Fast Eddy “Take A Look”

First album by FAST EDDY from Denver who flew to Atlanta during the pandemic to record 10 songs with Tuk Smith and Dan Dixon. “Take A Look” is a great opener, it offers us THIN LIZZY influenced guitars in the intro and vocals that remind me of RHINO BUCKET. It definitely makes the listener want to hear more! Second song “Milwaukee” sounds like a hit from the 70s played by 2010s US power pop rock’n’rollers while “Kill City” sounds more modern with its up tempo beat and angry vocals but you can definitely hear some 80s roots in it. The band also takes influences from British indie rock in songs like “Dead Eyes”, “Sunflower” or “Help Me” and mixes the STONES and ELVIS COSTELLO with fresh punk energy in “Hurricane Alley.” FAST EDDY also pays tribute to CHUCK BERRY with the killer “Lost” and gets soulful in “Game Of Love.” Different songs, different moods, the band manages to mix their various influences in style whether it is 70s American rock’n’roll, British pop, punk rock or even sunny boogie (“Frankie Died”.) Well, we can already say that “Take A Look” is a great 2022 album! /LaurentC.

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