“It’s a bit difficult to maintain the US Security State had no role in Twitter’s censorship regime when *the General Counsel of the FBI* – centrally involved in Russiagate and all sorts of politicized abuses – ended up as Twitter’s Deputy General Counsel, with paws in everything.” (-Glenn Greenwald)

“You did not vote to “save democracy”, you voted to make sure we had 2 right wing anti-worker, pro-war parties that are both fascist. They both work in the interest of corporations to screw the workers & the citizens, that’s what fascism is, and you voted for it! Congrats!” (-Jimmy Dore)

“Class war: The “squad,” “progressive” caucus, & pro-NATO liberal-left have joined Bernie Sanders as the ultimate democrat party sheepdogs. Neither one of the bourgeois parties have anything to offer workers while both pretend to be concerned about working class interests.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“Show me a liberal, and I’ll show you a white supremacist and imperialist war pig.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“Michael Eric Dyson & Robert Reich do the same thing. Both of them will tell you the problem. But then they’ll tell you to VOTE FOR THE PROBLEM. They never lead you down a different path.” (-Sabby Sabs)

“BREAKING: As an online safety expect: my preliminary study reveals a severe spike over the last 5 days in hate speech and united attacks from liberal corporate journalists against  @MTaibbi

, followed by visible spikes in personal attacks and violent rhetoric toward him generally.” (-Glenn Greenwald)

“The purpose of modern censorship is not to prevent people from hearing an idea. It is to delegitimize the idea in the mind of the public, and excommunicate the heretic who dared express it from polite society and the public square.” (-Jay Battacharya)

“This is why everything mainstream is garbage. It’s not because everyone’s stupid and uncool, it’s because we live in a highly controlled society that only elevates politicians, celebrities, journalists, media, arts and trends which benefit our rulers.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

“Meanwhile RT & Sputnik were wiped off of social media.

Everything that we claim the “authoritarian” boogeymen do is what the US itself does all the time. That’s not hyperbole. Invading countries, interfering in elections, murdering journalists & insiders. Literally everything. Just like the mujahideen led to the Taliban, just like arming Saddam Hussein paved the way for the Iraq wars, just like interfering in Russia’s 1996 election allowed Putin to come to power, just like invading Iraq created ISIS.

But arming Azov Nazis in Ukraine will work out well” (-Primo Radical)

New Documents Shed Light on CIA’s Connection to Lee Harvey Oswald (


Ever since Woodstock 99 and Warpedfest/Hot Topic/Amurkkkan Idol artificial booger punk killed events and 800 media groups turned into 5 companies that merged and consolidated into one or two, everybody’s selling their publishing to dark forces except for Prince who died mysteriously right after battling for years and finally getting his rights back, I’ve been less and less connected to mainstream society. Rolling Stone and Spin are bullshit. ‘Same people pay Tucker Carlson as Rachel Maddow. Same takeaway in different tones: billionaires are good, need more jails, more bombs, more war. Motley Crue and Def Leppard are planning another victory lap with Alice Cooper opening this summer, if a health crisis does not result in the state closing everything down again. I would like to see Billy Idol like in a theater or hotel sized venue before one of us croaks, but all my big plans always fall to dust, ya know that’s just how it is for us folks your philanthropic science saviors and their tv narrative heads refer to as the third world. For us “useless eaters” in the words of Clinton/Klaus mentor Kissinger. I’m not into the sunburn big screen sports shows, no matter how much pyro and inflatable strippers are piled on. My kinda real rocknroll is dirty, more intimate and emotional and in your face. Guns N Roses could be Eminem could be Garth Brooks could be any faceless lapdancer monarch puppet. For all of you who don’t take orders from evil German Bond villains or aspirant gawd techlord sociopaths, I’m gonna play you some songs right now that’ll help you feel the rocknroll rebellion again. I personally think it feels alot different from all that toxic mouspad industry-pop or any of the fascist youth rally heavy poof metal fourth of July flagwaving halftime bullshit. You tell me…

The Four Horsemen – Tired Wings – YouTube

The Four Horsemen – Rockin’ Is Ma Business (Official Video) – YouTube

The Four Horsemen “Nobody Said It Was Easy” on Vimeo

The Angels – Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again – YouTube

Wanted Man – YouTube

Michael Monroe – Junk Planet (Official Lyric Video) – YouTube


“Americans do not elect representatives.

Our “democracy” amounts to us being allowed to suggest which one of two corrupt criminals becomes the capo who we pay protection money to. In either case, the crime syndicate will continue robbing us, murdering us & destroying our country. The US is not battling “authoritarianism.” The US is itself authoritarian and has always backed authoritarian regimes around the world. The US is battling nations who even mildly resist yankee hegemony. Being a “democratic” nation just means becoming a colony of Washington.” (-Primo Radical)

Jimmy Dore (@jimmy_dore) / Twitter

Alan MacLeod on Twitter: “This is why we need independent media.” / Twitter

National Security Search Engine: Google’s Ranks are Filled with CIA Agents (

Caitlin Johnstone on Twitter: “Probably worth noting here that @AlanRMacLeod has been documenting the alarming trend of massive online platforms hiring insiders from the US intelligence cartel for key positions of influence.” / Twitter

Meet the Ex-CIA Agents Deciding Facebook’s Content Policy (

“Merkel reveals the Minsk Agreement was a stalling tactic that allowed the West to militarize Ukraine as an anti-Russian proxy and fortify it for an inevitable war. I’m struggling to find any coverage or analysis of this remarkable confession in English language mainstream media.” (-Max Blumenthal)

“If you want to know how the War Machine keeps Americans cheering for more war, here you go. TIME really do top notch propaganda. #WarPigs” (-Jimmy Dore)

John Pilger and Lowkey Expose the Permanent War State – Dandelion Salad (

Daniel Ellsberg: Indict Me Too (

Arbiter Anubis on Twitter: “Credentials do not measure character or wisdom In a careerist society like ours, credentials are merely an indicator of parroting the status quo” / Twitter

Meet the Brutal Proxy Force Fighting the Russians, Not Only on the Ground in Ukraine But Also on the Internet | CovertAction Magazine

Will Griffin: Dismantling General Dynamics With The Mapping Project – Dandelion Salad (

US Non-Profit-Funded Israeli Extremists Pose Immediate Threat to Al-Aqsa Mosque and Regional Stability (

The WEF Reveals The Agenda For Davos 2023 – Activist Post

Wanna Fly? TSA Now Wants to Scan Your Face at Security – Activist Post

First In The Nation: Philadelphia Transit To Treat Every Commuter Like A Potential Terrorist – Activist Post

Common Dreams on Twitter: “”Right now, you have the executive authority to extend paid sick leave to rail workers, and you do not need congressional approval to do that. We implore you to use that power right now,” says @LeverNews’ open letter to President Joe Biden.” / Twitter

elected by Klaus UK PM Rishi Sunak Calls For New Police Powers To Stop “Illegal Protests” – Activist Post

Al Jazeera Sues Israeli Forces in Intl Criminal Court (

YouTube Slaps ‘Conspiracy Theory’ Label on World Government Summit Video that Literally Asks, ‘Are We Ready for a New World Order?’ – Vigilant Links

“It might help the morale of any soon striking railway workers to know:

congress is breaking UN mandate/international law by attempting to stop the railway workers from striking.To be clear- I don’t mean that congress cares about breaking international law- 

I’m just saying that this is just one more reason for railway workers to strike- no matter what congress says. Its gonna have to be a wildcat.

(-Boots Riley)

“Indeed. The #RightToStrike is a universal human right, codified in international law in ILO Convention 87, the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights & the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. #Railroadstrike #RailroadWorkers #RailStrike” (-Craig Mokhiber)

“Hey NY Times and Charlie Savage

.. time to come clean on the 2016 DNC emails & Russia!” (-Ann Wright Voices Of Conscience and Code Pink)

Americans Dumbed Down on Russia – Original

Truth Killers: The Corporate Media and the Military-Industrial Complex:

Truth Killers: The Corporate Media and the Military-Industrial Complex – YouTube

Mike Prysner on Twitter: “Why was young DeSantis chosen/trusted as the human rights lawyer where his superiors knew they’d be breaking the law? Then chosen to be the war crimes moderator in Fallujah where they wanted to win “by any means”? Probably the same reason he was chosen to be Trump’s challenger…” / Twitter

Danny Haiphong on Twitter: “Show me a liberal, and I’ll show you a white supremacist and imperialist war pig.” / Twitter

SAD! Sir Rod Stewart’s son Aiden rushed to hospital with suspected heart attack (


Australian Rock Show: Episode 159 – Mr. Ratboy Interview (

What Are We Gonna Do (The Earth Day Song) – Emendation Mixes (

Mendel Illness (

Review – Witness To The Crime – Gunfire Dance – – Easy Action Records – (

Richard Blade

August 27, 2021 :

If you are a fan of Dramarama – and who isn’t, there’s a great podcast I did with John Easdale that goes deep into the history and music of the band now available on your SiriusXM app. Tune in and enjoy over ninety minutes of amazing insight into a true, rocking band. 

First ever vinyl LP from Gunfire Dance, the Birmingham glam-punk legends! – Skylight Webzine

Golden_Rat_Press-Release_site.pdf (

Garbage Days Revisited #91: Gunfire Dance – “Witness To The Crime” (1991/2022) (

Album Of The Week / Final Fling is a fitting tribute to Bernie Tormé (

Dramarama | Facebook

The Golden Rat – ‘We Got a Right’ – BROKEN 8 RECORDS


And I don’t really give a fuck, as they’d been censoring me and everybody like Mike Prysner and Abby Martin and Cindy Sheehan and Medea Benjamin for years, rigging the algorithms, hiding our posts. Training dumbuck obedients into blindly supporting more online censorship because someone in some safespace college campus might find something from a scientific journal “objectionable”, “problematic”, or “offensive!” or AOC might be “traumatized” into superfunding the police state and proxy war for Wall Street global hegemonn. “Traumatized” by an old dude messing up Pelosi’s desk or some shit. Tim Yohannon warned us about Fake Corporate Punk and mass media consolidation way back in the early 90’s. Sal from Electric Frankenstein was talking about evil industry manufactured bullshit conumer dummy muzak way back then, too and tightknit control of playlists on the public airwaves-what he used to call the ANTI ROCK CONSPIRACY. It’s all fake muzak, now. Plink 182 spazpunk garbage and billionaire heiress feelings. It’s all fake news now, what a horror show. Vangaurd and Blackrock own it all, so we gotta all do our part to amplify indie media and dissident journalists from Michael Hastings (RIP) to Julian Assange! The entire Left has been silenced in the big 5 corporate mass media. Village Voice is gone, Flipside’s gone. I don’t even think Falling James writes for L.A. Weekly anymore. One of the only falsebook friends I miss seeing regular updates from is this super cool younger rocknroll reporter from California I think named Mikayla Beyer-her fantastic glam interviews with so many of our rocknroll heroes are among my favorite things online along with that Metal Sunday Social Club the dude from Blackboard Jungle does and Wasting Some Time with Jason Green. She is awesome. Thank you for your service, sister. She loves all the same glitter trash we do. I can’t ask my mom for a birthday or Christmas subscription to UK import punknroll bible “VIVE LE ROCK” as she’s a retired school teacher ona fixed income, that’s shit’s like $25 a copy now, so all my rocknroll has to come from like the youtubes. I’m a pauper.

Jeff Drake Interviewed! – YouTube

Pleasant Gehman Interviewed! – YouTube

Jo Almeida Interviewed! – YouTube

Nigel Mogg Interviewed! – YouTube

Alvin Gibbs Interviewed! – YouTube

Les Riggs Interviewed! – YouTube

Metal Social Sunday • A podcast on Anchor

STEVE BROY of The Legendary MENTORS on EL DUCE Doc, 40+ Year Career & more – YouTube

ANDY McCOY Returns! Hanoi Rocks Reunion? New Record, US Dates & More! – YouTube

Here is another true blue music lover/smart writer I always admire: Living To Listen – Compact music commentary about artifacts new and old: I enthuse, I don’t accuse, but I do refuse–to review anything lukewarm or colder!

COOL INTERVIEW WITH GUNFIRE DANCE!!!! Birchie and Ozzie of Gunfire Dance interview with Dawn Osborne of TotalRock 2022 – YouTube


Sohodolls – Dead by christmas (Original Music Video) – YouTube

“”When one begins to live by habit and by quotation, one has begun to stop living.” (-James Baldwin)

Vandana Shiva: Bill Gates Is Promoting ‘Surveillance Agriculture’ • Children’s Health Defense (

Robbing The Global South, Then Scorning Its Poverty: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix (

Vicious Kitten Records

WikiLeaks on Twitter: “National Union of Journalists: ‘The CIA reportedly plotted to kidnap and assassinate Julian Assange – we demand his release’” / Twitter

Amy Robach was just fired from ABC for alleged affair. Are we sure it wasn’t because she exposed ABC News’ coverup of the Jeffrey Epstein scandal? – Vigilant Links

World BEYOND War on Twitter: “📢 Tell your House and Senate reps to vote NO on more money to escalate a war that threatens further climate chaos, skyrocketing inflation, world hunger and, most disturbingly, nuclear annihilation!” / Twitter

Cops “Protect” Town by Kidnapping and Caging 82yo Grandma Over Unpaid $70 Trash Bill – Activist Post

‘Horrified’: Lawmakers Demand Answers From Fauci on Taxpayer-Funded Experiments on Dogs • Children’s Health Defense (

salude to a fearless comrade PinkLips | Facebook

“There are “woke” psyops and there “anti-woke” psyops.

There are billionaires funding “progressive” media & politicians, and there are billionaires funding “populist” media & politicians. There are feds in antifa and in the Proud Boys. It’s pro-wrestling. A “worked shoot.”” (-Primo Radical)

Permanent cultural conflict prevents middle & working class subgroups from unity on common causes, that could threaten elite power. Always enough hostility & distrust (or so they make it seem) to never work together.” (-Erik Reisz Hajdu)

“Once you realize that Republicans and Democrats are competing factions of the mafia, American politics makes a lot more sense” (-Whitney Webb)

“As part of its war that killed 3 million people in Korea, the US used biological weapons

But the CIA tried to cover this up in a “counter-propaganda” operation, falsely claiming it was a communist “myth” (-Ben Norton)

“Liberals say that conservatives are stupid because they do not listen to facts, logic, data or history — flippantly ignoring these things in defense of pre-programmed beliefs and their tribe.

Why is it, then, that liberals cannot recognize when they do the exact same thing?” (-Primo Radical)

“Full disclosure if John Bolton or Mike Pompeo somehow secure the Republican presidential nomination I will become a pussyhat-wearing shitlib for the remainder of the 2024 race.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

Mick Wallace on Twitter: “While Taliban put in place more restrictions on women’s rights, Western Sanctions slowly starve the country to death. #EU response to Ukrainian Refugee Crisis showed what’s possible but politicians are content with the 2 tier system in Europe for Refugees – It’s called Racism…” / Twitter

“The final version of the NDAA includes a provision granting the Pentagon “emergency” procurement authorities until at least September 30, 2024 to furnish all “materiel and related services” to Ukraine. Translation: the US is now in full wartime industrial production mode” (-Michael Tracey)

“This country is a nation of thieves. It stole everything it has, beginning with black people. The U.S. cannot justify its existence as the policeman of the world any longer. I do not want to be a part of the American pie. The American pie means raping South Africa, beating Vietnam, beating South America, raping the Philippines, raping every country you’ve been in. I don’t want any of your blood money. I don’t want to be part of that system. We must question whether or not we want this country to continue being the wealthiest country in the world at the price of raping everybody else.”(―Stokely Carmichael)

Yes they should be pardoned! And the war criminals responsible for over a million deaths tried instead. Quit hiding the #Costofwar” (-Jodie Evans on Assange and Snowden poll)

The fact that Joe Biden was yelling and pointing fingers at workers during the campaign was your first clue that he was going to be an anti-labor president and another puppet of the oligarchy.” (-Ryan Knight)

“Making a rail strike illegal just proves how terrified the ruling class is of worker’s power.

The largest strikes in history – that gave us things like a 40 hr work week & took kids out of mines – were illegal. So, what if you called their bluff? #RailStrikes #Railworkers” (-Elenor Goldfield)

“NATO is not the aggressor.

The vaccine is safe & effective. The Hunter Biden laptop is disinformation. Trump colluded with Russia. Epstein & Maxwell had no clients. Assad gassed his own people. We are winning in Afghanistan. Iraq has weapons of mass destruction.” (-Primo Radical)

So far billions in American taxpayer money has achieved getting over 100,000 Ukrainian soldiers killed and almost 20% of their country taken For nothing our Gov’t could have told Ukraine to honor the Minsk agreement they signed and none of this would have happened. Reminder: Victoria Nuland is caught on tape picking Ukraine’s new Gov’t before the coup in 2014 even happened and Biden is on video bragging about firing their prosecutor That’s the sovereign Ukraine they keep talking about. The EU is even getting pissed about the US profiting off of this war by ripping them off, while our own American citizens are still cheering on watching billions of our dollars being stolen from us and given to the ruling class again” (-Black In The Empire)


Please get me that RAZZLE book for Christmas. I’ve been pretty good this year.

“Suckering Europeans into war with Russia, blowing up Nord Stream pipelines, Inflation Reduction Act, soaring energy & food prices, the assault on the German economy – European political class is a little late understanding that U.S. policy is & has always been “America First.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“Nancy Pelosi will be stepping down after 627 years as leader of the Democrats in the House of Representatives. She will be remembered by the piles of money she secured for herself & her friends.” (-Lee Camp)

“Reminder: fascist Bolsonaro only came to power due to a political coup in 2016 and judicial coup in 2018 (both backed by the US)

Brazil’s supreme court later absolved Lula of all the fake charges against him The UN said the lawfare violated Lula’s rights” (-Ben Norton)

Congress, a corrupt institution with a 21% approval rating, has no right to override the will of railway union rank and file.” (-Party For Socialism & Liberation)

Gov. Ron DeSantis oversaw torture in Guantánamo as a military lawyer (

Caitlin Johnstone (@caitoz) / Twitter


Are you hip to these guys? By the time RATBOY was doing SOUR JAZZ, Giliani and all those billionaire gentrification scumbags had been sending buses full of riot pigs to crack people’s skulls in Tompkins Square Park for the sin of being poor in Lower Manhattan. They pushed out all us lower class brats to make way for all those loathsome trustfund hipsters and Wall Street shysters, so I never saw Sour Jazz play live, but Cowboy Mark came to visit me at my ex wife’s house in the midwest where they manufacture the fratboys when my kids were young. Very charming and lovable guy. I interviewed singer Lou a couple times I think and the drummer went on to play with Walter Lure’s post “RENT PARTY” Waldos for long time and even sang a song on their final album. I thought you outlaws and activists, guttersnipes and beat poets might enjoy some SOUR JAZZ songs in thee dismal ever darkening times that all the prophets from Alice Walker and Russell Means to Assata Shakur and Julian Assange all warned us about. So here, my dears.

SOUR JAZZ – [I’m a] Prick – YouTube

SOUR JAZZ – That’s Cool – YouTube

SOUR JAZZ – That’s Cool, Too – YouTube

Free Sour Jazz Downloads

Sour Jazz reviews

Sour Jazz videos

The official website of Sour Jazz

David Swanson on Twitter: “Too late, humanity realized that it had been glorifying things a machine could do better than any human, and that they were the worst things imaginable.” / Twitter

Barely anyone is talking about DNC & Biden’s move last week to alter the primary calendar to ensure no progressive (*cough* Bernie Sanders) could ever compete w/ the establishment (*cough* oligarchy’s) candidate again. ” (-Lee Camp)

“How comical is this? The FBI is blaming racists for an attack. The agency of COINTELPRO that murdered countless civil rights leaders, including MLK, and created the Crips and Bloods. Nice one, CNN.” (-John Dissed)

Since the US overthrew democratically elected Arbenz in Guatemala, >100k civilians have been murdered by military dictators that followed. There’ve been at least 68 such regime change operations since WWII. Once you know, you can’t be silent.” (-Dr. Jill Stein)

“Zelensky is a sad figure. Elected on a platform of peace only to get bullied by the far-right and Washington; now such a tool of the far-right that he bans the church of millions of Ukrainians.” (-Aaron Mate’)

Kula Shaker plans tribute to John Lennon ahead of 2023 UK Tour (

“Congress tells us they can’t pass anything because of “gridlock” and “lack of bipartisanship.” They can’t pass Build Back Better, they can’t codify Roe.

But apparently they were able to find the bipartisanship when it came to stripping rail workers of the right to strike.” (-Kei Pritsker)

U.S. Army Planned to Pay Streamers Millions to Reach Gen-Z Through Call of Duty (

Jewish Voice for Peace on Twitter: “With full, heavy hearts, we share that Shatzi, @peoplesbubbie, died at the age of 92. 💔🕯 An anti-Zionist Jew, lesbian, AIDS nurse, death educator, Shatzi was a source of wisdom and joy for our community. May her memory be for a revolution, from New York to Palestine. 🧵” / Twitter

Ending The War In Ukraine, Not Life On Earth | Nov 30 Livestream – YouTube

“Kirchner said the corrupt right-wing’s goal is to prevent her from running for office. And they succeeded

CFK said their “henchmen” can “imprison me, but I will never be your pet. Never!” She said a rich oligarch may pay criminals to shoot her. They want her “prisoner or dead”

“”Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.” (-James Baldwin)

Kirchner: The right-wing oligarchs and media “condemn me because they condemn a model of economic development and of recognition of the rights of the people” She stressed they are the corrupt ones; they left the country trapped in $45 billion in IMF debt” (-Ben Norton)

Revolting Teens Lose Their MINDS! The awesome illustrated covers of ‘Punk Magazine’ | Dangerous Minds

The Senders (


“I was born in a bourgeois community and had some of the better things in life, but I found that there were more people starving than there were people eating, more people that didn’t have clothes than did have clothes, and I just happened to be one of the few. So I decided that I wouldn’t stop doing what I’m doing until all those people are free.”  (-Fred Hampton)

Motorcycle Boy – Get Around Live 1992 – YouTube

Ali Harb on Twitter: “Israeli forces bound, gagged and blindfolded 78-year-old US citizen Omar Assad in January and left him to die at a cold construction. Nearly a year later, still no consequences for his killers.” / Twitter

“As usual, liberal employees of media corporations can’t keep their lies straight.

If NY Post’s stories were “nothing burgers” – just pics of Hunter’s genitals – why did they try so hard to get them censored, spreading CIA’s lies that the docs were “Russian disinformation?”” (-Glenn Greenwald)

The US government has approved at least $51.4 billion in military aid for Ukraine since the last week of February

That’s roughly $185 million PER DAY on average.” (-Ben Norton)

I think we live in an industrial dimensional reality where we’re programmed to believe what we’re told. We’re programmed to believe them. We’re programmed to believe what that ruling class wants us to believe. (— John Trudell)

In about an hour I gotta go get another tooth pulled, losing your teeth is a real mindfuck, ya know you can dye your hair and drop the weight and almost forget you are fifty something, but the teeth starting to fall out due to advanced periodontal disease is a constant reminder of the ticking clock. Kinda makes ya wanna cry a little. My old friends, the poor ones without some fancy health insurance have already lost their teeth. My friends keep dropping dead, one by one, so many died young, now that has accelerated-people are dropping dead all over the place, even on live tv and all the obits just say “died unexpectedly” or “died suddenly”. Kids with heart attacks? Under sixty having strokes? “Just died unexpectedly”. Unexpectedly is not a cause of death. I remember the video someone made of my New Orleans street musician where they guessed he was twenty five years older than he was at the time. Life outdoors in the elements gets brutal fast. Middle class people been tv trained to just think the poor huddled masses do not deserve teeth or optical. Our appearance keep changing as we get older. There were a few years I recall when I wore almost the same outfit everyday-long black hair, little bit of eye makeup, maybe one dangling Lords sword earring, Godfather fedora, red leather jacket, white tuxedo shirt, black leather hardcore belt with chains I lost in a messy eviction, black Lip Service bondage pants, leopard skin creepers. Midwestern sports towns would not let you work hardly anywhere, unless you had short hair. Even the record store in the mall where my Michael Hutchence lookalike older bassplayer worked when I met him always insisted I was too Ramonesey, longhaired. Longhair was okay for him cause he was conventionally Handsome, whereas I am not. A kid I knew in a collegetown hot rod band who died when his disease spread while he was in jail for DUI’s was allowed to bag groceries at Krogers in spite of his crazy punk rock hair, but for the most part, only elite hipster businesses would let you work there with tattoos. Now everybody you see has tattoos, it was different when I was a kid, and my twenties seemed to be all about the screws getting steadily tighter, like when they took away all the bus stop benches in the cities, removed all public phones mandating traceable personal cellphones, started groping you in the airport, locked all the public restrooms in the parks, doing the whole psy op about anthrax and orange alerts and Bush telling you to but duct tape from his Home Depot pal Tom Ridge. I knew people who went to jail for pot and acid. Singer in a psychedelic garage band did like two years for a pocket full of weed. They made me piss test for dishwasher jobs and as a pizzamaker at the bowling alley. I was the only one who was forced to piss test because the way I looked, they’d presume I’m a hippie stoner. I’d tell ’em straight up, I’m more of an old fashioned Jim Morrison boozeman, but they’d still make you go pee in a cup to get their minimum wage job. Knew a guy who got a city job, good money, easy peasy, twenty bucks an hour to stand around in an orange vest, but he had to do all these stupid human tricks to get that gig, even though he’s a decorated veteran, he had to smuggle somebody elses urine into their piss clinic. Cause he’s a reefer afficianado. So many boomers and white middle class suburbans are being granted reefer rights, but not all the non violent drug offenders are free from the forced labor in private prisons promoted by people like Kamala Harris. Techlords purged me from Facebook, Garland Nixon from Twitter, Dr. Naomi Wolf from Twitter, and scrubbed years and years of interviews by Chris Hedges, Abby Martin, and Lee Camp from Youtube. Fauntleroy clingers on from namebrand bands gone outta thier way to help The Man enforce his Official, for profit, bogus falsehood, tyrrany Narratives online, throwing all their second hand fame around. It astounds me that any of the human beings I grew up with, especially the ones who once and maybe still owned punk rock records or grew up hearing me talk about the Panthers, antiwar movement, the Wobblies, the American Indian Movement or Michael Hastings still support the police state and the Ted Talk stated objectives of totalitarian Davos billionaires who want a microchip cashless society and control of every aspect of your little life-evil rulers who meet in secret and handpick people like Sinema, Trudeau, Macron, and Desantis. It’s a crazy world and fictitious times. It was Michael Moore who used that phrase, but now, he just became a legman for the crooked DNC. I liked him better when he fought the billionaires and advocated for low wage workers, social justice causes and unions, now he’s just another “russiagate” Hillary obeyer like the Squad and Bernie-you think all those people got actual threats from the deep state during the Covid Panic? ‘Cause they ALL got in line to support Gropey Joe Biden, as corrupt a candidate as any we’ve ever seen. Remember Anita Hill or the Crimebill? Tara Reade or the Patriot Act? The gropey Big Guy is not all there. Like Reagan, tthey just lead him around. Weekend at Gropey Joe’s. I think all the politics are a staged dog n pony show, wagging the dog for the secret societies and spy agencies. One of my alltime rocknroll heroes just told me he loves me very, very much and it almost made me cry. Ya know when everything seems so ridiculously dystopian and all your ex friends only speak in bumper stickers, dayspa jingles or pharma commercials, it’s really moving to receive a kind word from someone who is still conscious and not baffled by the bullshit. I really, really love him, too.
Another way I know I’m getting old is I got more psychic space for some sillier say nothing bands I would have scorned or scoffed at twenty years ago when I still had some longshot, raggedy, underpracticed, low budget, part time, heavy boozing, self destructive basement punk bands of my own. Like this snot slick group, DERAPS–they got the California hair band sound, they’re mostly Van Halen but with a little White Lion and Honeymoon Suite thrown in the mix-pop metal, cheerful, slick, rich, born on Malibu beach kinda vibes, but to make it all even a bit weirder, they’re from Quebec Canada and like jam with Eddie Van Halen’s friends from Toto who played on “Thriller” and shit like that-I don’t mind ’em, something ’bout them appeals to me against my will and better judgement, I guess they give me that checkered Vans and Eddie Van beer in the cooler and frisbee dog feeling. Not punk rock by any stretch of the imagination-the opposite of that totally-posh metal, but I kinda dig it. It’s very much in the corporate hairband assembly line tradition of Warrant and Bullet Boys and Whitesnake and Winger and Nelson, but the weedly musicianship is of a higher caliber ala Nuno or Eddie Van. If you were one of the ten people still alive who read any of my fanzines in the 80’s, you’ll know I used to mercliessly slag any formulaic hair metal merchants for co-pting our subversive street subculture.