms are for. The Man over in Germany told the middle class property owners, who attended navelgazing studies at Douchebg U, that they should be scared of new ideas that aren’t received from the secret police teleprompter reading lady, on the pharma sponsored shitlib MSNBC show, and if anyone even faintly suggests the war machine with the missing trillions, is lying about the urgent need to always give even more billions to nazis for war particularly while so many Murkkkans are dying suddenly, being evicted into the elements by gotmine landlords, while legions of homeless, elderly, at risk, immunocompromised and poor people in the USA, USA are cold and sick, they must be commies, working double secret for Trump and Qanon, I personally think Qanon, the whole white hats make believe fantasy, is a corny Alex Jones like psy op, probably constructed by a whackjob attention seeking fantasy football rightwinger, or even the actual deep state spooks, to waste wishful thinker’s time, believing that some oligrach fatcat is coming to their rescue whether it’s Trump, or Musk in the upside down cross red debbil costume. Qanon’s an inside job, kids, no oligarch fatcat loves you-no Iron man or Batman or Scrooge McDuck gives a fuck about your children’s health, women’s rights, internet freedom, or preferred pro nouns. It’s all just a by design distraction, another divide and conquer shitshow like Capital Hill protest and cotton masks. They don’t give a fuck about you. They don’t give a fuck about you. They don’t give a fuck about you. They only care about consolidating more wealth and power and some “you will own nothing and be happy” one percent billionaires have even repeatedly gone on camera talking about how they want to depopulate the third world-that’s you, Jack, they wanna dismantle the constitution which is basically already a done deal, has been since Bush/Cheney, chip your brain, have one world government, wage endless war on the poor, create the internet of bodies, and they say over and over again how we the people, most of us, are “just not needed”, then they get in their super jets causing all the damage to the atmosphere and talk about where else their 5G war machine should drop bombs for Science and Greenpeace and Greta Thurnberg girl power diversity. I don’t trust the one percent or identify with the greenwash brand pupets at all, but people I know think they can get special privileges at the Deathstar working as stormtroopers, if they wave the Ukraine flag for Moderna and recite the pinkwash slogan du juor on the Facebook. They all wanna be Grand Moff Tarkin.

 Be like Princess Leia. Or Han Solo, instead.

The January Issue Of TreaZine Is Available Now (

“LOL I literally just had my Mastodon account auto-sharing my tweets and they banned me.

“Reason: Content violates the following community guidelines • No incitement of violence or promotion of violent ideologies • Do not share intentionally false or misleading information”” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

Caitlin Johnstone: Unprovoked! (

Shabir Kareem Free Julian Assange on Twitter: “WE ARE THE TERRORRIST SAYS CAITLIN JOHNSTONE TRUTHFUL HONEST JOURNALIST.. YEMEN🇾🇪 We are the terrorists. Yes it is true that we have been propagandized into our complicity with this terrorism and if the news media were doing its purported job Yemen. www.InformationClearingHouse” / Twitter

Alan MacLeod on Twitter: “Our corporate-funded, billionaire-owned media is one of the primary threats to world peace.” / Twitter

Why the Twitter Files Are in Fact a Big Deal (

Thomas Frank On Why Democrats Suck – YouTube

“The squad also voted for Hakeem Jeffries without asking for progressive concessions. He’s against a Green New Deal & Medicare For All. They didn’t even get him to come around on those issues first. It’s not just about 2020 FTV. It’s a fu*king pattern!” (-Sabby Sabs)

“House Democrats are united alright. They went from being united behind one corporate shill (Nancy Pelosi) to being united behind a new corporate shill (Hakeem Jeffries). The party is united behind serving their corporate donors & feeding the people empty platitudes.” (-Ryan Knight)

Briahna Joy Gray on Twitter: “This is entirely consistent with Joe Biden’s entire political history with respect to race.” / Twitter

David Sirota on Twitter: “INVESTIGATION: Documents show that in the lead-up to the Southwest debacle, Dem AGs begged @SecretaryPete to more strictly regulate airlines. He refused. Then, one million people were stranded as Southwest execs paid a $400 million shareholder dividend.” / Twitter

Useful Idiots on Twitter: “Full interview: Professor @I_Katchanovski’s evidence on who really committed the Maidan Massacre, how the US media is covering it up, and that weird interview between David Letterman and Volodymyr Zelenskyy @kthalps @aaronjmate” / Twitter

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “It’s like the supporters of the racist apartheid state of Israel are living in another world. They don’t seem to understand they have no moral credibility outside of the colonial West. Who beside criminals support Israel?” / Twitter

Matt Taibbi on Twitter: “Great to talk with @AaronJMate, and I may have some more coming soon related to the excellent piece of his mentioned in this discussion.” / Twitter

FAKES & FRAUDS. SELLOUTS & SUCKUPS STILL SUCK SHIT. Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “Fused together you wouldn’t get one backbone.” / Twitter

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “No. They have no ideals and principles.” / Twitter

US-State Media Calls to Kick Out Immigrants – Thursday Throwdown (

Alan MacLeod on Twitter: “If this were happening in Cuba or Venezuela, people would be talking about the need for a “humanitarian intervention”.” / Twitter

AWKWORD on Twitter: “There’s not a SINGLE state in the US where you can afford rent at minimum wage. And as we debate whether to feed the kids or see a doctor Multiple states are denying 90% of welfare applicants — and just sitting on hundreds of millions of dollars in unspent state welfare funds” / Twitter

John Pilger on Twitter: “In 1945, ‘never again’ was liberated Europe’s pledge never to allow the rise of Nazism in any form. In 2023, a European parliament openly celebrates one of the Nazis’ most murderous collaborators.” / Twitter

MintPress News on Twitter: “Many of the publications that won awards for publishing the groundbreaking stories exposed by Julian Assange through Wikileaks have stayed quiet about the vicious campaign to take away his freedom. Journalism’s existence is threatened by the U.S. campaign to silence Assange.” / Twitter

Why the Overton Window has Suddenly Shifted on Israel-Palestine (

Why Americans can’t debate politics anymore | The Chris Hedges Report – YouTube

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “We’re live with @danielmkovalik” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “A trove of intelligence files sent by Canadian peacekeepers expose CIA black ops, illegal weapon shipments, imported jihadist fighters, potential false flags, and stage-managed atrocities” / Twitter

Alan MacLeod on Twitter: “We spoke to Bolivian President @LuchoXBolivia last year. He told us that President Biden should keep his hands off Latin America and stop interfering in the region.” / Twitter

Colonel Douglas MacGregor: The US is LOSING Ukraine and Taiwan – YouTube

Aaron Maté on Twitter: “Ukraine has always been a deeply divided country on the issue of NATO, one of many inconvenient facts for our ruling proxy warriors:” / Twitter


I was right there at some holiday shindig in the park with my ex girlfriend, waiting and waiting and waiting for Jerry lee to come on, I think the promotor asked the Kingston Trio to play longer and they were gettin’ pretty boring with the old man “Lay Down Your Head Tom Dooley” shit, and we had my kids in the backseat and they were getting bored and restless so the ex decided we were going back home to watch more shows about how to get rich by flipping properties on television. 

Jerry Lee Lewis – Long Tall Sally (live) Star Club, Hamburg, Germany. 1964 – YouTube

Your Cheatin’ Heart – Jerry Lee Lewis ( Star Club 1964 ) – YouTube

Jerry Lee Lewis – What’d I say (live) Star Club, Hamburg, Germany. 1964 – YouTube


Nancy Boys – Gimme Love (Live at the Basement) – YouTube

Golem Dance Cult Dalek Rhetoric – YouTube


Seen the new John Waite movie “The Hard Way”? I’ve liked John Waite since I was a kid, I actually always kinda thought of him as glam, I mean he basically had the Ziggy Stardust haircut back then, and wore makeup and scarves and sang like a sparrow and I liked his band, the Babys a lot, still do, just not without him. Babys minus Waite is like Journey minus Perry, or Lords minus Stiv, it makes no sense. I hate cover bands. We’re not twelve. John’s selling little hand drawn magic marker portraits with his autograph and a couple lines from his overplayed “Missing You” online. Wait til Waxl finds out. These old rockstars with the money hustles. I’m sick to death of “Missing You” that was played so much yo mama likes it, so he done an updated version with yo mama’s favorite singer besides Adele-Alison Kraus, but ya know he is one of the very great power pop/stadium pop/rocknroll frontmen in my book. In league with Michael Des Barres and Rod Stewart and Peter Wolf, if you ask me. I was never into Bad English really, they were corny school dance balladeers for farmgirls in the midwest who were dating the town’s future meth dealer, like the thinking man’s Whhitesenake, a little too corporate slick and polished for me, but I do really dig John’s discography and he’s got a lotta high quality tracks, still dresses great, loves the stage, has his voice. I can feel many of his from the heart love songs, they really take me there. Best wishes to him. It’s funny ya know last night I was playing a youtube song by a kiddie punk band I knew back in the day and it was a poor recording of a live show all jahjahjahjahjah pounding with downstrokes and a scrawny singer in a swanky suitjacket spazzin’ out upfront cause that’s what he thought you were supposed to do-behave like Sid Vicious, right? And I understood it, my wife n kid weren’t into it at all. They kinda actually objected to it for being too rattatatat dumbfuck by the book noisy, just pounding away with no melody, just blind bleating and I smiled remembering the time I’d tried to play with that drummer, he was a much younger kid, but they knew people, and had indulgently accomodating parents funding their boutiques and recordings and shit, so like they had five full fledged moments of fame, put some records out that all the post Green Day Emo Kiddies liked. They had the right clothes, and little pomade haircuts, appeared in all the still existing print magazines in the late nineties, ya know. Like I’ve said before, maybe I just picked all the wrong people to try to work with cause so many times, my ideas were summarily undermined or dismissed, or sabotoged, but I’d see the kids down the street win big by doing a dumbed down version of it a week later. It’s so hard to find the right people to make real music with from the heart, and then, abruptly you wake up with some gray hair coming in and it’s another tombstone gray depressing Sunday with no bottle, wondering where the time went and why you bothered fuckin’ around in the midwest where you weren’t never welcome, why was I bozoing around with the pomade kids with the chain wallets and the wifebeaters who’d pass out undereneath the table? I remember knowing how I needed to get off the mean street and away from the vulture culture, retreating into a lovely pole dancer’s attic for about six months. She picked me up at some hot rod New Bomb Turks wannabe guitarist who’s dead now’s couch and took me back to her place and I don’t think I stepped back out on to the sunlight for half a year. She was a righton little savior and I am happy that she seems happy where she is now. We had laughs and love between us. I was desperate but not serious. We were getting high and drinking heavily, then I’d sleep while she was at work in her wig and I’d listen to old Rod Stewart over and over again on her vintage toy suitcase record player. She had a shit ton of dollar bills from her stripper job under the bed and said I could dip into it if I ever needed cigarettes or anything and I bought a beautiful pink fedora for like eleven dollars from an old lady thrift store. I think that hat is what primarily attracted a famous model to me who ended up cutting my hair. Finally, I knew it was time to come back down out of that dark attic, something told me it was time to move forward and one day I got dressed up and shaved and on my way to see a girl who was just my friend, I saw a help wanted sign at the trendiest pizza place in town, and somehow, one of the owners decided I was in. I was dopesick my first day of work and had one eye sealed shut by an eight foot bruiser dickhead who left a mighty blue and purple bruise and a big cut on the eyebrow with his heavy metal silver demon rings, I guess he was jealous some traveling band rockstar friend of mine was buying trays of drinks for me and a different screaming stripper friend of mine. She threw rocks ferociously at the gorilla and his greasy apprentice until they ran away and we got in the taxi with the rockstar who was on his way back to the posh hotel where we were no longer welcome after that severe beating. Always with the poundings from eight foot bruiser dickheads whenever I was suckered into revisiting the hellhole midwest. It was hard to read the pizza tickets at that new job cause the ink was nearing it’s end and I only had one eye operating and had to excuse myself to throw up cause that raw sausage was making me seriously ill. I’m still grateful I was rescued and cared for by that stripper with a heart of gold. What’s in your heart will never change.

True Romance Soundtrack Track 3 “In Dreams” John Waite – YouTube

The Babys – Every Time I Think Of You – [STEREO] – YouTube

THE BABYS – Isn’t It Time – John Waite – YouTube

John Waite – Change – YouTube I always wanted to do this with my old bands but my black clad bandmate friends did not hear it. I still think it’s marvelous.

John Waite – These Times Are Hard For Lovers (1987) – YouTube

John Waite – Tears – YouTube

John Waite – No Brakes Live 1985 [Full Concert] – YouTube

The Babys – Back On My Feet Again – YouTube

John Waite / The Hard Way – Official Trailer – YouTube

John Waite | If You Ever Get Lonely (Official Video) – YouTube

John Waite – Midnight Rendezvous [Live] – YouTube

John Waite – Official Worldwide Web Site – Official web site of John Waite (

Pat Benatar, John Waite & the Babys on THE RAES 1979 – YouTube

my old attic-addict jam Rod Stewart – Baby Jane (Official Video) – YouTube


Rich new age people where I live say you won’t suffer unless you desire something so just stop with the desiring-they say this while their own front walkways are always cluttered with multiple boxes from Amazon, everyday. While they buy their fifth or sixth left empty investment properties. Now I’ve suffered plenty over stuff I’ve desired over the years- some unrequited loves, some musical aspirations that never went away-the desire to collbaorate with likeminded people making rocknroll records, and perfoprming them for audiences who will get it, I’ve admittedly suffered over that-also the desire to have my kids be close to me, I’ve suffered something fierce over that desire probably more than anything. Sometimes I’ll want some object like a book, or something that’s just economically out of my reach, or I’ll suffer cause I want a bottle and a pack of cigarettes, but I think the new age people are all vanity and lies, just some bullshit hustlers who don’t even really believe their own jive talk. All they do is desire more shit and acquire more shit, and make believe us poor people don’t deserve their choices or opportunities, cause we did something wrong in a previous lifetime, or we “failed” to go to college or marry up the hard way like they did. Or ’cause we aint gonna pay them $100 for their clairvoyant lessons or buy their healing crystals. Or rent their $300 a night hot tub Airbanadb. I get sick of those peope who wanna shame us dirty poors some more by saying we should not want anything, that enlightenment for us means shutting the fuck up and dying suddenly so they can enjoy their feasts and piles of objects without having to be troubled by our scufflin’ existences. I really can’t stand ’em. The Yoga Culture. The Specials. The Starbelleid Sneetch motherfuckers. Where I live now, it’s either pro Trump rifleman racists farting loudly down the street 100 mph in their vroom vroom oversized white trucks forever spouting off about the alledged influx of immigrants and at some point ya gotta wonder if that aint all just a buncha hype from rightwing talk radio cause I live in the desert Southwest and it’s all white people-you feel me? I’m at the border and there were more Mexicans in Oregon and Ohio than there are here, or there’s the perpetually cloistered and bourgeoise, in denial, new age Karens making excuses for Hillary Clinton killing Gaddafi and promoting fracking or lecturing you about how the Supreme Court abortion shit is somehow even remotely your fault. Not Gropey Joe Biden’s fault for attacking Anita Hill to help rightwing Clarence Thoms assume his lifelong title, or Kavanaugh, another gropey frat bro the Blue Magas all helped enable. There’s the KKK or the Kalltha Kops Karens. No real rocknroll people, maybe five get rich brand building hipsters. No rocknroll people, though. Nobody likes music much except some giddy yuppie harmony duo couple who would make you cringe, and some very old elderly folks who will dance badly like maniacs all night long to the funksoul guy who comes to town twice a year and plays like Bill Withers covers on a bass through effects pedals. Man I miss the rocknroll people like crazy. I guess the ones who aint dead are still somehow paying that mad, mad rent in the big gentrified cities. Parts of Boston were still affordable in the nineties, especially if you had multiple roommates-you could get a bigass apartment in a bad neighborhood like Allston, and still be able to afford takeout food and used records, the latest NME and Melody Maker, a pint a day, and you could even get to go meet people in real life and talk to ’em most everynight at some cool bars. There were like 20 good bars to choose from, that all had some world famous rockgroup seven nights a week. 100 record stores, 100 bookstores. I never really got to know Aimee Mann, though I hung out at several of the same bars as she did when she was dating Peter Wolf-I saw them like all the time for at least a year probably–they were totally nice, regular people, approachable, friendly and started kinda nodding, smiling at us, just the polite gestures of civil recognition, we usually sat in the same area of this crowded hipster bar and I’m an obvious fan of both their bands, you could spot that a mile away. A local who knew her from her Newbury Comics years always encouraged me to introduce myself because they were always receptive to our presence, they probably intuitively got what we were all about, just cause you know, we were obviously into like, Aerosmth, the Faces, the Cult, and NY Dolls, you’d know that just by looking at us. Blackhole Bowie kids in Snakeskin pants and pink shoes and big hairsprayed Steve Stevens hair and crucifixes and rosaries and sunglasses at night. They knew, they could tell. We were the glam rock people. They were clearly sympathetic to our cause, but I wanted to give them their privacy and space to be a couple in a bubble, and not get hassled by drunken sleazepunk bozos. I am pretty sure if I remember correctly, one of my belligerent barbarian bandmates with the waist length hair big, black Bono sunglasses, and raffish manners, bellowed something exteremely impolite, ridiculously gauche and offensive one night in a semi-stupor, that embarrassed some of us and was maybe even ridiculously directed at Aimee Mann herself, I dunno, but after that, I became pretty shy around her. One night when he was not with us, she and a female friend were kinda looking at us and looking away and laughing and my older musician associate kept insisting I should befriend them, that they were signaling an interest in maybe making friends with me. We’d kinda already seen them giggling at us at the Middle East, a bar we’d also all been at earlier in the evening. Now at that age, 23, or maybe 24, tops, I was a sucker for people having fun at my expense and also very intimidated by older women with bigtime MTV fame, so I meekly delved deeper into my long series of Rolling Rocks and Jameson’s whiskeys. Now, I’m so damaged, looking back, if anything, I’m inclined to think they were ALL making fun of me, right? I got some damage. Peter Wolf was one of my alltime favorite performers, of course, and Aimee Mann was an awesomely observant and lyrical and keen eyed songwriter. Her song, “Coming Up Close” still slays me. “Believed You Were Lucky”. “Wise Up”. She’s got a million of ’em, all so vivid, poetic, heartfelt, and courageously vulnerable, she puts it all on the table. My friend Paul K, this country’s “Greatest Unknown Songwriter” who had to leave me behind a few years ago, when he departed for that folksinger juke joint in the sky, he was really into that movie “Magnolia”, but I never watched it cause I can’t really stand creepy-cultist and military propagandist, Tom Cruise. So yeah, anyhoo, I been remembering Aimee Mann, and kinda coveting a book she did about her songs and songwriting. She’s so good. Not only is she obviously extra brilliant and beautiful, but I thoroughly dig that she is an exceptionally poignant and deep and undeniable artistic achiever, who casually talks so candidly and openly about suffering from depression and mental illness. I love that she has the courage to be herself in a barabaric world in spite of all the senseless cheapshots, slings and arrows. The thing about her is she honestly just mostly always really reminded me so much, too much, of someone I once cared about in real life who probably thinks of me as a crazy drunken, lunatic anarchist, washedup dreamer, crackpot paranoid, purple cowboy and has therefore long since faded into a forgotten dream. These MTV videos we all saw so many times embedded themselves in our subsconsious, like I’m no real Don Henley fan, but that “Boys Of Summer” video, with the kid in his cowboy shirt playing drums and the chick painting her toenails with the towel on her head, that lonesome guitar lick that echoes through the forever alleyways, all those images kinda mix with my own personal home movies, ya know wht I’m sayin’? You ever see that Charlie Sexton video for “Impressed”? That, too. Pat Benatar “Love Is A Battlefield”. The barefooted kids in the over-alls in the “Eileen” video. The gang members from “Beat It”, all that’s like part of me now, like tattoos on my mind. “Those soft fuzzy sweathers, so magical to touch”…and ya know…”Oh and by the way, doncha know that I could make a dream that’s barely half awake come true…” I don’t think I’d wanna see her in concert really cause summa her hopeless male groupie stalker fans are koo koo for cocoa puffs-you should see ’em all sucking up to her in the comments boxes on youtube, like her primary fanclub is all these nerdy losers, who’ve convinced themselves she is in love with them cause she looked ’em in eye while she was singing onstage once. I think maybe I thought that she liked me a couple times, too. That’s the downside of being a celebrity or public figure-everybody projects their own private world fantasy trip onto you. Everybody wants to dream on ya. Every possibility seemed reachable to me back then, in my early twenties, once I’d finally escaped the non stop abuse one receives by law in the merciless, dreaded flyover states. When I weighed about 120 lbs., I looked good in makeup and no one in the big city wanted to beat me up, usually. One of the local famous, rooster shagged guitarists in all the cool dirty white leather and winklepickers we regularly drank with, Marc Frazier, had just cashed his first big checks for writing the song that became Alice Cooper’s big comeback hit, “Poison”, and he was telling me “you got it, kid”, wanted me to sing for his new band and I wanted to believe in all the good stories. I still thought I was about to get discovered. His drummer Jesse had also been in a major label band called Shake The Faith and he hungout with Ginger Baker and shit! Marc had been a member of the Unattached, the best Boston band you never heard of who were even better than the Blackjacks probably, and we younger dudes, we thought they were bigtime rockstars. His former lead vocalist Jamie had a band we all thought were gonna be major label mainstream called Fighting Cocks. Rockstar Jamie looked real cool, used to walk around with his pet rat on his shoulder. Both of those guys had exquistite Hanoi Rocks hair. Jesse and Mark always came at me with the big over the top charm offensive, high fivin’, buying me booze in the Bunratty’s basement. I don’t even think they bothered to see my lyrics which were improving dramatically because you know-Marc was The Songwriter. He just needed a cocky frontman in tight silver trousers, and a Big Skull beltbuckle, which I clearly had. We were on different wavelengths due to our different ages, experiences, and varying drug of choice. They’d come over to my house in Central Square and talk to me about how we were gonna form this brand new supergroup rock band and crack the bigtime, overnight. They knew Aerosmith and shit in real life! Fame and fortune and new wave girls galore was all ours for the taking! I started believing shit like that, for awhile really, probably a good five years, even though nothing panned with those two older dudes, they just liked the way I dressed, I think they were hoping I could sing like Sebastian Bach, but I could not, I had more of a Stiv Bators like vocal range, in fact, that is who my singing was usually compared to in the entertainment weeklies and punk rock fanzines that wrote about my always fracturing, finely feathered, flashpunk groups, who could never manage to keep a drummer for more than maybe three shows at a time. They always exploded spontaneously like that guy from Spinal Tap, who really did die last year. Ric Parnell (RIP). Even still, I was pretty confident it was all happening. Women we just met walking down the street were throwing themselves at both of my guitar players-the cute one and the dangerous one. Our Irish bassplayer was too popular to even bother showing up for rehearsals half the time, he really did have packs of women who just loved him so much, it was mad. One of my ace best pals was in Bebe Buell’s band back then, we knew Phoebe Legere, and some guys from Circus Of Power. We really thought we just needed to record some of our cathier songs, and it’d be easy from there. We had some angry three chord punk assaults and some epic goth cinema big ballads. Everybody said we “had potential”, whatever that means. I still think you have to “know somebody” or have a benefactor who will pay for some studio time-we were white trash kids from a smalltown, dropouts who’d just quit our jobs at Captain D’s and Little Ceasers, we had a station wagon and a borrowed bass but really had no idea how to drum up money to record with. There were all these little labels putting out all our friends bands like Gunfire Dance and Sacred Hearts. We knew how to rock a room, but fate intervened and had entirely unforseeable destinies in store for me and my doomed and forgotten little glitter groups. Now I’m old and burntout, I tend to mostly believe the bad stories, you know what I mean? I don’t think I’m one of the marked for fame and fortune spot-lit luckys, anymore, but not too many of them seem that happy, either. So maybe I got lucky in another way. I’m too bruised and neurotic to be around people much anymore. I do got a beautiful wife and kid and an electric blanket and cool garage full of cassette tapes and a firepit, though, so who could ask for more? Maybe just like a bottle, to remind me of the good times gone. But that aint happening today. The kid’s gonna be waking up soon and then, it’s ON. I’ll be caregiving for the next 18 hours. I feel blessed by Aimee Mann’s songs. They continue to inspire and console me. Even in these dark as fuck teargas times.

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I remember knowing I loved Medea a long time ago when she committed an act of civil disobedience by slow dancing at the Jefferson memorial which is forbidden by like the deep state and mansoncs who worship the old slave owners and the nutjob kkkop lost his mind roughing her and her partner up for the crime of dancing but it exposed exactly how free we are in the Land Of The Free: NOT fre at all. She sticks up for Cubans, Venezuelans, Palestinians, advocates tirelessly for peace and human rights. Thank You, Medea!

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some of you may be familiar with the ‘conspiracy’  document ‘Silent Weapons for a Silent War.’ Most of the online posts of the document are missing vital components of the document. Take a long gander at: Table of Strategies and the Diversion, the primary strategy topics- they are very telling. 

For those of you who are not familiar with the document: Reportedly, the document which is dated May of 1979,  was found on July 7, 1986, on an IBM copy machine purchased as at Boeing surplus sale. Notice how almost all of the items outlined in the document have come to fruition?

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “People in the U.S. really don’t know how these kinds of stories are seen by people around the world as you govt propagandists talk about the U.S. being the greatest nation in human history. There is a link between gun violence &amp; the war culture in the U.S.” / Twitter

” Google currently employs at least 165 people, in high-ranking positions, from the Intelligence Community.

Google’s Trust & Safety team is managed by 3 ex-CIA agents, who control “misinfo & hate speech.” Here’s the breakdown: CIA-27 FBI-52 NSA-30 DHS-50 ODNI-6 (-Name Redacted)

“UNAC unequivocally condemns the apartheid position of the current right-wing Israeli government, and the US government’s tacit agreement to all Israeli racist policies designed to ethnically cleanse indigenous Palestinians from their own homeland.” (-United National Antiwar Coalition)

Imagine destroying a country’s democracy, wealth and generations of freedom and prosperity-to keep stealing its oil. Then starting a war, putting it under crippling sanctions and strengthening hardliners to keep it isolated. Then tweeting support for its people. Only in America.” (-Amir Amini)

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“The US has more people in prison than any country in the world, mainly Black. 11 million children live in poverty, almost a million homeless, an opoid epidemic, 80% live paycheck to paycheck, mass murders everyday and our Pentagon ‘Lost’ trillions again. Maybe we should fix here.” (-Black In The Empire)


“I could live without so much

I can die without a clue
Sun keeps risin’ in the west
I keep on wakin’ fully confused

I never seen no mountain
Never swam no sea
City got me drownin’
I guess it’s up to me

I can’t live without your touch
I can’t live without your touch..” (-Replacements)

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“The worst part about the anti force the vote left is they done absolutely nothing to advance the cause of medicare for all since then. No marches, no rallies, no other plan

They are privileged people with healthcare that do nothing but scold activists. Do nothing armchair QBs!” (-Revolutionary Blackout Network)

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“Neoliberal capitalism’s death toll: 16 million

15.63 million excess deaths worldwide occurred from 1990 to 2019 due to malnutrition caused by the abandonment of progressive state-led food programs and the implementation of right-wing neoliberal policies” (-Ben Norton)

16 million and counting | New Internationalist

We know a privileged shitlib who says things like, “the media is a reflection of society. What do you mean by They? WHO controls the media?”

Dr. Susan Block 🌹 on Twitter: “@AbbyMartin @MikePrysner Congrats🎊 Your amazing “DOSED” #interview with me won the #SUZYaward 2022 for “Best Interview”🏆 +Loved having you at our #BonobovilleReunion #Classof2022🥳 #GoBonobos 4 #DOSED🎧+Special Thx: @FluorescentGrey🔘 #TheSUZYs #AntiWar” / Twitter

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“Ah yes, Klaus Schwab the infamous “socialist”. Lol. 1950s propaganda really did a number on people— even to this day.” (-Richard Medhurst)

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“The United States is not a democracy.

The United States is an oligarchic corporate state ruled by a uni-party of monopolies and warmongers. Now that all the political theater over Speaker of the House is over, Congress will go back to its regular scheduled programming of ramping up World War III and empowering corporations to spread misery and poverty at home and abroad.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“What happened with the intra-party struggle in the republican party is a real threat to the democrats. In democrat party the “progressive” minority never engages in serious struggle & instead colludes with leadership to BS its constituents that it is supporting their interests. The line pushed by democrat aligned corporate media that “insurgents” in the republican party were being obstructionists just for the sake of being obstructionists was always BS. What you saw was an intra-party struggle that resulted in significant concessions by leadership.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

Danny Haiphong on Twitter: “Bolsonaro supporters have staged their own January 6th debacle in Brasilia. Lula has been safely escorted out of the city. There will be no coup, just another embarrassing display of foolishness from the oligarchy.” / Twitter

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Haunted Head by Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds. Official Video – YouTube

All my Brothers & Sisters & Friends Of The Revolution, an activist friend of mine moved to France and joined an anarchist commune, says we would all be shocked and horrified if we knew how much better the quality of life was over there-the real food, the casual joys and natural freedoms we’ve forgotten we used to have, the music and culture. I kinda wanna leave this country-I’m just too exhausted from the nonstop war propaganda, sickening fake muzak, slave jobs, death wages, kill ’em all manufactured plagues, riot kkkops, gentrification class apartheid, lies for empire, mass surveillance, police state censorship, lies for wars and big pharma profiteering, mass incarceration of people of color and the poor, industry captured regulatory agencies, Bill Gates buying up all the farmland, all these nefarious Gates Reset billionaires buying all media and image rehabilitating torture architects like John Woo and the Bush/Cheneys, the evil One Percenters owning and operating these lying fake politicians who talk all pretty on the campaign trail and happy feelings justice tweet, but vote with the Republikkans for more wars and police state alphabet gangs, taking their marching orders from WALL STREET/ALEC/AIPAC/WEF/NWO/CFR higher ups. The racist kkkopsand glamorization of enforcer thugs and gangsters for capitalism, the glorification of violence and all day lies for war. The former peers who’ve become like robots, just obediently spouting the Latest Thang. The gratuitous groupie social climbers who just suckup to whoever the most famous person in the room is are nauseating to me. A million homeless people permanently exiled into the freezing cold, the middle class shitlibs who shamelessly smear and slander them. The still completely unaddressed poisoned water, and everybody we grew up with dropping dead…just suddenly. No cause of death in the obits anymore, just speed of death is mentioned. “Suddenly”. “Unexpectedly”. If you don’t hear from me for awhile, just know I’m still rootin’ for ya. Take care of your bretheren, uplift all the people when you can. I got a haunted head. Like the Clash sang, “it’s up to you not to heed the call up.” My advice for young people is dropout and join the rebel alliance. Leave the belly of the beast hellhole places as soon as you can. I stayed way too long myself, hoping my homies were gonna wake up one day and come to their sesnse and stop chasing dummy lowest common denominator popularity and kissing as, but that day never came, so here we are. Get out first chance you get. It becomes you if you stay too long, it’s like the Borg. RUN! That’s my advice, get the fuck outta Dodge! I love ya, Stay Wild, Stay Free!

Margaret Kimberley on Twitter: “”People Speak Out to Stop Racism, Poverty, and WWIII” But of course! Join us on Friday, 1/13 at 6pm in Harlem. A good luck day. @BXAntiWar @UNAC1 @StruggleLaLucha” / Twitter

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