“Ukraine is not a progressive government. It isn’t fighting for democracy. Ukraine is a pawn and a puppet of the United States and NATO, the two biggest threats to peace and stability in the WORLD.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“Joe Biden is a war criminal who is currently slowly killing the worlds most effective journalist at exposing U.S. war crimes. We’re no better than the butchers of Saudi Arabia who chopped up Washpo journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Now back to starting Nuclear War.” (-Jimmy Dore)

“You are correct. US Regime is worse than Saudi butchers. They are more honest” (-Winston Smith Ministry Of Truth on twitter)

“Keep up the pressure. Call on all left forces to oppose foreign intervention. Smash concept of “humanitarian intervention” as the white supremacist, imperialist tool that it is.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“This scoop deserves wide attention. The fact that UK operatives plotted an attack on a major Russian bridge, with no apparent concern for civilian casualties, underscores the critical NATO role in the Ukraine proxy war, and its dangers for the world.” (-Aaron Mate’)

“Remember when Albright went on TV and said killing 500,000 Iraqi chidren was worth it and when she died all everybody here could talk about was her being the 1st woman Sec of State? When you call people you hate in other countries war criminals, remember what country we live in.” (-Black In The Empire)

“Russia gave asylum to Edward Snowden. The United States wants him dead, and has suppressed countless whistleblowers including Julian Assange. But Russia is the enemy? PLEASE.” (-Danny Haiphong)

Revolutionary Blackout Network🥋 (@SocialistMMA) / Twitter

“Julian has tested positive for COVID. Belmarsh has put him in 24h lockdown. He will remain isolated in his cell 24h/day until further notice. Post your messages to help him boost his spirits below, so I can read them to him when he calls. #FreeAssangeNOW” (-Stella Assange) Julian Assange tests positive for Covid in prison as wife ‘worried for his health’ | The Independent

“I learned a lot from this war, like car bombing a civilian is  ok if your team does it.” (-Black In The Empire)

“Seems the Russians are striking parts of Ukraine’s energy grid after the Crimea bridge attack. The Americans & Israelis would have already destroyed the power grid from day 1. Weird how none of the Western press called it terrorism when they did it to Iraq, Yugoslavia, Lebanon. When Iraq was being pounded by bombs, aka “Shock and Awe”, they broadcast it live on TV for war porn. Israel’s Dahiya doctrine, specifically targets civilian infrastructure, named after the Dahyia neighborhood in Beirut which they leveled. Where was the sympathy for them? Western press and politicians have no issue with this kind of warfare. This is the example and model they showed and established across the world. Now they are appalled all of a sudden? ndia, China, Pakistan, Iran, and most countries around the world still maintain ties with Russia, not bc they necessarily condone the war, but bc they understand NATO’s expansionist, aggressive, and provocative nature, spanning decades.” (-Richard Medhurst)

“If Alex Jones owes one billion for lying about Sandy Hook, then how much does the US government owe for lying about its endless wars? A trillion? Many trillions?” (-Danny Haiphong)

“Right-wing democrat party & their phony “progressives” should be embarrassed that it takes more extreme  right-wing republicans to question interests of U.S. working class in Ukrainian proxy war with Russia. But, of course, they are not. In fact they are calling for more war.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

 (RIP) ” “Stand for your truth. I remain Sacheen Littlefeather.”

“Threw my ballot in the trash yesterday for the very first time. Felt great. Fuck your system.” (-John Dissed)

“Julian Assange, who has a chronic lung condition and suffered a stroke last year, has just tested positive for covid in Belmarsh prison.” (-Lowkey)

“We have to generate opposition to the imperialist invasion being planned for Haiti with full support from liberal/left forces in the U.S. and Europe. We salute the authentic left in the U.S. that stands with Haiti & anti-colonial struggles throughout our region.The United Nations continues to abdicate its role as a protector of peace by its alignment with the interests of Western colonialism. The people of Haiti are not calling for “help.” It’s the illegitimate government calling for protection from the people.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“Please note that one of the US media’s most valorized National Security Experts has no problem publicly accusing me of being a “Russian agent,” with zero evidence whatsoever — because there is none — and then he’ll turn around and complain about the scourge of “disinformation” (-Michael Tracey)

“Here is cold hard evidence British intelligence officers have been plotting since April to orchestrate a terror attack destroying the Kerch Bridge with the help of Ukrainian special forces. We even managed to speak with the author of this war crimes blueprint.” (-Max Blumenthal)

Revolutionary Blackout Network🥋 on Twitter: “AOC Called a COWARD in PUBLIC for her Pro-War Pro-NATO Votes” / Twitter

NYC Free Assange on Twitter: “Thank you Chris Hedges, Jill Stein, Garland Nixon, Randy Credico. Some of the great speakers at Hands Off Assange Rally at the DOJ in DC on Oct. 8. @ChrisLynnHedges @jillstein @GarlandNixon @CredicoRandy #FreeAssange @StellaMoris1” / Twitter 

“Somebody wants you
Someone out there
Somebody needs you
Somebody cares
Somebody loves you
Someone somewhere
But if nobody’s there

Here they come again
Whispers in my head
Same old sad refrain
Wished I’d never said
What I said… yeah
Take me to the top
I need more not less
And don’t ever tell me when to stop

Here comes tomorrow
And yesterday’s news
Empty and hollow
Broken and bruised
No one to follow, nothing to lose

And only you can choose” (-Echo & The Bunnymen)


When a beloved family member is in medical crisis and the understaffed hospital regularly cancels their appointments to talk about hardcore medication changes on the day of, it is really frustrating. It was imperative he be seen today, but nope-fuck you, tough shit, peasants. Something must have happened at the country club. It’s always something to do with golf, ya know? I’ve witnessed firsthand, at least, four(!!!!) really egregious malpractice/medical negligence incidents that went unpunished, not counting the dear friends who “died suddenly” after being browbeaten into taking unstudied medications, and our family doctor, who had a stroke and is partially paralyzed, after taking an unstudied medication. Turns out even our newer doctor, fourth doctor in four years, is now leaving the podunk hospital, where fuckedup protocols saw many elders die needlessly a couple years ago. Most people in my country slavishly worship rich people like gods. So doctors are seen as a special class of V.I.P. can do no wrongs, in the eyes of the mad herd. I don’t see ’em like that. First off, the “do no harm” oath has been thrown away to push big pharma mandates and government medicines. Then, there’s all the kickbacks they get from big pharma reps, who come and lobby their offices everyday with special luncheons for all their employees, kickbacks, cash and bribes. Johnson & Johnson, bayer/Monsanto and Pfizer should not run the whole world. The fake progressive politicians like empty justice tweeter AOC just dropped healthcare for all, and decided that having wars with like, super powers, was more fun and profitable, for their donor class weapons manufacturing honchos, and the surveillance tech/propaganda overlords. Fuckedup thing is how we can’t go back to the eighties with Prince and Apollonia and Andy Warhol interviewing Duran and Debbie Harry, ya know? No matter how my poor heart yearns for Bow Wow Wow and the Fleshtones and Flesh For Lulu and old Van Halen, there aint no turning back, ya know like in the Bauhaus song, “Who Killed Mister moonlight”? ! It’s a fucked up cryin’ shame too many have been reconditioned to think wrong is right and censorship is peachy. I can’t help the tv believers or metaverse obeyers, or Redscare Rachel Maddow disciples, or wealth worshippers, best I can do is try to avoid them, to minimize my interactions with them.


I always thought rightwing blowhard loudmouth propagandist and vitamins and survivalist seeds and dried food huckster, Alex Jones, was a bit TOO quacky, like he was a false flag, intentionally orchestrated by the deep state to make anyone who ever accuses the government or big business or the globalist military machine of lying all look crazy. People have been heavily propagandized all our lives shit like X Files and Men In Black and all those copaganda primetime tv shows to think the alphabet gangs and intellience operatives are good guys defending democracy, that the propaganda press is the free press and that whistle blower dissident journalists are commie badguys especially since 9/11. Co called critical thinkers parroting that Hillary nosense about how her fix is in corporate media tells the truth (HA! HA!HA!) but indie media is “fake news”. Alex Jones always seems to think that EVERY shooting is made for tv crisis actors, and false flags, to manufacture consent for gun grabs and tyranny, you know, just because there are almost always some provable ties to military training, or employment with secret security companies-that network of regime change private armies organized by Dick Cheney that helped overthrow Iraq, Libya, and stole one third of Syria, or the “lone nut” high school shooters who all seem to have parents in the spy agencies, shit like that. The guy who killed all those people at the gay nightclub had been a mercenary contractor for sone of those secret proxy armies. Bush cousin, John Hinckley is free and off probation. So yeah bigmouth gun nut Alex Jones barks like a junkyard dog which appeals to redneck gun nuts who miss being yelled at by their drill instructor or highschool football coach. I warned everyone on the Left, FOR YEARS though, that everytime they cheered blindly like idiots cause some rightwing militia son of a bitch was being censored and silenced by known propagandists and evil techlords, I kept telling you they would come for the left, next. And they did, censoring everyone from Glen Ford (RIP) and Mike Gravel (RIP) to Lee Camp and Jimmy Dore and Cahppelle the comedians, Joe Rogan, Robert F. Kennedy Jr for blowing the whistle on Gates and Fauchi corruption, Naomi Wolf, David Swanson, Ray McGovern, Cindy Sheehan, Ariel Gold, Medea Benjamin, Col. Ann Wright, Katie Halper, Matt Taibbi, they killed Michael Hastings, slandered Oliver Stone, censored all the 9/11 families for truth outta Spike Lee’s film, offed Seth Rich, are in the process of slow killing Julian Assange. Edward Snowden had to flee the country after telling the truth about the NSA recording all our communications under Bush/Obama. Aaron Schwartz and Sandra Bland were suicided. Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate’, Fiorella Isabel and Richard Medhurst, George Galloway, John Pilger, Nilz Meltzer, everybody on the left, the real left-the pro human rights, anti war free speech left is being silenced so rich shitlibs can talk about the new religion of Gender some more. They just ballsout bought Cenk and the Young Turks off-a Hillary Clinton megadonor just gave em twenty million so all they do is trash talk and character assainate real genuine peace advocates and human rights advocates and free speech defenders. From Ralph Nader and water protector Winona LaDuke to DOCTOR Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka from the Black Alliance For Peace. If there’s no such thing as false flags, why’s the government still so hopped up about the Capital Hill protests or infowars Alex Jones? If Alex Jones is wrong, if he’s just making up crackpot hysterical lies to sell dried beans and ammunition to Maga rubes, why is the government so hellbent on making an example of him? If he’s just some Texas lunatic screaming about the Georgia Guidestones and Building Number 7, and none of his ideas have merit, why haven’t they just dismissed him? I woke up too early this morning after a hard day’s work yesterday, I’m kinda sore but hopefully losing some of that twenty five pounds I gained during the store closings and travel restrictions of the Covid Clampdowns. I got a shit ton of work to do today-up too early with all the worries. If anymore of my relations pass, I will be pressured to revisit one of those awful places I used to live, and that is the last thing I’d wanna do. I don’t even wanna be buried there myself. One of my oldest friends who I knew since I was 12-ish, he had a stroke about five years ago, and then two heart attacks, the locals he helped become successful just shrugged and abandoned the poor motherfucker but were all too eager to sell off his sacred record collection for the widow after he died alone in a fucking hospice on Christmas. I just wanna get my remaining belongings and immediate family transitioned into this new place and grow some vegatables and hide from the world. All my kids have been provided with invitations and directions on how to get there. I just kinda gave up on everybody else, at least the people who say they joined the adult world, which apparently just means leaving motherfuckers behind. Photoshopping our shared past and exaggerating their own contributions to their come lately wives who don’t know how anything really went down. it’s all a big fuckin put on. With collections and vacation homes inherited from conservative inlaws. The prestige and property nuts, man they just love their wars and lies and jails and property, don’t they? Control of the cahnnel changer-cooking channel or shows about flipping properties and mansions on Sunset, yeah?  I can’t stand no motherfuckers no more. They all lost the motherfuckin COOL. Ya know? “Just makes me wanna cry…”

 How the CIA has Infiltrated Social Media Companies, with Alan MacLeod (

“Julian Assange should be released. He is a political prisoner.” Russell Brand with Stella Assange – YouTube

The Chris Hedges Report Podcast with Dr. Gabor Maté (

Video: Future Generations, If There Are Future Generations – Caitlin Johnstone

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Jose Vega on Twitter: “My friend @Noggatone and I confronted Congresswoman @AOC on her support for Nuclear War and Ukrainian Nazis. I call her out for being a coward in the face of the party that will push us all into Nuclear war right now. Will she stand up like @TulsiGabbard and fight for peace?” / Twitter

“US weapons have killed journalists in Palestine. US weapons have killed journalists in Belgrade. US weapons have killed journalists in Donbass. The US doesn’t believe in free speech. It’s at war with it.” (-Danny Haiphong)

StandWithAssangeNY (@AssangeNY) / Twitter

Lowkey – MintPress News

Social Media Has Done ‘Extraordinary Damage’ to Democracy, Public Health, Safety + More • Children’s Health Defense (


So, I contacted Easy Action and Beggar’s Arkive about sending me some promo swag for review, and/or a copy of that Thee Hypnotics box I wrote liner notes for,  but never heard back from either label. It aint nothing like the old days, even if it’s always 1983 in my elderly goth new wave heart. Being a forgotten frontman/elusive and desirable, esoteric and untouchable, semi-legendary, uncredited songwriter/sleazy underground music journalist/basement show D.I.Y. underground antisocial glamarchist/ power to the people activist/primary caregiver to a kid severly impacted by Autism, in a vicious and senselessly cruel age, it can all be like a real tough hustle in this rich get richer economy, where all the narcissistic greedheads feel like they should fucking have and hoard every tiny last resource. I’m in the midst of relocating from one disintegrating 53 year old hovel to another built in 1940 and these impossible to please idle heiress landlords never wanna update their properties, not even with a coat of paint or new carpet, ya know? It’s just always, how do we gouge the tenants for more moolah and security deposits. I’m even getting the business about natural wear and tear that I should not be held responsible for, like when the shingles blew off the roof in highwinds and desert monsoons. Not my fault, man. I do have to repair some tiles on the floor my kid tore up with his chair and replace a window in the garage I broke while impulsively and stupidly trying to kill wasps. It’s autumn, got cold overnight here-kid woke me up at 4 in the morning. I’m melancholy as hell. I hate the Joker’s Wild uncertainty and instability of having to rely on delusional bliss bubble, got mine, shit hoarder landlords, they got all the power and I got almost none. I wanna drink cause it’s about all that calms my frayed and shattered PTSD nerves, but I have too much work and responsibility in front of me right now, and I have to set an upright example for my teenage kid. So this early morning’s drug of choice is some vintage Peter Murphy, which always soothes my traumatized crazy mind and yearning heart. I been into Bauhaus-Tones On tail-Love & rockets and Peter Murphy since I dunno probably 83 or 84. I don’t think popular music ever got better than that whole era-Echo, Smiths, Flesh, Lords. I probably told you this story before but it was the night of that famous Butthole Surferss at Danceteria show where they all got naked and caught everything on fire. I was tripping on acid with my older friends Morgan a video editing semi famous DJ, Robbie a soap opera actor who later became drummer in superstar actor’s band and about five in the morning, when all the older dudes retreated to their bedrooms with their leather bag designing Polish model girlfriends, I was left there looking out these gigantic eleventh floor windows overlooking some Dickensian city scape sunrise. I think Martha Quinn still lived like a block away on Saint Mark’s Place back then. They had like the best stereo equipment and headphones in the world back then-state of the art. I discovered Love & Rockets “7th Dream Of Teenage Heaven” there and would never be quite the same. Also: Joy Division and Fra Lippo Lippi. Thank you, lads. Probably three or four years later when I was 17 and 18, “Love Hysteria” and “Deep” were the soundtracks to a romantic love affair I had with a superbrained, enigmatic, goth goddess named Steffani who I kinda stole from Skinny Puppy’s keyboard player. She was really something. I still feel related to her. Another stunningly voluptuous girlfriend who used to sneak me into her parent’s basement when it snowed out and I had nowhere to go cause I was living on malt liqor in an unheated garage and hiding out from the fucking truant officer, was also a cool goth from California named Heather-real fox actually, but she went away and joined the fucking army. How sad is that? I wish ’em all the best. I love ’em all, all the original graveyard kids I grew up with.

A beautiful blonde bombshell named Aymee from the deepest honky suburbs of a terrible, murderous hellhole, rightwing toxic death town called Lima, Ohio got me into the Smiths. My life started when I met her.


I knew that chick in the tight hiphugger bellbottoms,  Kim from Strawberries when I lived in Boston, and she was in that band the Bristols that the Smithereens wrote their best song about. Smithereens were underrated. I was sad when Pat D. died, I had met him once on a solo tour of his, he was playing at a really shitty divebar and I knew there was no dressing room and his crowd was gonna be lame cause that town sucks so bad so I invited him to come hangout at my second floor apartment less than a block away from Fatcats, the junk bar, but I’d been going through some hardtimes after a painful breakup with a Plate Hurling Songstress Who Can’t Be Named. I had a badly broken heart and I could not stop drinking back then, I was in pain, and had a bar called the Galley where I drank for free right down the street, so I’m sure I smelled like a distillery, and seemed crazy as fuck to Pat DeNizio but I really sincerely dig his singing and songwriting-him and his NJ pop combo the Smithereens were real standouts in the late 80’s 120 Minutes era and  they left a remarkably credible little library of songs for us that still resonate here today.

“Do people recognize how far to the right U.S. society is today?” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“A friendly reminder that the Western media paid attention to Ukrainian Nazis such as Azov before they became increasingly useful in NATO’s proxy war against Russia.” (-Danny Haiphong)

The following media includes potentially sensitive content. Change settings

Is the Death of an Innocent Woman Being Exploited to Advance the Goal of Regime Change in Iran? | CovertAction Magazine

Crippling the Left – Consortium News

SCOTT RITTER: Pipelines v. USA – Consortium News


If I remember correctly, and it’s been awhile and I used to drink some, the Brian Jonestown Massacre story as portrayed in that movie “DIG” had it that Anton Newcombe was the Cobain kid with the hardknock life who came from poverty with an absent father but somehow got discovered by Greg Shaw from Bomp! Records who also invested heavily in the Frank Secich/Stiv Bators projects. His many collaborators complained about his becoming adept at filing the copyright paperwork first and spongeing up all the credit for songs they helped co write, I saw summa their onstage fracas and fisticuffs in Ohio way back in the day. Ohio, as I’ve said before was the world’s worst imaginable high school during the grunge years when every squarehead, heavily perspiring nerd, preppie asskisser, and cocksure richkid with a pocket full of cocaine made believe they were also tortured Cobains, or decadent Liam Gallaghers, for like three years and since there wasn’t nothin’ real happening at all, their fourth rate Beatles-Alice In Chains-Cramps-Or-Oasis imitations made ’em all famous for five minutes in frathouse land when the Man was killing the rocknroll underground circa 95 or so. Yeah so Anton and crew, as media savvy NME and Melody Maker bigshot coverstars could always show up in Ohio and have a whole lotta sucky music scenesters kiss their asses and supply ’em with whatever drugs were around, which was probably less than you’d think. I’m pretty sure that guy Matt Hollywood was still in the band back then, Joel Gion was dead cool, of course. I remember liking Jeffrey Davies who I had a meal and some drinks with with at a scuzzy, mice infested Mexican pub I regrettably had to work at, he was bright, insightful, good humored, and in on the out crowd vibe even while basking in the celebrity of the mainstream bandwagon dreampop lovebuzz. He said he wanted to start a band called Ugly Things. I did like they guy and usually I’m not down with urban hipsters. We dated chciks in the same kinda circle. One of the BJM founding members, Travis is father to my two middle kid’s first cousin, small world, right? They had some good songs, in spite of their whole celebrity cult god Manson affectation, obnoxious ego trip or whatever that was that they did back then. They were admittedly way, way, way better than any of their midwestern suckass impersonator/wannabe acolytes, at least they wrote songs, these other fuckers just got some thrift store high school prom tuxedo jackets and thought that was all they had to do.  I see why so many clueless wannabe hipsters copied their style and groveled at their Gandhi sandaled feet and threw flowers wherever they went. It was like that time when George Harrison visited Haight Ashbury-people would follow them around the sticky bars like seriously worshipful disciples with the beggar bowls and the whole bit. I was never that turned on by the Dandy Warhols-they had that illuminati iconic photographer making their videos that were supposed to be dis tracks against Anton Newcombe, but like their best songs were brazen ripoffs, always kinda felt like the main appeal of that band was the cute topless keyboard player. I can’t stand the gentrification hipster scene-White Stripes-Sleater Kinney-Potlandia or the Strokes, all that 90210/Silverlake/Brooklyn/SF urban hipster chic shit gets on my nerves-rich people buying second hand seventies and eighties retro kitsch, doing drugs and pretending they are poor. Pulp nailed the mimosa brunchers with their song, “Common People”. I lived that song ya know, I really did. Anyways, here we are in autumn of 2022, and everything sucks, so I’ve been digging back into the Massacre catalog, they have some good stuff if you like poppy psychedelia with a hedonistic bent, which obviously, I do. Talented bunch.

Former Brian Jonestown Massacre guitarist Jeffrey Davies amended his claim for a share of royalties – Skylight Webzine

Jeffrey Davies (guitarist) – Wikipedia


Biden Administration Wants Kidnapped Venezuelan Diplomat Alex Saab to “Suffer Like Julian Assange,” according to UN Human Rights Council Special Rapporteur | CovertAction Magazine

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You would think at least some of the people I gave years of my life to, or grew up with, you know-AT LEAST, all of ’em in the punk rock t shirts who were all quoting the Replacements and REM in letters I still have in my footlockers, all those people, would still halfassed stand for something, I mean, besides,  ya know, popularity, convenience, and personal comfort, but nope. I wrote a song about the day Eddie Van Halen died and how sad it was I had no one left to call who’d share my overwhelmingly profound sense of loss. The Red Hot Chili Peppers apparently did the same thing-they are fortunate to have each other, even if they kinda just keep doing the same shit over and over-they are well compensated for their goofy rapping and have millions of fratboy fans. I can’t find nobody with soul to work with no more, they all died or fuckedoff to gentrification wonderlands. People scoff at the notion of truth and soul. If it’s not some kindof product upgrade, vacation cruise, or Latest Thing Trending, they don’t care to know. History is happening now and it is beyond hurtful and horrifying to see so many past associates and former loved ones always on the wrong motherfucking side of it, just following the followers, plugged into the tiktok machines, obeying wealth blindly. I see that Culture Club got some shows scheduled in the States minus Jon Moss, no big surprise he and the rest no longer see eye to eye, ya know he was who George wrote alot of those songs about, back in the day, so now there is acrimony and greed and lawsuits, I’m sure they were both holy terrors in their own way, I’m just thankful for the music they co created. I drew so much inspiration from Boy George back when it was definitely not socially accepted for boys to wear makeup in this country. I loved all that eighties new wave from Marc Almond to Duran Duran. Adam Ant, Culture Club, Dexy’s Midnight Runners, Prince, Billy Idol. People at the mall used to scream “Boy George!” at me, about six months ago, some teenage boy said some shit just like that at the Dollar Store out here in the no man’s lands. “Look! It’s a rockstar!” Nothing’s changed, ya know? The dummies never like the pink glasses or purple scarves. I’m still me, maybe a little bit sadder, and usually a little less makeup than in the old times, but otherwise, 100%. It’s shocking how fast life seems to be going by now. People’s moms are dying, my old friends-many are already passed. I wish I could find the others out there somewhere who are not too greed is good hypno-bamboozled to still rock like motherfuckers, where are they now? I write these columns I suppose because I am appalled by the gullible rubes and hoodwinked worshippers of authority that seem to surround me now, and I keep trying to like, spark the careless memory of the long lost lads or find their proper replacements. Ya know? Where did they go? I wanna know.

Dr. Jill Stein🌻 on Twitter: “Unsafe working conditions, inadequate health care & skimpy workers comp are commonplace, unconscionable & among the urgent reasons workers at ALB1 deserve a union. May justice prevail tomorrow!” / Twitter


Pig-media keeps everybody in a kind of meta-prison, a see no evil hypnospell…all about pink wigs consumerism and remodeling and surgical enhancements and updating self identifying descriptions unless it’s time to start wars or coup another socialist democracy or they wanna keep everybody bitching about red versus blue rather than rich versus poor-then, they tropt out their all purpose boogeyman fear propaganda-is it Bin ladin or black teenagers in hoodies buying Snapple iced tea, or  some guy selling tax free cigarettes on the corner stoop, or Trump voters gathering at the capital because they don’t believe the Cheneys are virtuous defenders of election integrity, or Russia, it’s always a boogeymean coming to steal your freedom fries and student loan debt, the real story is we’re all captive to these totally fictitious narratives that only ever benefit the one percent oligarchs at the top.

One of those bleak and cold autumn days when I’ve already gone stomping through all the mud puddles and there’s really just nothing to do but continue slow steady packing of belongings in preparation for the big relocation. My old lady’s at Wal Mart buying groceries for the week which is always depressing as hell cause everything’s jackedup to three or four times what it should be and my fellow Murkkkans are so propagandized that whenever Wall Street rip us off, they just instinctively “Blame Russia”. It’s old and stupid. Tiresome. Under Bush, it was “Blame Muslims”-ya know? What was it under Obama? “Blame Isis”? Under Trump, “Blame China”? I wrote a couple postcards today to people from school, White Pages street addresses I found online, kinda doubt they’re current but sending ’em out just in case. Most all the people I’d love to check in with are AWOL/MIA, dead already, or just plain zombified ratrace emotionally unavailable, incapable of civility or sincerity. Like talking to a commercial…some side effects might include death and dysentery…blah blah blah. Next day, I had dreams about some faraway loved ones-some dead, some alive. That was peculiar-they were all together in the dream. My grandfather’s brother-people like that. My teenager had some kinda drama with his mama in the middle of the night last night-woke me up, has a doctor’s appointment today. Another one of my kids has cut ties not only with her papa for unknown reasons but also her mother’s entire side of the family, she seems like she might be in peril or crisis so prayers for her safety and wellbeing are appreciated. I keep reaching out to no avail, it is worrying. Julian Assange has covid-those evil fuckers are gonna probably get away with their slow kill plans. Imagine what Mike Pompeo, Hillary Clinton, and Bill Gates are doing right this minute, while Assange is being tortured and slowly killed in Belmarsh prison, for embarrassing the imperial oligarchs and their deep state secret police.

“Imagine going to his class and knowing you not only know more & are smarter than this guy but that you’d have to swallow massive CIA/NATO propaganda to pass the class. I’d drop out. This is the problem with US college education. It’s EXPENSIVE propaganda.” (-Fiorella Isabel)

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Is the CIA Supporting Another Color Revolution in Iran—Like the One that Installed the Shah in 1953? | CovertAction Magazine

“What country or leader is our television gonna tell us to hate or worship next?” (- Black In The Empire)

Black in the Empire on Twitter: “The only help Biden gave Black people in all his years in the Senate was helping Black men into prison cells” / Twitter

US Supreme Court May Legalize Election Theft – Consortium News

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9/30/22 Judge Andrew P. Napolitano on Snowden and Assange – The Scott Horton Show

!!! FREE JULIAN ASSANGE !!! UK Campaigning costs: Legal costs:… Non-UK:… Act now: Sign up to #SurroundParliament on October 8:

Stella Assange #FreeAssangeNOW (@StellaMoris1) / Twitter

“The only help Biden gave Black people in all his years in the Senate was helping Black men into prison cells.” (-Black In The Empire)

Julian Assange tests positive for Covid in prison as wife ‘worried for his health’ | The Independent

Kim Dotcom on Twitter: “Who blew up the pipeline? Gazprom just released these photos of a NATO Seafox drone that was found right next to Nord Stream 1 in 2015. The drone failed to detonate. NATO was caught red-handed and claimed the drone was lost during exercises. They tried it before. Go figure.” / Twitter

“Would it be too much to ask if, on the world’s most dangerous issue, progressive Democrats who have voted for every proxy war bill so far can rise to the level of Donald J. Trump, and also “demand the immediate negotiation of a peaceful end to the war in Ukraine”? (-Aaron Mate’)

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