This Ain’t RocknRoll: The Death Of Free Speech & A Free Press & The Fourth Amendment In The USA (-By General Labor)

‘Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power’ (-Mussolini)

It is amazing how liberals are in the lead justifying the imposition of conformity with the state & attacking any contrary opinion as illegitimate & disinformation. It reveals that they never believed in the liberal values they claimed make the “West” so special.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

You have the right to free speech, as long as your not dumb enough to actually try it!” (-Joe Strummer)

 “Actors, after all, were only acting...” (-Stiv Bators)

Students who acquire large debts putting themselves through school are unlikely to think about changing society. When you trap people in a system of debt . they can’t afford the time to think. Tuition fee increases are a “disciplinary technique,” and, by the time students graduate, they are not only loaded with debt, but have also internalized the “disciplinarian culture.” This makes them efficient components of the consumer economy.”

(― Noam Chomsky)

It’s no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” (- Jiddu Krishnamurti)


    Ever since 9/11, I’ve seen the free press being eradicated in my country by media consolidation and the silencing of truth tellers and exclusion of facts that inconvenience the preferred narrative of the establishment. Even in the so called former rawk press, if you want to participate as a media professional, you have to be willing to play ball with industry insiders and pretend that you like Miley Cyrus, Machine Gun Kelly, Lady Gaga, or Jack White. If you don’t, you are exiled from the professional media, so for a long time now, many of us lifelong rocknrollers have chosen to be media amateurs, writing from the margins, contributing to the from the heart, D.I.Y. , fanzine underground, where we can tell the truth. Little smoke signals from the real rocknroll resistance. Communicos from the rebellion. The problem with most of those ubiquitous, soulless, illuminati pop, besides it all being creepy AF, is those mass-media showbiz muppets got nothing real or true or intimate to convey, it’s all just about the electronic beat and their clothes and makeup somebody else picked out for them to wear, and pilled out sexual writhing emphasizing their surgical enhancements, garbage producer unmuzak. The lawmakers are all actors, cast for their appearance and nothing more, nowadays. Both so called “sides” vote for preassigned candidates approved of by the bankers and secret societies and insist “the others” are “fake news”, just not their preferred puppet. People pick out which color tie they prefer, and just filter out any and all hard facts that incriminate that color, and call that, scientific critical thinking. Everything in this mainstream bullshit capitalist culture is fake as fuck, just advertising honchos, marketing wizards, spin doctors, rainmakers, beating us over the head with repetition of falsehoods and fictions until we surrender our independent logic and submit to the fad of the day. Bush stole an election, launched Forever wars, dismissed the Geneva Conventions as quaint and outdated, told people water boarding was yippie-yi-yay cowboy patriotic, had his Uncle Dick create torture camps and secret armies, but now, if he’s on Ellen and Jimmy Fallon, he’s your new folksy painter grandfather figure, like warpig John McCain. He’s a candy sharer, after all, friends with Chelle, sainted by shitlibs for her organic garden while Obama appointed Monsanto lobbyist to head of the FDA, you know, for “SCIENCE!” Cause every shitlib knows that Roundup is nutritious and deeeelicious! MM-MMM Good! So…just so we’re clear, you say you don’t like Ronald Reagan, but you love Obama, who idolizes Ronald Reagan. Got it. Obama denied Leonard Peltier’s application for clemency, just as Trump refused to pardon and release Assange and even had Pompeo trying to find a way to off him. Obama betrayed Sandra Bland, he betrayed the water protectors at Standing Rock. He betrayed the millions of families harmed by mortgage bubble shysters and sham artist hedge fund charlatans, and let Goldman Sachs pick his cabinet. Now he lives the lux-life in Wayne Manor but comes outta hiding to do some fuckedup corporate influence peddling every nine months or so ’cause the middleclass people worship him like he is Oprah or Jesus Christ or Gweneth Paltrow or Dr. Fauchi. People keep saying he is “classy” because he walks behind Chelle, you know, “ladies first”, but even after breaking all his own uplifting, feelgoodist campaign promises that he was gonna put on his comfortable shoes and walk the picket line with us everyday people, and close Gitmo, he just expanded the entire Bush/Cheney empire agenda, and not much hope or changed under Trump or Biden, other than Trump bragged about groping women on a hot mic, and Democrats can’t stop howling about it, while Biden just does his groping, stroking, hairsniffing and non-consensual fondling on camera, and Democrats pretended not to notice, cause Trump. Poor huddled masses only ever see scraps of justice.

   12 protestors, whose constitutional rights were violated by IDF trained militarized kkkops in Denver sued and got $14 million, but tens, if not hundreds of thousands, who also got chemical sprayed or nightsticked and rough arrested for holding “Defund The Cops” or “Water Is Life” signs aint got shit but bogus crime records on the books now, for their rights being destroyed. Meanwhile, bipartisan lawmakers used the Capital Hill made for tv optics to manufacture consent for more laws against protest, ’cause a coarse and yukky white male redneck supposedly (SHOCK! GASP! HORROR!) mussed Pelosi’s desk, some goober carried her podium around for five minutes, and tv watchers were told that was “an insurrection”, like ten thousand times a day, on television, on every channel, for six months. ‘Made torture and regime change war profiteering, mercenary army heiress, Lyn Cheney, into a shitlib celebrity cause she says, Orange Man Bad. Whoa. Ya know? Billionaires are becoming trillionaires, and the majority of human beings on this planet are being left in the elements to rot and die. 

Same exact suits who got rich promoting 90’s gangsta rap and dumbfuck nookie nu metal, and all that intentionally violent, daytime tv talk-show, sensationalism bullshit in the nineties, are now saying, that exact shit is evidence that free speech causes violence, therefore, we should all just give up on having any free speech that someone might call offensive, and just let the Davos techlord billionaires-Gates and Zuck, determine what we are allowed to talk about. That AOC is traumatized; therefore, we should never protest injustice. Huh? What??!! They even made up some cute and clever college shit about how it’s not censorship, if a private techlord says you can’t say something on their social media monopolies, because they are make believe not the government. Who believes that kinda bullshit? That TSA is keeping you safe? That Zuckerberg is not the government? There is no government-only billionaire’s and their paid enforcers. The police state has silenced the entire Left-everybody who speaks against Bezos or Gates or Zuck and Musk is kicked off Twitter or whatever, and shitlibs cheer. First, they came for Alex Jones and Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and Lara Logan and many of us warned you, including the late great Glen Ford (RIP), that was a bad idea, but now, they’ve come for Abby Martin and Oliver Stone. Matt Taibbi, Dave Chappelle, Russell Brand, Lee Camp, Ben Norton, Max Blumenthal, Ben Swann, Max Perry, Margaret Kimberly, Danny Haiphong, anyone, who speaks out against their non stop lyingass lies, false flags, forever wars, and globalist police state clampdowns, gets deplatformed and cancelled for freedom or some shit. Joe Rogan, Kim Iverson, Fiorella Isabel and the Convo Couch, these billionaire warpig politicians can even slander Jill Stein or Tulsi Gabbard as covert, double secret “RUSSIANS!”, and get away with it. When was the last time you saw Wynona LaDuke or Ralph Nader on CNN or Democracy Now? I’m so old I can remember when PBS and NPR were not just brazen CIA propaganda platforms. There is nothing left of the Left in this country-they have all been absorbed into the Billionaire brainwash cult.

 A whole culture of out for themselves motherfuckers do not care when the rights of “the others” are trampled on. They don’t mind when reporters are kidnapped and held hostage for ten years for publishing truth about USA warcrimes, or even killed in mysterious ball of fire, mob-hit style flaming car crashes after telling all their family and friends they were investigating the secret police. Or when people they are programmed to dislike for wearing different color baseball caps, are oppressed or silenced or arrested for protesting. Just look at all those low ranking patsies who participated in the capital hill protests-they were righwing blue lives matter, love a man in a uniform, military worshippers, and they never, never, never, expected that sixties Cointelpro deep state doublecross agent provocateur infiltration tactics would ever be employed against white Republikkkan cop lovers, but here we are. Let me break it down one more time. For months, politicians planned and heavily advertised a big yeehaw protest with merchandise booths and hot dog vendors, politicians gave tours to throngs of out of state cops participating in the march, a window got broken and some photos were taken of a silly looking, culture appropriating, sports fan/festival shmuck with a headdress and painted chest howling, “FREEDOM!”, Burning Man Style, so now, all the shitlibs say, we can not allow citizens to assemble in public spaces to redress their grievances, (huh?) and Zuck will community standards violations jail you for discussing current events or historical facts on the Fascist-Book, even a mere mention of the Father Of Modern Propaganda techniques gets you banned, and the NSA monitors your personal correspondence, and the TSA fondles your privates for science and diversity, but the oil plunderers are bringing democracy…where? Oh yeah. The Ukraine. Certainly Not Here. Remember when Jill Stein was handcuffed to a chair for 8 hours for attempting to attend a fake debate? Remember when the college kid was dragged from the room and tasered for asking Kerry about Bush and his secret society and the aborted Florida recount? Shitlibs looked the other way, wondered where the waitress was with that extra olive oil they asked for. More ice for my mimosa, slave. There is nothing left of the Left in this country-they have all been absorbed into the Billionaire brainwash cult.

    Man, I know all about the unrelenting pressures to stick to the script, parrot Official Narratives, conform to yes sir social hierarchies, or else, in certain sieg heil flag-waver zip codes. Once one is initiated into that whole cult of carrot chasing, never good enough, approval seeking, trying to get that hallpass from the ruling class, they are obliged to incrementally give up more and more of their own common sense and social conscience to comply with the ivory tower higher ups. I get it, they get invested in the system which is how they become so easy to propagandize. Nobody wants to feel like they are cogs in the Honky Death Machine. The hard fact is most all the hut-twos become complicit preservers of the status quo, in exchange for tiny increments of freedom they must purchase with interest from The Man, their most cherished, “privileges of membership”. That’s why I split in 1984, I’m no good at that Gomer Pyle march in line with all the unthinking “Don’t Ask Why Try Bud Dry” army ants bullshit. I seen how teachers were obliged to look the other way while the sporto richkids ran roughshod over all the quirksome lower class hoodlums. Only one employed whistle blower adult I can remember was ever willing to even faintly defy the prevailing “way of things” cause there are always consequences for any deviation from what is considered country club suburban social norms. There was a big abuse scandal at the high school, and you shoulda seen all the patriotic sports moms and Republikkkans dads coming outta the 3 martini lunch in their golfcarts to say that’s just wholesome campus hijinks and some innocent hazing traditions when their preferred/anointed game winning athletes are involved, fast track ’em to management and all is well. 

   It is sad as hell though, hearing how ex punk old folks are happy to spew just complete fucking xenophobic, nationalist, fictitious, obvious rightwing police state J. Edgar Hoover style propaganda, Ollie North garbage s’long as their TV tells ’em there are some women and people of color participating in the bankster whitewash, domestic spying, torture, proxy wars, color revolution mercenary regime change wars, police state militarization’s, and torture and border gulags and domestic spying and banning books and disappearing indigenous women and children, and human trafficking. Didja hear how one of the jurors at the Maxwell trial works for the Carlysle Group? What a coincidence, but you know the college people on the hill always teach us minimum wage earners, “there’s no such thing as conspiracies”. It said so in “Popular Mechanics”, and Bill Nye The Science Guy is SCIENTIFIC! A guy like Mark Crispin Miller has been teaching about propaganda at a major university for decades, but what would he know? People thought it was absolute batshit looney tunes heresy to suggest that the government would ever monitor our electronic communications and spy on our phonecalls twenty years ago-that’s like something “RUSSIA!” would do: spy on their own people, that could NEVER happen here. Breadlines, gulags, domestic propaganda, and spooks spying on your own people-that’s pinko Putin commie stuff, right? Ed Snowden blew the whistle on the NSA and had to flee the country, but all the shit-libs just said, that’s okeydokey and wokey-wokey, all feministy for science and diversity, when Murkkka spies on it’s people. Or touches their private parts…with diversity! It’d only be wrong, if like, “RUSSIA!” did that. How’d they get shitlibs to consent to blue gloved granny gropers touching our kids in our airports? Keep ’em skeered of outsiders, swarthy others, suspicious drifters, external boogeymen, Russian dictators, always a coming for their freedom fries. There is nothing left of the Left in this country-they have all been absorbed into the Billionaire brainwash cult.

    NOBODY, least of all, the ones who brag about their education and ladi-da personal preferences all day ever mentions LIBYA, where there is slavery (look it up) since Hillary overthrew the country with the highest standard of living on the continent of Africa, and they don’t wanna hear what the Black Alliance For Peace has to say about the ongoing honkified imperialist actions of Africom. NOBODY mentions YEMEN where USA! USA! bff’s the creepy pharoahs who have journalists dismembered, the “progressive” KSA, are bombing the piss outta poor peasants, like they have for 8 years with full Democrat support and USA military refueling their bomber planes…but got-mine jacks on the hill insist it can’t be happening, because there is zero coverage of it on tv. Murkkkans applauded when Big Tech took down our access to Russian Media, you know, for freedom and democracy. Tv watchers are suddenly experts on the Ukraine, but Murkkkans not only don’t know even recent U.S. history, they don’t wanna know. Mention how they use the same playbook in Ukraine that they did in Syria and Afghanistan and Iraq, and their eyes start to glaze over. “LA DA DA DA DA! I CAN’T HEAR YOU! I CAN’T HEAR YOU! MAYBE THEY LIED ABOUT 9/11 and IRAQ and WMD’s but they would NEVER lie about another CIA puppet imperialist client state under Joe Biden (D)! With a handsome actor/comedian freedom fighter! White Helmets were HUMANITARIANS FOR FREEDOM! THEY GOT AN OSCAR FROM HOLLYWOOD” Everyday, somebody dies and the obituary never says what they died from. Everyday. ‘Guess only the tinfoil hat wearing crazy X Files conspiranoids think that’s curious. Dudes in their fifties, healthy yesterday, dead today. “Family did not disclose cause of death”. “Died unexpectedly”. What’s up with that? Disturbing shit, but don’t ask questions. Headlines say Biden approached Maduro about buying oil, after trying to drone the guy, (google it) and replace him with a sock puppet applauded in Congress by Pelosi and every Dem except Sanders, but even Sanders calls Chavez a dictator and calls for overthrow of Venezuela and Cuba, so what’s up with all the selective outrage over invasions of democracies? TV is all motherfuckers know, or care about. Dowton Abby and Game Of Thrones. Wonder Woman. And their I-Phones. And their trendy, obedience signaling, rhyming advertising slogan of the day. All the legit watchdog journalists have been purged from mass media. Even comedians. Lee Camp, Chris Hedges, Abby Martin, Jeremy Scahill, Michael Parenti, they’re all being blotted out by the warpigs and their acquiescent commercial memorizing slave-soldier drones. None of my ex friends even KNOW that 11 big assault weapons wielding mercenaries were caught invading Venezuela, Rambo style, attempting to kidnap Maduro last year, but were captured by black socialist fishermen. Think I’m lyin’? Mintpress is banned on Fakebook. They call Gabbard a traitor for questioning the allegations of known deceivers, I say she’s a traitor for endorsing “Nothing Will Change” Joe Biden. There is nothing left of the Left in this country-they have all been absorbed into the Billionaire brainwash cult.

    Ajamu Baraka talks about how lost they are, the media-suckers, and Cait Johnstone, but for the most part, it really seems the DNC “blue no matter whos”,  big 5 media, Maddow and Facebook, have got most everybody all gung ho for war with China, Russia and Iran. All the fauxgressive Fraud-Squad supermodels, and got in line Bernie, are cheering for it. Rah-rah, go, team, like we ain’t been lied to about every other war this century. Like we ain’t been lied to about every other war this century. Like we ain’t been lied to about every other war this century. Ya know the college culture and television watching boomer Bots are so hopelessly trained, to never assign blame for so called inflation and big oil price gouging and impossibly jackedup rents to the Davos billionaire pharma shareholders, or Goldman Sachs or Amazon, or Exxon or Black Rock or Vanguard who owns both Tucker Carlson and Rachel Maddow, or Bayer/Monsanto, it’s always some external boogeyman who’s at fault for our domestic hardships and dramatically eroding civil rights-Hussein, Bin Ladin, Maduro, Assad. I stopped believing that I was being represented  by some rich dudes in Washington way back at his inauguration, when I spotted Cheney by Obama’s side, smirking like the fucking Penguin, “heh heh heh”, when Obama refused to investigate 9/11 (“Can’t Look Back”) or hold Cheney or Goldman Sachs accountable for their crimes against the poor, and actually accelerated Bush/Rumsfeld/Cheney chicanery, under cult of personality, rebrand marketing cover of being woke and classy, dashing in taupe, and knowing Beyonce. Him and Hillary devastated Libya, she laughed about killing their leader, yuppies think that is “democracy”, even “feminism”. When all those same criminal warpigs called for the assassination of Assange, in public, on tv, with no repercussions, when they said Seth Rich and Michael Hastings were just oopsy daisy random burglaries and coincidental Judi Bari explosions. When Obama did nothing to fix Flynt, but pretended to drink the water, did nothing to help the displaced people in the Gulf except to cover for BP ecocide with some zany family swim photo ops, when he joked about his drone program while wearing a tuxedo, and everybody applauded him and the tv-millionaires blasphemously spoke his name in the same breath as Malcolm and Martin, I knew deep down in my heart, the fix was in. All they seem to learn at sports university is how to marry up, copy the tv, lie on their resumes, and fuck over lower ranking human beings with pretty lingo, thinly veiling inhumane and oppressive, anti union, anti life, cruelty based, billionaire exploitation and surveillance capitalism agendas. Even the rich people are packing bugout bags and building underground bunkers and all trying to flee ever deeper into the trees or desert. There is nothing left of the Left in this country-they have all been absorbed into the Billionaire brainwash cult.

    At some point, you just stop believing their lies. Hell, I’d already seen Ralph Nader and Patti Smith fill stadiums at ten bucks a head, people actually paid to hear them talk, whereas, “You Will Never Have Free Healthcare” Hillary had to pay seat fillers and Biden just never campaigned, but Jim Baker and all the usual deep state spy scoundrels just strongarm anybody they want into the oval office, even an incompetent boob CIA son of a gun like W and his crafty Uncle “Darkside” Dick, who shot his lawyer in the face and got a second heart for free (“socialist!”) and people are all like, yup, yup, hanging chads, aw shucks, Brooks Brothers Riot, stop the recount, supreme court said Bush is boss. Blame Nader. Same exact playbook with Bernie Sanders TWICE! Bernie filled stadiums with Obama style, vaguely uplifting, pretty promises, but the DNC just ignored the will of the people and gave us a creepy Republikkan Gropey Joe (D) who kept being inappropriate with young children and women folks on camera ,and they teleprompter reading fakes on media-whore tv insisted, that, Biden is just really popular with elderly black people in Michigan who supposedly stood in line for hours to vote Gropey Crimebill Joe on Super Tuesday, nothing at all to do with Mayo Pete affiliated software cronies. Hillary and Wasserman Schultz admitted in court they fixed the primary against Bernie Sanders TWICE and “Blue No Matter Who” idiots just looked the other way. Podesta said the leaker needed to be made an example of. He’s dead. They threw Assange in a hole where he’s had a stroke. Look the other way and say it’s for science and diversity. Blame it all on “RUSSIA!” UGH! They say that’s all okeydokey and wokey wokey. “Democracy”. So here we are. Trump telling cops to hit suspects harder, the Covid lockdowns killed off all our remaining mom n pop smalltown businesses, Maddow manufactured cold war consent for years, attempting to pair Trump with Putin rather than his actual operators: Addelson and Kushner, now Biden’s Ukraine showdown with Russia, an extension of Obama’s pivot to China, and Israeli saber rattling nonstop against Iran threatens the actual future of life on the planet, and people are all like, Net-Flix and Amazon Prime focused. Reefer, super heroes and binge watching “Breaking Bad”. WTF? I dunno, man, just makes me wanna move farther away from the mad herd. They are hopeless, there’s no reaching them. Dead Kennedys said it years ago, “Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death”. That’s all these go along-joiners give a fuck about. Convenience. Or being popular. Fitting in with fascist fucks. Empty suit identity politricks. Makes me sick. All these landlordly ex liberals thanking Obama for keeping it classy while every single media headline accusing “RUSSIA!” of dastardly deeds is seemingly oblivious to how it’s all the same precise shit the Empire does in the open, outright, each and everyday, that Obama brags about. “Kill lists”, “kidnappings”, “White phosphorous”, “bombing hospitals”, “double tap drone strikes based on faceless AI metadata”, “preemptive invasions”, “regime change military ops”, “election meddling”, “immigrant camps”, “spies on his own people”, “censors the other party”. Both Democrats and Republicans are all out to brunch in this country, man. Only those of us on the bottom of society, barely even getting by, even dare to question the bullshit consolidated media, now. You can not let rich people on tv tell you who your enemies are. You got more in common with other poor people than you do with Met Gala socialites.

      I ain’t forgotten how Sanders platform is what energized my fellow countrymen, that filled stadiums, giving people a shot of renewed feelgoodist false hope, before the deep state DNC rolled out 22 corporate Dems to run against him and Bloomberg was said to have spent one billion dollars to undermine the Sanders platform so super yacht owner Western oligarchs like him would still never be taxed. Remember when there was all that pretty talk about universal housing, free healthcare for everybody and student debt forgiveness, gonna withdraw the troops and end a war, blah blah blah? Instead, we got sixbillionaires cashing in on the death plague, independent businesses collapsing with two-year lockdowns, raised rents, and nuke brinkmanship, and fuckin’ unreal night and day, relentless, non-stop, pro war propaganda. I ain’t forgot how Liz Warren slandered Sanders as a sexist pig but endorsed Gropey Joe Biden, ignoring Tara Reade. Nobody wanted to vote for Gropey Joe or his wife, who were make believe campaigning from their basement. People wanted to vote for Sanders, so now, no matter how often the the paidoff assholes on tv try to spin it, some of us ain’t forgot what they did. These Davos billionaire occult clowns and their pathetic media puppets switched from hating the “immigrant caravans” to hating the redhats to hating the un-third-boosteds, to hating “Russians!” like, with the flick of a switch. Like robots, transhumanist C3PO’s. Weeping for Madeline Albright, the woman who said a million dead children “was worth it” (look it up) if her global elite cronies had fun and made money in Iraq and here we go again. Here’s the thing, if Orange Man Bad sez an election was stolen, shitlibs lose their minds, insisting that could NEVER happen in the sacred halls of the land of the free, but like the day before yesterday, these exact same shitlibs all universally claimed that Trump was thrust into office not cause no one wanted Hillary or Biden, but cause…the “Russian!” “TROLLS!” “HACKED!” “THE ELECTIONS!” UNFAIRLY! BECAUSE IT WAS “HER TURN!” The same Her who argued in court that she has a legal right to rig the primaries, the same her who is still laughing her ass off about what she did to Haiti and Libya, so yeah, I see how Bernie and the Squad are trotted out to give us hope and change pretty promises, but they always obey Pelosi and Hillary, and no one’s coming to help poor people here in the home of the brave, cause the tv says they need democracy in a colony they’ve established to “slow bleed” Russia, on the other side of the world. Same exact strategy they trained Bin Ladin to do in Afghanistan. (Look it up.)

    Gore Vidal, George Carlin, Chris Hedges, Glen Ford, Bill Hicks, Garland Nixon, Malcolm X, James Baldwin, Stokely Carmichael, John Trudell, Abbie Hoffman, John Lennon, Joe Strummer, Cornel West, even old school shit-lib Phil Donahue, all those old leftist lions were telling you the awful truth when they said there is no democracy here. Corporate media dumbed us down so bad, now, the dwindling middle class are predominantly just a buncha easily baffled, bootlicker, consumerist, got-mine sheep with amnesia and handy dandy channel changers, stoned on big pharma happy drugs, flicking blissfully through Net Flix, forever and ever, while the world outside burns for disaster capitalist profits. On the government pills and legal for rich people in white zipcodes honky medical reefer.  AOC wept her model/actress tears over “kids in cages” under Trump, but when “Nothing Will Change” Biden doubled the border-gulag population, she got conspicuously quiet. I said her bogus Met Gala dress was just more performative, empty theater, if she keeps voting for more police state and endless wars based on lies, cause Wall Street Pelosi’s her boss, and all the old punks actually gave me(!!!) shit. Everybody was tweeting “defund the police” when Breonna Taylor and George Floyd were murdered by the same ole same ole racist cops, but after this Maga Trump protest on Capital Hill, all the shitlibs are applauding Gropey Joe when he says, “fund the police!” after they repeated the word “insurrection” ten thousand times a day until everybody was exhausted and started agreeing that citizens should not have a right to protest, ever, if it upsets or “offends” empty pants-suit, Pelosi obeying, superstar super-model/actress, AOC. Stop worshipping politicians and billionaires-they are NOT your super scientific astronaut savior friends from the future. There is nothing left of the Left in this country-they have all been absorbed into the Billionaire brainwash cult. I just had to get that off my chest, that’s the real state of the union, the lowdown on the hoedown, the rocknroll divorce.  Our free press is dead, and this ain’t rocknroll. Just bullshit war propaganda and the pastimes of the super rich.