The Roxies “Don’t Wanna Dance Because I’m Told To”

This punk rock band from Berlin is definitely influenced by the ’77 scene but you’ll also get an indie vibe when listening to these songs. A bit of PIXIES in “Underdog” or even a little ARCTIC MONKEYS in “Scapegoat.” The vocals are snotty enough to please any PISTOLS/BUZZCOCKS fan and you’ll find enough guitar melodies to seduce Brit pop lovers, especially with songs like “Down” or “Bad Parenting.” The guitars actually remind me of The LIBERTINES at times. Since the band mixes both punk and pop so well, it’s not very surprising to find some RAMONES and BOYS influences in “Beat Of The Street” or in “Lovedrunk.” Bass player Imke did a great job with the backing vocals, they give a little HANOÏ ROCKS vibe in “Cat Caller” You”ll also get a bit of post-punk with “Filmriss” and “Stereo” and you’ll probably want to listen to “Adolescent Depression” again just after you’ve listened to it for the first time. I wasn’t expecting some blues to end this record but it actually was a good idea since “Blue” sounds like a jam with the ghost of Jeffrey Lee Pierce. This cool album is a Co-release by Family Spree Recordings (Spain) & Dirt Cult Records (USA). /Laurent C.

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