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“21st century servants of white colonial/capitalist power who will fight massa’s enemies harder than they will fight massa.” (-Ajamu Baraka) 

Black Agenda Report on Twitter: “”You Can’t Shame the Shameless Black Misleadership Class” – Glen Ford’s article, originally published in @blkagendareport on December 17, 2020:” / Twitter

“The president and first lady of Ukraine have posed for a romantic photoshoot with Vogue magazine, wherein President Volodymyr Zelensky waxes poetical about his love for his darling wife.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: how is Zelensky making time for a Vogue photoshoot amidst his busy schedule of PR appearances for other major western institutions?

I mean this is after all the same Volodymyr Zelensky who has been so busy making video appearances for the Grammy Awards, the Cannes Film Festival, the World Economic Forum and probably the Bilderberg group as well, and having meetings with celebrities like Ben StillerSean Penn, and Bono and the Edge from U2. It’s as busy a PR tour as he could possibly have without having a discussion about the strategic importance of long-range artillery with Elmo on Sesame Street.

Oh yeah, and also isn’t there like a war or something happening in Ukraine? You’d think he’d probably be somewhat busy with that too.

wartime vogue photo shoots. very serious. let’s keep sending ukraine weekly billion dollar aid packages to protect “democracy.” don’t question it.

— Logan Hall (@loganclarkhall) July 26, 2022

Call me crazy, but I’m beginning to suspect that there might be a concerted effort to manipulate the way we think about the war in Ukraine. In fact, I’d even go so far as to say it’s the most aggressively perception-managed war we’ve ever experienced.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine in February we have not only been smashed with mass media propaganda unlike anything we’ve ever seen while Russian media are purged from the airwaves, we’re also seeing the new media element of unprecedented amounts of online censorship, algorithm-boosted propaganda, and social media trolling.

So we’ve literally never seen this much overall effort put into manipulating the way the public thinks about a war. Which makes sense, given that it’s a profoundly dangerous proxy war which stands to benefit ordinary people in no way, shape or form.

I mean, can you imagine if people were allowed to just think their own thoughts about their government’s economic warfare against Russia which is hurting them financially and pushing millions toward starvation with the full awareness and approval of the US government? Or if Americans were allowed to wonder if the billions they are pouring into this proxy conflict could be better spent at home? Or if people started objecting to a needless conflict for geostrategic domination threatening their lives and the lives of everyone they know with the risk of nuclear annihilation?

Can’t have that.

Massive amount of ukrainian soldiers dying every day, Zelensky : lets have a vogue shooting

— Levi (@Levi_godman) July 26, 2022

There is a night-and-day difference between wanting to tell people the truth about something and wanting to manipulate their perception of something. There are times when true facts can be used to influence people’s perception one way or the other, but if your agenda is to manipulate perception rather than tell the truth you will necessarily be forced to rely on lies, half-truths, distortion, and lies by omission wherever the truth doesn’t serve that agenda.

If they were telling us the truth about this war, they wouldn’t be censoring Russian media. They wouldn’t be censoring online voices who disagree with the official narratives about Ukraine. They wouldn’t be continually blasting us in the face with mass media perception management, and they sure as hell wouldn’t be putting Ukraine’s celebrity-in-chief on the cover of Vogue magazine.

We are being manipulated, and we are being deceived. And we are being manipulated and deceived because our perceiving clearly on our own would go against the interests of the empire. They are lying to us because the interests of the people and the interests of the empire are, as usual, squarely at odds.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

 “Julian Assange’s continued imprisonment shows the US government is not serious AT ALL about freedom of press. We have a free press as long as your reporting doesn’t even slightly threaten US hegemony.” (-Lee Camp)

“The US is living under a totalitarian culture much worse than Soviet Union Soviet Russia could access BBC, Voice of America, German TV Today Americans are not permitted to hear what Russians are saying The US has imposed constraints on access to info beyond Soviets.” (-Noam Chomsky)

Noam Chomsky Tells Russell Brand the U.S. is Worse Than USSR (

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Wall Street’s Takeover of Nature Advances with Launch of New Asset Class (

The War On Dissent – Bitcoin Magazine – Bitcoin News, Articles and Expert Insights

“Natural Asset Corporations, launched last year, allow oligarchs to securitize natural resources. Don’t worry, they aren’t stopping there – soon you too will be for sale.” (-Whitney Webb)

Occupy Peace – Peace and Freedom Rally, Kingston, NY (With Gerald Celente and Andrew Napolitano) – Activist Post

Sanders Files Amendment to Limit $76 Billion in ‘Corporate Welfare’ for Microchip Industry (

Glen Ford: In Memoriam | Black Agenda Report

“What a contrast with the hacks & propagandists for the elite pretending to be journalists. That is why it is hard to fine articles from BAR on google & Washpo ran an infamous article identifying BAR & others as propaganda operations. Thank you Glen” (-Ajamu Baraka)

Glen Ford’s Irreplaceable Journalism | Black Agenda Report

“If you think you are Scientific & Diverse wokey woke for McWokeness cause you love the Jenners, Chelle Obama and Gayle King, you probably need to read the book Black Agenda Report by the late great GLEN FORD, one of the best writers and most important social commentators of our time. Me, Whitney Webb, Margaret Kimberly, Ajamu Baraka, everybody on the REAL LEFT misses him like crazy.” (-General Labor)

“With over 3.5 billion people living in abject poverty, human beings living in tents across the U.S., millions without healthcare in the U.S., black youth unemployment over 70%, 140 million living paycheck to paycheck – is that because of socialism?” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“You disgusting war pig. You fucking worthless shitstain.” (-Caitlin Johnstone on unforgivable fake shitlib phony imperialist HRC so called progressives like grossass Ro Khanna who will go down in history as one of the fascists who killed the word progressive even after permanently ruining the definition of liberal)

“Proving that the word “progressive” is another useless label. Khanna sees the financial benefit for war, with Biden’s Ukraine crisis, manufactured by the CIA.” (-Adam Fitzgerald)

“I stand with Jill and was proud to be her running mate. If the corporate class had allowed us on the debate stage to share our idea of a green new deal – the one before AOC stole it & stripped it down – who knows what would have happened!! Dems don’t want democracy.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

 “Yes, “progressive” became nothing but a Dem Party marketing word. Dems have implemented more of the hard right agenda since the ’90s than Republicans would have dared to try.” (-DH Fabian)

“Biden is increasing the military budget, giving more money to the police, and privatizing medicare. He is ruling just like Trump, yet liberals love him and conservatives loathe him. It shows that most Americans base their politics on party loyalty and feelings instead of facts.” (-Ryan Knight)

 “This is a cost of living crisis where greed, profits and inequality continue to grow.   There are more billionaires and more people forced into using food banks than at any other point in history. 

We must recognise that most workers have seen cuts in wages over the past decade, whilst bosses take home record pay and bonuses. Now is the time for a bold alternative to the poverty, misery and desperation faced by millions of families in our communities and workplaces.” (-Jeremy Corbyn)

“Joe Biden literally introduced a new Crime Bill that spends more than the original meanwhile dumbass Republicans are still pretending Democrats are for Defund the Police.” (-Revolutionary Blackout Network)

“It takes extreme audacity for Zelensky and his henchmen to go around the world demanding other nations send massive amounts of weapons and money to him, then try to suppress dissent in our countries by smearing journalists and citizens who question. Before Russia’s invasion and since, Zelensky has abolished basic liberties: shuttered opposition media, outlawed parties, imprisoned dissidents. As Ukraine demands money and arms from the West, they now want to export this repression to our countries with McCarthyite blacklists: ” (-Glenn Greenwald still being smeared by Russiagate propaganda pigs)

“When liberal/left aligns itself with neoliberal right it undermines its ability to confront the Trumpien right ideologically. The result is ideological space surrendered to neo-Nazi right that identifies major structures in contradiction to the people but offers a fascist reform.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“It’s especially hypocritical & arrogant to blame me for HRC’s loss when -Dems spend millions to help extremist Reps, defeat progressives & knock Grns off ballot –Grn voters would’ve largely stayed home if not for a Grn on ballot Dems have to earn our votes. They don’t own them.” (-Actual doctor JILL STEIN)


My ole Detroit crew got me into these guys about 25 years ago. I had some real good times in that smoky rubble junkyard of a town. Cookouts in the back yard, up all night singalongs, working class crowded blue collar divebars, much merriment and records playing. The Torpedos. Great band from Detroit.


A Gritty Electro Goth and Heavy Rock Dance: Golem Dance Cult’s New EP Awakens Thrill and Fright – Digital Journal


       Most overhyped event I’ve ever seen might be that Capitol Hill Lyn Cheney bullshit. I mean really, on and on and on and on, for years now, as boring as Hillary’s original “Russiagate” fabrication about how “PUTIN!” flipped the vote with his commie voodoo for Bad Orange Trump, or like when the fake media puritans spent all that time crucifying Janet Jackson for her nipple getting exposed by that overrated shit sandwich Timberlake at their big dumb NFL occult ritual. Good parts of my day are spending time with son and my wife, having some halfway decent swamp cooling A/C on the 106 degree days and finding a cool t shirt second hand for a dollar.  Oh yeah, and watching this wonderful Janet Jackson documentary series. Not so great parts are the crazy heat, burning my thumb badly lighting a big sparkler and about ten mosquito bites. And having to interact with people in public. Not so good at that shit anymore, not a people person. They all seem like commercials. Brand shills. I don’t know what’s up with me, compassion fatigue, perhaps. Everybody’s been way too Make-A-Buck for my taste, everything instantly gets assimilated into other motherfucker’s vanity brands, and tiny empires, and mama monopolies, so I kinda just don’t even like talking to people, anymore. Anything I might mention in passing becomes their next day’s song lyrics or album cover or whatever, somebody else, like Francois sang, “I seen ’em come and I seen ’em go”, what the fucking fuck. I’ve been calling myself an Antisocial Glamarchist for years, but 4 Real, though, it’s getting harder to even wanna make small talk with people. Burroughs said to avoid people who make you feel like you’ve lost a pint of blood, the energy vamps, man are they everywhere, nowadays. Sometimes, I gotta get outta this room, I can’t just sit in a chair all my fuckin’ life, but man, the crazies in the desert all seem to be on the Fentanyl, people’s bodies keep getting discovered everywhere. In spite of ten rich assholes insisting they can turn my dead town into Overnight Hipsters Brooklyn, only businesses that seem to be thriving here are the auto parts and liquor store, the gas stations and overpriced tourist beer gouger. Even the drug dealers seem to be struggling, you see ’em in the cracked windshield old cars trolling in circles with their stupid Swisher Sweets, trying to look mean, like “Breaking Bad”. Cops bust people all the time, and like I said, alot of bodies keep turning up. I keep feeling like the establishment is intentionally spiking everybody’s street drugs with poison just to kill of more people. Nobody seems to have a job where I live, I mean, I know people who work as hired hands for rich people, maids, caregivers, ranch hands, or the posh people who own the Airbandb’s but most people seemed to be strapped, barely getting by, living offa some kinda pension, or retired veterans income, or fixed income of some kind. Most everybody is way older than me. I’m pretty old, too-will be 53 in December. A crazy-high young couple asked me for money on the main drag today-I knew they were from outta town, cause nobody here has any money to give away. Black dude with a cool mohawk and his exotic looking multiethnic girlfriend in her sheer, see through, sexy genie, or stripper clothes. All those old pervs are gonna be on her like wolves. It’s been two hours since I saw ’em and I suspect they’ve already been ran outta town by the heat and boredom cause they aint welcome to sit nowhere without money, certainly not at the beer and wine only tourist joint that charges $9 for a cuppa beer. There was a time when I mighta partied with those visiting kids, but those days are over, I got no surplus, no silver, no patience, I’m runnin’ on empty and with shit tons of resentments. I think I can make room for people suffering from real grief or health issues or disabilities, but Shit Havers moaning about how they think they deserve more shit? No. You know I always miss the rebel alliance I remember so fondly from my youth. Some sold out. Most died. A few just got impossibly baffled and bamboozled and hoodwinked by Big 5 corporate media propaganda. It’s always the people with the easy incomes, privilege, prestige, property and influence who don’t wanna think beyond the manufactured memes and headlines and bullshit Latest Thing cover stories of the day. You can always get ’em talkin’ ’bout how hard THEY have to work, or how “THE OTHERS” just aren’t obedient enough, but it is TOUGH to get ’em to see their common plight with the neighbors, or people who look or dance different, or like different food or speak a different lingo. I have to get ’em away from their tribe of privilege and put a few drinks in ’em, then, and only then, or when somebody dies in some rare instances, maybe some of ’em are like, “Oh, yeah”, but generally speaking, this fucked up secret police controlled mass- media does a scary effective job of keeping people divided and only seeing, “THE OTHERS” in dehumanizing terms, as lesser thans. Man, we are really in for it. The tyrants studied us, made plans, we just kept acting like nothing was going wrong, bragging about our bullshit, piously feeling superior to somebody way over there. For me, who is constitutionally, spiritually incapable of eating shit and pretending it tastes good, it’s been grueling to behold so many people I thought I was tight with go from, “Die Yuppie Scum” and “Kill Your TV’ and “Question Authority” to, uh, “Keeping Up With The Kardashians. UGH!

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”

― Upton Sinclair, I, Candidate for Governor: And How I Got Licked


My teenager reminded me of this cat cause one of his former classmates got him into “Better Call Saul” which is horrifyingly offensive and grisly with violence and casual barbarism and glamourizes crime, but like I confided to an old friend, when I was his age, I was living with a beautiful 25 year old woman and her junkie girlfriend  in the Bowery and loitering on St. Mark’s with John Spacely by day and going to Neither Nor or Wah Wah Hut or Robots or Pyramid at night, he’s just watching gnarly shit on Youtube. It’s a struggle to protect the young from this gratuitous culture of toxic greed and murderous assholes on both sides of the so called laws.



There is no such thing as an Anti-Assange punk.

Debunking All The Assange Smears – Caitlin Johnstone

Free Julian Assange (


How ginned up are you to hear a song called “When The Cowards Fall”? Man, I can not wait, but everybody knows they are one of my lifetimes favorite rebel rock groups! THRILLING! “Here it comes now/bring on the sunshine…! Band lineups change over the years, but rocknroll mastermind and working class hero Peter Coyne has always known how to make excellent pop records. “You Gotta Wait” just rocks so hard and demonstrates how he is still managing to somehow chisel out tunes that have unforgettable Beatles like hooks with lyrics about our dishwasher and riding the bus common man struggles. Nobody writes ’em like that anymore except maybe Dramarama who never sent me their last record. “I Hate The 21st Century” is perfectamundo protest music “and I’m lonely!” Nobody “gets it” like Peter Coyne, this fella writes great lyrics from the heart and sings ’em with soul. I’ve loved The Godfathers since I was a kid and he’s never stopped making excellent rocknroll music-hit after hit. “OCD” is yet another winner cats like us can all relate to. Peter will never go down without a fight, he’s gonna rail against the corruption and phoniness and rage against the dying of the rocknroll as long as he can, he’s one of those diehards you can never count out-they can ban him from the pubs or step on his blue suede shoes, but he gets right back up everytime. An inspirational figure in a time almost devoid of heroes, he’s still out there, standing tall. “Midnight Rider” reminds me of me n Nasty and the Reverend Paul and our dearly departed divebar brothers. “Just a memory…” He manages to sneak some who-whoos in this one and I feel like he’s singing this to me and you, honestly, he made this for you and me. His new band can play their hearts out, makes me wanna move to the UK to look for bandmates. “Straight Down The Line” feels like it should be on a movie soundtrack. “I Will Be Waiting For You” would be the first track of your new cassette compilation if I still had a cd player with a tape making capability, and again, he’s singing our song: “we don’t need this society/it don’t mean anything to me…” I can almost feel our hearts beating fast jumping up and down in the front row and merrily spilling our beer on each other, man this stuff is just so wonderful. “Lay That Money Down” is car music, it has a highway mobility, ya know what I mean? “Flash it all around”. Peter told me he was really excited about the new songs, and until I got to hear it, it was hard to imagine how it could ever measure up to the old stuff, but he is one last lone romantic rocknroll motherfucker who never lost “that feel”. “Tonight” is like an eighties movie rebel anthem-a serenade to your true love from the other side of town-it’s so good! Maybe the old times have long since past, but Peter and his gang remind us we can do it all again, any night we want! Love the background vocals on this. Nick Marsh would have loved it, too! “There’s No Time” is just like the stuff I still scrawl in my own purple spiral notebooks, ya know, just so much heart in all these tunes, this one might be carried in my pocket like a flask, I can really FEEL his songs, he is still alive and remembering and reckoning with it all-the media unreality, the druggy danger and memories of a sweeter day. “Wake Up Dead In Los Angeles” is like something you’d hear on KROQ in the longlost daze of good radio-ya know when you lived in a one room, listened to Concrete Blonde and read the classified ads in the entertainment weekly, trying to find a band in Hollywood, but only ever really succeeding at walking to the liquor store again and thinking about some half forgotten imaginary girl. Very Doorsy, actually! FUCK YEAH! Remember when you still believed a better world was possible if not imminent, at least for you and your little gang of likeminded outcasts with the “Creem” magazine and “I-D” magazine new wave and post punk pinups taped all over your wall and some heartfelt cassette in your Walkman? “I Despair” just says it all to this old dreamer. Why can’t people in this country make music like this anymore? I think the money grabs and cash chasing killed everybody’s hearts dead, there are alot of lyrics about tombstone eyes and shit on this lp, Peter sees all the same things goin’ down that I do. It’s greatness to behold. Thank You, Godfathers! So much. 

The Godfathers will be announcing a full Autumn tour to coincide with the album’s release.

Alpha Beta Gamma Delta track listing:

Alpha Beta Gamma Delta / Bring On The Sunshine / You Gotta Wait / I Hate The 21st Century / OCD / Midnight Rider / Straight Down The Line / Lay That Money Down / Tonight / I’m Not Your Slave / There’s No Time / Dead In Los Angeles / I Despair

The Alpha Beta Gamma Delta album & Midnight Rider EP can be pre-ordered now via

Nobody does it better! IN THE 80’s, EVERY WALL IN THE VILLAGE SAID, “DIE YUPPIE SCUM!”: Ticketmaster Defends $4,500 Bruce Springsteen Pricing

Chomsky: The US is living under a totalitarian culture much worse than Soviet Union Soviet Russia could access BBC, Voice of America, German TV Today Americans are not permitted to hear what Russians are saying The US has imposed constraints on access to info beyond Soviets

We Are F*cked – YouTube

“Stories about protagonists who’ve been misguided their whole lives about something very important have been emerging in our culture for generations, and they continue to delight audiences in the box office to this day.

The pauper was really a prince. Luke was Darth Vader’s son. Keanu Reeves had been living in a computer simulation. Bruce Willis was really a ghost. Jim Carrey’s whole world was the set of a TV show, and everyone in his life had been lying to him since his infancy.

This theme repeats so often because it strongly resonates with people. And it strongly resonates with people because it’s exactly what is happening.

From our earliest moments we are trained to fit in with a society that was designed from the ground up by the powerful in the service of the powerful. As soon as we are old enough to get curious about the world and how it works our heads are filled with lies about such matters, by our education systems, by the media we consume, by our parents who were indoctrinated in the same way, and by the very culture we find ourselves immersed in from day one.

These stories about a character who’s been deceived about life resonate so strongly with us because on some level we all suspect it might be true of our own lives as well. They whisper to something hidden and sacred within us that has always sensed that there’s something not quite right with the way we are perceiving things.

We’ve spent our whole lives marinating in lies which serve the powerful. We’re deceived into believing that we live in a democracy whose government acts in accordance with the will of the voting public. We’re deceived into believing our political systems are driven by two warring ideological factions whose divisions are naturally occurring phenomena in our society instead of the product of deliberate social engineering. We’re deceived into believing our government is basically good, and that it stands in opposition to foreign governments who are pure evil. We’re deceived into believing the way things are is the only way they could possibly be.

We’re deceived into believing false things about the ways we gather information and form our understanding of the world. We’re deceived into believing the news media tell us the truth about what’s going on. We’re deceived into believing that everything we hear from our side of the political partisan divide is true and trustworthy. We’re deceived into believing the partisan filters which have been placed over our perception of national and world events by indoctrination are entirely reliable instruments for interpreting information and drawing conclusions.

We’re deceived into believing false things about ourselves. We’re deceived into believing that we are successful if we can become dominant capitalists and wealthy ladder climbers, and that we are failures if we don’t turn the gears of industry and climb over others to get ahead. We’re deceived into believing that we are good if we uphold the made-up, power-serving rules of law, of culture and of religion, and that we are bad if we transgress them. We are deceived into believing that we need to keep accomplishing, achieving and obtaining, that we need to keep earning money and approval, so that we might one day feel adequate at some imaginary point in a future which never arrives.

If we really commit to uprooting the untruth that’s been planted in us, we can even discover that we’ve been deceiving ourselves about the way we experience reality. That the perception of oneself as a finite character who is separate from the world is based on false assumptions about the way experience is happening, unhelpful mental habits born of incorrect premises, and overlooked aspects of our own consciousness. That we’ve been making ourselves miserable with false beliefs about who and what we are.

This civilization is the set of the Truman Show, and we are all Truman.

But because we are all Truman, we can only walk off the set if we walk off together. There is no option to leave as an individual, because even if you know it’s all lies, you’re still stuck in a world full of humans whose behavior is driven by lies.

Awakening to reality as an individual can for this reason sometimes be more uncomfortable than remaining asleep in the dream, because you’re like Truman after he realizes it’s all a sham, but before he escapes. At times you’re just stuck there, freaking out at the actor who’s playing your mother while she tries in vain to cut to a commercial break. It can be distressing for you, and it can be distressing for the people around you who aren’t yet on the same page.

The only way we’re getting off the set of the Truman Show is if we can all succeed in waking each other up from the lies which built it. Until then we’ll be stuck in a world of poverty, war, exploitation, degradation, ecocide, and suffering. It’s not until enough of us have unplugged our minds from the matrix of lies that we’ll be able to use our strength of numbers to force real change.

Only then will we be able to escape.

Only then will we be able to walk off the set.

Only then will we be able to turn to the audience and say, “In case I don’t see ya: good afternoon, good evening, and good night!”

And then turn around, and walk out the door, and begin our adventure into reality.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

How The CIA Made Google (

“Can’t you see that January 6th is the most important event in human history?” (-HA HA HA HA! I love Garland Nixon!)

“And beyond just that, any voices that are TRULY anti-war and anti-imperialist are canceled/censored/deleted. #AskMeHowIKnow” (-Lee Camp comedian cancelled by rightwing HRC operatives)


     The reason the creepy developer needs to sell his overnight pop-up McMansions to outta state rich people is cause A) there are zero jobs in dead end desert ghost towns except as minimum wage retail slaves or under the table ranch hands and landscape immigrant work the white people don’t want, and B) outta state people are also the only ones who won’t know he’s building his McMansions just a few hundred yards from the stinky sewage treatment plant-who wants to pay half a million to smell shit all year ’round?  Dumbfuck government haves, drunk as fuck on their own stupid titles, man, they just like the idea of unconditional, blind “development”, even though there’s already like thirty mansions, sitting empty, all around the dead crosstown golf course. 106 degree temperatures don’t make tourists wanna pay to sit in hot tubs, but yuppie gentrifiers can’t help themselves, wherever they see poor people, they wanna bulldoze us out. Talk about replacement theory. I been getting replaced by richer Kendoll motherfuckers since what? 1990? Prior to the big media consolidation under Clinton and the I-Phone and social media network spying and narrative management, Murkkkans had a lot more class consciousness and fought back when they were getting fucked over. Remember Eddie Murphy on “Saturday Night Live” reciting a poem called, “Kill My Landlord”? They would never allow that, now. Motherfuckers all trained to obediently WORSHIP the fuckedup evil rich motherfuckers. Not, me, Jack. I have not yet begun to fight for my right to partay in the irretrievably crooked, and increasingly techlord fascistic and totalitarian, evil Davos billionaire ruled USA, USA! Resist the Gates Reset. Those oligarchs are not your friends. 


The corporate duopoly and reset billionaires and pig-media elites are goin’ after everybody, now. Greenwald, Stein, Camp, Baraka, they’re all double secret “RUSSIANS!” according to the imperialist identity politricks corrupt DNC types. No one will post my writing in the USA, only in France or Australia. I have not fallen for the false left versus right paradigm for years-they are all pro war, pro steel toed boot nazi cops, they all work for the exact same billionaire warpig elites. No Thanks. I see it in terms of the super rich paying the rich to propagandize the middle class into debating wedge issues, and also pour their tv programmed scorn and blame and hate on the poor. 

The desert cowboy next door, who’s in conflict with slick, fly by night, outta state developers, and the city hall code enforcers, who don’t like the looks of his desert southwest eccentric rock and cactus garden, with all the old metal signs and found objects, well, his dead dad had money, so he probably still has way more blind faith in the system than I do. He does not even have an attorney, good luck finding one who aint in bed with the rich here, but he thinks some judge is going to reward him, because city hall keeps sending armed goon squads and lady title havers to pace in circles in front of his house and subsequently, my house as well. Giant cops give us the stinkeye from the end of my driveway for having the audacity to be outside while they do their hokey-pokey and I actually do my best to try to keep my Curious George restless kid inside, while these lady asshole bureaucrats who all think they are very important, talk on their cell phones to other bureaucrats, who think they’re very important, and date these ripoff small business owners who think they are not only very omportant, but also, INDIE MARTYRS even as they gouge the fuck outta all their customers, meanwhile, the bored aggressor, hot n sweaty cops touch their weapons, spoiling for some kinda butch violence. These ongoing provocations are just considered everyday business as usual, by middle class people who inherited property and college tuitions. To me, it’s ugly and insane abuse on the part of the status quo, but everybody’s always, always just A-okay applepie all okeydokey with it cause they think we deserve to be hassled for living on the bad side of town, and I have no say about anything, they can take my kids, take my songs, whatever they want, these greedyass Godless Fauntleroy poser hipsters, because I have no money or power, I don’t think any judge is going to admit this nonstop bullying is wrong, let alone, ever give the artsy cowboy any financial compensation for his troubles that negatively affect the whole neighborhood. As a parent of a teen on the Autism Spectrum, it is of special worry and concern when these uniformed enforcers are now routinely sent to stand in front of our house every few days, as a provocation or intimidation tactic, because one need only type “autistic shot by cops” into any search engine to see how often these unaccountable, militarized professional bullies harm and or kill innocent disabled people in this shithole country. Everyday, yo. Motherfuckin Karens keep thanking the men in uniform for their service. So yeah, I complain about it to my neighbors and they all get nervous because they are all so conditioned to make believe this kinda needless, senseless, unscrupulous black hand extortion, pyramid scheme gentrification bullshit is just all daisies diversity and airbandb wokeness for gentrified privilege or some shit. I can’t stand ’em. People I grew up with just got on board, are in the pocket of the corrupt powers, everytime. Like a woman I used to know and her trendy rich landlord friends, who all moved en masse into a black neighborhood where the cops were called incessantly to round up and relocate hundreds of black people for petty victimless violations, so the upwardly mobile white hipsters could feel ever more safe n cozy at their overnight juicebars and reefer boutiques. Insane shit. They’re all worried about what Lyn Cheney (D) says about Qshaman or Super Scientist Elon Musk and Fauchi wanting to send more monkeypox shots or extra additional billions every three days for weaponry to Zelensky, but they do not, have not, will not, ever, ever, ever care about what happens to lesser than thou, poor people in the USA USA unless it’s a college person being offended by unwoke jokes or disinformation unapproved by secret police and shit. 

   I intentionally came to the desert to get away from greedhead, dollar worshipping, money whores and their brute force class gestapo, and here they come again, wherever we travel, just a beat and a half right behind us, the fucking gentrifiers. I can’t stand those fucking people. Big money Bossman Springsteen charging $4500 for a fucking concert ticket? In Lima, Ohio, crack hookers only charge $7 for a blowjob, according to some people I used to know, one dude told me he only ever paid in quarters, can you even faintly imagine some millionaire motherfucker still strutting around feeling sorry for himself cause his old man was emotionally unavailable to him in the late fifties, pretending to be some kinda working class hero who “identifies” with firemen, but wants $4,500 for rich boomers to watch him, listen to himself act all broody and anguished about some long gone fifties machismo past and tell some moody stories about his dad out in the garage workin’ on some car and sing some song about firemen, or the highway, again? I dunno, man. I thought Little Steven said he was not gonna play Sun City. Everything Springsteen and U2 do nowadays REEKS of playing “Sun City” to me. Same as the Stones, don’t they wanna play for somebody BESIDES hedge fund managers and their awful One Percent children? I think Dylan sold his publishing cause he was made an offer he could not refuse. Fleetwood Mac-ya know the whole industry is controlled by some shady elites. Motley Crue-they’ve all sold their publishing for big money, and were probably told “or else”, kinda creepy, though-ya know? All of ’em are workin’ for the Clampdown. All of ’em, remember when they put that mook-y goober Dave Grohl into the Clash tribute lineup, like he was some kinda heir to the Clash? This is a fuckedup world, man. I aint even gonna play Manitoba’s. I aint even gonna play Coney Island High, Bowery Electric, or the Redwood, you feel me? In the immortal words of a righteous and heroic rocknroll prophet, “They’re stabbing our brothers and our sisters in the back, we got to say, I, I, I, I, I I, I aint gonna play Sun City.”


Covid clampdowns killed off the last few lingering smalltown businesses except for farmer store and bigbox and some fake stores that are just boomer hobbies, “open by chance” the sign in the door says-you know-wife boutiques only open 12 hours a week, that kinda bullshit-tourist traps. Junk shop ran by overpricing old man as an excuse to hit on young women traveling through from outta town. It’s hot in the desert, my face and shoulders are sun burnt, my wife got me an electronic gadget that’s supposed to help deter unleashed Pitbull attacks that keep happening everytime we go on walks. I should be allowed to walk to the fucking river without fearing for my life, but all the desert crazy retirees leave their dogs unfenced to control the landscape, it’s fucking crazy, all these people whose only family member or associate is their attack dog, they refuse to keep leashed. My kid does a whole routine about ’em: “She’s a rescue dog but I always say she rescued ME!” Nothing’s opened here on Mondays or as I call it, Double Sunday. I will try not to get dog bit, my camera aint workin’ so I’ll see deer or bunnies, everytime I aint got my camera, that’s when the wildlife comes out! I gotta get outta this fucking chair for awhile, in spite of all the danger from nutty meth heads and pitbulls and militia creeps and really psychotic new age psychic divorcee feud craving bored spinsters. Muscleman won’t leave my old lady alone, now he’s going through disabled my kid, insistently offering to train him in the art of musclemanning. Dude has a wife. These old man are all creeps.

Lawmaker says private DNA databases could be hacked to produce bioweapons to target specific people (

“Octogenarian House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has decided to spend her final years on this mortal coil trying to start World War Three, pushing the Biden administration to designate Russia an official “state sponsor of terrorism” and planning a freakishly incendiary trip to Taiwan just in the last few days.

Beijing has made it clear that the first visit to Taiwan by a major US official in decades would be seen as an aggressive escalation and an egregious transgression of Washington’s official one-China policy.

“The U.S. side is wrong to believe that it can continue to flagrantly disregard the feelings of the Chinese side on Taiwan without more serious consequences,” a Chinese official told the Washington Post in response to the news of Pelosi’s planned trip in August, adding that “actors like Nancy Pelosi are committed to destabilizing China under the guise of morality” and that Pelosi has “openly threatened China’s development.”

Chinese state media put it even more bluntly, stating, “Pelosi’s Taiwan visit is a blatant provocation which will surely be met with a forceful response from China, including unprecedented military pressure. She is creating a dangerous moment, placing us on the brink of war. Nobody can guarantee there will be no mishaps.”

.@SpeakerPelosi. Nancy, I’ll go with you. I’m banned in China, but not freedom-loving Taiwan. See you there!

— Mike Pompeo (@mikepompeo) July 24, 2022

Pelosi’s insane escalation is finding support from some of the worst people on this planet, many of them from the other side of America’s illusory political divide.

“Nancy, I’ll go with you,” tweeted the Trump administration’s warmongering secretary of state and CIA director Mike Pompeo. “I’m banned in China, but not freedom-loving Taiwan. See you there!”

“It is my personal view that the one-China policy has outlived its usefulness, that it is time to move away from strategic ambiguity,” the Trump administration’s secretary of defense Mark Esper said in the wake of the news of Pelosi’s visit during a meeting with Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen.

“I think it’s important that we begin that national discussion [on strategic ambiguity] back in the United States. It would help us educate the American people if we can also point to bold decisions being made in Taipei,” Esper added, an apparent call for open domestic propaganda about the issue.

“I think China should not have any say over where American officials travel. I think if the Speaker wants to go she should go,” Esper said on CNN’s New Day.

“Speaker Pelosi absolutely should take a bipartisan congressional delegation to Taiwan,” tweeted former Republican House speaker Newt Gingrich. “I am the highest ranking US official to visit Taiwan. John Dingell and other Democrats joined GOP members. Communist China cannot dictate a Speakers travel!”

“Would it surprise you to learn that Nancy Pelosi got a round of applause at a meeting of the Trump-backed America First Policy Institute?” journalist Michael Tracey tweeted from the meeting on Monday. “Because that’s exactly what just happened, when Newt Gingrich declared support for her upcoming trip to Taiwan.”

Would it surprise you to learn that Nancy Pelosi got a round of applause at a meeting of the Trump-backed America First Policy Institute? Because that’s exactly what just happened, when Newt Gingrich declared support for her upcoming trip to Taiwan. “I commend Nancy,” said Newt

— Michael Tracey (@mtracey) July 25, 2022

“Speaker Pelosi should go to Taiwan and President Biden should make it abundantly clear to Chairman Xi that there’s not a damn thing the Chinese Communist Party can do about it,” Republican Senator Ben Sasse said on Monday. “No more feebleness and self-deterrence. This is very simple: Taiwan is an ally and the speaker of the House of Representatives should meet with the Taiwanese men and women who stare down the threat of Communist China.”

Taiwan is in fact not a formal ally under current US policy, but that’s exactly what all these calls to abandon the one-China policy and strategic ambiguity are geared toward changing.

Sasse’s comments are particularly annerving because they suggest that if the Biden administration does anything to deter Pelosi’s Taiwan brinkmanship it will be weaponized by the GOP to attack Biden as a puppet of Xi Jinping. This would be an exact inversion of the way the Democratic Party spent four years using accusations of Kremlin loyalty to put political pressure on the Trump administration to ramp up cold war escalations against Russia, which helped pave the way to the dangerous aggressions between those two nuclear powers we now see today.

We’re already seeing these frenzied accusations of Beijing loyalty from Republican spinmeisters like Tucker Carlson, which is something I warned would happen under a Biden presidency before the 2020 election.

— Caitlin Johnstone (@caitoz) July 13, 2022

When it comes to China, the so-called “populist right” is in lockstep with both Nancy Pelosi and with murderous neoconservatives like Bill Kristol, Max Boot and John Bolton. Steve Bannon’s support for regime change in Beijing is indistinguishable from Bill Kristol’s support for regime change in Beijing. You will never, ever see a Trump supporter address this perfect harmony between their faction and neocons and liberal hawks with any degree of intellectual honesty.

In reality, though Democrats tend to lean more toward supporting aggressions against Russia while Republicans lean more toward favoring aggressions against China, they’re both just manufacturing consent for the same unipolarist agenda of total global domination. They pretend to be on opposing sides, but if you ignore the narratives and just look at the actions what you see is a steadily escalating “great power competition” designed to facilitate the US empire’s longstanding agenda of securing unipolar planetary hegemony at all cost.

The drums of war are growing louder and louder, and the psychopaths who feed off it are growing more and more aroused. Let’s hope this evil empire ends as soon as possible in as peaceful a manner as possible, before these freaks get us all killed.”

(-Caitlin Johnstone)

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Davos Elite to “Fundamentally Change the Way Food is Produced and Consumed” – Activist Post

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Doctor Explosion “Superioridad Moral”

This is the first album in 11 years for this garage-psychedelic band from Spain. It starts with a stoner rock riff and repetitive beats in “Insatisfaccio” before going psych-pop with “Vestir de Mujer.” The Spanish vocals fit well with this music style even on the old-school garage songs like “El Dia Que David Murio”, “La Pollila” or “Grises.” No wonder this band is from Spain since songs like “La Gente No Sabe Gastar”, “Paleto” or “Acidez” are really sunny. It’s easy to imagine that this band must be successful in Spain and in Spanish speaking countries but if you’re into fuzz and garage, you should definitely check them. “Superioridad Moral” is out on Slovenly Recordings. /Laurent C.

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