WolfWolf & The Tuzemak Orchestra “S/T” EP

Mr. Wolf (drums) and Mr. Wolf (guitar) decided to go on a Balkan trip with a few Mexican spirits. They brought a couple of friends with them and here they are… “Monsters” brings some burlesque and tequila in rock’n’roll, as if a gang of pirates were partying in New Orleans just before going to Mexico (“Tuzemak”) for a punk fest ! “Lucifer” slows things down in a very cinematic way, evoking images of dark drunk cowboys in the desert and then you get introduced to “Count Vlad” and its trashy jazzy groove and horror rock vocals. The guitar sound on “I Crushed The Devil” is beautiful and this song sounds like the end of the party before resurrection with the rock and rollin’ “The Wolves Are Coming.”
GOGOL BORDELLO, TOM WAITS and LES NEGRESSES VERTES all come to mind in this chaotic fiesta. This 6 song EP is out on Lux Noise Records (Switzerland.) /Laurent C.


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Hanoï Rocks Forever!



“New church
Join the New Church
Be a Lord Of The New Church
Lords Of The New Church – now

Truth can’t be found on the television
Throwaway youth ya gotta take a stand
Music is your only weapon
Spanners in the works go start your gang…..

New Church…” (-STIV LIVES!)

“It should not be assumed that the strategies and actions being employed by Washington and its allies in their proxy war against Moscow will always be in the best interest of Ukraine or its people.

Yet too much of the media coverage of Ukraine comes with a steady drumbeat of agitation for Biden and other Western leaders to “do more” — including escalatory measures like a no-fly zone that would increase the likelihood of nuclear war or World War III.

The desire to avoid this scenario by advocating for a negotiated solution to the war is not a capitulation to Putin and it is not appeasement. Yet it’s consistently portrayed that way by chickenhawk pundits at outlets that rake in millions from the weapons industry.

In the fog of war, we need investigative journalism that goes beyond the propaganda of imperial powers to report on human suffering, profit motives, and the prospects for peace.” (-Jeremy Scahill)

If you get the feeling that all this Ukraine flag-waving is one more vapid mainstream propaganda initiative used to manufacture consent for an agenda that has nothing to do with what you’re being told, it’s because that’s exactly what is happening.

n this war Russia has killed many Ukrainians and Ukraine has killed many Russians and the US empire has killed many Ukrainians and Russians.

It’s nuts that there are still grown adults who think Putin invaded Ukraine for no other reason than because he is evil and hates freedom.

Focus less on the Azov Battalion and more on the fact that the US deliberately provoked this war with the goal of toppling Moscow and is threatening all our lives with increasingly reckless brinkmanship against a nuclear superpower.

People who promote a US/NATO war with Russia are more dangerous and depraved than racists, homophobes, transphobes and antisemites, and they should be treated accordingly. They are the most dangerous extremists on earth. This should be completely uncontroversial and obvious to literally everyone.

More Americans know Marge Simpson’s sisters’ favorite TV show than know their government is waging a deliberately provoked and profoundly dangerous proxy war against a nuclear superpower. This is because mainstream western media — all of it — is propaganda.

Everyone should be able to say whatever the fuck they want about a proxy war instigated by the world’s most powerful government that could very easily end up sparking a nuclear war.

If you’re on the side of the US empire on any issue you are on the wrong side. This doesn’t mean the other side is always necessarily in the right, it just means a globe-spanning empire that’s held together by lies, murder and tyranny will always be in the wrong. Yes, it is that simple.

It must be the most soul-destroying thing in the world to go to journalism school, study hard, graduate in front of your whole family, work your ass off building up a resume, get a steady job, and then find yourself writing hit pieces about disobedient Youtubers for The Daily Beast.

Twitter is nature’s way of dispelling the common misconception that liberals are smart.

If I was the world’s biggest narcissist, I’d probably try to become the richest person on earth, and do everything I can to make sure everyone’s always talking about me, and convince everyone that I’m going to save the world with my technology so I get a weird cult to worship me.

Twitter being biased in favor of one nation’s government is vastly more consequential than Twitter being biased in favor of one US political party. So far we’re only seeing emphasis on the latter, indicating that Twitter will continue functioning as a US propaganda/censorship apparatus. It should probably get more attention that it’s effectively impossible to have any kind of major media company in the US and not have it be absorbed into the US propaganda machine.

The Assange case is very simple: the most powerful government in the world is trying to criminalize journalism about its nefarious behavior anywhere in the world. You can sum it up in a breath. It’s only narrative spin and smears that make it seem like some big complicated thing.

Empires haven’t disappeared as the world grows more conscious of the evils of empire, they’ve just gotten sneakier and bitchier. They used to nail you to a piece of wood in public if you defied them, now they’ve got to go through this whole deceitful lawfare process just to kill one journalist.

Empires used to just openly conquer foreign territories because they want to own them. Then it became about “civilizing” them. Now they pretend it’s about “freedom and democracy”, and they don’t even make you change your flag to theirs.

Empires used to exterminate entire towns who dared to disobey them, now they have to launch these giant bitchy propaganda operations to psychologically manipulate populations into hating their enemies.

Empires are just really sneaky, bitchy, gossippy, backstabby versions of what they’ve always been. They’re just as oppressive and violent, but the fact that there are more eyes on their behavior means they have to be so much more manipulative and covert about what they do.

The more visible things become, the more hard work and cleverness is required to run an empire. That’s why they’re working so hard to make things less visible via censorship, propaganda, Silicon Valley algorithm manipulation, and the criminalization of journalism.

The biggest mistake you can make is to trust that your leaders’ actions would seem more sensible and appropriate if you knew what they know and understood what they understand. The wars really are as horrific and as pointless as they appear. The escalations in tyranny really are as bad as they seem. It’s not that you don’t understand what you’re looking at, it’s that you’re not a sociopath.

Your thoughts and opinions matter. Know how you can tell? Because every single day the world’s most powerful people pour an immense amount of wealth and energy into trying to manipulate them.

When a loved one is very self-destructive you can’t control their fate; at some point you’ve just got to let them make their mistakes and hope something in them wakes up before they wind up dead. That’s pretty much how you’ve got to be with the entire human species at this point.

The hyperbolic language westerners use to describe fairly normal modern warfare in Ukraine suggests they’ve invested exactly zero thought in what their own governments have been doing in the middle east for the last two decades.

It’s like, yes, killing, violence and destruction is what war looks like. You’re describing the thing that war is. It’s creepy that you’re only just discovering this now. What did you think your government has been using to conduct its wars this whole time? Dank memes?

Before the Ukraine war I would’ve told you it’s impossible for me to despise shitlibs any more than I already do and impossible for me to have less respect for their foam-brained worldview. But I would have been wrong. Very, very wrong.

If your understanding of world events doesn’t account for the easily quantifiable fact that the US is the most tyrannical regime on earth by a massive margin, nothing else in your understanding of world events will be fact-based.

There’s only one government that is circling the planet with hundreds of military bases, continually working to destroy any nation who disobeys it, and has spent the 21st century killing people by the millions. It isn’t Russia. It isn’t China. One must account for this reality.

That’s tyranny. That is the thing that tyranny is. If it isn’t tyranny to bully and brutalize the entire world into obedience by any degree of violence necessary, then tyranny is a meaningless concept. The US just happens to export the majority of its tyranny outside its borders.

The RAND Corporation has responded to the way people have been highlighting its Pentagon-funded 2019 report on strategies for crippling Russia by attaching an editor’s note declaring that people who do this are Russian propagandists.https://t.co/a4h0AhM5GX pic.twitter.com/o7QkfPkRc3

— Caitlin Johnstone  (@caitoz) April 20, 2022

The fact that CNN+ couldn’t even get 10k people to pay for its content shows why Silicon Valley needs to tilt its algorithms to boost mainstream media content while hiding indie media: people only look at that bullshit when they’re forced to. If it wasn’t for Silicon Valley algorithm manipulation outlets like CNN would have died years ago.

Journalism would greatly benefit from its practitioners becoming far more disdainful of the approval of their peers, rather than seeking that approval like crack fiends. In journalism when you were respected by all the other journos it used to mean you were probably doing something right; now it’s a sure sign you are doing something wrong.

Can’t shake how weird it is that we’re hurtling toward nuclear annihilation and we’re still all babbling about Will Smith and face masks.

Future generations, if there are future generations, will look back in horror at the fact that we just let billionaire corporations not only profit from war but actively lobby for more war via think tanks, campaign funding and other influence ops.

(-Caitlyn Johnstone Rogue Journalist)

To state the obvious, Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is a bald-faced war of aggression. And brave Ukrainian and international journalists have risked — and lost — their lives to bring firsthand accounts of Russian atrocities to the world’s attention.

But here in the United States, too many in the corporate news media have reacted by becoming propagandists for the U.S. and NATO — even as Biden administration officials privately admit that they’ve been intentionally manipulating reporters by circulating unverified intelligence.

At The Intercept, we refuse to accept the neo-McCarthyist herd mentality that it’s traitorous for U.S. journalists to question the actions or motivations of our own government. Reporting the truth about U.S. foreign policy doesn’t make me, or anyone else, “a stooge for Putin.”(-Jeremy Scahill)

“Neoliberals continue to expose their true right-wing totalitarian character. Look at the freakout from another U.S. oligarch taking control of another social media platform who claims to be committed to “free speech.” When did free speech become a threat? Oh- under neoliberalism.” (-Ajamu Baraka)


   I loved when Sami Yaffa memorably said, “Hanoi Rocks weren’t really a hair band, we were more like a hat band”. When we were wild teenage hoodlums from the Midwest, we heard songs like “Sweethome Suburbia” and “Teenangels Outsiders” and totally vibed with the Hanoi Rockers, even into their solo careers. “Dead, Jail, Or Rocknroll”, which Mike wrote with Little Steven really was a working class anthem for blue collar kids like me and my old rhythm guitarist, N.F. Bastard, who still lives in a rightwing hellhole that locals proudly refer to as “Flag City” and “Handcuff County, USA”! The eighties generic metal bands who copied Hanoi mostly sucked so bad. They just had nothing to say. I can admit to liking a couple songs by L.A. Guns and Cinderella, I guess. Absolutely Love Junkyard and Circus Of Power who were goodtime hell yeah rocknroll bands. I obviously love The Cult, the earlier, the better. I LOVE SMACK, but never considered them a hair band, though they were a bit more sleaze metal than Hanoi. Spookier, too, maybe you could say they were darker, almost more goth. All the dumbfuck heavy metal posers just seemed to be writing “Partytime” by 45 Grave over and over but with wanky metal solos and cheesy keyboards. I tried to play a song by Autograph yesterday, just because almost all those guys are dead, and that eighties slick radio production was just so horrible.I tried watching some snippets from the Rainbow Bar & Grill parking lot party and just none of those bands were really very good at all-the joke band playing covers were almost indistinguishable from the brainless eighties cock rockers. Hanoi Rocks, and Michael Monroe, in particular, were always a lot smarter than their spandex lifeguard imitators. They had a social conscience like The Lords and The Clash and Disciples Of Soul and made music with smart lyrics about real stuff us hardknocks guttersnipes could all really relate to. Can’t wait to hear their new full length cd. I also really wanna hear that new record that Paul Black from The Joneses and L.A. Guns made with Jo Dog from Dogs D’Amour. Jo Dog is one of the most underrated guitar players around. I spend most of my time outdoors these days, because I can not stand the bullshit nonstop corporate media war propaganda and wealth worshipping of thee evil Davos billionaires and their private mercenary, black ops proxy armies, and dystopian surveillance-tech profiteering. When we were younger, music was our medicine. MTV used to show “Boulevard Of Broken Dreams”, “Around The Bend”, “Dance With Me”, “Open Your Eyes”, “Smokescreen”, and “Man With No Eyes” on motherfucking TV! can you imagine what that was like, to see that stuff when we were thirteen and fourteen and eighteen and nineteen? The bad men in the shadows have tried to snuff out real rocknroll for years and replace it with creepy, manufactured, artificial capitalist rap and slutty techno pop, all toxic and poisonous to the soul, really, but there are still a few last real rocknrollers out there making genuine music from the heart with brains and guts and soul and style. Mike’s one of the Best Rockstars who ever lived! Like Lemmy or Little Richard!


Everybody in my neck of the woods is stoned on the legal white people reefer. I never liked weed. It might be the heat, I’m just exhausted all the time. Sheesh. Maybe the monotony. Not even that easy for an independent lone wolf like me, I can only do so many hours with the electro-screens or chair sitting and then, I have to move. It’s something in me. I still call it Rock! Ain’t nothing to do in the desert except go on long walks on the mountain, look for stuff. Been here four years, never found an arrowhead, it’s all been ransacked 100 years ago. All those old miners, “gold in them thar hills!” Whiteys still got goldrush fever, only now, it all has to do with reefer. Healthfood boutiques, airbandb’s. Aint no music, really, some sad folkies and yuppies all play techno at any gatherings. All lame. Offroad yeehaw ATV’s blow by on dirt roads blaring commercial country, Shadies blast corny, commodified capitalist occult rap. Yuppies have invaded.

Greedhead conquistador, money seeking competitor/predator personalities with voracious appetites and something to prove to their family of origin, always follow us dropout gypsy, nomadness people wherever we go, not because they really want to be here, they just sense our quiet lives and humble serenity and moments of happiness and gotta find a way to destroy that, somehow. I always almost begrudgingly feel somewhat sorry for these dudes who have wealth, multiple recreational vehicles, brand new shiny status symbols, two motorcycles, a legal reefer card, an all day spot at the bar in the window, pix from their vacation safari, all the glamour shots with the big shit eating grins holding the big gold trophy who still can not be contented, because there is an abandoned slum down the street, or some litter on the river. The controlling types who need to feel victorious and ever dominant over some kinda totally disadvantaged poor people. What tortured animals they must be. I know dudes whose greatest accomplishment in life is always repeating to their wife or brother how they got more than I do. I’m an eighth grade dropout, no car, no property, and that’s what they’re proudest of, must always find ways to emphasize and broadcast. Who cares, man? Really? Myself, I’m like Spicolli, some waves and a cool buzz, and I’ll be fine. I take pictures of rabbits, am mostly content to watch the river of life pass by, but then again, that’s probably only after three action packed lifetimes worth of hard road escapades, getting ripped off, thrown out, beatup, impersonated, having the companionship of many dynamite women, genius roadhog brothers, all night rocker hellions, ya know, family, parties, shows, fun. Even in our peak moments of glory days small pond popularity though, when young kids would wanna shake our hands as we strutted down the street like drunk cowboys, there were just always, the capitalist private school competition-weasels, ever present on the fringes watching, like male Karens, snitch-squads, safety patrol, worrying that we were tasting too much freedom by embracing the day, all the jealous and bitter fortunate sons on the phone with their moms and lawyers and unattractive gossip groupies, just hissing spite and venom our way. That’s how I came to see my fellow Murkkkans, as really petty and hateful, class bigoted, popularity chasing, gotta have it, me, firsters. They need to update that juicer again, forever demanding a bigger hot tub! I wrote a song about ’em when I was 22, I’m over ’em, only time I seem to start feelin’ bad in this life, is when I get involved with the ratrace shit-havers, they are not sincere people. Just out for themselves, they just throw everything on the pile. They could never slow down and stop consuming long enough to sit with the deer outside at dusk, or see the morningtime flickers on the river. They are usually ready to leave these nowhereland desert ghost towns by the third day. 

Hell, one of my newer tunes is called “The Nine To Fivers Always Lie”, it’s a reminder to myself to not get involved. The ambitious grifter builder types who keep hyping how they are gonna put this place on the map and make a million dollars overnight have not even been here for the summer yet. Ha. 120 degrees in the shade, makes you laydown flat, ain’t no drive fast, look at me, showboat, rat-racing. They’re all in the wrong place. I think they meant to go to Austin. Or Portland. They wanna be seen holding their paid for trophies, being winners. Try again. I don’t get all that uptight about the booj pig invasions no more cause out here “where the real winds blow”, it’s a much, much slower pace, and all these buy low sell high eaters of culture, they can’t stand it, after a few days, they all go nuts here, almost overnight-even the couples who come to town with big Dollar Signs in their eyes, after enough nights of having to socialize with bitter elderly folks, they start goin’ stir crazy, can’t get enough Amazon boxes delivered to their doorstep to still feel connected to wealth or ratrace consumersim, they start begging their friends to follow them into the boonies because there is no nightlife, no shopping, no touring bands, no news-stands, no Chipotle, no indian food, no falafels, they start calling outta state DJ’s asking them to come spin at their private parties, but even if you’re the Fonzie-est Fonz around, the Fonzie-est Thunder Road Grease Lightnin’ stud in town, you know, it’s still just some old new age spinster psychic widows who live with two pitbulls and hear transmissions from aliens who they are at the bar  impressing. The old men all hate big talkin’ city slickers. Can’t wait to see them fail, smiling to their face, betting against ’em behind their back. You ain’t got enough money to turn Tombstone into Brooklyn. Gentrifers are hot on our trail, but you know, they can’t stand the monotony for long, it even gnaws at me, sometimes, and I been poor all my life-even when I lived in big cities, it aint like I really ever had money to buy fancy hats or go to fancy shows or restaurants or nightclubs that often.

There’s a guy down the street who lives in an aluminum garage, has a rocking chair, does not say hi when we pass each other on our multiple daily walks. I think he might have a disability. Used to be another old dude with blonde hair who sat at a desk all day with the door open in his brokedown purple house down the street until he died. Wife and I were appalled by all the rescue workers loud and jovial, non chalant, partytime laughter while they removed him on a gurney zipped up in a bodybag. Her sister’s a nurse though, says it’s all like that.

Even if you think of yourself as a sensitive Che Guevara friend of the people, when you actually live with an extremely poor, proletariat population of desperately lonely old age people seeking attention from every postal worker-cautiously, indecisively, perusing the various stamp options, and weighing their many options, having trouble deciding…it gets hard to be patient…all the lonely widowers, and black masked Elanor Rigby’s, belaboring the unhappy chainsmoker pharmacist who smokes out back all day with their heavy rotation grandchildren stories…the meth culture lower class crazies who ride around on bicycles playing gangbang rap music, cause they wanna be like Badger or Combo on “Breaking Bad”, names I only know about because my teenager’s former classmates are all neckdeep in low level gang culture vaping fetishism. We were at the dollar store a week ago, and outta town travelers were LOSING THEIR MINDS that there was only one cash register open, they are pissy middle classers not used to having to wait, and every customer is problematic, has a handful of expired coupons, or needs special help, there’s a line to the back of the store-a pissed off lady cop, a buncha old women with full shopping carts because this is where they buy their groceries, they live on this total gas station quality shitfood, two massively obese, overweight people dripping with sweat profusely, an angry drugsick druggy mom buying a six dollar Easter basket with her EBT card, slow witted people asking each other why the foodstamps have not been replenished for a month and there’s no chatter about it online. Ya know this is how it is for the majority. Some crazy old bastard man comes in yelling, cuts to the front of the line, starts bellowing about where’s the vitamins, won’t shutup, nobody knows what he’s talking about, macho lady cop getting unhappier. Restlessly putting her hand on her taser, gun, nightstick, while touristy, entitled, outta town karens wanna speak to the manager. Even me, man, I’m like, “let’s just leave”. I got a lot more compassion for retail shitworkers than middle classers do because I’ve been the basic math incompetent lone cashier trying to accommodate white trash crazies buying scratch off lotto cards while the me, first people behind them are screaming at me, belligerently, AS IF I have any say about how many people are scheduled by management. Maybe the lack of math skills are my fault, but Target shoppers screaming at minimum wage earners has never made any of us smarter. 

When I was a kid, I first saw some pictures of Hanoi Rocks in grocey store news stand heavy metal magazines around the time I was first sent to reform school, man, I loved those leopard skin creepers and winklepickers, cowboy ties and gold lame suits, beautiful Doc Holiday hats and concho straps. Eventually, I got ahold of a used cassette copy of “Back To Mystery City” from a road trip record store in Indianapolis. It became one of my fave records along with Generation X “Into The Valley Of The Dolls” and the Pretenders first two albums and “London Calling”. Changed my life, really. They were the zenith of rocknroll back then, when it peaked, the high point. “Mystery City” had it all. It was like a psychedelic surf, amphetamine driven, fun house carnie, decadent and dangerous, rockabilly roadhouse, highway storming, seedy latenight, Alice Cooper and Aerosmith and Deadboys influenced, summertime love song, adolescent drinking, highway antheming, rocknroll rebel rousing celebration. To my mind, nobody’s ever come close to revisiting that hour of epic awesomeness, certainly not Guns N Roses, though I do still like, “Night Train”, “Rocket Queen”, “Mister Brownstone” and “It’s So Easy”. Lotta people seem to prefer “Two Steps From The Move”, but for me, “Mystery City” was their main masterpiece. Then we got the “All Those Wasted Years” VHS video and holy smokes. Mike was like a cross between Bowie and Idol, just so impossibly larger than life with that oversized Warhol white shock of Johnny Thunders hair! Andy was all Chuck Berry duckwalks and evil Keith Richards sneers. Razzle was the lovable Neil Smith jungle beat. Nasty and Sami were also stars, it was like a band of five frontmen, you never see that anymore. Five major talents sharing space, creating something much bigger than anything we’d seen since The Stones or The Clash. They were everything I loved about the Stray Cats meets everything I loved about the NY Dolls and Generation X and the Rolling Stones. Their anthems were as triumphantly inspiring as “Born To Run”. “Tooting Bec Wreck” was a total theme-song for all us lonely planet boys and misunderstood weirdos from nowhere places. Once we heard those songs, all we wanted to do was get lost in the city and meet the lone star queens! About a year after that, I ran away to NYC and discovered Lords Of The New Church and met people like Stiv Bators and Martha Quinn. Rocknroll was always in my blood, I grew up on Alice and Iggy, The Cramps, the Pistols and Bowie and T. Rex,  but it was mainly Hanoi Rocks, Lords Of The New Church, Flesh For Lulu, The Alarm, Godfathers, and Generation X that made me wanna start my own bands. They say never meet your heroes, met Andy and he was ya know, kinda wornout, met Mike twice and he was exactly everything you would ever hope he would be. Still a punk, still with the people. Just lovely and gracious, like Stiv. So here we are all these decades later, and I’m still always excited to hear all his new jams. He’s got a song called, “Can’t Stop Falling Apart” you’re probably gonna love, if you’re anything like me. 

Black Bombers “Last Bite” b/w “You Take My Money”

(-Easy Action Records) – Review by General Labor


“When two scorpions are in a bottle, they both lose. This is the preventable danger that is growing daily, with no end game in sight between the two nuclear superpowers, led by dictator Vladimir Putin and de facto sole decider, Joe Biden.

Putin’s first argument is, Washington invented the model of aggressive, illegal invasions, and destruction of distant countries that never threatened U.S. security. Millions have died, been injured, and sickened in defenseless countries attacked by U.S. armed forces. George W. Bush and Dick Cheney killed over a million innocent Iraqis and devastated the country in so many ways that scholars called it a “sociocide.”

Putin’s second argument is that Russia is being threatened on its sensitive western border, which had been invaded twice by Germany and caused the loss of 50 million Russian lives. Soon after the Soviet Union collapsed, the West’s military alliance against Russia began moving east. Under Bill Clinton, NATO (The North Atlantic Treaty Organization) signed up Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic in 1999 leading to major arms sales by the U.S. giant munitions corporations.” (-Ralph Nader)

“The Cold War, from 1945 to 1989, was a wild Bacchanalia for arms manufacturers, the Pentagon, the C.I.A., the diplomats who played one country off another on the world’s chess board, and the global corporations able to loot and pillage by equating predatory capitalism with freedom. In the name of national security, the Cold Warriors, many of them self-identified liberals, demonized labor, independent media, human rights organizations, and those who opposed the permanent war economy and the militarization of American society as soft on communism. 

That is why they have resurrected it.

The decision to spurn the possibility of peaceful coexistence with Russia at the end of the Cold War is one of the most egregious crimes of the late 20th century. The danger of provoking Russia was universally understood with the collapse of the Soviet Union, including by political elites as diverse as Henry Kissinger and George F. Kennan, who called the expansion of NATO into Central Europe “the most fateful error of American policy in the entire post-Cold War era.” 

This provocation, a violation of a promise not to expand NATO beyond the borders of a unified Germany, has seen Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Albania, Croatia, Montenegro and North Macedonia inducted into the Western military alliance.

This betrayal was compounded by a decision to station NATO troops, including thousands of U.S. troops, in Eastern Europe, another violation of an agreement made by Washington with Moscow. The Russian invasion of Ukraine, perhaps a cynical goal of the Western alliance, has now solidified an expanding and resurgent NATO and a rampant, uncontrollable militarism. The masters of war may be ecstatic, but the potential consequences, including a global conflagration, are terrifying. 

Peace has been sacrificed for U.S. global hegemony. It has been sacrificed for the billions in profits made by the arms industry. Peace could have seen state resources invested in people rather than systems of control. It could have allowed us to address the climate emergency. But we cry peace, peace, and there is no peace. Nations frantically rearm, threatening nuclear war. They prepare for the worst, ensuring that the worst will happen.” (-Chris Hedges)

“The hostile faceoff with Russia causes that and is entirely misplaced–led by war hawks in Obama administration–especially Victoria Nuland, who cheered on an overthrow in Ukraine.

I think this is an issue where something does need to be said–but it’s important to understand where they are coming from. The United States, under Bush 1, had an agreement when Germany joined NATO; Russia agreed with the understanding that NATO would not move one inch to the east. Since then NATO has pursued a policy of basically encircling Russia, including the threat of nukes and drones and so on.” (-Jill Stein)

 “Obama & his liberal buddies at Media Matters legitimized censorship. The target, as always for liberals, was supposed to be the “right.” But, as always, the real target was going to be critical left voices. His tour is just a continuation of that neoliberal assault on democracy.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

It was clear we’d reached a whole new level of Orwellian doublethink when it turned out liberals will call literally anyone in the world a Nazi except actual, literal Nazis.

You know capitalism is totally working when there are people getting paid millions to help start wars by people who make billions from wars while Silicon Valley megacorporations are censoring those who try to end wars and everyone’s praying the world’s richest man will stop this.

There are no “private” companies worth billions of dollars. In a corporatist system it is impossible to grow that big without becoming intertwined with ruling power structures. This is especially true for corporations of immense political consequence, like social media platforms.

We are surrounded by propaganda at all times. Our entire civilization is saturated with it. When you say you support internet censorship to stop “Russian propaganda”, what you are really saying is that you only want your own rulers propagandizing you.

The notion that some opinions are Russian is one of the most mind-destroying beliefs ever circulated in a secular society.”

❖(-Caitlyn Johnstone)


A Chick-Pea is what we call capitalist got-mine, ex punks, who still wear a Max’s Kansas City t shirt, but no longer stand for, or embody, even one single core value, or egalitarian, rebellious and inclusive, corner stoop principle of punk, aside from (snicker) Owning Shit, and perhaps, a contrarian tendency to seek negative attention by pretend-liking Trump, ala Johnny Rotten, a rather shit move, just to get up pronoun fixated, show me your papers, see something/say something people’s noses, since nothing else they do distinguishes them from your run of the mill, imperialist, conservative, police state, elitist, tv believing, brunch-band, Shit-Lib. I avoid all gentrification brunchers. Get lost, chick-peas!

Mainstream middleclass Murkkkans are still addicted to monopoly media, there is always talk of breaking up the monopolies, but that’s a joke, Congress is owned by them. So ya know, all day and all night here, it is Big 5 official narrative war propaganda, and public relations consent manufacturing about how these billionaire despots are your FriendsTM who want you to be healthy and own nothing, but be happy. Both of Chuck Schumer’s kids are tech lobbyists. Factcheck that, Zuckerberg. So it really has become a Big Brother shit show. Brought to you by Pfizer. Dummy slogan repeaters all cheer, each day, when Gropey Joe announces another Eight hundred million dollar giveaway to his mercenary coup rightwing proxy army in the Ukraine, or for Israel to buy more weapons to steal more land from peasants, but no relief is forthcoming for people in this country, USA! USA!, who have not received their food stamps in months. One welfare mother waited an hour and a half to talk to a welfare worker on the phone who said they were months behind simply digitally replenishing the cards, because, “nobody wants to work”TM, but that the benefits might, be given, retroactively, in the future, to struggling families, but she is not sure. No word from MSNBC Psaki who is tearing-up, child cages under Trump style AOC weeping, over the idea of some airlines no longer requiring masks. Meanwhile, Wal Mart, where all the food stamps are spent, has RAISED all their prices by twenty-five percent and millionaire tv propagandists just say, “Blame Putin”. That’s your government and it’s Official State Media. All the money goes to rich as fuck billionaire Great Reset surveillance capitalists, Blackwater regime change mercenaries, and weapons manufacturers. Fuck you, poor people. You should have married up and inherited your Airbandb the hard way, by the bootstraps, like I did. God bless Hunter Biden(D), he’s just so… misunderstood. These dirty panhandlers loitering near my Whole Foods, though, they need to be PUNISHED! They are probably doing….DRUGS! Silly wabbits, dwugs are for rich people! Oil company vice presidents, fortunate sons, and biolab consultants. For SCIENCE! And DIVERSITY!TM

    “USA! USA! USA! USA!” Like George Carlin, I’ve arrived at the point where I no longer believe anything on tv and have to presume that whatever the HONKY DEATH MACHINE has to say, the opposite is almost always, the irrefutable hard fact, on the ground. All the most reliable journalists have been purged by Tech lords, not Just Assange and Hersh. Abby Martin, Glen Greenwald, Cait Johnstone, Jeremy Scahill, Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate from Gray Zone. Danny Haiphong and Margaret Kimberly from Black Agenda Report-they are all being banned and purged, censored and deplatformed. Big 5 corporate whores are even going after Chomsky for saying a diplomatically negotiated settlement between warring countries  is always preferable to sacrificing the innocent population of a country to the  richman’s dogs of war. So yeah, I’m sick of fake music, fake news, revised history, the unquestioned rule of the One Percent. The evil empire does not love you. The billionaire despots are not your friends. The Pentagram, I mean, Pentagon, is not your friend.

A CIA lady torturer is now running a Gwenyth Paltrow style wellness brand as a health and beauty coach, she’s gonna help you realign your chakras for feminism and healing. Only in Amurkkka!

CIA Torture Queen Now A Beauty And Life Coach – Caitlin Johnstone


      I think it’s good to take breaks from unprecedented propaganda juggernaut. I know I’m happier since I been locked outta Facebook, it’s a poison pill. On one hand, I had likeminded activists to talk to about what’s really happening in this mad unreality show world, on the other hand, we’re all being spied on, sold to governments and corporations, and censored like crazy. Of course, that means having to dig ever deeper over my morning cups of coffee for any scraps of real news that ain’t just “Rah-Rah Murkkka’s #1” war propaganda, billionaires with surgical enhancements and product lines make believe for tv problems, or works every time like Colt 45 basic bullshit like Guiliani on “The Masked Singer”. So you know, I kinda need a new notebook to write lyrics in, a new rocknroll book to escape into. Ideally, a James Calvin Wilsey or Mike Martt like guitarist to help me save rocknroll for the generations to come before it’s too late. It is getting real intensely hot where I live and I am already depleted from being out in the sun this morning. Coffee sick, alienated from most of humanity, crazy from the heat. Wishing I had like a day off and an air conditioner and maybe ten or fifteen of those Cucumber vodka spritzers, but I am always on the clock, now. There aint no weekends off. Maybe I’ll lose some of that Covid Quarantine weight gain. Kinda makes me smile, how people are still whining about being forced to social distance for like a month a year ago, I been social distancing since about 1997! People who are unaware that they have been relentlessly propagandized are the scariest. The virtue signalers, or as I call ’em, the obedience signalers, waving their Ukraine flag, talking about “democracy”, enthusing about Kanye or the Foo Fighters, AOC and Lady Gaga have utterly no idea what they are talking about. I abhor the true tragedy of the commons which is all the innocents caught in the crossfire of super power wars, but for me, it’s not a selective outrage, I’m as sickened by the atrocities of Libya which shitlib evil Hillary still laughs her ass off about, of  actual genocide in Yemen, of Palestine, of Iraq and Afghanistan. It still pisses me off that Big-Jet Inside Traitor, Pelosi and her gross fake liberal friends, applauded that Juan Guiado guy trained by Schwab, who the USA! USA! tried to thrust upon Venezuela. USA! USA! is still trying to overthrow Cuba, they knew what they were doing installing white nationalist rightwing mercenaries in the Ukraine. They knew innocents would die. Shit-Libs say what?  “I would have stormed offstage, if I was a judge on the Masked Singer, too!” Not because Guiliani helped kill the soul of NYC, murdering the melting pot tradition of being accessible to everyone from all over the world, by hardon “broken windows theory” policing and making it only affordable to Obscenely rich people, not because he is a total stop and frisk, granny groping, TSA cop from hell, not because he helped cover up who the real culprits behind the bombed buildings in NYC were, but because, he was friends with an always useful, all purpose boogeyman fuckfaceTrump, who talked some sexist shit to Billy Bush on tv, the only issue that mattered to shitlibs besides Covid and the flag waving for Ukraine. Before I got locked out of the surveillance panopticon, my leftist anarchist friends were all saying the Oscars were sponsored by Pfizer, so it was entirely possible the whole ongoing meme viral weapon of mass distraction, wag the doggy, Will Smith controversy was more empty-theater to promote Pfizer’s new Alopecia drug. I dunno man, but all these middle class gender warriors identifying with Johnny Depp or Amber Heard are more worried about the fate of famous millionaires’ feelings than the human rights, or lives of any of us disposable poor people who they all hate and fear and loathe and plagiarize and look down on. 


     All the assimilated trustarfari haves on the hill are frightened like hell that they’re gonna catch the Poverty from one of us. They love their bosses, though, and Official Sources. They love their higher ups, their “Superiors”. Kinda like all those scene queens who defend bad behavior of aggressive dickhead nightclub owners, cause they are chronic kissasses who want to DJ Tuesday nights, headline that hipster club on weekends, and shmooze for free drinks, I got nothing in common with people who defend muscle bound rich people punching out mentally ill, scrawny, homeless people. I am way closer to being a homeless person (again) myself, than I am to ever, ever, even in, 100 years, becoming a millionaire nightclub owning, cocaine swaggering, free with his fists, punch out the little guy macho  bigman, or even a suckup hipster scene honcho with a fancy pants, managed band to promote out of some gentrified zipcode. I’ve known a lot of nightclub owners, they were all in bed with crooked cops, the mob, gangs, they are not nice people. My favorite one is the Republikkkan punk who owns a fat actor bar, and charges twenty bucks per beer, who groans and moans, and moans and groans, all day, everyday from his barstool, about welfare mothers, even though his bar was basically given to him as a handout by some rich actor/rockstars, and even still, he complains non stop about people with drug problems, because he helpfully insists that alcohol is not a drug, see? Hipsters, though, they like being, pay to be seen, faux celebrities, and do not like being spoken to by pesky transients. Sheesh. I understand what Johnny Thunders meant when he sang, “Alone In A Crowd”. I can’t relate to none of those people with the Johnny Thunders tattoos with big hats who dress like me. 

   Flick-flick-flickin’ through that nonsense Netflix brainwash garbage, I tried to watch this seemingly camp Lindsey Lohan show about running a hipster resort on an island in Greece, reminding me of a long dead former Lip Service plastic pants wearing old drinking buddy named Jack Taylor, and the whole thing was like shockingly for real–ridiculously glorifying model-hooker-bottle opener-servants of the rich. I had to turn it off like six minutes into it. I know motherfuckers who emulate that kinda gentrification VIP slobbering hooker slavery bullshit. Wanna get their selfie with some replacement member of some sucky poser, milking the dead carcass of a long dead brand. Get massaged by two incense burning, Asian ladies on Friday night at the all-night health spa for enlightenment and vibrant and diverse Buddhism “because they’re worth it!” Not my scene, man. I gotta go burn some sage just thinking about it. 

    I’m watching a Lou Reed concert past my bedtime already but it’s too hot to sleep and I sure do miss fearless and original artists like him and Robert Quine. Sometimes, when I think of all the Urban Outfitted mobs of hipster rich people who claimed to like all these same bands I do, I’m always like, “were they listening to some other records I never heard?” ‘Cause none of their actions or choices or own art or beliefs reflect their love for the Clash or Nick Cave or whoever in any meaningful way besides like, hairdos and shoes, I guess. I suppose I better take some melatonin and quit typing and retreat to my dreams where I’ll see a few of you there. 

NEXT DAY: If you know me, you know I’m a total lifelong devoted fan of Duran Duran, who Black Bomber, Dave Twist grew up collaborating with, always have been, that group soundtracked my early teen years. “Like An Angel”, “Last Chance On The Stairway”, “Hold Back The Rain”, man, I loved all that shit. Slow danced with a girl I loved to “Save A Prayer”. Ya know? “Ordinary World” and “Do You Believe In Shame”, that shit speaks to summa the most sentimental and sincere parts in me. One of my best friends died a couple years ago-Bobby Cloyd, and he was bassist of my first real band, a celebrity DJ and wouldbe frontman, played Andy Taylor in a D2 tribute act. He was who I sang INXS and Duran Duran songs all night long with, in my first apartment that we painted purple. Emptied endless bottles of champagne and Jack Daniels with. Took road trips with, shared my early lyrics with, and trusted. So that’s been awful, just wretchedly sad and painful just endlessly missing that guy, not only was it a horribly unexpected death of a true soul brother, someone who understood me like few others, but it was also the death of a dream. I was hoping to reunite with the motherfucker, finish our operation, kinda like how Nick Rhodes reunited with Stephen Duffy. Ahhh, so yeah, I’m not one of those people who think Duran‘s the same without Andy, or that his empty chair can be replaced with Amy Winehouse’s dumb shmuck hipster producer. I’m an Andy Taylor fan. Truth is, I love a lot of Birmingham rocknroll. ‘Big Jacobites and Bounty Hunters enthusiast. I used to work at an Ohio record store called Mind Dust Music with an older hippie dude who taught me everything about the Stooges, Doors and Stones, and sixties garage and psychedelia, who I loved dearly named Dave Andra. He was one of my lifetime’s biggest influences and sincerest friends and he died two Christmases ago and I’m just not over it, at all. I used to be allowed to smoke at Mind Dust and flip through all the imported metal magazines like Kerrang! and even got paid for it! I even got laid in that store. Some chick from Gomer, Ohio showed up outta nowhere and asked me nicely! I putta “back in 15 minutes” sign on the door and took her downstairs! God bless you, Randy Springer, wherever you are now! When we discovered Gunfire Dance, in our late teens or early twenties, they got us all excited that we could follow in their blackhaired, frilly shirted, speed snortin’, tear it up style, cowboy glam boots-steps! I discovered the Jacobites when I first moved to Boston in my early 20’s to make it big in show business, ha ha. Dave Kusworth‘s “English Disco” was one of my fave records when my middle children were small, they’re grownup now, and faraway. I don’t know if I’ll even see ’em again. I interviewed Twist, Kusworth, Sudden, various other Bounty Hunters and Jacobites for Sugarbuzz and Sleazegrinder fanzines, online. Fuck. I was not prepared for the death of Kusworth, to me, he had one of the best voices in rocknroll, right up there with Chrissie Hynde, Chris Isaak, Tex Perkins, and Peter Perrett. I loved that guy. All his stuff. These streets aint paved with gold no more, it’s all kinda vanishing in front of me. Aint no such thing as rocknroll where I live, there’s a lotta fakeass cash-in, mama money posers, but the real shit is mostly obsolete. Take a bite outta this apple:

I still don’t know why I’m not on the Easy Action promo list, but let me tell ya somethin’, “LAST BITE” is what straight up, real deal, no shit, kickass punk rock sounds like, what summa my early bands woulda sounded like, had various lineups not mutinied in different cities, chasing ska, or hot rod garage, or Pussy Galore, or grunge bandwagons, looking for some cheapass shortcut to fame, a blonde vocalist, a richer vocalist, someone not as inflammatory or contentious or strongwilled or provocative, an eager beaver bruncher like the rest. Someone who could pay for plane tickets and hotels. Khaki shorts and chain wallets, baseball caps and big truck ownership. 

    Man, the BLACK BOMBERS are everything. If you like real rocknroll, they got it.  If you love the kinda punk rock I love, you go outta your way to find all their records, right? Steve Crittall was in the Godfathers when they were making a big bad beautiful noise and he brings it here with the Prefects and Tenderhooks and Subterranean Hawks drummer, Dave Twist. The Legendary Birchie from Gunfire Dance(!!!) and a commanding vocalist, Alan Byron. “LAST BITE” is a big middle finger to establishment oppressors and evil politicians. I’m gonna go blast it again, in the garage, and jump up and down a little bit in front of the mirror. Wear my most ridiculously oversized, Rev. Norb sunglasses and furry hat, and pretend I still have some rebellious fuck you bandmates!  All that and a fucking astonishingly badass DAMNED COVER! THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT! THIS IS THE REAL THING! THIS IS WHAT WE ARE THIRSTY FOR IN A TIME OF LIES AND BULLSHIT DECEPTIVE FABRICATIONS! Smart motherfuckers who can really play, all sincerely throwing down with real pathos and genuine article gutsy soul power. All that and they dedicated the snazzy as hell rocknroll 45 to Dave Kusworth and Walter Lure! The thing about these guys is not only have I always resonated with all their music, I’ve spent much of my life, trying to find like minded musicians, like them, to make this kinda real dangerous, non compliant, disobedient rocknroll with. You know-Lords Of The New Church, Damned, Deviants, Pink Fairies, Motorhead influenced absolute motherfuckery!!!

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In Loving Memory Of The Manic Street Preachers (-by General Labor)


You were born in the middle of the most sophisticated and expansive mass-scale perception management operation that has ever taken place.

The news media is propaganda and schooling is designed to condition us to accept that propaganda.

Public understanding of what a normal moderate position looks like and what a radical extremist position looks like has been warped to the most insane extent possible.

Noam Chomsky is not a radical and is in fact far too aligned with establishment power on far too many issues.

The difference between an AOC Democrat and a true anti-imperialist socialist is greater than the difference between an AOC Democrat and a Republican.

The difference between the mainstream media narrative about the world and actual reality is greater than the difference between the mainstream media narrative about the world and literally any work of fiction.

You’ve been lied to your entire life about your nation, your government, your nation’s official enemies, your society, and your very self.

Your brain and your senses were evolved to keep your evolutionary ancestors alive, not to tell you true things about the nature of reality.

Your mistakes don’t matter and neither do anyone else’s.

The self is an illusion and all beliefs are false.

The world is so much more beautiful than you realize.

You are so much more beautiful than you realize.

The world is secretly perfect.

You are secretly perfect.

It is safe to relinquish all labels and let all of life be ineffable.

It is safe to relinquish all identity and let yourself be ineffable.

The universe is forever out of control, and that’s a good thing.

There is nowhere to fall to.

This is all infinitely supported and profoundly cherished.

This is all meaningless, gratuitous, astonishing, and delightful.

We are dancing together in the heart of eternity.

Your every molecule is intimately embraced by all that is.

Everything in existence says yes to itself.

Everything in you says yes to everything in existence; even your “no” is made of yes.

You are beloved.

You are love.

(Caitlyn Johnstone, Rogue Journalist)

“The weaknesses of what passes for a left wing movement have been fully exposed ever since Russian troops entered Ukraine on February 24, 2022. Of course many people who are called leftists and even those who consider themselves as such are in fact just liberals. They do not stand against imperialism as any leftist ought to do. The eight-year long U.S./NATO scheme to use Ukraine as a weapon against Russia should be universally condemned by anyone claiming to be in that cohort. Leftists can have principled disagreement about Putin’s decision, but they should not ignore the culpability of the U.S. and NATO and their support for the 2014 coup which overturned an election and put neo-Nazi groups in power.

Their confusion on Russia and Ukraine is emblematic of their confusion about so many other issues. The faux left are a highly problematic group, making common cause with the democratic party wing of the war party, and ignoring the war crimes committed by Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and now Joe Biden. Not only do they fail to ask, “What about?,” but they have no critique of the U.S. role which instigated this crisis. They say nothing about the U.S. and its NATO allies refusing to engage in negotiations which might end the suffering of the Ukrainian people they claim to care about so much.” (-Margaret Kimberly)

“The immorality of U.S. policy in Ukraine is once again on display with the cynical policy of instructing Ukrainian leadership to take a hard-line with Russia. U.S. policy-makers know Ukraine will not win this war but bleeding Russia is more important to them than Ukrainian life.” (-Ajamau Baraka)


I dunno how you feel about any of it in these dismally dark days. Me, personally, I was CONDEMNED to rocknroll. If I ask you to name the last truly Great Band, you might recall some good times you had during the Oasis hour, or even jumping up n down to that Cocaine song by Buckcherry that Steve Jones played on, but come on, if you dig a little deeper, you probably know, in your heart of hearts, that the last sincere and meaningful, super talented band with substance and intelligence and poetic depth and an egalitarian punk rock point of view was, obviously, the Manic Street Preachers. man, when I hear all that corny recycled, tenth hand formulaic shit people are forcefed through repetition until they start expecting me to go along with it, I just kinda roll my eyes and think fuck that shit and yearn to hear moving and powerful and courageous and insightful songs like, “Why So Sad” and “Rewind The Film, “You Stole The Sun From My Heart”, “Kevin Carter”, Everything Must Go”, “Ocean Spray”, “Design For Life”: (“libraries gave us power, then work came and set us free, what price now, for a shallow piece of dignity?”) Ya know? I mean, top THAT, motherfucker. I sure haven’t come close, and I try my little heart out, almost everyday. With all the warmongering and ceaseless cold war red baiting and Rachel Maddow fake left Russiagate bullshit where anything we don’t like is automatically classified as, “Russians!” I mean, what the fuck? It’s almost as if media dupes of the USA USA just somehow forgot all the innocent people murdered in Libya and Iraq and Yemen and Afghanistan in wars for control of oil based on known and proven falsehoods. So I been thinking about the Manic Street Preachers who were among the Last True Rocknroll Artists Of Conscience who sang about anything that mattered and how much I miss that shit. This song about Paul Robeson makes me think of poor Julian Assange rotting in Belmarsh while all your former peers think about unreality shows, made for tv psy-ops, and sucky stripper-pop. I know it’s hard to keep trudging through the muck and it can seem real hopeless when so much of society has given up and joined the stormtroopers of the empire, but we gotta keep struggling for truth and soul, brothers and sisters and friends of the revolution. Compassion is everything. Even the people who you think oppose you in the media induced culture wars also live in an environment of unprecedented censorship and fear peddling, divide and rule propaganda, and most likely are tools and suckers of the Dick Cheney darkside establishment Honky Death Machine, we’ve all been lied to our whole lives. Have mercy!

“I gotta learn to live like you, sing like you….”
I meet rich people as I walk through this life and am frequently surprised by just how plain stupid, illiterate, and uncivil they are. Just today, I was walking around a very poor town and nodded to a lady who was obviously just checking in on one of her multiple deteriorating, neglected, empty surplus former rental properties and ya know, I just smiled and said hello, cause I’m a neighborly human being, it’s a sunny day, and that’s how I was taught we are supposed to act. This nutty broad could not even find it within herself to acknowledge my simple hello. That’s the state of this world. People who believe they are “liberal, educated, scientific, sensitive progressives” don’t really even invest a few moments of their day to read past the internet headlines. They are just invested in identity politricks, where they will call Maxine Waters and Deb Halland “Aunties’ without really knowing anything about their policies, donors, or actual voting records, it’s all just blind belief in empty tokenism. Five highly visible mansion dwelling women of color promoting the same old Bush/Cheney imperialist bullshit is not improving the quality of “Black Lives”. You’d think all those college sensitivity studies mf’s would get that. They don’t remember anything, either. Not what Obama said about the Water Protectors. Not what happened to Breonna Taylor, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, or John Crawford III, they just know they like AOC because she tweets against Trump and Tucker Carlson and she looks vogue with her empty slogans at the devilish Met Gala. They don’t remember watching any of those Michael Moore movies or “Iraq For Sale”, about how the whole war on terror was launched on the basis of fabricated bullshit lies. They never learn from history, because they never learn history. They just think our country spreads democracy and commies and Muslims are coming for their good jobs and make believe benefits that barely exist. I don’t think they think about much, beyond whatever they hear on the Kardashian, Obscenely Rich Housewives Of Wherever, Jada Pinkett-Smith’s talk show, or “The View”. They all think they are “woke”, though. Everybody blindly believes either Fox, or CNN, and none of ’em think they are brainwashed, or lied to by their preferred cable millionaires. Just, “The Others”. Those gullible, stupid others.

If you own a lot of shit, tattoo shops, and record labels and N.A. celebrity hot rods and lord over extravagant collections and play shows on boats for ten grand a night, you probably wonder sometimes why some grouchy old punk rock dishwasher keeps asking more stylish people online to post longwinded rants about civil liberties and the death of the free press and corporate media lies, on music oriented websites. Well, let me tell you, if this Nato manufactured war “over there” keeps escalating, with everybody in the states just dumbly watching Pentagon controlled tv, and mindlessly cheering for actors like they do partisan-politics and pro wrestling, and it goes nuclear, it aint gonna just be you and your brunch-band ordering shit from Amazon all day like John Bolton assures you it will be, there ain’t gonna be no champagne on super yachts for you, either, no matter how many famous people, who got lucky in the seventies that you might know, fourth hand, who will put you on the guest list at the whoop dee doo Ramones covers ball on Saturday night.

They kicked our deeply appreciated kindred spirit, motherfucking truth telling,  leftish standup comedian, LEE CAMP (!!!) off the airwaves, a fantastic and courageous comedian in the noblest tradition of Bill Hicks and Dick Gregory, but gullible mainstream puke consuming, gentrified, mean ex liberals think that’s just outright okeydokey, since they’ve all embraced and celebrate mass surveillance-techlord censorship because they don’t like Chapelle, or Rogan, or Robert Kennedy Jr,. or Dr. Judy Mikovitz, or Alex Jones or Dr. Robert Malone, or Russell Brand. Anything that does not primarily elevate Hillary and Kamala’s reputations as saintly saints is discarded as Fake News. The way you can see that most citizens are brainwashed in the land of the free is that they all care way more about protecting their fave tv celebrities and superstar politicians than they do their blood relatives, former friends, or the guy on the street who aint got nothin’.

 If you have a platform, you should be using it to amplify voices from the peace movement like David Swanson and Ray McGovern, Col. Ann Wright, Cindy Sheehan, Code Pink For Peace, Black Alliance For Peace, Courage To resist, and the Answer Coalition, and human rights whistleblowers like Daniel Hale, and and truth telling journalists like Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate, not just dumbly echoing million dollar propaganda whores’ programming campaigns and feeling self congratulatory about it. As Stiv Bators said thirty years ago, “truth can’t be found on the television.” Read a fucking book. Everything is not as simple as Fox is fake news/MSNBC and CNN are the gospel truth for Science and Diversity. Notice how there is ZERO discussion in big media about all the Displaced Millions who can not pay that bullshit greedhead Goldman Sachs/Blackrock impossibly jackedup rent. No one is talking about all the food stamp recipients who are simply not recieiving their food stamps right now. WHERE are all the poor people who used to live in your hispster enclave? Ever think about that? Also, there is little to no discussion about all the ridiculous price gouging at the grocery store by Wall Street’s cherished corporations. Nobody’s talking about all the different ways children have been pushed back into devastatingly deep poverty, all you hear about is the gas prices, which tv people just blame on Putin, or Maduro, or the unthird boosteds. Easy peasy. Or the conveniently rotating villains-Sarah Palin, Rand Paul, Mike Pence, Manshin and Sinema, etc. It is not hyperbole, or exaggeration, or conspiranoia, anymore to suggest that no one, not even established stars, is allowed to really participate in Mass Media in the USA, unless they are willing to read the teleprompter and do what they’re told, promote The NWO Agenda and mock anyone who ever asks intelligent questions. Even iconic eighties millionaire new wave bands I love are being used for cheap war propaganda now, it’s so tawdry and unbecoming, and I really don’t think they have a choice. 

   I’ve said for years (and years, if you really know me) that the big bands that used to rock me, sadly, mean almost nothing to me now, cause they got almost nothing real to say. Nothing, whatsoever. Just cash grab namebrand victory laps, gouging the rubes and letting sports morons pay to shake their hands at fucking book signings. The smaller bands I hear are, approximately, as useless. More say nothing genre hags just forever recycling the past and usually just so poorly. I’m trying to give even half a shit about this heavily hyped, playedout, mainstream nostalgic pushead, Guns N Roses Thor soundtrack song, but when I think of them, I think of ten narcissistic, overpaid, self absorbed, boring careerist people on stage, pretending that Slash never knew David Geffen and David Bowie, growing up, that they were just these nobody street rats, Waxl looking like some kinda gold bling Shady, No Izzy, no Adler, Duff thinking about real estate and making money, “knock knock knockin’ on Heaven’s door, haay haaay haay haayyy..” and I’m just so over it, have been for decades, ever since they lost Adler after Farm Aid, but I saw the Brand Name Owner’s new employee, Fake Amerikkkan Idol Skid Row replacement singer #x09786432-x2.O cover “Night Train” with his unfamous high school crony on youtube a couple days ago and was taken straight back to 1987 when both of those bands really mattered to me and all those fortified wine guzzling, denim clad, black t shirted, attic smoking, long lost beloved friends of mine. There’s only two of us left who did not die or go straight. WTF?! Ya know? One of my favorite old bands vanquished all the dysfunctional addict personalities and replaced them with eager beaver, studio pros who show up on time to punch the clock and take credit and cash checks and bask in all the third hand, vicariously reflected glory, but the weirdness has gone missing, it’s become slick and formulaic and assembly line. Total professionals. Still the best in the business, but that aint my business. I’m looking for the young soul rebels, some poor doomed fuckers who can’t help but tell the truth. The next Richey Edwards, ya know?

by Kevin Cummins, C-type colour print, 30 April 1991

 The people in celebrity fame bubbles just get too pampered and genuinely disconnected all the way from us everyday people to really have much to offer us. Their newer shit just says nothing about our lives. It’s all gentrification celebrity red carpet reminiscing about punk rock at the museum or CBGB’s airport restaurant while eating a thirty five dollar Sid Burger or talking about that time they saw Jesse Malin signing autographs at the Roberta Bayley or John Holmstrom exhibit at John Varvatos. It’s all obviously decades removed from any real danger or can’t pay the bills, or threat of evictions, or even just walk down the street common folks sincerity. That new documentary about “Paralell Lines”, “Blondie’s NY”, is the shit, though. So good I watched it twice! Man, I love Blondie, that “Save The Bees” concert they did had me buzzing, too. “Do You Love Me Now” is such an amazing song. That shit gripped me by the heart.

 Another guy who’s still got it is Billy Idol: “Now I am running through streets that are frightening”. Yeah, right? Wish I could find my own Steve Stevens songwriting partner. I keep running into all these dangerous crazies on the desert trails. Creepy dudes gawking at all the out of towner females on the avenue near the tourist trap ripoff hipster hives. Frowning bums in Hollywood Planet jackets and little transistor radios and wobbly stolen bicycles drinking 24 ounce cans of ICE beer on the riverbanks next to the wooden cross and statue and toys memorial for a young kid killed by a crackfiend parent. Nevermind all the aggressively domineering new age divorcee psychic bathrobe women strutting down the middle of the road with their leashless double pitbulls to get back at whoever intimidated them some fucking lost youth, fifty-five or sixty-five, years ago. I’m beyond tired and weary. The last person I tried making music with promptly pivoted to wanting to steal all the copyright credit and publishing and reduce me to some “content provider” for hire employee, it’s a sick world. Gets me down.

It’ll break your heart until you can barely stand to mosey on down the path in the evening hot winds. As I just confided to my old confidante, fellow traveler, kindred spirit, and former seamstress for the band, “I know pretty much all relationships are hard in these trying times, especially between any of us older, been burned a lot, distrustful, damaged  survivor type o’ people, how does anyone let down the walls again and put down the weaponry and allow one another to just be ourselves without the same old mainstream leveraging hierarchies and authority trips and standard manipulating to extort desired behaviors or ‘get stuff’ from others? I don’t wanna joust with nobody no more, fuck Chess, I don’t like their tactics-the Hillary style lawyer evasions or new age psychiatric self help Dr. Phil double talkin gobbeldygoop-certainly not the chest beating jail behaviors of midwestern males-I’ll just gut out what years remain sticking to my own old school punk rock pirate codes, even if it means dying with no meaningful recordings or never returning to being a star of stage or screen ha ha, I just can’t stand the disingenuousness and social jockeying and gratuitous bullshit scams of most people at the bottom or middle of this backstab culture. ” We gotta keep trying to get along with the neighbors cause when the grid goes down, we’re gonna be relying on each other, and not famous people we never even met. No billionaire motherfuckers are coming to rescue you. No billionaire motherfuckers are coming to rescue you. No billionaire motherfuckers give a fuck about you. I hate the Big 5 Juggernaut Heavy Rotation Culture. Dave Grohl is like, the worst, man. What a goober, I was never a big Cobain fan, but that guy just could not be more generic or ubiquitous. Courtney is an abraisive megalomaniac too, but she called it with Dave Grohl. The Absolute Triumph Of Mediocrity. Just keep it. You’ve really lowered your standards, if you are a Dave Grohl apologist. Come ON! His music says NOTHING. Glorified cover bands. Ruthless gung ho, just out for themselves, corporate rawk, fame whore, money chasers still suck so bad. They’ll step on your face for a Whole Foods gluten free artisinal doggy treat to feed their luxury pet who they believe deserves more human rights than these untidy and coarse and offesnsive, uncultivated human beings panhandling at the off-ramp cause they were kicked out onto the streets by their landlordly peer group and bankster superiors.

If you were a human rights activist, someone organizing on behalf of the homeless online, or just an individual hoping to hold powerful institutions to account-like fake political parties/primary rigging/fictitious sleazoid-dossier manufacturing fixer operatives, captured regulatory agencies, murderous police, Wall Street mortgage shysters, or outta control monopolies like Blackrock and Vanguard; or just an old time new wave, glam, or punknroll enthusiast, who used to be friends with me on social media, you already know they had me Facebook jailed for years, or were severely limiting my algorithms reach, what with all the bogus fact checks, and nonstop censorship of conversations, interviews, and links to articles unapproved by the techlords at Davos, benefiting big business, the soldout DNC and entrenched power structures. Twitter, Youtube, they’re all in cahoots fucking over the entire Left-Jimmy Dore, Abby Martin, Oliver Stone, Michael Parenti-everybody’s gone! All the shitlibs got as giddy saying, “it can’t be censorship cause Zuck aint the government” as they did saying any other empty slogans they were college programmed with, but obviously, we’ve never, never seen so much ballsout propaganda and censorship of all dissident voices, like we’ve seen these past three years. Only the preferred narrative of the one percent billionaire establishment is allowed online, or on the airwaves. Nader, Glen Ford (RIP), Hedges, Assange, Whitney Webb, Sibel Edmonds, Greenwald, the Convo-Couch, Scott Ritter, Ben Norton, everybody on the Real Left tried to warn us about our very dire, boiling frogs, dystopian police state rollout, but it was too late, cause all the privileged gotmine office classers just lost their minds with personal privilege and hating Trump and Q Shaman more than they care about civil liberties, the Bill Of Rights, genuine democracy, or poor people here, let alone, poor people being slaughtered by design in designated sacrifice zones like Afghanistan and Yemen and Palestine. Mostly, shitlibs love feel good celeb pinups, and stay busy unconditionally worshipping all these manufactured marketing hoax puppets and media false prophets like Obama, Zelensky, Mayo Pete, AOC and that Juan Guaido guy they tried to install upon the people of Venezuela, against the will of those same people. I gave up on whole cities of people I used to know who just knowingly, consensually promote false bullshit all the time, or who just fell so hard for the latest thing slogan of the day bullshit and hoopla, you can’t talk to them, all they can say is, “Fauchi good/Trump bad”. They are still thanking Obama for walking behind Chelle, keeping it classy. “Ladies First” They love this Zelensky Marvel Comics Avenger even more than their last media assigned saintly “self made” heiress  or tennis shoe designing satanic rapper or justice tweeting supermodel fake messiahs. Repost the flag they were told to. That’s as deep as they ever got or ever will, they rarely even skim past the headlines, and then, it’s back to bragging about their hype beast name brand luxury items, or gentrification hipster businesses, or legal reefer in wealthy white people zipcodes, or fake ass copycat music played at homeless hater hipster bars. Man, that’s why I am still living in the eighties. Democracy is in a coma and no one like the early Manic Street Preachers is even allowed anywhere near the microphone anymore. 





ELECTRIC ANGELS FOREVER!!! (-frantic, heartfelt call to emergency aid by General Labor)

If you’re like me, you probably loved power-pop angels, CANDY, way back in the early Rick Springfield part of the 80’s and always carried a special place in your heart for that band, so when they reformed as Electric Angels in the metal years, you were undoubtedly delighted their songwriting had just gotten better and better. They were way, way better than all those Headbanger’s Ball assembly line corporate-metal blouse bands. “TRUE LOVE & FAIRY TALES” really was like the swan song for my breakup with a hot blonde bombshell Skid Row chick circa 87 or 88, she was a Midwestern preacher’s daughter, basically, so her very uptight and conservative and deeply superstitious, evangelical family thought me and this other chick I dated were scary, black clad, witchy goths, so they actually stirred up alot of needlessly nutty, church-lady, witch-hunt hysteria and slanderous gossip and gave us a lot of non stop hassles and smalltown grief. Meanwhile, the blonde chick moved on to some famous heavy metal dudes, before disappearing into Mexico years later. I had a blast with that chick riding around in her car listening to Peter Murphy and Bang Tango and Cinderella cassettes, spending all our money on Cold Duck champagne and rooms at the Diehlman’s Motel and Davis Plaza Motor Lodge! She was like a centerfold come true, we had a chemistry, I really liked her. I got her into Electric Angels and London Quireboys, and a lot of other stuff, forbidden by her P.M.R.C. parents. She mostly loved Skid Row and the Throbs. Even after she ditched me for a more famous guy, like they all do when you are a white trash nobody, trailer park Ramone in your late teens, I listened to that Electric Angels cassette like ten zillion more times back in my late adolescence, and it doubtlessly impacted my own songwriting. 

Finally, I got to see Electric Angels live in Boston and was shocked and dismayed by how well their handsome new frontman, Shane, had magically absorbed all the best T Rex and Michael Monroe moves. I thought I was hot shit til I saw that dude front a glam band and was totally hurt and frustrated he was so much better than I was at wielding the mic stand back when being a Jaggeresque/Rod Stewart glam dandy was revered as a high art by people in my age group, pre-grunge Tarzans. That glittery pinup cat Shane was said to have done another band I always wanted to hear called Blue Movie, as well as another record with brilliant songwriter Johnathon Daniel and friends as “The Loveless”. Anyhoo, he’s a bright silvery star, a real rare rocknroll marvel, a personal influence of mine, and I know I’m not the only old rocker who would buy the dude a drink out of sheer gratitude, if I ever saw ‘im. He’s having serious medical problems now and you know, the medical industry is really evil and corrupted by big insurance and big pharma’s vicious. mafia like, greedhead profit-motives in my country, so I wanted to call upon all you aging real rocknrollers within the sound of my voice, to kick in a few cocktails worth of contributions to his welfare and recovery, if you can. I smile everytime I remember that Electric Angels anthem, “The Drinking Song”, cause it reminds me so much of summa my booziest, flooziest, old divebar sirens from the inebriated wild wild youthful old daze! Help a brother out, all my comrades and fellow travelers, and friends of the revolution! I’d really appreciate it! It’s probably the right thing to do, every little bit helps. If you’re broke or have no credit card, I understand, but you can still repost this all over your Twitter and Facebook and whatever social media you might be on. Ya know a lotta people seemed to have forgotten this, but a wiseman once told us: that a heart of gold is worth more than all the money in the world. 

Fund Razor:


God Bless The Electric Angels! Thank You! Good Night & Good Luck!

Joe Normal releases new video/single “Setbacks”

The Aquarian Weekly (New Jersey, USA) – “Celebrating the underdog and the average in the most heartwarming and melodic way possible – through song! … Authentic, underground, glam rocker with a storyteller heart.”

Boot Music (UK) – “Setbacks” is a swagger filled retro swirl!”

After playing a reunion show with The ZEROS at the Whisky a Go-Go, Joe Normal offers us his new solo video “Setbacks”:

Download & Listen to “Setbacks”HERE: https://joenormalusa.com/single/42280/setbacks

Stream it on all platforms HERE: