Faz Waltz “On The Ball”

Italian power trio FAZ WALTZ are still going strong although they have changed styles a bit, from power pop to glam pop to 50s/60s retrock’n’roll. Songs like “Shame On You” or “Lotta Lovin'” bring EDDIE COCHRAN to mind and “Cold Touch” or “Soon I’m Gone” have bit of a LITTLE RICHARD vibe. The production takes you back to the golden age of rock’n’roll and the songs are all short and straight to the point. The spirit of The STRAY CATS also wanders around in songs like “She’s Mine” and “Hungry Man” and you’ll hear traces of power pop in “Empty Hands” as well as a glam rock touch in “Love Time Bomb”and in the BOWIE-esque “Shining Teeth”. If you’re looking for some good ol’ rock’n’roll, then look no further! /Laurent C.

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