Killer Hearts “Skintight Electric”

Another new release by Spaghetty Town Records! These guys from Houston, Texas may look like a mix of TURBONEGRO and some old-school heavy metal dudes but they sound like a real ’77 punk band. “Get Some” takes us right into the heart of the action with some infectious dirty punk’n’roll with glammy vocals! Songs like “Do Your Thing” (you’ll even get some wild saxophone in this one!) or “Buried In Leather” show us a band with the energy of old AC/DC and a raw garage rock production while the spirits of the DEAD BOYS and early TURBONEGRO can be heard in “Savage Heathen”, “Dynamite Tramp” or in “Good Time Motherfucker.” Early TOILET BOYS also some to mind at times (“247 Action”) as well as JOHNNY THUNDERS (“Scream and Shout”.) That’s probably enough for you to check this album out, am I wrong? /Laurent C.

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Bitch Queens release new video “Burn It Down”

Switzerlands most productive punk-rockers Bitch Queens have a brand new single and music video ready!
The song is called “Burn It Down” – it’s fast, it’s angry, it’s death-punk!
It is the third single of the upcoming album “Custom Dystopia” which will be released on November 5th.

Ariel Belont “Fake” Single

I’ve been writing reviews for a couple of years now, but never did this with a single. A couple of days ago I got a message from Ariel Belont (Argentina), he’s been sending me files and rough mixes of his new album for a few months now, and he just released “Fake” (the first single from the upcoming album “Sick For The Cure”) I don’t usually write about artists that I’m close with, mainly because I love the concept of being “objective” This is a different case. I first met Ariel some 20 years ago in Buenos Aires, then he spent a lot of years living in L.A. and we remained in contact, dude played and recorded with the likes of Muddy Stardust, John Corabi, Gilby Clarke, Eric Dover and a lot of those amazing artists that you can find in California. So far I love his 3 solo albums, but I’ve been telling him that this one is going to be epic. Produced by Nahuel Martorelli in Buenos Aires (Argentina) “Fake” starts with the main riff and Ariel singing through some sort of megaphone effect, only to explode a few seconds later changing his vocal range and making the start of the song sound like a true revelation. This sounds like a mix of The Knack’s My Sharona with 1970s Classic Rock ala Cheap Trick or even Foghat’s Slow Ride, powerful and energetic, Killer guitars, killer drums, killer bass, a great guitar solo that ends with some twin guitars in pure Thin Lizzy style, small keyboards parts that fit really well with an emphatic chorus, it also features some big guitar riffs in between verses. Apparently from what I can understand the song is kinda inspired in people behind a mask, sometimes the Rock and Roll scenes (everywhere) are filled with characters that prefer to be photographed rather than be remembered for their writing skills and true spirit. I’ve seen it, I think I can tell what’s this all about. This is pretty good, no joke. I’m not writing it as friend at all, more like a fan. Believe me, I can’t wait for the whole album to be released. If you are reading this and you enjoy 1970s Rock with a touch of Glam Rock (Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, Kiss, Slade, Led Zep…..) and catchy as fuck songs I strongly suggest to buy his new album once it’s out. / Juan Pablo Mazzola

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Blue Jinns “Baby’s On Drugs” Single

BLUE JINNS from Leeds, England was formed in 2017 by members of various DIY punk hardcore bands (JOHN HOLMES, AND NONE OF THEM WERE ROBOTS, HHH, GOATSPEED, AMPLIFIGHTERS and JADED EYES.) They quickly recorded their first album “Sonic Viagra” before releasing the single “Drinking From The Skull Of Your Favourite Enemy.” “Baby’s On Drugs” is the second single from the upcoming album “Hell Razors” and it’s available on CD and streaming format. This new single offers us some fine and sleazy hard rock’n’roll reminding a bit of The ALMIGHTY or WOLFSBANE. The other track “Krankenstein” is a cool punk rock’n’roll song with a verse that could have been on a SIMON CHAINSAW album and a ’77 punk chorus. We’ll definitely keep an eye on the new album release! /Laurent C.

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Brad Marino “Looking For Trouble”

This LP should have been out in April but we all know that it’s hard to keep up with dates with vinyl record industry nowadays and Covid is not helping… Spaghetty Town Records, Beluga Records and Ghost Highway Recordings have teamed up to release this 12 song vinyl. “Even The Score” opens with good sunny US powerpop with a bit of slide guitar before “Taillights Fade” takes us somewhere between new wave punk and 70s glam and “Looking For Trouble” gets us to the ROLLING STONES side of rock’n’roll. You sometimes get straight powerpop (“Local Show”, “Take Your Time”, “Fell In Love Again”) and also a bit of old school garage rock (“Something For Nothing”) but it can all get cinematic at times (“Tripwire”.) This album seems to be less RAMONES influenced than the previous ones (one of them is actually a RAMONES cover album!) but you’ll still hear traces of the NYC gang in “False Alarm”, “At Night” or in the catchy “What Do You Know?” “Looking For Trouble” is a great pop rock’n’roll summer album, it’s still summer, right? /Laurent C.

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