“I want freedom, the right to self-expression, everybody’s right to beautiful, radiant things.” (- Emma Goldman)

“The extradition of Julian Assange is not just a threat to his life. It’s a threat to the life of our democracy… An assault not only on freedom of the press, it makes a complete mockery of our judicial system. It’s a microcosm of the crisis of our democracy.” (-Dr. Jill Stein)

Always Opposing The Last War But Not The Current One: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix – Caitlin Johnstone

The Wolfowitz Doctrine Led to the Disastrous War in Iraq: Now it is Leading to a Potentially Even More Cataclysmic War in Asia | CovertAction Magazine

WATCH: ‘Don’t Know How Long He Will Last’: Assange Lawyer (

60 Years After the Cuban Missile Crisis (


By the time I made it out to Hollywood, with a fifties faded blue suitcase full of old lady scarves and purple plastic laceup Lip Service pants and some duct tape together leopard print creepers, the scene was dead, we’d fucked around in Boston at deadend convenience store, food service, and record store jobs and waited too long to make the move, really, we shoulda Gone West circa ’88 with my original crew but we kinda stupidly split up over some jiveass smalltown politics and piss pond popularity chasing, and then the remnants of the original band fractured again in hard luck blue collar street gang Dorchester over a missing bass guitar confiscated by a landlord whose lease we broke and some of us got involved with some negative people. I tagged along with a metal band who split up as soon as they hit the town, cause their main deedly Traci Guns lovin’ guitarist was a total mercenary square who wanted to get rich overnight and continue to enjoy the same upper class lifestyle he was accustomed to via his parents, all the last stage glam metal Colgate commercials in the polka dotted shirts were total mercenaries. I was not that jazzed about any of the zany, goofy, whacky power pop bands that were coming along in the fringes, the only whacky sense of humor groups I kinda liked were Redd Kross and Celebrity Skin. Thelonius Monster were good, but they had a lotta pathos and danger and Jim Morrison unpredictability I could vibe with. One poppier band I kinda liked from the early nineties Hollywood scene was the Fizzy Bangers. I worked briefly with that guy, Brian Waters, who you might know from Flash Express, at Bleecker Bob’s, it was a painful job experience for me and my girlfriend at the time was always livid the loudly belligerent bossman always disappeared on payday, sometimes she would get drunk and kick me out like it was my fault. Eric Skodis was also in the immortal greats, Imperial Drag. They had some good little pop songs, nothing of earth shattering highbrow importance, but you know my former friends who were into zany joke rock like say, Sloppy Seconds and shit have accused me of taking things too dead seriously, particularly, when I am in an acutely painful and prolonged phase of agonizing forced sobriety. Nothing seems that funny to me, though I will still defend all those banned comedians right to not be p.c., I almost never laugh-the Offspring, NOFX, all those lousy boyband parody pop/punk corporate garbage Warped fest geek bands just got on my nerves, but yes, I know they all made a billion for the man selling empty, non threatening, mama’s boy next door approximations of punk in the honky burbs. The Osmonds “Crazy Horses” still rocks harder than Blink 182 or Sum 41. Fizzy Bangers were never as smart or fun as Rev. Norb, but I liked ’em better than any of those post Green Day faux-punk bands that followed. I was on the Fascist Crack, I mean False Book, I mean the CIA spy platform, with Brian Waters for awhile, he’s way more conservative than me, but still a smart and funny human. Those guys still play big rock shows with Blackboard Jungle and shit. I will never understand how anybody can afford to live in L.A. anymore, unless their parent owns all those upscale hotels, or was once on the box of Wheaties or some shit.

‎Fizzy Bangers on Apple Music


If you live in the USA, USA and still think it’s a democracy or that Vanguard owned media is the “free press” or it’s not censorship when online tech monopolies censor truth tellers for the government, you might be a gullible sap. FREE ASSANGE & DANIEL HALE! Man it’s been the worst week I’ve had in years and years. people in my life have been cracking under pressure and unleashing a vicious torrent of animosity aimed at my direction, it’s really adversely impacted the old goth health and wellbeing. Too much stress will kill anybody-even battle hardened old survivors like me and the dropout desperado rebel alliance. Just receiving sad news that Legendary Rockabilly revivalist and crooner style icon, Robert Gordon passed away at 75, at least they are giving a cause of death-acute Myeloid Leukemia as opposed to everybody else who’s croaked these past four years, who only “died suddenly” or “died unexpectedly”. That cat was so cool he even influenced all the other cats like the Polecats, Stray Cats, etc., etc. If you’re anything like me, you think of Link Wray’s guitar sound as the very embodiment of nasty, badass, street soul rocknroll-combined with a vocal presence like Robert Gordon and we’re talking rocknroll’s peak, the zenith, the toppermostest. Best known for his work with Link Wray, Danny Gatton, and Chris Spedding, the fabulous switchblade RG first came to fame in the Tuff Darts-he was like a snarly Jewish Elvis with a perfect set of pipes, he possessed so much effortless punknroll authority, it was like he was almost plucked from the golden era of fifties rebel rock, he had that same it quality as any of the Vincents, Cochrans, Pennimans and Presleys-he even had the Jordanaires step in as his backup singers. I’m watching one of those beach bunny island dating shows right now, I’m not proud, and my son is pestering me to take over my tv and watch the Tiger King, a show I am certain will offend my every protective parent sensibilities, but it’s a whole new world from when I was a teenager and me and my friends were considered the dangerous ones with our oh so supposedly edgy and punishable hair gel and too many spiked belts offenses. Everything the kids are into nowadays seems gruesome and horrifying to me, quite honestly-I feel like they are being programmed by the WEF/Klaus Schwab occult creeps. Great Reset: Britons to Live Off Bug Meat by 2030 to Hit Net-Zero ( my day, the preachers and teachers and juvie corrections screws were hassling us over Dee Snider and Cyndi Lauper, Boy George and Hanoi Rocks, ya know what I mean? NOW, they PUSH violence and other dehumanizing gross and unhealthy shit on the children prematurely, eating bugs, cults, sexualizing young people age inappropriately. My kids’ newest kick is fixating on exotic pet ownership. This big kid watches 15, 20 hours of monkey videos a day, I can’t even get him to go outside, it’s like monkey mania around here. I need a break. Some grownup time. No rest for the ruined and weary. I’m only on the first episode, but so far I’m charmed by this Joe Exotic guy, kinda suspect he could be right about that lady with the dead millionaire husband who follows him around sabotaging his livelihood while engaging in all the exact same activities. Anyways, all us old rocknroll people will miss the great Robert Gordon. God Bless Robert Gordon & Link Wray.

(MANDATORY CREDIT Ebet Roberts/Getty Images) American Rockabilly musicians Link Wray (1929 – 2005) (left) and Robert Gordon (1947 – 2022) pose backstage at My Father’s Place, Roslyn, New York, March 18, 1978. (Photo by Ebet Roberts/Getty Images)


“A free press is the critical counterweight to the deadly militarism escalating before our very eyes, as nuclear threats go off the charts. So a big shoutout to all the watchdog journalists who cover #JulianAssange. You are all heroes.”

75th Anniversary of the Hollywood Blacklist Takes on Added Significance With Escalation of New Cold War | CovertAction Magazine

Caitlin Johnstone: The Lunatic Argument That Nuclear Brinkmanship Makes Us Safe (

WATCH: Ask Stella Assange Anything – Consortium News

“The “crime” committed by Julian Assange was letting the people know what our government was doing. His ongoing persecution is a national disgrace. It’s past time for @POTUS to pardon Assange. Please retweet if you agree. #FreeJulianAssange” (-Matt Hoh For Senate)

Doctors Urge US & UK to Free Assange After Covid Diagnosis – Consortium News

“Fake news about China is meant to get you to ignore the tens of millions in poverty, hundreds of thousands who are homeless, and the rest of the 90 percent barely getting by paycheck to paycheck right here in the United States.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“The fact that the White House is weighing a national security review of Musk’s Twitter purchase because he’s perceived as having an “increasingly Russia-friendly stance” is an admission that the US government views large social media platforms as its own propaganda services. Love how it goes completely unquestioned that the US government can’t allow the purchase of a social media company if the would-be buyer isn’t deemed sufficiently hostile to US enemies. What does that tell you about Silicon Valley’s role in the US empire?” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

“Fascism is becoming so mainstream in US politics that this Republican state representative from Florida is openly invoking Spain’s fascist dictator Franco, a Hitler ally (The day after he tweeted this, Governor Ron DeSantis personally sent him a friendly happy birthday letter)” (-Ben Norton)

“Turns out the Ukraine proxy war is not about democracy or human rights, it’s about protecting the “international order” that makes US oligarchs rich. Oddly this regime propagandist doesn’t see how the West’s boomerang sanctions are making the working class poorer and angrier.” (-Max Blumenthal)

“A regime that points guns at people for wielding cameras is a regime that sees truth as a threat.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

Whistleblower Sentenced For DISCLOSING Horrors Of Drone Program – YouTube

free daniel hale – YouTube

Hiding Behind a Mask of Genteel Humanism, Canada’s Prime Minister Sells Out His People to Corporate Interests and Eagerly Participates in U.S. Imperialistic Wars Around the Globe | CovertAction Magazine

Ukrainian Nationalists Have Long History of Anti-Semitism which the Soviet Union Tried to Combat | CovertAction Magazine

American Officials Are Trying to Change the Definition of Antisemitism to Shield Israel From Criticism (

Max Blumenthal & Katie Halper react to Biden’s “Dark Brandon” speech – Bing video

Media Censorship, w/ Katie Halper (

“Why are we calling for a cancellation of the F-35 program? We primarily stand firmly against the F-35 as a weapon of war. The F-35 is sold to the Israeli Occupation Forces that kill and harm Palestinians daily. The warplane also spells a complete disaster for the environment, using around 1,340 gallons of fuel per hour! The F-35 program is also a complete failure — it’s 9 years behind schedule, riddled with major flaws, and yet continues to receive never-ending investment. Programs that protect people, such as universal healthcare, never see the light of day, while the F-35 program has cost U.S. taxpayers $1.7 trillion 

It’s time to cancel the F-35 program and invest in things that actually protect us! 

CODEPINK is dedicated to ending the F-35 program. It is a perfect example of unchecked military spending — the money we’ve poured into the F-35 program could be used to forgive student debt. It could be used to fight the climate crisis. It could be used to fund universal healthcare. As the effects of climate change worsen and our communities continue to deal with the effects of overlapping pandemics, we need international solidarity and social resources more than ever. What we DON’T need is the dysfunctional, trillion-dollar military buildup of the F-35 which stokes fear, wastes resources, and destroys lives and the planet. 

Towards Peace,
Danaka, Ann, Isabella, Farida, Grace, Justina, Jodie, Kelly, Lola, Marcy, Maha, Mark, Medea, Melissa, Michelle, Nancy, Olivia, Paki, Sam, Shea, Samantha, Teddy, Teri, and Tim 

P.S. Medea Benjamin is going on a book tour! Find out where she’s stopping and how to bring her to your city!” (-CODE PINK/ROGER WATERS)

“Two of my interviews with  @DoubleDownNews have now been removed. The latest video exposed the role of the media in upholding the status quo. Some may find that ironic. I find it deeply disturbing  — @tiktok_uk have serious questions to answer.” (-Jeremy Corbyn)

 Double Down News on Twitter: “CENSORED BY @TikTok_uk AGAIN @TikTokSupport removed our video with @JeremyCorbyn on the grounds of “Integrity & Authenticity”. Censored 5 times for different reasons: audio copyright, sensitive content, violent behaviour, hateful behaviour, all false. We are being targeted” / Twitter

US Police Kill Twice As Many People Every Year As We’ve Been Told (

The Katie Halper Show on Twitter: “”There was a detailed plan put together by senior British military intelligent operatives to conduct a wide ranging attack on the Kerch Bridge,which connects Russia to Crimea. The sheer scale of the details is extraordinary.”-@KitKlarenberg full ep-″ / Twitter

Doctors for Assange on Twitter: “As Covid & isolation add to dire health concerns, we 300+ doctors implore the US & UK to release #JulianAssange now. We stand with the groundswell for his freedom! Our letter to UK Home Secretary Braverman & US Attorney General Garland:” / Twitter

Jim McArthur on Twitter: “”The New York Times is practically serving as an advertisement for neo-Nazi recruits. I’m surprised they didn’t end the article with a link to the Azov website and Tinder account.” – @LeeCamp via @MintPressNews” / Twitter

MintPress News on Twitter: “The New York Times in 1936: “Hitler is one of the greatest, if not the greatest, political leaders in the world today.” This is one year after Hitler had stripped German Jews of their citizenship.” / Twitter

They Crush Our Song for A Reason – The Chris Hedges Report (

How AIPAC and DMFI Outspent the Democratic Insurgency (


Man I used to call Mazzy Star “sleepy girl music”. I lived with like, this Royal Trux type of junkie couple at one point in my twenties and they used to kinda scare me because they’d always get high and kinda nod out for hours at a time while listening to dreamy, ethereal Mazzy Star, but lately I’ve been rediscovering Hope Sandoval. I saw her once with the Jesus & Mary Chain. At this point in my life, her whole vibe is hypnotizing, soothes me. Hope’s from east L.A. like my old girlfriend Lisa Baeza. You know I’m a lifelong Jesus & Mary Chain devotee. They put her in special ed classes, just like me and Dekan, who was a genius guitarist when we were kids, but hustled into the military like most all our working class friends with single moms.. I guess Hope was in Opal, I had some cd by them but don’t remember all thatw ell quite honestly, I used to get shit tons of free promos from record companies because I published some popular D.I.Y. fanzines when I was a glammy teenager. “She Hangs Brightly” and “So Tonight That I Might See” are drowsy classics. Sadly, David Roback passed away a couple years ago. It’s cold as fuck where I am and there’s no working heater so we are bundled up and looking forward to moving into this real cool place on the outskirts of town. I wish I had some wine.

‘So Tonight That I Might See’: Shining A New Light On A Mazzy Star Classic (

Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions – Charlotte – YouTube :: The Official Website of Hope Sandoval

“Advocating for PEACE TALKS between Russia and Ukraine and averting a potential nuclear war is a good thing. I can’t believe I even have to say this or that this is somehow a radical position.” (-Ryan Knight)

“AOC, I hope you have heard of Tornado Battalion because you voted to give them billions in weapons.” (-Esha K on Twitter)

“Because the Democratic Party caucus is 100% pro-war, a wing of the GOP is seizing the anti-war mantle. NYT profiles Army veteran candidates “embracing anti-interventionist military and foreign policies” long “associated more with the Democratic left than the mainline GOP.” (-Aaron Mate’)

“I gotta hand it to the war propagandists on Ukraine, it’s truly impressive how they’ve managed to convince everyone that the real “anti-war” position on this issue is the one being promoted by John Bolton, Bill Kristol and Mike Pompeo.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

“Being a black radical in the heart of the empire is mentally draining.” (-Brine Kisslandbrian on Twitter)

“The saddest part about the squad funding nazis, expanding NATO, and voting for weapons for Taiwan is they aren’t even extracting progressive concessions by doing so   They are just funding the war machine just for the love of the game.” (-Revolutionary Blackout Network)

1 In 3 Americans Are Struggling: What If We United? (


Beasts Of Bourbon and Cruel Sea frontman, the mighty Tex Perkins is still alive and well and continuing to release a relentlessly prolific ouvre of total class act, from the heart, bluesy punk and country soul music unlike anything being generated in this warpig country I live in. I know Australiua has some Nato spy centers and shadowy Dick Cheney gulags for disobedients and treats the indigenous people badly, but they also seem a lot freer and cooler and still capable of independent thought than any of the cable tv thought controlled pinkhatted warpigs of neo-conned Murkkka. I hate authoritarian elitists, navel gazing philosophical script knowing college nerds, busybodies, ratfinks, snitches, bureaucrats, self anointed vigilantes, safety patrols, copsuckers, and pentagon propaganda repeaters. Ya ever heard the Dark Clouds or Leftards? USA, USA, USA woulda cancelled and demonetized all those bands for being too extra punk as fuck, not compliant enough with the fauxwoke, upper class, doorbell camera, gated community, Amazon unboxing, Gender Studies bugeater WEF microchop culture. I’m so grateful for Tex and the Beasts Of Bourbon, ya know, their music is always poignant, real, on point, brazen, shameless, and sincere. That’s what I always tried to bring you, myself, you know, before I got lockedout by the bruncher mimosa gentrification boys and their masterminding mansion moms. I miss Spencer and Tony. Most people I know find the Beasts too belligerent and abrasive, but to me they are all about real emotions and that’s why they sacre the Bejesus outta all these chickenshit conformist honky Murkkkans, who only care about becoming complaince officers for tiktok fame, special privilege pay to play VIP room popularity and fucking vicarious identifying with pre vetted, Pompeo selected, fake progressive celebrity pants suit models they used to sell wars, murder, torture and human experimentation to the shrinking middle class Buddha Garden people. I still wanna rocknroll all night and party everyday. God Bless the children of the Beasts.

“Censorship is real. Twitter marks simple observations about the Western media’s own hypocrisy on Nazis in Ukraine as “sensitive content.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“Beware of anybody in a position of power who seems more interested in keeping us fighting over Political Parties than they are in finding out what is the truth and what is a lie. I didn’t support the Libs candidate that mass incarcerated Black people and said I wasn’t Black if I didn’t vote for him and I don’t support Ukrainian Nazis that put white people in front of the line over African students trying to leave You fake Black loving Libs can go to hell. Our Gov’t lied us into an invasion of Iraq, destroyed Libya, lied to us about Afghanistan for 20 years of occupying the country, is still illegally occupying part of Syria and supports a genocide in Yemen and apartheid in Israel Maybe we should STFU about democracy. Remember when they lied and said Saddam had WMD’s, was working with Al-Qaeda, and we invaded Iraq, leading to his murder and close to a million deaths, and when asked about what we did in Iraq, one of our Sec’s of State said the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children was worth it? Nope, sorry it’s after Feb 24th now so we all have to pretend that this never happened. The liberals showed how much they don’t give a shit about Black people again, when they wanted us to shut up about the way Ukrainian Security treated African Students trying to leave.”

 (-Black In The Empire)

“Haiti is the first free country in this hemisphere, borne out of a slave revolt. For two centuries, it’s been rewarded for that contribution to humankind with pillage, coups, destabilization, and military occupation from France, US, and their Western junior partners.” (Aaron Mate’)

“The other (rhetorical, of course) question is: How does the US have jurisdiction over Haiti’s internal affairs that it can transport Haitian nationals to the US for trial?” (-J Pierre)

JOHN KIRIAKOU: The Arms-Swapper (

Censorship | Rania Khalek

Revolutionary Blackout Network🥋 on Twitter: “Meanwhile a bunch of white people are confused about why RBN, a black network, is calling out the west for funding Nazis Why the fuck should any black person support the west in their Nazi supporting proxy war?” / Twitter

In Ukraine, diplomacy is off the table (

“Now, private equity firms with massive amounts of capital—with black holes’ worth of gravitational pull if you will—are buying single family homes around the US. This “event horizon” means they can siphon off capital from thousands or millions of workers wages nationally.” (-Dr. Thrasher)

“The U.S. is training proxy forces in 9 African countries under the pretext of countering China and Russia, and planning to integrate them into NATO.” (-Dan Cohen)

“People have only as much liberty as they have the intelligence to want and the courage to take.” (-Emma Goldman)

“Zuckerberg owns Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post. Elon Musk owns Twitter. When multi-billionaires take control of our most vital platforms for communication, it’s not a win for free speech. It’s a win for oligarchy.” (-Robert Reich)

“Last week Biden freed every marijuana prisoner in the US! …Or that’s what our media would have you believe. The truth is Biden pardoned people convicted of federal simple marijuana possession. The number of Americans currently in prison for that is… ZERO. Most people touting Biden’s “bold move” also ignore that he is largely responsible for the ramping up of the insane Drug War, which has made the US the largest prison state in the world. Biden helped CREATE the human rights catastrophe he’s now doing almost nothing to solve. President Biden yet again does less than anyone thought possible while trying to solve the catastrophic problems he himself created for average Americans.” (-Lee Camp)

“We need everyone to tweet out in opposition to the UN invasion of Haiti. #stopUNinvasionofHaiti The UN must stop being a puppet of Western powers. Russia & China if you abstain on this like you did on Libya, you will be called out. The only gang problem the Haitian people have are the Western colonial gangs led by Don Biden & supported by his CIA & pentagon killers. Where is liberal/left on this issue? Most have fallen for racist propaganda of crazed gangs & Black folks unable to govern themselves. This resolution must be vetoed. This invasion is premised on racial tropes. The Haitian people are clear – stay out. Biden had a chance to support democracy when it came into office & choose not to. Your puppet govt is in trouble & now you want to invade?? Why are not more people outraged by the racist, colonialist assumption at play here? Who gives these criminals who hold over 2million people in cages the right to determine they are going to add to that number with people from another nation? The racist audacity is breathtaking.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“Black people are allowed to have opinions that Liberals don’t like. Did you all know that in one year ‘Nobel Peace Prize’ Obama dropped over 26,000 bombs? That is the equivalent to 3 bombs an hour, every day for a year. One of the worst things that happened over the last few decades was allowing corporations to buy our media. If you want to piss off some Americans, tell the truth about how many innocent women and children our country is responsibe for killing and that it has been done on a bipartisan basis. While the Ukraine war wages on, 500,000 people in Yemen have been killed in the genocide that the US provided the weapons for. I just I thought I’d remind everybody, even knowing that US citizens don’t care about the blood on our country’s hands. ” (-Black In The Empire)

Sunday in the desert as I write this overcaffeinated rantage, cold, gray, depressing, about to get my  walking stick and put my boots on and go for one of my last walks by the river in this ole part of town because we are in the process of taking carloads of stuff to the next location. I got a lotta mixed feelings about moving, not sure it’s a good idea for the family for a lotta reasons, but ya know we been in a kinda stagnation here in the deadend trailer, too many predator class creeps and yoga culture two faced monoplist fake shitlibs downtown. I’m apprehensive, anxious, kinda got a bad feeling about everything at this point-it’s like Bad Vibes City everywhere I look, the town’s been taken over by like 25 creepy white millionaires who are painting pyramid-WEF-Masonic-Ukraine-one eyed-NWO shit on the side of all the businesses downtown, they jackedup all the rents in these ruined little houses and delapidated trailers, so you can not really afford to live alone even with a fulltime slave job. I got the blues, the people I used to call when the luck ran out, they’re already dead and gone on to whatever comes after, the ones who remain are all hopelessly brainwashed into NWO lockstep obedience-grown adults talkin’ to me about Taylor Swift, sports, designer clothing, or building their brands-that’s the same shit my teenager’s former classmates are into, ya know? Cobra Kai and fucking video games and showing off their New Stuff on the heavily censored, pro war, imperialist propaganda meta-twitterverse social media platforms and unreality tv. In my town, there’s just one bar, occupied by tourists and those 25 rich yuppies and they charge $9 for a cup of beer and have these hardon hipster Joe College bartender boys breathing on ya who expect a tip. Aint nothin here but meth busts and pitbulls. Rattlesnakes and sad old widowers. It’s all gotten real spooky Twin Peaks. Twilight Zone. Wish me luck, my brothers and sisters and friends of the revolution. Now I got worry and I don’t even know where some of my own kids are at. Can you imagine? It’s like a permanent stabbing. Other former allies are kinda being tempted and turning, might be lured over to the dystopian dark side like all the rest, I don’t know what’s gonna happen next.