Johnny Jetson’s “Make Your Move” to be released

Former SPACE AGE PLAYBOYS/TATTOOED MILLIONAIRES Johnny Jetson’s second solo album “Make Your Move” is soon to be released on Minnie-Apple Records and offers us two songs as an appetizer:

“You Only Love Me For My Car”, a glam rock song with hand claps and T.REX influenced vocals. While Marc Bolan used to sing “I drive a Rolls Royce ’cause it’s good for my voice”, Johnny tells us “You only hold me when we’re going fast”, quite a good image to compare the glitter 70s to the gloomy start of 2020!

“Knocked Out” brings the SPACE AGE PLAYBOYS to mind. The kind of sleazy glam punk we all need to hear these days!

Stay tuned for more!

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