Pussycat and The Dirty Johnsons “Beast”

UK based garage rock’n’roll band PUSSYCAT AND THE DIRTY JOHNSONS have a good reputation when it comes to live shows but since it’s quite impossible to see bands in clubs these days, here they are with a fourth album in order to make us wait. “Lying On My Bad” and “Doin’ It” both sound as if The CRAMPS just met a riot girl band and started to jam together. Names like L7, BIKINI KILL or BOSS HOG come to mind when listening to “Abuser”, “Not Your Baby” offers us a distorted bluesy ZZ TOP guitar riff with a noise chorus and “Stale” flirts with 90s alternative rock. The wild and crazy rock’n’roll influences of the band can be heard in “Knee Jerk” while darker influences can be found in “Meat.” If you like sexy rock’n’roll, then you’ll enjoy “She’s An Orgasm”, and if you’re more into punk rock, then “Shit” is probably the one for you. PUSSYCAT AND THE DIRTY JOHNSONS also know how to play sweaty sexy blues with repetitive guitar riffs in “Do Ya Feel” and old-school horror rock growing into chaos with “Beast Will Out.” The records ends with “Hey Honey”, a (not that) sweet pop song with a bit of LOU REED and TRANSVISION VAMP in it. The band offers us a great record that makes the wait to go and see gigs even more unbearable and they probably found the right record label to release this album with Hound Gawd! Records since the limited edition black and white vinyl looks amazing! Go and check yourself! /Laurent C.

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