Nikki Hill “Feline Roots”

This album was originally independently released in 2018 (Fryed Records) but German record label Hound Gawd! Records had the good idea to give the record a second birth. 70s rock’n’roll and soul music are partying together in “Get Down Crawl” and in “Just Can’t Trust You” while “Don’t Be The Sucker” offers us some fine rockabilly. You’ll hear a bit of BAD BRAINS in “Can’t Love You Back (It’s a Shame)”, a good dose of blues in “Holler Out Loud” and even a bit of country in “Tell The Next World.” The BELLRAYS sometimes come to mind (“Take The Ride (It Don’t Matter)” but soul rock’n’roll can also get heavier on here in “Poisoning The Well” or in “The Fire That’s In Me” and flirts with The ROLLING STONES in “Might Get Killed Tonight.” Now let’s hope that live shows can happen again soon because NIKKI HILL must be great to see and listen to live! /Laurent C.

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Sugar Lady “Night Prowlers”

After introducing themselves with a raw early NYC punk influenced 4 song EP two years ago, the Dutch rock’n’roll trio decided it would be good to add some more and release a 9 song album. Starting on a proto-punk note with “Welcome Back To The Real World” and “Time To Go”, the band brings out their JOHNNY THUNDERS influences in “One More Time” or in “Go Go” and gets close to GG ALLIN with “Night Prowlers.” DUFF MCKAGAN solo stuff also comes to mind when listening to “Friday” or “In The Hands Of Mary” and we can hear a tribute to MOTÖRHEAD with “Mötor Lady.” This is dirty and chaotic as it should be, something most ’77 punk fans will probably enjoy! /Laurent C.

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Johnny Jetson “Make Your Move”

Former SPACE AGE PLAYBOYS/TATTOOED MILLIONAIRES Johnny Jetson still believes in rock’n’roll. It might not be trendy anymore and the world might be coming to an end, but here he is holding the rock’n’roll flag high! “Knocked Out” is an good intro to this album, straight punk rock’n’roll guitars before announcing it himself: “I Believe In Rock’n’Roll”, a sleazy rock’n’roll song reminding me of early FASTER PUSSYCAT. “Love Me For My Car” brings Marc Bolan’spirit back in style while “Miss Devious” starts with a Gary Glitter groove and then surprises you with a guitar solo that could have been played by Ace Frehley. Some of you might remember that Johnny also used to have a band called QUEER FOR GIRLS, and “Mouth Made For Rock’n’Roll” reminded me a bit of them. Johnny showing his good tastes, you’ll also hear a bit of RUNAWAYS in “Hottest Night In Hell” and some glammy powerpop in “Hang Around With You.” If you missed simple rock’n’roll hooks and clichés, then you’ll enjoy “My Baby Likes To Rock”, “Get High Rock Steady” and “Make Your Move” and its bubblegum RAMONES melody. Guess what!? This album might be what you just need to to listen to these days! /Laurent C.

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