The Claws “Stars and Broken Glass” + “Hazy Days Wasted Nights” (EP)

We’ve been keeping an eye on L.A. Based band The CLAWS since their first EP and here they are back with a 10 song new album and a 4 song EP! “Down In The City” opens the album in a STONES/QUIREBOYS way but the guitar solos definitely sound like good old American hard rock. “High Noon” has a bit of a disco rock vibe though, think of The ROLLING STONES “Miss You” or KISS’ “Unmasked” era. Singer Chad Cherry (The LAST VEGAS…)’s voice perfectly fits with the 70s rock’n’roll guitars and dusty road moods even when things slow down like in “A Song For You” and its Western ballad vibe. “High Sermon” must be a good one to drive to in California, “In The Dust” would be a hit on every radio station in a perfect world and “When The Nighttime Comes” brings a welcomed 80s goth rock touch to the album. There’s some groovy bass and cowbell in “Seven Medicines”, a bit of nostalgia in “Sway With The Hunted”, some well-dosed 80s hard rock influences in “Strange Rumblings” and something quite addictive in “Waiting At The Station” that makes you want to listen to more…

… And the good thing is that you can hear more with the “Hazy Days Wasted Nights” EP! Opening with a riff that could have been on The CULT‘s “Love”, “Ride” will stay in your head and take you to unknown lands at the same time. “Cheaper Stuff” will take you back to the late 80s when GUNS N’ROSES ruled the Sunset Strip and “Lost and Found” is quite catchy in a CHEAP TRICK way. Finally, “One Little Slice” gets us to crazier territories with its psych intro/outro. 14 songs later and I’d still listen to some more. Well done, guys! /Laurent C.

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