“Being a child of wealthy parents is like being born into a cult whose entire focus is reinforcing class solidarity for the ruling class. Their social culture, academic culture, family culture etc are all dedicated to building an elite commonality that excludes the common riff raff.

That’s why the ruling class have such vastly superior class solidarity to the working class. Most of us aren’t raised with an acute awareness that we are very different from the ruling class and that their interests conflict with our own, but everyone in the ruling class is. By the time they’re mature enough to take the reins, members of the ruling class have been run through an entire cultural processing system dedicated to forming solidarity with their class, while the rest of us have been focused on keeping our heads above water.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

“The U.S. government is controlled by one party that has two corporate wings.” (-Ryan Knight)

“Russia is not the enemy. China is not the enemy. The U.S. military industrial complex controlling Washington’s reckless foreign policy is the enemy of all of humanity. In 2022, police in the United States killed 3 people per day on average. It’s time for the international community to hold the U.S. accountable for its heinous crimes against humanity. It’s 2022 and Joe Biden still hasn’t forgiven any student debt. But he has given Ukraine more than $100 billion in military aid. January 1st is not just a celebration of the new year. It is also the anniversary of two of the most important revolutions in human history: the Cuban and Haitian Revolutions. We owe both the Cuban and Haitian people a great debt for their service to humanity.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“When the contemporary ideologues of white supremacy – Zelensky, Macron & Biden talk about European values for those of us on the receiving end of those values we understand they are reaffirming the values of death. The Western claim of civilizational superior is quite bizarre. It rests on a negation. A negation of the equal value of non-Europeans & civilizations & the liquidation of the history of predatory colonial/imperialist relations between what became the West & the rest of humanity. I’m pretty confident that if Trump had been reelected there would be a couple hundred thousand human beings still alive in Ukraine & Russia. On the other hand, he probably would have given the green light to Israel to attack Iran by now. Now that former French President Francois Hollande confirmed the statement from Angela Merkel that the Minsk agreements were just a “ploy” to prepare for war does anyone believe that the U.S. was not in on that ploy? Wasn’t that the concern that Trump would not go along? He did. The debates in republican party between insurgents & elite mirror the debates in the democrat party in early 2020. The republican insurgency recognizes the elite is prepared to lose rather than support Trump. A decision also made by democrats when they colluded against Sanders.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“The only reason we know about MKULTRA is because the CIA was unable to destroy all of the records due to a filing error.” (-Robert Skvarla)

Propagandopolis on Twitter: “‘Don’t give war toys’ — Belgian anti-war poster from 1981 urging parents not to give their children war toys for Christmas. Published by the youth wing of the General Labour Federation of Belgium and designed by ‘C.L. Baudhuin’.” / Twitter

Abby Martin on Twitter: “.@fluorescentgrey & I dive into the aftermath of oligarch Elon Musk’s takeover of twitter, restricting communication under the banner of free speech & the hidden (& not so hidden) motivations he really has” / Twitter

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “One day they will pay. In the meantime victory to the enemies of my enemy!” / Twitter

“According to the Lancet the number of Americans killed by police is actually double the official number every year. So that means 2022 saw closer to 2,400 murders by police. That’s 6.4 killings a day.” (-Lee Camp)

Samuel Sinyangwe on Twitter: “Police killed more people in America in 2022 than any other year on record. At least 1,176 people were killed by police nationwide – 3.2 killings per day.” / Twitter

AWKWORD on Twitter: “@samswey NEW: Samuel Sinyangwe talks tracking police violence… and much more” / Twitter

The CIA is using a European NATO ally’s spy service to conduct a covert sabotage campaign inside Russia under the agency’s direction, according to former U.S. intelligence and military officials. | Jack Murphy (

Maddow and her ilk are all just brazen bullshit propagandists Aaron Maté on Twitter: “Like any good conspiracy theorists, those who insisted that Trump’s tax returns would show deep Russia ties have gone quiet since the returns came out. Any update from @Lawrence on his 2019 claim that Russian oligarchs signed Trump’s bank loans? #BlueAnon” / Twitter

Max Abrahms on Twitter: “A common talking point was Trump won’t release his tax returns because they’ll show Russian collusion. MSNBC ran entire episodes on this point. Trump’s tax returns from 2015 to 2020 are now public. No media outlet or Democrat official has acknowledged their disinformation.” / Twitter


You know that old sci-fi movie from the 80’s starring Rowdy Roddy Piper has basically all come to pass exactly like that. You got those obedient consumer zombies of death and then a maligned minority who can kinda see what’s goin’ down and they get hassled and harrangued by all the Bot Armies and Insider Privileged, the shitlib fraud squads and the cancel culture tone police who think they are the dogooders. See that movie again and tell me it don’t make you think about almost everybody you used to know. It’s horrifying. Even those of us who learned from history are doomed to watch hopellessly as the programmed masses do it all again and again. I’ve personally seen way way too much bloodshed in real life to get off on horror movies like most Murkkkans, but this camp b movie just seems like the ugly reality of our surroundings, at this point. People will stand in line to get fucked over as long as they give ’em a little title or badge or sticker that makes ’em feel important. Like V.I.P.’s. 

THEY LIVE – Trailer ( 1988 ) – YouTube

They Live (1988) : John Carpenter : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Remember all the hoopla about how Black Lives Matter? Riots, justice tweeters tweeting, football player being shut out for taking a knee, agent provocateurs, all the virtue signaling fakes putting a bumper sticker on their Tesla and every greedy, exploitive, opportunistic corporation using the bandwagon to promote their products? That was just a couple years ago, but instead of defunding any racist murderous police, a diverse coalition of intersectional mass incarcerators just keep criminalizing poverty and homelessness, and protests in public spaces, and giving more military grade weapons and spy hardware to homeland security alphabet gangs and the same ole KKK crazy killer police. Not to mention actual nazis in the Ukraine. Shitlibs don’t seem to care about poor people in real life, they feel like complimenting Kamala, Beyonce, or Chelle is them doing their part, how they gave at the office, already. They got their jab sticker, their I Voted sticker, their rainbow flag, their Ukraine flag, they feel all activist-y, calling for more censorship of views that make them feel ikky, online.

What happened to alla AOC’s crocodile tears over (Obama’s) Trump’s “child cages”? They just changed the name to “overflow facilities”, put some yellow smiley wallpaper up for a photo shoot and ta-daaa…Biden quadrupled the border gulags and just had rightwing radio insist the scary brown people are coming in over the border in droves to steal all our good minimum wage jobs and wonderful free healthcare benefits, which is really just the jab. As Dylan sang, “people are crazy and times are strange”. Do you ever say something true and factual, then immediately second guess yourself, because you know that is basically forbidden, and seldom done in the “New Normal”? The Chris Hedges Report Video interview with Helen Benedict and Eyad Awwadawnan on the efforts by industrial nations to lock out the 84 million forcibly displaced migrants around the globe. ( People don’t have real conversations anymore or talk from the heart about their own first hand experience cause they all memorized The Script and know that any deviation from the Official Narrative will result in Swift Consequences from the Higher Ups. My hometown minister now retired told me about ten years ago if I’m not gonna shaddup and just obediently ruin my knees for Wal Mart profits like the bible tells me to, and I was skeptical about that interpretation, that I might as well come out and make a stand against the forever wars, always based on lies and ballsout fabrications, and actively resist the racist police state war on the poor shit, cause basically he can’t, even if he symapthizes with the victims of the Big Machine, cause his whole congregation are military families. His bread and butter is prayers for the troops. 

Revolutionary Blackout Network🥋 on Twitter: “The NATO left will not age well. Bernie Sanders and the squad will go down as war supporting sellouts who are directly responsible for the boom of the military industrial complex” / Twitter

“Do you remember voting for government agencies to insert themselves into the regulation of online speech? I don’t remember any such vote. It sure seems like they appointed that authority to themselves without the permission of the electorate, solely for their own benefit…Let the powerful involve themselves in the regulation of public speech and they will regulate it to their advantage every time….It’s almost like democracy is an illusion and our rulers do whatever they want to us, up to and including restricting the ways we’re allowed to communicate with each other.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

“The persecution of Julian Assange is a microcosm of the empire’s assault on democracy. The fight for his freedom is a fight for our own. Let this imperative close out 2022, and renew our struggle in 2023!” (-Dr. Jill Stein)

“One of this generation’s greatest journalists, Julian Assange – who has broken more historic stories than most corporate journalists combined – will soon complete his 4th year in a high-security prison, as punishment for that journalism.

May 2023 be the year he is finally free.” (-Glenn Greenwald)

The Prevailing Authoritarianism in Liberal Media Elites w/ Glenn Greenwald | Premieres at 9AM ET (

Unholy on Twitter: “Death to America! Coming this winter! 🔥” / Twitter

Light Record Media on Twitter: “I would be so proud if this was my son ❤” / Twitter


The 80’s had so much good music goin’ on, you’d rarely even pause to really give a good listen to many of the corporate metal hairbands, Bang Tango were promoted as funk metal or some shit like that because they had a real good lookin’ bassplayer named Kyle Kyle that all the glossy metal magazines were promoting as a John Taylor locker pinup heart throb that all the girls from the record store in the mall were in love with, but I found Joe LeSte’s attempts at being a James Brown funky man kinda ham fisted and almost laughable. He had about the same singing range I did except the part where he’d suddenl;y go super high like Slaughter which I kinda always thought mighta been goosed in the studio with a bit of pitch shifter help to make him sound more like Steven Tyler, I dunno. I quit trying to sing that Waxl/Keifer screechy high shit when I turned twenty and got away from farm girls and stonewashed stoners who were always kinda leaning on you to be more Waxl like if you had a long haired rocknroll band with a leather jacket, they thought there wa some law you had to impersnate Waxl, but I saw waxl as a nazareth cover band dude poorly impersonating Michel from Hanoi and I was more into Stiv and Iggy than any of the Headbanger’s Ball metal bands though I did like Faster Pussycat alot except for that really awful Ric Browde canend drum sound and that horrible fucked up Beastie Boys rap song on their first album-again with the way too white guys trying to be funky rappers. Ugh. Terrible. All the metal bands seemed really money bags factory assembled to us younger D.I.Y. artful dodgers who were lucky to have a bass amp to sing through, back then, but we just marvelled at all that major label recording studio production value, we did not even know how to get a decent slapback Cramps echo on the vocals, which is all I really wanted. Joe LeSte had some quality I appreciated though, I think that he alway at least tried to be an entertainer and put on a show, I value that, even if your music is real bombastic maybe overproduced hair metal. I liked ’em well enough, not as much as I liked the Sea Hags or Kill For Thrills, but they were okay in my book. I considered them Fake Billy Idol, which is mostly just a waste of time and money, cause I could go straight to the Real Billy Idol, whom I much preferred cause he had better music, better lyrics, better songs and a lot more heart. Bang Tango are sadly another one of those spoilt hairbands who can’t get along for more than one reunion show cause everybody wants to be the Head Rockstar In Charge. Ala Skid Row, L.A. Guns, GNR, etc. etc. A shame, really cause I am always rooting for people to overcome petty ego trips for the greater good ya know and I was watching some live performances of Joe LeSte from more recent years and honestly for the kind of music he does, a cross between Aerosmith/Cindrella and Idol, he’s a pretty decent frontman. Not as good as say, Shane from Electric Angels, but better than most of ’em. I had a beautiful blonde heavy metal girlfriend with crazy overbearing church parents who were trying to make us get married and move to Arizona back then cause I think they knew deep down we were sleeping together and she was always playing Bang Tango, Skid Row, and the Dan Reed Network from Seattle in her car on the way to the no tell motel. Until she started goin’ backstage at big concerts to meet the real rockstars and was sleeping with some of them, too, so we brokeup and I was heartsick about it for a little while. I still have a note she wrote me apologizing for an indiscretion she had with my very own lead guitarist. Smalltown teenagers. Ya know?

Bang Tango – Someone Like You – YouTube

The Bang Tango Movie (Theatrical Trailer) HD – YouTube

Bang Tango – Attack of life live at the Whisky a Go Go (All Original Members) 01/25/2020 – YouTube

Bang Tango – Dancin’ On Coals Live at the Whisky a Go Go (All Original Members) 01/25/2020 – YouTube

Bang Tango (original members) – “Love Injection” (Live at Whiskey a Go Go Jan 25, 2020) – YouTube

Original Bang Tango line-up reunite for jam – Sleaze Roxx

Mark Knight blames Joe Leste’s “over blown ego” on why Bang Tango’s original line-up will never reunite – Sleaze Roxx

MARK KNIGHT why BANG TANGO Reunion Lasted 1 Show Only? + UNSUNG HEROES – YouTube

Bang Tango Someone Like You @ Stages March 19 2022 – YouTube

“We were miscreants who had no other choice, had no other road out. We were one of the few, the chosen, you know? It’s either this or…jail, death, or janitor” (-Paul Westerberg)

“The corporate news media isn’t there to inform you about what’s happening in the world, it’s there to put propaganda in your head that the billionaire class wants you to think” (-Jimmy Dore)

“The politics in the U.S. has gotten so strange partly because of the right-ward trajectory of the democrat party & political & moral bankruptcy of liberalism & right-wing nationalism of liberal/left.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“The Intercept was once considered a top source for whistleblowers and antiwar journalism.

Now it’s a haven for Russiagate conspiracy theorists serving their billionaire master Omidyar screaming RUSSIA rather than at the real enemy: US empire.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“Democrats abandonment of their traditional skepticism of the CIA has made us the War party and greased the skids for the rise of an authoritarian surveillance state.” (-Robert F. Kennedy Jr.)

“The geopolitical winds are changing: Pakistan was a US ally in the first cold war, helping the CIA wage proxy war against the USSR in Afghanistan.

But Imran Khan is pushing for non-alignment. (This was a key reason for the US-backed soft coup against him)” (-Ben Norton)


Ben Norton on Twitter: “The Non-Aligned Movement is coming back, bigger than before: Pakistan’s ex Prime Minister Imran Khan said it was a mistake to ally with the US in the first cold war. He called for non-alignment in the new cold war and neutrality over Ukraine. More here:” / Twitter

BlackRock Accused of ‘Trying to Cash In On the Disaster’ With Ukraine Reconstruction Deal – ZNetwork

Congressional Amendment Opens Floodgates for War Profiteers and a Major Ground War on Russia – ZNetwork

Blackmail Friday: Interview w/Whitney Webb – Media Monarchy

Human Rights Expert Sounds Alarm Over Israeli Firm’s ‘Dystopian’ Video-Altering Tech (

Donald Trump is a WEAK version of Joe Biden | Democrats are The Election Deniers | Premieres at 945AM ET (

“One of the most significant changes in US politics is that the left-liberal faction of the Dem Party has completely renounced distrust of and concern over CIA, FBI, NSA, etc. They – correctly – perceive those agencies as their allies and thus benign, even benevolent. Left-liberal commentators have to dance around this fact. Because distrust of CIA/FBI/NSA was a staple of that faction’s politics for decades, they can’t explicitly admit they now trust them or see them as benign. But they do, yet still try to posture as anti-authoritarian.” (-Glenn Greenwald)

“Zelensky’s new media law forbids praising Russia, defending the “totalitarian” Soviet Union, and allows the gov’t regulator to fine or ban outlets for “discrediting” the Ukrainian state. The European Federation of Journalists called it “worthy of the worst authoritarian regimes.” “Ukrainians prove dedication to the values of freedom, democracy every day,” Zelensky said in accepting the EU’s Sakharov Prize

He then passed one of Europe’s most censorious media laws, banned a wing of the Orthodox Church, and received dozens of standing ovations from Congress” (-Max Blumenthal)

“How much of a CIA front do you have yo be to express solidarity with a bourgeois politician but not actual workers on strike” (-Tushar Singh)

“AOC, How much money/weapons did you vote to send to Ukraine with absolutely no oversight?

You think that death capital isn’t going to neo nazis, you hack?” (-At Stampede)

“You voted to financially support Nazis in Ukraine. You have never once denounced this proxy war OR the fact that your President financially supports Nazis in Ukraine. You are literally supporting corruption, AOC, on a massive scale.” (-Cindy Demexit)


I been digging through old storage tubs again searching for a stupidly misplaced lyric notebook I needed to commence my New Year’s Resolution to do new music, even if it means begrudgingly finally succombing to using these newfangled computerized gadgets and some kinda pre recorded drum track. Found some real soulful postcards from my long lost first manager and road brother, Mitch (RIP), as well as some phenomenally cool “DEMOLITION JOYRIDE” fanzines authored by my long gone pen pal, Charlie Die (RIP) and his brother from Margate NJ-fabulous stuff, but all too hard hitting and poignant now. Charlie knew he was dying when he was cutting and pasting that fanzine together. He was so cool to me, always super supportive of my lost boys kid bands and shitty fanzines of my own, once described by a really funny famous guitar player as my “slit your wrist fanzines-that was the most depressing shit I ever read!” Here I am tending the same last few empers, twenty five years later, right? As my brattiest bassplayer used to say over and over whenever I’d be depressed about the songwriter heartbreak and broken homes stuff, “nobody cares, nobody remembers”. So how come I never got over any of it like all the flash people in the shiny towers? Came across a fanzine that mighta been from Canada called “FULL BLAST” that reviewed summa my old stuff, that was awesome to see. I’m not really in retirement from rocknroll, I just aint currently got no worthy accomplices willing to help pay for shit, carry their own weight, and do their part to make some action happen. I am the definition of sentimental fool, ya know? As I sort through all these boxes of tornup “Circus” magazines and postcards from dead friends, love letters from motherfuckers who don’t love me anymore, old fliers for poorly attended rock concerts at ridiculously crummy sports bars, all that kind of stuff, I pause, momentarily stunned, by a photograph of my former best friend and myself with his mom on the front porch of my old apartment in Cambridge, Ma. I-yi-yi…We were still Just Kids, maybe 23? He’d just gotten his first Joe College haircut, I’m in the perpetual black cowboy hat pulling that wide open mouth silly David Lee Roth face that my friend Anthony hates when I do, habitually, sometimes, there we are, like bookends, she had three kids plus a live in foster child who was best friends with her daughter-plus two disabled grandsons, plus me, that lady had a real hard life, not like the safe space whiners who are offended by comedians, or podcasters interviewing scientists and doctors that contradict big money agendas, but a REAL HARD LIFE. Now, she’s gravely ill and they are moving her into the hospice today. That kinda thing always hits me like a ton of bricks for many reasons, my main man the record store guru and former roommate who taught me all about sixties garage and proto punk when I was a young teenage Monkees geek, he died at the hospice two, maybe three Christmas Eves ago, and I’m just not “over it”. PK, the songwriter, who was who I wanted to be at my wedding died, too. My teenage bassplayer died suddenly. My Catholic school party friend died suddenly. Now this woman who meant so much to me growing up, she always let me stay with her when I had nowhere to go. More than three times. He’d sneak me into the basement when it was snowy and cold and I was living outside, and she’d find me asleep on the piles of laundry and bring me upstaris and feed me cereal. She took us on trips. She just gave and gave and gave and gave, lovingly mothering all of us, she was just this nurturing, generous, saintly person, in spite of all this damage inflicted on her by cold hearted abusive and mentally ill people. So yeah ya know I’m glad I’ve gotten to speak with her several times over the holidays and tried to put as much love and thanks and sincere gratitude there as I could, but it’s a heartache and a piercing hardship cause I don’t really have relationships with our common mutuals any longer, and I hate all these fuckedup gut wrenching sad goodbyes. Some mornings I fucking straight up just wish I could cry, but I’m a parent, and have to keep a brave face on, that’s kinda my fulltime gig now, trying to Remain Calm, even when I’m anguished on the inside. Feels like my whole life is like one big open wound. Makes me a bit sensitive, find myself instictively clamoring for some sortof affirming familiarity, seeking out dead end ex friends who don’t care about anything anymore, or just looking for some other human beings who are being similarly affected by this whole crazy experiences but I can’t find ’em. When another one of our oldest friends committed suicide, everybody just kinda shrugged. I got a song lyric that goes, “everybody acts so jaded, not me, baby, I’m devastated”. They say people grieve in different ways, but people I used to know just seem to grieve by checkin’ out, goin’ robot, reciting scripts, speaking in Commercial, Acquiring More Stuff. I just can’t…relate to nobody no more. The more I try to reach out and find some people who are still alive in this world who can remember how things were, before this so called New Normal, the more alienated and disappointed I feel. All those old songs about “is there anybody out there” keep echoing through my skull. I’m having a hard time holding it together some days. The gotmines seem so absurdly, pointlessly greedy and mass hypnotized now. It’s all just about the Hustle. The hustle’s on. Morrissey sang “existence is only a game”. I dunno man, I think more and more of us are feeling like society is a game you can never win, people are trained from birth to be soldiers and predators, to worship rich people as authority figures unconditionally and they will hurt you if you let them. I’ve seen so many good friends stick around and get abused by evil forces. They all came to such tragic ends and I don’t just mean the living dead suckup sellouts, either.

Electric Frankenstein Video – Demolition Joyride – YouTube

“Poverty is considered the biggest crime to the U.S. government. That’s why its prisons are overflowing with 2 million poor people.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“Merkel and Hollande admit the west didn’t want to achieve piece in the Donbas through the Minsk Agreements (2014 and 2015). They wanted to give the coup regime in Kiev time to prepare for war. They wanted to help crush ethnic Russians.

How can anyone trust western negotiators?” (-Seyed Mohammad Marandi)

Western Governments Keep Assigning Themselves The Authority To Regulate Online Speech (

The Most Terrifying Conclusion From the Twitter Files That Everyone’s Ignoring (

77 Members of the 117th Congress Violated the STOCK Act – ZNetwork

Under Cover of War, Zelensky is Leading Ukraine’s Massive Privatization Drive (

Ten Surprisingly Good Things That Happened in 2022 – ZNetwork

The Entire World, Yet Again, Is Demanding an End to the US Blockade of Cuba – ZNetwork

Midwestern Marx on Twitter: “Happy New Years and Happy 64th Anniversary of the glorious Cuban Revolution of 1959.” / Twitter


Lotta people I think were super cool are continuing to exit this mortal plain and an accelerated pace ya know and my usual impulse to wanna contact this one, or say hi that one is thwarted again and again. Mike Mindless was a rear rad monsters, comic books, vintage punk rock, and Mexican Wrestler enthusiasts who did the flea markets and old school record conventions and took some amazing photos of like the Misfits and Deadboys and I really liked him. I still remember the trip to the big college town when we first found that SKULLS record with IDOLS & DOLLS on it for a buck. I really feel for his widow who is also cool and talented and really loved her old man. (RIP) MIKE MINDLESS!

SKULLS – Idols And Dolls – YouTube

Skulls Graveyard Signal demo version – YouTube

Skulls Rocket Boulevard – YouTube

Skulls Set Me Free (The Sweet cover) – YouTube

Badsville (Superbees, Throw Rag, Hangmen, Texas Terri, Coyote Shivers, Bubble, Motochrist, & MORE) – YouTube

Five Facts About Police Deception and Youth You Should Know (

Extended episode: Useful Idiots 2022 Special plus Mick Wallace & Claire Daly Unlocked (

Alan MacLeod on Twitter: “I’ve been writing about this trend of media presenting horrifying tales from late capitalism as uplifting stories for years. For example, for @MintPressNews: “Media Frames Teen Using College Savings To Save Mom From Eviction as Uplifting Puff Piece”” / Twitter

Alan MacLeod on Twitter: “@MintPressNews Or how about when media presented a homeless kid becoming New York chess champion as a lovely story, without ever questioning why any children should be living on the streets in the richest city in the richest country on Earth. Me in @FAIRmediawatch:” / Twitter

Aaron Maté on Twitter: “Vanessa Beeley, who has reported from Syria for years, including during the dirty war, on Syria today under US-led sanctions: “I never, ever saw the level of hopelessness and despair that I’m seeing now.” The humanitarian situation in Syria” / Twitter

Why Phoenix’s Super Bowl ‘clean zone’ is sparking backlash |

Episode 19: “America This Week,” with Matt Taibbi and Walter Kirn (

Matt Taibbi on Twitter: “The FBI, explaining to Twitter they’ll handle info from the “USIC,” while the DHS agency CISA will send domestic reports: “We can give you everything we’re seeing from the FBI and USIC agencies. CISA will know what is going on in each state.” More soon #TwitterFiles” / Twitter

Merriam-Webster Declares ‘Gaslighting’ 2022 Word of the Year (

New CIA/JFK Revelations, The Latest from Brazil, & Answering Your Qs | SYSTEM UPDATE #9 (


You probably aint heard the Roger Waters song, “The Bar”, cause most people I know swore off Roger Waters ‘same time they swore off Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Chappelle, anybody who contradicts the official narrative about how this nato puppet, or that big pharma pitchman are our mandatory saintly saints for gender politeness and scientific bioweapon warfare for ScienceTM and Putin is to blame gets slandered and blacklisted in the pig media and all the TV people parrot that mockingbird bullshit. The idea he sings about in that song is how we used to get together and have some drinks and civil discourse, we used to rub elbows even with people we slightly disagreed with, we used to dance and listen to music and converse. Talk to each other about the songs that moved us and the books we’d been reading and chowin’ down and breakin’ bread nad makin’ a joyful ruckous and doing some analysis and reasoning about what’s really goin’ down, together while inevitably as a consequence of all that, makin’ plans to make a difference-see that’s what the ruling class wanted to halt-that real life get together that they can’t fully monitor and control every aspect of, see all my life, I been the wild card boogeyman, the housewife’s favorite, the Catholic kid’s dirty secret, the wild night at the drive in, yeehaw Boone’s Farm get down rocknroll animal everybody had to hide from they mama. Later on, it was the booj wives they had to keep me away from, right? As they got more invested in Always Acquiring More Stuff and seeking in-law approval, they had to go farther and farher outta their way to avoid me, cause when we’re in the same room together, there’s a razzle dazzle electricity that happens that no one can deny. Champagne bottles get opened and acoustic guitars come out and people start smilin’ and lettin’ their hair down and being their real selves instead of those slogan reciting automotan nine to five domesticated robots they’ve all become. Even me, I aint that free, cause I have all these gravely serious adult responsibilities and can’t relax cause I never know when the other shoes’s gonna fall. It’s all high alert and stay in the box, and always on the clock permenent vigilance. First, they pressured my peers into the military if they were working class, or college if they were posh, then they taught ’em all this think tank developed divisive white wash history revisiopnism and precious identity feelings studies ponciness and started normalizing cancelling comedians and demonetizing leftist antiwar activists. 9/11 truthers, election skeptics. Then, the bars all got infiltrated by intolerant college people, the neighborhoods got gentrified by racist rich people and nasty class patrol cops. People got addicted to their I-Phone gadget updates and most people say they don’t even talk on the phone anymore. “I only text.” I knew something unprecedented was being rolled out when the establishment was banning people from even gathering in churches. Then, they did the non stop repetitive brainwash operation about how supposedly a protest at the capital was the WORST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED IN HUMAN HISTORY!!! I smelled a rat all along with the absolute batshit hysteria over some Maga Blue Lives Matter KKKop protest being Lyn Cheney deep state characterized as an “INSURRECTION!, INSURRECTION, INSURRECTION!” That story even seemed to eclipse the Covid narrative and what was the takeaway from all that, how did the chips fall? Some rightwing militia patsies got Cointelpro rounded up and AOC got trotted out to say she was traumatized, so rather than defunding any kkkops, which was a big movement after George Floyd that was misled back into the bogus DNC, the Squad puppets were now calling for laws against protests and voting for more superfunding of the kkkop state. I used to say to my friends all the time that staying at home and watching tv was NOT where it’s at, cause that’s what the predator class wants-us passively sitting in front of hypnoscreens, mostly alone, consuming their lies. I, myself, quit going to bars when I saw how dominated they’d become by status quo squares and ruling class Fauntleroys. What the Waters song reminds me though, is it was a lot harder for our former associates to dismiss every conversation that ever made them “uncomfortable” and ya know we all saw how the colleges had taught all these fauxgressive fauxwokes to think they gave some goddess given right to never feel “uncomfortable”, it was harder for them to dismiss any hard fact as “fake news” or  “conspiracy theory” when they had to look us in the eyes. Tessa Fights Robots and Mark Crispin Miller courageously talked about the importance of Staying Human throughout the whole scary WEF/Davos lockstep clampdowns even when all the corrosive hate and blame and scolding and fearmongering was at it’s relentless media blitz fever pitch. The Thank Obamas are as lost as the Qanons, don’t think for a moment they are actually “WOKE”-they only mourn when tv tells them to, they only demonstrate when tv tells them to. The hypnoscreen addiction really inhibits genuine human interaction cause people just don’t wanna get Twitter cancelled or facebook jailed. They’re afraid to ask hard questions cause it might affect their grade point average or social currency scores. It’s a mad, mad world. Are you on the bus or off the bus? Ya know? What happened to all the people? Monopolies killed real music, monopolies vanquished real news. I’ve become so antisocial I don’t talk on the phone or visit people in real life, we can’t have guests with our family members disability issues, but in my heart ya know, I’m always thinkin’ how we gotta find a way to get back to the bonfire somehow, the speakeasy, the hootenanny, the shindig, the alley jam, the garden, what Waters calls The Bar. cause that’s the only place where the real magic happens. What good is a fool’s paradise without someone to share it with? The Divided States Of Gitmo & Amnesia keeps demanding you do this or take that, wave this particular flag or hate your neighbor, I say whatever the Big Bamboozle Grand Wurlitzer Mind Control Machine says, you probably should do the opposite, those fucking awful media millionaires and Great Reset depopulation billionaires are not your special super science saviors for philanthropy and gender kindness. I really appreciate Roger Waters, his courageous is just astounding. “The Wall” meant a whole lot to me when I was 12 and 13 and kinda transitioning from the Monkees and Beatles to the Stooges and Doors.

This is the only Bar I really go to anymore. Top Tens for 2022: I-94 Bar host The Barman | Columns (

Paul Westerberg, interviewed by Peter Wolf (REUPLOAD) – YouTube

Democrats Abandon Free Speech, The Twitter Files w/ Matt Taibbi, and Media Corruption | SYSTEM UPDATE #1 (

Kevin Gosztola on Twitter: “Not only was 2022 yet another year with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in prison, but it also was another year in which Committee to Protect Journalists (@pressfreedom) refused to include Assange in their annual jailed journalists index” / Twitter

Esha K 🥭 on Twitter: “Thanks @MeghanMcCain for reminding me of the time your dad and Amy Klobuchar were helping arm the Azov Battalion & other Nazis in Ukraine” / Twitter

Leaked files: private spying firm targets global population with illegal spyware – The Grayzone

FOIA obtained by Judicial Watch, Inc. – by Jessica Rose (

She’s EXPOSING how the deep state mafia controls all of us | Redacted Conversation w/ Whitney Webb – YouTube

Jeremy Loffredo on Twitter: “This is what they call “burying the lead”” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “Declassified Canadian docs on Bosnia offer a chilling outline of NATO’s blueprint for Libya, Syria & Ukraine File after file contains blunt warnings of Bosnian false flags to trigger US intervention & complaints of “outside forces” sabotaging negotiations” / Twitter

MintPress News on Twitter: “Today marks the anniversary of the Cuban Revolution, overthrowing Fulgencio Batista US-backed military dictatorship that took place on January 1, 1959.” / Twitter

The Cyborgization of Society: How the WEF seeks to turn you into a spineless drone – Truth Talk UK

U2 – New Year’s Day (Official Music Video) – YouTube

“Free speech on social media platforms may be the most important battle human beings must win now.

Without the freedom to say what we like on these platforms, all activism & advocacy which disrupts the status quo or the Empire’s objectives will be visibly & invisibly suppressed.” (-Deepfake Dissident)

all me a cynic when it comes to de-regulation, but we still have Patriot Act 22 yrs after 9/11. Without revolutionary overthrow of the capitalist empires, they will suppress popular dissent as they see fit. Always have, always will. Socialist revolution is the solution.” (-Old Richard)

“I don’t think these platforms really matter at all to activism. That happens in the streets.” (-Genghis Cum)

“Western rule over the world is coming to an end and there is nothing the real people in charge aren’t willing to do to try to maintain their control

If I were you I’d stop believing that BS they are feeding you on TV, the newspapers and social media everyday and look for truth…If Americans want to protect sovereignty, tell our Gov’t to get out of Syria…I don’t need to see Trump’s tax returns to know he cheats on his taxes, anymore than I need to any of the other rich crooks tax returns that they will let get away with it forever. If we as Americans don’t try to look for the truth, our Gov’t and media will continue to feed us their propaganda.

We’ll still believe they are trying to help Ukraine, that this war just started in Feb and Russia was unprovoked

2023 will be even worse for Ukraine than 2022. Stop giving Ukraine weapons

We’re just getting more Ukrainians killed, more of their country destroyed, and making our Oligarchs richer as they steal more of our money while they enjoy watching the damage being done in this proxy war they’ve spent years trying to start. Americans spent $100 billion to get more Ukrainians killed and more of their land taken, but don’t feel like it was wasted because most of it is being split between our weapons manufacturers and the politicians that voted for it. The way to Peace is our Politicians taking billions from the American people and giving it to our weapons manufacturers. Being a pathological liar is ok if you’re on The Democrats side?

Why don’t we just accept the fact all these politicians are a bunch of liars? I guess we are going to go into 2023 still fighting over which Party we’d rather have rip us off. Remember when they tried to tell us Russia blew up its own pipeline, bridge and was trying to bomb their own nuclear power plant and got Americans to believe it? Why does the ADL seem to have a bigger problem with Black celebrities than Ukrainian Nazis? May 2023 be the year Americans realize that we don’t live in a democracy. We need about 100 million people to make their ‘New Years Resolution’ to stop believing what our Gov’t, Politicians and media tell us. We may be approaching a New Year but Americans will still fall for the same old shit. Our Gov’t knows Ukraine can’t win

They are just stealing our money and using Ukraine to fight their war. Remember when the Dem blamed the Parliamentarian for not passing a $15 min wage? Those people you vote for and defend with your life don’t give a damn about you. The US Gov’t just spent 20 years in Afghanistan lying by telling us how great things were going, left in humiliation and the Army they were supposed to be training folded in a day.

Don’t feel bad for them though, they did manage to steal billions from us again. Remember that the reporters who told the truth about the Iraq war were silenced, smeared, fired or all of the above? Don’t forget that the opoid crisis was caused by Big Pharma. Remember when the Med4All people wanted you to deny you medical care if you didn’t take the jab. If you didn’t know anything about the relationship between Russia and Ukraine before the war, why are you blindly taking your information from the people in our country that have lied you into every war we’ve been involved in. Americans stand with whoever our corrupt Gov’t tells us to. Is it antisemitic to ask how some Jewish people went from suffering the horrors of the Holocaust to creating an apartheid State without blinking an eye? Keep this in mind for 2023

When all the politicians and media start giving you the same exact talking points, it’s propaganda.” (-Black In The Empire)

“Instead of sending $100 billion of weapons to Ukraine Biden & the U.S. Congress should be advocating for PEACE TALKS between Russia & Ukraine. Sadly, peace talks don’t make U.S. weapons makers billions of dollars, which is why you won’t see Biden or Congress advocating for peace.” (-Ryan Knight)

WedNightDinner on Twitter: “.@nytimes remember this? Fascists” / Twitter

Evidence of US-Backed Coup in Kiev (

Top Zelensky advisor threatens war with Iran – The Grayzone

your shitlib fraud squad loves their Scwab puppets Venezuela Opposition Removes Guaido as ‘Interim President’ – News From

Conflicts of Interest: White House Is Preparing to Give Ukraine Advanced Weapons – Blog

Reflecting New U.S. Control of TikTok’s Censorship, Our Report Criticizing Zelensky Was Deleted (

Garland Nixon on Twitter: “2022 – EU LEADERS EXPOSED AS AMERICA’S SUICIDAL GUARD DOGS” / Twitter

The Overeem Farewell Tour: Dispatches from the Public School Trenches


Wow ya know I was just skimming summa those old columns I wrote last year and they were all so bummedout, ya know moving is stressful, parenting in the Post Covid Tiktok Davos Billionaire Lies For War Mass Censorship Era is hard, too-the inflation, the rent gouging, the ripoffs at the grocery store and gas pump, partisan media playing their usual blame shifting pingpong games. I keep telling people they are all in it together-both so called parties and all the corporate media. They hustle us with their rotating hero/villain strategies, but like Gropey Joe promised, “nothing will change” to benefit the poor, it’s all a rigged sham, more tricks of the rich. Elon Musk is not your friend and Bill Gates wants all you pesky poor people to go away and die suddenly. Don’t watch pig media, fall for pig media repetition programming, or fight in any rich man’s wars. Cold outside, rain turned to frost, nowhere to go, dangerous crackhead pitbulls are left loose everywhere and the only halfway decent affordable secondhand junk shop in town is closed til the third. I did not hear from any of my faroff kids or former loved ones over the holiday which was another bad bummer but you know, I know I’m a heretic and I won’t goosestep with the zombies of death, so you know, that’s how it goes. People go where the party is and that aint here in the cold and rainy deadend desert ghost town. All we got here is gloom and some diabolical yuppies trying to gentrify the town, but nobody wants to move some place where there’s only Wal Mart and ruined decades old, long neglected fuckedup properties with bad flooring, bad roofs, fuckedup electricity that you have to rebuild from the bottom up. Landlords still want $900 for mouldy places that leak and shit. I’m on a different schedule from my partner cause we have to kinda work in shifts so the next seven hours will be me just sitting here lookin’ at the internet and feeling a bit crazed from the boredom. That’s the other thing about the ten get rich overnight airbandb schemers who moved here thinking they can turn a dead broke old people town into OVERNIGHT HIPSTER RICHKID BROOKLYN, they don’t usually last long cause there’s nothing to do and nowhere to go and their one night a month “art hop” is just the same old twenty boomers showing off their same old lousy paintings and overpriced kitsch. If I was single, I’d venture out to the new bar that is supposedly playing eighties music for New Year’s Eve cause of course, I’m a sucker for eighties music, but I’ll be going to bed early with my Replacements book, thinking ’bout the past, and wishing I knew some rocknroll people. I was in the active process of relocating to Joshua Tree when the plague hit and everything got shut down except the Bezos bigshots and Waltons big boxes and now the inflation has skyrocketed again so I’m kinda immobilized for the moment, hunkered down, just trying to survive this plague we caught at my kid’s G.E.D. preparation classroom, and make it through the hardship winter. I fucking can’t relate at all to the TV People who speak in pro war spin and on trend gobbledygook. A crazy guy down the street who lives in an Appallacian metal scrap junkyard compound waved at me this morning while I fumbled with my fuckedup brokeass camera trying unsuccessfully to photograph a migrating flock of big birds overhead, he hollered, “Hey Neighbor!” So I waved back-the moonshine hillbillies are bored here, too. The teen crashed out on the couch with the loud youtube on the tv and I keep trying to turn it off but everytime, he wakes up, kinda monopolizing the prime real estate here this morning so I’m gonna head out to the cold garage. Keep trying to find a misplaced notebook with all my most recently updated song lyrics and favorite tunes I hope to record this year even if it’s all done via computer and a faraway friend, or two.

I did hear from my brother TK which was good. Good feeling. Some people don’t change that much and man it was righton to hear from the brother. He’s a well established producer now, but when we were kids, he was a rapper. And my roommate at the Juvenile Detention Hall. One of the only people from the place I grew up who aint lost the cool. He’s one of those cats who was born with it. I miss him. Our mutual friends Beefy, Corey, Austin, Kevin Little are all dead and gone. It’s rough stuff. I’m listening to the Roth Show. Always makes me feel better. I might disagree with Roth about politics and his “combat-hippie” gun lovin’ support for various wars and colonial occupations, he’s way more of a hawk than me, but I can still hear him, he’s still vibein on my frequency. Listened to both of his new podcast episodes then ended up watching that movie, “RUMBLE” about the indigenous origins of rocknroll again. SO GOOD!

One of my long lost and gone childhood amigoes did manage to write me an email over the holidays which was a lot nicer than most of ’em or even my kids, he says he’s got still another new band with a bunch old dudes who played in many eighties and nineties big city bands we’ve all heard of, they’re mostly a cover band, but of course one of ’em has a studio so they’re also gonna record some originals and some of ’em will be based on songs me and the dude wrote together in the mid to late nineties. He asked me first if he could use that stuff and since most of the motherfuckers never even ask, they just do the stuff and act like I never existed, that gets old, so I appreciated that. People in my life recorded songs I co wrote and released them on wax without even bothering to send me copies, thought I should buy ’em from their label. Cover bands, big cities, gentrified bars, all my old neighbohoods teeming with cops and rich people, that aint my scene at all no more, but I’m happy for him, cause he got out of the worst hell on earth and it sounds like he’s having a good time.


Dark Journalist & Whitney Webb The Control System Part 2 – YouTube

Whitney Webb Archives – The Last American Vagabond

AWKWORD on Twitter: “”I’ve never seen more cocaine usage than on people I went to school with that are now prosecutors today. I’ve never seen more people fighting, doing more crime. The only difference is it’s not treated as crime” – @msolurin Kyle Rittenhouse is no anomaly” / Twitter

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Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH™ on Twitter: “For every young person who dies unexpectedly, the family remains quiet and does not come out and tell the public what happened–It’s “Until Proven Otherwise.” #courageousdiscourse” / Twitter

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A rarely seen documentary on Arthur Lee | Dangerous MindsArthur Lee died six years ago today. Here’s something from the Dangerous Minds’ archives to commemorate his passing. There’s very little information to be found on this 1991 “documentary” on Arthur Lee. The three key people involved in its creation are dead or, in the case of Crimson Crout, nowhere to be found. Directed by the mysterious Crout from a concept by Arthur Lee and …

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Kelly Victory MD on Twitter: “I’m not suggesting it, I’m stating it. #FactsNotFear #RightSideofHistory” / Twitter

“A suggestion to anyone who is spending the holidays with family who vote differently than you do: Love them. Neither one of these corrupt parties who actively use our government to enrich themselves & their corporate donors is worth disowning a family member over.” (-Ryan Knight)

As a physician, I can tell you that being without shelter in freezing weather is dangerous for your health. You shouldn’t need to hear this, though. As a human being, I can tell you that we are morally corrupt as a society when we allow people to freeze in the streets.” (-Gaibre Stephen)

“”As on 1st Nights for 2 decades, folks seeking an end to permanent war will gather in Copley Sq for celebration & inspiration. Bring banners, fliers, stickers, food, buttons, antiwar & human rights imperatives & holiday spirit to 1000s who deserve to know peace is possible. This comes at a time of crushing inequality, a war on working people, a climate in collapse & record $858 B annual defense spending, where military + policing devour twice as many tax dollars as all other expenses combined – hlth, climate, housing, education, transport & more! In this age of endless war that impoverishes us at home & endangers us abroad, 1st Night Against the Wars is needed more than ever. Join us 12/31 in Boston to celebrate & demand a New Year for People, Planet & Peace over Profit.” (-Dr. Jill Stein)

“There’s an additional layer here: fake anti-establishment vs. real anti-establishment.

On the fake side, you have the boutique left (e.g., AOC) and what @PrimoRadical

has aptly named “corporate populism” (e.g., Elon Musk). We should be extremely wary of both.” (-Ashley)

Why is it that suggesting that the rich & powerful in the West exploit the poor is a “conspiracy theory?” And why is it that any accusations against the demonic enemies in Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Cuba, Venezuela, etc, etc never need one shred of evidence?” (-Primo Radical)

‘RT was erased from YouTube under US/EU orders

The US govt seized the URLs of Iranian media The US bombed Al Jazeera’s office back when it was more critical of US wars Now Latin America’s teleSUR was repeatedly hacked Any media that challenges US foreign policy is under threat” (-Ben Norton)

“RAND wants everyone dead asap.” (-David Swanson)

Awakening From The Narrative Matrix: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix – Caitlin Johnstone

✨️Momrade✨️ on Twitter: “It’s a VIRTUAL!! Get your tickets!!” / Twitter

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“People! Just Stop and Think! With overall $112,000,000,000 of funds poured to #ukranianwar #Ukraine now has 3rd biggest military budget with only China and USA in front. This is insane! Blackhole #ZelenskyWarCriminal ” (-Igor Lopatonok)

“The CIA is a rogue and unaccountable paramilitary organization with its own armed units and drone program, death squads and a vast archipelago of global black sites where kidnapped victims are tortured and disappeared.” (-William Murphy)

“You are not anti-war if you

• support the neocolonial NATO alliance • side with literal Nazis against the civilians who they have waged an 8-year genocide on • think Bush, Cheney & the CIA are heroes • want Julian Assange to spend life in prison for exposing US war crimes” (-Primo Radical)

Three crazee cats and a kooky kid woke me up at five in the morning, then I find my Mr. Coffee machine I inherited from a prior tenant was leaking all over the kitchen curtain again-I stepped outside-still rainy and dark but the roosters goin’ off in the distance make me feel at home! Cows keep shitting in the yard, I always smile about the loose cows-way more likable than the loose pitbulls weaponized by all the Maga Militias and Pinkhat Gender New Age Karens. “He doesn’t bite.” They all say. I guess I got a lot on my mind, kinda in the midst of some mourning, so to have to hassle with aggressive assholes fuckedup dogs is like an extra pain in the ass. I been chased twice.

FBI COINTELPRO Is Back, And Worse Than Ever | The Libertarian Institute

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MintPress News on Twitter: “”The system that comedians come up in, we don’t come up in the way of pleasing the boss. We are not generally thinking “what can I say that will be allowed and get me promoted?” – @LeeCamp WATCH LIVE:” / Twitter

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Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “Amazing candor from Iran-Contra felon Ollie North: Ukraine is just like Reagan’s dirty wars in Central America, Africa and Afghanistan Most of the aid is a kickback to US weapons makers and Beltway contractors The proxy war is preparation for a larger war w/ China over Taiwan” / Twitter

The Grayzone on Twitter: “Intel files sent by Canadian peacekeepers expose CIA black ops, imported jihadist fighters, potential false flags, and stage-managed atrocities in the Bosnian war @KitKlarenberg & @spyculture review the new evidence of shocking interventionist deceptions” / Twitter

Ben Norton on Twitter: “Lithium is needed for batteries (cars, phones, computers). It’s so valuable it’s called “white gold”. Its price has gone up 1100% in the past 2 years. Zimbabwe has the largest lithium reserves in Africa. It has enough to supply 1/5th of the world’s needs” / Twitter

DiedSuddenly on Twitter: “16 year olds having strokes is not, and never was, normal. This is what happens after you mass inject the global population with an experimental mRNA technology. The post vaccine fallout is just getting started. #diedsuddenly” / Twitter

Awakening From The Narrative Matrix: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix – Caitlin Johnstone

Alan MacLeod on Twitter: “This is not a cause for celebration; it’s an indictment on the pointless brutality of our economic system.” / Twitter

Primo Radical on Twitter: “Liberals constantly internalize the latest headlines, forgetting what happened before last week and acting as though sentiments that they once vigorously agreed with are now ludicrous. Meanwhile, anti-imperialists have consistently been warning about the same dangers for years.” / Twitter

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Take to the streets Sat. Jan. 14 in NYC: Peace in Ukraine — Yes! NATO expansion — NO! – ANSWER Coalition

BROTHERS & SISTERS & FRIENDS OF THE REVOLUTION, since none of us knows how much time we really got left here, maybe it’s good to kinda think about what we want in life, not just what they program us to think we want, and what we really can offer this world with what time remains. Try and forgive each other and do the best we can. Stay Wild Stay Free!


“I don’t trust billionaires or any person who got rich off exploitation. Trusting billionaires is for suckers.” (-Jay Befaunt)

“It’s a good thing—not a bad thing—to make specific demands of politicians who wield immense power. That is one of the only ways to make change in a system that is rigged to benefit large corporations. We were right to #ForceTheVote & @AOC and the squad are STILL feckless cowards.” (-Ryan Knight)

“AOC and the squad bragging about being good little bootlickers for the Democratic Party is not the flex she thinks it is” (-Revolutionary Blackout Network)

Comrade_Broski on Twitter: “Our fascism enabling government and their storm troopers are a bigger threat to the American people than China or Russia could ever be.” / Twitter

Jimmy Dore on Twitter: “HOLY SHIT! The Right Wing of the Republican party is further LEFT on war than @AOC & the entire Democratic party. The #FraudSquad & @BernieSanders are 100% WAR PIGS. THIS IS WHAT THE SQUAD WAS SUPPOSED TO BE DOING 2YEARS AGO BUT INSTEAD THEY LIED ABOUT HEALTHCARE ACTIVISTS #FTV” / Twitter

Dr. Jill Stein🌻 on Twitter: “The persecution of Julian Assange is a microcosm of the empire’s assault on democracy. The fight for his freedom is a fight for our own. Let this imperative close out 2022, and renew our struggle in 2023. #FreeAssange” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “Listen to a preview of the upcoming Grayzone Show on @WBAI, broadcasting across New York City on 99.5 FM every Sunday at 6 PM EST This week, we cover armed resistance of the Lion’s Den in the occupied West Bank, new #TwitterFiles, and the tragic demise of the US antiwar left.” / Twitter

Why is the West Lamenting the End of ‘Liberal’ Israel? (

“The Squad is controlled opposition and an extension of the Democratic Party establishment. The greatest country on earth has millions without healthcare.

The greatest country on earth has millions without a home. The greatest country on earth has half the population in or near poverty.

American exceptionalism is a lie, unless you’re rich that is. The cost of the US’s War on Terror alone has been:

Tens of millions displaced. Millions killed. Trillions of US tax dollars wasted.

But please do tell me about how scared of Russia and China you are. Hakeem Jeffries is a neoliberal.

Kevin McCarthy is a neoliberal.

Don’t be fooled by so-called “gridlock” in Congress. Both corporate parties walk in lock-step together when it comes to neoliberalism and war. Cuba helped South Africa defeat apartheid.

The U.S. labeled Nelson Mandela a terrorist and supported apartheid until its last day.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“As the United States and its Western allies go around sanctioning and stealing other countries money and assets do they ever think that just maybe the rest of the world will stop relying on the dollar and look to other currencies that are safer? Stop worrying about the citizens in countries like China, Russia and North Korea being victims of their Gov’ts propaganda, when the masters of brainwashing a society are right here in America. Remember when they had you all losing your minds over the Kurds and the women in Afghanistan and then it all went away when it was no longer useful to our Gov’t

Same thing is gonna happen when they’re done using Ukraine and they move us on to their next adventure to care about. Our Gov’t is gonna give Ukraine just enough weapons to keep this war going until they have no country or soldiers left and then they will abandon them like they do everybody else. So is everybody gonna keep pretending that the Pentagon didn’t “Lose” trillions of dollars again?” (-Black In The Empire)

“The neocon & now democrat party institute, the Institute for the Study of War, claimed the Russia Federation’s call for a Christmas truce was intended to undermine Ukraine’s international reputation. That is too late. Outside the West the people see Ukraine for what it is.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer is assessing the health risks of exposure to 5G technologies, but critics accused the agency of ignoring already existing evidence + suggest the results could be tainted by industry partners.” (-Robert F. Kennedy Jr.)


West’s Hypocrisy About Netanyahu Government (

Neonicotinoid Insecticides Added to Growing List of Chemicals That Transfer From Mother to Fetus • Children’s Health Defense (

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WHO’s Cancer Research Agency to Assess 5G Health Risks — But Not Until 2025 • Children’s Health Defense (

The Jan. 2017 ‘Assessment’ on Russiagate (

Robert F. Kennedy Jr on Twitter: “CDC analysis shows that the number of serious adverse events reported in less than two years for mRNA COVID-19 vaccines is 5.5 times greater than all serious reports for vaccines given to adults in the U.S. since 2009 (~73,000 vs. ~13,000).” / Twitter

Black in the Empire on Twitter: “I’m guessing nobody asked why he helped pass all those bills to mass incarcerate Black people, was he so close to Strom Thurmond that he gave the eulogy at his funeral or hasn’t done anything he promised to the Black community yet” / Twitter

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You know, he’s one of my all time heroes, favorite singers, a lightning bolt of personal inspiration and my teenage role model, so yeah, I’m into it. I love him, always have, always will. I woulda been there if I could. I like all his stuff. From Generation X to the Roadside and Cage ep’s. I love Derwood, and I love Steve Stevens, too. Rocknroll motherfuckers, about the best of the best! Rollins did a surprisingly great job talking about Idol’s legacy and especially emphasizing the crucial contributions of Generation X who never get enough credit.. “Decade after decade, he remains himself”. WELL SAID, Henry….Difference between Billy and almost everybody else is he STILL writes FANTASTIC songs. I really love him with all my heart, like somebody I know. Hell I think I know him better than the people from my past who changed until they were nigh unrecognizable. Billy has integrity, fire, sincerity, soulpower, unprecedented swagger and coolness, the whole thing, really. There are not a lotta days that go by in my lifetime when I aint listening to Idol. Thank you, Billy for all those life affirming, uplifting rocknroll anthems. I know it’s harder than you make it look cause I’ve spent about forty years trying to do my own version. Long Live Billy Idol! Bless him! return To Splendor! I’m with you, Billy!

Billy Idol – Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony – YouTube

“Western “liberal democracies” are just totalitarian regimes with more money and better narrative management. The US-centralized empire controls the global south with bombs, bullets and blockades and controls the rest of us with mass-scale psychological manipulation.

Sure it’s more pleasant to be sitting where we are rather than at the barrel of the gun, but don’t confuse pleasantness with freedom. It’s nice that here they let you criticize your government and buy whatever you can afford at the store. It would be pleasant to live in a vat with your brain plugged into a virtual world of endless pleasure, too, but it wouldn’t be freedom. Psychological tyranny is still tyranny.

You’ll never get change as long as propagandists are able to convince a critical mass of people not to push for change. You’ll never stop depraved agendas as long as propagandists can manipulate a critical mass of people into consenting to those agendas. Propaganda is enemy #1.

Every other solution people talk about is secondary to the problem of the empire being able to psychologically manipulate a critical majority of people. Voting strategies, organizing, activism, protests, none of these things will get off the ground as long as public perception is controlled.

The good news is that public trust in the mass media is at an all-time low while our ability to share unauthorized ideas and information with each other is at an all-time high. The bad news is it still hasn’t been enough, and online censorship is increasingly suppressing dissent.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

Jimmy Dore on Twitter: “And there it is. #ForceTheVote was always just Politics 101. The #FraudSquad had the very same leverage as the right wingers do now, but the squad chose NOT to demand anything for their vote. They succeeded in electing an enemy of the left while getting nothing. #UniParty” / Twitter

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Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “If you’re not in NYC, you can listen to The Grayzone Show live at this link, or check out @WBAI’s archives” / Twitter

Honored in Cuba and condemned by Washington, Ana Belén Montes walks free from federal prison – The Grayzone


where I got nowhere to go but my spirit gets seized by impulsive desire and the usual restlessness, that urgent throbbing pulse of life that put me on so many Grayhounds as a kid with just my Walkman and denim jacket and half crushed pack of Marlboro reds. “Pack It Up” by the Pretenders has been a big song of mine since I was about ten probably. Is that about forty years or some shit? Puttin’ some lyrics down on paper but I’ve said it all before. I wish my friend Dave Andra was still alive, he worked for decades at a hippie record store then when it was sold and became a guitar shop, they new owners hired him on even though he was not a guitarist, he was such a beloved figure in the destination record store tristate area, and an absolute expert on the blues and garage punk and old school scuzzy psychedelia, they just righteously kept him on, though I frequently badgered our mutual former co worker who’d opened his own sortof spinoff record store in the nu metal era, to hire him and pay him a proper wage, that never happened and he ought to regret that now. So I’d call him at the record store turned guitar shop on mornings like this one, and we’d chat about whatever fanciful band plans I was masterminding in my crazy head, or girlfriend problems that come from being perpetually poor and dedicated to your single minded punknroll records making dream, or he’d tell me about whatever ZZ Top were doing, and how I needed to listen to more Isaac Hayes and 13th Floor Elevators and the English version of “Aftermath”. He was the kindest soul I ever knew probably, we lived together for awhile when I was a teenager and that phase was one of my humiliating life’s rare highlights. He’d play me some old Johnny Winter record, John Lee Hooker, or Bo Diddley’s “Gladiator” and I’d try to get him to like Echo & The Bunnymen or “Head On The Door” or some shit like that. We were from two completely different generations, but we were both deeply devoted to rocknroll. He liked pot, I liked whiskey, we both liked beer and acid, the Doors, MC5 and Love. He’d come to my nowhere band’s little, poorly attended, ridiculous shows at some old man lodges or whatever, in his Ray Ban shades and Brill Creamed slickback hair, cause that’s what he thought high style was for a big night out on the town. I looked stupid in mime makeup and my second hand women’s floor length fur coats and colored tissue paper braided into my hair and fishnet stockings, and combat boots, but we attracted some fervent followers in surplus army coats and spiked Blackie Lawless leather bracelets from a nearby hardcore thrash and stoner scene. Plus all the delivery drivers from my pizza job, and some crazy “River’s Edge” Viet Nam vets, and about ten girls who liked the Cure and Gene Loves Jezebel. Some of our record store loitering punk friends became his backing band for awhile and he’d play some wild old “Nuggets” covers and open for my juvie goth gang, mainly at hog roasts, or backyard parties. Now he’s sadly dead and gone like all the rest, and I got no one to call. I still talk to all those dead people out loud cause I’m sortof nuts like that. Ralph Nader says we gotta organize to defy the WEF plans for cashless society. I remember knowing the Shitlibs of Occupy Eugene could not be trusted, fake resistance/controlled opposition, when they moved out of the banking zones as not to inconvenience rich people, already defeating the whole purpose of the occupation and changed the topic to Gender, and demonized Dr. Jill Stein for recognizing that the media is controlled and the colleges are compromised by their corporate partnerships. My thinking nowadays is it is best to organize resistance movements minus landlordly middle management type status quo preservers, already deeply invested in the permanent fix is in sham. They know deep down shit’s all fucked up, but they just don’t care. It’s all about their own comforts, delusions of popularity, convenience and consumerism. I love the freestyle DIY mf’s like Unholy Rom 3’s bunch up in Michigan, or the DeSpain Carry It Forward factions, who are more interested in building community, providing real emergency services, and helping people in need, than they are in scolding the poor. I wish my original record store guru, Dave Andra could have gotten in on all this legal white people reefer after about sixty five years of looking of his shoulder and having to fret like a character from the “Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers” comicbooks and worry the man was gonna kick down the door and shoot him in his bed for smoking a medicinal herb. I never liked weed, but have mad love for lots of people who it helps. I feel the same way about anybody needing a drink in this cruelty based fanatical prohibition culture. My man died alone in some outta town hospice after two strokes and a heart attack. I am lonesome in this life without him. I can’t stand sellout Sanders or any of the frauds in congress anymore. OBVIOUSLY the crooked billionaires, with the secret islands and super yachts, seed vaults, and bugout bunkers wanna kill off all us poor people and they’re using a lot of different strategies to accomplish that aim. Their politician puppets are all boughtoff or blackmailed into obedience. Jeffret Epstein did not kill himself. Who killed Seth Rich? Who killed Michael Hastings?

birthday party- release the bats (live hacienda 1982) – YouTube

Echo & The Bunnymen – Crystal Days – YouTube

Elephant Man – YouTube

13th Floor Elevators – Two Headed Dog – 1984 Live – Roky Erickson – YouTube

Dylan 🌹 on Twitter: “I will forever appreciate EVERYONE who pushed #ForceTheVote. The strategy wasn’t the problem. People deserve healthcare @briebriejoy @PatTheBerner @jimmy_dore @ProudSocialist @SabbySabs2 @RevBlackNetwork” / Twitter

Compton Jay on Twitter: “Glenn and Jimmy talking Force The Vote 2023 #1 @ggreenwald @jimmy_dore” / Twitter

Compton Jay on Twitter: “Glenn and Jimmy talking Force The Vote 2023 #2 @ggreenwald @jimmy_dore” / Twitter

Sabby Sabs on Twitter: “Please donate to Rome!” / Twitter

I do so love THE ROTH SHOW… Outdoor Adventure Stories The Subject Of The Latest Episode Of ‘The Roth Show’ (

Michael Hastings Dead at 33 – Rolling Stone


So here I am again, with my coffee, cold hands, and only half remembered brittle pictures of my dreams about the long gone past. Dreading the work I gotta do today because it is out of my limited range of tool time blue collar home improver expertise, not only do I not know shit about tools and suck at numbers, but ya know like I got these weak Arthiritic can’t move hands and bad knees and bad back and I’m half blind and I shake, so yeah, being on ladders and holding expensive glass and measuring shit, I’m not great at any of that. We were gifted a firepit for the yard somebody made for us out of an old military drum, so I am pretty excited to have a bonfire soon, even if these bitter frosty days are too cold to be out there for long, I’m still part hillbilly and I still love me some bonfire jams.  I watched that flick about old writer Ben Fong Torres and kinda felt like I missed the golden age of rocknroll my decades, they’d pretty much killed it dead by ’95. I skim the big music mags on line and it’s always such cynical, manipulative, horrible horse shit. Who’d wanna write about any of that even if they were getting paid? Not me, really. The big hype Spin magazine bands are all warmed over Smashing Pumpkins, just like hipsters moaning about being horny and wanting to be seen at the rich people bar. I’m always scrolling through the youtubes and the podcasts looking for something new that matters or might make a difference, or even has some point of view that ain’t just some top down propaganda agenda 21 mockingbird bullshit, on every platform, making a mockery of music, news, medicine, and truth. Where I live now, there’s just like loose cows roaming around at night. I watch the sunrise and sunset, take pictures, not much else to do. Lee Camp the whistle blower comedian complains about being kicked off of platforms by billionaire techlords in cahoots with the secret spy agencies mainly responsible for assassinating democratically elected heads of state, importing drugs to targeted communities, and organzing coups. Me, I never expected any of my platforms to be long lasting cause man, they started cancelling me in like the fourth grade, by the eighth grade, they were circulating illegal memoes about how my challenging the history teacher’s racist narratives and wearing makeup was a “disruption to the learning process” and the admin wanted teachers to paper trail my mildest indiscretions, ‘talking in class, wearing all the things that nobody wears, it’s always been like that. Some drunkass motherfucker would start shit with me for no reason at the bar but I’d be the one that the chickenshit asskissers would throw out. I was writing first hand boots on the ground, real time eye witnes reports from real life riots with racist cops spraying people with rubber bullets at a funeral and the punk guy whose whole mission statement was “free speech”, just like this MIC/diamond mine apartheid heir we have to hear about all day now, the free speech punk was censoring my columns about police abuse. I had a page in a big city news paper for awhile but ya know I ain’t much on Jack White or the Strokes and that fizzled out, too. I’m not an official narrative reciter or teleprompter reader. I don’t like Britney or Taylor or the Foo Fighters or Nsynch. If all media is focused on the royals or insisting something is fair and balanced or safe and effective, or some war was unprovoked-unprovoked-unprovoked, or some ho-hum rightwing thank a kkkop protest was an insurrection–insurrection-insurrection, I tend to instinctively look around to find out what they aint telling us over and over and over and over again on the tv. Whatever they said is good is usually not. And vice versa. They were saying this culture had gotten too Orwellian in the Reagan eighties, but holy fuck balls…everywhere you look, it’s absolute batshit now. Blame it all on a commie bat who was working double secret for Putin-Putin-Putin…The WEF is straight up saying they intend on elnslaving you and taking your shit cause most of you useless eaters are “not needed” but the tv people, they’re all excited cause Miley Cyrus’ new album is about to drop and they wanna have a party in the USA-USA-USA. “Everyone I thought was cool is six feet underground…” Just remembered I gotta go haul a dryer today and do some crazy window repairs.

Nico – These Days – YouTube

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The Trillion Dollar Silencer | CovertAction Magazine

The Rave-Ups – Positively Lost Me – YouTube

Tech Giants Are Building a Dystopia of Desperate Workers and Social Isolation (

Jan. 6 Represents The Triumph Of Crude Lies, Theater Of The Absurd, and America Becoming a Police State That Tortures Political Prisoners (

“This is a war between the United States and Russia, make no mistake. Ukraine is the pawn that bleeds. We shall all join their suffering unless talking begins and wisdom prevails.” (-John Pilger)

After Zelensky’s Washington trip, Ukraine launches another attack inside Russia – World Socialist Web Site (

johndissed on Twitter: “Media Silent as Latest Twitter Files Expose Flagrant Misconduct in Govt. and Journalism” / Twitter

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Old Woman Seeking Justice 🐝🐝🐷🐝🐝 on Twitter: “Self defense & stand your ground laws are for white people. Where is the NRA? #RafusAlexander” / Twitter


Not bad, not bad. Here’s a newish band I’m just discovering, kindof like part pop and part sleaze, remind you of anyone? Ha, yeah, they got me right away with their melodic catchiness reminiscent of a UK band Three Colours Red, American Heartbreak, Sin City Sinners, and Last Great Dreamers. I guess they play the long decayed old Whiskey/Cathouse circuit with all the hairband last callers like Steven Adler and Steven Pearcy. They call themselves disillusioned descendants of the Sunset Strip and hey man that’s a description I can relate to. Hollywood’s a hard town, you can’t have real friends in Hollywood, everybody’s trying to get to the top of the pops, even when you think somebody gets you, can hear where you’re comin’ from, they can ghost you just like that, no goodbye, never said why. Even and especially the ones you helped. It’s a mercenary culture. A guy who kinda stole my whole bag sent me a postcard telling me to call him, like I got some overflowing warehouse of more stuff for him to take and integrate. That’s the Murkkkan way-ruthless explotation, shameless plaigirism, and keeping the dirty poors in their place. Boots on our necks.




American Jetset “Monsters” Live @ the Whisky A Go Go w/Steven Adler of GNR – YouTube

American Jetset “Live Love Die” Live @ the Whisky A Go Go w/Steven Adler of GNR – YouTube

Last Great Dreamers – Glitterball Apocalypse (Official Music Video) – YouTube

Last Great Dreamers – Oblivion Kids (Official Music Video) – YouTube These cats reminded me of A Streetcar Named Disaster.

Last Great Dreamers – Dope School (Official Music Video) – YouTube

Last Great Dreamers – Lunacy Lady (Live – Official Music Video) – YouTube

Dems DEMANDED Twitter Find Phony Russiagate Evidence! – YouTube


For me, it’s been a lonely time since the last little rocknroll scene existed. You know: the Ultras, Motorcycle Boy, Comatones, Nymphs, and Celebrity Skin. I mean nobody’s  really come along since then that packed that kinda punch and made you feel it, they all had songs, style, and worked hard to entertain us. I mean what came after them? The Humpers and Electric Frankenstein I guess, but even that’s what, like, twenty five years ago. The pleasure’s kinda gone outta everything, it all just feels like work. Hard for me to wanna even apply myself, once you’ve been burned, ya can’t go back to the innocence. I got moments of self pity, regrets, resentments, but mostly it’s all dread. Desiring oblivion. I tried watching “True Romance” last night until it got too frigid in the garage hideout, I like when she said, “sometimes it goes the other way, too.” I would not be here were it not for my beautiful better half, I’ll tell ya that. This old world’s just lost all it’s fun and the Doctor Evil motherfuckers are intentionally killing off everything I ever liked or cared about. I keep talkin’ ’bout the same old artists I believe in, whether it’s Gunfire Dance or Billy Idol or Sinead O’Connor or Paul K, it’s cause those are artists I believe in. Joe Strummer sang about the importance of “Diggin’ The New”, right, so I keep lookin’ ’round, ear to the ground, squintin’ at the horizon. I tried to hear the current thing band over at Spin magazine today and I gotta say, it just seems so corny, put together. Faux shocking band name, diverse coalition of college-y, thirty something, being seen at the bar brunch hipsters, regurgitating old Hole and Bikini Kill ideas, I did not feel it. So I dive back into the long gone Raji’s/Al’s Bar/English Acid early nineties Tinseltown to get my rocknroll kicks. I think Alice the Galactic Kid was easily as good as Inger, and they both should have been much bigger, more famous. Courtney sabotoged Inger, I know that much. “Patron Saint Of Fucked Over Musicians” always spoke to me. Me, too, sister. They really did a number on me. it’s hard to even wanna start again.

Celebrity Skin Monster – YouTube

Ratt Fink by Celebrity Skin – YouTube

Twinkie Starwig – YouTube

Wonderland – YouTube

Celebrity Skin Sweet Fisted Nanny – YouTube

Celebrity Skin Monster – YouTube

Celebrity Skin members perform Dot Dot – YouTube

Nymphs – Sad and Damned (Original Rare Video) – YouTube

Nymphs – Sad and Damned (Original Rare Video) – YouTube

2000 Years by The Ultras – YouTube

The Ultras – Piece Of The Rock – YouTube

The Ultras “Galactic Kid”- 1991 Alistarr Liddell Stars From Mars Dropouts Firecracker Drugstore – YouTube

The Postman by The Ultras – YouTube

Motorcycle Boy @ English Acid, 2.15.1989 – YouTube

Motorcycle Boy @ God Save The Queen, L A 1991 – YouTube

The Humpers – Loser’s Club – YouTube

The Humpers – “Drunk Tank” – YouTube


“Precrime. Under the pretext of helping overwhelmed government agencies work more efficiently, AI predictive and surveillance technologies are being used to classify, segregate and flag the populace with little concern for privacy rights or due process. All of this sorting, sifting and calculating is being done swiftly, secretly and incessantly with the help of AI technology and a surveillance state that monitors your every move. AI predictive tools are being deployed in almost every area of life.

Mandatory quarantines. Building on precedents established during the COVID-19 pandemic, government agents may be empowered to indefinitely detain anyone they suspect of posing a medical risk to others without providing an explanation, subject them to medical tests without their consent, and carry out such detentions and quarantines without any kind of due process or judicial review.

Mental health assessments by non-medical personnel. As a result of a nationwide push to train a broad spectrum of so-called gatekeepers in mental health first-aid training, more Americans are going to run the risk of being reported by non-medical personnel and detained for having mental health issues.

Tracking chips for citizens. Momentum is building for corporations and the government alike to be able to track the populace, whether through the use of RFID chips embedded in a national ID card, microscopic chips embedded in one’s skin, or tags in retail products.

Military involvement domestically. The future, according to a Pentagon training video, will be militaristic, dystopian and far from friendly to freedom. Indeed, all signs point to the battlefield of the future being the American home front. Anticipating this, the government plans to have the military work in conjunction with local police to quell civil unrest domestically.

Government censorship of anything it classifies as disinformation. In the government’s ongoing assault on those who criticize the government—whether that criticism manifests itself in word, deed or thought—government and corporate censors claiming to protect us from dangerous, disinformation campaigns are, in fact, laying the groundwork now to preempt any “dangerous” ideas that might challenge the power elite’s stranglehold over our lives.

Threat assessments. The government has a growing list—shared with fusion centers and law enforcement agencies—of ideologies, behaviors, affiliations and other characteristics that could flag someone as suspicious and result in their being labeled potential enemies of the state. Before long, every household in America will be flagged as a threat and assigned a threat score. It’s just a matter of time before you find yourself wrongly accused, investigated and confronted by police based on a data-driven algorithm or risk assessment culled together by a computer program run by artificial intelligence.

War on cash. The government and its corporate partners are engaged in a concerted campaign to shift consumers towards a digital mode of commerce that can easily be monitored, tracked, tabulated, mined for data, hacked, hijacked and confiscated when convenient. This push for a digital currency dovetails with the government’s war on cash, which it has been subtly waging for some time now. In recent years, just the mere possession of significant amounts of cash could implicate you in suspicious activity and label you a criminal.

Expansive surveillance. AI surveillance harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and widespread surveillance technology to do what the police state lacks the manpower and resources to do efficiently or effectively: be everywhere, watch everyone and everything, monitor, identify, catalogue, cross-check, cross-reference, and collude. Everything that was once private is now up for grabs to the right buyer. With every new AI surveillance technology that is adopted and deployed without any regard for privacy, Fourth Amendment rights and due process, the rights of the citizenry are being marginalized, undermined and eviscerated.

Militarized police. Having transformed local law enforcement into extensions of the military, the Department of Homeland Security, the Justice Department and the FBI are moving into the next phase of the transformation, turning the nation’s police officers into techno-warriors, complete with iris scanners, body scanners, thermal imaging Doppler radar devices, facial recognition programs, license plate readers, cell phone extraction software, Stingray devices and so much more.

Police shootings of unarmed citizens. Owing in large part to the militarization of local law enforcement agencies, not a week goes by without more reports of hair-raising incidents by police imbued with a take-no-prisoners attitude and a battlefield approach to the communities in which they serve. Police brutality and the use of excessive force continues unabated.

False flags and terrorist attacks. Almost every tyranny being perpetrated by the U.S. government against the citizenry—purportedly to keep us safe and the nation secure—has come about as a result of some threat manufactured in one way or another by our own government. This has become the shadow government’s modus operandi regardless of which party is in power: the government creates a menace—knowing full well the ramifications such a danger might pose to the public—then without ever owning up to the part it played in unleashing that particular menace on an unsuspecting populace, it demands additional powers in order to protect “we the people” from the threat.

Endless wars to keep America’s military’s empire employed. The military and security industrial complexes that have advocated that the U.S. remain at war, year after year, are the very entities that will continue to profit the most from America’s expanding military empire abroad and here at home.

Erosions of private property. Private property means little at a time when SWAT teams and other government agents can invade your home, break down your doors, kill your dog, wound or kill you, damage your furnishings and terrorize your family. Likewise, if government officials can fine and arrest you for growing vegetables in your front yard, praying with friends in your living room, installing solar panels on your roof, and raising chickens in your backyard, you’re no longer the owner of your property.

Overcriminalization. The government has increasingly adopted the authoritarian notion that it knows best and therefore must control, regulate and dictate almost everything about the citizenry’s public, private and professional lives. Overregulation and overcriminalization have been pushed to such outrageous limits that federal and state governments now require on penalty of a fine that individuals apply for permission before they can grow exotic orchids, host elaborate dinner parties, gather friends in one’s home for Bible studies, give coffee to the homeless, let their kids manage a lemonade stand, keep chickens as pets, or braid someone’s hair.

Strip searches and the denigration of bodily integrity. Court rulings undermining the Fourth Amendment and justifying invasive strip searches have left us powerless against police empowered to forcefully draw our blood, forcibly take our DNA, strip search us, and probe us intimately. Individuals—men and women alike—continue to be subjected to what is essentially government-sanctioned rape by police in the course of “routine” traffic stops.

Censorship. First Amendment activities are being pummeled, punched, kicked, choked, chained and generally gagged all across the country. Free speech zones, bubble zones, trespass zones, anti-bullying legislation, zero tolerance policies, hate crime laws and a host of other legalistic maladies dreamed up by politicians and prosecutors have conspired to corrode our core freedoms. The reasons for such censorship vary widely from political correctness, safety concerns and bullying to national security and hate crimes but the end result remains the same: the complete eradication of what Benjamin Franklin referred to as the “principal pillar of a free government.”

Taxation Without Any Real Representation. As a Princeton University survey indicates, our elected officials, especially those in the nation’s capital, represent the interests of the rich and powerful rather than the average citizen. We are no longer a representative republic. With Big Business and Big Government having fused into a corporate state, the president and his state counterparts—the governors—have become little more than CEOs of the Corporate State, which day by day is assuming more government control over our lives. Never before have average Americans had so little say in the workings of their government and even less access to their so-called representatives.

(-By John W. Whitehead and Nisha Whitehead)

Liberal Corporate Media Ignores Government Wrongdoing When Liberals Are to Blame (

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Useful Idiots on Twitter: “The US blamed the Maidan Massacre on President Yanukovich, triggering a coup and civil war. But when @I_Katchanovski revealed who really committed the massacre — including footage CNN tried to bury — he was ignored by mainstream media @aaronjmate @kthalps” / Twitter

So we need to get moving. What we need to do is work to exacerbate public distrust in imperial media and help people to see they’re being continually deceived about their nation, their government and their world by the powerful. Propaganda only works if people trust the source.

This is the front line of the revolution. Everything else comes second, because until you deal with the fact that our enemy has the most powerful narrative control machine in the history of civilization, none of your other revolutionary ideals will ever be able to manifest. The imperial spin machine should therefore be our primary target. Attack the empire’s news media and its manipulators in Hollywood and Silicon Valley, expose their lies, and weaken public trust in those institutions so that people can no longer be manipulated by them.

Every positive change in human behavior — whether individual or collective — is always preceded by an expansion of consciousness. All we need to do is expand public consciousness of what’s really happening. The more people wake up, the more people will be available to help us.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)BEAUTY SECRETS AND PRO TIPS FROM FITNESS EXPERT AND TOP BEAUTY INFLUENCER GENERAL LABOR:

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LastAmericanVagabond (@TLAVagabond) / Twitter

Psychological Tyranny Is Still Tyranny: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix – Caitlin Johnstone

Matt Taibbi on Twitter: “Capsule Summaries of all Twitter Files Threads to Date, With a Glossary: With links to work by @BariWeiss, @ShellenbergerMD, @Lhfang, and @davidzweig” / Twitter

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“Gotta hand it to the empire propagandists for convincing the “populist right” that 1980s-style moral panics and garden variety stuffy social conservatism are actually brave and revolutionary ways to fight the power. You won’t get healthy resistance movements as long as people are being psychologically manipulated into supporting the status quo at mass scale in various ways. The fight starts when we cripple their ability to exert this kind of psychological influence over the public. The imperial spin machine should be our primary target. Attack the empire’s news media and its manipulators in Hollywood and Silicon Valley, expose their lies and weaken public trust in those institutions, because propaganda only works if you trust the source it’s coming from. This is why I place so much emphasis on overthrowing imperial narrative control. The empire’s ability to manipulate the dominant narratives in our society is what keeps us ineffective and confused. Until we can crush their ability to twist perception of reality, they’ve got us. None of this means those healthy impulses are now unhealthy. Just because the narrative managers are twisting them toward sickness doesn’t mean we shouldn’t still want health. The problem isn’t social justice movements etc, it’s the manipulations that get placed overtop them. The healthy impulse for global worker solidarity sees imperialist narrative managers finger-wagging at leftists that they must display “solidarity” with protesters in empire-targeted nations and with Ukrainian soldiers fighting in a US proxy war. Everything healthy gets twisted. Every healthy impulse gets twisted by our rulers. The push toward equality for women got twisted into doubling the workforce and slashing worker pay. The push for racial equality and LGBT rights gets twisted into having to vote for abusive imperialist political parties.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

Kevin McCarthy Had ‘Dinner’ With Klaus Schwab, Spoke At WEF With McConnell’s Wife – Valiant News

Big Pharma Uses Its Massive Profits to Enrich Shareholders, Not for Research (

“The U.S. Congress & both of its corporate parties are corrupt institutions that fund endless wars & Wall Street bailouts while everyday Americans fall further behind so no it is not “extreme” to oppose Congress. It is reasonable to oppose institutions that are rigged against you. The only “democracy” that takes place in Congress is democracy for the rich—which is not democracy at all. It’s oligarchy. Every American should oppose both of these corrupt parties so we can one day form a legislature that actually governs for the people instead of the powerful.” (-Ryan Knight)

Julian Assange – Google Is Not What It Seems (

George Galloway on Twitter: “INTERVIEW: The #US can find endless funds to pursue #Nato’s war in #Ukraine and it would rather spend it on weapons than feeding its starving people. #NickBrana Follow @MoatsTV” / Twitter


When I was talking about the cool as fuck L.A. glam scene in the twilight’s last gleamings, before the media consolidation act of 96 monopolized the public airwaves, and the inside job 9/11 anti war song bans on radio resulted in all of us having to hear way too much garbage like “Hit Me Baby”, “Livin La Vita Loca”, “Mambo #5”, “Bye Bye Bye”, “I Want It That Way”, and all that insufferable Three Doors Down and Bush and Creed fake as hell post grunge excrement for so many years, Matchbox 20 and Nickelback and Foo Fighters and here we are, still having to hear about facking Miley, Taylor, Dave Grohl and the Justins all day everyday, twentyfive years later. I’m remembering there was also still a neon throbbing nightlife happening in NYC around the same time until Giulliani and Chertoff decided to Palestine the Village, and drive out all the poor people with riot quads in Tompkins Square Park, and hardon overpolicin,g and using some ancient Footloose anti dance law to shutdown all the hard partying legit melting pot nightclubs like Limelite and later, Coney Island High, but there was a time right before D-Generation started rolling in the money and bigname producers and became the only game in town aside from the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion scene, when real rocknroll influenced little punk bands like the Phantoms and Fur and Piss Factory and Bebe Buell and the Waldos and the Lunachicks were still around, really makin’ it a fun scene in the Green Door party era. I got to see a lot of those bands and even jam with some of them. One night the Phantoms from New Orleans played one of the best shows I’d ever seen at the Continental. The Waldos, too, and of course, Pillbox! I love Phoebe Legere so much, too. Gentrification is a wokey Mcwoke realtor code word for getting rid of the poor people by jacking up rents so only trust fund nepo babes can be in certain zipcodes, and overpolicing people who do not present as sufficiently middle class, so that means me, it was perfected in Manhattan by Mossad peeps, then imported to like every medium sized city. The facist pigs and booj landlords called their strongarm tactics “Broken Window Theory” and started categorizing loitering, jaywalking, rough sleeping and panhandling “quality of life crimes”. Then, they easily convinced all the white property owning middle class college educated people that they were being infringed upon by the unsightly presence of all us dastardly poors, that the middle class owners and landlords were society’s real victims, so that helped ’em see us lower class artists and punks and less affluent people from all walks of life as “bums”, “winos”, or (this one kills me) “travelers”, making “lifestyle choices”, so when they’d see people shivering in the sleet, moms fleeing abuse or PTSD veterans, they could tell themselves they had made a “lifestyle choice”, or when they saw the cops kick people awake and steal their tarps or tents or backpacks and kidnap their companion animals, they told themselves it was to create a “vibrant and diverse” neighborhood. All those P.C. culture rollouts were weaponized against the left and against the poor. The oligarchy will use anything to justify keeping poor folks under their boot. 

    During Occupy Wall Street, cops started beating up NYU middle class people, too, and chemical spraying women, and media just ignored it and showed more footage of Obama being cool and wearing taupe and playing b-ball with Jay Z. He said we can’t look back at Bush/cheney crimes and we’re just gonna let it play out with brutes abusing water protectors at standing Rock, blowing girls arms off, and see no eveil feelgoodist NPR shitlibs just look the other way and pretend like it’s not happening. Then, they made an exaggerated big deal about a Maga protest at the Capital cause rich plane owning inside trading millionaire politicians do not like being held accountable or having to meet with their constituents. Racist rightwing politicians started writing laws during the Ferguson and Baltimore uprisings that it was legal for rightwingers to run demonstrators over with their cars if they disagreed with their messaging. They want most of us to die suddenly and the rest of us to stay in our tiny cells except when we ar making them money somehow, so I knew the whole gentrification shit was gonna be bad for everybody, a long time ago, when my old associates were first getting in bed with rich racist bar owners and sporto popular hometown coke dealers. So a whole generation shifted away from congregating in overpriced nightclubs for richies and got online, now, they’ve deployed a million spooks to eavesdrop on your phones via NSA, a million TSA spooks to fondle your private parts at the airport for Rapiscan and Chertoff profits, and a million more to police what you say online about how “WATER IS LIFE”, which I still believe but shitlibs don’t care cause Hillary got to be fracker in chief after Cheney and she is female. The man does not waunt us online organizing or talking to people about how these elections aren’t real-they are mostly staged and decided in smoky backrooms, or how we need to force the vote on healthcare if we have representation and house all the people and we need to make the politicians stop giving weapons and military power to lowbrow ape aggressors in the so called homeland-then, the Pandemic clampdowns with Brad Pitt being trotted out to play Fauchi on SNL, and Fauchi throwing out the first baseball and being characterized by shitlib media all around the clock for years as the GREATEST SAINT WHO EVER LIVED with all the pig media covering up his involvement with animal experimentation and funding gain of function bioweapon reearch, that’s when they really, really, successfully finally taught people to fear their neighbors might have the cooties of death, and divided everybody even more, over trite topics like do cloth masks prevent transmission. Democrat celebrities would be at champagne parties without masks, but the peasants, the servants, the second class citizens were required to wear masks and shitlibs who love their privileges more than truth, all co signed that fuckedup bullshit by just blindly and obediently repeating the trust science mantra. It aint science that rich people don’t have germs, only the second class servants. Wow that’s batshit, and how did one virus sick bat fly to 150 countries in a week? So yeah now things are permenently fucked and more NWO rollouts are underway while they keep the working class divided and quarreling over nickel and dime shit forever. 

 So I don’t think we’ll ever see a crazy cool hedonistic sparkling fun nightlife like we did when all the various tribes and subcultures mixed it up on the Lower East Side. They try pretending they still got it goin’ but without poor people, it’s just boomer aged kareoke-richies playing covers of songs that were written by poor people from the seventies. No motherfuckin born rich millionaire ever wrote “Chinese Rocks” or “Can’t Your Arms Around A Memory”, but here’s some old people with wealth doing more covers of the same ten songs til Doomsday. A lot of my fave rockers had to leave that town and most of ’em left the country. I’ll probably never get to see Jeff Ward or Chris Barry or Ratboy in real life again, all the cool people scattered to other freer and more affordable parts of the planet. I’ve never been cool with authoritarianism. Somehow, the powers that be have convinced a safespace generation and a half that like, bombing the shit out of Libya and bringing back slavery is okeydokey and wokey Mcwokeness as long as Hillary, a female, is giving the kill orders, or that torturing human beings cause you don’t like their religion is acceptable so long as Gina Haspel is giving the orders and she is female and some gay women are involved in the degrading and human experimentation of Muslim males. That droning a teenage citizen of our country is okay so long as the Prez is part black. The identity politricks is empty tokenism and if you were truly a critical thinker, you’d have principles, and not just obey tv models, or confuse body parts or skin tone for virtue or character. My town’s Wal Mart always hires gay females to be their loss prevention and I can never wrap my mind around their overeager wanting to bust poor people for shoplifting, I heard an obese lady probation officer on her cellphone yesterday and looked her in the eye, trying to find a streak of humanity in there, nothing. All these people have been programmed to want to be authority figures, controlling less powerful people, handcuffing motherfuckers, putting them in abuse gulags, and I think it’s sad and disgusting. But we got Democrats in bed with actual nazis, now, so ya know, people who “self identify” with this or that, frequently choose their identity labels or sports team uniform colors over doing what is righteous or kind or decent or humane.

The Waldos – “Party Lights” – YouTube

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MintPress News on Twitter: “During WWII, Stepan Bandera’s followers killed tens of thousands of Poles and Jews in an ethnic cleansing campaign. Ukrainian nationalists still see him as a wartime hero despite protests from anti-war campaigners.” / Twitter

Tara Reade 🐎 on Twitter: “Kim Iversen: WEF Climate Lockdowns Coming | 'Died Suddenly' Directors | Multipolar World @GarlandNixon” / Twitter

MintPress News on Twitter: “BREAKING: Iraq’s Supreme Court has issued an arrest warrant for former president Donald Trump for ordering the assassination of the Iranian General Qassem Soleimani in 2020.” / Twitter

“Reminder that the right gets fighters & the Left gets gaslighters for the Establishment.” (-Jimmy Dore)

“Gee, I wonder who blew up Nord Stream 2?” (-Garland Nixon)

“For all the public whining from Prince Harry and his wife, his admission that he slaughtered 25 people in Afghanistan, a country offering no threat to his own and left impoverished, offers us a glimpse of the ruthless system propped up by his family.” (-John Pilger)

Virgin Islands AG fired days after filing suit alleging JPMorgan, Jeffrey Epstein ties; gov responds | Fox News

MintPress News on Twitter: “”The Palestinians were always canceled.” Journalist and organizer Brian Becker discusses how the Western Left’s support for the movement for a #FreePalestine is growing.″ / Twitter

Top Ukrainian justice official says US ambassador gave him a do not prosecute list – The Hill

Garland Nixon (@GarlandNixon) / Twitter


Truth Ninja on Twitter: “I am white and stand 100% behind the Uhuru movement in this case. When the FBI indicts you for “spreading Russian disinformation”, we have a major fucking problem. I don’t agree with them politically but I will defend their right to freedom of beliefs and expression.” / Twitter

Anthony Beckford ✊🏾 on Twitter: “A white male @NYPDnews officer brutally beat a Black Female child w/ hammer fists. She & other children try to stop his attack. Watch the look of horror on the Female Officer’s face at the action of her fellow officer. Fire Him & Release His Name!! #ProtectBlackChildren” / Twitter

Garland Nixon on Twitter: “NATO to return to its roots…” / Twitter

Garland Nixon on Twitter: “@joebiden is looking to bring this brand of DEMOCRACY to the world. THIS IS WASHINGTON DC! His upcoming nuclear war will clean this right up with an 8,000 degree fire. @USrogressives” / Twitter

“We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of.”

(― Edward Bernays)

My neighbour and friend Vivienne Westwood, who has died, embodied the best of creative, optimistic, generous and eccentric Britain. She used her establishment fame to demand justice for Julian #Assange. She understood how important it was. I salute her.” (-John Pilger)

Dame Vivienne Westwood, legendary fashion designer, dies aged 81 (

Caitlin Johnstone on Twitter: “The dark blue line after 1973 is theft. They stole that money from their workers. But nothing happened, because capitalism legalizes theft from the working class by the capitalist class.” / Twitter

“I explain why Guaidó was a political disaster for Venezuela’s opposition & how his allies oversaw an international heist of the country’s assets” (-Anya Parampyl)

“*Some of those conspiracy theories, like the idea of a sprawling conspiracy between Trump and Russia, were of course invented before the election.” (-Aaron Mate’)

“The liberal/left in the U.S. doesn’t seem to have a clue about the ruthlessness of the ideological/informational war being waged by capitalists. The twitter files only provided some empirical evidence to the neoliberal totalitarianism that some of us have been warning.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

The Truth on Cuba, Ukraine Celebrates Nazi Stepan Bandera, Squad Failed: But GOP FORCES THE VOTE (

Lee Fang on Twitter: “Leighton Woodhouse @lwoodhouse and Michael Shellenberger @ShellenbergerMD are merging forces to create Public, a Substack. Absolutely worth a follow. They are tackling some of the most vexing issues issues, from the homeless crisis to crime and policing.” / Twitter

Lee Fang on Twitter: “Twitter quietly partnered with the U.S. intelligence community, allowing the IC to select which state-sponsored accounts/advertsting to take down/ban. Incredible screenshot below showing Twitter had a secret policy handing power to FBI/CIA etc. over content decisions.” / Twitter

International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement on Twitter: “WATCH. LIVE Right Now – FBI Indictments Imminent – Fight Back! – Chairman @OmaliYeshitela” / Twitter

COMBATE |🇵🇷 on Twitter: “MADURO: “The US has unfortunately been caught up in a nonsensical policy regarding Venezuela… hit, threaten invasions, extremist sanctions, try to break the country from within. And all those policies failed – they were defeated. Firstly by reality, secondly by strength.”” / Twitter

San Francisco Government Is Secretly And Illegally Operating An Illicit Drug Use Site (

Aaron Maté on Twitter: “Following their 2016 humiliation, Democratic operatives invented multiple Russia-related conspiracy theories. One was that Russia manipulated millions of Americans via social media. ( This thread details how Twitter was pressured to validate it:” / Twitter

Stephen McIntyre on Twitter: “Matt Taibbi’s recent and excellent thread picked up story of social media censorship in Sept 2017. But as early as July 2016, Facebook had initially blocked links to Wikileaks archive of DNC leak.” / Twitter

🏴🚩Engineering Communism ☭ on Twitter: “@ProudSocialist They have literal fascist symbols in the hall of congress.” / Twitter

Fiorella Isabel on Twitter: “Reminder of (one of the reasons) why Fauci should be in jail and why you should never trust anything coming from the vile NIH.” / Twitter

COMBATE |🇵🇷 on Twitter: “LULA: “Assange should receive the Nobel Prize for having exposed the CIA’s frauds to the whole planet.”” / Twitter

Mick Wallace on Twitter: “EU says ‘An Independent free media is vital to any Democracy’ but Mainstream Media in EU is not Independent, it’s controlled by vested interests. #EU says ‘A journalist shouldn’t be punished for doing his work’- But Julian #Assange is in prison for exposing #US #NATO War Crimes..” / Twitter

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “The reason this matters – beyond the key role Obama and Pelosi played in preserving NSA domestic spying – is that a handful of establishment leaders in both parties agree on most things, and rule the country together as a club. Most members have no power:” / Twitter

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “The incident Amash is referencing is amazing. In the wake of the Snowden reporting, there was huge bipartisan support for reining in the NSA’s domestic spying. Amash and John Conyers co-wrote a bill poised to pass. Then Obama got Nancy Peolsi to whip enough Dem votes to sink it👇” / Twitter

Ben Norton on Twitter: “This is how Peru’s unelected right-wing coup regime treats protesters who are demanding elections. (It has already killed around 30 activists.) Meanwhile, the US government 100% supports this regime and hasn’t uttered a word of criticism” / Twitter

“”In Congress, there are basically 3, 4, or 5 people deciding everything right now.” (-Justin Amash)

“CNN exec 1: “Let’s hire Kinzinger: he’s one of the good Republicans who says Trump is an Orange Hitler.”

Exec 2: “But we already hired 1,000 others exactly like this and nobody watches.” Exec 1: Maybe this time it will work?” (-Glenn Greenwald)

Media Silent as Twitter Files Expose Flagrant Misconduct in Govt. & Journalism | SYSTEM UPDATE #15 (

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “Read @davidsirota on how most of the corporate media — with the sole intention to protect @PeteButtigieg — completely distorted what caused the meltdown at Southwest Air that stranded a million passengers. His culpability is as clear as it was ignored:” / Twitter

Staggering 76 Percent Of Nurses Don’t Know Where to File a Vaccine Injury Report | Childrens Health Defense

Two Hour interview with Chris Hedges on the six books he has written in the last decade (

Craig Pasta Jardula on Twitter: “Why Are Athletes Dropping Like Flies? W/ Dr McCullough” / Twitter

Telegram: Contact @fiorellastele

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “This continues to be such an amazing part of all of this: how Dems – especially the Squad and other “progressives” – are so aggressively proud of how they obediently united behind a Leader who openly despises them, and are just unwilling ever to raise a ruckus about anything:” / Twitter

Prince Harry says he killed 25 people in Afghanistan | Middle East Eye but hulu/netflix/internet media won’t stop polishing his shoes. “royalty”. 

Brazil’s President Lula is back – and Bolsonaro fled to Florida – Multipolarista

“Venezuela’s right-wing opposition oligarch-controlled parallel “national assembly” voted to dissolve the imaginary “interim government” of US puppet Juan Guaidó.

But Washington still refuses to recognize Venezuela’s real, elected government, prolonging the endless coup attempt” (-Ben Norton)

Cathy Vogan on Twitter: “@POTUS @AlboMP @JulianHillMP @MariaVamvakinou @Josh4Freo @SenCarolBrown @stemplemanmp By special request… #FreeAssange” / Twitter

MintPress News on Twitter: “In December 2022, the occupation stole the lives of at least 19 Palestinians, including two children. MintPress will continue to record Palestinian deaths at the hands

MintPress News on Twitter: “WHAT IS NATO? The host of Declassified Palestine and former Labour Party MP Chris Williamson breaks down the roots of NATO, Britain’s role in its history, and what led to NATO’s current proxy war against Russia in Ukraine.” / Twitter

 of the Israeli occupation each month.” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “Literally the only thing State Dept-backed mafiosi like @carlosvecchio did in or around Venezuela’s US embassy was usher a band of middle class emigre thugs to its gates to assault and harass activists defending its rightful, UN-recognized owners. Fail.” / Twitter

ESCAPE JAN 6TH GARBAGE | Republican Rebels Gets HUGE Concession from Kevin McCarthy | AOC is Embarrassing | LIVE NOW 230PM ET (

MintPress News on Twitter: “On Monday, the Ukrainian parliament released a (now-deleted) tweet quoting Ukrainian ultra-nationalist and antisemite Stepan Bandera: “The complete and supreme victory of Ukrainian nationalism will be when the Russian Empire ceases to exist.”” / Twitter

Lee Camp & Brian Becker: What Next For The Anti-War Movement? – YouTube

And as the sun sinks slowly in the West, I bid you a fond farewell, all my Brothers & Sisters & Friends of the Revolution. Stay Wild! Stay Free!

Sister Morphine “Ghosts Of Heartbreak City”

SISTER MORPHINE had a first life from 1989 to 1991 in South Wales. They even got a deal with South Bank Studio who released the MANIC STREET PREACHERS‘ “Suicide Alley” 7″. After those pandemic times, the members of the band decided it was the right time to give life to some of their long lost songs and they even gave birth to four new songs including high energy opener “Holy City Zoo” and the power pop hit “8 Tracks and Zodiacs”. Sometimes band reunions are a bit scary after a long time but SISTER MORPHINE haven’t lost their rock’n’roll edge since songs like “Do You Wanna Get Wasted?”, “Nothing Dirty In The Truth” or “Ghosts Of Heartbreak City” sound like some good late 80s/early 90s sleazy rock’n’roll. Names like QUIREBOYS (especially on “Get Back Home”) or GUNFIRE DANCE come to mind and songs like “Cry The Rain” or “Days Of Wine & Roses” could have been mix tape favourites in rock’n’roll high-school. The ROLLING STONES influence is obvious in songs like “Waiting On Salvation” or in “Living With Snakes” and you’ll even get a glam punk fix with “Red Eye Juice.” Sometimes the band even takes you deep into the glorious 70s with the catchy “Sea Of Love” and even though the music is pure rock’n’roll, the vocals sometimes remind me of WEDNESDAY 13 (“Black Hearts & Bruised Egos”.) 15 songs usually sound like too much for me but when the last song (“Seven Long Years”) stops, I tend to get back to it for a couple more. High quality rock’n’roll ! /Laurent C.

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Revolutionary Blackout Network on Twitter: “There was once a wing of the Democratic Party that stood up to the War Industry The New Democrats since Clinton have become shills for Corporate America and Arms Industry What happened to the Democratic Party? Why has it become IMPOSSIBLE to question War within the Dem Party” / Twitter

WHEN RAH RAH RACIST WARPIGS COME HOME TO ROOST Compton Jay on Twitter: “Ask yourself, what does this RESEMBLE? A – “Protecting & serving” this community B – Methods used to catch enslaved Africans by Slave Patrols And All of our TAX DOLLARS go to FUND THIS NONSENSE OUR MONEY NEVER GOES TO US!” / Twitter

Proof U.S. Government Is 100% Corrupt! – YouTube

“The only “movement” associated with AOC is the bowel movement she makes in the toilet every day. Which she should increase the frequency of because she is apparently still full of shit.Glad the world is quickly realizing that #AOC is a CIA asset & war monger & not progressive.” (-Evan Lefavor)

“Liberals really have no idea how crazy their blood thirsty anti Russia rhetoric sounds to ordinary people.”

(-Revolutionary Blackout Network)

“Once you get out of this fantasy world created for us that says we live in a democracy and the Dems and GOP are fighting each other, you start to see the world as it really is more clearly. In Politics and in life in general always remember

The people who you think are your friends can do a lot more damage to you than the people you know are your enemies.” (-Black In The Empire)

““It’s possible that the empire’s violent shutdown of the awakenings of the 1960s

was the mortal wound that would ultimately kill us, & since then humanity has been bleeding out, waiting to die of ecocide or nuclear armageddon. It’s also possible that awakening is inevitable…” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

“Being pro environment doesn’t equal selling the Amazon to multinational corporations & couping presidents bc they threaten your cash flow. If that’s environmentalism I don’t it. The west can go on w electric cars while destroying the earth & limiting the movement of the poor tho.Can’t wait til the plebs are only allowed to drive 1000 miles per month while the “environmentalists” fly their jets and drive their Teslas to Green tech & charity events. You’ll own nothing and love it. Eat z bugs.” (-Fiorella Isabel)

“Billionaire-funded right-wing deficit hawks love to claim about measly spending on social programs

They conveniently never mention that 53% of the new US spending bill goes to the military Why? This ridiculous $858 BILLION annual war budget is bipartisan.” (-Ben Norton)

“BREAKING NEWS: White House insiders leak that the money saved by screwing rail workers out of sick pay will be used to replace torn and damaged copies of Mein Kampf for Ukrainian Nazis, because morale on the front lines is critical to military success.” (-Garland Nixon)

“Caught up w/ the Ukrainian diaspora delegation on their way into the Capitol to cheer for Zelensky

They told me $45 billion wasn’t enough, neo-Nazis do not exist in Ukraine and the banning of the Russian wing of the Orthodox Church & oppo parties was justified bc “martial law” (-Max Blumenthal)

“They should slash the military budget and use that money to help fund Nationalized healthcare for all” (-Jay Befaunt)

“Isn’t that what those fake progressives and the fraud squad campaigned on, took all those campaign donations from workers to campaign for?” (-Burntout Recluse Remembers)

Revolutionary Blackout Network on Twitter: “When Journalists Attack | From Journalism to Advocacy | PMC Journalists are THE “WHITE MODERATES” Malcom X Warned Us About Premieres at 11AM ET” / Twitter

Progressive Dems PUSH WORKERS to the GOP | White Workers Have Been Betrayed, They Aren’t Racist | Premieres at 1130AM ET (

Compton Jay on Twitter: “Dennis Kucinich chimes in on the Progressive Letter by the Squad and Progressives 16 Years in Congress and ZERO VOTES FOR WAR It can be Squad Members!! @AOC @IlhanMN @CoriBush @JamaalBowmanNY” / Twitter

Biden uses Zelensky to whip up pro-war frenzy – World Socialist Web Site (

“NATO doesn’t promote peace, they create wars. Close to $100,000,000,000 has been transferred from the American taxpayer to the military industrial complex, and the most corrupt country in Europe. The Zelensky Show comes to America

Ticket Price : $34,000,000,000. I don’t know about the rest of the world because I’ve spent my life in the military and growing up and living in America So I can’t judge Russia, China or anyplace else I can judge my country and live in actual reality, not the one the rulers put on our TV. Did Zelenskyy come to America with a fleet of armored cars to carry our taxpayers cash? I don’t know why I refuse to accept the fact that our citizens are brainwashed enough to let our Gov’t and ruling class con us into willingly be involved in another one of their wars. Translation: We’re stealing billions more from you and giving it to our donors and the most corrupt country in Europe right in front of your faces to keep this war that we provoked going Thanks again Suckers.” (-Black In The Empire)

You’ve Been LIED To About Why Ukraine War Began – YouTube

Ray McGovern on Twitter: “I would gladly risk dislocated shoulder, if allowed to be in Congress to hear Zelensky today Even Rep Barbara Lee will applaud puppet Zelensky as he dances on neocon/neonazi strings. Putin will see it as NO to hints he might stop at the Dniepr.” / Twitter

cabral on Twitter: “Fascism isn’t coming to America, it’s already here” / Twitter

Ray McGovern on Twitter: “US Intelligence community & conflict with Russia – Ray McGovern, Alexander Mercouris & Glenn Diesen” / Twitter

Gropey Joe gave the sickdays and housing for the homeless to the nazis to fight Russia just like they did with Bin ladin. Sabby Sabs on Twitter: “Please donate to @railroadworkers to help them continue to organize! They’re getting close to their goal!” / Twitter

Sabby Sabs on Twitter: “$100 billion out the door. And Flint still has dirty water. Ppl still don’t have Healthcare, sick leave, a living wage. Our government ain’t sh*t!” / Twitter

The Housing Market is The Top Way The Ruling Class Wages Class Warfare | These Sons of B*tches | Premieres at 130PM ET (


Revolutionary Blackout Network on Twitter: “The MOST PROPAGANDIZED Country On The Planet is The U S | Everyone FALLS in-line behind Zelensky War Propaganda | COP CITY is a SLAVE PATROL Training Ground | Twitter Files #8 shows how Twitter actively worked with the US military to spread propaganda” / Twitter

Dennis Kucinich: How the war machine took over the Democratic Party (

Mike Gravel Torches War Criminals To Their Smug Faces (2007) – YouTube

US Veterans Join Calls for Ending War in Ukraine (

The Hidden Truth Behind AFRICOM – US Africa Command (

Roger Waters: War, Peace, and Music, with David Swanson and Todd Pierce + Roger Waters Uncut – Dandelion Salad (

Caitlin Johnstone on Twitter: “LOL why’s it in slow motion? I keep thinking the building behind them is supposed to explode.” / Twitter

The McProxy War Continues: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix ( WAR IS A LIE! YOU USED TO SEEM SO SMART! I THOUGHT YOU KNEW!

Matt Aldarab on Twitter: “The dumbest, phoniest, most PR-intensive proxy war of all time ~ @caitoz” / Twitter

The Perils of Pious Neoliberalism (

“War is not all that’s profitable in NATO’s proxy war in Ukraine.

U.S. politicians would rather turn Ukraine into a charity cause than to demand peace. Why? Because the more dependent Ukraine is on U.S. financial help, the more their corporations can plunder from the country. Zelensky is a war criminal. Joe Biden is a bigger war criminal. The military industrial complex is run by war criminals. The entire U.S. empire and its junior partners are war criminals.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“Zelensky got a standing ovation in the US congress for being an outstanding customer of Raytheon.” (-Hassan Mafi)

“Zelensky couldn’t give an interview to David Letterman in English, but he suddenly speaks it perfectly now that he’s begging US tax payers to send billions of dollars to weapons makers & foreign oligarchs

I suppose that as an actor, he’s used to selling a script.” (-Anya Parampil)

Capitalism would collapse without being able to take advantage of highly exploited workers of the global south” (-MC Squared)

Zelensky’s at the WH getting all your student loan debt relief. How about peace negotiations instead of handouts.” (-Thia Ballerina)

“No money for stimulus. No money for student debt relief. No money end homelessness. No money for Medicare for All. But all the money you need for pork barrel projects, intelligence agencies & the military-industrial complex. This is overt corruption.” (-Primo Radical)

When you thought the world couldn’t get any crazier, the FBI now claims that the words of its own agents in tons of emails revealed by #TwitterFiles are conspiracy theories and misinformation.” (-Kim Dotcom)

Primo Radical on Twitter: “When does this guy get to speak to Congress?” / Twitter

Need help to make ends meet? Sorry, Jack! Your money’s going toward extending an unnecessary proxy war instead.” (-Holding Biden Accountable)

“If you want to know what unites Congress, it’s money laundering through war. This standing ovation is for all of the money going into their pockets in this incredible scam.” (-the Future Is Bleak)

“What the FBI is at home in facets of big tech, social media & the surveillance state domestically, the CIA is abroad at greater capacity & NATO is its allowable world agency existing under the guise of “diplomacy.” All are truly terrorist organizations that must be abolished.” (-Fiorella Isabel)

“You know I’m beginning to suspect the “national security concerns” about releasing all JFK documents are concerns that it would completely invalidate the US government.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

Caitlin Johnstone on Twitter: “Remember when the MSM told us that believing someone besides Russia might be responsible for the Nord Stream attacks means you’re a crazy QAnon-Satanic-sex-trafficking-cabal conspiracy theorist?” / Twitter

Alan MacLeod on Twitter: “In school, we learned that Communism was evil because people couldn’t afford food.” / Twitter

George Szamuely on Twitter: “NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg is one of the great con-men of our day.” / Twitter

Fiorella Isabel (@FiorellaIsabelM) / Twitter

Useful Idiots on Twitter: “Barbara Starr, we join the US Military in acknowledging your aggressive service in promoting Pentagon lies. We salute you. @aaronjmate @kthalps” / Twitter

The Donbass: My Articles, Videos & Interviews From/On the Donetsk & Lugansk People’s Republics (2019-present) – In Gaza (


Aaron Maté on Twitter: “Not incidentally, the world’s strongest superpower has the world’s weakest progressives:” / Twitter

Kawsachun News on Twitter: “Pedro Castillo’s family has just arrived in Mexico City. The persecution at the hands of the new regime is now over for them. They were granted political asylum by the government of President AMLO.” / Twitter

“Zelensky arrived at White House to make sure the US keeps supporting a conflict that risks taking us into a nuclear conflict with Russia. We need diplomacy, not more war!!! What is better, more war in Ukraine (over $100b in US$) or funding 12 million housing units to get people in the US out of the cold ($100b)? I vote to house people, not kill them. #PeaceInUkraine” (-Medea Benjamin)

“Kids in Virginia schools are now going to be taught these branches of the U.S. government:

Executive Judicial Court Jesters Ukrainian” (-David Swanson)

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I don’t think the warpgs care about what you think but I know you believe that, so here, my dear, sign here. May-May Meijer on Twitter: “I just signed a @worldbeyondwar petition: Call for Peace in #Ukraine. Sign here:” / Twitter

“Stand With Ukraine?” Really?! – YouTube

“I see a million walk the city mile

The ticker-tape kings and the juveniles
Will anybody tell me which way to go
Will anybody come back on the C.B. radio

I'm counting the stars and the telegraph poles
And each one represents the hopes of a soul
You'd think that God wouldn't be so hard
When you see all the little children running, 
Running in the backyard

On a Mississippi gourd with a Sub-Sahran song
Somebody is wailing in the financial district sun
Can anybody feel the distance to the Nile
I wanna live and I wanna dance awhile

Gonna make like Eddie on my rockabilly train
Gonna beat out the blues on my ball and chain
Oh, you can't pull a hold-up with a Be-Bop gun
There's people living now
Who ain't got no heart and ain't never had none..." (-Joe Strummer)

“Mitch McConnell says that the #1 priority for the US government is giving the military-industrial complex and the Ukraine government billions more.

Meanwhile 2.5 million children in the U.S. are homeless; that is 1 in every 30 children in the county.” (-Abraham Marquez)

“We are participants in it whether we like it or not. And the biggest danger we face is our apathy in the face of authoritarian brutality and violent repression.

Fascism is intentional. It is intentional in its obsession with a fictional and romanticized past. A sentimental vision of a history that never happened. An addiction to the glorification of nationalistic militarism. It is intentional in its drive to silence voices that criticize its narrow understanding of history or the place and treatment of women or of minorities. It is intentional in its misogyny, its racism, its homophobia, its xenophobia, its violence. And given the right circumstances, like economic disparity, ecological crises or institutional rot, it can sweep through any society like a flood. And it can create a new normal in the blink of an eye, leaving us grieving for the life we once thought was simply ordinary.” (-Ken Orphan)

Danny Haiphong on Twitter: “Evil is when you can smile your way into World War III and get away with it.” / Twitter

“There’s a HUGE star over Washington, D.C. You can see if from Lockheed Martin headquarters in Bethesda. People are starting to talk about the possibility that the Messiah has arrived. #Zelensky” (-David Swanson)

So Zelensky’s wife spent more money shopping in Paris for a day than most working people in the RICHEST country in the world make in a year?

Yup, sounds like democracy to me! Sorry but Zelensky traveling thousands of miles to the U.S. Capitol to beg for more weapons that only place the world at danger of World War III makes him neither courageous nor heroic. It makes him a criminal servant of Western imperialism.” (-Danny Haiphong)

Daniel Ellsberg on Twitter: “Another segment from my interview with @democracynow, on the current dangers of nuclear war:” / Twitter

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Book review of “Combat Trauma” by Nadia Abu El-Haj – The Washington Post there’s no glory or closure when you do inhumane shit for empire, you used to get a discount at Denny’s, but Denny’s is closed where I lived. The Nato fraudsquad fanclub and lockdown left only cares about Amazon. Those 4 men will show up at your funeral though. Hand a flag to your wife. Nt worth it. Stay human, be free.

“Stand With Ukraine?” Really?! – YouTube


Ya know I’m still negatively reeling from the stupid suicide of my childhood friend Jaysin B from about four years ago. I’ll tell ya the craziest part of it, to me, besides the fact that the kid was always so lovable, charming, talented and good looking is how unmoved the rest of our teenage delinquent squad were by his tragic exit, that shocks me, those guys are just so unmoved stoic, it tells me so much about how they really feel about me, too. I know people cope with grief and trauma differently but this kid was a huge part of all our lives and only two people we knew even seemed to give a flying fuck about it. I just shudder cause I always knew he could have been a comedian, an actor, a rockstar, a million things, but he had some heavy childhood traumas that kept him chained to that abusive town we came from, trying so hard to set things right and only ever being allowed to get it wrong again and again, he was just forever being busted by the sanctimonious courts and cops and pretty people he sought affirmation from. So sad, so dumb. He’s got a Facebook memorial page where some trendy people I never particularly got along with from the eighties at least are expressing an awareness of his loss, and he posted all these Alan Watts videos about consciousness and a video of some rippling water-was that where he killed himself, scene of the crime? I dunno but I’m already haunted by a long lost love who did the same shit, a beautiful bartender who killed herself the same age and day her mom did. That childhood trauma shit is a real motherfucker-especially in those fucked up, acutely dysfunctional little tankplant towns where the people act out all these night time soap opeera dramas they were programmed with growing up. Life imitates tv in sad sports shitholes. I tried unsuccessfully to pull that kid out of that punishing, loveless, sadistic enviornment on multiple occassions, but he kept on foolishly returning to the devil he knew like a dog to it’s vomit. He’s kinda always on my mind, he was one of my besties, we met in a counseling program for troubled teens. I used to read him my poetry back when that was not a thing that dudes shared with each other and he always got it, he knew exactly where I was coming from, cause aside from his being way better looking and therefore enjoying a little more social mobility, he was subjected to all the same crass bullshit. I think I just gave up before he did, I quit seeking that pat on the head from Judge Judy and Grumpy Coach Green. The girl’s volleyball coach Catholic school counselor was never gonna “get me”.  Poor kid, he was lovely. Flawed, troubled, but very sweet. Several of my other good buddies, and even a foxy goth girlfriend were foolishly hammered into military service by insane parents and smalltown screws-one of them killed himself too, and the others are so PTSD they can’t function or have sincere relationships anymore. These dumb wars don’t just slaughter the brown people over there, they also destroy the souls and families of the so called Real Murkkkan heroes that get abandoned on the streets, so rich Republikkans can cleverly yell “get a job” out their biggest truck guzzling tanklike vehicles, and nervous shitlib Black Lives Matter rainbow flag Karens can call the cops on ’em for begging for money at the offramp. When you get real physically sick, especially if ypu’re heavily medicated, you start thinking about all that happened, what you were trying to accomplish, what is important with what little time remains. I’m so lucky I got out when I did, even if i stupidly went back for more bullshit pummelings about two more times before I really got the message and it finally sunk in. I had this goth friend who was gonna go to college in New England, she knew I needed out of that wretched place, so she took me and my little tribe with her. it was hard times, a rough hustle, in a bad neighborhood in the blue collar ghetto where her aunt got us an apartment, always wondered if her family kinda put us there on purpose to thwart our rocknroll mission so she’d retreat back to her hometown, but she got us there and that was the important thing, mighta saved some of us really, cause we easily could have ended up like our fallen amigo had we stayed there like he did. any of us. Yep, even the millionaire everybody prays to now. Instead, we discovered a whole fast paced frenzy of meeting all these wild and influential characters like Doc Hume and Mister Butch, Monoman and Willie Loco Alexander, Ned “Flathead” Landlin, and Aimee Mann and Peter Wolf. We learned about alot more writers and sixties firebrand activists traditions. One of our lot started taking karate and then joined a chess club, and a blues band, then, he was collaborating musially with Fiona Apple like sexy ingenue waifs, then he went to med school. Another guy started taking acid and exploring other realms of consciousness and writing these heartfelt rootsy Amerikkana type songs in a Bob Seger or Soul Asylum kinda tradition, wooing many beautiful women dancing to rave music on the second loor of Axis-he even fronted his own band for awhile called SIX that played the big nightclubs. I was getting to know all kindsof new people like this older goth couple who wrote these really farout proto darkwave songs, a folkie girl who was really savvy about all the English bands. Some brothers from nearby Milford who taught me about all kinds of great music. I got a job at Tower Records and started meeting people like Led Zeppelin everyday. I saw Thee Hypnotics and that was a big gamechanger for me, like, “bingo”. Shazam. That was what I wanted to do, maybe a slightly less jammy version, but those guys threwdown in a way that nobody else was and that was really a big moment for me. They were all real nice guys, too. I kept in touch of some of ’em for years and years, until like one of ’em had  some unpredictable quickdraw shootout celebrity feud with another rockstar friend of mine and I kinda got caught in all the crossfire, collateral damaged. Didn’t matter, I got alot from those guys and still draw some inspiration from Brother Ray and Jim. I think they were brilliant songwriters, atmosphere conjurors, and keep blasting out new rocknroll with a religious fervor. The UK is just way more rocknroll than this NFL and Wal Mart lowest common denominator stupfied military culture. They “get” bands like Thee Hypnotics and Beasts Of Bourbon over there. Only a few big city slickers ever, ever really understood or recognized what my little gang was doing, but it was of that same spirit. They gentrification hipsters are the ones who made off with summa our material, or nicked our glam drummer or desirable girlfriends, or copped our style a whole lot down to the pink pants, same sunglasses, whole thing, but most people who’d see my little bands play were usually struck dumb, stunned, terrified, hated it. Nerds called us white trash bruisers, confrontational and challenging. It was not rocket science. We just had some hard and fast songs we delivered with some passion, and were therefore appaaaarently somewhat persuasive about our anger, that’s how I felt about it. We thrived on that dangerous kinda conflict for awhile, but really found it laughably absurd, when these nerdy sweater vest, prep school glee club pop geeks and backpack yearbook committee straightedge safespace namy pamby Subway worker college types would respond to us like we were G.G. Allin, cause we thought we were just playing real stripped down to it’s primal essence, authentic rocknroll with me singing from my savage lil’ heart. Now I’m old and feeling deathly ill here and I’m just so glad I got to experience some stuff like seeing the Fleshtones, the Waldos, Gunfire Dance, Pillbox, Phantom Chords, Wayne Kramer, and Thee Hypnotics. I really love Jim Jones-he’s what a male rocknroll singer should be like in my estimation. Wish I had a bottle, all I got is this here crazy fever and all the echoes of my mind.

Shazam (lyric video) – Jim Jones and the Righteous Mind – YouTube

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My aunt got me that big “I Love Rocknroll” lp for Christmas when I was 11 and still studying with the Greg Goldston theatrical troupe and it was an immediate hell yeah. I’d been listening to like all these middle of the road George Harrison and Wings records and Joan was like a bomb on all that. I was not aware of Johnny Thunders or Stiv Bators yet, but I was wise to the Go-Go’s and the Pretenders and only vaguely becoming aware of Iggy and the Sex Pistols from reading used copies of Trouser Press and Zigzag magazines from the nearby town’s hippie used record store, Mind Dust. I say “hippie” cause Bubble Puppy was like THE band to the much older guys who worked there, also Balloon Farm, and some foreign band called Charlee. I was one of those males who wanted to dress and look like Joan and Chrissie. I went on to discover “Bad Reputation” and the Runaways and had some bad impressions of Kenny laGuna cause the other Runaways always felt locked out of Joan’s post fame life and I still have truck loads of admiration and compassion for all those girls, but having seen that documentary several times, I get it now. He saved her from failure, poverty, obscurity, maybe an early grave. Everybody with that much talent and charisma should have somebody believe in them like the Laguna family believed in Joan. That’s what a ROCKNROLL VOICE sounds like. Joan Jett. Lemmy. Little Richard. Wild and untamed. Wild and untamed. That’s why we call it rocknroll, not Adelle or fucking cocktail jazz. How did people become so stupid these past twenty five years? Chomsky says college people are the easiest to propagandize, Hedges says our greatest flaw as a people is our profound inability to even IMAGINE how evil the technocrat billionaire ruling classes are. I think the Joan Jett story is not just about her advocating for the Riot Girl movement and for finding Mia Zapata’s killer, to me, the even more romantic part of her story was how a few Real Friends who believed in each other, shared a common vision and stayed loyal to their beliefs and to each other, set a shining example, overcame every obstacle as a team, broke down all the doors.  They believed in freedom and they believed in each other-so important finding other good people to fight for waht is right with. That’s what’s gone missing. Committed, passionate people can do anything they choose. She still has the fire, the sex appeal, the rocknroll authority, integrity, all that, but she also still has that tight knit family who she co created it all with. Lucky bunch. This one’s goin’ out to all the lost lads.

Joan Jett – Do You Wanna Touch ( New Year Live) – YouTube

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts – Any Weather (Official Music Video) – YouTube

The Runaways: Live in Japan 1977 – YouTube


I probably brushed with this guy when I met Iggy and Andy as a kid, as I think he was touring with them at the time, but me and my doomed buddy Mitch (RIP) were too concerned with the usual crowd of grimacing, gathering, baseball capped fratboys who were giving us the glare in the back alley behind the collegetown nightclub, ya know, doing their obligatory menacing Ohio Male bit, the usual pack of dumbfuck bruisers required by state law there to kinda stare you down, to let you know some more how they Disapprove. Iggy saw the whole thing and shrugged ’em all off sayin’ that’s exactly how their parents and older brothers had treated him before he became famous. He was a real cool guy. He made us feel so great. Alvin’s been in a lotta cool bands, I mean the UK Subs were always one of the most fun and glammy of the English hardcore bands. I keep thinkin’ about Wattie from the Exploited collapsing suddenly and how we’re never supposed to ask any questions about anything ever, unless we’re “Russian Trolls”, or “Anti Science” or “Sexist Bernie Bros”, or blah blah blah whatever. I never could stand to be around the Obedients for every long, I’m sorta anti stormtrooper, I’ll tell ya that! I like rocknroll ya know and that’s what Alvin Gibbs is all about, he likes it too. I was always surprised when Cheap And Nasty were unable to get a break over here-especially with Nasty appearing in that painfully ubiquitous Guns N Roses video, and them releasing the old Hanoi lp’s on Uzi Suicide.  I’m glad as hell some authentic punk soul rockers cats like him and Charlie Harper are still treading the boards and of course I can’t stand no fauxwoke P.C. nonsense, internet know nothing, shit talkin’ rumor mongers slagging those guys as being nazi affiliated, especially not when these same vegan safespacers all voted for politicians who actually ARE Nazi affiliated, and paying real nazis lots of money to fight Nato targeted countries! I read stories once a year in my precious and coveted annual issue of “Vive Le Rock” magazine, if I’m lucky, about Harper and company still sleeping at squats, still getting in the van, still playing rebellious punk music for the people and I find that so inspiring. People I knew wouldn’t do that in their twenties, let alone their autumn years. We don’t have no real punks left over here, just maybe some old guys who get to be book signing red carpet celebrities, or get rich quick tattoo artists on the coasts, or some excessively rich and charitable rockstars give ’em money to open a bar or whatever, but I mean REBELLIOUS punk rockers. Not got-mine dickhead capitalists in leather jackets who just care about Making More Money. You know in the midwest where I grew up, there are still rightwing Kid Rock Woodstock 99 sports mooks with like Rev. Horton Heat t shirts and Doc Martin collections who tell our former friends I “can’t be punk” cause..why, my long hair! Ha ha ha. Somehow Iggy and Rollins and Gibby Haynes and everybody else can still be punk but they wanna see my credentials, my hall pass. They just mad I won’t be in their asskiss club. Fuck those chickenshit conformist cocksuckers anyways. Poison Idea were right as rain when they said “Record Collectors are Pretentious Assholes”.The real truth is all those ten thousand record owning honchos can’t stand the fact that I’ve always stood for something and can’t be bought, it embarrases ’em to see anybody livin’ by any code, aside from their standard frathouse hazing, big truck wins, conventional bigmouth macho blowhard, my dad owns the auto parts store, Skoal chewin’, Joe Dirt, boy scout world. “Elevator goin’ up” and “Vroom Vroom” gun your manly automobile engine, all that shit. Brand Yeccch. Maybe I should’ve split for the UK a long time ago cause my country sucks, they’re all bamboozled and hoodwinked hive minds, just eagerly awaiting orders from Zuckerberg and Musk and Bezos. I can’t stand my fellow countrymen at this point. To most of them, rocknroll is just loud music you play during halftime chantings of “USA USA”, or to get real charged up and gung ho about Top Gun military service, it’s just a means to an end, something they copy poorly, because they desire wealth or tribal acceptance. I got motherfuckers trying to take credit for my original songs they only ever arranged covers of, had no real hand in composing, I mean I’m supposed to just accept that and hear some harpies singing “you shoulda gone to college, shoulda been a lawyer, shoulda bought more Bitcoin, shoulda had a parent in publishing, shoulda shoulda shoulda..” It’s tedious and gruelling at this point. A lady I was doing some work for politely laid me off and replaced me with more competant and qualified help-I can’t say I blame her really, I’m surly even when scrubbing, but I’m gonna need a new hustle once I get past this wretched virus, cause Gropey Joe’s war economy is killing us, which is obviously the big plan, bringing their puppet to Congress for many standing ovations like they did with Netanyahu, more bullshit lies for war and scapegoat boogeymen and all that shit–meanwhile everything has quadrupled in price and everybody’s greedhead gouging and Blaming Putin. All I can think is how my longlost homeless blackeyed bassplayer, Kid Loser was right when he said, “No one cares and no one remembers, fuck those people.” He was so right. He had a better sense of humor than me, pissed his inheritance away in like a couple of months, never took anything seriously. I always liked that kid, he was a bratty mooch with a big mouth and people were always punching him, but he never let it break his little troublemaker spirit. I hope he’s still alive out there, drinking his Milwaukee’s Best Ice, talkin’ all night about the Ex Idols and Mother Love Bone and Veruca Salt and Urge Overkill and pissing off everybody who believes they are “More Popular”. We wrote good songs together that people who dislike us both still cover. He used to carry his guitar around and we’d belt out “Drunk Like Me” in the street at lunchtime already shitfaced. Infuriated all the squares and nine to fivers and they took rather more than a pound of flesh from us. I’m still alive to tell the tales, so who knows, maybe he is too. Last time I saw him was at the Public Library where he spent his days cause he became houseless in the cold winter. I gave him twenty bucks but I had to leave the midwest. Long Live “The Kid”.

Alvin Gibbs is one of those dudes we all looked up to cause he was always dead cool and not mucking about. Ya ever hear Brian James & The Brains? “Cold Metal”? He’s a real true rocknroll motherfucker and that’s like a dying species. Chrissie Hynde and others keep predicting a new rebel rock will emerge from all this oppression and tyranny and mediocrity and forced bullshit, but I ain’t seen no evidence of it yet. Only real signs of rebel rock I see when i squint are still coming from Australia or the UK. I do like Factory Superstars from Hollywood quite a bit. Dramarama, but other than them, aint nothin’ really happenin’ at all. So here’s some Disobedience for ya, the way it should be, played properly. With guts. How it’s done.Reminds me of US Bombs a little bit. Good vocals. Bit Vanianesque. Apparently, he’s an author as well. You probably already heard his funny Andy McCoy impression on Youtube.

Only things I miss about big cities are indian food and “Vive Le Rock” magazine and access to record stores that have cool cds and lps on the shelf. 

Alvin Gibbs & The Disobediant Servants – Desperate Dave Is Dead – 100 Club – 10/6/19 – YouTube

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Did you ever suffer over motherfuckers who thought they were your friends but they were only ever using you to “get somewhere”, be around girls, or parlay their association with you into some kindof money scheme? Me, too. I look around at people in this country and they all seem like such suckers and rubes for buying into the whole Hierarchy and mushmouthed myth of Murkkkan “exceptionalism” and red scare and Muslim hating xenophobia, and hate your neighbor if he won’t do what you tell him, the batshit fauxwoke notion of being able to enforce your preferences or beliefs on others, and that whole dumb okeydokey hokeypokey? Me, too, man, but I was the same way once myself-I been a rube so many times, a fool for love, believed work will set you free, took bad abuse jobs trying to earn some kindof license to live, even if only in a lonely bedsit in the ghetto with a hairnet nd bloody wet apron and dead on my feet nad drinking shit bottom of the  barrel liquor just to cope and mostly just slavishly trying to not be fucked with by sexual predator cocaine promotors, the burly bouncer hockey players, and yachtclub untouchable Thurston Howell no shame junkie drugdealers, and Hee Haw yokel predators of Bottomfeeder USA. All I can tell ya is I did have some times when me and the Bastards bunch, my old band in ghetto Allston had much merriment and solidarity, creativity and good times cause we were loyal to the cause of working together, all pitching in and doing our part. That’s how the good stuff happens-you gots to be willing to share, not take more than your share, and you gotta stop ripping people off. Those two things. Carry your own weight, don’t rip people off callously. Should be easy to find four good people willing to adhere to those two simple guidelines, right? Not in a sports competition non stop repetition empire where they’re all trained from birth to believe that money is all that matters and winning is everything. I see the blood feuds all these rich fuckedup siblings get in, fighting over the parents shit, it’s just gruesome to me. I want nothing to do with the bloodsucking people on the hill, the tv watchers, the sports bar pinkyrings, and cetainly not their Globalist bankster NWO cult members or Nato one world government wooden dummies. I do not applaud Zelensky, or Fauchi, Netanyahu, Juan Gaido, Nancy Pelosi, the coup government they’re trying to force on Peru, or anybody else the Man tells me to. I do not like Elon Musk or the Kardashians. Fuck those people. Think for yourself even if high paid college grads on shitlib media tell you all day long to just trust the nice millionaires on tv over and over and over and over again. If I was gonna thank Obama for anything, it’d be for teaching me not to fall for snake oil hucksters in slick suits even if they speak in the cadences of gospel preachers, say vaguely uplifting words other people wrote, or have nice manners with their rich wives. Ex punks and former like, coffeehouse REM people who support these disgraceful wars cause the weapon makers tv provided them with a comic book fiction good versus evil narrative are tragic but also grotesque.

“It’s half way understandable why liberal chauvinists & Eurocentric latte-leftists would be excited by the visit of this Zelensky fraud but it’s unbearable to see Black & colonized people caught up in this nonsense.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “Liberals are fascists.” / Twitter

“U.S. propaganda about China is pure projection. “China is imperialist” = the U.S. has been imperialist for at least 150 years “China is collapsing” = the U.S. is already collapsing “China is spying on you” = the U.S. has spied on you for decades Just insert the U.S. for China.” (-Danny Haiphong)


Newly Declassified Clues: Lee Harvey Oswald, CIA, and LSD (

David Swanson on Twitter: “This is a disgusting way to frame this. If I thought fueling a war in Ukraine would help Ukrainians I would not give a shit whether it also helped people in the U.S. who are NOT the only people anyone should care about. But fueling war in Ukraine harms us all.” / Twitter

“With latest UKR aid, cost will reach $115B + countless lives lost in war we could’ve avoided, had we not moved NATO east, supported Minsk or simply not scuttled Turkish peace deal. Meanwhile 1/2M in US are unhoused, 87M lack HC, 4M kids in poverty w/out expanded child tax credit.” (-Dr. Jill Stein)

Lee Camp [Redacted] on Twitter: “There’s been over $21 TRILLION of unaccounted-for “adjustments” on the Pentagon’s books. They don’t deny this fact. How much exactly is 21 Trillion? You won’t believe it if you tried.” / Twitter

Bianca van der Kamp on Twitter: “”Too many died. War isn’t worth one life.” ~ Harry Patch (the last #WWI trench Tommy) War shouldn’t be glorified. War should be stopped. #hour4peace #ceasefire #negotiatepeace #ChristmasTruce Your voice matters for a @WorldBeyondWar:” / Twitter

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Hunter Biden made millions in Ukraine while his father the VP was put in charge of Ukraine and his father is on video bragging about firing their prosecutor.

We’ve been told there was nothing to see here. Ukraine isn’t better off with the billions American taxpayers had stolen from us, but the weapons industry, Ukranian Oligarchs and our politicians damn sure are.

Ukraine could have just honored their signed peace agreement with Russia and it would have cost us and them nothing. The same people telling you Russia tried to interfere in the 2016 elections have now been proven to have interfered in the 2020 elections. For 8 straight years Russia was working on implementing the agreed upon Peace agreement, while the West who never planned to honor it was arming Ukraine for war.” (-Black In The Empire)

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I still somewhat redundantly submit these columns here cause I been censored by almost every magazine I ever wrote for in this country and my town aint even got a print shop so I can’t make fanzines no more, maybe I’ll do a limited run chapbook sometime this year I dunno cause the wife uses the printer for her resell biz and ink cartridges get expensive. I keep trying to connect with even one other person who sees all the same kinda shit I do. Is there anybody out there? I keep thinking about that “Rock Art & The X Ray Style” song. Joe had so much figured out, just about the value of community, the bonfire, the cb radio, of making art even if the dumbfuck general public never understand it, or you only have very limited or primitive tools to work with, of broadcasting our tiny smoke signals to the faraway black sheep and fellow exiles and wrong kinds of non comformists. Trying to find the others and communicate is part of how we Stay Human, which is something Tessa Fights Robots talks about. There is rights to protest or privacy or bodily autonomy or free speech in Murkkka, believe me. If you’ve seen the articles about the Cop City compound they built, you’ll understand why they needed to make such a fuss about the Maga protest and had AOC baying for anti protest laws cause she wa s traumatized. She is definitely an intelligence asset, mostly vetted for her marketable appearance and willingness to sit down when Pelosi instructs her to. There is certainly no free press here-it’s all weaponzied Pentagon Media, propaganda of the lyinass fascist dystopian NWO/Davos elites, Lockheed Martin and Raytheon and the big banks, you dig? Other countries where I distantly know a few people seem way more free and observant, like, hip to what’s really goin’ down in front of them, than this one. Can you believe I used to consort with people who never even mention Julian Assange? La da da, look at my hair, la da da, come to my spoken word, la da da, buy my product. That’s all they care about, becoming products. I’d rather stand by my beliefs and priciples than shift some fucking boxes of stuff I paid to have made. Sheesh. No Values is the spirit of the age. The Big 5 mockingbird media is all powerful among the Divided Slaves Of Amnesia, they’re all just trained to unconditionally “identify” as this, or that. It’s all the same shit of course, but with a different sports team uniform color. They all think tv is real, elections are real, regulatory agencies still function for the good of the people, and that the fraud squad are their friends. Rightwingers are trying to champion a Gitmo human rights violator as some beacon of liberty. If he’ll dehumanize and torture human beings based on their religion, in Dick Cheney gulags, he’ll do it here, too. Of course Biden will, too, he’s helping overthrow Peru and giving all our healthcare and universal housing money to a Nato puppet for more endless war right now. I do not know any anti war activists where I live. All my former associates parrot television. “Go Team, rah rah” motherfuckers. They’re all Thank Obamas-they identify as liberals and progressives, but support no progressive values or principles, not unions, not peace. They let people like Klaus Scwab and Bill gates tell them who their enemies are. It’s all about worshipping puppet politicians and overpaid liars on tv and repeating what they say. “Orange Man Bad”. You don’t say…? Just came up with that one on the spur, just now, did ya? How VERY illuminating, I can see you are HIGHLY educated and that you Trust The Science and stand with Zelensky and it was Her Turn and you respect Lyn Cheney’s bravery and Chelle really MADE A DIFFRENCE and you wanna go back to how it was under Obama when it was also classy and dahing and we just need more techlord protections from Misinformation and Russia Troll farms hacking our elections with those dastrdly Buff Bernie memes, online. China bad, Russia bad, Iran bad, Saudis good, Israel good, Gropey Joe good, Foo Fighters and Billie Eilish? Extra special secret sauce super dooper double good and Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga and Beyonce. They are geniuses. And the Kardashians are self made, strong, independent single ladies. Grim, grisly, darkening days. Not a lotta introspection happening over here in this country. I figured the whole shithouse was up in flames when a geeky Phish kid, a jamband reeferhead I knew and worked with in a thanklessly hot kitchen, enlisted in the military to go fight those bad guys who were coming here for our freedom fries, good jobs and benefits and just hated us for our freedom. Laura Bush said we had to invade Afghanistan For Feminism. Worked like magic. Like Colt 45-“Works Everytime”.

About 100 years ago I was friends witha hard partying couple who would always say, “I’m hit”, or “I got hit last night”, meaning they were still hungover. I got hit by that creepy plague. Oh man, this dreaded covid bullshit gets worse by the day, tore up from the floor up as those self-recriminating people like to say, the bodyaches, the chills, the sore throat, it’s pretty awful. You know they concocted some real evil shit when you been through it all and did most of it twice, but you’re laying there helpless for twenty hours a day thinking you might die. I remember one other mutant virus where we had to go get some special prescription pack of pills to shake it about fifteen years ago. I remember being told my fever was so high in the county hospital post seizure that I almost died, that was all the way back when I was about 22, maybe 23, the nurses had me velcro strapped down to a gurney while they punishingly applied ice packs to my burning body as I screamed. I’ve had alcohol poisoning a couple times, food poisoning a few times, and cough syrup overdosed in a dark tattoo shop with a beautful girl who ended up seeing me in a shocking state, but this…is bad. I think about my grandparents who mostly raised me, how I must have worried them way back when I left home at a young age and galavanted around the big cities searching for my own place in the sun. I was not there for my grandfather when he was dying cause a woman decided that’d be the perfect time to divorce me, bit of a distraction that, had to find a place to live. I know I really failed him. Our last conversation was gruelling, I don’t think he really forgave me for never measuring up to his  middle class standards, and a jealous family member always rubbed that in. I did much better caring for my grandmother and aunt for their last few years. I moved back to my hometown and retrieved medicine and grocery shopped and cleaned and took a bad night shift job, and walked back n forth from the hospital, while I was doing all that, my ex took my kids across the country, bonded them to a series of strangers and now they don’t really know who I am, It took me too long to follow her out there almost three years probably, and even then, she’d already conditioned them to sorta reject my side of their family. No word from my daughter in years. Seems she cut ties with her more controlling and powerful other relatives, too. I’ve tried to make peace with my own kids and parents and some faraway people I owed amends to. You do the best you can and give the rest to a higher power, I’m not in charge of any outcomes, they say, in that cult of perpetual self blaming. Ended up in too many one-way relationships with people who only showup empty handed when they burn all other bridges and never even think to bring anything to the table, or in our tradition, the hobo stew, they just feel entitled to take what little we barely got left, so I waste less time investing in those types. I was reading that Chrissy Amphlett bio and man she went through even crazier, more brutal and chaotic shit than me, from a performing arts childhood with a traumatized veteran father and doting mom, to being a surfer party girl at the druggy beach, to discovering psychedelics and hippie-drifting all around the globe relying on the kindness of strangers, bartending, trading on her looks, having affairs, and pinballing from one loser nowhere band to another. She knew all along she was Born To Rock, but it is ever so difficult to find the right people. She knocked around from town to town jamming with an autoharp in junkie squats and singing sea shanties on boats and performing in corny undergound plays and eight piece jam bands and open mic nights and all the horrors every wouldbe frontperson is subjected to if their first couple of garage gangs aint superfunded by some showbiz uncle. It’s mind boggling how much rejection she experienced. Most of the competent musicians didn’t understand her, could not appreciate her one of a kind, offbeat style of vocalizing, a wild wailing, usually associated with hardass male singers, such as Bon Scott or Angry Anderson.”They laughed and told me I was TOO DIFFERENT to make it as a rocknroll singer. They said that with my quirky voice and dress and buck teeth I didn’t sing or look like a lead singer should. They were saying success and acceptance comes with conformity. THAT WAS CRAP. ROCKNROLL IS FOR REBELS.” Hear, hear, my dear. Me, too. 

   I was laying in the sick bed last night smiling as I remembered the time some super gifted guitar prodigy who drove an old yellow vintage convertible like a Beach Boy and lived in a haunted mansion, had invited me to audition for his very painstakingly tight, studio musician band at some well to do square’s suburbanite house. They banged into a whizbang perfect Wrecking Crew rendition of that old Monkees song, “Pleasant Valley Sunday” and obviously you don’t call me, if you want Davey Jones, a lead singer’s job is to put his own stamp on it and entertain the people so I let ’em have it, the full bug theatrical, Birthday Party shambolic, lounge singer gone bad, howlingly combatitive, wildeyed rocknroll business, just like Iggy Pop or Jim Morrison would. They were shocked and appalled and kept asking me to do it again but sing normal. You get me for your band if you want somebody with their own voice and vibe and point of view who can command a room and has stories to tell, not if you’re looking for some Ricky Martin/Robin Thicke/Justin Timberlake/Harry Styles note perfect milk n cookies guy to be polite. No, I’m not cutting my hair. No, I don’t care that your friend the wrestler does not like me. No, I don’t care that your wife’s mother’s hairdresser says I’m the devil corrupting the children with too much Aqua Net and Dramarama records, no I’m not here to make desk job people feel proud about voting for Kamala cause it shows how they can’t be racist. It’s always been that same old shit with the gadfly booj peeps, they invite you into their thing, but say you have to change completely. The shredder’s rhythm section were horrified when the sweat started pouring and the makeup started running, my waist length hair was wet and the shirt came off and you know I used to wear a buncha crucifixes and rosaries underneath my shirt and they thought that might be something really bad, and I started improvising beat poetry on the spot I expected them to jam to. They were clearly uncomfortable with the black shiny pleather clad presence of my much beloved, beautiful old bartender/roommate/confidante/soul sista Jessa Belle, who’d accompanied me to the audition and brought a big bottle of booze along for laughs. They were oblivious to the irony of wanting to cover “Pleasant Valley Sunday” while insisting it be properly music school renditioned. They were such scolding, humorless, textbook squares. “Pleasant Valley Sunday”? They WERE the weekend warrior uncool people on the hill, pompously trying to repremand me for not being serious, refusing to “sing normal”. Does anybody tell Rotten that? Lux? Bators? Taime Downe? Billy Hopeless? Bryan Small? Jim Jones? Texacala? “Sing Normal”. That was some tv people shit, and they were supposed to be the big Cobain lovers. They’d never seen punk rock in real life. That town jumped on the Nirvana bandwagon but it was all real new to the sports doofuses. You had one group trying to be Beatles and one group trying to be Pearl Jam, not a lot of real action. There were only a couple of punkish outfits in their circle: a comelately hot rod satanic jugband with many tattoos when Nashville Pussy was the latest thing, and a trust funded Cramps ripoff band with sixties antique fuzz pedals and tube amps and expensive guitars galore, hundreds actually, and very rare and hard to find echo machines and their own recording studio, so they could endlessly churn out garage noise for hipster labels in disco shirts, they’d all applaud for that band in that town, but not for their tunes really cause they had none, they were applauding their money, the rare gear they played badly through. Rich Sees Rich. People blindly, deaf and dumbly, applaud success or accoutrements of succes in those rightwing wealth worshipping sports enclaves. Man fuck those guys, they did not get rocknroll, at all. That prodigy guitarist’s brother was a promising drummer who was smart and decent, rare characteristics in that particular town in the grunge era, but he needed to be accepted by their rich lawyer dad way, way, way more than he needed to rock, he needed to belong with his obedient, mansion dwelling, “Less Than Zero”, business minded classmates, so ya see his picture online now, and he don’t look like nobody from Oasis anymore, he looks like a showbiz shark, sports jacketed Doc McGhee rock manager. Had a similar experience in the recording studio with some locals only fellas who had their one and only exacting familiar process and I was expected to emulate the vocalist of their local band, which is just not what I do. No thanks man. “Sing normal, they said.” They had an exaggerated opinion of their own singing voices-the “normal ” ones. They’d wipe the first three takes instead of mixing ’em together, and in my world, that’s where the magic usually is, all the feeling is embedded in the first or second take. 

   So yeah I take heart from Chrissy’s hardknocks sordid tale, it’s a real hair raising, roller coastering, holy smokes barnstormer, she did hard time in a foreign prison, endured all manner of grisly abuse, so when the usual lazy lackey self proclaimed journalists started shooting off the mandatory questions about how hard it supposedly is to be a beautiful and talented female with a killer band in rock, she’d just sorta chuckle and roll her eyes. She went places you wouldn’t go with a gun. What a powerhouse, all soul, always and ever only about singing it from the heart, she got that–in spite of childhhod forays into choir and ballet, she was just there to deliver the feeling, she was All Feel, and she’s brutally honest and I love that about her, too. One of my alltime favorites. When you’re going through all the hard times, lookin’ for some kinda sense or meaning, taking inventory, contemplating the hard facts of life, giving up on humanity, there are still these half forgotten artists from ancient times, you can read about and listen to who get it, who felt the same way and wern’t just trying to milk some jive hustle and get over and make money, who really seemed sincere and true and good and heartfelt. I love them for all that. The first two Divinyls albums were like AC/DC meets Billy Idol. Chrissy was the unprecedented Wild Card. Real Rocknroll is ALL ABOUT the Wild Card. They got lucky when they recognized the right character to manage them and he jettisoned the first wanker bassplayer who thought he was the cat’s pajamas cause he’d played with Mark in Air Supply, like that was something to be proud of, he fucked over the band on copyrights and a shady publishing deal, that was fucked up. Mark McEntee was ALSO wild, I mean he was like an elegantly pouncing, slashing Malcolm Young or Keith Richards real  instinctive kinda guitarist but he had a Billy Duffy or Steve Stevens like flash and talent, just more understated, he let the song breathe, made room for Chrissie. And let’s just repeat for the record how he flatout always just looked cool as fuck, and moved ever so cat like gracefully, him and his model wife ran a super cool rocknroll boutique that sold threads to Michael Jackson, Kate Moss, Chrissie Hynde, Deborah Harry and Amy Winehouse called Wheels & Dollbaby–if you aint from Australia it’s almost impossible to imagine rock god Mark ever playing in Air Supply!!!? Mark McEntee is one of those rare snow leopard guitarists who are so impossible to find anymore. A unique stylist almost like a Brian James. What an excellent band. Even though she’d done time in every corny cover band and Belgian experimental Hawkwind dervishing hippie collective, when she strted composing intimate original like “Boys In Town”, it took her awhile to summon up the appropriate nerve and audacity to deliver those songs with the inflammatory, take no prisoners, no apologies, storming authority they deserved, so her manager took her to see AC/DC, and she stole Angus’s gimmick, which seemed even more dangerous on a voluptuous female-the schoolgirl persona helped her release her incorrigible, bratty banshee side the world all came to love in the new wave era. They were touring with bands like Simple Minds and the Furs and gaining an audience overnight. First fame’s hard on people. They got ripped off so bad, their publishing was stolen when they were young and naieve and “desperate” as the song goes-at least they signed the dotted line, nowadays, these industry manuvering social vampires got ways of trying to steal your shit without ever paying you a cent and with no signed contract. They just copyright your shit. Fuck you, ha ha, the end. House always wins. The Fix is always in. Don’t kid yourself, sunshine. I think the world is becoming more wicked by the day. Maybe I just feel crummy cause I’m so shockingly sick, I dunno man, it all seems so bleak. I got no trust or faith in people, they’re like demons. Mass hypnotized soldiers of the Nato/Bill Gates/imperialist Status Quo. You can’t talk to the see no evil coincidence theorists. They spend their whole lives in school but never heard of any most basic, well documented, historical facts…except for shit that makes them FEEL GOOD, they are the proud, the many, the virtue signaling, on trend, bumper sticker people, “I VOTED”, they feel scientific cause they watch all that good guys versus badguys copaganda on tv. Dr. Drew and Dr. Phil. They make excuses for coups and wars and censorship and torture and kidnapping, murderous cops, big tech spying, poisoned water, bad medicine, human experimentation. I been social distancing for a real long time. I don’t see that changing much.

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“The CIA didn’t kill JFK to replace him with Lyndon Johnson.

The CIA killed JFK to replace American democracy with an unaccountable shadow government that you can’t vote away. HUD says that it would cost $20 billion to end homelessness in America. We are told that that is impossible, yet the government is about to pass a $1.7 trillion spending bill, which includes an ADDITIONAL $44 billion to Ukraine. Our government isn’t just corrupt — it is evil.” (-Primo Radical)

The progression There are no Nazis There are only a few Nazis The Nazis don’t have any real power These aren’t the same kind of Nazis Doesn’t matter if the Nazis are fighting for your country So what, Every country has Nazis The Nazis have been deradicalized now…The former President of Ukraine and German Chancellor Merkel both admitted that the Minsk agreement signed with Russia was only signed to bide time for Ukraine to build their military and they had no intention of honoring it

Our Gov’t is tells us that Russia can’t be trusted…Our ruling class is not as dumb as many think

They cut off Europe’s cheap energy supply and got them to pay our companies 4x more They have weakened Russia, though not as much as they hoped and stolen billions from us to give to their donors. That’s not me saying this, it is the words of the former Ukrainian President and Merkel. American propaganda wins.

Sadly, Ukraine had to be sacrificed…Propaganda working is having Americans look at what is happening to Ukraine and believing this is what winning looks like, when they could have just honored the Minsk agreement and none of this would be happening. Maybe we should be using all these new IRS agents to audit the Pentagon The United States has more people in prison than any country in the world…Is it possible that some of your so called allies telling us about women’s rights, just don’t want black babies born? 

We don’t live in a democracy. There is no Dem vs GOP. Our Gov’t doesn’t care about Ukrainians. Fauci works for Big Pharma. Trump doesn’t care about working class whites. Obama doesn’t care about Black people..We are all just pawns being exploited.” (-Black In The Empire)

“A new poll shows at least 80% of people in Peru reject the right-wing oligarch-controlled congress, which launched the coup against elected President Castillo on December 7, with US backing.

Protesters have been in the streets demanding the closure of congress and new elections” (-Ben Norton)

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“Twitter’s attempt to suppress my reporting on the relationship between UK Foreign Office/MI6 and the world’s largest media organizations gets to the heart of the social media platform’s collaboration with trans-Atlantic intel. Twitter introduced its “hacked materials” policy when I exposed Reuters, BBC and Bellingcat as UK intelligence cut-outs running Foreign Office ops against Russia.” (-Max Blumenthal)

“Just a reminder that last month Ukraine bombed Poland (a NATO member) killing two people, tried to blame Russia in order to start World War III, then refused to apologize.

Yet they’re continuing to get tens of billions of dollars from NATO.” (-Primo Radical)

America believes in Freedom of the Press

That’s why our Gov’t plotted to kill a journalist that exposed their war crimes, then kidnapped, jailed and tortured him and one of our allies dismembered a journalist and another just shot a journalist in the face while we did nothing.” (-Black In The Empire)

“Nancy Pelosi salary: $193,400

Nancy Pelosi net worth: $196million Mitch McConnell salary: $193,400 Mitch McConnell net worth:$54million Like it or not, they both play for the same team. Neither party is on your side. They are on the side of getting themselves rich.” (-Tyler Todt)

Putin is just evil and a vicious dictator that went into Ukraine for no reason, just bored I guess The proof is simple. Our Gov’t and media says so and is of course fighting for democracy There is no amount of evidence that will convince us otherwise. (-” (-Black In The Empire)

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Nobody seems to notice. Americans get out of the Matrix.” (-Black In The Empire)

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“The Pentagon honors the CNN correspondent who functioned as its most loyal stenographer, churning out press releases in the form of articles and granting it untold millions in outsourced public relations services.” (-Max Blumenthal on war propagandists complimenting each other.)

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“The Left in the USA is overwhelming a Middle-Class formation

It’s the FIRST LEFT historically to have NO CONNECTION to the WORKING CLASS A big chunk of these people say they don’t want to hear about poverty” (-Compton Jay)

“When any white man in the world says, give me liberty or give me death, the entire white world applauds. When a black man says exactly the same thing he is judged a criminal and treated like one.” (- James Baldwin)

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“$45 Billion more to “Ukraine” proves that the war is really between US & UK led “neoliberal/predatory/finance based economics” and “industrial/commodity/reality based economics” of Russia, China, and the Global South.” (-Garland Nixon)

Zelensky Makes Outrageous Demand During U.S. Visit – Biden Accommodates! – YouTube

Liberals have their heads shoved so far up the “Democratic” party’s ass that they now support the military industrial complex, FBI, and CIA and falsely accuse those of us who distrust our corrupt government of being MAGA. There is no polite way of saying it: They’ve become sheep.



“One thing that the whole Nina Jankowicz fiasco exposed earlier this year, is that all these “misinformation” experts really, really suck at managing narratives in any kind of skillful way.

Literally all they know how to do is censor and deny censoring. Beyond that, they’re lost. “Sure the CIA killed JFK, and filled our cities with guns & drugs, and tortured innocent people, and lied us into wars, and illegally spies on us, and has infiltrated news networks & social media companies. “But they’re definitely telling us the truth about Russia, China & Iran”….It is a noteworthy moment in American history when more & more FBI corruption is being exposed almost daily on Twitter, yet the corporate news media is still just pretending like absolutely nothing is happening.

Their silence is just exposing their role as regime propaganda. (-Primo Radical)


Dave DeCamp on Twitter: “Twitter didn’t just help the Pentagon run psyops, it helped the military justify its most brutal operations. US drone strikes regularly kill civilians (remember the family they slaughtered in Kabul) and the US-Saudi siege on Yemen has starved hundreds of thousands.” / Twitter

“If your journalistic relationship with the US military was anything other than oppositional and their feelings toward you anything but hostile, you were never a journalist. You were their PR agent. Can you think of a more disgraceful way for a reporter to end her career than with a standing ovation from the Pentagon? I can’t. There is no greater failure in journalism than being thanked by the US military for your lifetime of service.” (-Caitlin Johnstone on a corporate flunkie Pentagon mouthpiece that some of you believe is some trustworthy media source cause she’s on tv-you know both Rachel Maddow and her dad were spooks?) U.S. Central Command on Twitter: “Today closes a remarkable career for @CNN’s @barbarastarrcnn, a leader in the Pentagon Press Corps. Her aggressive reporting and tireless commitment to the truth brought this Nation closer to its military. She will forever be missed.” / Twitter

You’re Not Actually Helping When You “Support” Protesters In Empire-Targeted Nations (


So yeah man sometimes when my grandmother was busy delivering Avon, I’d be babysat by her sister who I adored, my great aunt and she was very poor, lived in a cardboard house right next to the railroad tracks in the bad part of town, we’d count the cars goin’ by, or she’d walk me to the bus stop across from the funeral parlor and we’d take the downtown bus first to the Goodwill where she’d buy me some comic books,16 Magazine or Tiger Beat with like the Monkees or Shaun Cassidy on the cover or some naughty James Bond paperbacks, then we’d go to the dime store downtown where they still had a lunch counter, small pets, a weight and fortune machine and a little cartoon booth and she’d buy me some plastic army men or a yo yo or a slinkie or maybe “Slime”, I loved her alot but much preferred her Veleveeta grilled cheese to her stomach curdling fried Spam on Wonder Bread sandwiches. She fed all the downtown stray dogs in her garage and back then, there was like twenty or thirty of them, they all showed up to mooch a free meal about five thirty, same time her old man was getting off work as a railroad worker. They ate shitfood but she served it to him on a tv tray in his rocking chair and he’d be so beat that he didn’t even bother to take a shower or put on pajams, he’s eat and fall asleep right there in the chair. He wore an old fashioned pinstriped overalls and railman hat. Now may grandparents seemed to kinda look down on them, cause they did not make as much money as they did, and I remember vividly not liking that from a young age. Their daughters inherited some of their classism and obsession with appearances. I saw quite clearly that working on the trains was AT LEAST as taxing as all the middle class men having their long liquid lunches and sitting behind desks with secretaries and bossing people around and doing business on the golf course. So the whole bullshit story about the poor people being loafing, lazy deadbeats who “just don’t apply themsleves”, “who just don’t try”, while the middle class business owners and office people were always supposedly “the hard workers”, even “workaholics”, with the big bootstrapped work ethic earning their golf course membership and scotch and steak business meetings by the swet of their brow seemed not entirely, ya know, the whole picture. My Uncle Tommy worked his ass of everyday, they just didn’t pay him a fair wage, that’s the truth about capitalism from my point of view so when these scumbag elitists and fakes like Lunchbox Biden and the Squad side with the bosses, just like Reagan, against people fighting for sick days, and the latte centrists still defend their pinups, I just can’t talk to them. I had a former friend who kept asking me for my address and it made me uncomfortable. I just don’t trust the nine to fivers anymore, they always got some trick up their sleev, ya know like they only contact you when they feel entitled to another pound of flesh-they are takers not givers and they do not believe in equality-they always think they are superior to you and smarter if they make big money. Sad truth is all they have to offer is empire propaganda, conventional wisdom and official narratives, admonishments about how I failed to do this or that and should have been more conforming, it’s so horribly dismal and disappointing when you arrive at a place in this journey where the people you carried in your heart for most of your life just speak entirely different languages, have entirely different values now, it’s like you’re talking to an uptight, acquisition oriented mother in law rather than a kid you grew up with, they all seem like strangers except with a stranger you might not know what they’re gonna say. Everybody I grew up with became their fuckedup conservative, judgemental, tv lovin’, two car garage, biggest sundeck, suburbanite parents. It’s pretty heartbreaking, really. I got people in my life who might pop up once or twice a year for their own reasons, but as much as it grieved me to finally look at our whole history and admit it, they weren’t never my real friends, more like saboteurs, time wasters, energy stealers, idea appropriators, what the kids call frenemies, ya know it’s true when they say it’s a dog eat dog world. It did not have to be like that-there was a time when it was five friends all together, rather than everybody just out for themselves believing all that bullshit they learned at college about how greed is good and whoever has the biggest house wins. I guess that time is gone. When I knew all those people, they were anti war and anti establishment ya know, they did not believe what the  Max Headroom millionaire man on tv said. Now, instead of being anti war, they’re just anti poor, their world view is just blame the poor people, punish the poor people. They are all exactly like law and order 700 Club Republikkkans, only they vote dutifully for Democrat candidates who vote for Republikkan policies, they’ve all been neo conned by masterful marketing into supporting rich get richer poor fuckoff and die quick policies only now they also have a Ukraine flag and a Rainbow flag, but mostly, they all seem apolitical, okey dokey with whatever the tv sez, and kinda only distrustful or hostile towards poor people. Afraid they’ll catch our povery like the Covid death plague they all still think came to 150 differnt countries in a week’s span from a lone China bat. Nothing to do with gain of function bioweapon research funded by the West. A bat. We got a good friend with family in Peru, while all your brunch bunch co workers spend all their days Thanking Obama, some more, the common man democratically elected, populist president of Peru, Castillo’s been kindnapped by the usual secret police capitalist coups for empire with full backing and support from the DNC. The USA USA will give the coup government weapons and advisors to stomp out the protests just like they did here with Occupy Wall Street, the Baltimore and Ferguson and George Floyd Uprisings, the Water Protectors at Standing Rock and THE INSURRECTION! INSURRECTION! INSURRECTION! at Capital Hill, which I always viewed as a garden variety psy op-cause it was publicised for weeks with vendors and merchandise, it was a lotta Maga cops and rightwing politicians who let the outta state cop and military protestors in the side doors, a window got broke a dumbfuck painted sports fan yelled “Liberty” and tv talked about it 24/7,  for actual years now. Shitlibs they decided they all liked Lyn Cheny now. Female? Check. Hates Trump? Check. Pro war, torture and an Orwellian fascist cashless society microchip police state? Check. I’m obviously not a Trump supporter, but I aint mad at people who don’t believe the dubious election resuts from known liars gathering in public spaces to protest. I don’t think the election counts are legit, either and I say that as a far left kinda person. If you think people really voted in large numbers during the Pandemic for Gropey Joe, you might be mass hypnotized. More people liked Hillary than Gropey. She also didn’t campaign but she did have a base. Nobody likes Gropey Joe except Goldman Sachs, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin and Pfizer. Not really.

Ben Norton on Twitter: “A protesting Peruvian farmer tells elite, pro-coup media she supports elected President Pedro Castillo because, “All my life, those foreigners who have governed have discriminated against us” “It pains them that we are governed by a teacher, a farmer,” who is “humble, like us”” / Twitter


“How people continue to support these phonies continues to be a mystery to me.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it. Power is not a means; it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship. The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power. Now you begin to understand me.” (-1984, George Orwell)

“JFK received a memo from Arthur Schlesinger Jr. in June 1961 warning that the CIA “possesses many of the characteristics of a state within a state.” After its most recent “review” in May 2021, the CIA still claims that publishing the full memo would undermine US national security” (-Michael Tracey)

“Why Western govts are at pains to emphasise invasion of Ukraine was “unprovoked”. Strategy of expanding a hostile military alliance along Russia’s borders is definition of provocation. As Blair shows, it’s conscious. NATO is aggressive imperial alliance. Rest is propaganda. ” (-Matt Kennard)

It’s absolutely nuts that we are conducting joint aerial exercises w/Israel simulating an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities. The last thing we or Arab Gulf nations need is another war. Didn’t we learn a damn thing from Iraq? No one will win, it will devastate regional economies” (-James J. Zogby)

“As the majority of the wealth in the U.S. gets even more concentrated at the top both capitalist parties are leaning into the culture wars & insisting that the problem is your neighbor to deflect from the fact that the problem has always been our capitalist & imperialist system.” (-Ryan Knight)

“The CIA is the most dangerous terrorist organization in the world.” (-Danny Haiphong)


Coleen Rowley Interview: An Objective Look at U.S. Foreign Policy – Peace Dividend

BreakThrough News on Twitter: “Definitely follow @ZoPepperC of @peoplesdispatch if you’re looking for updates from the ground about the ongoing crisis in Peru. Very few global media outlets are explaining why in fact tens of thousands of people are braving repression right now to stay in the streets” / Twitter

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Ann Wright on Twitter: “Only 11 Senators Voted “No” on $858 Billion Military Budget . Dems: Sens. Ed Markey, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Wbarren, Cory Booker, Jeff Merkley, Ron Wyden, Republicans-Rand Paul, Mike Lee (, Josh Hawley, Mike Braun, Cynthia Lummis. via @truthout” / Twitter

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Useful Idiots on Twitter: “Biden, who attacked Trump for his veto, who campaigned on treating Saudi Arabia as a pariah, who promised to end US support for the Saudi war on Yemen, decided he actually agrees with Trump, now a major theme of his presidency. @aaronjmate @kthalps” / Twitter

‘I became more and more violent’: shocking testimonies of abuse from IDF veterans | Art | The Guardian

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Ryan Knight ☭🕊 on Twitter: “You sold out railroad workers who are fighting for paid sick leave then have the nerve to post shit like this. You are spitting in the rail workers’ faces.” / Twitter

Joan Jett & The Blackhearts – Fake friends 1983 – YouTube


NOOOOO! Is it just me or are all the cool peopple dropping dead at an accelearating, alarming pace now? Watch that Fun Boy Three vid I’m about to post that Terry co wrote with Jane Wieldlin and tell me how you would even describe that music, it’s just majestic to me, a guy playing congas, some goth chicks on strings, Terry looking as sourpussed and grumpy as Robert Smith all while singing this totally catchy little pop song. I know brainwashed “Amerikkkan Idol” fuckers nowadays who’d say he should not be “allowed” to make all that genius music if he cant sing like Adam Lambert or whoever, or that you’re supposed to be boyband beautiful like Harry Styles, and producers will write all the music and some hacks in the fake music press will write articles about what a genius you are, even and especially if you’re a lapdancing sexbot or whatever you call those guys in tailored clothes and cologne who try to be white Michael Jacksons. I can’t stand any of that manufactured mainstream muzak so it’s painful for me to even access mockingbird media-it all seems like creepy bullshit and lies and cynical old predators trading on/feeding offa dumb model young puppet energy. I don’t like any of that No Doubt or Sublime shit really, to me, the modern day ska sems like a gimmick, a shtick, novelty, but I tend to feel that way about a lotta shit now-all the music just seems so plastic and bought and paid for with no message or meaning, just hokey jokey nonsense-people throwing money around. I guess I did like one Bosstones song, “Where Did You Go”, but any ska I like is usually the old stuff from the late seventies and early eighties that was all still so fresh and innovative and filled with energy and feeling and soul not just quacky doofus class clown Orange County rich kid face making. When the Specials did that big tour with Madness and Selector, ya know the two tone movement had a political agenda, they were socially conscious, post punks, really. Now it just seems like a buncha nerdy fuckin rich kids who iron their clothes all the time and made their moms buy them Vespas, you know what I mean? People with big shoe collections. I remember being exposed to the Colourfield at my friend Morgan Reese’s 11th floor loft on Astor Place in the mid eighties, he was a video editor-filmmaker-nightclub DJ who probably got into movies or adevrtising after I lost contact with him, he was a great guy, a lotta fun, blonde surfer lookin’ cat, but his smile looked like Jim Morrison’s smile. I caused him some conflict when I was a dumb, pain in the ass, selfish and thoughtless, drunken runway kid kinda self obsessed and insensitive to others and just so inconsiderate, that I wish I could make amends for-he got me into so much good music-Joy Division, Love & Rockets, Fra Lippo Lippi. He got me into Eraserhead and Bladerunner. He used to take me to cool places like Danceteria and the Dive. I didn’t really have my look together yet, I was still wearing the dorky John Lennon glasses and had a bad haircut, so he’d spraypaint my clothes silver and I’d get in the nightclubs for free. That’s how NY was in ’85. I’ve got a picture of him eating a bodega salad bar salad salad on the street in a black velvet jacket and an MDC shirt, he was cool as fuck but more importantly, a really, really good person. I owe him alot actually. He put me in some of his imporovised/experimental films  he was making at NYU film school. Anyways yeah digging through his immense record collection was where I got exposed to so much new wave, ska, new music, PIL, all that kinda stuff. Everybody liked “Ghost Town” back in the day and “Too Much Too Young”-even those of us who did not wear fitted suits. I know he had a hard life and contributed a lot, he had a million different projects. I liked all that stuff he did with Bananarama. My favorite thing he did was his version of “Our Lips Are Sealed” which to me still seems so perfectly modern and progressive-what would you even call that kinda music? Amazing. Makes me mad how they never say the truth about why people die anymore. It used to be they only skipped the cause of death in suicides or overdoses. Now it’s all like, “died suddenly after short illness”. Used to be people only died in waves like this in their eighties, or nineties, not in their fucking fifties and sixties. He was great, unique, a real artist. people don’t even seem to know what real art or music is anymore-they just like whatever the Big 5 monopolies tell them to like. I don’t like any of that shit at all. I’m still in absolute disbelief about Eddie Van Halen being dead, Alan Merrill, Andy Fletcher, Ronnie Spector, Betty Davis, Mark Blum, Howard Hesseman, Thich Knat Hahn,  Irene Cara, Chris Bailey, Jerry Lee Lewis, Prince and almost everybody I wish I could still call on the phone. Martin Duffy from Felt and Primal Scream. Like my comrade John Dissed sez, there ain’t no stoppin the droppin’. It is crazee but everybody besides me seems to think it’s okaydokey and just the way of things, the natural order. I’m not cool with death but needless death,  that’s just some diabolical, unacceptable shit. These billionaires who talk all giddy like about depopulating should start with themselves and I got zero space in what remains of my fragile little life for people who think there’s some just or noble cause for these inhuamne and ghastly richman wars, always based on lies, for global empire, that only benefit the war machine-the devil’s chessboard spooks and weapon makers and WEF oil barons. I saw this Robert Downey Jr. documentary about his underground filmmaker dad that was so heartfelt and beautiful. His dad was a creative, eccentric real offbeat humorist character who made underground films way back in the day and liked to do drugs and had a spontaneous sense of humor and a childlike wonder that was ever so endearingly present even on the death bed. It’s called “SR”. Look for it on your click click click channel. Bummed out about Terry Lewis. All my own unfinished business, rekindling relationships with my faraway adult children, getting all these songs of mine properly recorded, they’ve all kinda come to these dead ends. There is no hope left of any worthwhile reunions with ex friends. I wrote some books but the lady who had expressed interest in publishing them has ghosted me. I get a lotta that. I’m a man outta time, I don’t really belong in this age. I think the billionaires and politicians everybody else worships and trusts should go fuck themselves-I think they’re all a buncha liars and depraved mass murderers. If you ask me, we need less people like Elon Musk and Bill Gates and more one-off courgaeous weirdo people like Terry Lewis. (RIP)

Fun Boy Three – Our Lips Are Sealed (Official Music Video) – YouTube

The Specials – Too Much Too Young (Live) – YouTube

The Specials – Enjoy Yourself (Live) – YouTube

Fun Boy Three – The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum (Official Music Video) – YouTube

The Specials – Hey, Little Rich Girl (2015 Remaster) – YouTube

Fun Boy Three. It Ain’t What You Do (It’s The Way That You Do It). – YouTube


They just don’t make ’em like they used to. I’m sick as a dog as the old Aerosmith song goes, and napping under electric blankets, reading my birthday book about Chrissy Amphlett and thinking about long lost friends and loved ones who’ve gone on to the other side. Summa my precious few enduring amigoes have also been suffering from various illnesses and health problems, sick on the holidays is a bitch. Kid’s also asleep and his mom’s out fetching medical protocol vitamins, tests and supplies. Of course I love Chrissy’s book. She’s a fab writer just as you’d expect. All my brothers n sisters and friends of the revolution, I can only remember being this sick once or twice before, it is not pleasant. Chills and bodyaches remind me of when I lived in that unheated attic for a couple of winters. Brutal. Sick as fuck. Grisly and agaonizing and it makes you frightened. My friend Paul K organized all his songs and archives before he died and even wrote some real classy and characteristically charming farewell note. Hopefully, I’m not gonna die anytime soon but man I feel an impusle to get my affairs in order. One of the nice old ladies who helped raise me, she’s appraoching the end of her life and gathering all her kids around her for Christmas. I am thinking of her with gratitude from afar. This life and death shit’s all a big fucked up mystery to me.

The Pretenders – HUMAN – YouTube


This series is totally addictive and entertaining and is awesomely jam packed with so much seventies footage, rare photos, unseen video, home movies, private love letters, and whoever picked the music did a fantastic job! Produced by Maya E Rudolph-MAYA E. RUDOLPH ( not to be confused with my fave flame from PRINCESS, the Prince tribute band who rocks my world, in spite if making crooked mass incarcerators seem likable on behalf of the DNC on SNL. I love that other Maya so much, she’s like one of my only fame crushes besides Susan Sarandon or Chrissie Hynde or Young Sinead before they ruined us both.This series is so fucking epic, you’re gonna love it, believe me. I hope they make some more just like it. Man I started reading books about Warhol when I was a pre teen ya know, and I’d go to the library to read the “Village Voice”. Most of the real exciting stuff happened, of course, in the sixities and seventies, with Lou and Edie and Nico and Gerard, and I sadly missed it, but I’m thoroughly enjoying learning about Warhol’s double secret love life and struggles to remain contemporary in the Reagan 80’s-he even agreed to put Nancy Reagan on the cover of “Interview” as a way of courting favor with the rich Republikkkan women who might commission his portraits. I probably watched the Candy Darling movie about twenty times. This movie humanizes Andy more than any book or film I’ve seen previously. I did not know much about his first serious longterm romantic partner, Jed Jenson, who started off sweeping the factory floors before directing their first flop flick, “BAD” and going on to decorating the houses of the rich and famous like Mick and Jerry Hall. He wanted Andy to stay home and be domestic when Andy’s friends Steve Rubell, Halston, Liza, Bianca, and Victor Hugo were in the fever pitch of Studio 54’s coke spoon in the moon glory daze and indulging in all kinds of fast times, high life, jet set, pre AIDS voyeurism and debauchery in Lower East Side bath houses and on the gay enclave of Fire Island. After two suicide attempts and Andy’s inability to be more affectionate or demonstrative, Jensen moved on and Andy rebounded with a Paramount motion pictures vice president who insisted their love life be kept quiet so it did not adverserly impact his high paying job. Hence the Paramount movies logo making it’s way onto many Warhol canvases, it was code for Jon Gould. In spite of my Edie/Andy/Velvets/Factory Superstars fascination, this is the first I’ve heard of him. Jon Gould actually appeared in that book that ruined a couple years of my life, when my mom put me in a real Waspy country club school: “The Preppie Handbook”. I was all too familiar with some white Mayflower descendent’s ideas about being posh in New England-I hated all that shit-the Harvard rowers, the yacht club, the Muffies, Biffs and Thurston Howell The Thirds, with the sweaters around the neck, the penny loafers and khakis and golf shirts, you’re really talkin’ ’bout everything I reviled, the whole Tommy Hilfiger way of life, so it was interesting to see Andy so desperate to assimilate into that manly, Aspen ski vacation world, but that was his lifelong secret longing-to be beautiful in a Massachusetts boat club sortof way. He became anorexic and started wearing all his ex’s leftover Izod clothes and even started walking runways as a male model, which of course was crazy cause Andy was so NOT a conventionally good looking guy who was gonna somehow pass among the Ivy League Old Money havers-he was a pasty Polish gay immigrant with bad skin, a freak, a voyeur, someone generally perceived as incapable of showing much emotion, which is why people like Sedgwick and Jensen became flummoxed with his remote detatchment. He was always saying he wanted to be a robot. I enjoyed Warhol’s work in the eighties-the magazine, the low budegt cable access tv show where he’d feature Duran Duran, Blondie, John Waters and Divine, Brooke Shields, Marc Almond, and Fab 5 Freddie. Interesting to hear graffiti artists like Futura admitting they sabotoged their own mainstream success somewhat by not wanting to be seen cavorting with gay people. I rather always liked his shows and magazine and collaborations with Basquiat. A girl I lived with knew, or worked for Vincent Fremont, and traveled in the gringhges of the Andy-Basquiat-Haring-Kostabis nightclub circles and also knew the downtown filmmakers, and John Sex Pyramid Club set, so I ended up frequenting summa those big decadent nightclubs as a teenager, accompanying her and sometimes our Nancy Spungeon like roommate Minkie  to openings and museums, parties and after hours spots and performence art spaces, but I was just a kid, fourteen, fifteen, not really old enough to contribute all that much, but I did absorb so many fantastic ideas from that wonderful melting pot cross pollination, when hip hop influenced the art world and punk rock influenced high fashion and everything was being craeted from the ground up, I lived on Rivington Street a couple blocks from CBGB’s or the other way a couple blocks to the ABC NO RIO anarchist compound. The Book: ABC No Rio Dinero — 98 BOWERY: 1969-89 I could watch this Warhol series forever, it’s like you don’t want it to end. It’s so lovingly and compassionately made and takes me back to the eighties, which as you know, was the place where I felt alive, in spite of the rightwing Just Say No/PMRC/Jerry Falwell/Tipper Gore anti rock bullshit and preppie motherfuckers always trying to beat me up for being weird, once I set foot in Lower Manhattan, I knew it aint no sin to be different or to do things your own way, or wear makeup or leather, or reject the false standards and bullshit stories of the ruling class. Andy always struggled with the desire to join the haughty old wasp establishment, he wanted acceptance from the money people, and after he was shot, he retreated into that phony asskiss world with all the old heiresses for a long time. His companion Jed wanted him to be content with the home he made for them and the dogs, but people like disco sleazy Victor Hugo kept luring Andy back to the nighttime world. He was friends with the Lennons and met Steve Jobs at one of Sean’s birthday parties with Keith Haring. I never knew those graffiti artist painter guys but their works and influence were still around when I lived in the Bowery and they still hungout at places like Area, the Tunnel, the World, and Danceteria. His series of paintings “Ladies And Gentlemen” is an interesting topic cause he paid all those drag queens like fifty bucks each to pose for Polaroids then sold the silkscreened canvases for big money. He survived the attempted assassination then croaked from what should have been a routine operation, his brothers sued the hospital, they settled but the hospital admitted no wrong. Now of course in death he is finally embraced by the institution, same with Basquiat and Sprouse and all those eighties forerunners. Some people felt he did not do enough to promote or advance the interests of the gay community during the Aids crisis when all his friends were dropping one by one, but there are political messages and images in the later works if you look. He was raised a Catholic and went to church everyday. Critics always talk about how his philosophy foresaw the disposable instafame internet TikTok culture of did nothing heiresses and plastic surgery and drive through science and black comedians in drag mandates we are drowning in now, but his trashy, spontaneous sensibilities were perfect for the eighties MTV age no matter how many art crtics said he was a vampire past his prime and all that mattered was the soupcans. I used to love his show and also Zaremba’s Happy Hour. Those two programs defintely influenced my own short lived cable access collaboration on Boston’s CCTV, “Welcome To Weird City” in the early nineties. My kid tries to show me the Youtube influencer Tik Tok celebrities of today who get fifteen minute famous for breaking plates or sledge hammering expensive computers for likes and views and ad revenue, the potty mouthed racist puppet shows, or by being abusive to drive through workers or doing unboxings of imported from China bootleg designer hype beat status symbols and I’m just not into that shit at all. By the time Sigue Sigue Sputnik were releasing their crappy single, “$ucce$$”, I was already over the whole get rich overnight bullshit. I worked for some yuppies in love with the whole spraytanned “Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous Dream” and they were just miserable everyday from ceaselesly chasing that next high dollar paycheck on the backs of the exploited poor. Of course, I still wanted to have a band back then, but empty fame and fortune are not what motivate me, personally. I knew some real asshole famous people and like Phoebe Legere cautioned me long ago, fame is mostly just a commodity rich people purchase for their awful kids in this country. Warhol’s tv show was way more entertaining than these monarch programmed say nothing blow up dolls or assemblyline outrage rappers we got now. Say what you want about video killing the radio star but you know all my eighties bands had great songs. Duran Duran have many great songs. Culture Club, all them- The Fixx, Naked Eyes. I can see the Solid Gold dancers in my mind. I liked Andy Gibb, did you know that guy Rex Harris made glam rock albums?

INTO: Andy Warhol’s Surreal MTV Talk Show “Andy Warhol’s 15 Minutes” (

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“Back in 2012 Congressional *Dems* hosted an investigation of the Dept of Homeland Security for violating civil liberties and chilling First Amendment speech for simply engaging in social media/Twitter *monitoring*. Now bc of polarization Dems defend direct DHS/FBI intervention.” (-Lee Fang)

” I’m gonna occasionally type shit that you’re not allowed to think. Liberals were interested in democracy until it was revealed that the Establishment colluded to make sure Joe Biden was elected. Whether you like, hate, or are indifferent on Musk, Taibbi, or Weiss, the FBI, CIA, Big Tech and media colluding to lie and censor information that could hurt a political candidate is more colluding to interfere in our elections than a Russian troll farm using Buff Bernie memes. Neither wing of the duopoly gives a damn about Black people.

Dems know all they have to do is remind our community of how racist the GOP is and they can ignore us after we put them in power. What makes it worse is they’ve done us the most harm the last few decades. It’s 2022

Is anybody gonna ask themselves how small businesses were forced to shut down during Covid, while big corporations were allowed to continue doing business as usual?The ruling class didn’t care more about us than profit during Covid and they don’t care more about Ukrainians more than profit and maintaining their world dominance now. If you’re Black and realize white supremacy didn’t go away in a couple of generations like they want us to believe, why don’t we realize that there is almost nothing it loves more than Black babies not being born, fathers not being around and belief in capitalist individualism. It’s easy for the US, EU and friends to convince their citizens that Russia is a dictatorship and Putin is an evil villain comic book character in Ukraine for no reason

The problem is that the rest of the world that have been victims of the West knows who the real villains are.” (-Black In The Empire)

It’s almost 2023 and we are still fighting for paid sick leave, maternity leave and free healthcare like what the fuck” (-Joey Wreck)

“83 Senators voted to pass a $858 BILLION defense budget this week.

That’s $2.3 billion a day. $97 million an hour. All being funneled to an agency that has never passed a SINGLE audit and can’t account for over HALF its assets” (-Rep. Barbara Lee)

“Elon Musk’s buffoonery and hypocrisy have enabled some of the most smarmy, censorious #BlueAnon media stenographers to portray themselves as bold dissidents fighting for free speech and defying power

Servants of the DNC & CIA now embrace the edgy label of “banned journalists”” (-Max Blumenthal)

Stream Behind the Twitter Files Hype with James Corbett by Unlimited Hangout with Whitney Webb | Listen online for free on SoundCloud –

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The Year of the Gaslighter – CJ Hopkins (

Primo Radical on Twitter: “I know the term “Orwellian” has been used a lot the past few years. But really, how else do you describe this kind of anxiety?” / Twitter

“After learning that Twitter employs at least 15 former FBI agents, I searched Facebook. What I found is alarming

Facebook currently employs at least 115 people, in high-ranking positions, that formerly worked at FBI/CIA/NSA/DHS: 17 CIA 37 FBI 23 NSA 38 DHS (-Name Redacted on twitter)

“Fire everyone who has ever worked in the intelligence community (FBI/NSA/CIA etc.) They are spies for life. They are trained to lie, steal and manipulate. Spies can never be trusted unless they become whistleblowers and expose deep state and Govt crimes / corruption.”

(-Kim Dotcom)

Primo Radical on Twitter: “Lol. The psychotic failed singer / failed Ministry of Truth czar reporting favorably on Nazis while pretending to be a newscaster. Absolutely bonkers. You cannot make this stuff up.” / Twitter

A CNN report from three days prior acknowledged NATO was explicitly targeting Yugoslav power plants in order to deprive its civilians of electricity.

“It was quite an intensive night of air operations,” NATO spokesman Jamie Shea boasted.” (-Max Blumenthal)

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “Here’s NATO’s Jamie Shea stating that NATO targeted Yugoslavia’s energy grid, depriving 70% of its citizens of electricity. Shea claimed it was done to obstruct military command and control – the same justification Wes Clark used for bombing state media.” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “From a 5/26/99 Serbian media broadcast on a week’s worth of NATO attacks on the country’s power plants, its broadcast news offices, and a prison, which killed scores of civilians and wounded many more. NATO openly targeted the Serbian energy grid during its regime change war.” / Twitter

Lee Camp [Redacted] on Twitter: “In most countries schools have students arrested… almost never.” / Twitter


Ya know Prince had some kinda whackadoo politics in the beginning-shit like “America” and “Ronnie Talk To Russia” just aint that deep, really, ya know, but by the time his social justice instincts started kickin’ in, he was going on Tavis Smiley and talkin’ about eugenics and fluoride and geoengineering and barium and shit and writing stuff like “When Will We Be Paid” and “Baltimore” and paying bail for activists incarcerated for protesting against racist cops routinely murdering unarmed people, predominantly people of color. After putting some empty slogans on magazine covers for a couple of years and making sellouts of color more visible, kkkops still kill three Murkkkans a day, nothing changed under Biden, just lik he promised the One Percent. It bummed me out when super talented vixen diva sexbomb comedienne and soul singer Maya did some SNL propaganda mischaracterizing socialist democracy leaders as Banana Republic bad guys, while also making Kamala Harris, the police state operative who wanted to jail black parents for having truant teenagers and kept people locked up as long as possible for corporate profits from forced labor, Maya made her seem like some lovable downhome mama. So yeah, I guess I’m way, way, way to the left of Maya but still love, love, love her impassioned homages to His Purple Badness. When ya get the blues, try waching some PRINCESS performances on youtube. That shit’s the bomb. Maya is way too sexy for those corporate pig oppressors of the soldout capitalist DNC, but that’s just how I feel about her. She got so much soul and personality and it’s no surprise she’s a great vocalist being Minnie Ripperton’s kid I guess, but man oh man she’s a smokin’ hot sultry siren. What a bombshell, she blows my mind. God bless her. Dick Gregory said they killed Prince. Maya’s PRINCESS band are so good, that even the Revolution and D’Angelo jam with ’em. They really bring it .

Princess (Maya Rudolph and Gretchen Lieberum) – Let’s Go Crazy – The Belasco 6/3/2022 – YouTube

PRINCESS • Little Red Corvette • Brooklyn Bowl • 10/28/2017 – YouTube

PRINCESS • D.M.S.R. / Nasty Girl • Brooklyn Bowl • 10/28/2017 – YouTube

Princess (Maya Rudolph & Gretchen Lieberum), The Beautiful Ones, Brooklyn Bowl, NYC 10-28-17 – YouTube

Princess & Wendy Melvoin perform Purple Rain LIVE in Los Angeles—April 20, 2019 – YouTube

D’Angelo and Maya Rudolph’s Prince Cover Band Princess Perform Touching Tribute on ‘The Tonight S… – YouTube

Erotic City Come Alive: Holy Holy PRINCE Raved Unto The Slut Glamtastic by General Labor – Veglam


Zoe Alexandra on Twitter: “Outside the office of the Peasant Confederation of Peru, with the raid ongoing, people chant “Say the truth, trash press!” Mainstream media has backed the coup against Castillo and stigmatized protesters alleging that they are committing acts terrorism and vandalism.” / Twitter

NO ONE is Buying The Narrative AOC and Ryan Grim are Selling | AOC Dragged for Rail Rally Performance | Mumia Abu Jamal’s New Trial? | Elon Musk Bans Tech Reporters | LIVE at 315PM ET (

“The ubiquity of the 2016 Russian interference story as stated pretext for building out the censorship machine can’t be overstated. It’s analogous to how 9/11 inspired the expansion of the security state.” (-Matt Taibbi)

Aaron Maté on Twitter: “Congressional progressives, who’ve united to enrich these arms industry sponsors, deserve a table of honor: #SlavaRaytheon” / Twitter

How Do Pro-Russian Ukrainians See the War? – YouTube

“I care about my community and just because the Liberals have successfully brainwashed us into believing in things that are detrimental to our society and our ability to rise up from the bottom of the economic ladder doesn’t mean I’m gonna shut up to fit in to the Left or anywhereA Progressive is just somebody with their noses up the Squad and Bernie Sander’s butt, that is gonna vote democrat no matter what. If Ukraine is a sovereign country, how did Biden fire their prosecutor, how did Nuland pick their Gov’t, and how is the United States deciding their military strategy? As long as they are Ukrainians willing to die for this proxy war against Russia, the US will steal our money to fund it. Our propaganda machine will not remind us that our Gov’t will spend about $100 billion of our dollars on this war that could have helped our citizens and have accomplished nothing that they said they would. If you buy a Trump NFT you are just as gullible as a person that is still giving money to any of these current politicians. If you don’t think the US is the Master of Propaganda, consider the fact that Americans think they live in a democracy. Fauci is an admitted liar and the Azov are admitted Nazi, but many Americans still insist on pretending this is not true anyway. Fauci wasn’t a scientist working for the American people he was a salesman working for Big Pharma

#FauciFiles. After Western media saying that this war matters because it affects people with blonde hair and blue eyes, calling the Global South a jungle and now the VP of the EU saying that Africans probably don’t even know who Putin is, I think we have an idea of how many in the West think.

The people in Africa know exactly who Putin is and they also know who the leaders of the West are, and that’s why they wouldn’t come at and support NATO. If you haven’t figured out that the Squad and Bernie played you yet, don’t make fun of the people buying Trump’s NFT. Zionism is not a religion It is a political movement that gives an excuse to steal land, property and create an apartheid State. When is our Gov’t gonna bring democracy to the United States? Zelensky banned his political opponents and an entire religion in his democracy.

The most courageous newscast in 60 years. The CIA’s murder of my uncle was a successful coup d’état from which are democracy has never recovered.” (-Robert F. Kennedy Jr.)

“”If intervening to ensure the continued mass starvation of children and mass military slaughter of civilians is not evil, then nothing is evil. It’s actually hard to think of anything more evil.” (-Caitlin Johnstone on Biden’s support of Saudi’s genocidal slaughter of Yemen)

The US government has approved at least $51.4 billion in military aid for Ukraine since the last week of February

That’s roughly $185 million PER DAY on average ” (-Ben Norton)

When they say “disinformation,” they mean “dissent.”” (-Primo Radical)

“Remember when Obama, Ya’all’s Forever Prez, looked the other way while mercenaries used chemical weapons and rubber bullets and firehoses on the Standing Rock Water Protectors protesting leaky pipelines being built through their lands? Remember when he and Rahm helped coordinate the national crackdown of the Occupy Wall Street movement and all that footage you saw of cops beating chicks for protesting the swells in the towers? Remember when he provided cover for BP in the Gulf by pretending to swim in the water on family vaca but letting mercenaries prohibit media from visiting the beach? Remember when he fake drank Flint water to help with the coverup and they never held any of the government co conspirators accountable or fixed the water with all their access to money and influence? Remember when all those iconic Ferguson and Baltimore rowday activists died young under some shady circumstances? Burntout Recluse Remembers.” (-Midnight Moses)

Bernie Sanders withdraws war powers resolution on Yemen. Why? Because his boss Biden told him to and because he’s a sheepdog. Rest in Power Bruce Dixon!” (-Margaret Kimberley)

“What I don’t get about establishment shills is how they are able to keep embarrassing themselves year after year by abetting their corrupt masters who have only ever lied to them.

At what point do NPCs feel the tug self-respect & truth, and stop regurgitating the lies of ghouls?” (-Primo Radical)

Instead of chasing child sex predators or terrorists, the FBI has agents — lots of them — analyzing and mass-flagging social media posts. Not as part of any criminal investigation, but as a permanent, end-in-itself surveillance operation. People should not be okay with this.” (-Matt Taibbi)

Keep Our NHS Public on Twitter: “”Nurses have taken strike action out of desperation, desperation over wages, desperation over working conditions, and the stress they’re under because they have so many patients to care for.” #FairPayForNursing @jeremycorbyn” / Twitter

MintPress News on Twitter: “Watch @LeeCamp’s full interview with @vijayprashad for @BTHeadline: “Gaining Power In The Struggle”” / Twitter


Ya know I’m reading a book about the Divinyls and still having a hard time coming to grips with the fact that Chrissy Amphlett one of the greatest frontwomen of all time is no more, and neither is Vanity. Whoa. Ya know? Those were the hottest sexbombs of my generation, the epitomoe of youthful beauty and desire, how can they be gone? I had posters of them and Apollonia in my room growing up, I even loved Susan. And Corvette from Mary Jane Girls! It’s all too fleeting here, just a blip and then we’re gone. So many of my friends are gone on to the invisible juke joint beyond the clouds and even Prince, how is that shit even possible? Crazy! As David Lee Roth says, “sprinkle my ashes over the eighties!” Apolonia was dating Roth during the making of “Purple Rain” and says Prince started doing the splits off the back of the stage cause he was a little jealous of Van Halen’s success. Vanity dated Prince, Billy Idol, and Nikki Sixx before deciding she was too fuckedup from all the drugs and became a born again evangelical minister. I miss ’em all, they were such big parts of my life for all these decades. I was watching Dexy’s and Big Country the other day and my wife was saying I’ve kind of idealized that time somehow, she could be right. Laur’s band, eighties synth influenced band Vague Scare remind me so much of when me and my dead friend Jaysin B used to play around with our cheap Casio keyboards in his room and makeup songs about these two girls we loved in our fake Dave Gahan voices, only we were no good yet, we were just goofing with cheap drum programs and my cheeseball pre teen poetry, and Vague Scare are amazingly fabulous, we still had that same heart for it, were coming from that same place. For awhile when we were lads I thought we’d become like Suicide or Soft Cell, but he got sucked in to the smalltown torture circuit and I fled and fled, and kept on moving. I was also heavily immersed in Prince back then who was actually still very New Wave! Same as Dez and Andre! We saw ourselves as Rude Boys, too.

The movie “Purple Rain”, directed by Albert Magnoli. Seen here on stage, Apollonia Kotero as Apollonia. Initial theatrical release July 27, 1984. Screen capture. © 1984 Warner Bros. Credit: © 1984 Warner Bros. / Flickr / Courtesy Pikturz. Image intended only for use to help promote the film, in an editorial, non-commercial context.

Vanity 6 – Nasty girl Original long version 1982 High Quality – YouTube

Vanity 6 Drive me wild(HD) – YouTube

Remember Susan Moonsi From Vanity 6 (1982) – YouTube

Vanity – Pretty Mess 1984 – YouTube

Apollonia on Dating David Lee Roth, Roth Had Palimony Insurance if He Got Groupies Pregnant (Part 2) – YouTube

Vanity – Pretty Mess 1984 – YouTube

Vanity 6 – Make Up (Live) – YouTube

Apollonia 6-Manic Monday (Demo) – YouTube

Day 2 Evangelist Denise Matthews (Vanity) speaks in Niceville Florida June 2013. – YouTube

Dez Dickerson – Modernaire – YouTube

ANDRE CYMONE – “What Are We Doing Here” (1983) official video – YouTube

Apollonia 6 – Blue limousine (extended) – YouTube

“We know our politicians are corrupt, but we somehow let them convince us to spend billions of our dollars that we cannot track that we know are going to their donors and to a country consistently rated the most corrupt in Europe. Stop letting Bernie and the Squad play you, there is no Left movement in the Democratic Party, and if they ever wanted to help the working class, they learned quickly that they better get in line, just like Pelosi said they would on 60 minutes a few years ago. Our citizens being conditioned into to believing in American exceptionalism trumps all ideologies, social beliefs, political leanings and is the reason why it is so easy for the ruling class to con us into being involved in or starting these wars. Our ruling class has conditioned us to hate Russia, China or both and convince us that they are a threat to us militarily, our make believe democracy or the blame for our falling standard of living

Not because it is true, but because they pose a threat to our Oligarch’s hegemony. I used to do what I was told and write off things our Gov’t said were conspiracy theories, until the conspiracy theories kept winding up being the truth. There is nothing that an Establishment journalist hates more than journalism. The Twitter files show how the Establishment interfered with our election, and the people that keep talking about saving our democracy are ignoring it or spinning it like it’s just about Hunter smoking crack. Freedom of Speech counts for people you don’t like or agree with. Remember when they used to tell us that exposing George Soros was antisemitic? Remember that we were told that Russia would be pushed out of Ukraine, would lose Crimea, be sent back to the Stone Age, the ruble would be turned to rubble, their military would be so devastated that they wouldn’t be able to fight another war, and Putin would be removed. Our Gov’t lied us into okaying involvement in another one of their wars, are stealing billions of dollars from us right in front of our faces and getting most of our citizens to attack the people trying to tell them the truth. I think a big problem is that some people don’t realize that there is a difference between being a Progressive and being a Leftist.

I’ll admit that these terms are new to me, but from what I see a Progressive will always vote Dem and believe in American Exceptionalism. Reminder @cmkshama

as a Seattle City Councilmember has accomplished more for workers than the entire Squad as members of Congress.” (-Black In The Empire)

“I can understand the reason why partisan morons defend FBI censorship. But it’s bonkers that the government still pretends like the CIA didn’t kill JFK.

Honestly, even my 77-year-old grandma doesn’t buy that one. What subset of the population do they think they’re still fooling?” (-Primo Radical)

Margaret Kimberley (@freedomrideblog) / Twitter


Wokeup sick, think I got it from bath tub and my old lady got it from our teen’s G.E.D. prepararation classroom pens, ya know, who knows, it’s wintertime and we’ve all been max stressed lately so we’ve commenced our get well protocols. It’s a bitch, cold, fatigued, bodyaches, kid has crazy chest cough. Everytime I try reading my new book, I just fall asleep. Kid’s so bored he’s doing Yelp reviews. No fun. Just been sleeping for twenty hours at a time, it’s so cold.

The Killing Fields Of Journalism – by Celia Farber (

Dr. Mutulu Shakur on Twitter: “Today, the morning of December 16th, 2022, Dr. Mutulu Shakur was released from prison on parole! Read the full statement and the most up-to-date information on how you can support from Family & Friends of Mutulu Shakur at: #MutuluIsHome #StraightAhead” / Twitter

MintPress News on Twitter: “”The kill lists with prominent American figures like Roger Waters, Scott Ritter, children, hundreds of journalists, this is run by that Ukrainian interior ministry. This is the kind of authoritarian regime Zelensky is presiding over” – @MaxBlumenthal” / Twitter

Black in the Empire on Twitter: “It used to be just Ukraine and the US that voted against this Anti-Nazi resolution for the past few years. I see they got some more friends now. Ukraine Vote Against Anti-Nazi UN Resolution, Castillo Blames US, Twitte… via @YouTube” / Twitter

Primo Radical on Twitter: “Liberals still think that this happening one time was worse than not having free speech ever again.” / Twitter

Republicans stab you in the front. Democrats stab you in the back. The working class always loses US elections while the rich and the warmongering elite always win.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“Peru goes on the 9th day of protest against the coup govt. They can be heard chanting “Congress will fall!” It’s becoming clear that early elections will not be enough to quiet the protests. As the state of emergency continues, more military are deployed, leading to 1 death today. (-Manolo Des Los Santos)

Death Toll From Peru Protests Tops 20 as ‘Coup’ Government Extends Castillo’s Jail Term (

20 million killed in WWI is peanuts compared to the stakes in Ukraine proxy war. With 2000 nukes on hair trigger alert and looming risk of nuclear winter, we’re all in the cross hairs. #PeaceNow” (-Dr. Jill Stein)

“This FBI response is disingenuous on multiple fronts. None of this expains flagging the silly jokes of ordinary Americans with low follower counts. Also, they are clearly not doing this in service of investigating crime. This is about domestic intelligence and opinion control.” (-Matt Taibbi fights the strict control of official narratives imposed by weapon makers, surveillance techlords and big pharma who got more tricks up their sleeves.)

If you cannot handle any criticism of your favorite politician or political party then you don’t belong to a political party. You belong to a cult. We don’t just need a new political party in the United States. We need a new system that is built around community, sustainability, and peace to replace this old decaying system that is built around capital, exploitation, and war. Nancy Pelosi has used our government for over 3 decades to enrich herself and her corporate donors, yet Democrats still champion her as a “progressive” leader. She embodies the rot and corruption that is the Democrat party. 174 Democrats and 176 Republicans just came together to pass an $858 billion war budget for 2023, which is the biggest in history. If you haven’t figured out that both parties exist to preserve our decrepit capitalist and imperialist system then you’re not paying attention. BILLS ARE NAMED TO DECEIVE YOU:

The “Climate Bill” expands fossil fuels & is a giveaway to Big Oil companies. The “Cares Act” had little care for the people & lots of care for billionaires. The “Affordable Care Act” is unaffordable & was a giveaway to Big Insurance companies.” (-Ryan Knight)

“The West’s disinterest in investigating the terror attack that plunged Europe into a deadly fuel shortage speaks volumes about who might be responsible.” (-Dr. Jill Stein)

“Peru goes on the 9th day of protest against the coup govt. They can be heard chanting “Congress will fall!” It’s becoming clear that early elections will not be enough to quiet the protests. As the state of emergency continues, more military are deployed, leading to 1 death today” (-Manolo De La Santos)

“I question everything the government does and I won’t apologize for it.” (-Eliza Bleu)

“NATO invaded Yugoslavia.

NATO invaded Libya. NATO invaded Syria. NATO has expanded all the way up to Russia’s border. NATO isn’t just a threat to Russia. It’s a threat to the existence of humanity itself. The Collective West plundered Africa. The Collective West plundered Latin America. The Collective West plundered Asia. But we are supposed to believe that the Collective West, now led by the United States, has Ukraine’s best interests in mind? Laughable is an understatement. American politicians will break a strike for one section of workers then pose as if they support a strike for another. It’s all a con to keep things just the way they are.” (Danny Haiphong)

“Extraordinary hypocrisy, revealing blatant corruption given past accusations of violence toward journalists who covered issues she campaigned on yet failed to act on once elected.” (-John Dissed on the latest round of empty, meaningless, performative, sellout poser AOC “justice tweets”)

“Congress, the FBI, and Citizens must remember:

The FBI has no authority except for that which Congress grants it. Congress cannot endow the FBI with powers not authorized by the Constitution. No FBI activity can be beyond the oversight of Congress which answers to Citizens.” (-Thomas Massie)

Perhaps billionaires, bougie tech moderators, the corporate media, Israel-supporters, and the intelligence community could all stop trying to forcibly prevent the voicing of beliefs by the citizenry? Maybe we could just have an open, honest exchange of ideas between equals?” (-Primo Radical)

Rokfin | The best way to monetize your content

UN Report Shows 11,000 Children Killed or Maimed in This US-Backed War (

The Ruling Class Promotes Identity Politics And ‘Anti-Wokeism’ For The Exact Same Reasons – Caitlin Johnstone

Alan MacLeod on Twitter: “Latin America: Elects a left-wing head of state. The Economist: “OK, lads, you know the drill.”” / Twitter

Jimmy Dore on Twitter: “This is violence.” / Twitter

Comrade Misty is Putin’s Buddy 🍀 on Twitter: “@AOC And yet, you remain silent on the continued persecution of the world’s most consequential journalist, Julian Assange. The one journalist on earth with a 100% record of accuracy who revolutionized journalism. Your hypocrisy is staggering. #FreeAssangeNOW” / Twitter

Anarchy at the Circle K – YouTube

How Hillary Clinton’s State Department Sold Fracking to the World – Mother Jones

mmmm mmm Hillary sez it tastes good. ‘Outrageous Betrayal’: Pennsylvania Lifts Fracking Ban in Polluted Town of Dimock (

Biden’s Latest Push for Manchin Dirty Deal Condemned as ‘Disgraceful Betrayal’ (

US Utility Giants Reap Huge Profits as Households Struggle (

Jimmy Dore on Twitter: “@tanyalewis314 This thread is amazing, cuz she is supposed 2B expert on Covid, has devoted her life to it for the last three years, and it is clear from this thread she knows almost nothing about it that is accurate or helpful.This will help: “Disease mostly of ELDERLY”:” / Twitter

Russia Warns of ‘Unpredictable Consequences’ If US Sends Patriot Missiles to Ukraine (

Insider Tells Tucker Carlson That CIA Was Directly Involved In JFK Assassination – Activist Post

Vinay Prasad MD MPH on Twitter: “It is really a reckless plan. If Panoramic is negative, Paxlovid is going

Primo Radical on Twitter: “Quite unlike how Democrats behaved in regards to the 2016 election, RussiaGate, the 2020 election, January 6th, Ukraine, any kind of online dissent, the ongoing release of the Twitter Files…” / Twitter

“The overarching lesson from 2022 is:

The United States government, the corporate media, and the “misinformation” experts at large social media companies are all working very hard, all day long, to deceive you. “It’s a private company!” Except the FBI was paying them millions in taxpayer money to comply with their “suggestions.” The term “conspiracy theorist” was invented by the CIA to discredit early claims that the CIA assassinated JFK. Given that those theories have now been proven true — like dozens of other theories about government corruption — maybe we need to revisit the stigma around that term.” (-Primo Radical)

Zelensky is a NATO puppet. NATO puppets aren’t heroes. They’re accomplices to war crimes.” (-Danny Haiphong)

SCOTT RITTER: A Lexicon for Disaster (

Thomas Friedman & The Myth of Liberal Israel (

Revealed: Documents Show Bill Gates Has Given $319 Million to Media Outlets (

Journalist Targeted By Ukraine Speaks Out: Wyatt Reed with Lee Camp (

LIVE: Ukraine ATTACKS Russia | Scott Ritter on Diplomacy is DEAD, the West Killed It – YouTube

US Intelligence community & conflict with Russia – Ray McGovern, Alexander Mercouris & Glenn Diesen – Ray McGovern

Well, my brothers and sisters and friends of the revolution, Good night and good luck and if you’re one of the good ones, peace and love to you. Stay Purple, yo.

Ryan Roxie makes guest appearance on new Torpedohead video “All Those Wasted Years”

Rock n’ roll power trio Torpedohead kick off the new year with the brand new single All Those Wasted Years. Featuring Ryan Roxie (Alice Cooper) on guitar and Michael Butler (Rock and Roll Geekshow) on add. vox. The video showcases the band performing in front of a one shot angle enviroment in a vinyl record store delivering a stompin’ rock n’ roll anthem with a sticky chorus in classic Torpedohead style.

The new single “All Those Wasted Years is available on all music download and streaming services January 26 !

Combining a riff oriented hard edged sound with melodic supercatchy choruses and fast and furious punk n’ roll while transforming this into their own modern rock sound, Germany’s power trio Torpedohead lives the imagination of a 70s stadium rock n’ roll tape coming through a trashy 90s stereo, digitally remastered today for speeding down the autobahn !

Watch „All Those Wasted Years“ here:

Follow Torpedohead:


“Stealing money from tax payers to make the greedy weapons industry richer and the United States more unstable and less safe. This money belongs serving the needs of the people not destroying the planet. #WarIsNotGreen The #Costofwar is killing all of us.” (-Jodie Evans)

“This ridiculous Pentagon budget passing proves again that the ruling class does not have the same interests as the people. Their goal is to enrich themselves and their friends at Lockheed Martin and Raytheon at the expense of the people. 550,000+ unhoused people in the U.S. 1 in 10 adults in “significant” medical debt $195 billion in medical debt held by individuals 16.9 % child poverty rate and our members of Congress vote to send our money to the military? We deserve so much better than this. While constituents live paycheck to paycheck and drown in debt, Congress will award the Pentagon $858 billion, over half of which will go to private companies who profit from the war economy. Now, as the US heads towards a full-scale war with Russia and seeks another with China, it’s important we remember: 

War will not solve our problems nor our conflicts. It destroys communities, ecosystems, and societies for generations. Invest in the people, not in war!” (-CODE PINK)

Why the war in Iraq was fought for Big Oil | CNN

Ask not what the war cost the US, but who profited from the war (

Iraq: Protest death toll surges as security forces resume brutal repression (

The Iraq War has cost the US nearly $2 trillion (

To this day, Iraqi society is continuing to recover from years of the brutal American war. “The social fabric of Iraq was shredded,” -Phyllis Bennis at our 2017 People’s Tribunal on the Iraq War

“Westerners think they’re free because they can say whatever they want and vote however they want, but *what they want* is controlled by mass-scale psychological manipulation. Being able to speak and vote as you wish is meaningless if the powerful control what it is that you wish.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

Ben Norton on Twitter: “Peru coup: CIA agent turned US ambassador met with defense minister one day before democratically elected President Castillo was overthrown” / Twitter

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “Musk’s claim for these bans is they linked to sites showing his plane’s movements, which he regards as doxing and endangers his family. Even if true, should be a warning at most. Permanent bans of multiple journalists looks like the old censorship regime liberals long cheered.” / Twitter

Caitlin Johnstone on Twitter: “I mean, there should be no coming back from this. This is as open an admission that you are a collaborator with establishment power structures as you could possibly make. But there are just as many Elon stans today as there were before he tweeted it.” / Twitter

Socialist Smurf on Twitter: “@caitoz I mean the dude said this 👇 and made it loud and clear his allegiance is with establishment power structures. Him admitting to being pro FBI is just icing on the cake.” / Twitter

Popular Resistance (@PopResistance) / Twitter

Popular Resistance on Twitter: “TONIGHT at 7:30 Eastern on WTF is Going on in Latin America and the Caribbean hosted by @hey_ter – Get the scoop on the recent coups in #Argentina and #Peru. Watch live at” / Twitter

#BoicotALosEspeculadores🛢️🇻🇪🇷🇺🛢️ on Twitter: “Desde la @Asamblea_Ven en la ciudad de Caracas el movimiento @FreeAlexSaabOrg , exigiendo la liberación del enviado especial AIex Saab secuestrado por el imperialismo. #FreeDiplomatSaab #TodosConAlexSaab @codepink @DemocracyNowEs @anyaparampil @VP @secblinken” / Twitter

‘A Moral and Political Disgrace’: Just 11 Senators Vote No on $858 Billion Military Budget (


Nowadays they’ve been hiding the Real Stuff for so long and elevating Fake Garbage, that almost anytime somebody says something about goth, punk, performace art, dance music, style, nightclub subcultures, glamous, originality, any of it, shit media immediately references awful shite like Miley Cyrus, Katie Perry, Gaga, Pink, or McDonna. People seem to have forgotten how important and ubiquitous Siouxsie was in my generation, she was everywhere, all my friends had her t shirts, posters, albums, cassettes, and postcards on the fridge, she was probably every bit as big as Depeche Mode, The Cure, or the Smiths, the cruddy Sunday night faux niteclub we hung out at in Indiana played something by her probably every fifth song. Remember all those 12 inch dance remix singles? So yeah she’s been a recluse for quite some time now and can you really blame her? Everything sucks so much ass in this modern Musk-Bezos-Gates world, who would even wanna play for those dumbass, festival goin’ brainwashed motherfuckers? I guess if “working class symapthizer” Springsteen can charge five grand a ticket to hear his old man Orbison impressions and hard luck tales about growing up poor in the fifties some more, she deserves to make some money after all that fearlessly provocative trailblazing she did that everybody else imitated. So yeah her Glorious Return is exciting news for all us basement dwellers and night time people. I hope she makes new music with the Banshees.

Siouxsie and the Banshees Painted Bird – YouTube

Siouxsie And The Banshees – Love In A Void – YouTube

Siouxsie and the Banshees – 92 Degrees (Live 1986) – YouTube

Siouxsie And The Banshees – Peek-A-Boo (Official Music Video) – YouTube

Siouxsie and the Banshees – Sin in my Heart – Live 1981 – YouTube

Siouxsie And The Banshees – Spellbound (Top of the Pops 1981) – YouTube

Siouxsie And The Banshees – Cities In Dust (Official Music Video) – YouTube

Siouxsie And The Banshees – Dear Prudence (Official Music Video) – YouTube

Siouxsie And The Banshees – The Passenger – YouTube

Siouxsie and the Banshees ▶ The Best of (Full Album) – YouTube

Siouxsie Sioux & Steve Severin on CBS with Charlie Rose 1986 – YouTube


Ya know that corporate magaiznes like Rolling Stone and Spin are weapons now, just full of falsehood fabrications and manufactured culture, assemblyline rich people bullshit. Those hack festival goers are paid big bucks to talk about Kanye and Elon Musk and fucking all those absolutely banal and inspid monarch programmed Dizney slut puppets all day, while ignoring the Great and authentic artists who are still fully alive and still making crucial works of heavy genius and long lasting resonance. Like Peter Murphy, he’s still so vital even if you don’t see him on 120 Minutes, or in the twenty dollar fucking glossy magazines anymore. His works are always filled with vibrant emotion and contemplative prose, and onstage he still rocks like a real live wire, even with the beard. You just have to dig a little bit deeper to look for the real rocknrollers. He’s the Lion of the gothic tradition, as important to some of us as Bowie or Iggy, artistically way above most of the shit we see getting hyped nowadays. The twisted propaganda misinfotainment industry that runs all the media for the One Percent Davos billionaires agendas will have you believe like HARRY STYLES is the new Bowie, I mean he aint even the new David Cassidy, ya know? The so called mainstream has never sucked so bad, it’s all garbage, lies, and glorifying cannibalism, but people with Amazon ready income streams continue cheerfully consuming the corporate bullshit like it’s real and normal and not all fake headlines about how China protests are those sweat shop working people asking to be even more enslaved by capitalist shareholders-that aint what’s happening-those protests are the people saying they refuse to submit to the Fauchi clampdowns and mandates and big pharma protocols, this same EXACT phrama sponsored Big Media .promoted those same protocols and mandates non stop for years in the land of the gullible and home of the big tech panopticon fascists. If you wanna get wise to what’s really happening I suggest you read Whitney Webb and Max Blumenthal regularly. Gray Zone and Unlimited Hangout. Rob Sheffield is paid big money to tell you Britney Spears and Kanye West are good but I’ll still be here redirecting you towards credible indie media sources and Real Singers like Peter Murphy as long as I’m around. I turn 53 tomorrow. Hope I don’t “die suddenly”, like so many of my fifty something friends nobody wants to talk about. 

Peter Murphy Official Site

Peter Murphy – All Night Long – YouTube

Peter Murphy – Cuts You Up (full version video) – YouTube

Peter Murphy – Lion – YouTube

Time Has Got Nothing To Do With It – YouTube

Peter Murphy – Crystal Wrists – YouTube

Peter Murphy – Marlene Dietrich’s Favourite Poem (Lyrics) – YouTube

Peter Murphy – Strange Kind Of Love – YouTube

Peter Murphy – Cuts You Up – YouTube

Peter Murphy “All We Ever Wanted” – YouTube

“Please don’t ever claim that Bernie is a radical. Bruce Dixon got it right he is nothing more than a sheepdog for democrats along with the squad.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“He’s just a water boy to a pro-wall st. anti-worker, pro-war party. What a disappointment.” (-Jimmy Dore)

“Saying a US politician is bad on foreign policy but good on domestic policy is like saying a serial killer was nice to his family. It’s like, okay, who gives a fuck? They’re mass murderers and you should hate them.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

“The biggest gangster in the world is the US government. The biggest scammer in the world is the US economy. The biggest liar in the world is the US mainstream media.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“Over 55% of the union members rejected the contract that denied them paid sick leave. The Squad voted yes on that very contract. That makes the Squad strike breakers. Workers can’t rely on Democrats. We only win if we build fighting movements, including militant strike actions.” (-Sonja Ponath)

“”This is just stunningly dishonest…Hundreds of thousands of workers who understand what has happened are calling out the betrayal of the squad & the Dem Party & pres Biden, you have commentators…saying that if you agree then you are actually sneering at workers..” (-Brihana Joy Gray)

“That’s why it’s important to pay attention to narratives — who adopts them, how they are reshaped & how “influencers” use them to destroy movements from the inside.

The anti-war movement died when it embraced Obama. The same thing happened to the remnants of Occupy with Sanders.” (-Primo Radical)

“Shitlibs who screamed Elon was “fascist” cuz he wouldn’t ban people they hate R now saying he’s fascist for banning people they like. Weird how they were ok banning the leading doctors & scientists in their field 4 challenging status quo on Covid but hack journos need protection” (-Jimmy Dore)

“Elon Musk using his control of Twitter to enact petty personal vendettas is a good illustration of why the rich shouldn’t run things.FYI if you think Bill Gates, George Soros or Pierre Omidyar are any better than Elon Musk it’s because you’re a dopey shitlib. Elon Musk could live stream himself giving the FBI director a deep throat blowjob to completion, stand up, wipe his chin, look right in the camera and say “I gave him a blowjob because I love the deep state so much,” and Musk simps would still say he’s fighting the deep state. It says so much about the power of the propaganda machine of the US-centralized empire that people not only believe the Official Lines, and they not only parrot the Official Lines, but they actively condemn anyone who calls the Official Lines into question.” (~ Caitlin Johnstone)

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari says weapons flowing into Ukraine are showing up now in the Lake Chad region 

In other words, US military aid – and American tax dollars – are benefitting warlords from Azov to Boko Haram” (-Max Blumenthal)

“As The Nation said before they deleted the article from their site, “The Pentagon’s accounting fraud amounts to theft on a grand scale—theft not only from America’s taxpayers, but also from the nation’s well-being and its future.” (-Lee Camp)

Ellsberg, Donziger Among Those Demanding Freedom for Drone Whistleblower Daniel Hale (

NYC Vigil to FREE Julian Assange – Dandelion Salad (

Aaron Maté, Medea Benjamin And Nicholas Davies: War In Ukraine – YouTube

Twitter Broke Its Own Rules To Ban Trump While Keeping World Leaders Who “Incited Violence” (

Useful Idiots on Twitter: “Biden, who attacked Trump for his veto, who campaigned on treating Saudi Arabia as a pariah, who promised to end US support for the Saudi war on Yemen, decided he actually agrees with Trump, now a major theme of his presidency. @aaronjmate @kthalps” / Twitter

John Pilger and Lowkey Expose the Permanent War State – Dandelion Salad (

The Other Son on Twitter: “Pope says everyone should try & make a donation to Ukraine for Christmas. Also the Pope:” / Twitter

Shocking Book Sheds Light on Recent Epidemic of Sudden Deaths • Children’s Health Defense (

Celine Dion was disabled from a KNOWN SIDE EFFECT of the COVID vaccine (99.6% certainty) (


John Pilger: The State of the UK Media, and The Resilience of Julian Assange – Dandelion Salad (

Despite Pledge, Biden Leaves Tap Open, Approving Billions in Arms Deals to Saudi Arabia (

Opposing War Is The First Step Toward Moral Politics: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix (

Transhumanism And The Future Of Humanity: 7 Ways The World Will Change By 2030 ( while they keep us arguing over nickel and dime bullshit, their one world government microchip control grid is well underway with full support from the office professional/managerial class. The Real Resistance does not worship billionaires or pretty red carpet puppets.

Government Pushs A “Digital Dollar” So It Can Seize Assets At Will & Enslave Humanity – Activist Post


Glen Ford Speaks about the Black “Mis-Leadership” Class – YouTube

Black Agenda Report Editor: “Obama is not the lesser evil” – YouTube

The Black Agenda by Glen Ford (

Growing Up Black in American Apartheid – Glen Ford on Reality Asserts Itself (1/3) – YouTube

Glen Ford: A Remarkable Revolutionary | Black Agenda Report

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The Black Agenda by GLEN FORD | OR BOOKS

Glen Ford Ukraine 2014 remarks – YouTube

Black Agenda Report’s 13th Anniversary Celebration: Glen Ford’s Remarks – YouTube

Glen Ford: Breaking the Obama Spell, at the United National Peace Conference 7/23/2010 – YouTube

Big Think Interview with Glen Ford | Big Think – YouTube


2022 Rail Solidarity Rally – SMART Union (

Hassan Mafi ‏ on Twitter: “On this day in 2008, Iraqi journalist Muntadhar al-Zaidi threw his shoes at war criminal G.W. Bush who illegally invaded Iraq and slaughtered over a million Iraqis based on WMDs lies. The journalist described his move as a retaliation for the invasion.” / Twitter

Alan MacLeod on Twitter: “When you absolutely have to print the worst take on war possible…” / Twitter

How Democracy Dies at the Washington Post Editorial Board (

Calls to ‘Stop Building New Oil Pipelines’ Grow as Data Shows Severity of Keystone Leaks (

“Read my @MintPressNews

investigation into how Jeff Bezos bought the Post, made everyone work hardcore hours (just like Musk) and turned it into a vehicle for his own economic interests.” (-Alan MacLeod)

Alan MacLeod on Twitter: “This is why billionaire-owned media is a problem.” / Twitter

Margaret Kimberley on Twitter: “Great event and book launch tonight at Peoples Forum in NYC. @PeoplesForumNYC @KillSanctions #SanctionsKill” / Twitter

“We need to remember that there are psyops being done on every dissident group. That is how they control all conceivable opposition.

As such, there is no real litmus test. There are “anti-jab” feds, “pro-Palestine” feds, “anti-imperialist” feds, feds who “support” Assange, etc.” (-Primo Radical)

Vinay Prasad MD MPH on Twitter: “The @nytimes that recommends we all mask Says there is strong evidence masking helps Click on the word ‘evidence’ and it leads to a cluster RCT that was…. wait for it… Negative. It Failed to show a benefit of masking The strongest evidence they can find is negative! 🤣🤣” / Twitter

“Standing with Rail workers is considered “Ultra Left”??? If you were actually trying to discredit the DSA you couldn’t do a better job.” (-Jimmy Dore)

“I said it a year ago and I’ll say it again because it’s even truer now: The real division today is no longer left/right, liberal/conservative, or Democrat/Republican. It is between those who will accept a technocratic biosecurity surveillance regime and those who will resist.” (-Aaron Kheriaty, MD)

Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH™ on Twitter: “Why would he care? He is an economic leader not a doctor or scientist.” / Twitter


Briahna Joy Gray on Twitter: “”The Congressional Black Caucus is so immersed in corporate contributions…And Hakeem Jefferies comes out of that environment…Now, Hakeem Jefferies, unknown to most people, had a very radical uncle…It didn’t rub off.” @RalphNader″ / Twitter

“Rally for Railroad Workers! Tues 12/13. Support the fight against brutal & unsafe working conditions, 24/7 on-call scheduling & virtually no family/sick leave. This is what the future looks like for us all. Stop the war on working people! Worcester & across the US.” (-Dr. Jill Stein)

Independent Socialist Group on Twitter: “National Day of Action! Solidarity Rally for Railroad Workers Worcester, MA Central MA Korean War Memorial 12pm-1pm on Tues Dec 13 See you there!” / Twitter

“Shame on Joe Biden and the Democrats for opposing the Yemen War Powers resolution that would end the U.S. support for the Saudi-led war on Yemen. And shame on Bernie Sanders for caving and continuing to caucus with the warmongering Democrats.” (-Ryan Knight)


Michael Parenti, Conspiracy and Class Power – YouTube

Michael Parenti Terrorism Globalism and Conspiracy – YouTube

Pirate Television: The Myth of Capitalism with Michael Parenti – YouTube

Michael Parenti, The Darker Myths of Empire: Heart of Darkness Series – YouTube

Michael Parenti: “Super Patriotism vs Real Patriotism” (1988) – YouTube

Diversity & Orthodoxy in the Media-Modern Media Censorship Lecture 1 – YouTube

“”Investigators noted that the Army’s database claimed that service officials reviewed facilities in the years 0012, 1776, 2201 and 3013.” …So the Pentagon claims to have inspected buildings they can’t find, filled with weapons they’ve lost, in years that haven’t happened yet. The Pentagon LITERALLY loses buildings, planes, guns, & missiles. Don’t ask how one loses a building, but they somehow manage it. But it gets worse. Sometimes they don’t even know what YEAR they’re in. “16,000 records that might reveal either the source or the destination of some of that [trillions] had been ‘removed’.” So if this were not a crime, then why cover up the paper trail? In this latest audit failure – “What they found were several new weaknesses in how DOD accounted for its assets, [including] 2.9 million personnel; equipment &weapons including 19,700 aircraft… & physical items including buildings, roads & fences on 4,860 sites worldwide.” To put $21 Trillion into perspective, if you earned $100,000 every year (after taxes) for 70 years, you’d have to live that same life 3 MILLION times to get to 21 Trillion. Forbes & The Nation were some of the few outlets to cover the scandal & they made it clear it was not just discrepancies. “According to gov records & interviews with DoD officials, congressional sources, & independent experts” this was & is fraud. The Pentagon avoided federally mandated audits for 25 years, but that didn’t stop the truth from coming out that there had been over $21 TRILLION of unaccounted-for financial adjustments over 17 years. If you ran a market, or a shoe store, or a daycare & you couldn’t account for HALF your inventory, you’d quickly be arrested. Yet the Pentagon does just that & it’s met with a yawn by the ruling elite & the media. But this is worse than just negligence.” (-Lee Camp)

Yasha Levine on Twitter: “writing about a tech oligarch and his court journalist is “sensitive content” on musk’s new free speech platform. haha.” / Twitter

Jimmy Dore on Twitter: “The JIMMY DORE SHOW Is Live! NOW! Ryan Grim STILL Protecting The Squad! 2nd Round of “Twitter Files” Irks Corp Media! With Whitney Webb @_whitneywebb Featuring Kurt Metzger @KurtMetzger & Stef Zamorano @MiserableLib” / Twitter

Margaret Kimberley on Twitter: “Too bad this woman isn’t in congress. Maybe she could help us. Oh, wait…” / Twitter

Elon musk Electric vehicles Neuralink Synthetic mRNA SpaceX Starlink Cryptocurrency Quantum computing that I have no doubt that twitter will now be integrated as the core A.I. brain of the majority of his agendas. Elon wants to sell you the transhumanism dream….” (-Scrap Iron Ryan)

The FBI is worried that TikTok can be used by the Chinese to spy on Americans. Meanwhile, the FBI is using Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and probably Pinterest to spy on everyone around the world.” (-Primo Radical)

Primo Radical on Twitter: “Any suggestion that a New York evidence warehouse didn’t just spontaneously combust on its own is an unhinged conspiracy theory, and the only people who would utter such a contemptible idea are Russian trolls and white nationalists.” / Twitter

Finding Jesus & Prayers to My Saints by Dan Denton (Gutter Snob Books) | The Literary Underground (

“My investigation for Mint Press News

found that the US has sold at very least $28 billion worth of weapons to Saudi Arabia since it started bombing Yemen. 

The real figure could be as high as $63 billion.” (-Alan MacLeod)

“Joe Biden isn’t a communist.

Joe Biden is an imperialist war pig who serves Wall Street first, last, and only. The GOP is selling anti-communist lies to fuel partisanship. The reality is both parties are agents of corporate oligarchy.” (-Danny Haiphong)

War and sanctions are driving killer inflation in the EU & US, and sky-high windfall profits in Russia. Brilliant.” (-Dr. Jill Stein)

“18 months later the Peruvian Oligarchy drove Pedro Castillo into prison, preventing him from entering the Mexican Embassy for asylum. But just like they never expected Castillo to become President they also never expected thousands of people on the streets demanding his freedom! Thousands of people keep flowing into Lima to protest the overthrow of Pedro Castillo. The people of Peru insist on overturning the 1993 constitution written in blood by the Fujimori Regime and that Castillo hoped to replace through a constituent assembly. The situation in Peru is intensifying after the coup against Pedro Castillo. Protests & roadblocks continue to grow across the country & in the capital Lima. These are already having effect. Dina Boluarte, head of the coup govt, has even slipped having to call for early elections. Today is the 7th day of protests in Peru. There are now major roadblocks across Peru. The scale of the protests continue to grow despite 7 people, mostly underage, being killed by police. The coup govt. greatly underestimated that people would fight back & defend Castillo.” (-Manolo De Los Santos on CIA coup in Peru)

“Congress is this insanely undemocratic congress where they’re just constantly overthrowing Presidents, it’s true that he dissolved congress, but it’s not a Coup, it’s legal politically, it’s in the constitution” (-Benjamin Norton)

“Imperialism is the single most important issue facing the working class.

When the US wages war on the world, it’s waging war on working people everywhere.” (-Danny Haiphong)

Shadowy US Spy Firm Promises To Surveil Crypto Users For the Highest Bidder (

Congress To Sneak $37 Billion Ukraine Aid Into Must-Pass Omnibus Bill – Activist Post

The British American Project and Fighting Back Against the Israel Lobby with Matt Kennard, Asa Winstanley and Huda Amori (

ADL Using Impact Investing to Target BDS (

I’ve said for years that I could tell my tweets weren’t reaching as many people as they should, based on my follower count. The thing they don’t seem 2b reporting is that twitter did this to people they thought were “too left” as well- & again, they never let a strike trend.” (-Boots Riley)


Pig-media, schools, and secondhand, NFL, vicarious, chickenhawk, flagwaving keeps Murkkkans drunk on their own passivity, complicity, filth and slovenly sloth, torture camps, CEO planes destroying the atmosphere, crass consumption and mass murder, all of ’em seem to be forever identifying with military family members service, or Thanking Obama, some more, for knowing Beyonce and walking behind Chelle or whatever, cause Gender and “LADIES FIRST!” keeps it all so classy, that p.c. fauxwoke cancel cult is all so powerful now, just a non stop juggernaut of nuttines and lies and transparent obedience signaling that almost every last fucking member of my former schoolmates, old bands and former creative arts gang have succombed to. It is terrifying how quickly they’ve all regressed, defaulted, forgotten, missed the meeting, been reindoctrinated back into the Bush/Cheney/Obama/Toby Keith patriotism world from which they came. This is paricularly appalling coming from ex punks and mean former liberals who we now refer to mostly as Gotmines or Shitlibs. You know the people who used to have all the Save The Whales signage and saw U2 concerts and liked Will Smith and Chelle Obama to prove how they were “Not racist”TM, and cried during those commercials for pets with that Sarah McLaughlin angels song, or “Everybody Hurts” by REM. These same folks now are in lockstep with anything Bill Gates, Gropey Joe, or Klaus Schwab order of them. It is truly some “THEY LIVE!” or “Twilight Zone” or “V For Vendetta” or “Matrix” like shit. Beyond Orwellian, just crazy. I sent some antiwar shit to a former companion and they wrote me back some crazy belligerent pro war gung ho bootcamp bullshit about how that’s just how it is now, Bitcoin and Bezos and obeying the transhumanist Harari twerp for science and war is good. I can’t fuckin’ believe how malleable everyone has become. No one in the Squad or Sanders fight for any real leftist value anymore, ever, at all. Nothing-they are all full on Hillary/Pelosi/Reagan/Cheneys!  Anti Trump tweets mean nothing to those of us at the bottom of your okey dokey, hokey pokey Ten Thousand Dollar Pyramid Scheme, the propertarians and Airbandb owners just wanna get back to sports and beer and online shopping. WTF? I know I stand alone here, but I’m still all like, power to the people for real, not just as some podcast advertisement. Revolution. Rocknroll. ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE. Now more than ever. They all pretend hated Reagan back in their long forgotten adolescence or college slumming phases but Obama and DOUBLE DOWN DOCTOR DOCTOR JILL BIDEN made ’em all just love alla Reagan’s policies. They pledge alliegence to The Man. Or Wokey Whoa-Man. Whatever, man. Meanwhile the Real Anti War Community is spied on, hassled, harrassed, disrupted, censored, slandered and demonetized. Everybody is getting the Cointelpro treatment while they yuppies holding their I-phones in one hand and channel changer in the other just keep repeating how we should all just be more obedient to the rich people above us, meaning themselves, of course. Everybody from Chris Hedges to Abby Martin. Medea Benjamin and Ray McGovern are censored and shadowbanned. Anti-imperialist and all pro freedom voices have been purged by the spooks from both legacy media and repleced with actual spies, or cenosred by the billionaire techlords on social media, but the Hillarybot Squad worshippers don’t see a danger with Assange and Hale being lockedup or Hastings  and Rich and Wellstone and Dr. David Kelly dying mysteriously. Just okeydokey whatever Hillary wants. And her Powwow Chow Pocahontos Pal and fellow eager beaver Republikkkan Gal Senator Millionaire Liz Warren. I can’t believe middle class people look to Condoleeza Rice, Hillary or Pelosi for advice about anything-they are all known crooks, far rightwing liars and war criminals. Lyn Cheney’s the devil’s daughter-don’t tell me nothing about Ivanka if you like Lyn Cheney. Bernie’s a big sellout coward and a disappointment, but I highly doubt he’s a sexist, but the Gender divide is all these undercover Republikkan, fake as fuck, pro war, Bloomberg Wall Street Dems have to run on, madeup divisions, so they continue to smear Sanders, and he pitifully continues to capitualte to the deep state oligarchy. So sad. Sanders was the only member of congress who refused to stand and applaud their CIA puppet they tried to install in Venezeula-all the rest of these jetset Pelosis and Met Gala starlets are all for coups of socialist democracies, that is NOT DEMOCRATIC by any actual definition-these hacks and mannakins and empty suits won’t even fight for sick days or Julian Assange. You brunchers who enable them kinda suck. Bill Gates is not your special sweater science cuddlybear.

Matt Taibbi on Twitter: “@ShellenbergerMD @bariweiss @JohnBasham @TitaniaMcGrath @RealJamesWoods 66. Lastly, people on the left, right, and in between want to know what else is in the #TwitterFiles, from suppression/shadow-banning of leftists to lab-leak theorists, or amplification of military propaganda or conservative accounts. We know everyone has questions.” / Twitter

FACT CHECK: Was Elizabeth Warren Once A Card-Carrying Republican? | Check Your Fact

Danny Haiphong on Twitter: “Show me a liberal, and I’ll show you a white supremacist and imperialist war pig.” / Twitter

‘Corporate Greed Is a Disease’: Tlaib Delivers Fiery Speech in Support of Rail Workers (

Boots Riley Says Twitter is Censoring Attacks On CIA’s Venezuelan Coup (

Revealed: How Twitter Functioned as Arm of the FBI and Intelligence Services – Activist Post

Mumia Abu-Jamal Has Chance at New Trial (

‘Shameful’: Critics Denounce US Warship Named ‘Fallujah,’ Site of Civilian Massacres in Iraq (

Pentagon Admits They Can’t Account For HALF Their Assets Amid Latest Audit Failure (

As UK Premier Polishes His “Brand Rishi” Image, the Country Slides Into Recession | Black Agenda Report

The Nakba Day Triumph: How the UN Is Correcting a Historical Wrong (


When you were young did you ever love somebody? I remember buying the 12 inch single and a silver book of Hendriz poetry when I was 14-ish from It’s Only Rocknroll on 8th Street, walkin’ ’round in the snow with the Walkman on, my main two cassettes that year were the Cult and Thompson Twins. I was in love with a girl and this music made me think of her, but I had to leave that smalltown where she lived and fled to NYC where a couple of older broads had taken me in. It’s funny how music and memories swirl together so deeply that even a certain time of year or temperature drop can bring all that stuff straight back to life. 

Dream Academy – “Life In A Northern Town” (Official Music Video) – YouTube

the dream academy – edge of forever – YouTube now that you’re older…?

This would come on the radio when I was in juvenile corrections. Dream Academy – “The Love Parade” (Official Music Video) – YouTube

It used to drive my hardcore punk and dude-metal Scorpions bros crazy that I loved this band. My Randy Rhoades shredder, mulleted headbanger guitar hero, Dekan used to dismissively call me, “The Flower Power Popster”. I still love the Dream Academy. “This is dedicated to the one I love…” 

“it’ll go on forever…”

Dream Academy – Love – YouTube

“When you were young

Did you ever fall down
Graze your knee
And want to run to someone
‘Cause now that you’re older
I’ve been falling down

I want to run to someone
But there’s nobody around…”

It was right around that same time I discovered “Hunky Dory”, Inxs, the Fleshtones via the MTV IRS CUTTING EDGE HAPPY HOUR, Lords Of The New Church, Divinyls, Billy Idol and the Cult. I stupidly went back to that loathsome hellhole of a town but after what I learned and experienced in Lower Manhattan, I was never the same again and I started fighting back, believing in myself, kicking against the pricks.

Andi Harriman

Stream Andi music | Listen to songs, albums, playlists for free on SoundCloud


These rowdy punk soul sixties influenced R&B all night motherfuckers along with Animal House/Blues Brothers and Van Halen and the Time, kinda taught us boisterous black sheep how to really get down. We were from that kinda tradition rather than the mopey grunge buzzkillers that bought up all the stages who followed us. Peter Zaremba was like a garage punk James Brown back in the day, they STILL rock like fuck!

The Fleshtones – Shadowline – YouTube

The Fleshtones “Our Own Time” – YouTube

Cutting Edge Garage Sale (Final Episode) Part One, Fleshtones appearance, 1983 – YouTube

The Fleshtones – Screaming Skull + American Beat (live tv) – YouTube

The Fleshtones – Leather King (1987) – YouTube

FLESHTONES – Hexbreaker + Supervindicators (french TV 80’s) – YouTube


I will admit, as much of a radical rabble rouser as I’m accused of being, sometimes, summa the Great Old Bands can be a little too one note Billy Bragg preachy for me. I like a whole symphony of ideas, ya know what I’m sayin’? Like what made the Stones, and the Clash and even Hanoi Rocks so great was their diversity-they could play tear in your beer old truckstop country, or ska, or disco, or angry protest music, or freaky psychedelic, or speed warped highway songs and still have that continuity, their own sound, that identifiable stamp as a band, so yeah, summa the big sky bands from the eighties that U2 kinda did a more watered down and commercialized version of could get a little bit too single mindedly focused on some miner’s strike or something-the war in the Falklands, but if all Stuart ever wrote was “Big Country”, he’d still be among the greats in my book. The Skids were also anthemic. Mike Peters credits Stuart for being his a-ha lightning bolt moment, immediate predecessor. That’s a pretty bold thing to admit. In Murkkka, people don’t even own up to having influences-they’re all so W Bush unapologetic,and dummy sports popular vote competitive, ALL THE CLOWNISH PLAY ACTORS LIKE TO STRUT AROUND LIKE THEY ARE BO DIDDLEY ORIGINATORS NOT COPYCAT COME LATELYS SPENDING THE INHERITANCE.Staurt Adamson, now that guy was a pathfinder, a trailblazer, a sing from his heart guy. I was already bored with the xerox-rock, way back in the early nineties with all those Orange County bands in “Maximum Rocknroll” just unimaginatively regurgitating dumbed down, suburbanized, mama money, allowance punk, silver visor from Spencer Gifts in the mall versions of  the Clash or Ramones til doomsday, which, in my opinion, was when dorks like Robbie Thomas and Dave Grohl came on the scene. Doomsday. Turned everything into a class clown joke. The WEF are depopulating the third world and want to microchip enslave whoever survives their dumb wars. Schwab was Kissinger’s protegee but even more entitled and empowered. You should probably do the opposite of whatever he tells you to do. He is  not the emperor. Or at least he shouldn’t be. Fight the NWO.

Why Stuart Adamson was the greatest songwriter (and rare live video “Shattered Cross”) – YouTube

A “Leap” toward Humanity’s Destruction (

Time to Revive the 1995 Act that Called for Abolishing the CIA | CovertAction Magazine

CovertAction Bulletin – Eyewitness Report Iran Protests: Truth or Media Distortion? | CovertAction Magazine

Ricky Varandas on Twitter: “NEW #TheRippleEffectPodcast (@_WhitneyWebb & Dr. Jessica Rose | #Epstein, #Covid & Cover-Ups) WATCH: LISTEN: SUPPORT:” / Twitter

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “Free Brittney. If she is free we should hear from her. #letBrittneyspeak” / Twitter

Exclusive: The Pentagon’s Massive Accounting Fraud Exposed | The Nation

The 60-Year U.S. Blockade on Cuba is an Abomination Just as Great as Guantanamo Bay—With no End in Sight | CovertAction Magazine

NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, & MSNBC Have Spent Just 14 Minutes Combined Covering The “Twitter Files”: Report – Activist Post

Will Belated Open Letter by The New York Times and other Media Outlets Be Enough to Compel Julian Assange’s Release From Prison? | CovertAction Magazine


In my early twenties I got his greatest hits and realized what a formidable songwriter the guy was. When I first got out of detention hall, I had hoped to rekindle a little love I’d had with a beautiful girl a couple years before but she’d sadly moved on. His song, “State Of The Heart” was a 45 I listened to over and over again while me and Tom and Joey and Fred drank many 12 packs, until my older pal, Dan Yorksie who was running a chop shop bicycle operation outta my basement broke it against the cement wall and got me to set fire to the Polaroid I took of that girl on the first night we met. It only burned even more permenently into my memory. It felt exactly like “Pretty In Pink” as I carried her memory in my heart for years. She went with some trendy soccer star who had the nice clothes, the nice smile, the car, blue eyes, popular. I was Duckie, he was Blaine. Now I’m Harry Dean without a fuckin’ pack of smokes.

This was the B Side to “Love Somebody” Rick Springfield – The great Lost art of conversation – YouTube

New Order share classic ‘Sunrise’ performance at The Haçienda (


I don’t want some halfassed My Chemical Romance Hot Topic Emo Version and I’ve lost so much of my once proud shag that I just don’t think I have enough left to really adequately achieve the old fashioned Aqua Netted Johnny Thunders-Alarm-Nikki Sixx-Steve Stevens oversized, razorcut jetboy mane I had when Mickey Mac sent a black limousine to retrieve me and my scuzzy, mohawked old guitar player for our high school graduation, well her graduation anyways-they chased me outta that school years prior. I think I got kicked outta six schools and quit two or three, school was not for me. . I sat in between a girl named Regina, whose uncle had kicked me out of the downtown school, she was all cute and Bambi eyed in a white Mary Ann dress and then, there She appeared in a burst of blinding white light–that one true innocent teenage love of mine who attended a Catholic school that the volleyball coach had me expelled from for having No Doze caffeine pills and for wasting their expensive glittery Thunderbirds stickers you were supposed to sell to some rich relative for $500 by just sticking mine on my school desk and locker, she had shown up also, in all her brightly beaming Brigitte Bardot black glasses splendor, but not for me, she had only shown up to give a graduation card to the popular kid she ditched me for while I was in detention hall on my way back to her, so that was honestly a bit of a jab to the deslusional wishful thinking little boy heart. She went her way that day but I got to see her smile. Whoa he was something else back then. I mighta mentioned her in a song. 

That night, while I was in her Poison postered bedroom makin’ my moves on the also exquisitely beautiful Mickey Mac, she had just been dating Bobby Doll, so that was mostly what she wanted to talk about: Poison. Or her gigantic dogs. Meanwhile, her mom was getting my surly guitarist wasted with big bottles in the kitchen and her mom’s dubious boyfriend was asking him if he was up for a gas station robbery or something like that. I guess he saw the nosering and combat boots and black leather jacket and ripped jeans and Max’s Kansas City or GBH t shirt and assumed my guy was an armed robber, rather than a future academic glass artisan. My life’s been a tragiccomedy in that way. Anyhow, yeah, like I was telling my comrade Neen, the Alarm were the prototype of bighaired glammy bandido, desert rebel, Zapatista outlaw gang that first inspired me to recruit my own black flag drunken pirate army. It was pre internet, so we did not know how many other bands were already doing all the same shit as us, in the grebo movement over in the UK, so we thought we were way cooler and more edgy and innovative than we actually were, but for 1986 in a smallish conservative tankplant town, a regular hotspot on the crack highway in between Dayton and Toledo and Detroit, we were radical as all fuck, there. Hell In Fishnets & Blue Eyeshadow! The local evangelical tv station even did a whole anti rock epidode and brought in an outta state PMRC crusader to warn all my other girlfriend’s mothers about the dangers of Aqua Net and eyeliner and all the strange goings-on at that chipped yellow painted, rain faded, long neglected farmhouse on the outskirts of town across from the old K Mart. “They had Eastern tapestries and Christmas lights all year round! Motorcycles in the yard and a Super Nova spraypainted green! A pale and scrawny pasty guy in scarves! Many booze bottles on the old piano! ” Just greasy kids really, drinking beer, playing covers. Wearing all the things that nobody wears.You know that Spencer P. Jones song, “You’ve Peaked”? Some peopel say I peaked early, I say I’m ready for primetime.

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Ryan Knight ☭🕊 on Twitter: “There goes @UnholyRom3 again delivering clean water to the people who our politicians have forgotten about.” / Twitter


Ozzy Osbourne – US Festival 5/29/83 Pro-shot w/ Soundboard Sync – YouTube

Van Halen – 1983 US Festival Full Concert – YouTube

the ufo guy Why Was David Icke Banned From 26 European Nations? – Activist Post probably an inside job like Alex Jones

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Publishing is not a crime. Demand the Biden administration respect the First Amendment and drop the prosecution of Julian Assange now. (

Cop Fired But Never Charged for Feeding Homeless Man a Literal “Sh*t Sandwich” — Is a Cop Again – Activist Post

A ruling based on outed rubbish and quite frankly, ignorance (

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I can really enjoy repeat listens to “GYPSY ROAD” in a certain mood, at least partially because it brings back so many good memories of all night laughing with my famous celebrity DJ/radio programmer friend way back before he started making the big bucks, when he still lived in a dumpy get high trailer with a metalhead guitarist and a couple of big stinky dogs named Glenn and KK, but you know more than a few Cinderella songs in a row kinda can grate on my nerves, I like ’em, don’t get me wrong, but only for about maybe four songs tops then I need a break from all the screeching. I always kinda thought Britney Fox were like Cinderella wannabes. Every band who ever made it to “Headbanger’s Ball” is still trying to milk the old brandname and fractured off into feuding factions, it’s kinda sad really-like with that whole stupidly tedious L.A. Guns debacle. Or Gene Loves Jezebel. Which one does mom like best? I only feel bad for people who got rippedoff like Chris Holmes in WASP. Britney Fox are more Spinal Tap than even like, Quiet Riot or Roxx Gang.

BRITNY FAUX … Britny Fox is back with Billy Childs, but their Official Facebook page warns fans: “You Are Getting Billy’s Version (COVERBAND)” – Metal Sludge

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“It says so much about the power of the propaganda machine of the US-centralized empire that people not only believe the Official Lines, and they not only parrot the Official Lines, but they actively condemn anyone who calls the Official Lines into question.” (~ Caitlin Johnstone)




Our good pal ex GUTTER CATS legend and gypsy vagabond wandering troubadour, Lazy Stars Jonny Kaplan has a buncha interview questions stashed in an old email he might get around to answering for you someday, but he’s usually busy sailing his boat back n forth from Florida to California or exploring foreign lands, but in the meantime, here’s some music for yas. We love ya, Jonny!

Jonny Kaplan and The Lazy Stars “When You’re Down” feat: Daryl Hannah – YouTube

Jonny Kaplan and The Lazy Stars “Sparkle And Shine” EPK – YouTube

Ride Free – YouTube

Damaged Pt. 1 – YouTube

When You’re Down – YouTube


JOEY PINTER has always had a keen eye for young talents-he’s who hipped me to Dirty Eyes, John Tyree, Sweet Things, Dr. Boogie and the glammy POISON BOYS. Check ’em out.

Poison Boys – “Tear Me Apart” Official Music Video – YouTube

Poison Boys “Been Here All Night” Official Music Video – YouTube

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Don’t You Turn on Me – YouTube

Poison Boys – “Bustin’ Out” Official Music Video – YouTube

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Always preferred the Quireboys to the Black Crowes whose best song was a naked ripoff of Mother Love Bone’s “Crown Of Thorns”. “Sometimes Salvation” was good and that kool chick from the Rat, Kit was her name, her mom owned an Egyptian dress store on Newbury Street, Kit played “She Talks To Angels” to me all night long way back when we were friends. So I have a soft spot for that one, I was crazy about Kit who looked just like Virgian Madsen from that eighties new wave movie, “Modern Girls’, but really the Crowes mostly had super nice, enviably Brian Jonesy clothes. As soon as Johnny Colt split they kinda became Deadheads, and as a non potsmoker reefer jams and Zeppelin covers aint my scene at all. The Quireboys have always been an oustanding rocknroll band. As someone who hadda lotta different bandmates who sang my songs in a velvet newsboy cap without me figuring they can pass as both of us, my sympathy and solidarity is always gonna be with SPIKE, basically my generation’s finest velvet jacketed, ciagrette raspy, Rod Stewart storyteller. Love him to death.


“I don’t want to live in a make believe democracy where our lying corrupt Gov’t is telling social media companies what they can and cannot report and who they should and should not censor, no matter what the Party affiliation or personal beliefs.

I guess that makes me crazy. Putin isn’t trying to take over the world, the United States is trying to maintain their control of it. How has nobody noticed that our Gov’t only cares about democracy, sovereignty and human rights in countries that do not obey us?

Countries that serve a purpose for us can be a dictatorship, apartheid State, chop off their citizens heads, and committ genocides with a free pass. Until Americans escape the false reality we have been conditioned to believe since childhood that our country is a force for good, things in the world will get worse

The country that is most responsible for war, theft, lies, greed and suffering in the world is the United States. If our citizens cared about the truth, we’d look at what happened for the last 8 years before Russia went into Ukraine, but Americans will continue to believe this ridiculous narrative that Putin is just some crazy dictator doing this for no reason trying to take over the world. Matt Taibbi relayed the communications between people working at Twitter The Establishment wanting to hide truth and their captured media trying to spin it like it doesn’t matter or just ignoring it, doesn’t make him the bad guy It makes him one of the few real journalists left.” (-Black In The Empire)

“Ultraleft is when people get sick days.” (-DJ Cthulhu)

Sabby Sabs on Twitter: “Boston is still pushing out public housing residents. Where are they supposed to go? @MayorWu you made a lot of promises when you ran. Yet you’re allowing this to happen.” / Twitter

“Every legit journalist or human rights whistle blower in this country is a target of the One Percent if they tell the truth. Look at Hale and Schulte and Manning and Snowden and Kirakou and Assange. Just ask Seth Rich or Michael Hastings who embarrassed some generals and DNC insiders. Oh yeah, you can’t ask them shit. They’re dead as Gaddafi. Who killed them?” (-Pepsi Sheen)

Rev. Paul S. Cunningham | Machias ME | Facebook

Joey Pinter Rock and Roll | Facebook

Top Ten for 2022: Our Man In The USA JD Stayfree | Columns (

“All but 1 of “Squad” crossed the picket line, voting w/ Dem-Rep majority to break rail workers’ strike.

A socialist can’t be a strike breaker. ” (-Kshama Sawant)

“Leftists are not liberals.

Leftists are not Democrats. True leftists oppose war, fight for workers’ power, and stand with all oppressed people and nations under the gun of US imperialism.” (-Danny Haiphong)

Why is it so difficult for U.S. left forces to understand neoliberalism as a right-wing phenomenon rooted in the power of a fraction of the capitalist class? A fraction that is dominant & controls the state with Its’ servants – Biden, Obama, Clinton the public face of this power.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“I find it hilarious (morbidly so) that anyone refers to the US as a democracy or a republic.

We’re an oligarchy, a violent empire where our “elected” officials get marching orders from war criminals. ” (-Eleanor Goldfield)

“For the first time, UK military official publicly admits conducting covert operations in Ukraine. After ten months, what everyone had rightfully assumed all along is finally put on the record: NATO forces aren’t just passive observers of the war” (-Michael Tracey)

The techniques used on alleged ⁦ @wikileaks

⁩ whistleblower #Schulte are considered torture: long-term solitary confinement, sleep deprivation, sensory overload, starvation… #Assange has reason to be worried, despite the US’s deceptive & unenforceable “assurances.” (-Jesselyn Raack)

“Stay away from those people who try to disparage your ambitions. Small minds will always do that, but great minds will give you a feeling that you can become great too.”


Media Lens on Twitter: “But, out of the goodness of his heart, Biden’s donating tens of billions of dollars to US arms companies supplying weapons to Ukraine. Is anyone fooled by this?” / Twitter

Bernie Sanders Pulls Yemen War Powers Resolution Amid Opposition From White House (

Biden Kills Senate Resolution To End Yemen Genocide (

Political Rebellion with Jill Stein | 2nd Annual General Strike Summit | Activist Edition – YouTube

Isabel Maxwell: Israel’s “Back Door” Into Silicon Valley (

Under Cover of War, Zelensky is Leading Ukraine’s Massive Privatization Drive (

Caitlin Johnstone: NATO Chief’s ‘Fear of War With Russia’ (

UN Report: 11,000 Children Killed in Yemen (

Leaked files: private spying firm targets global population with illegal spyware – The Grayzone

Documents show Bill Gates has given $319 million to media outlets to promote his global agenda – The Grayzone

Covid-19 – Mass Formation or Mass Atrocity? (

Glenn Greenwald | Substack

US finalizing plans to send Patriot missile defense system to Ukraine – CNNPolitics

“Bernie Sanders Caves in to White House Pressure, there will be no vote on the Yemen War Powers Resolution. What a coward.” (-Dave DeCamp)

Elon Musk & Ron DeSantis will be the new face of the GOP. Anti-Fauci, anti-woke, and “pro-free speech” (with major exceptions). Fully in-league with Big Tech, intelligence agencies and Israel. This is the establishment trying to capture Trump’s base while getting rid of Trump.” (-Primo Radical)

“Billionaires are not our friends. None of them. How can you be a grown adult and not realize this yet? Stop looking to billionaires and celebrities for political direction.

Why would anyone think any one celebrity gives a crap about you? The thought that celebrities and billionaires care about us and have good intentions is absolute madness. Billionaires & Trillionaires are the oppressors.” (-Jory Micha)

“1,100 New York Times workers commenced a 24-hour walkout for better conditions, the largest walk-out at the Times since the 1960s. While I’d prefer all 1100 workers find jobs where they don’t pump out US empire propaganda garbage… I still think workers should be treated right.” (-Lee Camp)

The defense budget keeps goin up. Interest rates keep goin up. Food prices keep goin up. The cost of living keeps goin up. But the federal minimum wage hasn’t gone up since 2009.They unite faster than fk for wars, while ppl work 2-3 jobs to make ends meet. Pay Congress $7.25/hr.” (-Thia Ballerina)

“Former CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey is more honest than the liberal intelligencia providing ideological support for the neoliberal totalitarian state when he admitted losing control & warned of the danger of centralized control” of the internet by governments and corporations.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

#FraudSquad – YouTube

An Enemy of the State (@2njtd65rhx) / Twitter

Primo Radical on Twitter: “This story is not getting enough media attention. FBI agent shoots a black man to death in the Washington subway. At first, police say the victim was unarmed. Then, the next day, they say there was a handgun on him.” / Twitter

Stella Assange #FreeAssangeNOW (@Stella_Assange) / Twitter

Brittney Griner and the U.S. State | Black Agenda Report

NY Times’ EPIC Flip-Flop Over China COVID Policy – YouTube

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “Zelensky’s Ukrainian forces are rounding up Jewish leaders in Kherson and accusing them of “cooperation with the aggressor state” Their crimes include allowing Jewish Russian soldiers to pray in their synagogue and not killing a lost Russian soldier” / Twitter

MintPress News on Twitter: “Last week, there were two coups targeting leftist Latin American leaders. They show how the neoliberal regime change playbook has grown beyond simple military violence. Ben Norton and Lee Camp explain what happened to Pedro Castillo in Peru. Follow the 🧵 below.” / Twitter

Lee Camp [Redacted] (@LeeCamp) / Twitter

Video: Fauci Lying About Recommending Lockdowns – YouTube

Chris Hedges: Israel & the Rise of a New Fascism (

As long as they give millions to the Clinton foundation, right?! That automatically makes ’em woke and feminist for science and diversity and freedom. Corporate media always calls their prince a progressive. Saudi Arabia BEHEADS 81 In Unprecedented Execution – YouTube


Suspect AI Software Verified Mail-In Ballots With Little Human Oversight in Key Battleground States (

PATRICK LAWRENCE: Germany & the Lies of Empire (

The Unreluctant Vassal (

“As someone who is/was shadowbanned simply because I don’t toll the hegemonic neoliberal political line, I welcome Twitter’s promise to deal with this policy & to reveal users shadowban status.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“Working class liberation dies within the Left versus Right paradigm.” (-Joey Wreck)

“The Chris Hedges Report Podcast with Dennis Kucinich on the folly of the proxy war in Ukraine and how the military-industrial-complex has become the enemy from within.” (-John Dissed)

The Chris Hedges Report Podcast with Dennis Kucinich (

“The US “government” is a huge corporation in itself and most of us work for it no matter if we like it or not. Every single federal level politician is sold out to corporations no matter what letter they put beside their names.” (-Jory Micha)

“We live under a capitalist and imperialist state where the government and both parties exist to serve Big Business and the military industrial complex. Voting for more of this kind of government is not socialism and will never bring about change for the poor and working class.” (-Ryan Knight)

“In Peru protestors started taking police hostage every time a protestor was arrested. Today they met & did a hostage exchange.” (-Castillo Libertad)

“A San Antonio cop who was fired for intentionally giving a homeless person a sandwich with feces in it was rehired to be a police officer in Floresville, which is a town 30 minutes from San Antonio. Matthew Luckhurst should be in jail, but instead they give him a gun and a badge.” (-Fifty Shades Of Whey)

“One thing about jails and prisons is that there is nothing humane or rehabilitating about them. That’s why this is not a war between republicans and democrats. They are actually on the same 1% capitalist class team.

This is a war between the 1% capitalist class and the 99% of us, and we are losing. Trump, nor the Clintons will ever be locked up for anything because they are rich and you live in a capitalist society that unjustly excuses the rich and punishes everyone else.” (-Jory Micah) hey Santa…

New book tells Isle of Wight’s Hanoi Rocks drummer Razzle’s story | Isle of Wight County Press

PRE-ORDER 2nd edition REBEL SOUL – Musings, Music, & Magic Hardcover BOOK by Bebe Buell – HoZac Records

Rose Tattoo – Beats From A Single Drum (Remastered) Blue Vinyl – Golden Robot Global Entertainment (

Milwaukee Police Department ASSAULT 74 Black Men – YouTube

FBI Won’t Release Seth Rich Laptop Info Because RUSSIA! – YouTube

Alan MacLeod on Twitter: “What’s the most insane thing you’ve read today?” / Twitterilluminatibot on Twitter: “” / Twitter

Elon’s Twitter Is Still Infiltrated with Former FBI and CIA Agents – These Agents Are Frantically Scrubbing Their LinkedIn Accounts, Read the List Here (

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “I personally completely support this. Psy-ops are supposed to be illegal in the U.S. but legislation passed under the Obama administration on so-called disinformation provided the space for wholesale domestic propaganda operations in the U.S.” / Twitter

“Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize, and he had a kill list, started 5 more wars, and dropped more bombs than Bush Needless to say, the award has kind of lost its prestige. How many elections will you live through before you notice that we still end up screwed and the rich keep getting richer? We live in the reality created by the people that are exploiting us and creating worldwide chaos They own the media, the politicians, the Gov’t agencies and have no intentions of giving up their power They see their control slipping Sometimes the evil you fear is in your house. You’re allowed to type the name Seth Rich now? You don’t have to cross an ocean to find the people who are really interfering in our elections. If it exposes the people that I like, it is obviously untrue or unimportant If I don’t like who said it, they’re obviously lying If it is about people I hate it is definitely true So there is no need to research myself, because I have my team to confirm what we want to think. People get mad when I criticize Obama and I don’t care because the truth is that we got the same Presidency from him than we would have got from Mitt Romney. I’m 56 and I thought I voted for the first Black President, but now I realize that I’m still waiting. Dems use fear of what the GOP wants to do to the Black community, but if you pay attention, the things they told us to fear, they did to us themselves, as we celebrated their victory

Now if you want a fight for voting rights, they’re here as long as we’re voting for them. In spite of what the part of the Black community that is captured by the Democrats think, censorship is also a Black issue, because the second we step out of line from what the Establishment wants, we’ll be at the top of the list of people they want to shut up. I don’t focus on the Democrats because I like Republicans, I focus on them because they’ve been the ones suckering my community into voting for them for a half century, while delivering nothing for us.” (-Black In The Empire)

The reason you view your oppressors as your saviors is because billions of dollars are spent to warp your mind into believing that you are an imbecile who is incapable of taking care of yourself or knowing what is best for you.” (-Just. A. Thought on censored Twitters)

“Schools in America are more like prisons than they are halls of learning.” (-MC Squared)”

The problem with America is that we are nothing like what we think we are. We are a land of cowards. We do not have a democracy or republic. We barely even have a real government. We lock up the most prisoners in the world. We are subjected to 30,000+ laws made up by rich people. So many bootlickers on this app. Lol. What is wrong with some people?

The US is a fake “government” that does not care if you and your entire family die. Notice how when you are out you rarely see crime, even in big cities. The ruling capitalist class needs us to believe we are in extreme constant danger so they can hire more cops to protect THEM and their properties when Americans inevitably revolt.” (-Jory Michah)

“Breaking a strike & forcing workers back on the job against their will = always bad.” (-Leila Charles Leigh)

Briahna Joy Gray on Twitter: “”This is just stunningly dishonest…Hundreds of thousands of workers who understand what has happened are calling out the betrayal of the squad & the Dem Party & pres Biden, you have commentators…saying that if you agree then you are actually sneering at workers…” @cmkshama” / Twitter

“I done watch this a million times I can’t stop watching it. Ryan Grim

is straight trash & playing dūmb but he is getting paid well by the oligarchs to play his role well & redirect. I’m not falling for that bull sh!t that Ryan is just a reporter when he weighs in almost every damn day to play Captain Save A Hoe to the progressives and especially AOC.” (-Natorrie Lee)

“AOC and the Squad soften the longer they stay in the Democrats — betraying striking workers is the latest.” (-ruth Coppinger)

It is commentators like yourself who…whenever the Dem Party is w/in the cross fire of workers, justifiably, then those people are going to be protected. So when the fire was against AOC & jayapal, then suddenly AOC starts tweeting & you all start defending her.” (-Brihana Joy Gray)

Worker here. Just got done listening to the whole interview. Kshama and Bri are 100% spot on. You are so disconnected from the working class it’s not even funny.” (-Nate Spud talking to a typical corporate media soldout deceiver in the TYT mold, fake as fuck DNC elite bridge troll RG)

Dems were opposed to $15 until the very end, at every step they fought it tooth n nail until a grassroots campaign forced their hand. Same with the #AmazonTax which was won twice, 2nd time after the Dems worked with billionaires to repeal the 1st” (-Ocadd)

Natorrie Lee (@Natorrie32) / Twitter

“In 2020, liberals said we must vote for Biden to end the war on Yemen. Media falsely credited him for ending it, and progressive dupes applauded him. Now Biden is openly pushing to continue the war. In 2024, the same liberals will again insist we vote for Democrats. A rigged game.” (-Dan Cohen)

“Wow supporting rail workers is now an “ultra left” position.” (-Purushva commeting on how far to the right the warpig Clintons and Obama and sellout Sanders and Rebooted Pelosi Fraud Squad have pushed the Overton Window.)

Briahna Joy Gray on Twitter: “‼️Fraud Squad? (w/ @cmkshama & @ryangrim‼️ “I’m sorry — what the actual f*ck?” – Kshama Sawant “They have to justify why they voted to break a strike knowing they had zero to gain from it.” – B A must watch debate about the future of the left.″ / Twitter

Revolutionary Blackout Network🥋 on Twitter: “This is essentially Obama melting down because young people keep calling him a war criminal” / Twitter the droner who took away due process and the fourth amendment is just Cheney rebranded for boomers

Rando Calrissian on Twitter: “@ComptonMadeMe” / Twitter

Tara Reade 🐎 on Twitter: “The Krassenteins are Dem ops & back on Twitter. They relentlessly stalked me & my family & issued death threats. My daughter was traumatized. They even purchased an old phone number to stalk me. There was also hacking. Terrifying. There are police reports. @Twitter @elonmusk” / Twitter

Black in the Empire on Twitter: “(NATO) Western hypocrisy in promising russia not to expand eastward via @YouTube” / Twitter

““House members who voted for the $858 billion FY23 NDAA—an $80 billion increase over the amount authorized by the FY22 version—received 6.9 times more money from military contractors than those who voted against it.” (-Matt Hoh For Senate on whores for war)

“There are two major grifts going on in US politics:

The fauxgressive “Left” of the Squad, TYT, Sam Seder & Breadtube. And the corporate populism of Musk, Ben Shapiro, Crowder & Charlie Kirk. Neither side questions US imperialism or the true crimes committed by US intelligence.” (-Primo Radical)

“On this Human rights day let it be said that the U.S. is the number 1 violator of human rights on the planet. No nation in human history is responsible for more death & destruction than this settler nation & capitalist empire.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“I’ll gladly wait a day to get my “pop-tarts” if it means workers get paid sick leave. Also, commerce flows because of workers, not the CEOs or corrupt government officials who exploit them. This is propaganda. President Biden & Vice President Harris just sided with the railroad companies over rail workers who are fighting for paid sick leave. They are working to deliver results for Big Business, not working families.” (-Ryan Knight)

“So-called American “leftists” who have swallowed anti-Russia and anti-China propaganda are far more frustrating than the right.

At least the right is honest and direct. American “leftists” cover up their warmongering in “freedom” and even “socialism.” “The communists who run Twitter.”

“The communists who run the FBI.”

This is your brain melting from anti-communism.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“But there is no money for children in poverty so take away the child tax credit and certainly no money for sick and parental leave. Why? The public’s money is being plundered to support a ruling class adventure in Eastern Europe where everyone is making money!” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“The US embassy is pushing the narrative that Peru’s President Castillo launched a coup. In reality he’s victim of a coup by the right-wing-controlled congress

Police arrested him. Congress swore in a new president Dina Boluarte, who was expelled from the leftist Perú Libre party” (-Ben Norton)”

In other words, if twitter does not comply with assisting the state in monitoring the public they will have a problem with Congress. Folks, what you are witnessing is the disarray among ruling class forces with neoliberal fraction opting for more repression & control.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“The only way to make this article honest and not sleazy would be if it were titled “Australian military industrial complex-funded think tank says Australians should pour way more money into the military industrial complex.”” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

“Yes, we should all love capitalism for creating billions of poor people just to enrich a tiny few elites. Bush lied, more than a million Iraqis died.

Obama lied, more than 500,000 Syrians and Libyans died. Biden lied, more than 100,000+ Ukrainians died.

U.S. Presidents are the world’s most dangerous gangsters.

Meanwhile, the US is inching closer to World War III with Russia and China, monopolists like Musk have caused permanent recession, and hunger and poverty are skyrocketing.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“People defend their rulers for the same reason cultists defend their cult leader: because they’ve been indoctrinated. And using many of the same psychological manipulation techniques.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)


Last year for Christmas I got that fantastic book about the New Romantic movement and it made ya smile alot, ya know if you grew up on “Smash Hits” and “ID” and “Interview” magazine like me-all the stories of weirdos nightclubbers like Marilyn and Boy George and Steve Strange and Nick Rhodes and John Taylor forming bands or obtaining early synthesizers and primitive drum machines and imitating Kraftwork and Bowie and Reggae and Bambatta however poorly gave us everything from Soft Cell to Howard Jones, Depeche Mode and Ministry. I still love all that stuff. One of the girls in the band quipped that Phil Oakey probably wanted some foxy black chicks like Bryan Ferry had but got two white chcicks who couldn’t sing, instead. So I gotta rememeber to cancel this Roku 7 day free trial probably expensive concert channel before they start charging me an arm and a leg but wow, man, in spite of my Loud Teenager yelling over most of it and complaining about how bad they suck, and he is not entirely wrong, I really loved and enjoyed watching the HUMAN LEAGUE concert video and hope to finish seeing the rest of it tonight. I love Human League, Phil Oakey is one of the reasons I first pierced an ear and dyed my hair and started dressing like I did back in 82 or 83 resulting in so much authoritarian persecution and conformity cow violence. I’ll always love The League. Anti-Nowhere League, too.

The Human League – Love Action (I Believe In Love) from ‘Multi Coloured Swap Shop’ – YouTube

The Human League – Mirror Man – YouTube This one will stay in my head for weeks now!

The Human League – The Things That Dreams Are Made Of TV Electronic Beats – YouTube

The Human League “Together in Electric Dreams” – Stockholm, Debaser Medis 11th November, 2016 – YouTube

The Human League – (Keep Feeling) Fascination – YouTube

The Human League Being Boiled 1978 – YouTube



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MONDAY MORNINGWokeup terrified about going to the dentist again, worried about my very estranged and missing adult children, what kinda world we are lettin’ ’em inherit while we sleepwalk drowsily through this bullshit big pharma mooodpill I-phone metaverse psy ops propaganda spell. Try to talk to some friend you’ve known since third grade about 5Gen warfare, how d’ya think they’ll respond? All the middle aged, middle class moms seem mostly content to help preserve the far rightwing corporate billionaire secretive ruling class staus quo, s’long as they are presented with some diverse and fauxwoke politeness, shitlib celebrities like Kopmala and AOC (they/the man) they can worship, and nobody threatens to take away their winebox/pain pills, hot tub, passive income, or Amazon priviliges. Dudes I knew will stab you in the back just to stand in some squre foot beneath a lightbulb in the corner of some gentrified hive mind brunch bar, or to smack talk ya to that girl you used to know. So windy out here in Marlboro Country, that all the town’s Santas blew down, ya know-they all look passed out drunk…or weeping for humanity. I’m in a hostage situation, nowhere to run, nowhere to go. Can’t relate to nobody, got nothing in common with the money having empire havers. Somebody told me you can’t get on an Amtrak or Grayhound without a valid ID since Bush launched his fakeass police state “war (of) terror”, but DMV stayed closed during Fauchi shutdowns when a lotta people’s ID’s expired-now you need an appointment. And two forms of ID to get your ID even if you still got the expired ID. Shitlibs think all this stuff is just clerical errors, human oversight, bureaucratic red tape, oopsy daisy “well you shoulda blah blah blah”, but us poor people down on the street know the motherfuckers who own the government are trying to kill off all us inconvenient poor people. Kissinger calls us useless eaters-his protege Schwab has big plans to chip you and steal all your stuff. First they put their operatives in government and they incrementally strip you of human rights, while their gatekeeper bridge troll media whores bullshit you into thinking it’s all for a higher cause, the greater good-woke science and proper pro noun diversity. It’s a sham. You been pink and greenwashed-no billioniares care about your children’s wellbeing. When your Sunday church Target says Expect More Pay less, they talkin’ ’bout their policy towards their slaves. I don’t believe in billionaires or political parties, or today’s new slogan on pig-media, or that my identity can be assigned, defined or dictated or replicated by others. Certainly not by insanely giddy depopulator Gates or his Bond villain creepy crony Klaus in his occultic sci-fi dress. I was watching “Blade Runner” on VHS in the garage, hadn’t seen it since the 80’s-good flick-one of the Replicants is telling his hunter what it’s like to be a slave and live in fear all your life. That’s also a theme of my own song lyrics, so I guess others have been contemplating these grim facts of life before me. It really is a class war being aggressively waged on multiple fronts against us slaves by theses mighty psychopaths and we’re all so conditioned, we applaud them while they kill us, and curse our fellow slaves. Think about how England was forced to mourn for weeks when their monarch died. You better order that big pizza box football feast before halftime or it might be late, nudge, nudge. I live in the Southwest nowherelands and have to hear about the fucking UK royals and what Elon Musk had for breakfast EVERYDAY. Try and go a half an hour without hearing somebody Blaming Trump for everything, even though he’s just one more asshole ruling class bigoted blowhard, there’s millions more just like him. My high school sports coaches, most of the old men at my grandfather’s golf course. Every judge. Every member of the military. Your former father in law the nightclub owner. C’mon, think about it, you think he’s some unusual anomoly? Take a look at your dad. Ain’t he bitchin’ about the immigrants and protestors and Colin Kirkpatrick and how nobody wants to work, like, right now? Scotch n steak and casual racism? Law & Order, backs the blue? I’m so depressed I wanna go to sleep, but the mail lady’s gonna be here soon and she don’t like gettin’ out of her car so she honks the horn so I’ll come fetch the mail at the end of the driveway-she drive real fast, they all seem like maniacs to me now. I’m supposed to be getting a book for my birthday. I asked my mom for the Repalcements book, but then I realized, I should’ve asked for the RAZZLE book instead. Lucky to get anything, hope the heat holds up tonight. At my age you’re lucky to ecven have a roof. If you’re poor, you’re lucky to have even some of your teeth. Supposed to get down into the twenties tonight. The wind has knocked the whole town sideways. Lotta people are frightened as fuck about the stuff that Mark Crispin Miller and Tessa Fights Robots have to say about science, truth, facts, and profit motive propaganda, but I believe their main message remains, “Stay Human”, which is becoming ever more challlenging, in this Bladerunner-like Fifth Gen Warfare Metaverse Hive Mind Total Spectrum Domination Panopticon Monopoly Twitterverse Fake World.

Cold morning, many worries, miss my longlost, long gone, sadly absent, adult kids, might be taking more landscaping work, helping care for an ailing cowboy, the lady I was working for kinda gently replaced me with an infinitely more qualified and knowledgeable handyman, who actually knows how to fix things with tools, and aint as afraid of climbing high ladders, she was fortunate to find him, he works cheap and most fix-it guys around here are halfassed fly by night leave it all undone/might steal shysters. I don’t mind getting my hands dirty helpin’ out, but I’m not a handy dandy to-do list, roof and heating repairman, home improvement kinda guy, which was of course, my ex wife’s main complaint-she said she wanted a help-mate, somebody to retile the floor on her flip properties. I’m better with like a microphone stand and some scarves than I am with you know a hammer, rake, plunger or drill. I keep thinkin’ bout the Guy Griffin/Spike split and what a shame it is. I tend to sympathize with Spike. Ya know it’s happened to me before-even the guys who I helped build their whole thing from the ground up have looked at me and decided, i don’t need that guy, I’ll just sing his songs and wear his old hat. Use his bandname, nobody’ll know the difference. Of course everybody knows the difference. It’s kinda trippy bein’ me cause to my face all the hipsters and artsy fartsies will talk about how it’s groovier to be free, than have money, can barely hold  the pose for five seconds before they are full on back to rambling on about how they’re gonna be rich and famous, rich and famous, rich and famous, overnight rich and famous. Their mother in laws’s letting ’em run the Airbandb and they got their lotus flower paintings for sale in the lobby, or their wife bought ’em a website and a podcast and some vanity merchandise so now they decided they can eat your face and be you, they got the Tuesday night records DJ spot at the fake divebar in the gentrification zipcode where douchelords can punch homeless sick people and get away with it. The fake rocker kids in the expensive hats will all slap ’em on the back and affirm their alpha male ownership society “Thank You, Sir” status so they can keep theirTuesday night records DJ spot and free drink tickets to give to girls.

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“Building authentic radical opposition is no joke. That is why you won’t see millions being thrown at the Black Alliance for Peace by the enemies of humanity. We depend on the people. Please consider dying deep to support grassroots movement building.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

Well, like I always say, brothers and sisters and friends of the revolution, the clcok on the clubhouse wall sez it’s time for me to do my morning chores, I’ve procrastinated long enough, I suppose, but keep your electric eyes on the Revolutionary Blackout Network and Caitlin Johnstone and Whitney Webb’s pages if you wanna know summa what’s goin’ on behind the NWO propaganda bullshit. I love ya, Stay Wild, Stay Free! xo SF JD